Fah Jarod Sai Episode 10

One thing this series has been doing so well is the music background. The main song is so beautiful that it doesn’t annoy me at all hearing it so often, and if you really notice, the tone of the song changed according to the tone of each scene too, especially, when they cut into commercial break. I really love each picture they chose for each break.

It’s nice to see the PD take time to look into this little detail. It makes me realize it’s the work of people who really want us to see what they wanted to show to us. You can really feel their love of the novel through the series and how much they  wanted Fah Jarod Sai, the classic novel, to come alive.

Episode 10

(Part 1)

Oman: ……There’s no way the victory will be yours!

S: It’s up to the sky up there.

Oman: Haha….Sharif, Sharif, Sharif! Tell me now, who will be the one to kill me on the surgery table? Who? Who is it? Tell me now!

S: The killing doesn’t need to do on a surgery table.

Oman: …..Your plan has no use, it’s not working! Everything is under my feet now, send the message to Ahmed too. (Order the soldiers) Bring that bad man out here!

S: That’s my soldier! My soldier! (He kneels down and holds the man in his arms.) Are you a human or an animal?

Oman:It’s a human treating an animal!

The man tells Sharif, “Our army’s defeated, there’s no army anymore. (He whispers into Sharif’s ear) His Majesty Ahmed is already in the city…waiting for the signal…I bid you good-bye….who is like a father to me…I’m lucky to die in your arms”

S: My soldier!

Oman: The end of a person who’s against me, everybody, look! Everybody, look!

S: I’m ready to face with that ending now!

Oman: Sharif, you will be brave until the last minute of your life?

S: The blood of Hilfara royal family will remain strong within me!

Oman: …..A soldier must die like a soldier, and as Ahmed’s relative, I will let you die honorably.

Saipt gives Oman a wong-duen knife.

Oman: Sharif, don’t you hate fighting with a knife? As Ahmed’s relative, you shouldn’t die by the skill of a lowly soldier.

S: I’m defeated forever, Your Highness.

Oman: I will give you a chance to die like a soldier.

The two moves in circle each holding wong-duen knives.

Oman: Be proud to die honorably, Sharif, my younger brother.

S: I don’t want to count you as my relative, Your Highness.

A round of fighting occurs, Oman slashes Sharif’s chest and kicks him down. Sharif gets slashed again in his mid-body, and again, and again. Sharif falls down on his back.

Oman: I will slash you like I slash an animal. I will rip open your flesh piece by piece. Do you hear? Your flesh will come off piece by piece like some kind of animal barbecued until it’s cooked, then I will slash your flesh out to eat it, chewing sweetly.

Oman is about to stab Sharif in his heart when Kalim calls out Sharif’s name. Sharif turns to the side just in time. Oman comes from behind meaning to stab him from behind. Sharif turns around and thrusts his knife forward into Oman’s body. Oman’s in shock. Sharif pulls his knife out and Oman stumbles backward.



Kalim shouts, “Sharif!”, feeling delighted.

Sharif looks up in the sky and says, “Long live His Majesty Ahmed!”

Oman’s soldiers start running away.

S: Kalim, send out the signal immediately!

K: Yes, sir! The ‘midnight sun’ signal!

Kalim sets off the fireworks.


Ahmed sees the fireworks in the sky.

Ahmed: The traitor is dead!

Kalim is taking Sharif to the hospital.

K: Let’s go! I’m taking you to the hospital.

S: Wait! (Looking at Oman) Royal elder brother Oman, I had to kill you, please forgive me.

(Part 2)

Troops are moving into the palace. General Muscas sees that Sharif is injured.

Muscas: Royal bodyguard!

Kalim: Please help the royal bodyguard!

Sharif looks at General Muscas.

Muscas: We’ve successfully taken control of every area. We are waiting for the official statement to be announced.

Sharif loses consciousness.

Muscas: Sharif!

Kalim: Sharif!

At the hospital.

Muscas: Doctor, how his condition is, you can tell me the truth.

The doctor says the wound on his chest is extremely severe, a little bit more and they will see the main artery. He orders the nurse to check his blood type and prepare the blood reserve as much as it can be. He orders another doctor to go the operation room and bring the main team of doctors there.

Kalim: (He pulls the doctor’s arm.) Doctor!

Doctor: Yes, I will do my duty, don’t worry.

K: The royal bodyguard must not die, doctor. Remember doctor, must not die!

Doctor: I won’t guarantee that, because he’s in critical condition.

Muscas: If he dies, our country will be in chaos.

They end up waiting outside the operation room.

Princess Subaida (Sharif’s mother) hears the news.

SBD: Who killed Oman?

Nicha: Doctor, Your Highness.

SBD: Doctor? What doctor? Which doctor would barge in and kill Oman?

Baikhan (Sharif’s father): Doctor?

SBD: The news is not true. No doctor in the world would come to kill a patient.

Father: Oman was to have a surgery on his hernia.

SBD: Yes, the doctor who came to do the operation.

Father: Doctor Muhummad.

SBD: Yes, Doctor Muhummad who was here once to do the surgery for His Majesty Ahmed, who everyone knows that he looks like you, Baikhan.

Father: Sharif, my son!

SBD: No! No! Not true!

Nicha: It’s true, Your Highness. The doctor who came to do the surgery, killed King Oman.

SBD: Even if Sharif killed Oman, it must not be the medical way. It’s impossible, he would never do that. I know my son.

Servant: But there was a duel using wong-duen knives, Your Highness.

SBD: Wong-duen knife?

Servant: Yes, Your Highness.

SBD: If Sharif killed Oman with wong-duen knife, wouldn’t he be severely injured, and almost die? (She stands up.) Soldier, come in!

Soldier: Yes, Your Highness.

SBD: Did my son kill Oman with wong-duen knife?

Soldier: Yes, Your Highness.

SBD: How is he?

Soldier: The royal bodyguard is severely injured, Your Highness.

Princess Subaida faints hearing that.

At Ahmed wife’s marquee.

Wife: Do you want to hear the good news?

M: We’ve defeated them, is that right, Your Majesty?

Wife: Prepare yourself to be the bride.

Michelle smiles brightly, then she sees her face.

M: Royal wife, is there something that’s worrying you?

Wife: Worried?

M: I see your face.

Wife: I look worried? May be, I might be worried about when we will return to Hilfara already.

Michelle sees that royal wife is feeling sad about something but she doesn’t ask her.

Princess Subaida is waiting for the news.

SBD: I don’t want to drink, take it away.

Nicha: Please have a little, Your Highness. You didn’t drink water or eat the meal, you may fall sick.

SBD: Sick? It’s good then. I’m willing fall sick instead of my son. Nicha, don’t you know that Sharif’s condition is severe? Or it can be said that he almost dies.

Nicha: Yes, Your Highness. I heard that.

SBD: He’s in an operation room now, dear god, please protect my son. He had sacrificed so much for the country already, don’t let it be more than this.

Sharif without beard is in the hospital bed.

SBD: Why there’s no one send us some news about Sharif?

Nicha: May be he doesn’t get out of the operation room yet.

SBD: That I’m nervous like this, is correct. Ahmed is still alive, Sharif isn’t dead from the operation. Sharif, my son. They are the same father and son, brave. Do you know, Nicha?

Nicha: If I can guess Your Highness’s mind, I will be very rich.

SBD: I’m a coward one . I’m afraid of everything that will or won’t cause pain such as an operation, the second the knife touches my flesh, I would die already.

Nicha: Please be patient, Your Highness.

A servant comes in and says a soldier has come from the hospital.

SBD: I’m telling you the truth, captain, I don’t want to hear anything that will hurt me anymore. How is my son?

Soldier: The royal bodyguard….

SBD: Go on.

He whispers to Nicha that he’s all right now.  She says, not to tell her but quickly tell Her Highness royal mother.

Soldier: Your Highness royal mother, the royal bodyguard….is all right now.

SBD: Thank you very much.

Nicha: Your Highness.

SBD: I’m conscious all the time, don’t worry.

Nicha: But…

SBD: Today, I will dress up so fast that you couldn’t imagine.

At the hospital.

Kalim: He still doesn’t wake up yet, Your Highness.

SBD: When did he get out of the operation room?

K: In the afternoon, Your Highness.

SBD: Afternoon? This is almost 5 (p.m.) Why don’t you wake up? Is there anything wrong?

K: There’s nothing wrong, Your Highness.

SBD: That’s not true. There must be something wrong. The operation took a very long time, he should wake up already.

K: Yet he still doesn’t, Your Highness.

SBD: That’s why I said there must be something wrong.

Sharif is dreaming of Michelle in the desert, when she’s dying.


Nicha: Be patient, Your Highness. A team of doctors is doing the best they can.

SBD: Then why doesn’t he wake up? It’s been too long. At least, someone should tell me why. Why doesn’t he wake up?!

She touches his face.


SBD: Sharif , my son. Open your eyes, son. Sharif, just open your eyes, son. Mother is right here. Just open your eyes. My son, mother is right here. Open your eyes, son. Sharif.

Sharif is dreaming that Michelle is calling him.

S: Michelle. Michelle. Michelle……

SBD: Nicha, come here and listen.


NIcha: “Michelle”, Your Highness.

SBD: I knew it. Is it desert’s spell? Traveling together not for many days, can love each other that much?

At Ahmed’s wife marquee.

Wife: Farah, you told Michelle that the royal bodyguard was in critical condition?

Farah: Your Majesty, I heard about it just  now and I didn’t go out of the marquee at all.

WIfe: That’s true, the means she doesn’t know yet. But why is she acting like she knows?

Farah:  She acts like she knows, but it could be that she doesn’t know, Your Majesty.

Wife: She must not know. There’s  no way that she would know.

She walks to Michelle.

Wife: What are you thinking, Michelle? You look upset. Why? In few days, you will meet your husband. You should be happy.

M: Is he injured a lot, Your Majesty?

Wife: Not dead yet. Look, you fool me into answer it.

M: He won’t die, right, Your Majesty? I somehow have a bad feeling about it. Inside here, it feels strangely empty.

Wife: I guarantee that Sharif is safe now.

M: Your words, since the first day I woke up from the illness, I never forget, Your majesty.

Flashback, “All human were born as human just the same, the only difference is duty, but Sharif has a much greater duty, that is, the duty to the country. You are his wife, that would make you have the duty to the country too. “


M: Your words, I’m hearing it all the time. When I told Your Majesty that I was always ready, when that time comes, I’m ready, Your Majesty.

Wife: That’s good, Michelle. if there’s something you feel sad about, one thing for sure, you will feel proud that you can help your husband repay the country favors, so he doesn’t have to worry, be concerned  that his wife will suffer too much.

M: Yes, Your Majesty. And what about the situation?

Wife: The news said the situation was peaceful. His Majesty Ahmed is waiting to meet his people.

M: How, Your Majesty?

Wife: I don’t know, but His Majesty will meet all of his people, everyone in Hilfara.

M: Everyone?

Wife: Yes, everyone.

Ahmed’s speech, “My dear Hilfara people, you are not hallucinating, you really are seeing me. I am Ahmed III, your king. I was fated to be away from home, from you, wander in the desert. I saw things that I had never seen. I encountered things that I had never encountered,  that is, the sufferings of my people. But from now on, my suffering fate had ended by the life of a traitor. I’m back, I came back with the great change in my mind. Five years from now, our Hilfara will have no foolish people, no sick people, no homeless people, no starving people. Whoever is very rich, be prepared, prepare to share your wealth and comfort, that are far more than one human should have, to the poor, the starving ones. I will use tax measure to spread the comfort equally. At least, everyone must equally have the *four necessities of living…….”

*Food, clothes, medicine, housing


Sharif hears Ahmed’s voice and somewhat surfaced up.

S: Whose voice is that?

Ahmed:”…..Not starve, not sick, not a homeless, not without clothes to wear….”

SBD: Sharif! Oh, sharif! Are you awake, son? It’s your mother. Can you see mother? Sharif, can you see mother? It’s me, your mother.

Ahmed:”…..I’m not afraid to be opposed by the rich. I’m not afraid of the demonstration. I’m not afraid that the rich won’t cooperate, because I have more than half, the poor, on my side….”

Sharif: Mother, what happened to me, mother?

SBD: Nicha, call the doctor!

Nicha: Yes, Your Highness.

Ahmed: “….The next thing, I promise you, Hilfara will have no corruption. I will allow no more for the rich to use power to take away the money and put it in their pockets until they become so rich, richer than others…..”

S: Is that His Majesty Ahmed’s voice?

Ahmed: ….In five more years, Hilfara will have a constitution, will have an election. I’m returning the power to the people. Give me five years to prepare the people to enter democracy. I promise you.”

Sharif: Long live the king.


*Okay, please realize that Ahmed’s speech is reflecting on Hilfara, a fictional country only.

(Part 3)

Ahmed’s first wife: It’s time, Michelle.

M: Yes, Your Majesty.

Wife: The procession has arrived, we’re going back to Hifara.

M: Your kindness, Your Majesty.

Wife: Look at you, smiling from ear to ear, but it makes this marquee become brighter. Isn’t that right, Farah?

Farah: Yes, Your Majesty, but we are smiling too.

Wife: Then you girls stop smiling. Michelle, you don’t have to. Humm…it’s still as bright as it is.

They all laugh.

Wife: Your hair is a bit longer now. It can be touched up to be suitable for a bride.

At Sharif’s mother place.

SBD: Nicha! Nicha, can’t you hear? I’m calling you.

Nicha: I heard you, Your Highness. I was looking for a royal servant.

SBD: Why do you have to look for one? No need! I don’t want anything.

NIcha: I want them to bring some drink for you, Your Highness.

SBD: No need for now.

Baikhan looks at her and leaves the room.

SBD: Nicha, listen to me carefully. I want to know about that foreign woman, the one named Michelle. The woman who almost became His Majesty Ahmed’s, and how come she could become…(pause)…Sharif’s woman. I want to know it fast! Go find someone for the answer!

At the hospital.

S: Michelle! Michelle!….

Sharif looks at the nurse.

S: You are not Michelle.

Nurse: Royal bodyguard, I’m a nurse. I’m giving you an injection.

Sharif pushes her away.


S: Michelle! Michelle!….

Nurse: Royal bodyguard, is Michelle your wife?

S: Yes, my wife.

The nurse comes out and sees Nicha.

Nurse: You’re here for a while?

Nicha: So, did you get any information?

The nurse starts telling her.

SBD: A foreign woman! Am I going to have a foreign woman be my first daughter-in-law?

Nicha: The news said they’ve already gotten married, Your Highness.

SBD: Nothing strange, even if she got married the first, it doesn’t mean she is to be the first (official) wife.

Nicha: His Majesty Ahmed must have thought that the royal bodyguard had sacrificed his whole life, and wanted to repay him.

SBD: But I’m his mother. The ancient tradition of Hilfara should not be violated. No matter how much His Majesty Ahmed has to repay Sharif, let it be something else. I will never allow Sharif to have a foreign woman as his first (official) wife.

Baikhan: How he would like it, let him choose it himself.

SBD: But we are the parents, it’s our duty to preserve Hilfara’s ancient tradition, we must do more than normal people. You, his father, will allow it, it’s your part, but I still don’t see any reason to violate the tradition, there’s still no reason!

Omo…..mommy is very strict.

Ahmed’s royal wife arrives in Hilfara.


Wife: General.

Muscas: Long live royal wife (?)

Wife: Thank you so much. It’s because of you.

Muscas: The most important person is not me, but Royal bodyguard Dr. Sharif, Your Majesty.

Wife: That one is an exception, but for…..(couldn’t hear) is you.

Muscas: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Wife: I will have an audience with His Majesty Ahmed.

Muscas: His Majesty Ahmed went to the hospital, Your Majesty.

General Muscas bows to Michelle and leaves. Princess Subaida walks in.

Wife: Thank you Your Highness for coming to welcome me. (Walk to Princess Farida, Oman’s first wife) I’m very sorry for you.

Farida: Everything’s fated to be so that we know that everyone will face the consequences of his own conduct. His Highness Oman more than knew.

Wife: Are you in good health? Have you fallen sick?

SBD: Don’t you feel like asking me too?

Wife: That’s because I thought Princess Farida’s face looked very sad. Are you well royal aunt Subaida?

SBD: (Turn to Michelle) My son is in critical condition like this, how can I be feeling well? (She keeps staring at Michelle.)


Michelle sneaks out and calls General Muscas.


M: Muscas, sir! Muscas, sir!

Muscas: What is it, Mademoiselle?

M: I won’t believe it. I won’t believe that you don’t know that I’m suffering.

Muscas: I know, and please accept my deep regret.

M: Muscas, sir. Please tell me, I can listen to everything, that he’s in severe condition or he has passed away. We had escaped death many time together in our lives, or to say the truth, even I shouldn’t be standing here talking to you.

Muscas: Mademoiselle, please be patient and wait.

M: But where is he now? Why haven’t I been able to see him?

Muscas: He’s just….

M: I can hear anything. Why did His Majesty Ahmed go to the hospital? Is he dead? Was Prince Oman the one  who killed him? If he’s in bad condition, why do you have to act so strange? Why does everyone here act so strange?

Muscas: Royal bodyguard is severely injured from fighting with Prince Oman.

M: Severe? Severely injured?…Severely injured? Or..or…he’s dead?

Muscas: The hospital and the doctor team has done their best until….he’s off the danger list.

Dear Muscas, it’s very cruel of you to tease her like that.

Michelle gets into her bedroom.

M: Sharif, I want to go to you. I miss you. How much have you been injured?

King Ahmed comes to the hospital.


Ahmed: Doctor, how is my younger brother?

Doctor: The chest wound is kind of critical, it’s very close to the main artery, Your Majesty. A lot of blood reserve is needed.

Ahmed: You must treat him back to normal. If Col. Sharif isn’t recovered, you will be in pain too.

Doctor: Yes, Your Majesty. I and all of the doctors in this hospital accept Your Majesty’s royal command.

Ahmed: I’m announcing to everyone that, Col. Sharif, my younger brother, will be praised as a hero. I will never be able to get back on the throne if there’s no two arms; flesh and blood, of this man providing the support.

Ahmed is standing by Sharif’s bed.

Ahmed: Sharif! (Doctors take a look) How is his condition? Does he gain back his consciousness?

Doctor: Dimly, Your Majesty, may be hearing in the distance.

Ahmed: Better than none. This time I’m not joking, if Col. Sharif isn’t recovered, you, doctors, must be in pain too.

Doctors: Yes, Your Majesty. At this moment, it can be said that he’s off danger, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: I will come again. When do you want me to come again?

(Part 4)

Ahmed comes to see his first wife.

Farah tells him that his wife asked if he wanted to meet her in the garden.

Ahmed: Why must it be in the garden?

Farah: Your royal wife wanted to tell you that the weather’s good today, and you may feel happy in the garden.

Ahmed: I didn’t come to talk about a happy thing, anywhere will do.

Ahmed talks with his wife.

Ahmed: Sharif’s condition is very critical.

W: Yes, Your Majesty?

Ahmed: But now, he’s out of danger. The next step is to put more effort in curing him.

W: Yes, just to hear that he’s out of danger, I’m relieved, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: But there might be something to be more worried about.

Nicha comes to tell Michelle.

M: What is it about?

Nicha: Don’t know yet.

M: His Majesty Ahmed came directly from the hospital, I know, it must be about the royal bodyguard for sure.

Nicha: I looked at his face, it didn’t show any sign of much worried. I only said what I saw.

Back to Ahmed.

Wife: I was worried also, just like you said, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: This matter is complicated, very complicate.

Wife: What is it that’s complicate?

Ahmed: You are acquainted with my royal aunt Subaida, aren’t you, my wife?

Wife: Yes, I am, but His Majesty Ahmed’s royal command has more power than anything.

Ahmed: (chuckle) How could you say that? They are mother and son.

Wife: How do you know that royal aunt Subaida will oppose to it?

Ahmed: First, because I know my royal aunt so well how strict she is with the tradition. She was willing to break apart more than to bend down, every time. There’s person telling me, even when she argued with Oman, Oman had to concede.

Wife: And the second one?

Ahmed: The first reason could lead to the conclusion easily by my meeting with royal aunt just only 2-3 minutes.

Wife: I was asking for the second one, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: My meeting with my royal aunt is the second one. The first and second add to together, it can be concluded easily that, it’s likely that my royal wife will be quite exhausted. What are you thinking?

Wife: I’m thinking that your royal aunt is terribly old-fashioned that she should be kept in a museum, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: (Touching her chin) There’s still a lot of time, to plan for a defending measure, before Sharif is fully recovered.

Michelle runs inside the room.

M: Please forgive me that I didn’t ask for your permission first, Your Majesty. But I have….

Ahmed: My  pleasure meeting you, Mademoiselle De Laroni.

Ahmed leaves.

Okay, I getit, guy doesn’t talk to girl for fun here, right? Seriously I need a sweet scene where King Ahmed courts his wife.

Wife: Michelle, come here. Sit down. The woman who will become Sharif’s wife must have one qualification, that is, be stronger than normal woman.

Ahmed comes to visit Sharif. He’s already woken up!


Ahmed: You look brighter. Are you feeling well now?

S: Your kindness, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Does it still hurt a lot?

S: It (the pain) lessens, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Thank you so much, Sharif. The doctor said your wound was very big. For wong-duen knife, anyone who’s not good enough can prepare the funeral right away, especially, when duels with Oman.

S: It’s Your Majesty’s intelligence that I had a chance to train using wong-duen knife until I could use it somewhat considerably.

Ahmed: Actually, even if you were trained for another 10 years more, you would never be able to defeat Oman. Oman was an expert in this. Tell me, why did you end up using wong-duen knife instead of killing him on an operation table?

S: Oman already knew about our plan. I was in doubt about it since the day I communicated on the radio transmitter, because things looked unusual, and the secret code was not correct, but I still decided to meet him because I guessed that a person like Oman had enough pride that he wouldn’t kill a person that seemed to be a chick in his grip.

Ahmed: About this, I have to praise Oman that he asked for a duel with wong-duen knife. You accepted Oman’s challenge even though you knew it’s the route to die?

S: I was thinking of Hilfara, the people, and Your Majesty. I determined to be very cautious with my every breath.

Ahmed: And in the end?

S: That time I was about to lose my consciousness, High Highness Oman hit hard with his knife, I sat down so the knife didn’t touch me, so  I thrust my knife forward.

Ahmed: You are more than an army leader, more than a protector of the throne. You are the fence that always supports this elder brother of yours. Thank you so much, Sharif. You know, fighting using wong-duen knife, Oman had never been defeated.

S: That’s true, Your Majesty. High Highness Oman’s skill was much better than mine.

Ahmed: Get well soon. I would like to arrange a blessing ceremony and reward you at the same time.

S: Your kindness, Your Majesty.

Ahmed is about to leave but he turns back.

Ahmed: My royal wife has already arrived from Anaesa. But for others, I don’t know if they had come together or will come later. Humm….but from the last report, they should have already come together. I feel for you. I really feel for you, but, can’t meet now.

Ahmed comes out of the room.

Ahmed: General, go inside and console him. He misses (her) to death.

Muscas: Yes, Your Majesty.

Princess Subaida, Sharif’s mother shows up.

Ahmed: My aunt.

SBD: Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Sharif is almost fully recovered. I’m preparing a ceremony to appoint and promote his rank; appoint the cabinet; and give the blessing, in the same event. Surely, you can guess that Sharif still has a lot of hard work to do.

SBD: My son has a duty to serve the throne, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Sharif did more than serve the throne. Sharif was willing to die for the throne.

SBD: Your kindness, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: From now on, anything that will make Sharif happy, I’m willing to try every way no matter how big that matter is. (Hold her hand) Thank you very much, my aunt, for giving this younger brother to me.

SBD: Your kindness, Your Majesty.

Ahmed leaves.

SBD: (Thinking) Sharif’s first wife can never be that woman.  A wandering-around foreign woman like that, will become the lady of the royal bodyguard, or Hilfara’s minister?

(Part 5)

 Nicha: The car started out from the hospital already, Your Highness.

Mom: It should be the day to rejoice, but I’m so worried, Nicha. That woman is really beautiful, so beautiful that I’m scared. (Nicha says yes) I’m scared of my son’s heart. Looks like he won’t even have the second wife, let alone the third and the fourth.

 Nicha: May be there are many mothers who want their sons to have only one wife.

Mom: If my son is like that, it will worry me even more, because his only wife can never be Hilfara (woman). He will never allow it. He will insist on that foreign woman, (Nicha says yes.) which I won’t allow that too! Remember, Nicha, I will never allow it.

At the ceremony.

A soldier is announcing Ahmed’s royal command granting the promotion of,

-Prince Aubdulla of Ishfahug becomes the heir to the throne, after King Ahmed III

-General Muscas becomes the supreme commander of Hilfara Army

-Royal bodyguard Col. Dr. Sharif Al-farush, who almost had to give up his life to bring peace back to the throne and to Hilfara people, becomes Major General and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. (YaY!)


Ahmed: I’m announcing to you all that Major General Dr. Sharif Al-farush is the first hero of Hilfara, and the first hero of my throne.

At the banquet.

S: So many people.

Kalim: Everybody comes to congratulate the (newly appointed) Minister of Foreign Affairs.

S: I want everybody in this banquet to disappear.

Kalim smiles.

K: And only one person left.

S: How can it be just one person left? Where will I be?

He thinks of Michelle, and that he dances with her.


S: Michelle, I get to see you finally.

M: Yes, I get to see you finally, Sharif.

They dance alone in the hall. Aww…..

Kalim: Sharif, sir! Sir!

Sharif bows to Ahmed’s first wife.


Wife: I know who you are thinking of.

S: Please forgive me, Your Majesty (?)

Wife: No, I won’t. As a woman, I’m angry. I’m standing in front of you and you’re thinking about another woman. If you have some free time, come visit me, so that we can talk about those suffering days in the desert. (*wink*)

S: Yes, Your Majesty. Please give me your permission for an audience tomorrow.

Next day, Ahmed’s first wife calls Farah.

Farah: You called for me, Your Majesty.

Wife: I need you to do something.

Farah: Is it a secret, Your Majesty?

Wife: Why does it have to be a secret?

Farah: If it’s not a secret, then why are you making your face like it’s a secret?

Wife: Farah, I’m so bored with you. I called to order you to do anything to make Michelle…..

Michelle is walking in.

Farah: Make Michelle… what is it, Your Majesty?

Wife: …Make Michelle go to the summer pavilion this afternoon. You must make her go there.

Farah: That’s why Your Majesty is making a secret face.

Wife: Michelle!

M: Your Majesty, I would like to ask for your permission to go the market this afternoon.

Wife: Market? It’s good, just go. But why are you going to go there?

Farah: Right, why are you going to go, Mademoiselle?

M: There are two or three royal servants getting off shift going there.

Farah: It’s too hot.

Wife: That’s right. It’s too hot.

M: It’s all right, I can handle it, Your Majesty. I would like to see some beautiful things.

Michelle leaves.

Farah: Please think, think fast, Your Majesty.

Wife: I can’t even think, and you want me to think fast?

Michelle overhears royal servants talking.

Servant: Did you hear anything about Michelle, Farah? Princess Subaida, royal mother of the royal bodyguard…no….the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the hero of Hilfara….

Another servant: What is it?

Another servant: She will oppose to it for sure between love that happened in the desert….

The other two girls tell her to hurry and say it.

Servant: Royal mother is very strict and believes firmly in the tradition, how she will ever allow a foreign woman to be her daughter-in-law? Even if she allows it, it won’t be the first wife, the second, third or fourth wife, it could be.

Michelle thinks about it.

Farah: Michelle! Michelle, what happened? Why are you so startled?

M: I was thinking about something. What is it?

Farah: Her Majesty royal wife said that you go and wait in the garden.

M: But they are waiting, I will be late.

Farah: Her Majesty went upstairs to her room already, and she told me to tell you not to go to the market yet.

M: Then I will go tell them first.

Farah: It’s all right. I will go tell them myself. You hurry and go see the royal wife at the summer pavilion, all right?

(Part 6)

Sharif is going out.

SBD: Sharif, where are you going?

S: I’m going to have an audience with Her Majesty royal wife, royal mother.

SBD: Is there an important matter? It looks like you are in a hurry.

He kisses her hand.

S: Very important to my life, royal mother. Please excuse me.

SBD: Wait, Sharif!

He gives her a salute smilingly and leaves. (So cute)

SBD: Nicha.

Nicha: Yes, Your Highness. (She’s busy grinning.)

SBD: It looks like, I will have a fight with my son.

Michelle is contemplating on what she’d heard when Sharif shows up. He waits quietly until she turns to where he’s standing.


M: You!

S: Michelle!

He hugs and kisses her.


S: I missed you so much I felt like dying. I only dreamed of you over and over that this day would come. (He hugs her.) Do you miss me?

M: Yes, I do. I miss you so much, but no one would want that to happen.

S: What is it?

M: My thought was, I wanted that you be hunted down and we would have to stay in the desert together, live there together.

S: Should we go for a honeymoon in the desert so that our child will be born in the desert?

M: You!

S: I’m capable of doing that, Michelle. We just have to take a break for three days, and then….(Michelle hits him.) …we will surely get a son. Just think of it, his father has to keep this love tightly in his chest for three days, it’s a long time. Just think of  the wait for the first day to pass, the second day to pass, until the third day…… *wink wink*

M: You talk without shame to others! (looking around)

S: It’s true. You want it like that too, don’t you? Three days passes, we will get our first son, and the next two, and another two daughters, and the last one, so we will have six totally.

M: How many children are you going to have?

S: How many? Six.

M: Not true. You have four wives, so you must have more than six children.

S: Who told you that?

M: They said.

S: Said what?

M: They said that you must have a wife who had the same origin, and when you were in a bigger position, you must have four wives and build another three buildings painting with the same color.

S: Michelle, isn’t that good, so you can be the first (official) wife, and do the administration in the main building?

M: The first wife shouldn’t be a foreign woman.

S: Who told you that?

M: They said, that your mother would find you the first wife.

S: And if you don’t want that, what will you do? How will you fight with my mother?

M: Who said I would fight? I’ll go back to Paris and establish a small school in the countryside.

S: Michelle, what are you saying?

M: I made a mistake that I didn’t go back to Paris, that’s because I loved you since we were together in the desert. I am very happy but I can’t accept the tradition of having many houses and sharing a husband. If you must do it, please send me back to Paris, because….

S: Because? Because of what?

M: Because I’ve already acknowledged how much happiness your love is (full of), even though it’s the happiness in a short time, that you’ve given to me. I have to thank you.


S: Michelle, why do you talk so much like this? For what reason?

M: I’m not a woman who loves to set rules for a husband. I said it because I wanted you to know it.

S: But you are already in my religion, you respect the same (god) as mine, Michelle!

M: Yes, I’ve changed. I don’t regret that I decided to change. I feel I’m in harmony with people here. I feel I’m familiar with people here. I’ve lived here peacefully.

S: Then why?

M: Four wives, I can’t take it!

S: Michelle, what’s with four wives? You said it again and again. I never say that I will have four wives, Michelle.

M: I know that later, you will.

S: I won’t.

M: I don’t believe you.

S: I promise you, Michelle.

M: I don’t believe you.

Michelle is running after him.

M: You! You! You shouldn’t be angry with me. I was just telling you what I heard.

S: I’m not angry at you. I understand that you really heard it.

M: Wait, you! Then what is it that you are angry with me?

S: I’m angry that you don’t believe me. I’m angry that words of others meant more to you that mine. I’m angry that words of those royal servants made you believe it more than mine.


M: You! But those royal servants didn’t say it themselves. They said the words that came from your royal mother princess, and I can understand that.

S: Right! What do you understand?


M: I understand that Her Highness is the mother of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is a royal, who are in the ruling class, to allow such person to break  the tradition would be highly inappropriate. I can understand a mother’s heart.

S: Right! You’ve never become a mother!

M: A mother would look at everything around her child, while a child would look from himself out, so it’s not the same. I believe in your royal mother. What did I do wrong?

S: Just wait and see!

Okay, from the way it looks, he will probably be chasing her wherever she goes, so I think she’d better come up with a good reason if she wants to keep him away from her.

Sharif comes to see his mother.


Mom: How much do you love that woman?

S: I’m asking you if you’ve been telling everyone that you will find the first wife for me, and you won’t allow Michelle to be the first wife, and you want me to have four wives even though……

Mom: I asked how much did you love that foreign woman?

S: Nothing will ever set us apart, except death.

Mom: And how much does that woman love you?

S: Just as the same, royal mother.

Mom: Then what is the problem when there’s no one wants to set you two apart? His Majesty Ahmed is about to give you a wedding.

S: I just want to know if you’re the one spreading the news.

Mom: Sharif, your career needs a woman who has the same origin as us.

S: Royal mother, what do you mean by saying that?

Mom: That foreign woman must have lower status than a wife who has the same origin as us.

S: It can never happen, royal mother!

Mom: Think of the fact, son. Don’t think that I’m bringing you a trouble. People will talk that the wife of the general, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the third in line for the throne of Hilfara, is a foreign woman! There are so many daughters of high-class families that are suitable for you. That foreign woman must be a secondary wife (not the first only). You can have as many as four wives, but the first wife should come from our people, to take care of the assets and woman social works. The wife of the minister has a duty to meet many diplomats. I will ask your father to ask for the hand of any woman who (I think) is suitable.


S: Royal mother, just wait and see. If my position is so great, and needed to find a socially prominent wife suitable for my honor like that, you wait and see, royal mother.

Mom: Son, what will you do?

S: I’m just telling you to wait and see, royal mother.

Mom: I’m telling you, Sharif, do not do anything hastily

Man, I feel sad for him. The guy barely made it alive, and now this, he doesn’t even time to breathe.

(Part 7)

Ahmed is shouting.


Ahmed: I won’t allow you to quit from any position. I won’t listen to anything.

S: I have a personal problem, and I, actually, don’t want to do that.

Ahmed: Stop talking, Sharif! Whatever reasons you may have, I won’t listen. I will take it as you betray me! Hilfara is having a good image internationally, and we are about to lunch many policies with foreign countries such as trade, politics. You are our newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, and suddenly want to resign for reason unknown. I definitely cannot accept it.

S: Please, Your Majesty. I think I’ve been giving (you) my honesty, my loyalty with my life and my heart all this time, but now, I won’t be happy for the rest of my life….

Ahmed: I said I wouldn’t listen! Can your happiness be traded for the stability of Hilfara? Are you choosing your own happiness over the benefit of the country?Answer me, Sharif. Just one word and I will let you go, so that I will see right into your heart, that you are leaving me when I have no one left!

S: No, it’s not, Your Majesty. I will continue to serve you on everything, only that, can I not accept the position?

Ahmed: I said no! Can’t you even comprehend?


Oh, boy. King Ahmed was so furious, and I can understand him as a ruler, but Sharif also thought that he had sacrificed so much already, he’s asking for this tiny space to live happily, I can understand that too. Even Sharif’s mother, looking in the long run, she might be right for his own benefits too, but what I think she doesn’t know is, her son doesn’t want or love the attention that he’s getting at all. The series didn’t explain the deep bonding between King Ahmed and Sharif, but the novel did. I think the going back and forth visiting Sharif in this episode was just filler to me. Let’s put ourselves in Michelle’s shoes, will you stay in Hilfara with the hot sun and strict tradition, or go back to Paris and be freeeee? Haha, I guess with Sharif staring at us, we will all choose to melt in the desert as long as Sharif shall live  🙂

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  2. Hello, thanks for the summary. I just finished watching FJS but I enjoy your recaps. It sounds like you read the book. Do you have it, can you point me to where I can buy it? I doubt there an English translation version.

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