Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 8 (Highlights)


Finally the turtle got out of its cave. What a sad episode it was for me. In episode 6-7, Ronnaphee was busy rescuing our Phieng Khwan from two monsters (mom’s long time admirer and Phieng Kwan’s former film producer). Rumpa was busy putting initials (P & R) on Chai Phi’s scarf (she claimed she made it herself) and handkerchiefs expecting Phieng Khwan to see them, and she did.

Chai Phi is now ready to bring Phieng Kwan to meet with his grandmothers.

Epiosde 8-4

(10:46 mark)


Chai Phi: I would like to consult with all of you about something.

Chai Yai: Say it, Chai Phi.

Chai Phi: I want to bring Phieng Khwan to the palace, to meet with grandmother Mom.

Chai Pat: Did you tell her already who you are?

Chai Phi: Not yet.

Chai Lek: Why didn’t you tell her yet?

Chai Phi: I was about to, but some problem came up, so I think I will tell her when I bring her to this palace.

Soi Fah: Then what will happen? How the woman will feel?

Krong Kaew: Khunchai Phi, you don’t look like you are confident when talking about Khun Phieng Khwan.

Chai Yai: That’s right. It sounds like you are afraid. What are you afraid of?

Chai Phi: For a woman who told everyone that she wouldn’t depend on anyone, she would take care of herself, and I lied to her about my status too so, of course, I’m afraid.

Chai Yai: I don’t think so, Chai Phi. I think the big problem should be grandmother Mom and grandmother On.

Chai Lek: Yes, that’s right. Grandmother Mom already arranged for your and Rumpa’s wedding, and if suddenly you bring in another woman…

Rumpa is eavesdropping.

Krong Kaew: Khun Phieng Khwan is an actress, so she’s a woman who dances and ram for a living (ten kin ram kin) to grandmother Mom’s eyes. You remember my (Kaew’s) story, don’t you?

Chai Pat: Before I got through grandmother Mom’s barrier, it was very hard for the two of us.

Chai Phi: That’s why I want to consult with you, my elder brothers.

Soi Fah: Next week is grandmother Mom’s birthday, isn’t it?

Chai Yai: Chai Pat, what’s grandmother Mom’s health conditions now?

Chai Pat: For a person with a heart problem, you can’t be sure.

Chai Yai: Then I think, let’s wait until grandmother Mom’s birthday has passed, and choose the day when we are all here, and we will help talking it out. Will that be good?

Chai Phi: If all of you help me, things should become better.

Rumpa hears them and tells her father about it. She says Pee Chai Phi will never be able to tell grandmother Mom, and will never be able to tell Phieng Khwan the truth. Her father asks what’s she going to do. She says it’s such a very important plan, Pee Chai Phi will definitely have to break up with Phieng Khwan this time.

Episode 8-7

Rumpa comes up with a plan. Phieng Kwan comes to Juthathep Palace, she’s hired to perform a traditional dance on grandmother Mom’s birthday. Chai Phi doesn’t know about it.


Khunchai Thewapun announces that the performance is a gift to grandmother Mom on her birthday from him and Rumpa. As soon as Phieng Khwan comes on the stage, Chai Pat calls out her name so Chai Yai and Chai Lek know that she’s the woman Chai Phi loves.  Grandmother On tells Mom Eiet that she’s the one Chai Phi is infatuated with at the moment.


Phieng Khwan starts her performance with a big smile on her face then she sees Chai Phi. She keeps her smiling face in tact with tears in her eyes. When she finishes the performance, Khunchai Thewapun tells her to receive a gift from Mom Eiet. Mom Eiet says thank you to her.


Then Phieng Khwan gets a gift from grandmother On, Khunchai Tharathorn, Khunchai Phuttipat and Khun Krong Kaew, Khunchai Ratchanon and Princess Soifah of Wieng Phu Kam, and Flg.Off. M.R. Ronnaphee, Khunchai Ronnaphee, the youngest one of the Juthathep and his betrothed, M.L. Wilairumpa Thewaphrom.

Khunchai Thewapun announces their names respectively.


Phieng Khwan greets Chai Phi. He kneels down and holds her. “Khwan!”

Mom Eiet calls him, “Chai Phi!”

Chai Phi gets back on his seat. He holds a gift in his hand, but is unable to give it to her.

Phieng Khwan says, “If Khunchai doesn’t have anything to give me, (she pulls the necklace with his matching ring out of her neck) then please accept this.” She hands it to him.

He doesn’t take it so she puts it on the floor and leaves. Chai Phi picks up the necklace and goes after her, “Khwan! Khwan!”

Mom Eiet stops grandmother On from going after Chai Phi. Chai Yai signals Chai Lai to continue with the show.

Hands down. This is the saddest scene of all Juthathep series. However, what a great way to introduce Phieng Khwan to all of them at once, and with a huge impact on the storyline too. Poor Chai Phi, he didn’t have time to prepare for it at all, and Rumpa was such a clever girl.

Episode 8-8

Khwan changes her dress and comes out.

Chai Phi: Wait, Khwan! Listen to me first.

Khwan: Momratchawong Ronnaphee Juthathep, nice to meet you.

Chai Phi: Khwan!

She pushes his hand away.

Khwan: Thank you for everything. Since I was born, I’ve never felt being this low (status) like today, a beautiful palace and a high-status Khunchai Ronnaphee.

Chai Phi: I tried to tell you many times but…..

Khwan: It’s all right. You don’t have to say anything, I understand it. I’m just a toy. When you see a living toy with feelings, it’s more fun for you. Did you forget that I had a heart too and I was not anyone’s toy?

Chai Phi: It’s not like that, Khwan. It all began with Pim Pun telling me to tell you to break up with Yodyot. That’s my only duty, but after that, it was all about us. Only about us, Khwan!

Khwan: You thought I fooled Khun Yodyot, and that I loved to fool men, that’s why you didn’t tell me your real status, I can understand that. What about after that? The time we were together, was it your acting all along?

Chai Phi: The good time that we were together, means so much to me. It’s the precious time, the most precious time in my life. I wanted to tell you the truth but I wasn’t brave enough. I was afraid of everything. It’s the first time I lost confident in myself. I was afraid, afraid of losing you.

Khwan: I don’t know that, all I know is, you didn’t tell me the truth, so that one day if you feel bored, you will disappear. How many women you did this to?

Chai Phi: No, Khwan! I’m not like that.

Grandmother On: He is like that. I know him well, I’m his grandmother. If you don’t believe me, look at the newspaper, any issue. Khunchai Ronnaphee and high-society ladies in the whole capital, was on the news almost everyday.

Chai Phi: Grandmother On!

Grandmother On: I sympathize with you. Don’t cry. Women like us become a victim of a playboy. I will tell the driver to drop you and your friend.

Khwan: That’s all right, a ram (traditional dance) girl like me deserves to exit from the palace’s back door only. Inside (the place) is a society of Deva(s) and angels, a person like me shouldn’t even be walking on the same ground with them. (To Chai Phi) From now on, we don’t have to see each other again. (She greets them good-bye) Thank you, madam, for this event. Krap sawasdee.

Khwan leaves. Chai Phi wants to go after her but grandmother On stops him.

Yodyot and his girl want to talk to Chai Phi but he says he doesn’t want to talk with anyone, and wants to be alone.

Episode 8-9

Yodyot tells Pim Pun that, from the way Chai Phi and Phieng Khwan looked at each other, it looks like they love each other for real. He says Phieng Kwan, actually, behaves well and doesn’t want to catch a man for a husband like what everyone is thinking, and what if Phi and Phieng Khwan really love each other. She counters that his betrothed is Wilairumpa, their friend. Yodyot says, “But Ai Phi doesn’t love Khun Rumpa, and we, are Ai Phi’s friends too.”

Mom Eiet asks if it was On’s plan. On says she knew about it this morning when Chai Lai brought her to look at Phieng Khwan. Khunchai Thewapun says it was his plan, Wilairumpa is too innocent for this kind of thing. Mom Eiet thanks everybody for arranging her birthday event.


In the five lions’ war room.

Chai Yai: Khunchai Thewapun and his daughter arranged that performance for sure, it’s not a coincidence.

Chai Lek: Smiling proudly, it must be them for sure.

Chai Pat: I shouldn’t have conspired with Chai Phi to lie to Phieng Khwan.

Krong Kaew: She looked so pitiful. I think I can understand her.

Maprang: Pee Chai Phi too. I’ve never seen him being this sad.

Soifah: Are we going to just stay still like this?

Chai Yai: We should calm down. This is a big matter, we definitely won’t stay still, but we all have scars (guilts) on our backs for not getting married with the Thewaphrom girls. Therefore, if we’re going to do something, we must calm down.

Aut learns that truth about Chai Phi from Jan. When Jan says Khwan thinks of Chai Phi as her close friend, Aut corrects her that it’s not that, Khwan likes him.


I felt really sad by the end of the episode and didn’t know who should be blamed. Mostly, the guilt lies on Chai Phi for not telling her sooner, and Rumpa for sticking on Chai Phi like an elephant glue. We have yet to see Mom Eiet’s reaction to all these. It’s a torture every time listening to grandmother On’s sarcastic remarks. Watching this week episodes, I slept along the way, not sure why the director made such a slow-paced series. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to next episodes, Chai Phi and Khwan will end up crying, that’s for sure. I won’t know how many episodes this series has for sure until the premiere date of the upcoming series is announced.

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  1. This drama is so painful and had tortured us so much.I hope they will show the karma happen to Thewaphrom family especially the father and Wilairampa.

  2. i’m most disappointed in rumpa’s father. how far will his greed go until he is satisfied? both his daughters are becoming the worse kind of women/human beings with each passing day and all because of a promise. what kind of promise is worth having to watch his daughters descend to the deepest of hells of their own making? you would think, in order for his youngest not to have to suffer like his middle child (acid incident), he’ll put his food down and call off the promise. come on, didn’t they fear karma alot back then?!

  3. Thank you for the highlights. Not sure why I am even watching this anymore. It’s definitely not my kind of story or plot but the cinematography has been great. Your highlights were great! You just got to the heart of the matter. I think for this part of the series, the grandmothers and a whole bunch of the supporting characters were not really required. They don’t add much to the story at all. This story is truly the story of the transformation of both Ronnaphee and Kwan and it would been a lot better even without the multitude of characters.

    How it must have hurt for Khwan. I am so disappointed in the other Juthathep brothers. Other than Chai Ruj i.e. Ronnaphee was the first to always help the others out. These guys are doing nothing to help him out this time. Not even Chai Lek. Soifah and the Mprang are doing a much better job in trying to help I think. How is it fair that Ronnaphee alone has to carry the Juthathep burden?

    Also, both the grandmothers characters have shown no growth. If anything they show a regression to being bad human beings. Completed wasted characters in terms of the story and plot given that they have been present from the first part of the series. I think out of all if the parts of the series I have watched, this part has the weakest written supporting characters Rumpa being an exception. She is one intelligent woman. Would not want to cross her path if I am on her bad side :-D. This is in complete contract to Ratchanon, where side characters were well fleshed out and actually served integral purposes.

    Was Phutiphat as bad ? The story line was similar so I skipped that one. Phutiphat’s storyline never interested me.

    The main premise of all parts of the series (much less so in part 1) seems to be class differences and overcoming them. Was this a major time of social change in the 50s and 60s where people started to question classes etc ? Has that changed much now over the years or does it still continue to be an issue in certain parts of society ?

    • Totally agree, didn’t fall in love with any side characters. About Juthathep brothers not helping Chai Phi, well, it’s the first time he told his brothers what he wanted to do with Khwan, so let’s wait and see what they will do for Chai Phi next week 🙂

      Phuttipat’s story was fun to watch, there was a lot of humor that made me laugh. I loved his doctor and nurse’s friends too. It was entertaining, especially, the scenes between brothers. Haha.

      It was revealed in earlier episodes that Rumpa’s dad saved Mom Eiet son’s life (aka Khunchais’ dad), and it’s her son who wanted the boys to marry the Thewaphrom girls, that’s why Mom Eiet has taken the promise seriously. It’s up to Khunchai Thewapun to give it up, or our Khunchais are able to show Mom Eiet that not getting married to the girls is justified.

      Oh no, these days you will hardly find Momratchawong, there are some Momluang(s) around. As I said, the title inherits through male descendants only so there are very few left these days, plus, the tile gets lower from generation to the next (M.R. -> M.L. -> Mr.) so they become Mr, Miss in the end. Actually, Momratchawong is already down the line so people won’t take it seriously like Praongchao (i.e Wanrasa’s father because they are very close to the kings and queens). The time In the series, I believe there were many royal families in the society, so it’s hard to say.

      The situation of Phieng Khwan is more serious than Krong Kaew imo. Krong Kaew joined the beauty contest only once wearing a swimsuit, but Khwan’s career is an actress, and at that time, many stories went around about actresses in a not-so-good way. So it’s all right imo for the grandmothers to suspect the worst and guard their beloved grandson at first, but I hope they will get the chance to know Khwan more.

      Nowadays, M.R. or M.L. still earn respect from people due to their royal families in the past who, mostly, worked hard for the benefits of the country. In fact, I have a M.R. friend myself, he’s the one gave me the info about titles. They are normal people like many of the society, they will get serious when making contact with royals though.

      • Thanks for your reply. I have a much better understanding of everything now. It definitely makes sense to respect people who do a lot for the country.

      • Really?? You didn’t really fall for any side characters. I like Aut and Jan story line. I like Khun Aut. Love how he trying to protect her and how people are having a misunderstanding between them. Can’t wait until Jan and Chai Phi to find out the Khun Aut is Khwan half brother. I liked Khun Chat Pat story. There was something about the stoy line that draw me in. Khun Chai Yai was a little boring for me. Overall, the series is awesome. Love it. They casts each characters very well in each series. I look forward to see more work from each of the actors. Thank you for your hard work on the summary.

  4. this part ends next week it has 11 eps,reading the spoilers from next week its going to be more depressing,although it is slow pace its my fav part so far ,it leaves me with a big impact and great acting from mint,james and esther

    • Aww so the series will end this weekend. I agree this series felt so real and sad more than other four series. James Ma did well in his first leading role, I luff his small boyish face. Mint and Esther were good.

  5. This was one painful episode. Was very hard to watch it. Reading your caps was even harder. Image watching a second time. I got tears dipping down while watching this. Can’t wait until next week episode. Thank you for your hard work. I know the pace is slow but I really don’t mind. Now this is the last of the series. I hope this one goes a little longer than the other brothers. Esther is doing a great job as Rumpa. The two grandma are pushing my buttons.

    • Yes, it was hard to watch. In the novel, the brothers criticized Chai Phi a lot for not telling Khwan who he really is. They are afraid that it will be hard to fix later, just like how Chai Ruj was so angry at Wanrasa.

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