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If you are a big fan of channel 7 (Thailand), you will know that normally their dramas are quite long, 20+ episodes. Fah Jarod Sai having only 12 episodes, is quite a surprise to many including me. Let’s hear what the screenwriter, Sanlaya, has to say.

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(Roughly translated from a part of a Thai article “Sanlaya and Fah Jarod Sai“)

Luangta is the first script (Luangta, the story ended in each episode which had many screenwriters ) that Sanlaya started writing, and that’s the starting point made the name Sanlaya get into the directory of the best screenwriters in Thai lakorn (TV-series) industry. Fah Jarod Sai is not her latest script, she started writing it 10 years ago, and it was changed, added from the first order.

“At that time, they told me to write as tightest as it could be (Daravideo, the producer). They wouldn’t make it long, not like walking in the desert for days and nights for 4 or 5 episodes consecutively. They didn’t want it. They asked for 6 episodes for a tight and short series, so I wrote them 6 episodes, which was a comfortable writing (smiles kindly), didn’t have to make it longer at any point.

….Later, after some time, they asked for 8 episodes, then extended to 12 episodes, but it could be that it wouldn’t be that long, it’s up to how they would make pictures, because if they want to extend the story, it’s not possible. The location in the desert, we can’t extend it because they won’t go back there. And to extend the part in the palace, the location is not that free, that is, couldn’t be done freely, so they do only the similar one. It’s not a normal location. Investment budget for this series is very very high.”



Q: So which part did you extend it a little more?

“The reason we couldn’t extend it a lot longer, as I said, it’s fixed by the location and the story, because they (the character in the story) are foreigners, right? So some rule, or culture, we don’t want to touch it too deep. The culture or whatever which is in the book, I didn’t research on it too much, not like when I wrote an ancient Thai story.

…..because I feel that we don’t want to emphasize on that, so I write it as a romantic love story, love during the journey through the desert…now, when it’s there, for example, in the desert, what can we play out so much? And there are only two characters, Sharif-Michelle. No matter how to extend it, you can only make them argue back and forth, create some problems, or conflicts into it”

Q: Does Fah Jarod Sai come at the right time?

“Yes, in the sense that, the viewers have been waiting for so so long, because for how many pra’ek (lead actors) and nang’ek (lead actresses) we’ve heard? From Lalita, Kathaleeya, they all said yes to play the role, so people waited to see. They won’t be disappointed though, Khwan (Usamanee Vaithayanon) is suitable to be Michelle, even Khun Tui Teerapat. Even though it’s not the exact same Sharif and Michelle walking right out of the novel, at this moment, today of Ch7, they both are really okay.

Fah Jarod Sai is a romantic love. Sharif and Michelle love each other so much. They’ve been through hardships, to the point of death together. The story is about taking revenge, killing, seizing the throne. Fah Jarod Sai, no matter what, has to be made because they’ve bought the copyright for how many years already, and it’s been renewed every year.”


Q: I wonder, the scene where Sharif and Michelle have to journey, run away from Oman’s soldiers until she has no strength, and there’s no food that she falls sick, how can pra’ek and nang’ek have an intimate relationship?

“Then don’t make them fall very sick. There must be sick persons in this world who are in an intimate relationship for sure.”  Hahaha, Sanlaya also has a sense of humor.

(From Fah Jarod Sai – Premium by PhapPhaYon BanThoeng)

Pictures added separately cr: FJS BTS facebook


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