Fah Jarod Sai Episode 10 Preview

Please let me quickly translate the preview.

Episode 10 Preview

Sharif: The blood of Hilfara Royal Family will remain strong within me!

Oman: Be proud to die honorably. Gahhhhh!

Kalim: Sharif!

Kalim :The royal bodyguard must not die. Remember doctor, must not die!

MIchelle: He won’t die, right, Your Majesty? I have a bad feeling (have a presentiment) about it.

Princess Subaida (Sharif’s mother): Does that mean we will have a foreign woman as our first daughter-in-law? I will never let Sharif have a foreign woman as his first wife.


Michelle: I came to say good-bye to go back to France, Your Majesty.

Sharif: You can’t, Michelle.

Michelle: Royal bodyguard, sir, are you the owner of my life?

Aww…..getting excited for episode 10, tonight. It seems mommy will step in. The series will end on episode 11 next week so I heard. So sad, it’s too soon to say good-bye to this couple.


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  1. I think Oman actor channeled every evil character in history with that evil laugh! HAHA!!

  2. i thought it will be 12 episodes.after they got done raising hell over high water, to me that is just not right,i really loved this drama,after all it was romance FICTION and not a historical drama based on facts. i don’t care how many religions they have. but there is only 1 god in heaven no matter what.I do respect them for praying 5 times a day ,but just like all over the world there are good and bad people every where. I wish i could have watched the entire story the way the producer wanted to portray it, that person had a great vision of the novel,he wanted to bring the novel to life not every producer can do that, TRUE LOVE

  3. Only 11 episodes????? W

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