Fah Jarod Sai Episode 9

Written on the screen before the title song,

“This lakorn was created for the purpose of entertainment from the classic novel of Sopak Suwan. It’s a love story which happened in the land of the Arabs between a man and a woman whose customs, cultures, and beliefs were different. The characters, behaviors, places, and incidents in this lakorn were all fictional, to which the producer tried to keep and follow the original story the closest with no intentions to show disrespect to any religious beliefs.”

From previous episodes,

Sharif: I have taken you to die.

Michelle: No, as long as you are here, I won’t be afraid of anything.

Sharif: Michelle! We survive, Michelle! There’s light ahead of us, it must be of the Bedouin, Michelle!

Tiyok: Your head will fall from your shoulders if you don’t take this person to meet the leader of that marquee!

Ahmed: Who are you?

Ahmed: Your important task is to take the throne from Oman back to me!

General Muscus: His Majesty Ahmed thinks that….using wong-duan (circular) knife, Sharif may come to face with His Highness Oman.

Sa-ipt: I will invite Prof. Mohummad to perform the operation, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Sharif, you have to disguise yourself as Prof. Mohummad.

Sharif: As a doctor, to kill a person on an operation bed, I can’t do it, Your Majesty!

Ahmed: Kill him on an operation bed!

Michelle:….If you die, I will have to follow you.

Episode 9

(Part 1)

On the train.

S: Which station is this? No, it’s not it. Are you hungry?

Kalim: I think the train is waiting for another train to pass. Let’s get down and find something to eat.

They get off the train.

K: Wow, those watermelons look delicious.

S: Over there, go.

Choosing watermelons.

K: You act like a poor man so well.

S: We are strangers. There could be someone watching us all the time, don’t know if they are Oman’s policemen or soldiers. They are tricky people.

K: Where? Which one?

S: Kalim, be careful!

Sharif hands out the money.

S: You wait here. I will look for some food over there, some beef-stuffed bread.

fah-ep9-1 fah-ep9-2

A boy tells Sharif to buy his bread. The boy keeps begging so Sharif buys one.

The boy hides behind a tree and says, “Eat it! Break it and look! Eat it!”

Sharif is about to get on the train when the boy bumps into him. The boy holds Sharif’s legs and asks if he’s eaten the bread which has fungus on it yet. The boy keeps repeating, “The bread with fungus, with green spots on it. Open it, open it and look.”


Sharif gets his message finally and steps down from the train. Kalim asks where he’s going, the meeting point is for them to get off the train at the station. Sharif sits down and finds a letter inside the bread.

S: The first instruction, comes faster than I thought.

It reads that General Muscus’s spy urgently informed him that the small station scheduled for them to get off is very crowded with soldiers and policemen. The instruction changed for them to get out of this town by a truck which carries watermelons, which will go to the appointed town.

Kalim asks which truck they should get on because there’s a long line of trucks heading to the seaport town, which will be strictly inspected by the desert police.

S: Don’t kick up a fuss yet, Kalim. We should get out of this station first. I think there will be another message. Let’s go.

They pass a beggar. The man is saying about the bread with fungus, with many green spots on it.

The man: If you can’t eat it, then donate it to this old man.

Sharif kneels down and tells him about the bread he heard from the boy. The man says there’s a truck no. 42, the driver’s name is Aubdulla, and to tell him there’s one piece of bread with fungus to share it with him. He will take them to the seaport town, and on the way, don’t tell him the secret, his duty is just to take them to the seaport town.

Sharif puts some coins in his bowl.

K: Royal bodyguard, sir, I wonder about Prince Oman’s surgery. Why does the preparation take so much time? Is this illness can wait?

S: There’s no cause to hurry, Kalim. For Hernia, it can wait as long as it’s not painful. Prince Oman trusts only this doctor so  the surgery will have to wait for almost a month because he has to wait for this professor to return from abroad. He went for a meeting in Sweden. Our problem is, who will take us to become servants in professor’s house. Does he still want to help us?

Kalim says, Sharif doesn’t have to worry. Professor’s house has countless servants, and their spy is a close relative of the head of the male servants. He will take them there to become the professor’s trusted servants, so that Sharif will be able to observe him, and disguise himself as him perfectly.

They look for the truck.

K: It’s no. 42, sir.

S: It should be around here.

K: Hide! There are soldiers patrolling.

S: Act normal, and follow me. It’s getting dark soon, and we won’t be able to see. We must hurry.

K: There, no. 42. There’s a driver waiting.

S: Let’s go.

Soldier shouting: Who are you guys?! Why are you sniffing around here.

Sharif pretends to fall down.

S: My younger brother!, Where is my younger brother?!

Kalim makes a sound.

S: Don’t leave me! My younger brother!

K: You jerk, elder brother! If mom and dad didn’t ask me to look after you, I would have abandoned you a long time ago!

S: You mustn’t abandon me! (hugging Kalim’s legs) Don’t abandon me!

K: (to soldiers) He’s my blind elder brother. Mom told me to look after him for the rest of my life. I apologize to you, the powerful lieutenant.

Soldier: No, I’m not (Lt.).

Another soldier: Yes, I am a Lt. of King Oman!

Soldier: You two can leave!

Sharif gets up and bows to them. Sharif knocks but the driver doesn’t response.

K: What should we do?

S: He will look for us in a minute.

The driver gets down and looks around. Sharif and Kalim show up.


Driver: Bread, do you have it? Bread, do you have it?

S: I do, but it’s full of green spots of fungus. I have only one left to share with you.

The driver smiles and leads them to the back of the truck. He tells a young man to stand guard in the front.

Driver: Climb inside. There’s some little space to hide behind a pile of goods. You two must not go anywhere, definitely must not go anywhere.

S: We won’t able to anyway.

Driver: Just telling you, telling you beforehand.

S: Where are you taking us?

Driver: To the seaport town ahead, we will board a ship there, we will board a ship there.

K: You, why do you have to keep repeating?

Driver: On the way, we’ll make two stops at the coffee houses on the roadside. Two stops, understand?

K: I get it. You don’t have to say…..

Sharif stops him.

S: All right, we understand. We must be quiet.

Driver: Good! Quiet, must remember, quiet! Quiet only!

They climb up the truck.

S: When will we reach the town you said?

Driver: Tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning!

The driver walks away.

K: That dude talks repetitiously, so annoying.

Sharif glares at him.

S: Shall we tell him to stop talking and we don’t have to go?

S: We will have to go through the desert.

K: Hopefully, we won’t come across a desert storm.

Sharif recollects the day with Michelle in the desert storm.

S: Lay low. Use the cloth to cover your mouth and nose or the sand will get inside!


Sharif kisses Michelle’s ring as his lucky charm.

Ahmed’s first wife   : If you have to suffer because of thinking of someone, it will be better than not having anyone to think of.

She holds Michelle’s hand.

Q: Sharif will keep himself safe, in order to come back to you, Michelle.

The truck is on its way. The soldiers stop the truck. The driver tells them it’s just some selling goods on the truck. The soldiers check at the back and see a shoe, and think it could  be someone they are looking for. Sharif and Kalim freeze. The soldier fishes it out with his gun and thinks it’s just a shoe lying around, so they let them pass.

K: You’re very clever to tell me to take off my shoes. What will you do next?

Sharif turns serious thinking about it.

(Honestly, I don’t see any point with the shoes 🙂  )

(Part 2)

They travel along until dawn breaks.

K: Where do we arrive at?

S: It should be the town he said he would take us.

Driver: We will park the truck here outside the town waiting, but for you guys, you must wait until it gets dark at night, must wait until it gets dark at night.

K: Why do we need to wait? It’s just dawn break now. Why can’t we go now?

Driver: There are many soldiers and policemen in this area. Do you want to meet them? Want to meet them? Want to meet them?

S: What do you mean? Want us to wait in this truck?

D: No, wait in the warehouse at the dock over there. In a while, I will let Hassan, my trusted lackey who is familiar with this area, take you there, take you there.

They get inside the warehouse. Hassan tells them to wait here, and when it gets dark, there will be an owner of the boat come to take them.

Hassan: My duty ends here. Don’t forget, do not go out anywhere.

Sharif gives him a bag of coins.

L: I can’t take it. (Sharif puts the bag in his hand anyway.)

K; Just that.

L: I do this never thinking of the wage, because if I think about the wage, I won’t do it!

K: Not thinking about the wage, then what do you do it for?

L: I am the royal bodyguard’s man! I admire and respect the royal bodyguard, Col. Sharif, very much!

K: You, have you ever seen the royal bodyguard, the real one?

L: Are you……

K: I just asked you nicely if you’ve ever seen the royal bodyguard.

L: It’s true that I’ve never seen the royal bodyguard, but I know all things about him. Every soldier along the border knows him because he’s been sending supplies to us regularly. I know what kind of person he is, which has nothing to do with ever seen or not ever seen at all!

He turns back to say,

L: I have to leave now. If you meet the royal bodyguard, please give him my message that I’ve completed the task for him successfully.

S: What do you mean?

L: That I took you here, it’s the royal bodyguard’s order. I’m going.

Kalim dusts off a crate.

K: Please (sit down), the royal bodyguard.

S: Kalim, I’m not the royal bodyguard. Don’t forget it!

K: But when there’s no one like this, I can’t help it, especially when I’ve learned how important you are.

S: An army doesn’t survive on one colonel, but everyone altogether. That’s how it could be an army.

K; Yes, sir.

S: Kalim, after we get off the boat tomorrow, who will take us to Prof. Mohummad’s house?

K: He’s a relative of mine. I guarantee on his honesty, the royal bodyguard.

S: Actually, I want to see Prof. Mohummad’s face first. Can that happen?

Prof. Mohummad gets off the car where Sharif and Kalim are standing near.


K: Saying you are twins, it’s still believable.

Sharif is looking at the mirror.

K: Once the professor sees his new servant, he must not be alarmed that his servant has similar face, so we need to make your face look stranger than your normal one.

S: He shouldn’t be alarmed, because even I couldn’t really recognize myself.

Kalim’s relative tells the professor that he brought a new servant as he ordered.

Prof : Which one?

S: It’s me, master.

Professor says thank you to Kalim’s relative. Sharif follows the professor into his house, and bumps into him.

Prof: Wait, follow me.

S: I will….

Prof: Follow me!

The professor sits down.

P: Who are you?

S: I don’t understand.

P: You get startled so easily. What has made you be like that?

S: I’ve never served a powerful master before.

P: Who is powerful?

S: Who is powerful?

P: You look really suspiciously odd.

S: Please forgive me, professor. I only know you are a great doctor, so great and so good. They say you are a god doctor. I’ve never gotten close to such a powerful person like this, so I’m really nervous.

P: Tell me why you chose to serve me.

S: I’m such a clumsy foolish person that I want to be clever.

P: (Laughing) How old are you?

S: 38, sir.

P: Your face look quite like mine but not completely, just some similarity. Alright, you can go now.

Sharif spends days serving the professor observing him closely.

Oman: Spread the news that Sharif assassinated King Ahmed and fled, and now he’s revolting against me! Therefore, wherever he’s found, arrest to kill, on spot. Wherever he is, die there!

Kalim calls Sharif. Sharif shows the professor’s usual gestures to him.


K: Do you have to act stupid when serving him?

S: Just enough, not too much.

K: Well, that’s a tough job. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to hide your clever eyes.

S: I’m suffering so much with this job.

K: But you’re working in the royal bodyguard’s duty, under His Majesty Ahmed. You are no longer a doctor.

S: (Standing up) I’m still a doctor! (thinking – “medical ethics is in me”)

S: Kalim, any news changes?

K: None. Everything is the same with the original plan. In 15 days, the professor will leave for the journey.

S: The biggest task of my life, 15 days.

Sharif pours the drink.

Prof: You are from the Bedouins, aren’t you?

Sharif bows low.

Prof: The Bedouins love to move from oasis to oasis, not to stay in a certain place. They are like that for more than hundred years, but why do you want to work in one place like this?

S: I want to make progress in life so I want to serve a talented and clever person, sir.

P: I’m going on a journey to perform a special task in your land, the payment is very high, high enough to build one hospital. If this job is a success, I will let you work with me.

S: Thank you, sir. But when master will travel to do this special task?

P: In two weeks.

Sharif continues serving the professor. The professor compliments his work and tells Sharif that he can leave now.

Ahmed: General Muscas, our soldiers are ready.

Muscas: They are ready, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Tell me the plan again.

Muscas: When the royal bodyguard, Sharif, who disguised as Dr. Mohummad, kills His Highness Oman successfully, our army will move into Hilfara right away, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: I’m still having doubt, will Oman let himself be killed that easily?

Oman: Hernia in me is intensifying. Move the operation date sooner! I can’t wait any longer (throwing knife)! 15 days are too long!

S: When will you leave, master? Why so hurry?

P: It’s tomorrow. What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you? Or, you have a lover and don’t want to leave? It’s all right, we will leave not for many days and will come back.

S: Why, master? Why do you need to leave that hurry?

P: It’s like that, the new instruction had just arrived.

Sharif is worried about this change of plan.

(Part 3)

Sharif hurriedly informs Kalim.

S: Kalim! Kalim! The professor will leave tomorrow.

K: Why did he change the plan so suddenly like this?

S: He must know.

K: Did you try to stop him? (Sharif sighs.) I’m sorry, sir.

S: I did it even when I knew I shouldn’t.

K: Tomorrow, how can we follow him?

S: No use to think much, go prepare yourself! Now! Go!

K: Yes, sir!

They walk to the stable.

K: The stable is over there, sir.

They get on the horses. ( “Our spy is at the bread store in town.”)

K: So what should we do now? Looks like they all are asleep.

S: I think, we have to wake them up.

K: Then I will try to hit (the bell) softly.

S: Wait, Kalim! I think we should look for the doorbell. We already know the code.

Sharif rings the doorbell. He tells Kalim to try one more time. A man opens the door.

The man: Who are you looking for at this late hour?

S: I came to see the owner of the bread store.

The man: What do you want to buy at this hour? There’s nothing to sell.

S: Wait! There must be, isn’t this the bread store?

The man: It’s all sold out, nothing to sell. I only have the bread with fungus on it, do you want that?

S: Wait! The bread that has fungus, with green spots on it, toasted yet uncooked, even that I will buy.

The man looks around and lets them get inside.

The man: What happened?

S: The professor will travel the day after tomorrow.

The man: What? Not another 15 days? Then it can’t make it on time. For the caravan to travel to 48th kilometers, three days are needed at the least. It won’t make it there the day after tomorrow. How can they change the time so suddenly like this?

S: What do you have to do?

The man: I have to arrange for a caravan to travel to 48th kilometers. After switching the persons, I have to take the professor to Aubdulla at Bahari Oasis.

S: Do you have a radio transmitter?

The man: Yes, I have but it’s broke, can’t be used.

At the palace.

Oman: Saipt! Do the rebels know that I’ve changed the plan?

Saipt: Yes, Your Majesty.

Oman: How can we know if they already know or not?

Saipt: There’s only one way they can communicate if they want it fast.

Oman: Radio! A radio! It’s the radio! Send out the order for every radio wave to be inspected 24 hours!

Sharif and Kalim try to fix the radio transmitter.


S: What time is it now, Kalim?

K: Almost 5 a.m.

S: The professor is about to wake up. Let’s try again.

K: The equipments are all right, only power is needed.

It’s finally working. Sharif starts talking.

S: The North Star, shining….the North Star, shining, over!

They wait for some response.

S: Got it! Listen, the North Star, the dessert storm will happen ahead of the schedule. After calculation, the full moon will happen in 3 days after tonight. Repeat, the desert storm will pass ahead of the schedule, over! The North Star, be prepared to face with the desert storm! Inform the caravan to move the goods in as promised, over!

Sharif comes back to the professor’s house and the light from his bedroom comes out.

S: Now I’m dead, he’s awake.

He gets inside the professor’s bedroom.

S: Professor, sir.

P: Where did you go?

S: I..I woke up a little late.

P: Not a little, it’s very late now.

S: I’m sorry, master. My mistake this time is a huge one, you can punish me every way you want, master.

P: How do you think you should be punished?

He walks out the house telling Sharif that he doesn’t have to go, he will go by himself.

P: Wait, you are not my driver!

K: My relative fell ill suddenly.

P: What kind of illness he has?

K: A strange illness. He’s tired, can’t balance himself to stand up. He’s my relative so he begged me to drive for you, master.

P: It’s so strange, but I don’t know, because we need to cover 80 kilometers, and must head directly to the seashore.

K: I know that route very well, master. I know in detail which part is crumbly sand, which is muddy sand. Please trust me, master.

P: All right, let’s go. (Kalim looks at Sharif.) What are you waiting for? Go now!

K: Eh…I wait for….(looking at Sharif)

P: He’s not coming with us. You can start the car now. Let’s go. What are you waiting for? Start out now.

Man, Sharif is so calm. My man!

Kalim drives along.

P: Turn back now.

Kalim is delighted. He makes a u-turn.

Sharif tells the man that he’s going to go have some fun riding a horse when the car comes back.

P: Don’t ever do it again.

S: Yes, master.

P: I want you to remember, remember that if you wake up late next time, you will be punished like this! Come, get in the car! (He pats Sharif’s back.) You should know that I can’t be without you. Without you, who will assist me? You spoiled me too much not be able to live without you. Haha. Let’s go.


At the marquee.

Ahmed: Does anyone learn about anything! No one knows? Oman already knows about our plan!

Prince Aubdulla: How did you know, Your Majesty?

Ahmed: Didn’t you notice that our radio wave is being interrupted. It never happens before! Even if we don’t know for sure if it’s being intercepted, we must think of the worst first. If there’s none, it’s good, but if there is, we have already prepared for a protective measure.

Muscus: I will start sending our troops into Hilfara.

Ahmed: Immediately! Must be immediately!

Muscus: Immediately, Your Majesty!

Ahmed: How many did you estimate? Twice, it must be twice as many of what you estimated! Abdulla, how many did you train the Bedouins?

Aubdulla: Many, Your Majesty. We have a lot of volunteers, more than we thought.

Ahmed: Good! The caravan of the Bedouins start out now!

Sharif and Kalim are on the way.

Oman: By now, it must be close to the time they will start out their plan. Haha. Please come, Hilfara and King Oman are waiting to welcome you.


Kalim: What are you thinking about? At the caravan, a person who will do the make-up is waiting. He’s a Westerner named Mac. He’s the make-up artist for a stage performance, he’s very good. He can change the face a person in various ways.

Sharif looks at the professor.

S: I sympathize with him, sleeping so comfortably.

They arrive at the meeting spot. A man pulls the professor out of the car.

P: What? What?!

Sharif calmly gets out of the car. Kalim comes stand beside him.The professor points at them.

P: Who are you people?!

Kalim orders the men (speaking in…???).

P: What are you doing? Let me go!

They take off all of his clothes. Kalim gives them to Sharif. Sharif takes off the cloth covering his head, and I swoon *fanning self* Sharif is now in the professor’s clothes showing the professor how he can move his body just like him.


S: I’m sorry professor.

P: You can’t do this! His Majesty Oman will know that you are not a doctor.

S: Prince Oman won’t die by a surgery knife, professor, and if the surgery is needed, I, myself, will perform the surgery for him.

P: You, thoughtless! It’s a person’s life, not a guinea pig!

S: Calm down, professor.

P: How could you? I loved you. I was kind to you. Do you always repay the person who is kind to you like this every time?

S: I want you to know that, all my life, what happened now will be the only incident that I will do this. You, professor, are the unfortunate one to be that person. From now on, for the rest of my life, there won’t be this kind of incident happen ever again. (He bows.)

P: Don’t, don’t, don’t do this! The medical field will be tarnished by your conduct, even though I don’t know what you will do in my name. But don’t be the killing of a patient on an operation table. Don’t kill the person who has put his life in your hands and waited for hope from you. Whenever your hand is holding a surgery knife, you must have medical ethics in you, even when your true self have no ethics whatsoever.

S: I assure you, there absolutely will be no surgery happen. (He bows.)

Love, love his eyes here. It’s the eyes of both a doctor and a soldier, sad yet determined.

They take the professor away.

P: Where are you taking me?!

Kalim gives Mac the money.

K: Stay with us for another 7 days, so you  can spend this money a whole worthwhile.

Sharif is ready.

S: Let’s go, Kalim.

K: What do you mean by ‘there will be no surgery’?

S: It means as it’s said.

K: I don’t understand.

S: His Highness Oman already knows all of our plan.

K: What? What did you just say?

At the marquee.


Prince Aubdulla: The radio signal is being interrupted from time to time. It’s highly suspicious.

Ahmed: Oman must be intercepting every radio signal. He’s not stupid.

Muscus: His Majesty already knew, Your Highness.

Aubdulla: Royal uncle, you knew? Then why didn’t you stop Sharif?

Muscus: I will do that now.

Ahmed: Stop! Everyone, listen to me! The plan must go on. (To Aubdulla) Think what you will, even I will condemn myself, but this is Hilfara,  not Ahmed, not Sharif, not anyone! This is the fate of Hilfara and the people. King Oman must die or Hilfara people will be as though in hell, and Hilfara will be condemned by the whole world.

Aubdulla: But if Sharif dies, Hilfara will die too, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Sharif must not die.

Muscus: King Oman will have no mercy on Sharif.

Ahmed:  No matter how strong Oman is, Sharif is stronger. Prepare to move into Hilfara!

Okay, Ahmed, you are a little harsh on Sharif’s well-being.


(Part 5)

A soldier is giving the owner of the bread store some money.

Soldier: If you become a loose-tongued, you won’t have a chance to use the money again.

At the marquee.

Prince Aubdulla: Royal uncle! And Sharif, what about Sharif?

Ahmed: Colonel Sharaif, the royal bodyguard, is talented, careful, intelligent and not a foolish person. He’s honest and loyal to the country. I’m confident that my relative will be able to solve this problem.

At the desert.

Sharif: Everything feels so easy, and too convenient. I was sure about it when the code sounded strange when talking on the radio (transmitter). Surely, it’s a trap.

Kalim: Yet you’re still going, so they can capture and kill you?

S: But it’s the only way to get to His Highness Oman in person.

K: No, we have to return to Ana-e-sa immediately, and call for a meeting urgently.

S: But His Majesty Ahmed has already arrived at Onaida (a town) ready to attack.

K: But His Highness Oman will arrest you right the minute we arrive in Hifara.

S: But His Highness Oman won’t kill us right away.

K: Why?

S: We had escaped His Highness Oman in the desert sparking a great rancor. Won’t it be better that Col. Sharif, the one assassinated His Majesty Ahmed, came back, and His Highness has to protect the throne by fighting like a man, and executing him like a man?

K: How could you describe it so vividly?

S: I know Prince Oman like I know myself.

K: Royal bodyguard, sir. You are thrusting your head into a lion’s mouth who is waiting to tear you apart.

S: His Highness Oman wants to kill me like a man.

K: How is that?

Flashback, Sharif is practicing wong-duen knife. He describes, “His Highness wants to thrust the knife into my heart himself. Wong-duen knife, His Highness most skilled weapon that no one in this country can compare. “

They drive off.

“Humans have very deep impulses to fight. Humans love to take the risk even if they know that death is awaiting in the front. Getting into Hilfara this time doesn’t derive from said impulse, but from loyalty to the country and His Majesty Ahmed. Taking the risk this time, it’s an equal chance of staying alive, or die.”

S: It’s possible that we guessed incorrectly that High Highness Oman knew it all. Kalim, if you’re afraid, you don’t have to go with me.

Sharif is thinking of Michelle. Their days in the desert together. Aww…..

They arrive in Hilfara.


Soldier: His Majesty King Oman said the professor was to reside in this royal quarter. Three days from now, His Majesty will grant you an audience.

S: Why does it need to wait for three more days?

Soldier: Because His Majesty King Oman is not available. He’s not ready to take the surgery.

They walk along the building.

K: Look at each soldier’s face, making faces like they’re dying.

S: The desert bandits hired to be soldiers. They come from Prince Oman royal mother’s town.

K: Right, barbarians dressed as soldiers.

They keep waiting.

K: The royal bodyguard, this is a torture like a rat gets stuck in a trap. Madness is consuming me.

S: It’s the method of indirectly reducing our strength. Don’t worry about it too much or else everything will be just what he wanted.

Kalim can’t stay still so Sharif throws him a book to read.


At the marquee.

Muscus: It’s time, Your Majesty.

Aubdulla: Everything is ready to start the journey, Your Majesty.

Sharif looks out the window. He kisses Michelle’s ring, his lucky charm.


Michelle is also thinking of Sharif. She smiles at his reflection in the water.


M: You!



She hugs him smilingly.

Sharif is still looking out the window.

Michelle gets up thinking he’s there, but when she looks around, no one’s there.

M: I understand, I miss you enough (to the point) that I think I see you.


Man, this is really sad for them.

Michelle comes back to Ahmed’s first wife’s marquee.

Wife: Michelle, where were you?

M: I went to the canal, Your Majesty.

Wife: I’m waiting to tell you the good news.

M: Yes, Your Majesty?

Wife: Can’t you see what we are doing?

M: Packing?

Wife: Yes, packing.

M: Packing? Where to, Your Majesty?

Wife: We surely are not packing for Switzerland or India, Michelle. Packing to Hilfara.

M: To Hilfara?! We won the battle? Is it true?

Wife: If not yet, then almost.

(Part 6)

Ahmed’s first wife and Michelle end up dancing together with joy.

Ahmed: Our soldiers who disguised as the Bedouins in the city, how many are there?

A man: We estimate about 50,000, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: I trust them very much. I think if I have to die or General Muscas has to die, these soldiers will fight till they all die too. There will be no “running away” among the soldiers of Ahmed III of Hilfara. But Oman’s soldiers, I want to see them. They become soldiers because of high wages that Oman enticed them with. They don’t do it for whom, or to protect whom. They only do it for money.

Inside Ahmed wife’s marquee.

Wife (can someone tell me her name?): We just passed our happy time, that day when we were dancing. It’s unbelievable that we are sitting here feeling sad today.

M: Do you want to eat something, Your Majesty?

Wife: I’m not hungry. I want to say, you, Michelle, didn’t eat or sleep till the wind can blow you away now.

M: His Majesty Ahmed had left for many days now.

Wife: We should be happy that His Majesty Ahmed said that everyone could follow him to Hilfara. Because if His Majesty doesn’t go anywhere, we won’t be able to follow him anywhere except staying here.

Michelle kisses her hand.

M: Thank you, Your Majesty. You’ve been giving me a great support. I thank you, Your Majesty.

Wife: It won’t be long, Michelle, not for long.

Michelle smiles sadly.

Back to Ahmed.

Muscas: The royal bodyguard got into Hilfara suspiciously too long, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: I know about this too. Is there anyone wants to volunteer to follow-up on this? (A man kneels down.) You? You want to volunteer even when you don’t know how dangerous this task is?

A man: For the royal bodyguard Sharif, I can do everything.

Ahmed: Good, very good. In that case, you go and tell the royal bodyguard that all of our soldiers are now in Hilfara.

Muscas: There’s no need to do that, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Why?

Muscas: Because the plan to have soldiers disguise as the Bedouins getting into the city, is the idea of the royal bodyguard, Your Majesty!

Ahmed: But this plan is your idea, is it not, Muscas?

Muscas: Sharif ordered me to do it but not to tell anyone.

Ahmed: My younger brother, he’s more intelligent than I thought. Good. You, you don’t have to take the risk now.

A man: But I’m willing to do it, the royal bodyguard should know that everything goes well, only him we are waiting.

A soldier is knocking at the door. Kalim punches him down. Sharif has to stop him.

S: Kalim!

Sharif glares at Kalim (lovingly, eep!)

S: Where is your home?

Soldier: My home is in Yafa-at.

S: Yafa-at, the highest in the north, right? Why did you become a soldier?

Soldier: To earn money.

S: Did you get a lot of money?

Soldier: I came a long time already but got paid just once.

S: Then what will you do?

Soldier: Quit. I want to go home. Go see my mother.

S: Did you hear, Kalim? There are so many things to sympathize with. (He gives the soldier a ring.) Here, this ring is valuable, trade it for money then go home to your mother, buy something for her too, choose something she likes.

Kalim: (Pat his back) I have to apologize to you too. What will you tell others?

Soldier: That I fell down.

Kalim: Very good. You may go now.

A man sent by Ahmed get into the city, but he’s being followed.

Kalim: I’m  wondering whether or not Prince Oman will have the surgery.

S: Kalim, I don’t understand, I told you everything already. Why are you still asking this foolish question?

K: No matter what, you’re a doctor.

At Oman’s quarter.

Oman: Alright, my Hernia is intensifying to the max now. It’s time to have the surgery to cut it off!

Sharif is practicing using wong-duen knife.

K: I think we will be detained here till the day we die.

S: Then why did you make me practice this wong-duen knife?

Soldier: His Majesty is granting you an audience now.

(Part 7)

Sharif and Kalim are walking with the soldiers.

S: Where is His Majesty residing?

Soldier: Not far from here, just take a short cut through the park, and we will be there. His Majesty moved his royal quarter to the garden because it’s getting into summer.

Sharif stops short.

Soldier: Why?

S: Will we do the surgery there?

Soldier: You will know soon.

S: That royal quarter is airy, not suitable to be a royal bedroom or examining room. Why is there a royal order to go there?

Soldier: You will know it yourself, professor.

K: No, or we will not go anywhere.

S: Kalim! My assistance is too impatient. Every time we went to examine a patient in a house, normally the symptoms would be too great to treat. Only this time that the patient is very patient, not in a hurry to get well.

Soldier: A sick person surely wants to get well, don’t worry.

They walk into the garden.

S: The time has arrived.

The curtains are opened.


Oman: Sharif, my younger brother, welcome to Hilfara once more.

He looks at Sharif.

Oman: Take him this way!

Oman: How was it, King Oman’s welcoming? (Touch Sharif’s face) Exactly the same, well done. Really look like Professor Mohummad, my personal doctor. You’re good, Sharif!

K: Stop that!

Oman: Take him out of my sight! (soldiers take Kalim away) Sharif, I got a whole of you so easily, weren’t you feeling suspicious?

S: What’s to feel suspicious about?

Oman: ……I knew Ahmed would use this plan to harm me here! You think I don’t know your movement in Anaesa? You must think of sending out troops to surround Hilfara. No way! Look outside, my soldiers installed the guns waiting in every spot. No one can go in and out, or pass my soldiers’ eyes. They are around the palace!

S: What does Your Highness want? Why didn’t you destroy them all?

Oman: I want to destroy the most trusted soldier of Ahmed, that is you, Sharif. General Muscus is too old, probably will die in a few years, but you are still young and have so much influence on the soldiers. It’s your big mistake that you didn’t join me! Don’t you know that Ahmed is too possessive of his position? Don’t you know?

S: You are mistaken, Your Highness. His Majesty Ahmed is never be possessive of the position, but this position needs careful thoughts; be reasonable and thoughtful; use brain and not just strength.

Oman: Who are you criticizing? Who?! Knowingly walk into the trap, aren’t you afraid to die?

S: Everyone will face death, but death will come to everyone according to god’s command. He has the knowledge, he knows who should be the one to die. The one who is thinking that he won’t die, may die today.

Oman: Bold talking! (He hits Sharif’s face.) But today, there will be no more Sharif in this world!

S: I concede. If I do not dare, I won’t force my way into here when I know all along that a lion is stretching its paws to catch me every step of the way.

Oman: Ahmed has such a good fortune, every soldier is all loyal to him!

S: Loyalty is built upon goodness and past deeds.

Oman: Strange! It’s strange that you’re not afraid of death.

S: I’m a soldier. The duty makes me brave, and be ready to face everything that will happen.

Oman: Are you certain that the victory will be Ahmed’s? How could a handful of fleed-from-death soldiers would be able to defeat the army of these, these people who are very familiar with ruthlessness without any mercy? Even if your soldiers are skillful, there’s no way the victory will be yours!



Don’t you think Sharif is kind of cool? I mean throughout the episode he had remained calm and collected through and through, even when his heart was yearning for Michelle, you would never know just by looking at him. The man practically prepares to die, still he shows fear to no one. His status by birth doesn’t allow him to do things freely, and he just wants to be a doctor (said so in the novel). Now that he determined to have Michelle by his side along with his career and status, it’s interesting to see how far he will go to settle things around them. This series is a period drama, meaning the story happened in the past in the desert land, not in a present day, so costumes, settings and customs may have already changed today. Just so you know  🙂


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