Update: Ruk Aok Rit


The couple from Khun Chai Pawonruj, Pope and Mew, reunited in Ruk Aok Rit‘s fitting. The correct translation of the title should be in line with the story, but since I don’t know the detail yet, the closest meaning could be, love activates (shows its power).


(Pic cr: Somching IG)

It’s the production of Good Feeling, by King (Somching Srisupap). Pope’s character is a freelance detective digging into the story of Mew’s character, a charming widow who married with three guys, and all of them died with unknown reason so she loses her confident to love. Our detective will, of course, make her be brave to love again. It’s a very loose synopsis, so expect something a little different should be alright. The story itself doesn’t really make me jump, but for these two, I will probably check it out. The production just started so it won’t come out soon though 🙂


Source: Saranae Dara

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