Letter from the author of Fah Jarod Sai


Sopak Suwan, the author of the classic novel Fah Jarod Sai, had sent a letter of appreciation to Fah Jarod Sai production team from the US.


Roughly translated,

“It’s true that Thai TV-series were filmed abroad many times, there’s not one, is this epic, had to overcome obstacles, this challenging, needed persistence and diligence like Khun Siam’s Fah Jarod Sai, because, besides international politics, there are still the location, climate, culture, livelihood within the land that is very much different from normality.

It’s a good fortune of the viewers that they had a chance to witness the skills of the producer, director, actors/actresses of every character, generous spirits and friendships which are more precious than money or any assets in the world, to which the readers of the novel and the viewers had come flooding in to give supports when problems, which derived from normal desires in human natures, arisen.


Thank you, Khun Palakorn and all of  channel (?)’s seniors, for this lakorn from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all happiness and prosperity. I do believe in the law of cause and effect; you do good things, good things will definitely come to you.

Sincerely yours

Sopak Suwan”

Aww….the production team must be beaming with pride by now. Congrats to all of them.

MV Ost. Fah Jarod Sai – Dao Nuea Piano Version – Wedding scene

(Please watch while it lasts, huhu.. )

Dao Nuea Live -Tui (94th The Seed Show Rayong Province)

I still miss this drama a lot. Hope these two will announce their next project together soon  🙂


Letter, gif and videos cr: FJS Pantip

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