Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 1 (Review)


This drama brought a new interesting premise to the arena, reflect on yourself and your life. It raised the question of What would you want your life to turn out from now? No matter how much you’ve tried to avoid the question, like how Mi-rae has been avoiding it, you will always wonder, Has I tuned my life in the right track where I (should) belong or to the extent that I’m capable of? The choice to make a better future is really up to each to decide but I believe it will all come down to the feeling in your heart, and that what matters the most.

Episode 1 (summary)

bscap0000 bscap0001

Na Mi-rae is diligently working at a call center. She’s being extremely patient with her customers to satisfy their needs while simultaneously browsing through any interesting programs on her computer monitor. She stops at YBS evening news.

I once talked to a staff at a call center. He told me it’s a stressful job that the company let the staff take a break every half an hour.

bscap0002 bscap0003

It’s YBS evening news with Kim Shin as an anchorman. Everyone in his team seems to know his usual jerky behaviors, and today the atmosphere is quite gloomy since Shin got demoted from the position, quite a setback in his career.


I love that the drama’s set in the television broadcasting where we will get to see behind-the-scene people interact.

bscap0006 bscap0007

Despite his last day as an anchorman, Shin tells the viewers to wait and he will come back to his rightful place causing quite a stir among his colleagues. Mi-rae listens to him interestingly.

bscap0009 bscap0010

Fast forward a little, sometimes in the future, we see them in the wedding taking photos. They look happy, don’t they?

bscap0011 bscap0012

A woman rips their wedding photo into half. She apologizes to her husband saying that this is the only way.

bscap0013 bscap0014

She’s actually Mi-rae from the future taking a simple (if I may say) time machine back to 2013 with a purpose. If you’re worrying about the perm, she doesn’t wear it now *wink*

bscap0016 bscap0017

Apparently, Mi-rae has taken interest in television broadcasting. She simply gets excited seeing the crew do the filming on the streets, and daydreams that she’s one of their writer.

It seems her crying alone in the restroom to stress out from some rude calls is her usual routine, especially, when they told her what she did for a living was a meaningless one.

bscap0019 bscap0020

The future Mi-rae (here on: ajumma) shows up and simply tells her that she’s herself from the future. Mi-rae thinks she’s crazy and drives off. The ajumma warns her not to take the usual route home and do not change into a certain lane. She cannot meet that person this time.

Mi-rae tries to ignore her warnings but changes lane in the last minute, and the car behind her (Kim Shin’s car) bumps into another car in front of him.


Mi-rae stops her car to look at the scene in awe that the ajumma’s warnings make sense after all.

bscap0025 bscap0023

Shin gets off his car to look at the injured, and he recognizes her.


Mi-rae gets home only to find the ajumma waiting in the house. She runs out and calls the police. The ajumma tries talking to her that she’s actually her from the future by pulling out some facts that only Mi-rae would know.

bscap0028 bscap0029

They sit down and talk. The ajumma tells Mi-rae that she came to make sure she will marry off well so that her life (in the future) will be well (better) too. She even shows her diary to Mi-rae which is identical to Mi-rae’s.

bscap0030 bscap0031

The ajumma knows she wanted to go to Jeju Island so she helps Mi-rae to win her company’s singing contest. The prize is a trip to Jeju for two, and off they go. On the plane, the ajumma keeps talking of how Mi-rae can make her life become better, but Mi-rae insists that she’s happy with her life so far.

bscap0034 bscap0033

Shin makes a visit to the injured from the accident. She’s Yoo-kyung, a reporter. Her angelic face spooks me. The accident ruins her trip to Jeju Island. Aww…the present is changing?

bscap0035 bscap0036

The ajumma lectures Mi-rae on how she should study more to change her career, so that she can attract a rich handsome man. But studying is not so Mi-rae at all, she tells her. Shouldn’t the ajumma know that? It’s her young self in front of her, or could it be that, the ajumma is trying to change Mi-rae into someone else?

bscap0037 bscap0038

The ajumma thinks about the interview of Park Se-joo (Jung Yong-hwa) admitting that he’s fallen for Yoo-kyung at first sight in Jeju Island at his resort. He explains that, it’s because of water. She looks at the water bottle sighing that Se-joo must have already fallen for Yoo-kyung by now. She searches for Se-joo in the resort.

So, this means she chose a specific time to appear in 2013 knowing what will happen, right?

bscap0039 bscap0040

Mi-rae enjoys swimming in the pool immensely, she clumsily loses her bikini top. Se-joo who is sitting by the pool calls a staff to help her, but the ajumma already walks into the water and helps her. She slaps Mi-rae on her face for humiliating herself publicly, which I had a hard time trying to figure out why the slap was needed, writer? I mean, does she have the right to do that?

Whatever, that’s how they both get Se-joo’s attention.


Back in the hotel room, the ajumma talks to Mi-rae to get the courage to change her life for the better. Finally, Mi-rae gives in that she’s not confident to make such changes. The ajumma is disappointed because she came hoping that the younger of herself would understand that she could start over.

This is an interesting point, will you change yourself now if you know for sure what’s waiting ahead of you? Even if you’re happy with what you’re doing now? Will you?

The ajumma ends their conversation telling Mi-rae to go and die alone if she doesn’t have that much courage. Once alone in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror, the ajumma is angry at herself for telling Mi-rae yet again to go and die alone. Hum…again?

bscap0042 bscap0043

Mi-rae walks to the beach feeling down. She is making her way into the sea when Se-joo spots her from his villa. He wants to call in a staff but changes his mind. He picks up his camera and starts filming her instead.

bscap0044 bscap0046

His camera captures a huge scar on her shoulder (humm..). He stops the camera when Mi-rae starts taking off her clothes to swim freely.

In the morning, the ajumma cries thinking Mi-rae tried to kill herself in the sea as told. Mi-rae assures her she just wanted to swim freely and now she has renewed her energy to make change (after seeing a fish keep moving its fins to stay alive). She tells the ajumma not to give up on her.

bscap0047 bscap0048

Back to business, Se-joo reports to his grandmother, the network chairman, for his first day as a VJ. Grandma doesn’t think highly of his choice of working in a low position though.

bscap0049 bscap0050

Shin comes to meet the chairman asking for his position back, but the chairman reminds him about some of his programs that pulled in a very low ratings.

Mi-rae walks in her office, talks back to the regular rude call and hands in her resignation letter. The ajumma is happy that she quits the job.

bscap0051 bscap0053

Shin meets Se-joo on his way out from the chairman’s office. He wonders how a VJ show up here. He stops the guards from interfering while Se-joo signals them to go along. Man, I’m not sure if I like how Se-joo is spying on his employees even if he wants to learn a basic job.


So Se-joo joins the news team as their new VJ. Shin tells them he wants to pull in a 20% ratings, which makes his team *cough cough* since it’s a morning show. When Se-joo gives them his opinion, Shin is not happy hearing it from a newbie.


When the ajumma knows that Mi-rae want to become a television program writer, she tells Mi-rae on the phone that that jerk works in that industry too.

bscap0058 bscap0059

Mi-rae hits the brakes, but it’s too late. Shin gets out of his car in a bad mood, it’s his second accident this month. Haha. See, fate is working 24/7.

bscap0061 bscap0063

bscap0066 bscap0064

It’s Shin’s habit to swear rudely despite his public image. Mi-rae recognizes him as an announcer and asks him that. He doesn’t deny it and asks so what she’s going to do about it.



We still don’t know what’s motivated the future Mi-rae to come back to her younger days and start anew. The way she talks to their wedding photo, it seems she still loves her husband (the future Kim Shin- boy, wouldn’t it be fun if he shows up in 2013 too?) very much. I hope it’s not a tragic incident though because I want this drama to never step into a melo territory.

As of now, it looks like Se-joo is a sharp young man with kind heart, but I wonder if that will change later being an heir (*cough*) and all. On the other hand, the harsh Kim Shin could turn out to be a caring and loving man later, who knows? Now that Yoo-kyung meets Kim Shin, let’s see whether or not the ajumma will get jealous if he really falls for her. Tricky, isn’t it? Hehe.

Personally, I think whatever you do in your life, it’s your mind that counts. Whatever job you do, it always ,in some way, contributes to the society as a whole. I actually like how Mi-rae is now, a simple woman living a simple life. Getting into a fast lane (career), doesn’t guarantee your happiness, I can tell you that, but you will only know once you are there. I hope the writer will conclude well lesson learned for both Mi-rae and the future Mi-rae.

There are certain consequences meddling with the past in every time-travel dramas I’ve seen, and I couldn’t think of one ending that rejoiced me. I really hope this one will be an exception *fingers crossed*

Warning: the plot opens to so many possible future, so don’t cha hurt your brain thinking much 🙂

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