Fah Jarod Sai Episode 11 Preview


Ahmed’s first wife: Chalita is preparing to become a bride.

Sharif’s mother: Chailita, my niece, you are such a beautiful woman.

Chalita: It’s the bride of royal brother Sharif, royal aunt Subaida.

Sharif: What did you hear? …..That means I will have to marry Chalita, is that it?…….Michelle! Michelle, don’t yet, Michelle! That’s not true!

Sharif marches into the airport.

Kalim: Over there, Mr. minister!

Sharif: Michelle!

Michelle sits on a plane crying.

Michelle: I’m not a seed that can grow up in Hilfara. I must return to my homeland.


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  1. wow!it’s sad ending… really enjoyed this drama, love to see more..

  2. I’m soooo sad it’s ending…I am not ready at all!!! I’ve been spending every Monday and Tuesday glued to my laptop…I don’t know what I will do with myself now that I don’t have this show to look forward to…Episode 10 was very depressing and 11 looks even worse…My heart hurts for Sharif and Michelle…I’m just upset that it’s ending next Monday…Now I have to find something to watch to kill the time until Monday arrives..I’m so anxious!

    • Don’t worry, you are not the only one out there feeling sad, meeeee too. People in Pantip (FJS Forum) were literally in tears last night 🙂 when it’s written on the screen telling the viewers to watch the final episode next Monday.These people have been living in FJS marquees since ep1 calling themselves marquee-er (ting-krajome) hehe. The funny thing is some thought Sharif should have more than one wife (eh…them, haha), some even willing to go as far as changing nationality, so that Sharif’s mom would except them as her daughter-in-law.

      Even though many parts of the series were edited out (and some edited in), I still find the director doing a pretty good job wrapping up the story as far as circumstances were concerned. Well, next Monday we probably will be singing a sad song saying farewell to Sharif and Michelle *sniff*

      The new lakorn “Ton Ruk Rim Rua” on Ch3 (Fri-Sun 20:30) is quite hilarious to keep you occupy till next Monday (I hope) 🙂

      • Awww thank you so much for letting me know I’m not all alone in my sadness! I’m glad others are addicted to FJS as we are!
        I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but on Viki for Thai TV show it’s the most WATCHED right now so our tastes can’t be wrong we are in the majority!! Yay for us 🙂

        I’m not on the multiple wives group I think it should only be Michelle…I’m sad things were edited out…I want more love scenes between them…I was sad to hear Michelle say that she did not believe him when he promised her that she would be his only wife…I understand her fear but I also believe he will do the right thing!

        I too have some issues with the editing but I understand they are under a lot of pressure and I still enjoy the lakorn very much even if they had to change things around for the people who were protesting…I hope they put out a DVD with ALL the parts! As an international fan I would really LOVE to see the original film!

        Thank you for keeping us updating, I check your site every day.
        I will also look into Mark and Kim’s lakorn…It does look cute and I think Mark is so attractive!

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