Fah Jarod Sai Episode 7


I watched the episode on a big TV screen last night so that I could enjoy the desert scene, and I noticed there were problems with the editing in many scenes, but I could careless as long as the channel would be able to air this series to the end.

Episode 7

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(Part 1)

In the beginning, it’s the scenes from previous episodes, starting from when they were getting married.

Sharif and Michelle sit together under the moon.

M: The moon in the middle of the desert.

S: Is it more beautiful than in Paris?

M: Yes.

S: The moon in Hilfara is also beautiful. One day, I will take you back there to see.

Yousoup takes Sharif and Michelle to an animal shelter.

Y: Please hide in this animal shelter until night falls. When the moon is up, you should take off then. My caravan will be heading south.

S: What about me?

Y: You should head north. In seven days, you will reach a big oasis named Oasis of Ana-i-sa.

Sharif sees his knife lying in front of Michelle.

S: Will you return my knife already?

M: Not yet….why?

S: Will you return it to me or not?

M: No, I won’t! You just find a new one!

S: Michelle, this knife has the royal bodyguard’s crest on it!

M: Well, I like it.

S: You still don’t trust me? Do you want to save yourself for His Majesty Ahmed? He’s already passed away.

M: I told you, that I decided to enter His Majesty Ahmed’s harem  was beyond my capability. If I need to become a mistress in exchange for life, I would because the night will go away, and the bright of the day will eventually follow. There must be a way to get out of that hell.

S: Are you saying His Majesty Ahmed’s harem is hell?

M: Yes! But it’s a good-class hell. If it’s a must to become a mistress, then I should be a mistress of a person of this class. At least, there will be money to spend, jewels to wear.

S: Michelle, what is really your true wish?

M: Wish about what?

S: A family.

M: I never have a family. What are you curious about? Actually, I used to have one, a father, a mother, and a family. But it’s so unclear that I feel it’s like a dream. All I can remember is I have a very big family. I have brothers and sisters from different places, with different faces. There’s no father, only a mother….the nuns. My life is deprived of everything, so it’s not a strange thing that I came to this country and decided to become a concubine of His Majesty Ahmed. I may be a person who makes a decision easily, because every orphan is the same….no matter how much warmth they receive, it will never be enough. Most importantly, the life of an orphan will always be a sad one forever. The one who doesn’t have a good fundamental mind, may think of committing suicide. But I won’t run away from life like that, it’s just stupid.

Sharif moves closer.

S: You think of staying alone?

M: Why do you ask me that?

S: Do you stop being cautious of me now?

M: (She picks up the knife.) No.

S: Why not?

M: Because you are a man, and I’m a woman. (Sharif starts to laugh.) If you are a woman, and I am a man, your answer will be the same as mine too.

Sharif laughs and grabs her wrist.

S: Let’s go to the market, hurry!

M: Wait.

They walk in the market together (filming in Egypt).

M: Master! Master!…..Master! (in a man’s voice).

S: What? Say it.

M: Master, I want fruits and desserts.

S: All right, but don’t go far.

M: Thank you, sir.

She bumps into him and cries out.

S: Walk properly! And why didn’t you go yet?!

M: Because I don’t have money (in a woman’s voice)…(change to a man’s voice) because I don’t have money, sir.

S: What?!

M: No money! Give me money!

He puts some coins in her hand.

M: (Annoying) Not enough, sir! More!

He puts his arm around her neck and drags her with him.

S: People here don’t spend money extravagantly, not like London or Paris, understand?

She pushes herself out of his hold.

M: Stingy!

S: I need to save money.

M: But what I’m going to buy is a necessity! It must be used in everyday life. I think you all are the same when you have to give money to the first, second, third, fourth wife! Alright, I don’t want it!

She walks off and Sharif just smiles. Michelle buys a bag of oranges, and some bread. She tries an Arab tea and chokes it all out. She sees some men and quickly hides her face.

A desert police: Did you see a foreign woman with the royal bodyguard?

Commoner: No, sir. The doctor only came with a boy, his servant.

Police: Are you sure it’s the royal bodyguard Sharif?

The blue commoner: I’m sure, sir. My memory is always accurate. I guarantee.

Police: Your master will be traveling south, will he not?

The men nod.

Police: Good! I will wait in that direction, and will attack and arrest him on spot.

Commoner: So will we get the reward now?

Police: You will get the reward once I get a hold of the royal bodyguard badge and already present it to His Majesty Oman.

The blue commoner: If the owner of the badge is dead, what if that traditional old doctor of Jaoof asks us, what could we answer him?

The police: How does that concern the traditional doctor?

The blue commoner: That traditional doctor told us to tell you about the badge.

Michelle overhears them and runs out. She bumps into Sharif.

S: Where did you go and made me wait for so long? You’re in trouble woman, wait till we get back to our tent.

He walks off. Michelle tells him what she’s heard.

S: I guarantee there will be no harm to us.

M: How can there be none? I heard with my own ears that they are going to kill you! Kill you!

Sharif smiles.

S: How can there be any harm when we are not heading in the direction they are waiting to kill us? We are heading north while the caravan will wait in the south. How can we and them meet?

Michelle laughs.

S: What are you feeling funny so much about?

M: I’m feeling funny about those people. They will wait until they wither to death.

Sharif looks at her smiling face with his meaningful eyes. She stops laughing.

S: You are getting so bored of me now, aren’t you?

M: I should be the one to ask you.

S: No, I never get bored of you. We already got married, I’m taking my wife wherever I go.

M: Are you crazy? How can you think like that?

S: I’m getting used to it, to the point I can’t be without you.

M: Stop talking now, I’m lazy to listen.

S: How about you? Do you feel like you can’t be without me?

Michelle doesn’t answer so he moves closer.

S: Can we love each other?

M: You! What happened? Soldier’s mood? When becoming stressful, releasing it out this way? I’m telling you now that if I’m going to love someone, that means I must have a family that I don’t have to share the love with anyone, to which your culture is not like that. I’m telling you I’m not ready to be the first one because I want to be the only one!

S: Michelle, I promise you that…..

M: No, no…you don’t have to promise anything. It’s useless. After we get out of here (this situation), we will stay apart from each other more and more, I will probably go back to France.

Sharif’s eyes turn sad. He turns and walks away.


(Part 2)

During the night, Yousoup leaves with his caravan.

S: Let’s go, Michelle.

They get on camels and start their journey. They stop and rest during the day. Michelle prepares coffee (tea?) and some dried fruits. Sharif gets up to drink it but doesn’t talk to her.  They travel through the night to avoid the hot sun. Aww, the sun rises in the desert, what a beauty!

Michelle brings him a cup of tea.

M: Here, some tea.

S: Thanks, (but) I won’t drink it.

He lies down to get some sleep. She covers him with a piece of cloth. He turns away from her.

Sharif wakes up and looks at her while she’s sleeping. He touches her cheek and thinks of what she said to him.

“I know it’s normal for a man to have four wives, but I can’t take it. Therefore, please forget the familiarity. After we get out of here, we will stay apart from each other more and more, I will probably go back to France.” Sharif thinks it over.

They pack their things to leave.

S: Are you going?

Michelle throws the cloth away out of frustration, and they are back on the camels again. Buchic and his gangs are riding fast. They jump off their horses and run.

Sharif is about to drift off to sleep when Michell grabs him and shouts at him.

M: You! I don’t understand! We’ve traveled for three days and three nights, why didn’t you talk to me even one word? Why? Why?Why?!

S: Why should I talk when my words don’t mean anything?

Michelle gets out of the tent and sees men in front of her. She runs to Sharif.

M: You! Wake up now! Wake up! Wake up now, there are many people came! Wake up! Quick!

Sharif takes his knife and comes to face them.

Buchic: Kick that trash (Michelle) away. He’s just a servant.

A man kicks Michelle down. Sharif starts to fight.

Buchic: Before you do anything, think carefully, brave young man.

S: Who are you?!

B: My name is Buchic, the leader of Buchic bandits. Are you the one who saved Yousoup of Sheikh Asman ‘s life?

S: Yes!

B: You killed my lackeys. You looked down on me.

S: I only did my duty. My duty that night was to protect a friend.

Buchic flashes a smile.

B: What about now? What can your friend protect you?

S: If he’s around this area, he will protect me.

B: Do you know what happened to him?

A flashback, Yousoup gets killed.

B: No one can beat Buchic. Yousoup died on spot.

S: Why did you follow me?

B: To take revenge! Can’t you see? I’m no longer have a hand. Yousoup, before he died, he cut my hand off. Can’t you see?…….It’s the time I’m taking revenge.

S: What do you want?

B: Torture you to death, little by little, in this desert.

Men are shouting.

B: Before we kill him, beat him up for my pleasure!

Sharif gets beaten up before Michelle’s eyes. The men take all their supplies.

Buchic picks up Sharif’s knife and sees the royal bodyguard badge. He shouts to his men.

B: We are in trouble. We’d beaten up the king’s soldier.

They hurriedly leave.

Michelle holds Sharif.


M: Sharif! Sharif! Sharif, don’t get to be anything, it’s just…(couldn’t hear). Get up! You normally are strong. Sharif! (She cries and looks around.) Don’t leave me like this.

He gets up and falls down. Michelle tries to get up too, only to fall down because of her sprained ankle.

S: Michelle! Michelle! How is it?

He examines her ankle. She hugs him tight.

S: No camels, no water, no food supplies, and it’s four days away to Ana-i-sa. There’s no way to make it.

M: Are we going to die?

S: No one can survive in this condition, Michelle.

M: But you are always stand strong. You’ve never given up easily.

He looks at her.

S: Do you really believe that, Michelle?

She nods. He wants to kiss her but she stops him by calling his name.

M: Sharif.

He holds her close.

S: I shouldn’t have taken you to die. Those rebellions wanted only me, but I took you with me. (He looks into her eyes.) Are you afraid to die, Michelle?

M: No, I know that as long as you are here, I will not be afraid of anything.

He hugs her.



(Part 3)

Michelle looks around and cries.

M: There’s nothing left! Water, they pierced (the bag) and poured it all out! There’s no clothes too! They took our food supplies, even the camels! Why didn’t they kill us then? Why did they make us suffer like this? (She kicks the tent and falls down.) Why didn’t they just kill us? (Sharif holds her close.) Why did they do this? I can’t take it anymore. Why did you surrender to them? Why did you surrender to them? Why didn’t you fight them? They stole our things! Why didn’t you protect me?! I was thirsty and you didn’t even let me drink it. You didn’t take care of me!

S: Calm down. Calm down. It’s all right. It’s all right. Let’s sit down. I will look around and see if there’s anything we can eat. Calm down.

He falls down.

M: You sit down. From the way it looks, you should know who should be the one looking for food. Sit down, I will go myself.

She looks inside the tent.

M: There’s nothing left! (She finds a piece of… bread?) You, look, there’s this left. See? I found it, here it is.

She gives him some, then she starts screaming.

M: I remember! Take this.

She finds some oranges in the bag.

M: See? Am I good? Here..(give an orange to him). Peel it!

S: Michelle. (He smiles.)

M: I’m happy. I’m so hungry.

Michelle wraps up the tent.

S: You are good. Michelle, come sit here. I will examine your leg.

She falls down.

S: Great! Here, scoot closer.

He touches her leg.

S: Does it hurt?

M: It hurts. (Touch) Softly!

He smiles.

S: Your leg is beautiful.

M: You, you are a doctor examining, not a committee judging on the beauty.

S: I’m not bricks and stones, you know.

M: You, we are about to die, and you still have the feeling of……(she pauses)…like this.

S: Since we are going die, why don’t we grab everything that is called happiness to ourselves? Why do we have to just sit and feel sad? That could make us die sooner.

M: What are you going to do?

S: We will have to travel during the night.

M: But, we don’t have any camels.

S: We have legs. These two legs of us.

They give each other an encouraging smile, and together they walk in the desert. They stop to rest during the day. He gives her some oranges. Night falls, he gets up so she follows.

M: I want my foot to heal faster than this, so that I can walk here and there faster.

S: I don’t believe this is the end of us.

M: But we don’t have water, or food, and there’s only some oranges left. How far can we go?

S: If we have to die here, please let us be satisfied with our love, Michelle.

She understands what he means.

S: But if we are lucky enough to get away from this hell, do you still have the idea of going back to France?

M: How about you? Will you be like other men in this country that when you have me as your first wife, and when I’m getting old, you will make me be the principle wife? The principle wife who will have to take care of the other three future-wife of yours, and my child will have to become the big brother who will have to be kind and take care of your children, and so on. Like that? No, I will go back to Paris.

S: Michelle! No, no! I won’t allow it. I will not let you go anywhere to leave me anymore. I will not let anyone have the right over you except me! Do you hear me? Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! (He starts kissing her.) You love me already, don’t you? You love me already, don’t you? Do you love me already? Michelle, do you already love me like I love you? Michelle, Michelle.

She looks at him.

S: I will not let you leave me anymore, ever, Michelle. I promise you that our family will have only a father, a mother, and our child, and there will be no one else, truly. I promise you with my honor.

Michelle smiles and hugs him.

M: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I upset you, but I’m a love-deprived person. I’m afraid that the love that I’m getting will never last, even though I know that everyone must take the risk because your words at this moment may become worthless in the future.

He kisses her and thinks, “My first child must be born in this desert. He will be a strong man and fearlessly resolute like his father because he’s the bloodline of the desert’s son, but he will be polite, gentle, and clever just like his mother. “

The campfire is burning. Huhu…..(me stalking there)


(Part 4)

Sharif and Michelle continue walking.

Oman: You can’t catch him until now, not even some news on him. Sharif, I can’t do anything to you today, but wait and see who I will do it to.

Sharif’s mom (Princess Subaida): What do you want to do to me, Oman? Tell me.

Oman: Royal aunt, I am the king, King Oman. Please address me correctly.

SMom: I won’t recognize that. What kind of king when no one appointed him? Do not talk arrogantly.

Oman: Royal aunt, this nephew can give an order to punish you!

SMom: Then do it! You want to imprison me, whip me, or kill me, just do it!

Oman: Do not challenge me, royal aunt!

SMom: I challenge you, I do. If you think you are so big having the heaven’s command that you can order a person be punished or killed, then do what you want. Let’s see if the people can sit still with their eyes closed.

Oman: Royal aunt, you are too innocent with your old age! Don’t you know already that I’m not stupid.

SMom: Not stupid, but not clever.

Oman walks to Sharif’s father.

Oman: But I’m clever enough to order someone be killed quietly, and let him die in some nook in this palace. Not even a single bone will be seen!

SMom to Sharif’s dad: You, why are you afraid? Don’t be afraid! Let it be known that a great person like Oman is so afraid of Sharif that he has to threaten to kill his parents.

Oman: It’s good that you bring it up yourself. Royal aunt, tell me where your son is!

SMom: Even Oman couldn’t find him, then who else could? Since Oman is the greatest one in this land.

Oman: Where?!

SMom: Don’t know!

Oman: Will one slap make you know?

SMom: Do as many (slaps).

Oman turns to Sharif’s father and tells him to say where Sharif is, and if Sharif had sent some news.

SMom to Sdad: Why are you dodging? Don’t dodge! Let him be as arrogant as he wishes, don’t dodge!

SDad: I’m not dodging.

SMom: I’m seeing it.

SDad: I’m afraid King Oman will spit on my face.

Oman slaps him.

SMom drags Oman away.

SMom: That’s too low, Oman! Even if you order us be executed, we will never say where Sharif is.

Oman is furious. “Go back!” he tells his soldiers.

SMom: Did I do the right thing? Did I make a mistake showing our resistance like that? Will he keep hunting our son down to kill him till he succeed?

Sharif and Michelle are resting.

S: How is it? Let me see. (He looks at her leg) It’s almost healed.

M: The more I walk, it seems the wound is healing faster.

He wants to kiss her cheek but she’s too weak to hold her head.

S: Michelle, you’re so lovely. The first time I met you at the restaurant, I fell in love with you right away.

He starts to kiss her but she faints in his arms.

S: Michelle! Michelle!

He puts her down and squeezes a few drops of orange juice into her mouth.

S: Michelle, tonight, if we cross that dune, we will reach a deserted town, and we will be able to find an old building that we could hide from the cold wind. Then, we can truly rest. Be strong, Michelle. Michelle!

M: I’m still here. I’m still all right.

S: Don’t get to be anything, Michelle. Don’t.

M: Yes, I won’t be…..(she faints again)

S: Michelle! Michelle!

They continue walking. Michelle keeps falling down.

S: How are you? Can you still holding it, Michelle?

He puts her arm over his shoulder and walks together. She falls down again.

S: Michelle! Michelle? Just a little more. Take it easy. Endure it.

He helps her getting up, but she ends up falling down again.


S: Don’t get to be anything yet. We will be together.We will be together forever.

M: I… seriously…can’t…go anymore. You still have your important duty to your country. Just leave me here. I can’t lift my legs. I don’t have the strength to climb the dune.

S: How can you say that? It’s just only ahead of us, just go across the dune, and we will reach a deserted town, Michelle. You must endure it, you must endure, just a little more. All right, Michelle?

M: No, please leave me here. I can’t walk.

S: No, can’t do that, can’t do that. We have to go together. We must go together, Michelle! How can you tell me to leave my wife? You are my wife, Michelle. My wife.

M: Will it be long…..

S: What? (He puts his ear close to her mouth) What did you say?

M: Will it be long…before…..we die?

Sharif cries.

S: Tomorrow, we will be out of water for the fourth day. Some change will occur in our bodies, because our bodies need pure water to circulate the body systems. I shouldn’t know about this. I shouldn’t be a doctor. I shouldn’t have to know how long we will be able to stay alive. Michelle. (He cries.) Endure it, just endure it, Michelle. Michelle! Michelle! Be strong! Just a little more.

He hugs her and cries.


Sharif carries Michelle in his arms and keeps walking.

M: Michelle, we are almost there, almost there. Endure it, Michelle. We are almost there. Michelle, we reach a deserted town now. We are already at a deserted town.

He puts her down.

S: Michelle, endure it. Michelle, you have to endure it.

He looks at the sky.

S: Please let me die before her! I don’t want to see the last moment of this woman, my dearest. Michelle.

Michelle mumbles, “Good-bye.” and she faints.

S: Michelle! Michelle! Michelle!

He shouts her name to the sky.

S: Michelle! Why? Why? Why?! Michelle! (He kisses her face.)


(Part 5)

Sharif looks ahead and sees a group of people.

S: Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! We survive, Michelle! Michelle! There’s light ahead of us. It must be of the Bedouin (an Arab tribe living in the desert), Michelle! It’s a caravan too, Michelle! Let’s go. We survive, Michelle! Michelle, just endure it, Michelle. Endure it.

He carries her in his arms and walks to them calling for their help.

S: Help! Help! Help!

He kneels down with Michelle in his arms in front of them.

S: Help! Help!

Sharif lies Michelle down.

S: Please give me some water. (She gives him a bowl of water.) Thank you.

The woman looks at Michelle’s face and cries out.

Tiyok : Teacher! Teacher! Mademoiselle! It’s really you, teacher! Teacher! Teacher!

Ahli: Tiyok, my sister, how could you touch a man, a stranger like that?

TY: Let go of me.

Ahli: You’re bad. What’s gotten into you?

TY: Let me go! I remember, that is not a man, it’s a woman. She’s a teacher teaching foreign language in the rich house of Kesa. The daughter of that rich man fired me from the house, but teacher, teacher was kind, she gave me some money. I must help teacher, do you understand? (She turns to Sharif.) I will take care of her.

Ahli: Prove it to me first that it’s not a man!

TY: Ahli, my brother, you don’t believe me?!

S: Believe me, she’s my wife.

Ahli: I don’t believe it!

TY: Then I don’t have anything to say. You, dumb!

Sharif tells Tiyok.

S: Give me more water to rub her body, we don’t have any medicine.

TY: Teacher, you must recover, don’t die.

S: You love teacher so much?

She nods.

TY: Teacher did me a lot of favors. At that time, her kindness was like the pouring rain when my  heart was so empty and out of life. I was fired from the house when I did nothing wrong. That time, teacher helped me, teacher gave me money.

S: What’s the story?

She tells him what happened.

“My son was the one taking the letter to miss. The daughter saw it and looked at it.” (Kashfiya’s voice firing her) “Get out of my house!”

TY: Teacher, you must recover. Don’t die, teacher. Let me have the chance to repay you.

Sharif travels with the caravan holding Michelle in his arms on a camel.


Ahli: We are getting close to Ana-i-sa.

Sharif smiles.

S: Michelle, are you awake? We are about to reach Ana-i-sa (a town). We survive. The two of us will survive.

(Part 6)

Ahli: You will let those two eat rice and drink water that we have so few? It won’t be enough. Do you understand?

TY: Let them eat my share.

Ahli: That’s a ridiculous talk. What will you eat then?

TY: I’m not going to eat or, eat a little.

Ahli: I don’t want to talk to you!

TY: Ahli! Brother!

Tiyok comes inside the tent and looks at Michelle.

TY: When we reach Ana-i-sa, where will you go?

S: I don’t know.

TY: My brother told me….that we need to save our food supplies.

S: How many days left?

TY: He said he will move to the area that is close to the midwife’s tent the day after tomorrow. My sister-in-law will going to deliver her baby there. (She cries.) He wants you to go separate way on your own. I feel so sad that I have no way to help teacher. Teacher, please forgive Tiyok. I haven’t yet repaid your favors.

She sees Sharif’s royal bodyguard pendant, and gets an idea.

Ahli: Where did you say you wanted me to take your teacher?

TY: You didn’t listen to me. Take me to that huge tent over there.

Ahli: That huge tent? There are only royals in that tent. What do you want to talk to them?

TY: Stop scolding me, and listen to me.

Ahli: No, you listen to me. Those two, his wife is an outsider of the religion. He committed wrong doing to our custom. I don’t like them. I don’t want them to stay here! You, go chase them out, chase them away! What are you waiting for?

TY: Listen to me Ahli, even though you are my elder brother, you must listen to me!

Ahli: No, I won’t.

TY: I’m talking about the most important thing in my life.

Ahli: I won’t listen. I don’t see the point of messing with those two. I told you to chase them out, so you go chase them out. If you don’t go chase them out, I will chase you out from this caravan!

TY: Alright, I won’t go with you! Just wait and see, if I become successful, don’t you come ask me for help!

Ahli: Wait, where are you going?

TY: I’m going to that huge tent over there.

Ahli: Wait, There are many soldiers at that huge tent. You may die before you know it.

TY: No way, I won’t die.

Ahli: How can you not die? Do you know there’s on one has ever seen the face of the leader of that huge tent? There’s no way he will come out to meet you.

TY: He will!

Ahli: You are so dense! Stupid!

TY: It’s you, Ahli. Your head will fall off your shoulders if you don’t take those two to the leader of that tent! (Ahli wants to slap her.) Do you know what I saw? That man hangs a pendant and carries a knife.

Ahli: A pendant and a knife, so?

TY: The pendant has a beautiful pattern crafted on it, similar to what’s used in the palace.

At a group of tents.

A man: The brother and sister of the Bedouin want to be granted an audience…eh…want to meet the leader, sir.

It’s the former King Ahmed sitting in front of them. He’s well and alive.

Ahmed: So what is it?!

TY: You, brother, talk first.

Ahli: I…eh…we, the two of us, have taken a man and his wife into our care. He was robbed with nothing left. His wife is an outsider to the religion because they still haven’t gone through the ceremony according to our religion yet. The first time I met her, she didn’t cover her face because she disguised herself as a man. I wasn’t in doubt of anything, but my younger sister remembered.

Ahmed: Then what?

Ahli: My younger sister remembered that she was a teacher teaching in Kesa, so she knew she’s a woman. They didn’t tell us anything else except that they are husband and wife. It seems the man loves his wife very much. The woman is very sick because she’s without water for many days.

Ahmed: Just say what you want, or leave!

Ahli: We don’t want anything. We only want them to get out of our tent because we are very poor, and our food supplies are very limited. We are afraid if they make use of it, we will not survive, and we will be starved to death. (Ahmed looks at him.) Can the two of us leave now?

Ahmed: Why are you still here? (The two rush out.) They are very stingy without kindness. Are they going to let them die before their eyes? Soldiers! Take that man to me now!

A soldier: Yes, sir!

(Part 7)

Soldiers get a hold of Sharif. One soldier says the leader wants to see him. They shove Sharif at someone’s feet.

“Who are you?” a man asks.

Sharif slowly looks up and is surprised.

S: Your Majesty Ahmed!

Sharif bows down to Ahmed’s feet.

S: Your Majesty Ahmed! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s true, you are still alive, Your Majesty!

Ahmed: Get up! Get up!

Sharif is so glad.

Ahmed: You look thinner, yet your dignified look has never changed whether you are in a royal bodyguard uniform or a dirty clothes of the Bedouin.

S: I fled by myself. My mistake is so great, please do not forgive me, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Say no more, Sharif. I understand everything.

S: But how you….

Ahmed: You want to know how I could escape death, don’t you?

S: Yes, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: You should ask General Muscas.

Muscas: Yes, Your Majesty. (to Sharif) I went through a secret path to His Majesty Ahmed’s quarter, and took him out of the royal palace the same way, through the secret path.

Ahmed: Sharif, Mademoiselle De La Ro Ni came together with you, did she not?

S: Yes, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Good! I have to thank you for protecting the woman who’s about to become my concubine, to be safe till she reaches my hands.

Sharif starts to feel uneasy.

S: Yes, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: General Muscas!

Muscas: Yes, Your Majesty.

Ahmed: Take Sharif, my royal bodyguard, to change into suitable clothes.

Sharif walks out feeling sad.

Ahmed: I want everyone to know that, Sharif is my relative, who has the origin of Hifara royal family. The wedding between him and Mademoiselle De La Ro Ni will be arranged to the greatest honor in Hilfara under my name, Ahmed III.

Sharif bows to Ahmed’s feet.

Ahmed: I’m happy for you even though I can’t help but feeling jealous, that you have a wife so beautiful like an angel.

Sharif gets up.

Ahmed: The ceremony will be arranged to be the biggest event (which will happen) in Hilfara, and when that day comes, Prince Oman, the one betrayed the royal family shouldn’t still be alive!

Sharif comes to Michelle in clean clothes.

S: Michelle! Michelle! (He tenderly holds her in his arms.) Michelle, do you know who I just met? His Majesty Ahmed of Hilfara, he’s still alive! (He hugs her.) Michelle, but we may have to stay apart temporarily, because His Majesty said he wanted you to recuperate in his harem.

He hugs her.

At the royal palace.

Oman: How dare you! How dare you suggest to me to stop working!

A man: I didn’t dare, Your Majesty. It’s just that…

Oman: Don’t stammer! Say what you want to, you must have enough courage!

A man: I’m worried, Your Majesty, worried about your symptom. This illness needs an operation, Your Majesty.

Oman: But I don’t want to. What are you whispering about?! What you want to say, say it loudly!

Mustafa: What is the reason, Your Majesty?

Oman: Because there were many persons who had hernia, died under doctor knives. Don’t be startled because hernia is a common illness, and I don’t have to have an operation yet. I don’t have to yet. Remember! I don’t need to have an operation!

At Ana-i-sa.

Ahmed: The important task of yours, yours, and yours, is to return the throne from Oman back to me!



Many things happened in this episode, a little too fast for all feelings to fully resonate imo. It’s the performance of Sharif and Michelle that made the episode meaningful. The more the story moves on, the sadder I become seeing Sharif struggle hard to have the woman he loves stay beside him always. If you feel his demand at some point came out so suddenly, please know that the episode was cut and paste due to some previous protest I mentioned earlier. It’s only fair to say the production team, the cast and crew, are trying their best to keep the original story in tact as much as they can  🙂


My ratings:

Make-up artist: 10/10

Music inserted : 10/10

Lighting: 9/10 (day time vs night time in the desert)

Costumes: 8/10 (for trying)

Editing: Eh…..oh, I know.

Sharif glares’ effectiveness: 100/10….Be still my heart!

*I don’t have the correct spelling for the names, so I will just follow how the sound came out in the series.

Pictures cr: FJS Facebook, Pantip

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5 Responses »

  1. I’m with you on the cuts. Even though I understand why they were made to satisfy the protests, I thought this was still a strong episode! And what I love the most about this drama is that it is very, very romantic! Even without one single kiss, it is the sum total of everything else that makes it so, This was a very good episode!

  2. I agree with everyone I also think that everyone should watch this movie and I think they will enjoy the movie also

  3. EEEEEEE I love you!!! Thank you so much…I was just about to stalk Viki to see if the subs had posted…Now I can wait another day to see these parts…I literally sighed so much…Watching episode 8 and now I’m sad again…I just want them to be together with their children…I know I’m skipping ahead…I hope they show that part of their lives but I’ll be happy just to see the end with the wedding scene…

    Gosh Sharif’s eyes and they way he talks I just want to melt with Michelle…Love him sooooo much 🙂

    Everyone should be watching this with us and going crazy with us fans!

  4. Thanks for your detailed information:) I really appreciate it. Frankly speaking, I have been very interested in watching the Thai drama, FJS, since last weekend. Now, you make my day! LOL!!! I totally agree with you on your comments. I enjoy the leading actor’s meaningful eyes whenever he is very affectionate with the leading actress, especially when he looks at her:) Thanks a million!

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