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Lom Sorn Ruk is the name of Nadech’s new lakorn and he is going for twins this time. Ah-ha, so we will get 2 pairs in one series which means two lovelines for  two Nadech(s), meaning, we will see him fall in love with 2 leading ladies! So much for Nadech on-screen, right?


Nadech(I) is a doctor named Prannon [pran-non]. He’s working for a state hospital in a faraway amphur (district) up in the North.

Anddd….his leading lady is…Taew (from Khun Chai Ratchanon)….YaY! They haven’t been able to put these two together until this one (right?), aww….somehow I trust these two to make a perfect couple.


Taew’s character is a bit naive-to-the-world named Patrin [pat-trin]. She leaves Bangkok to live in her hometown with her mother where she will meet Prannon mesmerized by the music from his “seung”-playing, a Thai musical instrument (looks a bit like guitar down below).



Eh…that’s Dr. Prannon practicing seung, I guess.

Nadach (II) is a businessman named Pran (getting confused? Me too). The two are twins, of course. Pran has his own loveline with Aunna [aun-na] portrayed by Patricia Good.





From left to right: the director, Patricia, the PD, Taew, and Nadech.

They are looking good, aren’t they? Can’t wait to see Taew with Nadech. He’s still busy shooting the Rising Sun.

Lom Sorn Ruk (the novel)

I honestly haven’t finished the book but did flip through to the end to get the tone of the story. It’s a cute bickering kind between Dr. Prannon and Patrin, then I got confused between Prannon and Pran, the two will trick you, I can tell you that.

Title: Lom Sorn Ruk

Author: Narakate

ISBN: 978-616-00-0883-4

Let’s take a peek….

The bus brings Patrin back to her hometown, Khun Pha Mok, a district which takes four hours drive from Chiang Mai (the northern province).

In the evening,  Patrin loves to ride a bicycle on a quiet street along rice green fields. The wind blows softly bringing along the smell of Jasmin flowers from Jasmin trees lining in the front of a house. She keeps looking at the house so her bicycle falls into a ditch scratching her knees in the process. She’s pulling the bike up when she hears the sweet sound of seung floating into the evening sky. She stops in her tracks, the sound deeply captures her heart.

She leans over the fence and sees a man sitting on the doorstep crossing his legs happily playing a folk stringed instrument.

“Who are you? Anything you need?” he perks up and asks. He stops playing when he sees her standing behind the fence.

When he gets up and walks to her, she can see his face clearly. He has a handsome face, his build is more like an athlete than a person who can play such sweet music.

She tells him that she heard the music so she stopped to listen subconsciously. He sees her scratched knees so he offers to clean her wounds on a bench outside the house. He grabs her bicycle and pulls it to his house. He comes back with a first aid kit.

He cleans her wounds and it stings.

“Enough, enough” she cries out in tears.

“Didn’t disinfect and put medicine on yet.”

“There’s more? No, no more.”

“So loud, how old are you?”he mutters.

“It’s my business how old I am” she frowns. “How about you? It’s strange, you treat the wounds so skillfully and even have medical equipments at hand.”

“I’m a doctor.”


“Why? (You) Make face like haven’t seen one.”

“I’ve seen a doctor but not a doctor like you.”

She thinks, a doctor with a muscular build, yet sentimental like a composer, with beautiful pianist-liked hands, long fingers having soft touch…it’s actually suitable for  a doctor.

“I have never seen a grown-up who cries like a kid just because of falling down too.”

He tells her she shouldn’t ride a bicycle this late in the evening. It gets dark fast in this area and not enough light. She argues that she didn’t mean to stay until it got dark if she didn’t fall down, and her house is not that far from his house.

He ends up sending her home riding on his own bicycle.

That’s in chapter one how the two meets. They become close and Patrin loves to go to his house to listen to his seung-playing. Patrin came back to this town because she’s betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and she ended up with a two million debt.

One day she receives a summon to appear in court. Prannon overhears about it and offers to lend her the money.

“Are you crazy? I have on one to guarantee and no assets too.”

“I know that you have none, that’s why I gave you a choice to think about it.”

“No, there’s no reason to accept your help. We are not related, and may be you don’t even know my name. I’m just a person who lives close by.”

“Must have a reason and related for you to accept it?” Prannon turns quiet for a sec before saying “What if take it as a dowry, will you accept it, Patrin?”

The stars in the sky are whirling and she feels like the whole world is trembling down in front of her.

That’s the end of chapter 5, and after Prannon takes time to explain his need to do it, they get married. He tells her when she can give him back the money, they will get a divorce. They spend time bickering days away sweetly until the thing about Prannon’s twin brother starts to surface up, and Patrin (and me) gets confused who is who?

I got stuck there and haven’t been able to finish the book. The thing about any twins is that you will never really know who they are if they don’t want you to……..creepy, isn’t it?

Let’s leave some room for a surprise together when this lakorn comes out 🙂


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  1. Does anybody know where to find episodes 12, 13, & 14 with English subtitles? Hard or soft doesn’t matter.

  2. can you please finish subbing for the remaining episodes too…….we are hanging in between now………saw raw video but could not make out any thing ..

  3. Is there any latest update on lom sorn ruk?

  4. Do u know where can i get this novel ?

  5. Do you know how many episodes this lakorn will have? I have tried searching and have come up with nothing.

    • It has 14 episodes totally and already aired its finale this week.
      Here’s the link for episode 1,

      [Spoilers] The lakorn itself didn’t really follow the novel because the novel didn’t tell from the get-go the man, who was with Patrin or Anna, was Pran or Pranon. That’s why I got confused reading the novel at first and the tone of the novel is much lighter than in the lakorn. Also, Anna loved Pran from the beginning and they ended up together in the novel. [End of Spoilers]

  6. can you recap every ep please? I checked on you tube and viki, it seen to stop the English sub for this movie. thanks and i’m appreciated about that. i really love this movie.

  7. Will you summarize the episodes when it starts to air? Please!

    • But Nadech’s lakorn always has someone recapping it, let’s see. Also, how I wish Nadech would approach a more serious role, he got an award from Khu Kam (the movie) for crying out loud. Hope someone will offer him a tougher role *fingers crossed*

  8. Where did you buy the book or do I order this book online?

  9. Has this already finished filming and aired?

  10. I would like to know more about the relationship between Nadech and Pat. Thank you.

    • I think you mean the relationship of the two in the novel. I haven’t finished the book yet but all I can tell you without any spoilers is that, there are twin brothers (Nadech times two), a doctor and a businessman (?), and each of them has their own loveline (?). All will be revealed as the story progresses. We will have to wait until the series comes out. I heard there was a delay in the shooting schedule so not sure when we will get to see this one. I wouldn’t say more because the main plot of the story lies on the twins and their ladies. Hehe.

  11. I’m overly excited for this one! I find it more challenging when two twins are very similar in characters and both goodies. I trust that Nadech is a good actor but somewhat worry because he only has so few works under his belt.

    • Nadech is currently doing events and CFs. I’ve seen only “Raeng PratThaNa” from him this year, and his movie “Khu Kam”, the ever controversial issue in his career.

      If you are a fan of James Ji, watch 3Zaap (the variety show) this coming Wednesday on Channal3 ^^

      • I have not see Khu Kam. I saw Raeng Prathana and his other drama with Yaya. I found him very good actually but taking on a twins role this early in his career is tough. Well, all the best Nadech.

  12. it’s the year of the twins! will probably watch, mostly vc of taew and to see if nadech and tv tgeam will pull off the twin thing as successfully as sud sai pan…..anywayz. is there no one recapping the sixth sense 2

    • Talk about The Sixth Sense 2, last Sunday I got in bed, turned off the light, and watched this series. Oh my, Trirat with Benja’s evil-powder in his eyes! Did you see how he saw his wife? That face came out so big on the screen that omg…it’s so scary.

      I didn’t really watch Season 1, but I heard that viewers are now complaining that there were too many Yanin’s scenes (practically every break) in Season 2, and I also thought what the screenwriter was thinking. I loved Jun-ji and PeongIn (Jo) and wanted to see more of them.

      About the recap, aren’t Viki subbing this?

      • they’re subbing this…..vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyy slowly. viki might have the 10 episodes out, up so far, but newcurveycurvey yt channel just started subiing it two weeks ago, and parts of ep 3 will be subbed and ready for viewing by this Friday. i like to be spoiled, so that’s why i’m looking for recaps. especially want to know what being said and going on between top’s character and karn, when they meet again at his dead sister’s house.

        and it’s true that there’s too many yanin scenes. never read the book, but maybe it’s bc she’s the quintessential leader of the group. but really, i feel that it should be ros, since shes’s the witch and contributed to the downfall of master somkid the most, directly. so don’t know why benja was sent to yanin and not ros, unless bc benja would be found out she’s a sorceress easily. in a way, i like to think that yanin and ros, are the co-leaders of the group. loving top and wawa, and i like film. another character i want to know from the recaps is park jun ji. when he meets the girls, it looks like he’s being really rude and doesn’t believe in ghosts and then he goes ballistics on kaem.

        • The Sixth Sense (the novel) contains five volumes with different names, each of its own, one volume for one girl’s story. I bought a stack of it but haven’t gotten around to look at it. Actually, some said they could have made it into five series like the Juthathep Gentlemen Series. The Sixth Sense Season 1 covered three books, so people think Season 2 should cover the rest two books (which are Jun-ji/Kaem and PeongIn (Jo)/Kanna’s story) that’s why they are disappointed to see less of the two couples.

          I really want to pick up some part and translate because the last two (ep9-10) eps were really engaging, but I’m getting out of town on vacation so no time for that. I can tell you a bit though about Trirat in ep10. He opens Benja’s bag and some powder comes out, it gets into his eyes and he screams. Benja comes back to her room and knows that those low-ranking witches (meaning the five girls and her crew) played around with her bag. She smirks that whoever gotten in touch with her evil-powder will eventually die. So far, Ros and the rest try many ways to undo the spell on Trirat but unsuccessful. They still can’t figure it out yet.That’s why Ros cries and hugs her hubby that all those magic she had learned, what’s it for if she can’t help the one she loves. This is so sad.
          Toward the end, Jun-ji and Kaem follow a guy together. The guy takes the elevator so the two have to run up the stairs. When Kaem says she can’t run anymore, Jun-ji says the magic words “I love you” and suddenly Kaem runs so fast and they reach the floor together. The viewer comments that you can’t underestimate the power of “I love you” Haha….

          • wow, really? kaem is too funny. park jun ji probably thinks she’s one crazy woman

            and i love eye and great. my heart goes out to them, for that scene w/ ros unable to save her own husband. hopefully something can be done in the 11th hour. maybe her master monk from season 1 show up to help. or maybe the kaman from season 1 (i heard rumors he appears again in season 2, but this time to help).

            also, i’ve read on the forum that benja is in love? don’t tell me it’s with tinh?

            thanks for the review!

  13. Thank you so much for the update. This is the first Nadech without Yaya lakorn I’m excited about. Somebody else is also translating the book on AF. From reading the first two chapters, I already have a sense of the surrounding, and who the characters are. I love it. I can totally see myself in Patrin’s shoe, riding on a bike along green fields smelling jasmine with the cold air and then being submerge in the music!

    Btw what I find most confusing about this big as the characters names. Both the twins names are so similar as well as the nang’eks. And don’t forget the Patricia also and here. Too many P’s

    • My eyes hurt a bit when reading the novel because of the twins’ names too, Pran and Prannon, and who again? Haha. I hope Nadech will pull out these two characters well, because they are different yet similar, or may be they are totally similar, who knows?

      • Pran hasn’t even made an enterance yet and I’m already tripping over Pranon and Patrin’s names. Most likely because Patrin to me sounds like a male’s name more than a female’s. I heard there is a twist at the end and that Pranon’s character is captivating. I’m quite excited!

        Btw I agree that we should leave room for surprises but darn it! I cant seem to stop reading!

    • I have to agree with u about the whole Nadech and Yaya… As much as I love them… Too much together gets me bored.

    • Can you please direct me to the translated novel at AF? I cannot seem to find it. Thank you very much! Would love to read it before the lakorn airs to feed my need, lol.

  14. Thanks for sharing na ja

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