Fah Jarod Sai Episode 11(Final)

For this episode, gotta give it to the screenwriter. With many long lines from Michelle, it’s like she has been keeping it inside for so long, and now she wants to bid him good-bye. Sharif had no way to go, but move forward. I can’t say it’s perfect but it’s a beautiful ending that will make you beam, yet sad that it’s ended.

Episode 11

(Part 1)

Michelle comes to the palace.

Soldier: Where are you going Mademoiselle?

M: I want to have an audience with His Majesty Ahmed.

Soldier looks in the book.

Soldier: There’s no schedule for you to have an audience. Now there’s only….

A soldier taps on his shoulder.

Another soldier: Why do you need to look? The new Minister of Foreign Affairs just went in.

M: Oh, yes. Her Majesty royal wife told me to give HIs Majesty the letter in front of Minister Sharif.

Soldier: What kind of letter?

Michelle runs inside.

Soldier: You can’t go in.

M: Why?

Soldier: I said you couldn’t go in!

She pushes through and runs. Eh….what kind of security is this?

Ahmed: Do you hear me, Sharif? Get out now! I will forget all of it as if you haven’t said those shameful words!

Michelle listens from outside.

Ahmed: You think of resigning from every positions, are you mad? We will talk no more about this. You can leave now.

Sharif bows. He opens the door and finds Michelle standing there.

M: You!

She wants to touch him but he stops her. She walks inside and bows to Ahmed.

M: Please Your Majesty, I….

Ahmed: Mademoiselle De Laroni, you don’t need to say anything.

M: Please let me say at least…

Ahmed: No need! I meant what I said. I won’t change my mind.

S: Please, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Sharif! (He talks to her.) Mademoiselle De Laroni, that you are here, it’s against the tradition enough already. But I won’t punish you, (because) I think you are a foreigner. But let me tell you, you will never get what you want. You will not be able to use your beauty, your intelligence in exchange for the whole country of Hilfara. Give up now, I won’t allow Sharif to do what you roused him to do!

M: I came to bid you good-bye to go back to France, Your Majesty.

Sharif walks slowly toward her.

M: No matter what happens, I will not stay here, and will not marry any Hilfara (man). I will return to France as soon as possible.

Ahmed: Why? What is the reason?

M: I can’t stand being in Hilfara. I’m not familiar with any of the traditions here. But France is the country where I grew up, and to think that I have to stay elsewhere that is not France, I can’t stand it. That’s why I would like to ask for your permission to return to France, Your Majesty.

S: You can’t do that, Michelle!

M: Royal bodyguard, are you the owner of my life?

S: Michelle, you can do that to me?

M: I am not a seed that can grow up in Hilfara, I must return to my homeland. (She cries.) Just like you, you must stay in your homeland. We, are the seeds that can’t grow up together. You have a high social status while I’m just an orphan. I can’t stay here. No matter what, I must go back.  (She turns to Ahmed.) That’s why I wanted to ask for your permission, Your Majesty, and I hope you won’t reject it. Even if you reject it, I still have my own right to travel anywhere in this world.

She turns to Sharif.

M: You, sir. I don’t have anything more sincere to say than what I just said.

She bows to Ahmed and Sharif, and walks out of the room.


Aww…great acting from Kwan (Michelle).

Ahmed: So Sharif, do you still want to resign from every position, including a royal relative, a royal brother who shared suffering days together? Well? If you still want to resign, just tell me.

S: Please forgive me, Your Majesty. (He bows.)

Ahmed: Sharif! Come back here! Now!

He bows again and leaves.

Ahmed: Sharif!

Sharif runs after Michelle.


S: Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! Don’t go! Michelle! Where are you going?

M: You! Let me go! It’s inappropriate!

S: Tell me first that you’re not going anywhere, Michelle.

M: I must go!

S: No! If you are going, I won’t let go of you. I won’t let you go anywhere, Michelle!

M: You! You are behaving wrongly, minister! Let go!

S: It’s wrong, I know! Why wouldn’t I know, Michelle? Michelle!

M: Let me go!

He hugs her tight until she stands still.


S: Michelle.

M: You, sir. You are Maj.Gen. Dr. Sharif Al-farush, the Hilfara Minister fo Foreign Affairs. Don’t forget that. You have the duty to the whole country, the people, His Majesty Ahmed, and yourself.

S: And what about your duty to me, and my duty to you, Michelle? We are husband and wife. Don’t we have duties toward each other? How about that, Michelle? The duty of us to each other, where will you leave them?

She touches his face.

M: Sharif, I won’t forget the time we wandered around in the desert together, the lonely time, the time that we couldn’t see anything except the sand and the sky, and everyday when I saw only (fah jarod sai) the sky touching the sand. That time, we both were free, I wasn’t an orphan of the ancient De Laroni family, I had honor and didn’t want to be raised like I was without any relative living alone with the nuns in the convent, and you, you weren’t an honorable man of this country, not a soldier, not a doctor, not a minister, and even not a royal. At that time, everything came naturally which is different from now when we have to stay under the social rules, now, today, and so on. At that time, you took care of, protected, and saved my life. I obeyed you because I wanted us to survive, us, not just one.

S: Say no more, Michelle. Just stop talking.

M: You and I, we both have a duty to each other, but now, as I said, you have to do your duty to other things, and I, I will let you do your duty perfectly to your country.

He kisses her forehead and hugs her again and again.

(Part 2)


General Muscas: The minister.

S: Field Marshal.

They shake hand.

Muscas: You resigned?

S: Yes.

Muscas: From every position?

S: That’s true.

Muscas: Are  you sure you’re doing the right thing, minister? Sorry, I had to ask.

S: I had no other choices.

Muscas: If I were His Majesty Ahmed, I would be so mad at you.

S: It’s fiercer than a desert storm.

Muscas: I feel for His Majesty. Please let me say this as I think of you like my son, this is not right. (Pat shoulder) Sharif, in the past, women weren’t involved in their husbands’ career, but now, the wives of the high-ranking officials have to meet with the wives of diplomats regularly.

S: I know everything, and I’m not feeling angry with anyone, my mother, His Majesty Ahmed, and even Michelle. Because everything (that happened) is my fate. (He sighs.) I was born here, I’m like this, having to take responsibility of the country and many people. Do you know, Field Marshal? The person who understands me the most is Michelle.

Muscas: Is that so?

S: Michelle is going back to France, and she insists that I take back my positions.

Muscas: May (god) bless you.

fah-11-17 fah-11-18

Sharif sits down.

Muscas: Remember this, no one can go against fate.

Sharif is kneeling in front of King Ahmed. He pats his shoulder (as in, it’s good to have you back).

Ahmed’s first wife is being pampered while Michelle is talking to her.


WIfe: So what are you going to do? (Eh…I’m sorry, but I really feel uneasy with her blue dress here.) Hilfara people will never forget you. Michelle, do you know how your decision this time benefited us? (Talk to servant) I will visit Princess Subaida.

Farah: Michelle, Her Majesty royal wife wanted me to help you. What do you need to do?

M: Nothing much, I just need to pack.

Farah: Pack?

M: I’m preparing to leave for Paris.

Princess Subaida talks with the royal wife.


SBD: I already had someone look into her background. She’s an orphan without parents, raised in a convent. Even though her family is a high-class one, her father went against the tradition by getting married with a lowly woman. Her family and relatives refused to accept her. She’s  not suitable for Sharif. The first lady of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hilfara Royal Family is that woman with shameful background. The more I think about it, the more I can’t see it happen. If it happens, I won’t  allow myself to be associated with her.

Ahmed’s wife: Is that right?

SBD: You may be able to accept her, I heard she was under your protection for a while. She may have tricked you into believing she’s pitiful, but that was in the desert where you could see only the sky and the sand, not in the middle of Hilfara (city) like this where there are only high-class people and high-ranking officials from abroad live in. I can foresee that this foreign woman’s background will make us lose our faces.

Ahmed’s wife: Interesting, what you said is interesting too. I have to admit that I’ve never had such ideas.

SBD: That’s all right if royal wife didn’t think of it, but I hope His Majesty Ahmed thinks of it, that’s enough.

Ahmed’s wife: I hope so too.

SBD: Thank you.

(Royal thingy is omitted here because I’m not sure about the ranking between these two ladies.)

Royal wife rushes to see Ahmed.

Wife: I’ve never seen anyone so stubborn, confident, strong-minded, who is unwilling to make any exception, and willing to break apart more than bend down like royal aunt Subaida!

Ahmed laughs.

Wife: I don’t know how royal uncle Baikhan can stand it, and I don’t understand how a person like royal aunt Subaida can have such a great son like Sharif!

Sharif is holding Michelle’s ring thinking.



(Knocking the door)

S: Who is that?

Kalim: It’s Kalim, minister.

Sharif pretends to be concentrating on his work.

S: Are you surprised? Whether I’m a doctor, a soldier, a minister, or a man, it’s a human after all, is it not, Kalim.

Kalim: I don’t understand. Everything was falling into its place and you were about to be happy, and everyone who knew you was feeling happy for you. But why the situation  turned upside down like this?

S: It’s about persons having different ages, they are bound to have different ideas and beliefs. I believe in one thing, she believes in another. No one is right or wrong.

Kalim: Then why does your royal mother  refuse to change what she believes when it’s the happiness of her only child?

S: Sometimes a person in a certain status and position,  he/she just can’t change  his/her belief, really can’t. I can understand that clearly.

Kalim: Then what are you going to do, minister?

S: Don’t sympathize me because the one who should be sympathized, is not me.

Michelle is crying alone.

K: I wish you happiness always.

S: Thank you so much, Kalim. I wish you a great career.

K: Yes, sir.

Sharif kisses the ring.


Ahmed is leaving.

Ahmed: Where are you going?

Servant: Following you, Your Majesty.

Ahmed:  No need! Leave!

Servant: Where are you going, Your Majesty? There’s no schedule.

Ahmed comes to see his wife.

Ahmed: Why do I need a schedule to go here and there?

Wife: Did you drive here yourself, Your Majesty?

Ahmed: Yes, I have an urgent matter. Everybody, get out!

Wife: Please take a seat before the fire (your temper) will burn down my palace.

Ahmed: May be.

Wife: Some water, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: No! Royal wife, come closer. This matter needs to be whispered to you. You put on some perfumes? It smells good.

Wife: You’re crazy.


He starts telling her something.

Michelle comes to see Ahmed’s first wife.

Servant: She’s here, Your Majesty.

Wife: I want to see you. Please help me.

M: Yes, Your Majesty. (Looking at lace) It’s really beautiful.

Wife: I ordered it from Paris. Please help me with the design.

M: Paris.

Wife: Michelle, are you homesick?

M: Yes, Your Majesty.

Wife: I’m happy for you….that you are going home, to Paris. After you leave, don’t forget me.

Wife: I will miss you so much.

Michelle is packing (again). She cries.

(Part 3)

Sharif walks into the palace.

S: Kalim!

Kalim bows to him

S: I get to see you (today).

K: I just received an order to transfer to Anaesa.

S: Is that true?

K: And I was promoted to be a major.

S: Congratulations!

K: I hope the order to travel there won’t come before your wedding.

S: What did you say?

K: You don’t know that you’re getting married?

Sharif looks like he’s about to cry. He comes to see his mother.

fah11-1 fah11-2

SBD: Sharif.

S: Royal mother, I came to ask you about the wedding.

SBD: What are you going to ask?

S: How can this happen? You are involved in this, aren’t you? And has His Majesty Ahmed granted the permission, royal mother?!

SBD: Of course, Sharif.

Cut to our new lady Chalita.


Wife (to Michelle): Chalita is the daughter of Hilfara Minister of Culture, graduated from England. She’s also a royal relative because her mother is a  distant younger sister of His Majesty Ahmed.

Michelle wants to bow to Chalita.

Wife: That’s no need, Michelle. I think Chalita is younger, isn’t that right?

Chalita: Yes, Your Majesty royal wife. Nice to meet you, Mademoiselle Michelle.

M: Nice to meet you too, Your Highness (?)

Wife: Chalita is preparing to become a bride. Are you excited, Chalita?

C: Yes, Your Majesty. Who wouldn’t get excited to the bride of Sharif?

Man, this is not fun for Michelle at all.

Wife: Did you get to see him yet? You and Sharif were very close in the past, weren’t you?

C: Yes, Your Majesty. We were very close that I never thought I would become his bride, and yes, I met him already, and we were very happy (seeing each other).

Wife: Every woman in Hilfara will be jealous of you.

C: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Servant: The Prince of Ishfahug has come to take Miss Chalita, Your Majesty.

Wife: You two made an appointment?

C: Yes, Your Majesty. His Highness wants me to look over the titles of the books which will be sent to the library of Ishfahug.

Wife: Go then, have some fun.

Man, look at Michelle, she’s about to faint already.

Prince Aubdulla takes Chalita outside.

Wife: I ordered a plane ticket be bought for you. It’s Air France, first class. But….

M: Yes, Your Majesty?

Wife: I want to ask you one thing. Can I, Michelle?

M: Yes, Your Majesty.

Wife: I want you to depart after Sharif’s wedding. I want to stay for Sharif’s wedding first. He must be very happy. Michelle, do that so that I can send out an order about the plane ticket?

M: Yes, Your Majesty.

Sharif marches inside Ahmed wife’s residence. Michelle is walking along the corridor when she runs into him.

S: Michelle!

She wants to walk pass him but he hugs her. He kisses her.


M: Let me go!

S: Wait, Michelle!

M: You don’t have the right to do this. Please don’t do this again.

S: Michelle, I have every right! You’re my wife.

M: Don’t say that. Don’t say that again, I don’t want to listen.

S: Listen or not, it’s the truth! I will say it a hundred, a thousand times more. You will be hearing it, wait and see.

M: You will have to say it Miss Chalita.

S: What? Chalita? What do you mean? What did you know? Does that mean I will have to marry Chalita?

Michelle walks away.

S: Michelle! Michelle, wait! Michelle! That’s not true at all!


Oh dear, Sharif, I sympathize with you.

Sharif barges into the palace. Ahmed sees  him coming and laughs.

Ahmed: Look at Sharif, he’s coming like a storm.

Here on, Sharif drops the formality a bit, out of anger.

S: What do you want to say?!

Ahmed: What? Since when I’ve become your suspect?

S: What are you going to say Your Majesty? Answer me! I am not a toy for you to place on a stool, and then arrange a ceremony to catch some woman to be my wife. Your Majesty should know that a person like Sharif won’t allow such thing! Do you hear me? I won’t allow it!

Ahmed is having a good time listening. He sits comfortably crossing his legs with style. I love it, but a tiny voice in me is asking whether that gesture is out of his character.


Ahmed: Of course, I hear you. You were shouting so loud like that. If (I) can’t hear, it’s called being deaf! Haha..

S: And let me tell you, I think Princess Chalita won’t allow it too!

Sharif walks out.

Ahmed: Sharif, wait! Sharif, I have something to talk to you.

They sit down and talk like decent men talking.


A dressmaker looks at the lace.

dress-m: It’s so beautiful, Your Majesty.

Wife: I ordered it from Paris.

dress-m: I should realize that whoever gets to wear the dress made out of this cloth, must be an angel.

Michelle is standing on a balcony.

Wife: That’s her dress.

dress-m: Yes, Your Majesty. She should be someone with a great figure. (Taking measurement i.e. chest, hip )

The dressmaker praises the figure, it’s a beauty.

Wife: Michelle, you came.

M: That’s my dress, Your Majesty.

Wife: Yes, it’s yours. I asked the dressmaker to make a dress for you, for Sharif and Chalita’s wedding. Dressmaker, fortunately she came, don’t take the measurement from the dress, take it from her.

M: But I won’t….

Wife: Alright, dressmaker, can you take the measurement from the dress so we don’t have to trouble Michelle?

dress-m: Yes, Your Majesty royal wife. This kind of figure isn’t hard to make a dress, but it may not fit every curve.

M: I can just let her, Your Majesty.

Wife: Thank you very much, Michelle.

Ahmed’s wife touches Michelle’s chin.

Wife: Please know that you have my deepest sympathy. If it were you, my happiness would be 100%, but with this (fact), I’m not sure if it’s even half.

Michelle comes downstairs when Chalita and Sharif walk in.

C: Mademoiselle Michelle.

S: Chalita, please let me have a private talk with Michelle.

Prince Aubdulla walks in.

C: All right, my royal brother. Don’t worry about me. I already have someone coming to talk to me.


S: Michelle.

M: Yes?

S: I want to tell you that I’m suffering so much.

M: Is that true?

S: You don’t believe me? You don’t feel like suffering at all?

M: That doesn’t concern you. My suffering is mine.

S: Everything that I do, is my duty.

M: I understand. You have my deepest understanding, and I won’t look down on your feeling and mine. We both are suffering, yet you have a great duty to do, and I can understand that duty of yours.

S: Thank you, Michelle. I’ve chosen the right one.

M: What do you mean?

S: I chose to love you, the right one.

Prince Aubdulla and Chalita come in.

C: Sharif, my elder brother!

Sharif turns to Aubdulla.

S: Thank you very much, my younger brother.

Aubdulla: My pleasure, my elder brother.

S: Your Kindness, Your Highness.

They leave together while Michelle looks at them.

M: Are you really suffering, Sharif?

(Part 4)


SBD: Chalita, you are such a beauty, my niece, suitable for a bride.

Chalita: It’s the bride of royal brother Sharif, royal aunt Subaida, how can’t she be beautiful?

SBD: How come you all came together?

S: His Highness wants to visit you, royal mother.

SBD: My nephew, it should be me visiting you.

Aubdulla: No, it shouldn’t. I’m your nephew so I should be the one pay you a visit.

SBD: When are you going to have a bride like others? So young and handsome like this, don’t you have any woman come into your life at all?

Chalita: That’s right. Who are you waiting for, royal brother?

Aubdulla: I told you already, Chalita.

Chalita: Oh, that one. She’s such a beauty, very suitable for you. I’m happy for you.

SBD: Who is she? I want to see her already. (Hold hands) The wedding dress is ready, right? Chalita, my niece, you will surely be the most beautiful bride. I’m so happy.

In the mean time, the wedding dress is ready.


Wife: You’re the best dressmaker in Hilfara, I must admit.  I made the right decision not sending it to….of the famous brand in Paris.

dress-m: Your Kindness, Your Majesty.

Wife: Here, your wage.

dress-m: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Wife: Michelle,…

Michelle has a plane ticket in her hand.


Michelle oversees the decoration of the garden.


Wife: The garden is already well-decorated?

Farah: I asked Michelle to take care of it, Your Majesty.

Wife: Why did you ask her to do that?

Farah: I have loads of work to do, Your Majesty.

Wife: I’m so bored with you, always use your mouth to get work done. Get out of my sight, Farah. Go do whatever work you have to do.

Farah: That’s good, Your Majesty. About the garden, you can ask Michelle.

Wife: I will arrange a small party only for the bride and groom, and my close relatives.

M: Everything is all done, Your Majesty.

Wife: Thank you very much. (Pick up a card) Michelle, how do you spell your surname?

M: Why is it, Your Majesty?

Wife: I will invite Madam De Laroni to this event. Don’t be too surprised, madam, your relative, is a madam of a French diplomat, why wouldn’t I invite her? I will address an envelope with my handwriting, so that they will come and get to see you on that day with their own eyes.

M: It’s unnecessary, Your Majesty. I won’t get out there for anyone to see that much.

Wife: No, you can’t do that.  You will have to be in the procession anyway, so they will see you that day how beautiful and how suitable you are for their great family name, and it’s their unforgivable mistake to dislike (hate) you.

Wife: Michelle, you must be the most beautiful one that day, even Chalita can’t be compared to you. I will put my word on it.

M: Your Majesty royal wife, from now, things will get busy for just another two days, after that I won’t be able to see you again, may I ask for your permission to bid you farewell here?

Wife: Of course, you may.

Michelle bows to her.

Wife: Good-bye, Michelle De Laroni.

The wedding arrangement is on the way.

Servant: The wedding of the royal bodyguard, I’m so happy.

Another servant: I heard the bride was very beautiful. I really want to see her, mother.

Servant: I wonder how beautiful she is.

The wedding day.

Wife: All right, I’m not an important one, go do the hair and make-up for the bride. Get me that perfume.

Sharif arrives on his big day.

fah11-14 fah11-16

Ahmed’s wife is looking at the wedding dress.


Farah: It’s so beautiful, Your Majesty. If it’s on the body of the bride, how beautiful it will be.

(Part 5)

Princess Subaida is in a hurry to go to the wedding. She stops short when she sees King Ahmed.


Ahmed: My aunt Subaida.

SBD: Yes, Your Majesty.

He keeps looking at her until she realizes that….

SBD: No, it’s not. No, it’s not, right, Your Majesty?

Ahmed: Yes, it is. It must be what you are thinking.

SBD: No, Your Majesty!

Ahmed: Then why do I come here myself? All right, Princess Subaida, even if you won’t accept this woman to be your daughter-in-law, but, I, Ahmed III, accept Mademoiselle De Laroni to be the lady of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maj.Gen. of Hilfara Army, and will be his only wife.

Michelle isn’t in her room.

Ahmed’s wife: I beg for your forgiveness, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: What do you learn from this? What is the lesson-learned? Everyone can make a mistake, therefore, whoever is standing here, right in the spot where I’m standing, must be very cautious of themselves and always remind themselves how much their little mistake could effect the people.

Sharif arrives at the airport. He’s looking for Michelle.


Kalim: Sharif!

They walk to the departure lounge.

Kalim: Over there, minister!

S: Michelle!

But it’s not her there.


The woman: Wait, the minister. You need to have an official order from the director of the airport.

S: I will go get it now.

Woman: You must hurry. The plane will leave in 15 minutes.

Kalim: This is the ministry asking you.

Woman: The minister, are you willing to violate the regulations yourself?

S: Enough, Kalim! I will have to go buy the ticket for the next flight myself.

They walk out together.


S: Why worried, Kalim? Our(the) world is so small. (Aww)

Ahmed tells the soldier to connect him with the direct line.


Michelle is on the plane. She starts crying. A captain comes to talk to her, “Mademoiselle De Laroni,..”

Sharif is looking out the window sadly.

fah11-33 fah11-34

Ahmed: I have a special guest coming today.

S: Yes, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: The person meant to come to your wedding with Michelle. It’s a pity that your bride had run away. You go and tell my special guest that you will go look for your bride tomorrow.

The door is opened and it’s Michelle walking in. Sharif is overwhelmed by the sight of her.


Ahmed: But I’m more impatient than you so I brought her back today, no need to go to France.

King Ahmed winks at him and pats his back. He leaves them together. Sharif hugs her.


S: Michelle, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Michelle, that I made you misunderstand that I would marry Princess Chalita. Without doing that, I would never have a chance to prepare for the wedding because you wouldn’t marry me, and I promise you that I will have the first wife and only wife, that is you.


M: But, the princess, your royal mother….

S: Listen to me, Michelle. You must believe me. You will be my only wife, from now on, forever.

They hug each other and cry.

Aww….this is my favorite part of all.

(Part 6)

Finally, it’s the long-awaited wedding scene. There are many guests from around the world.


Then the bride walks down the stairs.


Sharif says tenderly, “Lift up your face, Michelle.” He lifts up the veil and kisses her forehead. The music pauses and then comes up again once he kisses her.




They walk pass all the guests.





Once they sit down on the sofa on the stage, the music changes into the piano version. Aww……

Sharif’s mother is not that happy, I guess.


Then each guest takes turn to give them their blessing. The first one is Ahmed’s first wife.


Then Sharif’s mother.



Then Princess Farida, late King Oman’s wife, and Princess Chalita.


Then Madam De Laroni, Michelle’s aunt. She says, “Good luck, Michelle, my dear niece. I came to represent Pierre and your mother who are not here anymore.” She bows to Sharif.



They walk outside.



They move closer for a kiss. Unfortunately, the PD decided that, that’s about it  🙂


My first thought was they should say something in the last scene, but then because they didn’t, that would make Sharif’s last words to Michelle be their last dialog to us. For that, isn’t the director amazing? Aww…I love you so, Fah Jarod Sai.


Pictures cr: FJS Pantip

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