Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 11

I’m still having a hard time trying to understand the logic why future Mi-rae wants present Mi-rae to marry Se-joo when it’s clearly that she still loves her husband (Kim Shin). I mean why it has to be Se-joo and not someone else? The problem is we’ve been hearing future story from future Mi-rae only till now, so wouldn’t it be nice to hear it from someone else from the future too, say, Kim Shin? How about that writer?

Episode 11 (highlights)

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Kim Shin confesses to Mi-rae that he likes her in front of his colleagues. He then turns to Se-joo and asks how about him. But before Se-joo could say a thing, Mi-rae’s brother interrupts by saying he too likes Mi-rae so every guy gives a round of saying he too likes Mi-rae even when Kim Shin tries to stop them saying it’s not a joke.

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Mi-rae gets up and leaves feeling embarrassed. Kim Shin follows her. Mi-rae is angry at him for blurting it out in front of everyone while Kim Shin insists he meant what he said and it’s his sincerity showing it to everyone, but Mi-rae is too upset that he didn’t think how she would feel to do it like that. Urghh…women! Okay, wrong time from Kim Shin. Dude, can’t you do that in private?


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Yoo-kyung comes sit with the upset Se-joo. He asks when she started to like him. She asks in return if he thinks it’s because of (his) money, then tells him that it was before she knew he’s rich, that day when he told her not to do napkin for everyone. He’s the only one who can understand her.


Writer Bae talks to Mi-rae that she must be angry at Shin that he did that but Shin isn’t a bad person, that much Mi-rae should know. Mi-rae admits that she’s angry because he didn’t put her feeling to heart, and she just wants to concentrate on her career for now. Writer Bae says that means Mi-rae likes Shin then or else she wouldn’t care when he confessed, she could have just rejected him right there, however, she agrees that Mi-rae should do her best in her career first because an opportunity doesn’t come by easily (based on her experience as she’s now married).

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Mi-rae continues with her undercover job about the fake liquor production case for her TV program. Kim Shin tries to get info where Mi-rae is working out of concern. Everyone refuses to tell him except writer Bae. She says he reminds her of her husband. His confession was a bit clumsy yet sincere, and she married her hubby because she felt no one would take him. Haha.


Both Se-joo and Kim Shin end up hovering around the place where Mi-rae is working. They both try to take care of her in their own ways. Kim Shin sits at a restaurant overlooking the bar where Mi-rae is working. Se-joo sees him so he sits down with him suggesting he should just go there to take a look a her.

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Instead of talking about that, he asks Se-joo when he will come out already, his real position. He asks when Se-joo will fire him because he needs time to prepare things. Se-joo says it can’t be helped that he’s a businessman. He then leans over and says that he thinks Kim Shin is a precious asset for the company and that he can still benefit from him.

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After seeing the DNA test results, Mi-rae’s brother believes that future Mi-rae is , in fact, his sister. He says she didn’t finish telling him about the one who died (in the future).


Mi-rae gets caught by the culprits that she came to spy on them with hidden cameras and all. Both Se-joo and Kim Shin help her in time and her brother informs the police.

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Mi-rae had another camera hidden (a necklace) so they have enough evidence for the police and their TV program.

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Se-joo will drop her at her house and Kim Shin looks at them leave together without saying anything.

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Yoo-kyung comes to meet Se-joo’s grandmother (YBS president) and asks if she knows the older Na Mi-rae. Grandmother is interesting to hear what she will say.

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The program will be Mi-rae’s debut as a writer. The team decides to give the News Department some info but not all what they had discovered per Kim Shin’s suggestion. He tells them to look at the news as a preview to their program, the problem is there’s one person objects to it. It’s Se-joo’s grandmother.

Both men come to see her and she realizes Kim Shin know about Se-joo being her grandson. The reason she objects to their idea is because she doesn’t like Mi-rae, Se-joo points it out. Grandmother finally agrees to it and is amazed that one woman could bring two opposing men together. She says they both must like Mi-rae a lot. Both men don’t deny it. She wonders what the ending will be, who will be the one in Mi-rae’s heart? So, in a way, both men help making Mi-rae’s writing debut happen.

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Kim Shin narrates in the program according to Mi-rae’s writing which she remembers every word.


At the end of the program, when credits roll, Mi-rae looks at her name on the screen proudly.

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Kim Shin turns to look at Mi-rae wanting to congratulate her but seeing her talking with Se-joo instead, so he leaves alone quietly.

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Yoo-kyung suggests Se-joo telling Mi-rae who he really is and building their relationship from there. He says he plans to tell Mi-rae today including his true feeling for her. It’s his rejection for her, Yoo-kyung realizes.

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The brother is proud with her debut. Mi-rae says there’s one person who helped her be this way. She tells him that she likes Kim Shin. Her brother gets so mad that he threatens her not to come home if she wants to be with Kim Shin. Mi-rae can’t understand why he has to be so mad.


Se-joo overhears their conversation. Aww….

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Mi-rae talks to the board as if it’s Kim Shin that he must be afraid to hear that his life in the future will be a ruined one, but she suggests they can try it together. Se-joo listens to her all the while.

bscap0070 bscap0071

The brother calls Kim Shin for a talk. He brings future Mi-rae to meet him too. Se-joo asks Mi-rae for a serious talk. Mi-rae looks uncomfortable.


Mi-rae’s brother tells future Mi-rae to tell Kim Shin everything and leaves the two together.

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Future Mi-rae tells Kim Shin to really listen to what she will say. She says he will marry Mi-rae and later have a child together. She tells him that their son is the one she loves the most in the world.


She tells him that she is the Na Mi-rae, the one he married. Kim Shin is stunned.


Finally, future Mi-rae says some coherent things! YaY! I’m sure he will somehow believe her (Mi-rae’s brother throws an envelope at Kim Shin before he leaves, my guess, the DNA test results). It’s in Kim Shin’s character to approach things in life cautiously so it’s interesting to see what he will do from now. I’m also happy that Se-joo is going to tell Mi-rae who he really is (but didn’t future Mi-rae already tell Mi-rae that? If so, then he’s in for a surprise). Poor Yoo-kyung, it’s like the writer doesn’t know what to do with her so her appearance was sometimes wasted. I like that Mi-rae still want to follow how she feels despite future Mi-rae’s warnings, because sometimes even if you go back and do it differently, there’s no guarantee life will turn out better than the previous one only it will be with someone else. I think future Mi-rae should accept what happened in her life no matter how worst it had been and try making anew from there because, there’s no way you can predict your future or make only favorable things come to your life.

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