Update: The Rising Sun Series

Taew Nataporn changes her looks from Princess Soi Fah (Khunchai Ratchanon series) to Praew Dao, and Mario Maurer as Takeshi. The library is where these two always meet.

Mario: You were talking in Isan dialect (in Khunchai Ratchanon) yesterday, why are you a Japanese today?

Taew: Yes, I applied for the visa so fast and now I’m in Japan (actually in Bangkok). This is the library in our university.

Mario: Takeshi always comes to meet Praew Dao secretly in the library. He actually falls for her from the first sight.

Taew: He wrote poems for me.

Mario: Takeshi is a very romantic man. He would fold (paper) stars for her. He’s really sweet and he doesn’t want to be like his father, doesn’t want to be So Ryu (don’t know what that is, you can tell me) but he has to, by bloodline. Please follow our lakorn. (To Taew) We have an English name for it too.

Taew: What is it?

Mario: The Rising Sun.

Taew: Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan

Mario: Yes, sir.

Aww…love Mario and Taew!

Mario as Takeshi, and Nadech (Ryu) is his friend and helps him with his love. The scene is in Thailand but they made it to look like a university in Japan. This is where the couple first met with Ryu (Nadech) as a cupid helping them. It’s the scene where Takeshi pulls Praew Dao to hide behind a vending machine so Iko (his fiancée) won’t see them.

Mario: He has fallen in love with her before he bumps into her. He falls for her from the first sight, and then we would always bump into each other. (Haha.)

Taew: Bumps and pulls me here and there.

Mario says behind the vending machine is cold like in Japan, with a fan. Ha!

Nadech says he would help Takeshi, and if Takeshi is too afraid to go to Praew Dao, he will go to her instead. He says (to Takeshi) if you don’t do it, I will do it. He always helps Takeshi.

Taew says she wants the viewers to follow the series and sees how the crew changed Thailand into Japan.

The blue lady says Nadech teased Taew that she was talking in Isan dialect last night but when she came into this scene, she spoke Japanese.

The man says from Soi (in Khunchai Ratchanon) to Seko (the name Takeshi calls her).

It’s so funny the way Mario and Nadech were trying to learn kendo. Haha.

The cast and crew are scheduled to do the filming in Japan next month for one month. I really don’t know when the series will premiere.


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  1. Does anyone know where to purchase the book in English?

  2. To be honest with you, I have been looking forward to watching the Thai drama, The Rising Sun Series!!! waiting for so long, I guess~~ Can’t wait to see it right now! Mario & Taew, Nadech & Yaya, both pairs are very adorable and cute together:) By the way, I truly hope that you will be able to recap the series at your leisure for all of us, whom neither speak nor understand Thai:) However, thanks for your detailed recaps!

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