Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 11 (Final)

A little late on this episode, I didn’t have time to continuously do it. The drama ended with high ratings in the last two episodes (the ratings improved from episode 9 onward). I would like to thank Channel 3 for taking such a risk to do five series consecutively all at once. It was a wonderful ride traveling back through time where people still talked in beautiful dialogs.

*I checked with the Royal Institute website, M.R. comes from Mom Rajawongse (not Momratchawong as I previously used), M.C. (Mom Chao), and M.L. (Mom Luang). Sorry about that  🙂

Episode 11-1

Chai Phi: Date KamHaeng!

Date: Making face like that, are you happy or frightened, Khunchai?

Chai Phi: Neither. I’m just surprise that a person like you come visit me here.

Date: Not to visit but to talk. Do you love my daughter?

Chai Phi: Daughter?

Date: It’s Phieng Khwan. She should be born as me and Napa’s child, shouldn’t be born as Adul’s.

Chai Phi: I love Phieng Khwan more than my own life!

Det: But you are a Khunchai, your grandmother Mom and elders already arranged for you a fiancee, and you’re about to get married, I saw it on the newspaper. Then why are you still messing around my daughter,  pilot Mom, why?

Chai Phi: What the elders said is their business, and the news is just the news, but the truth is, I will marry Phieng Khwan.

Date: If that’s so, then you must fight for your love. You must fight for everyone to see and make them lose at your heart.  (He throws a small package on Chai Phi’s chest. Ouch! It lands on him hard.) A gift. Buahaha….

Some men kidnap Napa and Khwan.

Adul comes to Khwan’s house. Grandmother says Napa and Khwan are not here. Bulan says they went to visit Khunchai Phi since afternoon. Adul looks at his watch.

A nurse tells Chai Phi that Khunchai Phuttipat told her to wait for Khun Phieng Khwan and bring her to visit him, but she’s not here yet. The nurse opens Date’s gift and finds a letter. Chai Phi reads it.

Phieng Khwan is a precious thing of Date Kamhaeng. You didn’t see her value, therefore, you will never see her again. I, Napa and Phieng Khwan, we will go on a trip together like a father, mother and a child to Tan Yot Duan plantation, Phetburi province.

Chai Phi tells the nurse he can be alone, so she can go out to do other things. He crushes the letter in his hand. Adul comes to visit him. Chai Phi gets off bed and plucks off an IV (don’t do this at home). Adul comes in and tells him that Napa and Khwan aren’t at home. Chai Phi tells him Date Kamhaeng took them.

Khwan and Napa wake up to realize that Date captured them. Napa asks him if he’s crazy to do this. He tells her to look around, it’s beautiful. He asks them to join the meal with him. It’s his dream to have a meal with the person he loves the most, that’s Napa. Khwan asks where this place is. He says he bought this land wanting to live here in his later age. He invites them to live with him here. Napa tells him to hurry bring them back. He says why she needs to hurry back when they will see a good thing together soon.

Napa: See what? I don’t understand.

Date: To see if someone is brave enough to prove his true love. Haha….

Chai Phi changes his clothes in the car. Adul says he actually doesn’t have to come with him because he’s still injured.

Chai Phi: Khun Adul, you can’t look down on me. My love for Phieng Khwan is not less than yours. Even my life, I can give it up for her.

Adul gives a gun to Chai Phi, and takes his med.

The nurse says sorry to Chai Pat. He says it’s all right, the important thing is, where Chai Phi secretly went to.

A policeman finds Date’s letter and gives it to his superior. The superior says it’s Date Kamhaeng. Chai Lek asks where Chai Phi is. He says all of them want to go with the policemen. The commander in chief of Crime Suppression Department says, for all Khunchais’ safety, he doesn’t allow them to go, but he guarantees with his honor that he will bring Khunchai Ronnaphee back safely.

Adul and Chai Phi arrive. Napa and Khwan call them. Date says he can’t believe that he fired only one bullet but ends up getting two birds. He says it’s admirable that Chai Phi came. He asks does his wound not hurt.

Adul says he’s here to take Khwan and his wife home. Date says he can’t say that when all these times he was having a good time with his first wife. Date accuses him of abandoning Napa and Phieng Khwan, so how he can have the face to call Napa his wife, and Phieng Khwan his child.

Date: I’m the one. I’m the one who is suitable for Nong Napa, because my love stands firm and strong. I, Napa and Phieng Khwan, we agreed to settle down on this land here. What do you think, pilot Mom? If you really love my daughter, you will have to help building this kingdom together. Do you agree?

Napa struggles free and yells at Det that she and her daughter never think of staying here with him. She tells him not to make it up. Date tells her not to lie to herself that the one who loves her the most is him.

Adul says he’s suffered because of his mistake for all of his life, so he already wrote a will to give the inheritance to Khwan. They are about to become a happy family. He tells Date to let them go.

Date: I will for sure, but only your soul. Your body will be buried here, and no one will be able to get out of here.


Adul calls him crazy. Chai Phi takes the chance and runs to Khwan. Date’s lackeys want to harm them so Date fires his gun and tells his men to stop, it’s the business between him, Napa, and Adul only. He tells his men not to touch them or he will kill that person himself.

Date throws a big knife to a tree behind Adul.

Date: Whoever wins, will get Napa.

Episode 11-2

Napa yells at Date that killing won’t benefit anyone. Adul turns to look at Napa.

Adul: Napa, I hope you will forgive me for everything I’ve done. Thank you for raising our child to become this good.

Khwan: Father!

Both Adul and Date are surprise to hear her call him that.

Adul: My child!

Adul picks up the knife.

Adul: Khunchai Ronnaphee, a soldier like you, must take my wife and my child home no matter what. Take care of my family. Love Phieng Khwan a lot.

Adul and Date approach each other and fight. Both take turn to stab each other but, in the end, Adul’s heart problem recurred and he collapses to the ground. Date means to stab him but Chai Phi fires his gun (so so cool!) at Date’s wrist, so the knife falls from his hand.  Chai Phi keeps firing his gun. He and Date run to get a gun nearby. Chai Phi picks up a stick first and hits Date’s hand with it. Date pulls out a knife from the stick Chai Phi is holding, and tries to stab him. They fight until Chai Phi falls down to the ground. Date punches Chai Phi’s wound on his chest many times (oh no!). Chai Phi is paralyzed by the pain. Date grabs the gun and aims at Chai Phi.

The sound of a gun shot is coming from the other direction, and the bullet goes into Date’s shoulder from behind. It’s a group of policemen lining up behind him. Napa runs to Adul while Khwan runs to Chai Phi. The choice of background music here is amazing. It’s a traditional Thai dance music, Chui Chai, the one both Napa and Khwan performed. I could feel Date’s pain of losing his love one in the past.

Date looks at them and realizes that nobody cares about him at all. Aww….I feel sad for him. The police arrests him. I truly didn’t think Date was a serious threat until he meant to kill them. I thought he was just teasing them so Chai Phi would prove his love to Khwan. Well, I didn’t take his character seriously from the get-go.

At the hospital, it seems there’s only one hospital throughout the five series (^^).

Chai Pat says he already stitched up the wound. Chai Phi is safe and there’s nothing to worry about. Mom Eiet says she’s relieved. Grandmother On gets angry that Chai Phi left the hospital to rescue that actress. She says why he can’t learn the lesson.

Khunchai Thewapun says, this woman, since Chai Phi’s known her, all he’s gotten is getting injured. Chai Phi’s life is going down so he suggests the should move up the wedding date, so that the two will stop seeing each other.

Khwan and Napa come to visit Adul.

Adul: Khwan, my child…..Napa.

Khwan says the doctor said his condition was better now. She tells him to properly take the medicine so that he will get well soon. Adul asks about Khunchai Ronnaphee’s condition. She says he’s all right now and he should be able to go back to Juthathep Palace soon.

Adul holds her hand and says, he thought he would never hear her call him father in this life time.

Khwan: I’m sorry. I’m just like an orphan out there who is afraid that father doesn’t truly love me, because you already have Pee Aut so I’m not sure how much important I am to you. When you came and did nice things to me, I was afraid that you would leave me to be an orphan like before again.

Adul: You must make a new understanding, father and mother love all of their children, but in our lives, sometimes we made mistake.

Khwan says sorry for what she did to him before, that she didn’t accept him. She says thank you for coming to help her. Thank you for loving her. Thank you for the fatherhood he’s been giving her.

Khwan: I love you, father.

Adul: Father loves you too.

He looks at Napa and calls her.

Adul: I’m so sorry for what happened in the past, Napa.

Cue music………no matter how long…..true love will always be a true love. It will never change or reduce over time…..

They hug each other and cry.

Seriously, this reunion scene will have a better impact on me if I was rooting for Adul, but I was  not, so…..

Chai Phi is crossing his arms like a stubborn kid lying in bed. The nurse says how he can recover when he’s not eating anything. Chai Phi plucks off an IV (again). The nurse says he can’t do that.

Chai Phi: Please ask Khunchai doctor Phuttipat to come see me immediately. Tell him that I have something to talk to him. (So cute!)

The four Khunchais come to talk with the two grandmothers. Mom Eiet says they all come together so what it is. Chai Pat says after Chai Phi woke up, he stubbornly doesn’t eat food or take medicine at all. He made it clear that Phieng Khwan only, could be his personal nurse, then he would eat and take medicine.

Grandmother On says that’s too much, how he cannot think of taking care of himself, and how he could tie himself to a lowly woman who just wants his wealth.

Chai Pat: From what I’ve known Phieng Khwan, she’s not like a woman you thought she is.

Chai Ruj: Chai Phi risked his life to do everything for Phieng Khwan again and again, we will have to admit that Phieng Khwan is very important to Chai Phi. We should support their loves.

Mom Eiet says, no matter what, Juthathep must keep the promise. She asks if they are not feeling sad for their ancestors.

Chai Yai: Grandmother Mom, be a Juthathep and so what? It’s just a family name which you, yourself, have made it become a great thing, that it felt like a huge stone weighting down our necks all of the time.

Grandmother On: Chai Yai!

Chai Pat: Grandmother Mom mustn’t know how much we have had to carry the word Juthathep on our shoulders. To know someone; how to behave; to get to know even one woman, we have to always be aware of Juthathep’s reputation. It’s suffocating!

Mom Eiet: How could you dare say these words?!

Chai Pat: Please sympathize with us. It’s been so difficult to find a friend; the one we love; the one who is sincere to us. When looking around, we would see only people who only care about a person’s outer shell. I don’t doubt at all why Chai Phi has been fighting that hard once he’s found true love, because this could be the only chance in Chai Phi’s life.

Chai Ruj: We, four of us, were lucky to get married with the ones who loved our true-selves. We are happy to have someone who understand us, that’s why we want Chai Phi to have that kind of happiness too.

Chai Yai: I, as the eldest brother, won’t be truly happy, if my young brother has to marry the woman he doesn’t love.

Rumpa is eavesdropping behind the curtain.

Chai Lek: All of us are feeling very guilty, that we are making Chai Phi carry the burden of the promise between Juthathep and Thewaphrom. We, will be on Chai Phi’s side, and we will not accept this (coming) wedding, grandmother Mom.

Chai Yai: And we will do as Chai Phi asked. We will bring Phieng Khwan to be Chai Phi’s personal nurse, at least for now.

Grandmother On protests that they made a decision without consulting Mom Eiet. She tells Mom Eiet not to allow them.

Chai Yai: I, on behalf of my younger brothers, apologize for our conduct this time. The respect and love that four of us have for grandmother Mom and grandmother On, will remain the same.

They all leave. Aww…the gang of four takes control of the palace. Rumpa walks in and asks the grandmothers what happened. She asks if Chai Phi is allowed to go home already, she wants to be his personal nurse.

Episode 11-3

Khwan continues with the filming of  movie Kinnaree until Chana calls it’s done. Chana thanks Sukda for his support that he can finally complete his dream movie.

Khwan comes home and Pranod tells her that there were four beautiful women came to see her. When they knew she’s not here, they wrote a letter to her. He hands it to her. Khwan reads it.

Khwan comes to meet the four wives of the Khunchais. Khwan asks what business they have with her. Kaew says they have something to ask of her today.

Maprang: Pee Chai Phi asked us to come. He wants you to be his personal nurse. He doesn’t eat these days, and refuses to take any medicine.

Khwan: Is that true?

Kaew gives a photo to Khwan.

Kaew: Khunchai Phi wrote this before he flew (that day).

Khwan reads it.

My dear Phieng Kwan,

I will fly instead of Yodyot today. For a bridegroom-to-be, his life is precious and must live on, but for my life, it’s for you and the country only. When there’s no you now, I don’t have anything to worry about. I will use every minute to protect the country’s sovereignty, to repay my homeland. And if I won’t come back, please remember that Ronnaphee loves Phieng Khwan forever.

Soifah: You should know already that Chai Phi loves you very much. During a time like this, I believe there’s only Khun Phieng Khwan who can be his best support. Pee Chai Phi is waiting for you.

Wanrasa: If we love someone, and that person loves us back, it’s a miracle. But if we can spend our lives with the one we love, it’s more than a miracle. Khun Phieng Khwan, please don’t let Khunchai fight alone.

Khwan shows up in front of Chai Phi. Aww….his eyes look so sweet.

Chai Phi: Phieng Khwan!

Soifah pushes Khwan to get closer to him. Chai Phi takes her hand.


Chai Phi: Phieng Khwan.

Khwan: I came to do the duty of a personal nurse just to repay your favors to me.

Chai Phi: Whatever, I miss you to death. Please let me kiss you. (*cough cough*)

Khwan: Don’t, Khunchai!

Soifah: There’s another good news. Khunchai Pat gave the permission for Khunchai Phi to go home! So now you don’t have to feel suffocated staying in the hospital anymore. Are you happy?

Chai Phi: I’m more than happy.

He gets up and cries out in pain. Khwan touches his arms worriedly.

Khwan: Khunchai…Khunchai Phi, are you all right?

Chai Phi gets up and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Aww…..James Ma is so so good in this scene.

The grandmothers come home with Chai Phi. Grandmother On says Chai Pat said Mom Eiet still needed to take care of herself. He prescribed some medicines for her too.  Mom Eiet asks if that woman came here too. Somsri says she went to take Khunchai Phi home since morning and she’s now in the kitchen with Khun Krongkaew making a light meal for Khunchai Phi. Grandmother On asks Mom Eiet if she should go and teach her the Juthathep tradition, may be she won’t be able to take it and leave. Mom Eiet says don’t, let’s see how she is for now.

Phieng Khwan is spoon-feeding Chai Phi. She asks if he’s been here since young. He says yes, he was running around here since he could remember. Pee Chai Yai was afraid he would become grandmother On’s baby, so he made him go to study in England. Khwan says, during the time she’s here taking care of him, she may need time to adjust herself to his palace, should she do something wrong or offend him in anyway, please advise her.

He holds hand, but she wants to take her hand away. He tells her that what she’s doing is offending him, so she lets him kiss her hand.

Kaew is putting the medicines into the cabinet. She tells Khwan that she already put labels on every bottle.

(Please let me say this, I really don’t like Kaew’s make-up and hair in this series at all. She’s a natural beauty in Khunchai Phuttipat, but here the stylist made she look old, and her acting is a little stiff throughout.)

Khwan says giving medicine to Chai Phi is quite all right but, she asks if she has to give medicines to Mom Eiet too. She’s afraid Mom Eiet may feel unhappy about it. Kaew says all of Khunchais want it this way, they want her to take care of Mom Eiet by herself, in the hope that, Mom Eiet may get soften toward her. Khwan says she will try.

Grandmother On sarcastically asks Kaew why she doesn’t give the duty of taking care the palace to Khwan already. Kaew doesn’t answer her and leaves. Khwan tells grandmother On that she will be here taking care of Khunchai Phi, if Khun On needs anything, she can call her to do it.

Grandmother On says, she should know that, if Chai Phi marries Wilairumpa, they won’t have to make any adjustment, but if Chai Phi marries her, the two of them and everyone in the palace will have to make a huge adjustment. Khwan says she didn’t think that far, her duty now is to take care of Khunchai Phi’s sickness only.

Grandmother On says, it’s good that she thinks like that. She wants Khwan to know that when two persons from the same social status get married, they can benefit from each other. But getting married with a person from her status, only her will benefit from it, but Chai Phi will be the one losing and losing.

Episode 11-4

Adul and Aut come to Juthathep Palace. Adul tells Somsri that he’s Phieng Khwan’s father. They meet with the grandmothers. Mom Eiet remembers that her palace used timbers from Adul’s company. Adul says his company is the biggest wood manufacturer in Thailand.  Aut and Chai Ruj greet each other, they met in England at the party for Thai students studying in Europe. Aut studied about wood manufacturing in Denmark.

Adul says he came today to see his daughter. Phieng Khwan walks in and greets her father. She calls him father. Both grandmothers gape at them. Adul tells grandmother On that him, Khunchai Ronnaphee, and Aut know one another well. Adul asks Khwan how Chai Phi is. She says he’s much better but his wound is still hurt, and he can’t walk that much. Aut says to the grandmothers that Khunchai Ronnaphee is a very brave man, he even went to help Napa and Phieng Khwan. Grandmother On asks Khwan she told her she’s an orphan.

Adul says Khwan is the daughter of him and Napa, and Khwan owns half of the company like Aut. Adul says he came today to see both grandmothers, to please give Khwan their kindness. Mom Eiet says thank you for letting Phieng Khwan take care of Chai Phi.

Adul says Khwan is a good girl. She takes care of herself and her family, she wouldn’t accept his money at all. He says this  should prove that she’s not a greed-for-money person. Aut assures the grandmothers that Kwan is a good person, even though she’s an actress, she never does anything shameful. He guarantees it.

Chai Ruj says, actually, Juthathep Palace welcomes Khun Phieng Khwan for a long while now. As long as she stays here, they will take good care of her, so they shouldn’t worry about that. Chai Ruj tells Khwan to take her father and Aut to see Chai Phi. Chai Ruj is taking them.

Jaew: And finally, the truth’s revealed, she’s the daughter of a rich man!

Somsri shushes her. Dear Jaew, I will miss you too after this series.

Tell you the truth, I’m quite disappointed that Khwan ends up rich in the end. I would love to see the grandmothers accept her as a poor girl a lot more.

Grandmother On is joining her usual card game (what appeared on screen said, gambling is illegal), but she’s upset. Her friend teases her that she must be upset about her granddaughter-in-laws. Another one says she should just let it go.  Grandmother On says she will wait and see when it’s her turn to have a daughter-in-law.

Chai Yai says to Maprang that the field she wants to establish is very new to Thai education. She agrees that it is, and they need to gather a lot of academics to support the field. Chai Phi and Khwan join them at the table.

Oh man, why James Ma suddenly looks so handsome, and handsomer? I guess, it’s because he smiles more now.

Chai Phi asks what they are talking about. Chai Yai says Maprang is establishing a new field, Mass Communications. Chai Phi says if there’s something about movie or acting, she can ask Khwan for help. Khwan says she will be glad to help with her work.

Grandmother On walks pass them so Chai Phi asks where she went. She says she went to get the letters from the mail box. Chai Phi says but the mail box is in another direction. She says she’s old so sometimes she forgets things. Chai Phi teases her that he thought she went to Khun Nai (Mrs) ThongSuk’s house. Grandmother On stumbles a bit. Chai Phi laughs and warns her to be careful. Chai Yai wants to walk back with her but she says there’s no need.

Episode 11-5

Chai Ruj and Wanrasa are busying packing. Chai Phi comes in with Khwan. He asks them if they are preparing for the trip. (I am so happy to see the same Chai Phi we saw in the previous four series again, the one who is playful and naughty.) Chai Ruj says he’s sending books and documents by ship, and he will take a leave to come back for Pee Chai Yai’s wedding.

Chai Phi: And will follow by my wedding of me and…. Phieng Khwan.

Khwan: Khunchai! I’ve never said I will marry you.

Chai Phi: You don’t say it…..I can say it alone.

Wanrasa: Khunchai Phi who is cheerful and bright is back.

Chai Phi: Pee Chai Ruj, you are a diplomat, your whole life won’t be staying at home. But it’s lucky that Pee Chai Ruj has Thunying, no matter where you are in the world, you won’t feel lonely, right?

Wanrasa: Yes. I can live anywhere that has Pee Chai Ruj, that’s enough.

Chai Phi: So sweet! I won’t get beated, one day I will have my own family too. I will take care of my Phieng Khwan, no less than Pee Chai Ruj. Wait and see!

Khwan: You! Said it on your own.  Please excuse me, I will go to arrange the medicines for Thun Mom Eiet.

Chai Phi: Don’t be long. (*me squeal*)

Chai Ruj: You came just to say this, right? You, mischievous boy!

Chai Phi: Pee Chai Ruj!

Khwan brings medicines to Mom Eiet saying it’s the after meal medicines.

Mom Eiet: Those Khunchais made a plan for you to bring the medicines. Let me ask you truthfully, what is your plan to please me?

Khwan: You’re a clever person, whichever plan it is, it won’t succeed. Please excuse me.

Mom Eiet: Wait, sit down! The wedding between Chai Phi and Wilairumpa hasn’t been canceled, and Wilairumpa didn’t do anything wrong. If she doesn’t get married this time, this woman will be ruined because of you. What do you think about this?

Khwan: These days, only Khunchai Ronnaphee accepts the meal and takes the medicines, just that, my duty is done. More than that, I don’t want to think about it.

Chai Phi is behaving like a baby needed to be spoon-feeded, haha. Rumpa walks to them. Uh-oh, I will not want to be in this kind of situation.

Khwan: Khun Rumpa!

Rumpa: I brought a chicken soup for you, would you like to have it now?

Khwan: Then, please excuse me.

Chai Phi holds her hand to stay where she is.

Chai Phi: Thank you, Nong Rumpa. You may leave it there, Phieng Kwan will take care of it for me later. She is my personal nurse.

Oh man, I feel sad for Rumpa. Chai Phi, you’re a bit cruel here.

Rumpa: Pee Chai Phi, you’ve already made a decision, haven’t you? You’ve already chosen Phieng Khwan instead of me, haven’t you?

Chai Phi: I’m sorry. I feel very guilty, most guilty to Nong Rumpa.

Rumpa: Then I will leave the soup here.

Marathi says they are indifferent about it like this, meaning they are intending to reject us. Khunchai Thewapun wonders what happened because, normally, Mom Eiet wouldn’t be like this.

Rumpa: That useless old woman!

Thewapun: Are you criticizing aunt Mom?

Marathi says, go ahead and criticize her, ungrateful, liar, go back on her words, and how many times already that they betrayed Thewaphrom.

Thewapun: Marathi!

Rumpa: When no one is helping us, we must find a way to kick Phieng Khwan out of Juthathep Palace by ourselves!

Grandmother On is enjoying a card game when the policemen show up. The police tells them to stay put, let’s make a trip to the police station.

Episode 11-6

Jaew runs to Khwan for help, she says she doesn’t know what to do. Khwan asks her what happened.

I can’t say I’m not happy seeing grandmother On in a cell. After the hardships she had put on her grandsons out of love, it serves her right to suffer a little and reflect on her mistake. Haha.

Her friends have someone to bail them out leaving her alone in jail. She feels sad and cries because she can’t really call anyone from the palace to come. Finally, Khwan is the one who pays the fine and bails her out.

Khwan: I knew about it from Jaew so I hurriedly came to bail Khun On out. How are you?

On realizes she’s wearing mismatching shoes. Khwan wants to give her shoes to her but grandmother On says it’s all right, she can walk.

G-On: Where did you get the money to bail me out from? Or….it’s Chai Phi! Does Chai Phi know about this?

Khwan: I didn’t tell Khunchai Ronnaphee. I hurriedly go home to get the money that I received from filming. It’s lucky that I currently have some money or it will be a trouble. Therefore, except I and Jaew, no one in the building (palace) knows about this.

Grandmother On: Thank you so much, Phieng Khwan.

Khwan: Let’s hurry leave before someone sees us.

Grandmother On laughs at herself. The heels of her shoes are not equal, she wonders how she could wear them like this, she guesses she’s so frightened running from the police.

When they get home, grandmother On secretly gives her back the money.

Grandmother On: Here, thank you so much. This time I own you a favor. If it’s not for you, I will be in big trouble. I truly thank you, please stay comfortably from now on.

Rumpa comes in so Khwan leaves to bring the medicines to Mom Eiet. Rumpa says today she brought rice porridge for Pee Chai Phi and grandmother Mom. Grandmother On says thank you, and calls Jaew to warm it.

Rumpa asks if she’s now close to that actress, the plan of the Khunchais must be working. They all are enchanted by her that she’s now forgotten. Grandmother On says it’s not like that. She tells her to sit down and she will bring a glass of cold water for her.

Rumpa tells Marathi that, first, it’s Mom Eiet that’s strange, today grandmother On become like her too. It seems there’s something between her and Phieng Khwan, they were talking so close, how despicable.

Marathi says, how that could be when grandmother On was always on her side.

Rumpa: Those Khunchais come up with a clever plan, they make Phieng Khwan be the one arrange the medicines for grandmother Mom, so that she would be close to her. That two old grandmas, when someone pleased them, they would gone all soft. These people are betraying us!

Marathi says let them betray us, she asks if Phieng Khwan has the duty of arranging the medicines for Mom Eiet. Rumpa says yes and asks why she asked.

Marathi: Did you forget that I was a nurse?

Aww…..this director should do a thriller next, the scene was so well executed.

Episode 11-7

Rumpa sneaks in and pours out one of Mom Eiet’s medicine from the bottle, and replaces it with the medicine she brought. She puts the old medicine in her bag.

Chai Pat receives a phone call telling him that someone wants to harm Mom Eiet. Marathi hangs up and smiles. Seriously, how can Chai Pat couldn’t recognize her voice?

Rumpa comes in and talks with grandmother On while Khwan is arranging the medicines for Mom Eiet, so that grandmother Mom won’t disturb her plan. Rumpa says if grandmother On wants to go out today, she can take her. Grandmother On says she’d rather stay home with Mom Eiet because Mom Eiet is not feeling well.

Khwan brings the medicines to Mom Eiet and tells her that it’s the after meal medicines. Mom Eiet calls her.

Mom Eiet: Phieng Khwan, thank you very much.

Rumpa sees that Khwan comes down so she’s satisfied. She tells grandmother On she will take both grandmothers to see Kon (a kind of traditional dance) when Mom Eiet gets well. Grandmother On thanks her.

Khwan brings the medicines to Chai Phi.

Chai Phi: Why have you been away so long? I’m feeling lonely, you know.   (*cough cough*)

Khwan: I took the medicines to Mom Eiet, and these are Khunchai Phi’s.

Chai Phi: Thank you.

Chai Pat runs to Mom Eiet just in time, when she has a difficult time breathing. Grandmother On and Rumpa run to them.

Chai Pat: Don’t come! Let me check grandmother Mom’s condition first!

Oh dear, Rumpa, you shouldn’t be smiling now, this is too cruel.

Chai Pat: Grandmother Mom’s blood-pressure medicine! Phieng Khwan!

Chai Pat pushes Khwan down to the floor.

Chai Pat: Khun Khwan, where did you get this medicine?!

Episode 11-8

Khwan: It’s the medicine to reduce blood pressure that Khunchai doctor gave it to me.

Chai Pat says it’s true that it’s the medicine to reduce blood pressure, but it’s not the same medicine he gave her. The color may look similar but the amount(mg) is not the same. If grandmother Mom takes it, her blood pressure will be reduced too low. It could harm her life.

Rumpa calls Khwan a poisonous snake and slaps her.

Chai Yai shouts at her to stop. They should talk about it, they don’t’ even know what the story is.  Rumpa says everyone already sees that she meant to poison grandmother Mom. Khwan says she didn’t do it, that medicine is the same one Khunchai doctor gave her to give it Mom Eiet everyday.

Grandmother On says she can’t believe that she could do this, she’s so disappointed in her.

Chai Phi holds Khwan and asks what Khwan would do what they accused her for, there’s no reason for it. Rumpa says there is, Phieng Khwan knows that Mom Eiet won’t let her be with Chai Phi, so she wants to kill Mom Eiet, so that there will be no obstacle for her love. Khwan says she really didn’t do it, she can swear on it.

Rumpa says how she can argue when Chai Pat said this was a dangerous medicine. She tells Chai Phi to accept that this woman’s true nature is a lowly one. Chai Yai says he thinks there should be an investigation to find out the truth. Chai Pat says someone called and told him about it, so the one who did it must be one of them here.

Rumpa says they don’t need to do that when it’s clear to them who did it. Chai Yai says the case of trying to kill, they won’t just let it go. He thinks the police should do this job. Chai Lek says a trying-to-kill case has the penalty of more than ten years of imprisonment.

Maprang says this is a palace’s matter among the people they know well, let’s not take it to court.

Soifah says, but the person who thought of bad thing and did bad thing, must be imprisoned. Chai Yai is about to call the police when Mom Eiet walks in with Jaew. Everybody is surprised to see her.

Mom Eiet asks if the person hasn’t confessed yet. Krong Kaew asks her if she’s all right, Khunchai Pat said she’s been poisoned. Chai Pat says grandmother Mom is all right, he knew when he checked her condition, but what he wants to know is, who meant to poison her.

Mom Eiet tells Jaew to say what she saw.

Jaew: Khun Wilairumpa was the one changing the medicine.

Everybody is stunned looking at Rumpa. Rumpa calls Jaew a lowly person to accuse her. She calls grandmother Mom, Chai Phi, Chai Pat, and grandmother On to look at her face. She asks how it’s possible for a person like her to poison grandmother Mom. Rumpa asks Jaew for a proof she has to accuse her. Jaew says the medicine that Rumpa changed should now be in her bag.

Chai Yai says to Rumpa if she’s innocent, please let him take a look inside her bag. He pours everything out of her bag but doesn’t find the medicine. He says sorry to her and starts putting everything back into her bag.

Rumpa: See! I told you and you didn’t believe me that I wasn’t the one who did it. Pee Chai Yai, you can call the police now to arrest this real evil.


Soifah: Wait! The wedding invitations of Khunchai Phi and Nong Rumpa are really beauty. Please let me take a look at it. (She’s using her 007 instinct, I guess :))

When Soifah picks them up, Rumpa snatches them from her hands making the medicine fall to the floor. Everybody can’t believe what they are seeing. Grandmother On kneels down and apologizes to Khwan for their misunderstanding. Mom Eiet tells grandmother On to bring Khwan to her. She touches her cheek and asks if it had hurt a lot. Mom Eiet praises Khwan for her tolerance to prove the truth all along.

Mom Eiet: It’s time, you will become the next granddaughter-in-law of the Juthathep.

Mom Eiet hugs her lovingly. Rumpa looks at them and shrieks. This is really really sad looking at her stage of mind.

Rumpa hugs Chai Phi’s leg. She begs everyone that she did it because she loves Chai Phi. She begs for their forgiveness. She screams at Khwan.

Rumpa: You, lowly woman! You have no rights to even show your face in Juthathep Palace. The place of the granddaughter-in-law of the Juthathep must be mine, must be Wilairumpa’s only! You! Phieng Khwan!

Rumpa wants to hit Phieng Khwan, but grandmother On stops her.

Grandmother On: Stop it, Wilairumpa! I’ve never thought that a small child that I loved, was kind to since she’s born, can become such a cruel black-heart person like this. I’m so sad. I feel deep pity for you.

Rumpa: Grandmother On!

She pushes Rumpa away so hard that she falls to the floor. It’s a rather harsh gesture but Rumpa tried to harm her dear sister, so it’s understandable.

Grandmother On: Your conduct is the conduct of a desperate person, a psycho! Nothing of the Thewaphrom is left in you! Get out of Juthathep Palace right now! I don’t want to see your face from now on! Get out!

Hands down, that’s a really good acting from Esther.

At the very same hospital 🙂 Khunchai Thewapun is looking at Rumpa.

Chai Pat says he told the doctor to take the best care of her. Her body is all right, the medicine he gave her is to reduce stress so that she could rest a lot. He tells Khunchai Thewapun to try not to let her think too much.

Khunchai Thewapun says he couldn’t believe a person like Rumpa dared poison Mom Eiet. Chai Pat excuses himself and is about to leave when Marathi speaks to him.

Marathi: This matter won’t end here! I curse everyone in the Juthathep to have no happiness, and face with disaster in their lives, for not keeping the promise with the Thewaphrom!

(Oh no! Will we see Marathi taking revenge with our Khunchais’ kids?)

Chai Pat: Nong Marathi, the wound on the body can be healed, but the anger and hatred in the mind that is burning you and Wilairumpa now, will pain you, and suffer you restlessly for the rest of your lives. You should stop it already!

Chai Pat leaves.

Mom Eiet is talking with Khunchai Thewapun.

Mom Eiet: I’m sorry I can’t let Chai Phi marry Wilairumpa.

Chai Phi: We cannot keep the promise that our father had told us, we couldn’t marry even one of the Thewaphrom. We apologize to you.

Chai Yai: Uncle, you were the one saved our father’s life. In here are the accounts of debts between us, I’m glad to cancel all of them (he signs his name), and this plot of land, currently is a market making incomes for the Juthathep all this time, I’m giving it to you, uncle.

Khunchai Thewepun takes the title deed from Chai Yai. (*cough* don’t forget to transfer the ownership at the Department of  Lands *cough*)

Chai Lai reminds Pim Pun not to forget to go try on her wedding dress. She says she sympathizes with Rumpa, she really wants to wear Pim Pun’s wedding dress. Yodyot says if Rumpa wasn’t so infatuated with Phi and wanted everything of the Juthathep, she wouldn’t be like this. Pim Pun says they shouldn’t blame it all on her, because it’s about the anger of Khun Marathi too. She says Wilairumpa was born in a good family; she’s well-educated; she’s beautiful, what’s pity.

Pim Pun: The thing we, as her friends, can only do is to forgive her.

(I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere watching the series, but in the novel, both Yodyot and Pim Pun learn the truth that Phieng Khwan was to one who helped them to get back together.)

Rumpa is crying alone in the hospital. I hope she will get well soon.

Episode 11-9

Pranod gets the first place in the final exam. The teacher praises him for his effort. Pranod is so happy smiling from ear to ear while Salukjit is feeling upset because she gets to be the second place.

Pranod: Are you angry at me?

SLJ: Why do I have to be angry at you, Pranod? It’s only right that I am happy for you.

Pranod: Because you’re wearing a frown looking at me.

SLJ: No, I’m not. I’m just afraid that my father will be sad that I didn’t get the first place in the final exam like before.

Pranod: Then next year, I won’t be the first place in the exam.

SLJ: No, you must study hard. I will study hard. Shall we compete?

Pranod: Will you still be my support like before?

SLJ: Yes, I will.

Pranod: In that case, the girl named Salukjit won’t get the first place in the exam anymore.

SLJ: Sure! The next term of  next year, let’s compete, promise me that you will compete with me.

Pranod: I promise you! I got the first place in the final exam but you still didn’t give me any present yet, Salukjit.

SLJ: Sure! Close your eyes, and count one to three.

Pranod: One….two….three!

Salukjit hugs him and gives him a kiss. Pranod shrieks like a hyena.

(Although I love you two, you guys are taking 2:20 minutes of screen time of the FINAL episode. Arghhhh! Give me more of the Khunchais!)

At the premiere of movie Kinnaree. An emcee invites Chana, the director, on the stage. He says this movie wouldn’t be able to finish its filming, without this person, Khun Sukda, his producer. He says the person who has been his inspiration all this time is his late wife, Ratri. The person who helped continuing his dream is Phieng Khwan.

Phieng Khwan walks down the stairs gracefully. Chai Phi looks at her proudly.

(Love. Love. Love. I love this scene so so much. This is the best final scene for me, because it signifies the outcome of what Khwan had been through in her career, and what she now achieves in the end. The way Chai Phi is looking at her is telling us more than any dialog. The two grandmothers’ acceptance of  Khwan is what the couple have been fighting for. James Ma looks really handsome in all frames in this scene. Love it!)

Chai Phi: Grandmother Eiet, grandmother On, the first time I met Phieng Khwan, she was an angel falling down in my embrace just like how grandmother On dreamed. It’s true. My Phieng Khwan is very beautiful, isn’t she, grandmother On?

Grandmother On: Yes. She’s both beautiful, clever, and the most important thing is, she’s a good person.

Adul and Napa walk to them. They greet one another.

Mom Eiet: Napa, if I talked to you wrongly, please do not mind an old woman like me.

Napa: I already forgot all about it, Thun Mom Eiet.

Mom Eiet: If you don’t mind, I would like to ask for Phieng Khwan to be my granddaughter-in-law, all right?

Napa: In that case, I would like to ask you to please be kind to my daughter.

Chai Phi: So from now on, I can call you mother Napa, right?

Adul: Don’t forget father Adul.

Chai Phi shakes hand with grandmother On, mission accomplished. So cute!

(Funny bit: someone on the net said they gave the same kind of bouquets to Khwan, they must have bought it at the front gate of the theater. Haha.)

Jan looks at Khwan and cries. She’s so happy for her. Aut sees her crying.


Aut: Jan! Why are you crying?

Jan: I’m happy for Khwan and the crew. They’d been very tired to have this day.

He gives her his handkerchief.

Jan: I’m so happy for Khwan. Look at her, she’s getting a lot of flowers. All of them are beautiful.

Aut shows her a bouquet. She smiles and says every time he meets her, he would give her flowers, but…thank you. She is taking it from him but he doesn’t let her.

Aut: No, this is not yours. We will give these flowers to Khwan together later.

She punches his ribs for not telling her in the first place.

Salukjit says today Pee Khwan is really pretty. She asks Pranod if he thinks so too.

Pranod (who talks more like Chai Phi, the playboy, now): You are pretty too. Do you want to change your mind and become a star like Pee Khwan?

SLJ: No, I don’t think so. I want to be a nurse so I can treat you.

Pranod: Promise?

SLJ: I promise.

They do a pinky swear. Bulan joins them too that they will promise to study hard forever.

(Okay, the kids are taking the screen times again, I wonder if that means…a sequel for Pranod later?)

Aut and Jan give the bouquet to Khwan.

Khwan: Sawasdee, all the honorable guests. Thank you all for joining the event of the premiere of the movie Kinnaree today. In a while, we will be watching the movie together. Thank you again.

And it’s the wedding of Khunchai Ronnaphee. The photographer is telling Chai Phi to move forward a little. He tells them to look at the camera. Chai Phi leans down and holds her close. Aww… sweet.


Each couple takes picture together. Poor Khunchai Tharathorn, he didn’t get to have his own wedding scene. The photographer is telling Chai Ruj to put his arm around Wanrasa shoulder, and he tells Wanrasa to lean on Chai Ruj. Chai Lek has to sit down while Soifah is standing because he’s too tall for the director to cope with 🙂 Then Khunchai Phuttipat doesn’t give me (and the whole country) a kiss on his wife’s cheek as promoted, but I will forgive him because I can see it on Youtube all the time. Hehe.  (Chai Pat, see you later in Ruk Sud Rit) Then the family take pictures together.

It’s so like Chai Phi to drive such a beautiful car with his wife along a beautiful highway. He kisses his wife while driving and almost loses control of the car. (Someone on the net said Chai Phi almost slipped off the curve and followed his father. Ha!)

Chai Phi looks at the ring on Khwan’s finger.

Chai Phi: Khwan.

Khwan: Yes.

Chai Phi: I am very happy, do you know, when I have you by my side like this.

Khwan: I feel warm and safe every time I’m close to you too.

He holds her.

Chai Phi: Promise me, no matter how long the days has passed, we will always have each other like this.

Khwan: I’ve never had this kind of good feeling before, you’ve made me know the word…..

He kisses her. The camera had to move to the end of the world so we wouldn’t see them kiss.


Chai Phi: You are my woman. I love you, Phieng Khwan.

He embraces her.




That last line is my favorite part, not sure how many times I re-played. At the beginning of the series I was annoyed by James Ma’s pronunciation that he didn’t make different between saying the word with the sound of  ‘R’ and ‘L’ such as the word ram he would say lam, so I was afraid he would say ruk (love) as luk. However, in the last line, he made it clear to my ears that he said it right. Love his improvement here.

There were many complaints about the ending, of course, the kissing scenes between Chai Pat and Kaew, and Chai Phi and Khwan were missing. I was surprised at first because they promoted for ages about it, but when I watched the episode again, the director did his best to smooth all the romantic scenes for us. Some said, the episode should end with the scene of all Khunchais together to mark the conclusion of the Juthathep series. I agree with this idea. If after Chai Phi hugs Khwan, flashbacks of the previous four series come up, it will complete the feeling of the viewers imo. But I guess time was the factor, and as I said, I was wondering why Pranod got so much screen time in the final episode.

There will be a sequel of the Juthathep series coming in novels called Si Darunee (four teenage girls) next year, which will be about four girls, of course, and Pranod will be one of the heroes. The story will mention the Juthathep Khunchais’ lives after marriage. That’s all I heard, and it will be novels, not TV-series.

What do you think if Chai Phi died in the battle? Will that make his story memorable? Of course, the viewers will curse the whole production team, but the thought came to me that the story will take an interesting turn in an awesome way too, and it will leave Chai Phi in our heart forever.

Let’s get to the ratings a bit. The 2013 Channel 3 for prime time (after the evening news) drama ratings is out.

No.1 Khunchai Ratchanon

No.2 Khunchai Ronnaphee

No.3 Khunchai Phuttipat

No. 13 Khunchai Prawonruj

No.14 Khunchai Tharathorn

I will say Khunchai Phuttipat’s popularity toward the end made Khunchai Ratchanon get good ratings, but the story on its own of Ratchanon, plus Soi, Joi, Chatchavee, and Por Yai deserves to be number one imo. The high ratings of Ratchanon helped Ronnaphee in the beginning, and toward the end the ratings moved up significantly. I guess the viewers anticipated the ending of all Khunchais and the story of Ronnaphee got better too. Tharathorn and Prawonruj helped building the groundwork needed for the story of brotherhood of the Juthathep. The series is now the success of Channel 3 this year, and I think that’s true with all the attention from the media for all Khunchais at this moment.

Let’s get back to Khunchai Ronnaphee, the series.

Personally, I think there’s a problem with Chai Phi’s character design in the early episodes. With the five consecutive series on air after one another, continuity and consistency of characters are the main key of success imo. Khunchai Ratchanon ended when Chai Phi was still a playful man, but then episode one of Khunchai Ronnaphee, he came out as a sad quiet young man. There should be a smooth transition in his personality for the viewers to adjust at first, just like in the novel, the first chapter was explaining how very sad Chai Phi was when Chai Lek, his buddy, got married and spent most of his time with his wife leaving Chai Phi no one to hang out with, at the same time, he doesn’t know love yet he envies his four brothers’ marriage life, plus he has the burden of marrying the Thewaphrom which he doesn’t want to.

In the series, the director should have made Chai Phi smile a little more in early episodes. The distribution of the main points of the story throughout the series seemed to be missing its timing. Some scenes shouldn’t be there at all, some scenes should come a little faster for the story to pick up its pacing, and  some scenes deserve more screen time for the feeling to resonate. I heard the director was responsible for all of the editing. Personally the visual outcome was really beautiful, but if you feel the story doesn’t move smoothly or the scene somehow confuses you, usually, it’s the problem of the editing. I think this director is really good at doing the action scenes, some scenes were amazingly edited, especially all of the air battle scenes.

The director chose to end the series with Ronnaphee and Phieng Khwan scene, sending James Ma directly into the spotlight, Mint too but she’s not a newbie so James Ma was the one benefited from the ending the most, and I’m all right with it since the previous four series ended with the couple together, so why my Chai Phi can’t have that moment too.

However, this last episode was also the conclusion of the Juthathep series, so the viewers were expecting something more of the five brothers together, but there were less than expected making the wrapping up of the five series somewhat incomplete to many. All in all, I love all five series, the newbies held their own just fine while the not-newbies helped supporting and smoothing out the stories and the acting to move along where it should be. Kudos to all five directors, the cast and crew. Hope we will get to see more of good production dramas coming our way.

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  1. hello,popv…
    i’m one of a blogger, Hyo Rin

    i wanna asking for permission for using your “warrior baek dong soo” recaping picture, i also make the recap of it but i have difficulty about the picture, so if you dont mind..can i use ur picture?
    i know that its really take a long time for capturing and selecting also uploading it.. that’s why i asking your permission..
    if you permitt me, i’ll really grateful

  2. Thanks a lot for your recaps and the reviews of Khun Chai Ronnaphee. I agree with you about the director’s editing of the story and Pranod having more scenes than necessary. The first 2-3 episodes were slow moving and dull . On top of that Khun Chai Phee wasn’t showing his full character yet. But after episode 6 it gets more exciting and by the time episodes 8,9 and 10 come I was so into Khun Chai Phee and Kwan that I was an emotional rack, crying in almost every scene. I felt that the ending should be like the novel’s ending with Mom Yar’s 80th birthday and her reflections on her five grandsons and their wives and sons. That would be a superb ending and closure of the five khun chais but now we are left with an unfinished story so to say and wanting to know more about them. I must say it has been a great pleasure watching all 5 series and feeling this much. :-DD

  3. Is there really going to be a sequel?!?! I’m so Excited!!!! I dont even care that it’s about 4 girls. I just happy there is going to be a sequel

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