Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 10

I really don’t want the Juthathep series to end  T___T

Episode 10-1

Chai Phi cries his heart out thinking of Phieng Khwan.

Pranod reads the news to Khwan about Chai Yai and Chai Phi’s coming weddings. Pranod says Pee Phi loves Pee Khwan so much, he wonders how Pee Phi will be able to marry another woman. Bulan tells her son to go do his homework.

Chai Phi asks Maprang if she finishes eating now when there’s some rice left on her dish. She says she’s feeling full and doesn’t feel like eating. Chai Yai says she spent time handing out their wedding invitations everyday, so she must be tired. Maprang holds Chai Yai’s hand and says, but when she thinks there will be a wedding only once in her life, she has a heart to do it and stops feeling tired. Chai Phi looks at the couple smilingly.

Kaew says Chai Pat will have three surgeries this afternoon, so she doesn’t know if he will have dinner at a proper time. She says she will add more rice for him. Chai Pat kisses his wife’s cheek affectionately. Chai Phi looks at them feeling sad for himself (I think). Chai Pat says just this, he will probably be feeling full till tomorrow (aww). Kaew asks does he not feel embarrassed to others (seeing him kiss). He says what there’s to feel embarrassed. Chai Phi envies his brothers for having their love ones by their sides. Aww…I feel sad for Chai Phi, and how the brothers could do this in front of a broken-heart man.

Chai Phi asks Chai Lek about the situation in Wieng Phu Kam. Chai Lek says Chao Virawong’s armed forces are moving in heavy weapons. Chai Phi says the army is on alert preparing both troops and weapons too, he thinks this time there will be a real battle. Soifah is feeling sad for her people. They have to suffer because of their leaders are fighting for power.

Chai Lek gets a phone call from the head of Central Bureau of Investigation suggesting Soifah not to go out if it’s unnecessary, they aren’t sure of her safety. Chai Lek tells her that.

Soifah: Nobody can harm me!

Chai Lek: You said this meaning you are going to be stubborn, aren’t you? (He holds her hand.) I’m asking you not to be stubborn now. Think about it, if something happens to you, I won’t be able to live.

Chai Phi looks at them. Soifah looks at him and looks at Chai Lek.

Chai Lek: Are you afraid Chai Phi will be jealous of us?

Chai Phi: No, I’m not. But seeing you, brothers, loving each other and feeling happy making me think of Phieng Khwan.

Aww…..this is so sad the way he said it.

Jan is busy teaching the kids with English vocab when Aut shows up. She picks an alphabet and the kids have to come up with the word. When she asks the word for letter “L” , Aut says “LOVE”. Jan doesn’t turn around so she doesn’t see him. She writes the spelling of the word on the blackboard and turns to the kids. She’s surprise to see him.

Jan: Khun Aut!

Aut asks the kids, what’s the meaning of love (in Thai)? The kids say ruk and laugh.

Okay, this is cute and this is the first time I feel something for this couple 🙂

Episode 10-2

The class is over. Jan introduces Aut to her aunt, an elder sister of her father. She says he’s her friend and doesn’t know why he came. Aut says he came to help her teach the kids. The aunt tells Jan to open a house by the stream for him to stay, and take him to carry the water up to the house or he won’t have water to use.

Jan: Who told you that I’m here?

Aut: Your dad.

She curses her dad silently.

Jan: Why are you following me?

Aut: I miss you.

She jabs him on his ribs.

Jan: I can’t take it anymore. Are you seeing me as a clown or a toy? That’s right, I’m not beautiful. I’m not sweet. I’m not talented. I have nothing to be interested about, but I’m not a clown, stop making fun of me!

Aut: Listen to me first!

Jan: Stop messing around with me. You are going to marry Khwan, I know all about it.

Aut: Listen to me first! I and Khwan are siblings.

Jan: What?

Aut: I and Khwan are siblings. Siblings can’t marry each other. What you saw that day was an acting. Khwan wanted Khunchai Ronnaphee to stop feeling for her, so she asked me to help her.

Jan: Why didn’t anybody tell me?

Aut: It’s an agreement between me and Khwan. (He holds her hands.) Your face looks pale, the weather must be cold. (He crosses her arms and turns her around.) Feeling warmer? (aww…I do!)

Jan breaks free and says she’s all right. She tells him that’s enough!

Jan orders Aut to carry buckets of water. At night, she comes to give him a blanket. He thanks her and tells her to sit down with him.

Aut: It’s quite cold.

He gives her a flower.

Jan: You are giving me flower again. Why do you love to give me flowers?

Aut: Because I like you. You are beautiful and lovely. Looking at you, I’m feeling fresh. Feeling fresh like I’m smelling flowers. (He catches her fist.) I came because I missed you. Without you in the capital, it feels like I have no one in the world.

He puts the flower on her hair and covers her shoulders with his scarf. He moves closer and holds her hand. She flicks her fingers on his hand, so he has to let go. He tries to sit close to her and smiles.

Khwan and Chai Phi are thinking of each other but trying to move on with their lives. Chai Phi and his friend are flying the planes patrolling the border. They see Chao Virawong’s rebellion camp in the forest. His friend asks if they should proceed and destroy them. Chai Phi tells him to go back to the air base and report it to their superior officer.

Khunchai Thewapun wants a car to use so Chai Yai tells him to pick any of the palace’s cars. He says he meant he wanted a new car. He can’t afford going around town in an old car when they are about to join as one family. Chai Yai gulps and gets up to write him a cheque. Khunchai Thewapun thanks him and says he will give it back to him.

Chai Lek is angry.

Chai Lek: Same thing! Every time he borrowed, he never returned the money. How many hundred thousands already? Or may be it’s almost a million by now. Uncle will say he wants new clothes, new palace to be suitable for joining the Juthathep! The favor he did for our father, how much more do we have to repay to be enough?!

Chai Pat: Chai Phi will have to marry for Wilairumpa for real?

Chai Yai: When that time comes, I don’t want to think about it myself.

Pim Pun learns that there’s a problem with her wedding dress.  Rumpa says she likes her wedding dress and wants to have it. Chai Lai says Pim Pun’s wedding is coming soon, how she can find a new dress. Rumpa says her wedding is huge with more guests, many of them are from royal families. She begs Pim Pun to give her her wedding dress. Pim Pun has to say yes (through clenched teeth). Not sure if Rumpa is happy about it or she’s a psychopath.

Episode 10-3

Jan comes calling Aut and gives him breakfast. He thanks her and takes her hand to talk.

Aut: Khun Jan, when will you go back to Bangkok? I will take you to meet my father, to have a meal with him.

Jan: Why do I have to eat with your father?

Aut:  I want to introduce you to my father as the woman that I love.

Jan: Why don’t you take your father to eat duck noodles in front of my boxing camp, so I can take my father too?

He caresses her cheek.

Aut: You are making fun of it. I never bring any woman to meet my father. I’m pretty excited.

Jan: Khun Aut, listen to me carefully. Do you really think we can get along? We are so much different. You graduated from abroad, I graduated from a performing arts school. You have a rich father, I have father who is a boxer. I can give you time to decide again. There’s still time to change your mind.

Aut: I have made a decision. I will marry the woman I love, I will marry you.

He kisses her cheek and holds her close. So a happy ending for this couple. Cute. Cute. Cute.

A man reports to Soifah that the battle has started in Wieng Phu Kam. Thai people could hear gunfire clearly along the border. Soifah is worried about Por Yai and her people.

Chai Phi’s superior officer is reporting to a high-ranking government official (I guess).

Officer: With your permission, Chao Luang Rangsiman is a friend from the same class with Flg.Off. M.R. Ronnaphee Juthathep, sir!

Chat: I am here to see you as a soldier of Wieng Phu Kam, and as an alliance joining the battle with your country. The situation in Wieng Phu Kam at the moment, we are losing to the rebellion’s armed forces. I am here to ask for reinforcements by air from your country.

The guy stamps the seal of approval.

Chao Virawong tells his men that he saw a patrolling unit in the air three days ago. He orders them to shoot them down if they come in the range of their guns. Chai Phi and Yodyot are patrolling the area and Yodyot’s plane is shot, so Chai Phi uses his plane to take him back to the air base.

It’s so cool to use the plane wings to support each other. I love the air battle scenes.

Episode 10-4

Pranod sees F86F in the sky. Salukjit’s father says it’s on the radio news that there’s a battle at the border. Many war planes are flying in the sky since morning. Pranod asks Khwan if Pee Phi is also up there.

Pranod: Will Pee Phi be safe, Pee Khwan?

Everybody in Juthathep Palace is listening to the radio news. It says Chao Virawong gets a support from a third country giving him heavy weapons, and he has Se Kong’s illegal hired armed forces supporting him. Thai and Wieng Phu Kam army are sending reinforcements into the area aiming to destroy Chao Virawong’s army in three days.

Chai Phi and Yodyot are joining the battle.

Pranod asks Khwan if they are here (at the temple) to pray for Pee Phi’s safety.

Pim Pun bumps the cabinet and Yodyot’s photo falls down. The glass is broken. She believes it’s a bad sign and doesn’t want Yodyot to fly today. Yodyot says he’s a solider, he must do his duty. Pim Pun says the enemy has more modern weapons than them, and the army wants to defeat them by today so there will be a big confrontation today, and Yodyot has to fly today too.  Chai Phi smiles and tells them that he will fly instead of Yodyot today.

Chai Phi is writing a letter on the back of the photos.

My dear Phieng Kwan,

I will fly instead of Yodyot today. For a bridegroom-to-be, his life is precious and must live on, but for my life, it’s for you and the country only. When there’s no you now, I don’t have anything to worry about. I will use every minute to protect the country’s sovereignty, to repay my homeland. And if I won’t come back, please remember that Ronnaphee loves Phieng Khwan forever.

Chai Phi puts the photos in his locker. He looks so sad for a soldier preparing to join the battle.

Khwan looks at the ring while Rumpa is happy with her wedding dress. Chai Phi and his friends are in full battle tonight. One of his friends flies his plane off the group meaning to hit the target fiercely. Chai Phi has to follow him, and while he’s looking at his friend trying to protect him, his plane and himself get shot. This is such an awesome sad scene for Chai Phi.

The battle continues. The ring drops from Khwan’s hand. Mom Eiet’s mind suddenly doesn’t feel at ease. The grandmothers pray for Chai Phi.

Episode 10-5

Lamai listens to the news that F86F was shot down and the pilot’s name is Flg.Off. M.R. Ronnaphee Juthathep. The superior officer tries to console Chai Phi’s friend.

Superior commander: Kunti, nobody’s wrong in the battle. You did your best.

Kunti says they used antiaircraft guns to shoot. Pee Phi was busy trying to protect him so he got shot himself. If it’s not because Pee Phi was worried about him, he wouldn’t be shot. It’s his fault.

Chai Yai gets a phone call, he listens and asks if it’s confirmed that it’s not the wrong person. Chai Yai hangs up and tells them that Chai Phi’s plane was shot down, he’s in severe condition. Both grandmothers faint. Chai Pat tells Chai Lek to call the car over, he’s going to the hospital.

Chai Phi is being wheeled into the hospital. In his mind, he sees Khwan staying beside him so he calls her.

Chai Yai: How is Chai Phi?

Chai Pat: Quite severe. The bullet pierced through costa border, there’s an air leak in the lung. The thing that’s most worried about is, he had lost a lot of blood. It’s 50/50 (chance), Pee Chai Yai. I already had a meeting with the doctor team, I will perform my young brother’s surgery myself.

Chai Lek says he will call Pee Chai Ruj. Chai Ruj cries when he hears the news about Chai Phi. He tells Wanrasa about  it and says why it had to happen to Chai Phi, he can’t believe it. Wanrasa tells him to calm down, Chai Phi will be all right, he has iron bones.


Kaew tells Rumpa and her father that Khunchai Pat is performing a surgery on Khunchai Phi at the hospital. Khunchai Yai and Khunchai Lek are waiting for the news. Rumpa and her father want to go to the hospital so Maprang tells them that no visitor is allowed for many hours from now. She suggests they wait here.

Rumpa: If something happens to Pee Chai Phi, then what about our wedding, father?

Thewapun: The wedding is very important to us, Thewaphrom shouldn’t be that unlucky.

Soifah: The wedding is important, what about Khunchai Ronnaphee?

Thewapun: What do you mean by saying that?

Soifah: It means we should be worried about Chai Phi’s life more than other matters.

Khunchai takes Rumpa’s hand and leaves.

Kaew: Chao Soi, you were so brave to say that.

Maprang: I’m so satisfied. I thought it’s my own thought , the wedding’s every important, they repeated over and over. So she loves Khunchai Phi or loves to get married with the rich.

Soifah: I sympathize with Chai Phi if he has to marry a woman who doesn’t love him for who he is, but loves his money and status. It’s so sad.

Sakda tells Khwan that Chai Phi joined the battle yesterday and his plane was shot down by the enemy. He’s now at the hospital severely injured.

Khwan says Khun Phi, and falls to the floor.

Both grandmothers are waiting at the hospital. Mom Eiet asks if Chai Phi hasn’t come out from the operation room yet. Grandmother On says no, she tells Mom Eiet to get some sleep. Chai Pat told her that they must sleep, eat, and not to worry too much. Grandmother On says Mom Eiet must be careful with her blood pressure.

Khwan comes to the hospital. She looks at him from outside the ICU room.


Khwan: You must be all right, Khun Phi. You must fight. Khwan is right here by your side. Don’t give up. You’re a gentleman soldier. You are a fighter. You must be all right. You must fight, all right?

Khwan sees both grandmothers are coming.

Episode 10-6

Khwan walks away before the grandmothers reach the room. Mom Eiet says she’s thinking about that night when her son and his three wives left them. That’s the biggest loss of her life. She says from then on, they’ve become both mother and father to the five boys.

Mom Eiet looks at Chai Phi.

Mom Eiet: Chai Phi will be all right, right?

On: Yes, sister. Chai Phi will be all right, he will still be with us, sister.

Chai Lek is saying that the Thai and Wieng Phu Kam army have successfully destroyed the rebellion camp. (Bomb Tanin, you’ve become so cool and so so handsome by the minute 🙂 ) They’ve found Chao Virawong’s dead body last two hours. He died from the fragments of the bomb. Chai Yai asks if it’s been confirmed that it’s Chao Virawong’s body. Soifah says Chao Luang Rangsiman called the embassy himself. The battle ended and they won, nobody has to get injured or die anymore.

Kaew says if Khunchai Phi knows about this, he will be happy that his mission is accomplished. Many villagers won’t have to suffer because of the battle anymore. Chai Lek says Pee Chai Ruj will be here before dawn.

At night, Mom Eiet dreams about her son and his wives got into an accident. She wakes up feeling nervous. Grandmother On consoles her.

Chai Phi is still unconscious after the surgery.

Chai Yai: Chai Pat, it’s been two days after the surgery. Doesn’t Chai Phi’s condition get better?

Chai Pat: I’ve been seeing sickness and death everyday, but when it’s our younger brother, it’s not easy.

Chai Rujjjjjj: Easy or difficult, you do your best.  How are you? Did you get some rest?

Khunchai Thewapun scolds a nurse that after the surgery, he should get better, doesn’t he? They said Khunchai Phuttipat were very good, weren’t he? Rumpa asks if they still can’t visit Khunchai Ronnaphee. The nurse says yes. Khwan hears them.

Rumpa visits both grandmothers saying that she’s very worried about Pee Chai Phi. Mom Eiet thanks her.

Yodyot gives the photos from Chai Phi’s locker to Chai Lek.

Chai Ruj reads Chai Phi’s letter to the grandmothers and his brothers.

To my four elder brothers,

Thank you Pee Chai Yai for fighting for me until grandmothers allowed me to become a soldier. Thank you for doing the father’s duty for me. Pee Chai Pat, if something happens to me, you will be the one treating me for sure, I know you. You are the best doctor, don’t worry. Pee Chai Lek, every minute we had fun together since young, I remember it all. Pee Chai Ruj, you are very kind to me, second from grandmother On. Please take care of yourself too. You don’t have to take care of us all the time. I only want to say I’m proud that I was born to be your younger brother. I’m proud that we’ve been doing everything together. I’m proud to be part of Juthathep. I love all of you, my elder brothers. I couldn’t remember my mother and father’s faces, but I’ve lived with both grandmothers, with love, kindness, and warmth that both of my grandmothers has been giving me. I never feel that I’m a person without father and mother. I always recall both grandmothers’ favors to me.

Krap (a gesture of respect) the feet of both grandmothers, with love and respect.

Everybody feels sad listening to Chai Phi’s letter.

Khwan comes to look at Chai Phi. Both grandmothers see her.


Soifah and Chai Lek are waiting in front of the room when Khwan comes to visit Chai Phi as usual.

Soifah: Khun Khwan! My name is Soifah. I’m Khunchai Phi’s sister-in-law, and that’s Khunchai Lek.

Khwan greets both of them.

Khwan: Princess Soifah.

Soifah: Don’t call me that. I’m not a princess any longer. (Khwan wants to leave.) Wait! Khun Phieng Khwan came to visit Chai Phi, didn’t you? If you visit him, Chai Phi will be happy, but he’s still in the ICU to observe his condition.

Khwan: How is Khunchai’s condition?

Chai Lek: Don’t worry. Pee Chai Pat guaranteed that Chai Phi would definitely be fully recovered. I believe that too because my hard-head younger brother won’t die easily.

Soifah: Don’t be afraid, Khun Phieng Khwan. Tomorrow, Chai Pat will allow close relatives to visit him. Khun Phieng Khwan can come in the afternoon.

Khwan: Thank you the two of you.

She greets them good-bye.

Episode 10-7

Wanrasa is waiting for Phieng Khwan. She introduces herself as the wife of Khunchai Prawonruj.

Wanrasa: Princess Soifah told me to wait for you to visit Chai Phi.

Khwan: Thank you so much.

Wanrasa: Please come.  (They get inside.) This is Khunchai Ruj.

CRuj: Don’t be afraid, Chai Phi will recover.

Wanrasa: Khunchai Phi loves you very much. If he knows that you come to visit him, he must be happy. We heard so much about you from Chai Phi, but didn’t think we would meet you in this situation. Please get closer, Khunchai Phi would love to receive your support.

CRuj: From what I see, I believe you also love Chai Phi very much.

Wanrasa tells Khwan that before she married Khunchai Ruj, she lied to him that she’s a merchant’s daughter too, and she thinks Chai Phi must feel the same way that telling the truth to the one we love, is so difficult.

Wanrasa: It’s not that we wanted to have fun but we were afraid if we told them the truth, we would lose them.The more you love, the more you are afraid. Chai Phi didn’t tell you the truth, it must be because he didn’t want to lose you.

CRuj: Please forgive Chai Phi. Being prideful to the one we love, won’t create any benefit. That we are able to live with the one we love, and the one that love us, is the happiest thing in life.

Mom Eiet comes to visit Chai Phi and sees Khwan. She tells Chai Yai, she won’t disturb Chai Phi, she should let him rest. She will come again tomorrow.

Khwan is alone with Chai Phi.

Khwan: I love Khun Phi. You are the only love in my life. Please don’t leave me. How can I live without you? I love you. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry. Do you hear me? Khwan loves Khun Phi. I’m sorry.

Chai Phi squeezes her hand.

Khwan: Khun Phi! Khun Phi.

Jan asks if Chai Phi saw her face, and if he knew that she went to see him. Khwan says she’s not sure but he squeezed her hand so tight. Aut says he thinks it’s her power of love to Khunchai Phi that made he gain back his consciousness. Khwan says she’s happy enough that he gained back his consciousness, and not for long, he will be happy to marry Khun Wilairumpa, and she shouldn’t interfere in his life anymore.

Grandmother On says there’s a rumor going around that Chai Phi is all right now because Phieng Khwan watched over him. She thinks he’s all right because Chai Pat treated him. Chai Lek gives Chai Phi’s letter to Phieng Khwan to grandmother On. She reads it aloud to Mom Eiet.

Mom Eiet: He intended to die?

Chai Lek: Grandmother Mom, my younger brother really loves this woman.

Grandmother On asks if these two grandmothers don’t mean anything to him, and if he realizes how hard it was for them raising him till he’s a grown up, how he could join the battle madly like that. Chai Lek tells her to calm down.

Chai Pat says his blood pressure is normal, but the wound from the surgery will hurt for a long while.

Chai Phi: Phieng Khwan called me.

Chai Pat asks the nurse if there’s a woman came. She says yes. She remembers Khun Phieng Khwan, the actress.

Chai Phi: The crying sound stirred me awake. She told me she loved me. She said I was her only love. She asked me to stay alive for her. Pee Chai Pat, she’s forgiven me! She’s not angry with me anymore!She’s not angry with me anymore!

A nurse comes in saying that someone brought a gift and this letter to Chai Phi. Chai Pat reads it.

To Khunchai Ronnaphee,

I and Phieng Khwan are siblings. Phieng Khwan loves only Khunchai all along.


Chai Phi: Pee Chai Pat, she lied to me! They are siblings. They aren’t going to get married. Pee Chai Pat!…

Chai Pat: Don’t be loud. Don’t move, and stop talking.

Rumpa rushes in and asks a nurse if Khunchai Ronnaphee is all right now. The nurse says yes, and she can visit him when he’s moved to the normal room. Khwan hears them and smiles happily.

Episode 10-8

Chai Phi asks the nurse if there’s a woman visiting him. She says there is, she is waiting since morning. Because he’s about to move to this room, so she didn’t let her go inside.

Rumpa comes inside. The nurse says how she could come in when it’s not allowed yet.  Jaew comes in with his first real meal. Chai Phi calls her over and whispers, go find Phieng Khwan for me, she’s in this hospital.

Jaew looks around but can’t find Phieng Khwan.

Kaew asks Jaew if Khunchai Phi asked her to look for Phieng Khwan all over the hospital. Jaew says yes, and when she couldn’t find her, he would tell her to look in another building and another. Somsri says she waited and waited for her to go to the market. Jaew says Khunchai Phi didn’t let her leave, he insisted that Khun Phieng Khwan would come to look at him secretly, he said he woke up because of Phieng Khwan, and she would come again.

Chai Pat asks Chai Phi if he won’t eat his meal and take the medicine, and if he doesn’t want to get well.

Chai Phi: Pee Chai Pat, Didn’t Phieng Khwan come?

Chai Pat: If she came, I would see her.

Chai Phi: You saw her, right? She really came, right? Then why didn’t she come again? (So cute!)

Rumpa comes in so Chai Pat pats Chai Phi’s leg and leaves. Chai Phi reaches out his hand like he wants him to stay. Haha.

Napa asks Khwan why she didn’t visit Chai Phi. Khwan says now that he’s awake, it’s his fiancée’s duty to take care of him. Jan comes and tells Khwan that Aut wrote a letter to Chai Phi telling him that they are siblings.

Date comes to their house. He asks Pranod what happened between Khwan and that pilot. Pranod tells him that Pee Phi is actually a Khunchai, and his family wants him to marry some Momluang so Pee Khwan feels very sad.

Napa gives Date the rental fee but he doesn’t accept it. She threatens him she will move out if he doesn’t take the money. She tells him Adul written a will to give Khwan some of his assets. Date says Khwan is like his daughter so the one that made her sad…..Napa asks him what he will do.

Episode 10-9

Khunchai Thewapun and Rumpa bring their guests to eat at Chai Lai father’s restaurant. Chai Lai tells Pim Pun that they always order expensive cuisine but never pay for it. She says she paid for all Rumpa’s bags, clothes, and other things, yet she’s disappointed that Rumpa never once says thank you to her. She realizes that she shouldn’t judge people by their statuses but should look at their goodness.

Chai Phi writes a letter and tells Jaew to go give it to Khwan.

Phieng Kwan,

I already know all of the truth. I repeat to you again that I will marry you only. I’m willing to leave Juthathep Palace to live with you. I will take care of you with a soldier’s salary. Please come to see me at the hospital one more time.



Khwan asks Napa for her suggestion. Napa says she thinks Khwan should go and meet him as he asked, he’s injured and almost died, it’s because of her too.

Kaew brings some sweets from the palace for the grandmothers and Chai Pat. Chai Pat gets a phone call from Phieng Khwan.

Chai Pat: Chai Phi wants Phieng Khwan to visit him. I think I’ll manage it for him.

Kaew: If grandmother Mom knows about it, won’t she scold you?

Chai Pat: That’s why it’s my duty to manage it.

Kaew: Actually, it looks like Khunchai Phi and Khun Khwan love each other very much. If there’s no obstacle, they are suitable for each other. From when Khunchai Phi knows Khun Phieng Khwan, it looks like he’s very serious about this woman. If Khun Khwan is not a good woman, Khunchai Phi won’t choose her.

Chai Pat: Yes, Chai Phi didn’t pick the wrong one, just like I chose to love you.

Kaew: Khunchai. Then I will take saku (sweets) to grandmother Mom.

Chai Phi is surprise to see Date. Date hands him a small box and says it’s a gift.


Another sad episode for Chai Phi, and it’s super sad to know that Chai Phi prepared to die while he’s on duty. It serves the grandmothers right to  realize that they could lose their grandson if they were too harsh on him. I love that Chai Phi never once raised his voice with his grandmothers, he just stated the fact and left. Rumpa is getting scarier by the episode, she should learn from Marathi that the Juthathep boy would stand firm on his decision no matter what. I was disappointed with Yodyot as a soldier to easily let Chai Phi take his job, but then we wouldn’t know how to break Phieng Khwan’s wall, would we? Such a strong woman she is to resist Chai Phi sweet talks. I lost count how many times he told her he loved her. Even if we know that Chai Phi will not die, it’s a heartfelt scene to think that one of the five brothers could die. I felt sad for Mom Eiet too that she’s afraid of losing someone again after her big loss. James Ma was good in this episode because he could make me believe that he’s such a youngest boy when he’s with his brothers. To my surprise, Bomb Tanin as Chai Lek here was a lot better than in Khunchai Ratchanon, he’s more relaxed and his timing improved a lot. I think Khunchai Ronnaphee suffered the most of all Khunchais in order to be with his love one. I hope James Ma will announce his next project soon, I will be looking forward to it  🙂


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  1. thanks for the recaps… 🙂 even before the finale episode was aired i am already missing the Jutatheps… i have yet to watch this part of Chai Pee in its entirety, but I like the last 2 episodes… I had the widest smile when you noted that Bomb is cool and so so handsome by the minute… because I agree too… 🙂

  2. Thank you for the detail recap. I just loved this episode and just like toDearCarol, I cried through this episode even though I did not under what they were speaking all that much. The only other time this has happened to me in this series was when I was watching Chai Ruj’s part. Looks like Pope can really make me cry whether it was in Chai Ruj or Chai Phee’s part. The story moved well, was edited well and kept my interest up throughout.

    Agree with you regarding Aut and Jan – finally warmed up to them in this episode.They were really cute. Pranod was adorable as ever. Love this kid. Chao Luang Rangsiman … so hot and amazing even though he was present for a very short period. So happy to see Chai Ruj back even though he makes me cry.

    Like you mentioned in one of your earlier post in reply to a question I asked, this love story is really the most heartfelt and magnificent. Chai Phee starts off like a jerk but becomes one heck of a guy. Fights for what’s right and stands firm in his love. He totally stops being a jerk and becomes so respectful. Totally loving Chai Phee right now. Chai Lek is taking on more of a leadership role and it suits him really well! He is looking mighty fine. More later ……

  3. Wow, thanks for your detailed recap for EP 10…. when I was watching this drama last night, my tears couldn’t help falling down even though I didn’t understand what their conversation was… I totally agree with you on that I really don’t want the Juthathep series to end this weekend as well since the past months, I have been looking forward to watching the series every weekend but now, I don’t know what kind of another lakorn I will be looking forward from next weekend on… By the way, Jan and Aut are really cute together, which makes me smile a lot while watching them on the screen. On the other hand, it makes me depressed and melancholy as well to see Chai Phi to be alone all the way without Phieng Kwan by his side whenever he sees his dearest brothers already have their beloved ladies….Words cannot express my thoughts at this moment… I just feel sad to see Chai Phi being lonesome so that he would like very much to sacrifice his life for the country only….
    However, I cannot wait to read your next recaps… I feel like crying when I see Chai Ruj reading the handwriting on the back of the pictures, which Chai Phi left behind…. Thanks for your recaps again and I really appreciate it!!!

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