Tui Teerapat as Sharif


At this moment, I have to say Tui Teerapat is well received as Col. Dr. Sharif in Fah Jarod Sai. His eyes’ expression and posture as a royal bodyguard of the king were excellent so far. I’ve read the novel and he’s put Sharif to life before my eyes. The chemistry of him and Michelle is getting better and better as of episode 6, which aired last night. Let’s hear what he said about Sharif’s character. The interview happened before the premiere of the drama.


The video introduces Tui Teerapat as Sharif, a royal bodyguard of Hilfara. It (usually) takes him around an hour to dress up in his costume. Tui said the character was a challenging one in his career, including the filming site.

At 0:58 mark, (the sequence was edited and shortened)

Tui said, “It’s the personality (Sharif) which has a lot of conditions that pressured him, such as, as a soldier, it’s about the duty of protecting……, then his perspective as a doctor, which sometimes these two (sides) conflict each other……There’s quite some depth in his character……the difficult one must be the beard, which needed to be added, patched, to somehow disguise himself not to be noticed….It’s another project…..that (would) impress the viewers who have been waiting……Daravideo (the producer) has put on its full gear…..”

Fah Jarod Sai premiered on Aug 12, 2013, every Mon-Tue (on Ch7)


Pictures cr: Fah Jarod Sai BTS/Facebook

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  1. I wish both ( Sharif and Michelle ) will have another drama. I admired both of them, this is the best drama I have ever watched.Both are lovable and good.

  2. I don’t know what to say but I loved
    this drama, thank you

  3. I love the character of Sharif because it takes a real man to deal with Michelle! The somewhat smart woman disappeared the minute her feet hit the sand. I’m only at ep 5 so I know there is time for growth!

  4. I never have seen a lakorn with Tui as p’ek but after FJS I’m sold!!! He’s doing a great job now I can’t imagine someone else in this character except him…I wish I could read the book but I don’t know if there is an English version.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts I’ve become obsessed with this show!

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