Soundtrack : Khunchai Ronnaphee OST


If you’ve been following this series, you should have known that it’s getting harder and harder to watch. It’s so sad watching Phieng Kwan family’s back-story unfolded to our eyes, and you can’t blame her for not wanting to love anyone. I felt sad for Khunchai Ronnaphee every time this song came up.

Song title means don’t tell me to leave.

Artist : Chin Chinnawut

Please reconsider, please sympathize with me,

If you still have some feelings left for me.

Don’t make less of our relationship.

What could you gain by avoiding me?

*Don’t tell me to leave.

Could you not push me away?

The love between us is not at the time to walk away from each other.

Let me prove to myself, let me understand, how much I love you.

Don’t be too cruel.

I don’t understand, what’s the reason making you be so cold like this.

Don’t be silent, and tell me.

If I’m not good, I’m ready to change.

[Repeat (*) 2 times]

I’m not ready to accept it.

Don’t be too cruel.


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  1. I love reading your blog! I’m a bit late with the whole Jutathep series (only watched it from youtube) but reading the articles in your blog opened new thoughts about this series for me. I just would like to ask if you happen to know the title of the sad song they play in the dramatic parts of Khunchai Ronnaphee. I’m not sure but the voice sounds a lot like James Ma’s voice. More power to your blog! thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

    • Yo! At least give me the episode you heard it from and the minute mark, let’s see if I could be any help 🙂

      • Heyo! It’s the song playing in one of the teasers. In the series, it’s in Episode 9, they played the instrumental version of the song while Chai Pee was begging piengkwhan to open the door (around 16 mins into episode 9) after he slides down the door (looking all dejected and sad) they start playing the song with the guy singing. To me the voice sounds a lot like James Ma’s voice, though I may be wrong. thanks a lot for your help! Again, I love your site!

        • Sorry for a late reply, it’s the song composed by HM the King, title “Athit Ap Saeng” (official English title “Blue Day”)
          Sang by Dome Jaruwat for Khun Chai Ronnapee OST

          Official English lyrics:

          Blue day
          There’s no sunshine.
          Why must you go away,
          Leaving me here alone?
          My own.
          How I miss you
          With loving heart so true!
          That’s why I feel so blue.
          Dear one,
          What’s the good of
          Days without the sun,
          Or peaceful nights
          Without the moon?
          But soon
          No more blue day.
          Whenever I meet you
          Then all my dreams come true.
          Blue day
          Gloomy blue day,
          When you are far away,
          Why must we be apart?
          Dear, I love you
          With all my heart, I do
          That’s why I feel so blue.
          My love,
          Skies are so grey,
          Cloudy up above,
          Dear won’t you please
          Come back to me?
          There’ll be
          No more blue day.
          Again the sun will shine.
          That day I’ll make you mine.

          [Thai and English lyrics by H.H. Prince Chakrabandh Pensiri]

          • Whooaaaaa! that is so cool! I never knew the King of Thailand composed songs! THAT IS SOOOOO AMAZING. (Oh sorry, am I allowed to call him just that? Haha Sorry. H.M. The King. — he’s the coolest king ever.) It’s such a nice song. Thank you for the info. I found at least three versions of it already. I like the version with the saxophone the most. I don’t know if hotlinking is allowed, but it’s the version i found here: Wait a sec, does that mean that the song that Tan Ying Rasa’s dad sang at the charity event is also a classic thai song? They played it also in Ronapee, if I remember it correctly, that part where they dance in the hangar. Thank you so much. I’m blown away with the new things I learned from you! thank you!

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