Introducing Hilfara products

Found this and share it here for fun, don’t cha think they are real products, haha.

Kalim’s product:


First line in blue, “Watermelon seeds, Kalim Brand”

Two lines in red, “Made from genuine watermelon seeds imported from Thailand, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”

A line in black, “Crispy and tasty, the more you bite, the more pleasurable you become”

In white, Sharif says, “Kalim, why are you buying so many watermelons?”

In pink circle, Kalim says, “I’m buying them for my business, royal bodyguard. Do you think it will be a success?”

In white rectangular, “I got the inspiration from my trip to Hilfara with the royal bodyguard. It sparked an idea to develop it further, and I think people would love to keep it, to eat during their free time for the pleasure of it. So, please support this product.”


In bold green, “Oh Ho Green Tea”

Three lines in red, “100% green tea product, passing through an international standard production line, from tea leaves next to oasis of Hilfara.”

In green, “Genuine product must come from tea leaves next to the oasis only” (red arrows pointing)

Two lines in purple, “Will make you feel fresh, moisten your throat, quench your thirst when the body suffered from severe dehydration”

In white circle, Oman says, “I guarantee, if you drink Oh Ho Green Tea, it will make your voice become loud and clear even when you’re having a hernia!”

🙂 🙂 🙂

Just to let you see how the love of Fah Jarod Sai is passing around.

Source: FJS Pantip

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