Drama: The Heirs Episode 1-2 (Review)

Lee Min Ho’s new drama The Heirs premiered this week (full title: The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight – The Heirs). I remembered the last time I loved him was his days as City Hunter. I didn’t expect anything of his new project due to I (in a minority) had lost Faith, but I knew it’s coming.


After telling myself to pay attention to the first two episodes, you know, this drama has more bones than I thought it would, and I hope it will continue to be so.

Boy-over-flowers hana-yori-dango

It really feels like watching Boys Over Flowers plus Hana Yori Dango (with more boys) plus some elements of a weekend family drama: rich kids who are friends and foes, their moms/dads vs step-moms/step-dads, and, of course, their wealth, so much that these people don’t know how to live happily with it.

Episode 1

bscap0000 bscap0001

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is busily enjoying the waves. He’s currently in the US studying.

bscap0002 bscap0003

To him, he’s sent here so he wouldn’t have the trouble of putting his fingers on his parents’ business empire while his step-brother tries to take control of it. But we hear it through his own thoughts, so we should wait and see if that’s the case.


Back to Seoul.

Then Young Do (Kim Woo Bin, YaY!), a rich kid who one day will inherit his family hotel business, is introduced to us. He is busily bullying his friend in school entertaining himself. This man proves himself once again that he’s a good actor. I thought, wait until he’s in the same frame with Lee Min Ho, who would shine more, I wondered.

I suspect these two men have so much kindness hidden neatly inside their hearts because of how they’ve been raised.

bscap0007 bscap0006

Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), our heroine, is busy with her many part-time jobs, which I guess would mean her family is poor (?). She’s looking at the hanging ornaments calling them the dream catchers, so is this what this drama is all about?

bscap0008 bscap0010

Then we see Chan Young, a close friend of Eun Sang, talk to his father. I love their dialogs here. They take turns teaching one another. So I guess his relationship with his dad is a warm one. The boy is leaving for the US to study pretty soon.

Rachel Yoo (Kim Ji Won)’s mother is getting married with Young Do’s father. They are introduced as future step bro and sis.

bscap0011 bscap0012

They seem to know each other and Young Do casually describes their parents’ marriage as M&A. Haha. I love their rapport and chemistry that I hope they could fall for each other at some point.

bscap0013 bscap0014

Tan’s step-brother, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk), is striving and hoping to take control of the family business. It doesn’t look that way though.


When Eun Sang’s sister who lives in the US wants their mother to send her some money because she’s getting married, Eun Sang decides she will bring the money to her sister herself, which means she’s leaving her mother who can’t speak but can hear and write well. She’s a housekeeper of a rich family.

I really don’t think she needs to escape her poor stage, and leave her mother behind at all. She could study and earn her place in Seoul, her situation is not that bad at all compares to ,yunno, poor heroines in several Korean dramas.

bscap0015 bscap0016

Eun Sang arrives in LA and finally locates her sister who’s working as a waitress, not studying nor getting married as she told their mother. Tan happens to be there witnessing the sister grabs the money (mom’s savings) from Eun Sang and flees.

bscap0017 bscap0018

It looks like Tan falls for her right away, judging by the duration of his stares *blink blink* Oh, all right, I will believe your…love-at-first-sight.


Tan’s American friend grabs Eun Sang’s bag of bean powder thinking it’s some drugs. He’s allergic to it and ends up in the hospital. The police takes Eun Sang’s passport while they wait for the result if the powder is ,in fact, beans *roll eyes*

Eun Sang asks Tan to drop her off at her sister’s house, but once she’s there, her sister isn’t home. Tan asks if she really thinks a person who ran away with such amount of money will come back. When she insists she will wait for her, Tan leaves.

bscap0021 bscap0020

Eun Sang sits alone in front of the house when some young men walk by. She gets scared so she starts walking away from the house. Tan, a good shining knight as he is, backs up and stares at her sending a clear message (to me) that, I’m interested in you *wink wink* and he asks if she wants to go to his place.

Eun Sang, I suggest you go back and sleep in the airport *cough* Don’t go with a handsome stranger, ever!

Episode 2

bscap0000 bscap0004

When she sees his huge house and that he also lives alone without his parents, she asks what he does, and if he sells drugs. After he teases her about it, he shows her the room for her to sleep. She feels hungry so she eats some already-expired food from his refrigerator *roll eyes* (damsel indeed) out of consideration for not asking for his permission first. She gives him a bank note for her drink.

bscap0007 bscap0008

Eun Sang calls her mom who can only listen to her. She ends up lie to her mom about her sister that she’s well and all. Tan overhears it and feels sad for her.

bscap0011 bscap0012

He brings her a sandwich which she wonders if he’d put something in it. She gives him the dream-catcher as a gratitude for his help.


He hangs it by the door smiling. Okay, this thing is going to haunt you and me later right, Tan? He then sees her secure the door with chairs to protect herself from him which makes him smile somewhat, and makes me think how in the world she doesn’t notice the glass doors behind her?

bscap0027 bscap0025

In the morning, Eun Sang looks at the view of the sea from his house in awe while Tan catches his breath looking down at her. This is bad for a 20-eppies, if the guy falls hard early in the run, then it could mean something bad is going to come between them. The writer is giving us candies beforehand so that we can endure what’s to come.

bscap0030 bscap0031

He takes her to his school. Can you believe Lee Min Ho is still in highschool? You can sense that he doesn’t want her to leave. A lonely kid in LA *sob*

bscap0032 bscap0033

bscap0034 bscap0035

They spend time together building a deep bond in a rather fast pace that I wondered why. She learns that her sister quit her job so she doesn’t know where to find her. They meet with her sister’s ex (?)-boyfriend, he also wants to know where she went with his money.

Tan stops him from trying to harm Eun Sang resulting in a chase and run (part I) when the boyfriend has some friends chasing them.

bscap0036 bscap0038

Back in Korea, Young Do has to train from the bottom as the son of the owner of the hotel, and we get to meet another young man, Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul), also a son of a big family who’s under pressure to do and be exactly what his family wants.

bscap0042 bscap0043

Eun Sang finds a way to contact her friend, Chan Young, through Tan’s phone. Tan wonders if he’s her boyfriend. He then gets to see his face in her online account, Tan’s face turns serious when he sees her message saying that she hates the business group that her mom works for as a housekeeper.

Man, this couple will have a long way to go when he’s the heir and she’s a daughter of the housekeeper. Don’t you dare make her have a secret birth and become another heir later, just don’t drama, please.

The police returns Eun Sang’s passport to Tan.

bscap0047 bscap0049

Eun Sang is about to leave when Rachel (Tan’s fiancee) shows up in the house. With a little face-off, Rachel breaks Eun Sang’s suitcase by pushing it down the stairs. My blood pressure goes up a bit but I can understand where her temper is coming from. After she makes Eun Sang open her suitcase to check if she’s taken anything from the house, Rachel lets her leave.

bscap0050 bscap0051

I like this gang: Myung Soo, Young Do, and Bo Na. Their friendship feels real here. I hope Tan will join them soon. To be honest, with all those American cast, I want all of them back to Seoul immediately.

bscap0052 bscap0053

Eun Sang wants to buy a plane ticket to go back to Seoul but she doesn’t have enough money, and her passport is not with her. Tan comes home and learns from Rachel that Eun Sang has already left.

Eun Sang has to come back because she left the policeman’s name card in the house for retrieving her passport. Rachel tells her that she threw it in the trash so Eun Sang searches the trashcan making me wonder why this classic scene has to happen when Tan already has her passport with him.

He returns her passport then. Some guys and gal show up and then a chase-and-run (part II) occurs. This repeat running is quite ridiculous but because of his handsome face, I’ll let it slide.

bscap0054 bscap0057

They hide in a theater where he wants to rest for a while. She doesn’t understand the dialog of the movie so he translates it to her. Then he gets serious and wonders aloud as if it’s the dialog of the movie if he likes her.

Not too soon coming from a rich kid feeling life is care-free and all, but it’s for sure letting the girl know.

Phew! So many heirs, I need a good chart for all these characters to stick in my brain. I’m still not sure the sentiment between Tan and Young Do, but I like how it’s been set up so far.


Title: The Heirs
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-09 to 2013-Dec-12
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

Source: Koreandrama

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  1. Oh well, sorry that I haven’t visited your blog for a while because I have been so busy…I must say that you’re a really lucky girl though. You have even seen Lee Min Ho in person:) Lucky you!!! So is there any updated summary about K-Drama, “The Heirs” recently? ^^

  2. Thank you for the summary 🙂 I think I will give it a try…’s sound very interesting.

  3. Thanks for your updated summary about the K-Drama, “The Inheritors”… I am watching this as well due to I loved Lee Min Ho very much in City Hunter like you did:) In my opinion, Lee Min Ho nailed the role well in “City Hunter:) Besides that, one of the reasons why I’d like very much to watch this drama is because the screenwriter of the K-Drama is Kim Eun-sook, whom has created famous and popular series like, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and “Secret Garden” etc…. Hopefully, the storyline will be gonna become better and more amusing…. Thanks a lot!

    • So Kim Eun-sook it is, that’s why the rapid dialogs felt familiar. I can’t say I loved her Secret Garden till the end, but I loved Joo Won (Hyun Bin) to bits! I met Hyun Bin (the real one) in his fan meeting, he’s a swoon-worthy *swoon*
      And because the writer is Kim Eun-sook so the funny bits should stay there plus some certain degree of angst. I wonder how she will spread out screen time for all these cute boys tho, tough decision, haha…

      • WOW… What a lucky girl you are!!! You have seen so many famous and popular celebrities or notables so far in your life, especially with your eyes in person~ I am very envious of you… hehe ^__^

        • There are only two Korean actors that I actually “paid” my money to see them. One is Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting, he was so gorgeous that day, came so close handing out roses to the fans *swoon*. The second one is Park Yoo Chun (aka Micky) (shamefully..twice), went to JYJ concerts singing along Found You with him 🙂

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