Update: Stars Encountered

There were times when I was walking in a department store and suddenly I recognized the face.

Aum Patcharapa :

Saw her in Jimmy Choo store. She’s pretty and elegant. Sorry to say this, but I couldn’t miss her beautiful chestย  (I really mean really pretty). She came with her friends, and a man (the one currently on the news). Her face was perfect and so so small. Wow.

Margie Rasri and her bf:

Saw them in Greyhound Cafe (or similar name). I was having a meal, and I looked around, and boy, the table next to me was them eating together. At that time, I didn’t know it’s her bf until later. Her face was lovely and she’s so skinny. Her bfย  looked good too.

Weir Sukollawat, Noey Chotika (aka Marathi), Ken Phupoom, May Feungarom, Gubgib Sumonthip, Oil Thana, and A Supachai (a famous star-maker):

Saw all of them in the opening event of Catalog Friday. Ken Phupoom was wearing a really bright yellow jacket. Weir was a little eh…dark ๐Ÿ™‚ The one that caught my attention was Noey Chotika, of course, I didn’t like Marathai in Khunchai Phuttipat, but Noey was so lovely and so so skinny. Her smile was beautiful. Gubgib was charming. A Supachai was eh….A Supachai.

jma1 jma

July 10, 2013

James Ma:

I would like to get a glimpse of him (because I couldn’t make up my mind how I should feel about his look ๐Ÿ™‚ ), so I went to the premiere (for the media) ofย  Pacific Rim (the movie) yesterday. He showed up on the stage with Namtarn. He’s so adorable and very polite. It sounded like he couldn’t speak Thai very well (he talked a little slower than normal), and he couldn’t read Thai that much too. After the show, he walked down to the theater and passed me! OMG…with all the fans, the two didn’t really walk but floated with the fans hehe.

When I came down to the lower floor, there was a huge crowd gathering around Dior store. The receptionist said James Ji was in there. Aww….what do you think I would do? I waited around, and a guard told me Nadech and Yaya were coming too. Awwwww……it was like watching a star parade last night with the following stars showed up: Ann Thongprasom, Aum Atichart & Nat Myria, Aff Tuksaorn (she’s very very pretty) and her husband, Noi Busakorn (Ken theeradeth’s wife, so pretty too), andddd…….Nadech and Yaya!!!

Nadech & Yaya:


They came on golf carts with their mothers. It was late at night so not many people were around. I was standing so close when they passed by, I swear he looked into my eyes *swoon*. Personally, Nadech was Nadech, yunno, the one I saw in many magazines, but for Yaya, oh my, she was a petite young woman and her face was small and very lovely. Her smiles were so sweet.

The funny thing was, I waited to see James Ji, but I missed him because he went back another way. I ended up seeing Nadech & Yaya and mamas again when they were going back. Nadech reached out to touch his fans’ hands, and they screamed. Yaya waved to the crowd. They looked good together but Nadech looked a bit tired imo.

Well, the result was I didn’t see James Ji but see these stars instead. It’s quite cool, I’d say. Fear not, James Ji will have a big event on July 26. I will pump life into me and join the crowd, if I don’t forget about it, that isย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Normally, I’m not all for celeb at all but when they were in front of me, I gotta check them out. Hehe.

Nadech & Yaya and their mothers @ Dior

(Click on the link below)

They just came back from a Europe trip (Germany and Italy) doing a fashion shoot. They took their mothers on the trip too. Nadech teased Yaya that she got a boy character from her new lakorn Dao Reuang (premieres this Friday, CH3). They both said they hoped the viewers would follow this lakorn.

All pictures and video credit as tagged.

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  1. wow! i am soooo jealous… as in really jealous… what would i give up to be in your shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ i will be going to thailand next year and i seriously want to see at least one of them… be it the the Juthateps, or the Adisuans… or their leading ladies… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I read your encounters three times over, so I can live vicariously through you. So jealous! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you continue to share your stars encounter, if not for yourself, for us far away fans! If I was in Thailand, I’d be stalking my fave celebs. Gritttttt! It’s amazing that you’re not dara crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again popv!

  3. I enjoy reading this. It’s funny how you wanted to see James J but you ended up seeing Nadech & Yaya & other stars instead. lol. I wonder what I will be like if I see them in reality. lol. Quick question, when you see dara(s) at the Mall, like how you saw Margie & Aum, do you go up to them? Or do you just stay where you’re at and just look at them? Lol. I always wonder what people do when they see Dara(s) just around shopping,eating, hanging out,etc.

    • Eh….for me, I just continued with what I was doing. For Aum, I was looking at some shoes when I saw her. I just took turn looking at her and the shoes haha for a while. For Margie, I wasn’t sure it was her at first, so I looked at her again and again until I was sure, then I continued eating ๐Ÿ™‚ For Nadech & Yaya, they were on golf carts with their mothers passing me really close, Nadech looked at me, I looked at Nadech and that’s that, haha. All of these incidents, people didn’t approach them but would keep the distance and look at them. Only their FC near the entrance were cheering, as I said it was late so not many were around.

      However, all of this politeness won’t apply to James Ji at the moment imo. He’s really really popular these days that, in a certain event, he had to have like 10 guards surrounding him when he had to walk to the stage, may be he’s a newbie and everybody wants to see him. I kept buying magazines of him until there were too many that I gave up. Buahaha……

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