Book: Khunchai Ronnaphee (the novel)- Final Chapter

Fair warning: if you don’t want to spoil your current watching Khunchai Ronnaphee, you may read this post after the series ends  🙂


Juthathep Gentlemen series OST – track 1  (Khunchai Tharathorn)

Summary of the last chapter

Mom Eiet’s close friends and the Juthatheps are attending her 80th birthday party. The English garden in the palace is now crowded with guests. Mom Eiet doesn’t want a big event like this, but her grandsons insisted of doing it like they did every year as a present for her.

All khunchai(s) don’t know that seeing their happiness is the special gift of all for her.

One tiny woman who raised her five orphaned grandsons with difficulties, and they are from different mothers too. She thinks of her tiring days……

For a mother who lost her son and daughter-in-laws, Mom Eiet didn’t have time to be sad. She must be strong for her grandsons, and help them getting up from the sorrow of suddenly losing their father and mothers. She pulled them to walk until all khunchai(s) could stand strong by themselves.

The thing that Mom Eiet wanted the most in her life, is her five grandsons are happy, successful and have good wives who are ready to walk side by side with them in the future where she won’t be able to follow and take care of them.

Mom Eiet used to hope that all khunchai(s) would walk along the lines that she drew for them because that way she’s sure that they wouldn’t fall down. She would choose the best things for her grandsons like how she’s been doing all of their lives.

No one can dictate other persons’ lives…..she realized this fact in the end.

Mom Eiet may have raised khunchai(s) with her own hands, but she couldn’t force their hearts. Her grandsons chose their wives with their own hearts, and some could choose even better than her.

The lioness of Juthathep looks at her eldest grandson. Tharathorn is holding his small son in his arms. He’s waving to Ravee Rumpai who is on a stage as emcee. Even though she’s pregnant, the former 1st drum major for many years is still very beautiful, or Khunchai Yai won’t be looking at her with such sweet eyes like that.

Mom Eiet can’t help but smile when thinking of how Tharathorn would love to tease Ravee Rumpai as if she’s his little sister in the past. The couple is busy with loads of work but they always find the time to add sweetness to each other.

She turns her eyes to her next grandson. Prawonruj is standing side by side with Thun Ying Wanrasa, with On walking around raising their son. Who would believe that On who hated Prawonruj all along, is now close to him in the end. Mom Eiet is happy to see a dignified and confident look on her grandson. Prawonruj came back from Switzerland for almost three years already. He worked in Thailand, and later took a promotion exam, and was posted to the embassy in Great Britain as the 1st secretary. Thun Ying Wanrasa delivered their eldest son in England, and came back to Thailand with good news that she’s pregnant with a second child.

She turns to Phuttipat. The surgeon has a nurse who understands him more than others, because Krong Kaew graduated with excellent grades, even though she delivered her child not long after her graduation, and of course, it’s a son like Phuttipat’s two brothers. This small Momluang has such a pretty face like a girl because his mother is a former beauty queen.

Mom Eiet laughs sliently when thinking that, don’t ever let her small great-grandson hear her thought, he doesn’t like anyone telling him that he’s a man with pretty face. He would always run to tell his great-grandmother Mom to take care of it.

She moves her eyes to Krang Kaew’s curved stomach. The mother is very pretty like this, it may be a daughter, so she will get a chance to raise a great-granddaughter for once.

Her fourth grandson walks to his brother with his wife who is also pregnant. One of  Soifah’s hands is holding a tiny boy’s hand who has such a stubborn face. This great-grandson is quite naughty.  Ratchanon and Ronnaphee who were very naughty when they were young still can’t compete with the boy.

The important thing is Ratchanon and Soifah’s son can speak a foreign language very fluently. The first word that the tiny Momluang spoke was not dad or mom, but a Wieng Phu Kam’s exclamation. Mom Eiet laughs softly that Soifah really doesn’t forget her homeland.

The lioness of Juthathep turns to the front of the stage when she hears Ravee Rumpai invite them to watch the Thai traditional dancing from students of the school of her last granddaughter-in-law.

The reputation of a former leading female movie star, and the widely known Juthathep family, makes many people bring their children to learn with Phieng Khwan, so her performing arts school is widely known and accepted by its standards. Phieng Kwan has to hire more teachers to take care all of the students, including Kon (a kind of traditional dance) teacher, because it looks like her small son is interested.

Mom Eiet stares at Phieng Khwan who is actively taking care of her students even though she’s at an early stage of pregnancy. The one who is acting like he’s pregnant himself is Ronnaphee. He’s been promoted to a flight lieutenant for many years now, and is about to become a squadron leader soon.

Her stubborn grandson should know the feeling of taking care of a stubborn child by now. Ronnaphee’s first son is so stubborn no different from his father.  He’s hugging his father’s leg now and funnily letting Ronnaphee drag him along the way. Luckily this great-grandson is afraid of his mother. Her movie star granddaughter-in-law has been raising her child well, the way Mom Eiet is satisfied.

The smiles on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s faces are the gift from heaven. Mom Eiet doesn’t want anything more than this.


Ronnaphee is staring at the gift from heaven that Phieng Khwan gave him, the naughty boy is chasing after his four brothers with Pranod, who is growing up to be a man and still stands firm on becoming an air force officer, looks after him like a good uncle.

Not many months after they got married, Phieng Khwan got pregnant.  Ronnaphee was so delighted that he treated his friends, the whole air squadron, to drinks. He was even more delighted because his brothers’ wives were pregnant too, he couldn’t lose his face to his brothers.

Ronnaphee looks at his wife with love in his eyes. She is sitting among her sister-in-laws and returning his smile brightly. It’s strange that the five women got pregnant at the same time again.

“Look at your son, Chai Phi. He’s climbing up the statue with my son, so like us when we were young.”

The voice of Ratchanon pulls him back to look at the five boys.

“That’s right. Be careful, they could fall down.” Ronnaphee laughs but doesn’t feel like stopping them because he knows someone will do that duty instead of  him.

“My son will take care of  it.” Tharathorn is right. His son is taking over the role of the eldest brother just like his father.

“Look at the small one of Pee Chai Ruj, he’s helping him.” Phuttipat says laughingly.

Prawonruj’s son actively becomes the helper of the big brother. They are helping each other pulling down the two naughty ones with Pranod helping them, but the naughty one of Ronnaphee trips and falls from the low base and cries loudly.

“Don’t, Chai Phi. Just a small fall, let the boys look after one another.” Prawonruj holds up his hand to stop him.

It’s true like his brother said. All Momluang(s) surround his tiny brother and take turn to console him. Phuttipat’s son reaches into his pocket for a while before he pulls out a bandage and puts it on the wound on his brother’s leg.

“You taught your son well, doctor.” Ronnaphee teases his brother. Everybody laughs.

“Looking at the boys making me think of us in the past.” Ratchanon nods at them.

“Yes, we were like this then.” The doctor smiles to his younger brother.

“We have to thank grandmother Mom for raising us to love one another.” Prawonruj turns his face to Mom Eiet so everybody turns to the same direction before nodding in agreement.

“We must raise our sons to love one another firmly like how we love one another.” Tharathorn looks at all of his younger brothers.

“That’s right. Even though our sons are not biological brothers, we will raise them to love one another not less than us.” Ratchanon says firmly.

“And more than that is…..” Prawonruj smiles. “We will love one another forever.”

“Yes. We will love one another forever.” Tharathorn reaches his hand out in front of him. His four younger brothers reach out and hold hands in an order of  their ages.

“And will never change.” Phuttipat shakes his hand up and down lightly.

Ronnaphee looks at the five hands holding tightly just like how they have been together since they were young till growing up. He smiles broadly to his brothers before concluding with words that are exactly in everyone’s mind.

“The five lions of Juthathep will never leave one another behind!”



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  1. And they had sequel series to this right?

    • Sequels have five books all together – four books released last year and last one recently. Not sure about making into lakorn. I haven’t finished reading it. Each Khun Chai’s kids had long name having different professions. Khun Chai PrawonRuj’s only son glued to his single status the longest. Just think there are five Khun Chais and their sons and daughters to keep up while reading. Why I didn’t finish it.

  2. Thanks for translating the final chapter. I thought the ending for the series was good, but I would have loved to see this as the ending. As I was reading this, I was envisioning it with our lead actors. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Wow, I loved it. Thank you so so much.
    I want to watch all this happen, I don’t want it to end.

  4. you rock. I was going through withdrawal. I have already watched the show so many times. this was the perfect conclusion

  5. Thank you so much of the this. I have withdrawal symptoms from the last Khun Chai Pee ending this weekend and so to read this was very helpful. I love helping ending and babies. Yes, Part 6 pleasssseee.

  6. Thank You for the last chapter recap. The ending is so sweet and cute. Does that means all the brothers have two sons each?

  7. Thanks a million! It is so sweet that I feel touched by the final chapter. I wish that the five novels could be translated into English by someone else some day … You make my day indeed ( since I had a fever, lying in bed, I was very happy to read your updated recap)….

  8. So what happen to Wilairampa at the end and why suddenly the grandma changes her mind and agreed on Piengkwan?

  9. Thank you!!! I love to be spoiled…this made my day…even though Chai Pat and Kaew were not the highest rated part of the series it is by far my fave out of all the five brothers. I wish I could read thai so that I could read all five novels. I hope one day someone will translate or the publishers will print it in English (dreaming).

  10. Khunchai Ronnaphee – wedding scene BTS

    Love Chai Phi with Phieng Khwan here.

  11. Thanks for recapping this last chapter. Sounds like they are one big happy family. Wonder what work Ravee Rampai does. Is the mentioned ? Also, would love to know which in-laws Grandma Eiet thinks are better choices then her own choice might have been.

    It’s funny how everyone seems to get pregnant at the same, not just the first time but even the second time around. Do all the brothers live in the Juthathep Palace ?

    • I didn’t follow Khunchai Tharathorn but Ravee Rampai was his student in college 🙂 I guess better choice would be Thun Ying Wanrasa for one, that’s for sure. The book said after getting married each khunchai built his own house in Juthathep Palace close to one another, so they all lived together. It’s funny that they didn’t have daughter at all. Haha.

      • I guess so would Soifah, probably more than others since she is a Royal Princess and sister of the King. If they all built house within the same complex and lived together, looks like my poor Soifah does not get to live in her homeland as a princess.

    • in the first part, dancing scene in particular, Chai Yai asked Maprang what she will study in England, and she said her father wants her to continue her social media related studies. print, radio and television. because it is just developing at that time. so i guess she became a media personality since in the recap above she is the one emceeing the event.

      • Thanks for that. Never paid much attention to the first part of the series. That would be a cool career to have back then. I am glad many of the ladies have their own careers.

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