Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 9


Aww…a really good episode, great acting from James Ma, Mint, Esther and everyone, and best editing by far in this series. Esther was so so good that you hated her yet you felt sad for her.

Episode 9-1

Aut tells Khwan that he heard about Phi. She says she never felt this way with a man before, yet this man made her feel sad eventually. She asks him why this thing had to happen to her. Aut says she still has him and he loves her.

Khwan’s dad says M.R. Ronnaphee Juthathep. He says they bought timbers from them before. Aut says he met one of them, he thinks his name’s Khunchai Prawonruj. Dad asks if Phi is an air force officer, then he must be the youngest one. Aut says Khunchai Ronnaphee walked in and out of Khwan’s house like he’s their son, and only Khwan knows about it. Dad tells Aut to take care of his sister because she still doesn’t accept him as her father. He asks Aut if it’s all right with him if he’s going to give half of his inheritance to Khwan. Aut tells him to do as he sees fit.

Khwan requests Khun Sakda, the new producer, to use the same crew on their (come back) filming movie Kinnaree, because when they stopped filming last time, Peng didn’t pay them any. Sakda wonders why he didn’t see Chai Phi eh…Nai Phi today. Khwan says Khunchai Ronnaphee wouldn’t be coming here anymore. She tells him that she already knows everything.

Napa is stunned to know that Phi is Momratchawong. Chana says Khun Sakda told him that he’s very rich, they have five brothers altogether and they are famous in the society for doing things for the benefits of the country, so people called them Juthathep five lions.

Grandma: Why did he lie to us?

Chai Phi walks in and says, “I didn’t mean to.” He tells Napa that he didn’t deny it when she said he’s a farmer because he didn’t have a good intention with Khwan at the time, he thought Khwan wanted to catch his friend. He says he admits that he lied to everyone in this house, and he’s sorry.

Khwan says, “My house doesn’t welcome you!”

Everybody avoids talking to him even Pranod.

Chai Phi follows Pranod. The boy hilariously feels awkward talking to him. He tries to talk with royal vocabulary in the wrong way. When Chai Phi asks if he’s angry with him like others. The boy says no, he knows that he loves Pee Khwan, only that he’s satisfied. Chai Phi tells the boy to talk to him the same way.

Chai Phi apologizes to Napa. She says she can understand that he didn’t tell her on the first day, but what about later on, why he didn’t tell her. He admits that he’s wrong to hide his status, he’s feeling guilty about it. He explains that, at that time, he thought he wouldn’t come back here again. Khwan sits down and listens to him without him seeing.

Episode 9-2

Chai Phi says he couldn’t stop his heart, it’s the first time he had this good feeling with a woman. He wanted to test Khwan how she would feel about him as a normal man, and not as M.R. Ronnaphee Juthathep, and in the end, Khwan gave him her good feeling and trusted him as Nai (Mr.) Phi, a normal man, and after that he wanted to tell her the truth many times but he didn’t dare to. He’s feeling confused.

Napa says she knows that Khwan has a feeling for him, but he made her sad too. He could hide this thing, so how Khwan can be sure that he doesn’t hide other things else. Napa touches his hand and says, for her, she can understand everything he did but for Khwan, she doesn’t know if Khwan still trusts him like before.

Chai Phi sees Khwan so she runs upstairs. He asks Napa for her permission and follows Khwan.

Chai Phi keeps calling Khwan to open the door, and if she doesn’t, he won’t go back.

Chai Phi: Phieng Khwan, I brought the ring to return it to you. It’s my intention to give this ring to my woman only, and you’re that woman. You’re Nai Phi’s woman, not that Momratchawong Ronnaphee. I am Nai Phi who loves you with all my heart. Please Khwan, please accept this ring back. Please Khwan!

Both cry but Khwan doesn’t open the door till night falls. Buran says if she were Khwan, she wouldn’t come out too. Napa tells Chai Phi to go back and let Khwan be with herself for a while. Chai Phi has to leave so he greets them good-bye and says sorry to them.

At the filming site, Khwan gets paid so she asks Khun Sukda to finance the crew too, and he agrees. The woman hears them talking so the crew know that Phieng Khwan is good to them.

Chai Phi doesn’t have a heart to eat his meal so grandmother On tells Jaew to make a chicken soup, his favorite, for him. Rumpa tells her that she will make it herself, but when she gets in the kitchen, she complains that the soup needs to be simmered for hours and the weather is so hot. Krong Kaew comes in so Rumpa asks her to make the soup for Pee Chai Phi. Jaew asks Rumpa that she said she would do it herself. Rumpa stops her from talking and tells her to get out.

Rumpa says to Kaew, “Khun Krong Kaew, can you do this little thing that I asked?”

Episode 9-3


Kaew: Yes, I can.

Rumpa: If I get married and live in this house, that means we will live together. Are you afraid?

Rumpa plays with a knife in her hand.

Kaew: Why do I have to be afraid?

Rumpa: Pee Marathi is my dearest sister. You destroyed Pee Marathi’s life.

Kaew: And what you will do to me?

Rumpa says Kaew is Pee Chai Pat and everyone in the palace’s beloved one, so who would dare.

Rumpa: But to live with the person we hate for the rest of our lives, I’m all right, but can you stand me? (She sticks a knife down in front of Kaew.) Go make the soup fast, I will take it to Pee Chai Phi myself!”

Rumpa brings the soup to Chai Phi and tells him she made it herself. Jaew looks at her. Chai Phi has to eat it when Rumpa says she won’t leave if he doesn’t eat it.

Dad comes to see Khwan and wants to take her to Juthathep Palace to tell those people whose daughter she is, and that her status is not less than them at all. He gets angry that they looked down on her. Khwan still doesn’t accept him as her father, and says he is the same as that man, hiding the truth and seeing women as toys.  Dad says he will go to them without her, he knows the place. Khwan says if he does that, she won’t talk to him again, and he doesn’t have the right to interfere in her life.

The dressmaker comes to make wedding dresses for Chai Yai and Maprang, and Mom Eiet wants to make one for Chai Phi too. Rumpa shows him the catalog.

Chai Phi: About my wedding, just cancel it. I won’t get married.

He says sorry to Rumpa and Mom Eiet, and leaves.

Dear Rumpa, that’s the worst thing can happen to a woman, give up already!

Mom Eiet calls him to come back but to no avail.

Rumpa follows Chai Phi. She says he already broke up with Phieng Khwan, so why he can’t open his heart to her. She says some couple got married without loving each other, but after they lived together, they love each other.

Chai Phi: Nong Rumpa, I want you to know that, I love Phieng Khwan. If it’s not Phieng Khwan, I won’t get married for the rest of my life.

Oh dear, the youngest Khunchai is really a stubborn one.


Chai Phi comes to Khwan’s house. When Kwan sees him, she runs upstairs and gets in her bedroom. He waits all night but she doesn’t come out.

Rumpa comes to the filming site and says she’s Khwan’s movie fan and wants to treat her to lunch. Sukda is reluctant to let her take Khwan.

Episode 9-4

Rumpa gives Khwan a gift (a bag from a designer in Paris, the same as hers). Khwan says she can’t accept it so Rumpa hands it to Jan instead. Khwan agrees to have lunch with her.

Chai Phi asks Sakda where Phieng Khwan is. He says his Momluang fiancée took her out. Chai Phi panics.

In the restaurant. Khwan recognizes Rumpa and says Khun Phi told her that….Rumpa corrects her to call him Khunchai Ronnaphee. Khwan says Khunchai Ronnaphee told her that he and Rumpa are siblings. Rumpa tells her that she’s his fiancee and their wedding is coming soon. She says the two of them want to invite Pheing Khwan to perform a traditional dance (ram) in their wedding too.

Khwan says the last time she hired her to ram in the palace, she already knew about her and Khunchai Phi, and she’s not her movie fan. She brought her here to repeat that fact to her.

Rumpa: I come from a high-status family so I won’t be able to fight with….a leading actress, a ram girl.

Khwan: Talking nice, giving a gift, treating me to lunch, so this is how a high-born person is like. I can tell you now that I already stopped seeing Khunchai Ronnaphee.

Rumpa: But Pee Chai Phi still keeps pestering you, so how can I be sure that you won’t become arrogant of wanting a higher status?

Khwan: Everyone has pride. Not every woman would have to go after a man, to climb up to a high society. Smiling sweetly to each other, right hand is giving gift while left hand is holding a knife, I didn’t think of doing that. What I am now, is good already.

Khwan gets up to leave, so Rumpa says she will tell the driver to take her back to the filming site.

Khwan: Aren’t you tired of pretending to be nice to me like this? But I’m tired, let’s not see each other again. Sawasdee ka.

Chai Phi walks right into the middle of the filming.

Chai Phi: Phieng Khwan, you can be angry or hate me the way you want, but you can’t stop me from loving you. I love you, and not because I’m Flg.Off. M.R. Ronnaphee Juthathep, but I love you from Nai Phi’s heart, the normal man.

He puts the ring on her finger. Rumpa sees them, she’s trembling with anger.


Episode 9-5

Rumpa shouts at them, “Pee Chai Phi, how can you do this to me?!”

Chai Phi: Rumpa! I don’t love you. I always see you as my sister. The woman who I love and will marry is this Phieng Khwan only. (He turns to the crew.) Everyone, please know that the woman that I love and will love forever is Phieng Khwan only!

Aww…be still my heart. James Ma, I’m now officially your fan! Well, Rumpa, you shouldn’t sneak behind his back and meet Khwan.

Jan is happy for Khwan and asks her if she’s not happy that he announced it to everyone.

Rumpa is mad. She cries and calls Khwan a woman without status, what is so great about her that Pee Chai Phi fallen hard for her. Pim Pun asks if he returned the ring in front of everyone. Rumpa screams that she won’t let herself be defeated, and throws her new bag on the floor. Chai Lai picks it up saying it’s an expensive bag. Rumpa gets mad at her thinking it’s because she asked Chai Lai to pay for it first, what’s so great about the bag. She hits it on the wall.

Pranod is proud of himself that his grades come in third place this time. He wants to show it to Chai Phi so he takes off by himself. Khwan knows about it so she follows him.

Chai Phi spends his time sulking at the air base with an awesome background English music from a radio. It’s announced on the radio calling for an emergency unit, that there’s an accident, a schoolchild is injured.

“Khunchai Ronnaphee!” Phieng Khwan calls him. He turns to her totally unexpected that she would come.

Khwan: Where is Pranod?

Chai Phi: Khun Pranod didn’t come here, but there’s an accident with a child just now. Let’s go quickly!

Episode 9-6

Khwan finds Pranod with Lamai and scolds him. Pranod says he misses…Khunchai Phi, and everyone in the house told him that Pee Khwan and Khunchai Phi had a fight so he’s afraid that Khunchai Phi won’t come to this house anymore.

Chai Phi: I’m giving you an order not to run away here again. If it happens again, I won’t talk to you.

Pranod: Khunchai Phi, are you angry at me?

Chai Phi tells him that there was an accident just now and Khwan was very frightened, and if it were Pranod, what would happen to them. He tells him to promise that he won’t come here alone again. Pranod promises him and says sorry to both. Khwan tells him to go back but Lamai wants to take him around. Pranod says he wants to become an air force officer, and he got third place in the exam. Both Khwan and Chai Phi are delighted, so Khwan allows the boy to stay for one hour more.

Lamai takes them around. He asks Pranod if he knows why soldiers need to cut their hair and wear the same uniforms. He explains that they have to forget their social statuses, or where they came from, and be together as one.

Chai Phi tells Khwan that when he first came to train here, he couldn’t eat the food at all so he became so skinny. Grandmother On got mad so she sent food for the whole school, and the result was, his teacher told him not to become a soldier. Khwan asks why he told her this.

Chai Phi: I am a man like others. I’m a soldier. My duty is to serve and protect the country. I said all this so you will know my true feeling that, the truth is, I’m not that high of a status.

Chai Phi: If you say you were born a mistress’s daughter because you couldn’t choose, then I couldn’t choose where to born too. Are you angry at me because of something I couldn’t choose?

Khwan: I’m not angry at you. I’m angry at myself.

He pulls her arm.

Chai Phi: Khun Khwan, at the air base, I let my friends call me by my name because I’m so happy that they treat me normally. I intended to not telling you for a long while because I wanted to be only Nai Phi, Nai Phi and his woman, the woman he loves.

Khwan doesn’t say anything.

Pranod asks Chai Phi about the little girl he likes, Salukjit. Chai Phi tells the boy that friendship and trust are the most important things in life, and if he thinks she’s his important person, he must fight.

Chai Phi looks at Khwan and says to Pranod that he will fight and won’t give up too. He reaches out his fist to the boy and says fighting!

Khwan comes to a company for an interview but it ends up to be her father’s company. He tells her that he will give her half of the inheritance. She comes home and tells her mother. Napa says she doesn’t want to get involved in this, because it’s the responsibility of a father to his child so she doesn’t have the right to interfere. She tells Khwan to take time to think about what she wants to do about it.

Aut is asking Jan out for a movie so her father asks him (with a knife in his hand, haha) if he’s courting Jan. Aut admits that he came here to learn boxing and to get close to Jan, and he’s doing it in his presence so he thinks it should be all right. The dad asks where they are going. He says to a movie but if he doesn’t want him to… says no! Aut is disappointed but dad says no..thing (no problem). He tells him not to come back late because Jan is a young woman, it won’t be good for her reputation.

Episode 9-7

Khunchai Thewapun tells the grandmothers about how Chai Phi announced his love to everyone when Rumpa was there. He talks to his friend (Mom Eiet’s son) looking at the sky that his friend’s soul should know that his family is neglecting his promise. He doesn’t want Rumpa to marry Chai Phi anymore, but grandmother On stops him. Mom Eiet says she will talk to Chai Phi herself. No matter what, Chai Phi must marry Rumpa.

Chai Phi calls Jan and asks for her help. After a fashion shoot, Chai Phi walks to Khwan with a bouquet in his hand. He kneels down.

Chai Phi: Please marry me, Phieng Khwan.

Aww…..the background music says, no matter how long, true love is always be a true love…it will never change or reduce over time……

Chai Phi: I will bring my elders to ask for your hand (in marriage).

Khwan: But your elders already got you engaged with Khun Wilairumpa, don’t forget that.

Chai Phi: I don’t love Nong Rumpa. Life is mine. I have a salary, a soldier’s residence. I can take care of you.

Khwan: It’s not that easy Khunchai Phi when your elders have never accepted me. Think carefully, marriage is not only about two persons.

He holds her shoulders.

Chai Phi: I insist. I will marry you only. If grandmother Mom doesn’t allow me, I will leave Juthathep Palace. I won’t care about others, only that you love me is enough, or…you don’t love me, Phieng Khwan?

Khwan: I…..

He moves in for a kiss……#($%@&&$!!!! Why can’t the director let me see the kiss? Argh…..

The grandmothers are scolding Chai Phi for talking without thinking of Rumpa’s feeling. Chai Phi apologizes to them but says he already made a decision to marry Phieng Khwan. Mom Eiet asks what if she won’t let him.

Chai Phi: Then I won’t marry Wilairumpa. I won’t stay here. I will live with Phieng Khwan outside Juthathep Palace.

When Chai Phi is leaving, Mom Eiet says if he wants that, it’s up to him. Chai Phi turns around with a smile. Mom Eiet says she will talk to them for him. Chai Phi hugs her and thanks her. Mom Eiet says it should be the talk between elders, and she will talk with Phieng Khwan’s elders herself.

After Chai Phi leaves, Mom Eiet says the more she forbids him, the more she stirs him up. The only way is, Phieng Khwan must reject Chai Phi’s love.

Somsri comes to Khwan’s house with gifts and tells her that Mom Eiet invites Khwan and her mother to meet her today. Khwan asks if Chai Phi knows about this. Somsri says, of course, he knows.

Napa, Bulan and Khwan come to the restaurant and meet the grandmothers and Rumpa.

Episode 9-8

Mom Eiet says Khwan is beautiful. Khwan thanks her. Grandmother On says Chai Phi said he would marry her so what her answer was. Khwan says she knows that he already has a fiancée so she didn’t accept his proposal. Both grandmothers thank her and that she’s good girl. They tell Khwan about the promise of Chai Phi’s father so their granddaughter-in-law has to be a high-born girl, Rumpa. They hope Khwan won’t make Chai Phi become an ungrateful child to his father (for not keeping his promise).

Mom Eiet gives an envelope to Khwan.

Mom Eiet: I bet that, in all of your life, you’ve never touched this big amount of money. Take the money and reject Chai Phi.

Khwan: I don’t want this money.

Grandmother On says, it’s because she thinks she can get more than this, because she knows Chai Phi will marry her. She asks if Khwan wants to make Chai Phi get crazier about her.

Bulan stands up and yells at them that even though they are not princesses, princes like them, they also have pride. Having money, doesn’t mean they can order people around.

Khwan: I love Khun Phi as a normal man. I never think of his status or that money, and most importantly, I won’t allow Khun Phi to disgrace himself, the promise, and his gratefulness, because of me.

Grandmother On asks what she will do, and how she can be sure that Khwan can do what she said.

Khwan says she has only an honor of a common girl that they can believe her words. She promises them.

They come home. Napa says she’s proud of Khwan’s decision. She tells her to be strong. Khwan tells her that he said he would marry her, would take care of her with his salary, and he’s even willing to leave the palace, but she can’t see his life gets lowered because of her.

Chai Phi comes home feeling happy. He asks Mom Eiet if she already sets the date to talk with Khwan’s elders. Mom Eiet says she talked to them already yesterday, and Khwan rejected him without any hesitation.  Chai Phi is stunned and rushes out to see Khwan.

Aut tells Khwan that something when we do it, we won’t be able to fix it. He asks if she’s sure about it. She says she’s certain. Chai Phi arrives, so Aut tells her to go and finish it.

Chai Phi smiles calling Khwan, but his smile faded when seeing Aut. They hold hands.

(Let me say that James Ma eyes and face’s expressions in this scene is really really good.)

Khwan: I have something I must tell you. Khwan and Khun Aut, we are getting married.

Aww….so sad for both of them….

Episode 9-9

Khwan: Khwan and Khun Aut, we are getting married. I tried but I really couldn’t forget Khun Aut. About the past, the things you did for me, I will never forget. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much.

Chai Phi: What happened, Khwan? Why are you doing this?

Aut: I’m sorry and I hope you will congratulate us. You know that, I and Khwan, we love each other before you even know Khwan.

Jan hears him talking to Chai Phi.

Khwan: Please let things about us end here.

Chai Phi: But….

Khwan: You already heard that we are getting married.

Chai Phi turns and leaves without saying anything. Jan leaves too but they didn’t see her. Khwan sits down and weeps.

(In the novel, this is where Chai Phi decides to stop going after Phieng Khwan, he thinks he’d done enough and he has his pride too.)

Khwan’s dad gets angry and says, in the end, those from Juthathep Palace hurt Khwan. Aut says Khwan must have wanted it this way. He says Khunchai Ronnaphee is very sad too. Aut sympathizes with both of them. Dad says Khwan is too prideful just like her mother.

Aut comes to see Jan but she packs her bag and leaves hitting his face with his dried bouquet on her way out. She tells him not to follow her. Aut asks her father, he doesn’t know what happened to her. Dad says there’s only one place she could go.

Mom Eiet wants the dressmaker to do Chai Phi’s measurement for his wedding suits, but he walks off quietly so Mom Eiet tells the dressmaker to do it without measuring it from him.

Khunchai Thewapun is happy that Chai Phi didn’t say a word. He will announce the wedding through the newspapers so Chai Phi won’t be able to get away with it. Marathi tells Rumpa to get into Juthathep Palace and take revenge on Chai Pat and Krong Kaew for her. Rumpa agrees that she will do that. Her father tells her to take care of the palace’s expense and his debts too.

Chai Yai says this is just what grandmother Mom wanted, that Khun Khwan broke up with Chai Phi now.

Chai Yai: How are you?

Chai Phi: I’m just feeling bored and tired.

Chai Pat: Why? Did you fight with Khun Khwan?

Chai Phi: No. I’m still confused. Suddenly, she chose Aut, the son of Adul. She didn’t choose me. For me, I’m thinking, when there’s no her, I won’t be able to love anyone anymore. I must haven’t done good deeds in the past like you, brothers.

Chai Yai: Calm down and think about it carefully, Chai Phi.

Chai Phi: Everything has ended, nothing left.

Chai Lek: Chai Phi! Now you don’t look like Chai Phi that I know. Be strong!

Chai Pat pats Chai Phi’s shoulder.

Rumpa’s dreaming of her wedding night with Chai Phi.

A long smexy sequence, I’d say  🙂


I couldn’t believe Marathi didn’t realize her mistake YET and wanted to take revenge. I love this episode. The writing was tighter with good acting from the cast. James Ma really shines in this episode imo. I’m not sure why I suddenly fall for him when I hear him sing in the video below (with Mint singing in the wrong key 🙂 ). There are only two episodes left so I’m sure the remaining story will be fun to watch.

James Ma sang with Mint (the beginning of the video).

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the update. I actually liked this episode too. I was dreading watching it but in the end I did and ended up liking it.

    Chai Phee redeemed himself, imho, in this episode. Initially he came off as a jerk to me but I like his growth and where he is right now. I just so love Chai Phee and Pranod’s relationship. Being the youngest, I am sure Chai Phee yearned to be a big brother to someone and along comes Pranod. The boy adores and respects Chai Phee and even worked to get his grades up. I would love to watch a drama based purely on Pranod and Chai Phee’s relationship. It would be so awesome! Poor Chai Phee has not heard Khwan telling him that she loves him ever. Feel sorry for the guy but I can understand where Khwan is coming from too.

    Esther is doing an amazing job as Rumpa. I am glad she is not the screaming kind of girl you see in other Thai dramas. She is so potent and a lot more believable as a villain rather than a screaming girl. The poor girl is a product of her upbringing. Wonder how the oldest sister escaped her upbringing and and turned out well. Given the time period and the reputation factor, I guess both Rumpa and Marathi probably do not have marriage prospects anymore right esp if they want to marry other “nobles” ?

    James Ma definitely has acting talent which he can hone and get better with in time. His performance is pretty impressive for a first timer. He has a nice voice too. Poor Mint however – she is quite a pretty girl but she does sing offkey .. haha.. and her acting very questionable too. But she does come off as being likeable. Poor thing sounded so nervous having to sing in front of an audience.

    I am looking forward to the next couples of episodes now. Can’t wait to see Chao Luang Rangsiman and Chai Ruj.

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