Update: Look Tard Teaser

A well-made teaser of an upcoming period drama Look Tard (slave’s child, slave’s offspring) on Channel 3, with gorgeous ladies’ costumes and beautiful soundtrack.

Official Teaser

“He’s a slave, but why (how) can he read and write?!”

A glimpse of the song (some words were unclear)’s lyrics that I could manage,

“Could you please wait….that day shouldn’t be far ahead…my heart will fight its way to reach the day that I would let go of my feelings…”

Each character is introduced with his/her name on the screen.

Ken Phupoom as Kaew/ Bella Ranee (from Khun Chai Phuttipat) as Namthip

People shouting, “Long live the king! Long live the king!….”

The picture of letting go of the chain (I think, haven’t read the novel) depicts the period during the reign of the much beloved King Rama V the Great where slavery in the country was successfully called off so ever patiently in peace.

I hope the drama will come out just as good 🙂


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