Master’s Sun Episode 17 (Final) – (Mini-Review)

Fact: This post is an excuse to have the couple’s pictures here. Hee.

For starter: Please skip this post if you don’t want to spoil yourself.

Shortcut to the story: Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a CEO, and Gong Sil(Gong Hyo Jin) has an ability to see ghosts, but whenever she touches JW’s body, the ghosts just disappear. So their relationship started from that point as she uses him as her bunker to rest from her ghost-seeing.

Later they fall for each other and admit it to each other, but she wants to know how she got that ability so she leaves him to find out the reason, and to see if she can find a way to get rid of her ghost-seeing ability so she can live a normal life. JW counts the days that he separated with her, until one year later, he meets her again.

Master’s Sun OST – Crazy of You

Episode 17

JW finds GS at a restaurant so they sit down and talk.

bscap0003 bscap0000

I love, love how JW keeps his calm front and talks to her like a great businessman negotiating some kind of an important deal. He asks if she lost her ghost-seeing thing, she answers that she did. He basically tests GS if she had lost her ability to see ghosts for real by pouring her a drink, as in, to congratulate her for that (she tends to be possessed by ghosts when she gets drunk).

bscap0004 bscap0006

She downs two drinks and still looks find to him. She gets up and leaves and that she has the thought of coming to see him. He lets her leave, and I went whattt? You waited for her all this time and gonna just let her leave?!


But then he looks so sad when he says to himself that she’s become better but she hasn’t looked at him. Aww….


And just when she’s out of his sight, a ghost shows up. She actually came to the place  to buy the ghost a drink. Haha, so she can still see ghosts, and I love it!

bscap0009 bscap0011

When she’s in a taxi, she gets possessed by a ghost because she’s drunk.

bscap0012 bscap0015

What do you know? JW intercepts her car and demands that she gets out. Double love it! That’s right, Hong Sis(s), the guy waited for a year for her, he should chase her down like this. The taxi-driver shoos her out that she talked strangely. JW narrows his eyes as he can feel that something is wrong.

bscap0016 bscap0017

GS gets out and JW realizes that a ghost has gotten into her body, since he already got used to it before they parted.

bscap0019 bscap0020

He tells the ghost to go away and touches her at the shoulder. The ghost goes off and GS falls into his arms.

bscap0023 bscap0024

bscap0025 bscap0026

Love, love SJS here. He really lets his vulnerable show how much he missed her.

bscap0027 bscap0030

He slowly holds her close and just stands there. Aww….I love this scene the most. It’s so touching.

bscap0037 bscap0036

She wakes up on his bed and he’s holding her hand, to keep the ghost away so she can sleep peacefully. Aww..he happily greets her that she’s awake.

bscap0040 bscap0039

She is so startled and asks him what happened. He tells her how he got her off the taxi because she’s so drunk. She asks if she was okay then.


He returns that he’s not okay, because she seduced him in so many ways yesterday. Buahaha..I laughed a lot here, it’s so good how GS had a usual girl response when she woke up on a man’s bed not like the last time, and how these two actors kept their straight faces is beyond me. Then we see in flashbacks, how it really was last night.

bscap0043 bscap0044

A ghost in her body begs him for some ice cream.

bscap0047 bscap0045

After she finishes one bowl, she wants some more. JW has to stop her that she will hurt GS’s stomach and she will get a fat belly. Haha.


He uses his finger to poke at her forehead, the ghost went off and she falls down. He catches her just in time. He sighs to himself. Can you imagine their married life? Haha.

bscap0050 bscap0049

Then a cat ghost gets into her and JW has to deal with it.

bscap0051 bscap0052

He wonders what he should throw at her and decides a blanket will do. “Meow! Meow!” he says. He throws a blanket at her and she falls down from a sofa. JW feels content with himself.

bscap0055 bscap0054

Then a French girl gets into her body and seduces him speaking in French. JW explains to her that he prefers sleeping separately, and if he touches her, she (the ghost) will leave anyway so he can’t give her what she wants (rawr), and it’s hard enough for him to sleep next to her just holding hands. When she insists, he tells her to go away in French, haha.

bscap0056 bscap0057

The Paris girl touches his face and the ghost gets off. She lands hard on him.

bscap0058 bscap0062

JW grumbles that he has to put up with this kind of thing.

bscap0063 bscap0064

Back to present, JW doesn’t tell her that he knows that she can still see ghosts, and just tells her that she was just a drunken GS last night out of consideration. It’s so sweet how he’s changed.

bscap0070 bscap0067

bscap0074 bscap0075

Then another flashback before that last flashbacks (getit?). She’s a drunk GS herself telling him the truth that she actually missed him so so much. She confesses that she can still see ghosts and couldn’t find a way to live normal life. He asks if that’s the reason why she didn’t come to him. She says she’s getting ready to seduce him by becoming an awesome woman and making him fall for her first, then she will confess to him that she can still see ghosts.

He says annoyingly that he’s already fallen for her, so what’s the need it has to be in that order.

bscap0076 bscap0078

She says she doesn’t want to meet him again as a girl who can see ghosts and hangs on to him as her bunker, but now it’s ruined. JW smiles at that.

bscap0079 bscap0080

Back to present, GS wants to leave so JW tells her that he already took her number. He orders her not to turn down his call.

bscap0081 bscap0082

But she tells him not to call her, she will call him herself. He agrees on it knowing she wanted it in order and all. He negotiates if he can send her some texts. She agrees on that and leaves.

bscap0083 bscap0084

After she left, he tells her to try hard to seduce him in every way she can. Fighting! (So cute). The rest of the episode didn’t interest me, randomly, randomly, and something wasn’t quite necessary imo. It seems the writers were trying to give everyone some screen time in the finale. So, skip to the conclusion…

bscap0088 bscap0085

In the end, GS calls JW and invites him officially for a date. They set terms on how they will be together with her ghost-seeing ability and her usual kindness to help out the ghosts.

She says even though it may be hard on him and she may cause some troubles, she doesn’t want to be sad and lonely without him. She says she will come to be by his side because he’s very special to her. Then she says she loves him. Aww…he’s been hoping for a long time to hear this from her.

He says he will keep being by her side, and then shows her the necklace (that he gave her and she returned it to him. This one got me, I totally forgot about it.) that he’s never once let her go because she’s his sun (referring to her name) and the earth will be destroyed without it.

bscap0091 bscap0093

She beams and thanks him for never letting her go.

bscap0096 bscap0095

She leans over and kisses him. Aww….


He returns her kiss of course.

bscap0104 bscap0106

She thanks her ability to see ghosts that it made her recognized her special person right away (referring to how they first met). He couldn’t agree more.


The strange thing happened to me while watching the episode, I forgot why JW loved her so much. I can’t say I love the whole episode (and the previous two) but I can say that I love SJS and JW so much how he’s changed to be an understanding side in this relationship. I love GHJ for her amazing acting throughout.

However, I can’t say I love GS as a character throughout. Her reason to leave JW, knowing he loved her very much, was a little weak, but I’m glad that they come to term with each other in the end.

It’s a Hong Sisters drama, so the ending scene is how they loved to do but I really can’t feel the mention of the Apple guy (sorry). All in all, I wish the drama had gone a little further on a larger scale about how she could see ghosts, and I really want to know the reason why it’s only JW who could make the ghosts go away. Oh well, I guess a happy ending and kisses are good enough for a rom-com. Love SJS and GHJ so so much, and great visual effects, that much I can say.

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  1. I do not speak Korean, only English. When a movie can grab someone’s attention only by the scenes then you have a great show. They obviously lived together but the scenes remained wholesome. I liked the part where he took the screwdriver for her. It reminded me of Ghosts with the late Patrick Swayze (Internet has his open casket photos, disgusting). He says in Ghosts, “it’s the love; you take it with you.”? All I could think of is that when I watched his spirit in the hospital. This was just prior to his life saving surgery.

    Ps I love you Patrick!!!

  2. May I know what was the song title played in the last episode (Episode 17)? The part where the were showing behind the scenes photos? Thank you!

  3. By the way, I really love the Master’s Sun OST– Touch Love (by T Yoon Mi Rae)…. I have been listening to this song many many times and never ever gotten tired of it:) Oh MY!!!! AM I a crazy nut? SJS and GHJ are perfectly matched in this drama:) They did nail their roles well !!! The best Korean drama this year!!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them again since I don’t know whether or not they will be paired in the future dramas. However, thanks for sharing your comments here ^_^

  4. Oh yes, I have been so crazy about this Korean drama as well… I love JW and GS so so so so so so much because they are so cute and adorable together:) Watching their sweet scenes always makes me go crazy !!! Thanks for your updated summary and I do enjoy it very much! OMG! I really don’t want it to end:(

    • This is first time I realized SJS could do rom-com so well too. His previous projects were melodramas or action films rather than fluffy stuff, so it’s really hard to come by to see him portray in such a light character. Personally, I don’t think he will do rom-com any time soon, not that I don’t want him too.

      I liked him in “Rough Cut” (as in: a filming term, yunno, rough cut) a rough movie for 18+. It’s involved some gangster materials so don’t watch if you want to keep JW’s good image in tact. Hehe.

      • Oh yes, I am able to understand what you are talking about right here. This is the first time I watched SJS performing in a rom-com style as well, which I deeply fall for:) Frankly speaking, I knew SJS a long time ago for his Korean Dramas, “I am Sorry, I love you”(2004) and “Cain and Abel” (2009). At that moment, I did like him a lot even though he was not very handsome when compared with other popular and handsome Korean actors. He has a charming and romantic temperament. Oh well, it’s beyond my description! Hopefully you know what my main point is 🙂 By the way, I saw his movie, “Always” last year… 🙂 nice one too! Hmmm… I have never seen the movie, “Rough Cut” so far… I had better find time to find it and watch it online;) Thanks for your information^__^

        • Aww…”Always”
          I see you
          I hear you
          I love you
          toDearCarol, just finished the movie Always, that last scene is going to haunt me for days *sob* Why didn’t he say something in the end? Can he? Urghhh…thanks to you 🙂

          • Oh yeah, the tears were even dropping out of my eyes when I saw the last scene for the first time. Actually, I hadn’t seen any Korean dramas or films for so long, till 2 weeks ago, I watched “The Master’s Sun” and was totally obsessed by JW and GS:) Thanks for sharing all your thoughts in your blog:) I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart:)

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