Marry Them If You Dare – The Heirs (Review)

These past 2-3 days, I spent time catching up with two Korean dramas, Mi-rae’s Choice (aka Marry Him If You Dare) and the Heirs, 4 and 6 episodes straight respectively…..and my sentiment is up there, marry THEM if you dare – the heirs, because men in these two dramas were either arrogant or harsh to their ladies most of the time. Hear my rant…..

My Lady – Mi-rae’s Choice OST

Mi-rae’s Choice (up to episode 10)


The story begins with the future Mi-rae, the wife of Kim Shin, comes back from her time to our present time, so I won’t complain why the story moved along for the present Mi-rae and Kim Shin to fall in love because it’s the fact we started with.

The future Mi-rae:

First of all, she doesn’t resemble the present Mi-rae AT ALL and I wonder if that’s one of the reasons of such low ratings other than airing against an epic historical drama of another channel.The writer has made her look like a desperate housewife who doesn’t satisfy with her marriage life, so she turns back time to fix things the way she wants.

bscap0089 bscap0091

bscap0097 bscap0098

She repeatedly hurts/confuses the present Mi-rae (by telling her to grab the rich man instead of Kim Shin while the present Mi-rae wants to pursue her career), Kim Shin (humiliate him [her own husband in her time] by making him see such hurtful events between Se-joo and Mi-rae twice! Come on, Kim Shin is her husband after all, the one she loved him enough to marry him, right?). Personally, if the future Mi-rae changes the present, her diary should change accordingly too but no? This is the most confusing time-travel drama I’ve ever seen, because it seems she doesn’t have any good plan in her head before she steps into the time machine.

No matter how good her reason is for her to keep hurting Kim Shin’s feeling, it’s unfair to him because he doesn’t know what he’s done so wrong to her, and for the present Mi-rae, she should encourage her to pursue her dream, her career rather than going after a rich man. If her marriage life with Kim Shin is so bad then let the present Mi-rae live her life and make a choice on her own. You know, the truth is, she thinks Se-joo is a good person in her time but who knows how he had gotten there? That’s life.



I had issues with him too despite his kind manners. So far, he doesn’t have to work hard like others to earn his place in this competitive industry because he knows he will turn president of YBS later. I want to see him struggle on his own to become successful, and then we can compare him with others i.e. Kim Shin, or just tell the truth and fight fairly for the girl’s heart from where he really belongs, that would make an interesting story. I really don’t like the way he talked to Kim Shin (his senior) to make him feel so small such as how he’s not an anchor anymore.

Jung Yong Hwa’s acting has improved a lot here, so true. However, to me, he still talked, smiled, pouted the same way for 10 episodes that I got bored. I hope he will play with the character more. I want to see him being a sharp heir who can shoulder YBS on his own without his grandmother’s support.

Kim Shin:


Although he is a man of harsh words, he’s honest and very straightforward in his own way. He’s more mature in terms of love and life experience. He doesn’t let his feeling for Mi-rae show, but he somehow is able to relate his feeling to her subtly, in episode 11, after the police arrived, he just looked at her from afar reassuringly, and when he came close, his eyes would search all over her for any sign of injury without words to console her.

When Mi-rae’s brother told him that he didn’t trust that he could provide for her in the future, he didn’t argue but stepped aside to think quietly on his own. It’s like he’s living in this small word of his alone all these years that he doesn’t know how to connect with people he loves, and Mi-rae is the one who see beyond his wall what a kind man he really is. There must be something special that made future Mi-rae marry him in the first place, right? And why I could feel that Kim Shin love Mi-rae so so much that he could sacrifice anything for her more than her for him is beyond me.

bscap0101 bscap0103

To me, these two already know they share the same feeling. It’s future Mi-rae and her brother keep reminding them to stay apart.

Mi-rae and Yoo-kyung:

bscap0105 bscap0106

I won’t say much about the present Mi-rae and Yoo-kyung, just that they are women capable of giving out lots of love. It’s normal that sometimes you need time to sort out what you really want and with whom, and I think Mi-rae will just be the same kind Mi-rae in the end.


Mi-rae’s brother:


Can’t he support his sister for once and help her instead of trying to discourage her to just get married?

All in all, I have a feeling things will turn back to the way it was in the end, or miracle happens and  they can fix things for the better and try that same path again. The thing I really don’t want to see is Mi-rae changes her mind at the altar *fingers crossed*

The Heirs (up to episode 12)

bscap0011 bscap0019

Despite the ups and downs, I have finally come to love all these heirs (boys only, sorry). I loved every single scene where the boys interacted. Don’t you love how Tan kicked Young Do into the pool? Haha.

bscap0003 bscap0004

 My favorite OTPs now are Tan/Young Do and Tan/Hyo Shin. I can’t say much about this drama, only that I luff all the boys (heirs). No matter how harsh they could be, they loved their parents very much (and may be respect?)

bscap0020 bscap0030

This drama has made the viewers (including me) root for these heirs to pull through and become  decent adults in the end.

bscap0037 bscap0038

bscap0073 bscap0070

I’m not really interested much in their lovelines, all I want and hope to see in the end is that they graduate loving one another and are confident enough to take over whatever they are meant to inherit.

I’m still around because I believe Young Do love Tan so very much that he gets angry whenever Tan’s attention turn the other way, so I’m waiting to see how these two will make up and become best buddies like before. The downside of this drama imo is that it’s set in highschool, how I wish it were in college instead, because then many things more the writer could come up with. I didn’t take it seriously when boys/girls changed their minds back and forth because, hey, they are just 18+ after all 🙂


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