Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 11 (Final)


Love. Love. Love  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 11-1

Chat is saying that his younger sister is no stranger to everyone here. Soi walks in. Chat says this is Chao Soifa, the princess of Wieng Phu Kam. Grandmother On stammers, Chao Soifa….She asks Mom Eiet if the shadows over their heads are still in tact. Mom Eiet says hers is still in tact, but grandmother On’s has disappeared.  Grandmother On wants to faint on spot seeing Soi. Mom Eiet scolds her not to make such a joke.

Soi tells grandmother On to call her the same way. Grandmother On wants Soi to pardon her but Soi says she’s not guilty of anything. Soi thanks her for giving her a place to stay and teaching her the housework too, and asks if she’s not good at it at all. Grandmother On answers yes (in Soi’s dialect). They laugh.

Mom Eiet asks Chai Phi if this is an unbelievable thing that he talked about. She says if he were a kid now, she would pinch him until his skin turning green, how he could tease her with something like this.

Chai Phi asks Chat, isn’t it right that he doesn’t come here just to pay him a visit. He asks if there’s anything else that he came, is it not about Pee Chai Lek and….Chat says no. He introduces Joi as the Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) Jum Phon, his bodyguard, and it’s Joi that asked him to do something here.

They all sit down. Janta comes in. Grandmother On tells her to sit next to her.

Joi whispers to Chat asking if Your Royal Highness won’t change your mind, there’s still time for Your Royal Highness to think about it. Chai Phi and Kraisorn look at them questioningly.

Chat: Janta is here. Should we ask her?

Mom Eiet says Chao Luang Rangsiman came here as an elder to ask for her hand in marriage for 2Lt. Jumphon or Joi. Grandmother On says now both of them are her guardians, but they will let her decide for herself. She suggests Janta to think about it for a year or two judging his looks, his financial status because a woman can marry just once in her life.

Janta looks at Chat and says she can answer now. Grandmother On tells Joi that she can answer so fast like this, her answer shouldn’t be a good news to him. Janta says she agrees to marry him. Chat is stunned to hear that. Grandmother On says it’s a good news, and asks Mom Eiet if they should do the official ceremony (of asking for her hand) next time because she thinks Joi shouldn’t have something (a kind of dowry) with him today to give Janta. Janta tells grandmother On that it’s all right, there’s no need for jewelry or any valuable things.

Janta tells Joi to give her something that he has with him today for a dowry, and he can find an auspicious day for the wedding right away so she can marry him like her heart wishing to.

Chat: Janta, you shouldn’t hurriedly make a decision about this important matter. Marriage is your whole life.

Janta: I already made a decision.

Chat feels sad hearing her answer.

Seriously, I’m not sure why she said yes to Joi but it made an interesting turn and surprised me.

Janta stands on a small bridge in the garden crying. She looks at the moon necklace and asks Por Joei to help her.  Joi walks to her.

Joi: Janta, you don’t want to marry me, don’t you? I know, you love Chao Luang Rangsiman, don’t you?

Janta: ….

Joi: You love Chao Luang Rangsiman, don’t you, Janta?

Janta: No, I don’t love him.

Joi: You love him, and I also know that Chao Luang Rangsiman loves you too.

Joi: Janta, I didn’t do enough good deeds in the past so I can only be your brother. But this brother will be so happy if he can see his two love ones be happy. Janta, you have to help me, all right. Janta, Janta, you have to…..(he sees her necklace).

Joi remembers his father told him about his sister and the moon necklace.

Joi: Is that the moon necklace? It’s the moon necklace, isn’t it? Janta! How did you get to have this necklace? The moon necklace.

Janta: This moon necklace, Por Joei told me that it came with me when I was young.

Joi: (Show her his necklace) My sun necklace must be paired with your moon necklace. Janta, you are Karakate [ka-ra-kate], my blood sister. If father knows about this, he will be so happy.

Janta: Father?

Episode 11-2

Kraisorn hugs Janta.

Kraisorn:  The war is always cruel. Janta, father didn’t mean to abandon you. Father and mother got lost and separated in Nong Krai forest. At that time, we had to run as far as we could or Se Kong would find us. It was many years later that I moved back to Nong Krai.

Janta: It’s all right, father. It happened a long time ago. It’s enough to make me happy that I met father and Joi.

Joi: So Janta, you are actually my younger sister. That must be why I adored you from the moment we’ve met.

Janta tells Kraisorn that the first time they met, Joi saved her life. She says she’s loved and respected Joi like her real brother.

Kraisorn: You two are siblings. You really can’t marry each other.

Joi: Father, you knew that I wanted Chao Rangsiman to be my brother-in-law, that’s why I pushed a little for him to do something but it still didn’t work, especially, this younger sister of mine and Chao Luang…

Janta: Father.

Kraisorn hugs both of them.

This family reunion made me think how cruel the war could be.

Chao Laung spends his time sulking under a tree looking so fine.

Joi: Chao Luang, why does your face look so sad? Is it because Your Royal Highness is feeling sad that Janta agreed to marry me?

Chat: The wedding is a happy occasion, how can I feel sad? Especially, it’s the wedding of two persons that I love. I’m happy for you two, that you will become a family and be happy.

Joi: In that case, Chao Luang will have to feel sad again, because I already canceled my asking to marry Janta with the two grandmothers. The wedding will never happen.

Chat gets angry and grabs his collar. He asks what he’s doing, marriage is not something to tease about, especially to the woman, how he could ask them to marry her and cancel it just like that. He asks if he ever considers how Janta would feel.

Chat: (shouting) You said you loved Janta so how could you do this?!

Joi laughs. Chat asks what he’s feeling funny about. Joi tells him that he can’t marry Janta because she’s his real sister that he’s looking for her for a long time.

Chat: What do you mean?

Joi: Please calm down. Janta is my sister Karakate, my younger sister who disappeared, and the necklace that’s always with her is the proof that Janta is my sister. Now that my father, Kraisorn, has found his daughter and I have found my younger sister, there should be a celebration, not the wedding. Isn’t that right, Chao Luang? And from now on, only me who has the right to love Janta like a younger sister, not you, Chao Luang. If Chao Luang insists there should be a wedding, we need to find a new bridegroom, and I wonder who that man will be. It’s up to you now, Chao Luang.

Chat smiles.

Chat: Janta.

Joi: What a big smile from my Chao Luang. I will take my leave now Your Royal Highness. Whatever you want to do, hurry and do it. (*wink*)

Chat: Janta (smiling ear to ear).

Soi is looking at Chai Lek and his family’s photos. The two grandmothers come sit with her.

Grandmother On says she’s feeling guilty that Chai Lek came back alone, it’s her doing. Soi says everything she did is because she loves Khunchai Lek and cares for him. She asks if she can call them grandmothers. Grandmother On says of course she can, and asks her to be grandmother and granddaughter to each other.

Mom Eiet tells grandmother On that they and Chao Soifa have never been grandmother and granddaughter before. Grandmother On says they can start it from today.

Grandmother On tells Soi that she was wrong in the past, she should love who Chai Lek loves, no matter where she’s coming from *cough cough* She says she wants Chao Soifa to come back and be Juthathep’s granddaughter-in-law, but she’s not sure if that would be too much to ask of her.

Mom Eiet: Chai Lek went away to the forest for many days now. This time, no one can bring him back except Chao Soifa. Please think of this old woman, and bring Chai Lek back for grandmother.

Soi doesn’t answer them but smiles a little.

Janta is happy looking at her necklace. Chat comes to her.

Janta: Khun Chat.

Chat: The sun must always be with the moon.

Janta: Por Joei told me an old tale of the sun and the moon. Khun Chat should know that the ending of a love story is always sad.

Chat: No, our story will not end like that. I will never allow you to leave me again.

Janta: But Khun Chat is Chao Ratchathayat. (not sure why she doesn’t call him Chao Luang here)

Chat: What about that you are the daughter of the field marshal? Janta, let’s reverse the situations. If I’m still Mr.Chat, the child of a street woman, and one day I learn the truth that you are the daughter of the field marshal of Wieng Phu Kam, and then I feel hurt that we are so different and run away, what will you feel? You will feel that I look down on our love, look down on the love that you have for me.

(He holds her hands.) Janta, whether I’m Chao Ratchathayat or Mr. Chatchavee, and whether you are Janta, the child of hunter Joei, or Karakate, the daughter of the field marshal of Wieng Phu Kam, I still love you. How about you? Do you love me?……Do you love me?

Janta: Khun Chat.

Chat: Do you love me? (he says in her dialect) *swoon*

Janta: (in dialect) No matter who you are, I still love you. Love you very much,  and that will never change.

They hug each other.

At this point, I was thinking, two commercial breaks without a glimpse of Chai Lek. Why? Dear director, why?

Episode 11-3

Soi is standing alone.

Janta: Pee Soi.

Soi sees her and Chat are holding hands.

Soi says she’s happy for them both. She says she’s very happy to see Janta and Chao Pee be happy. Chat says he wants her to be happy like them too.

Chat: Love may suffer you now, but in the end, we can’t be without love. Do not run away from love again, Soifa. We will never be able to run away from it, because it’s always in our hearts.  The more you run away and the more you deny it, the more both parties will be suffered. Isn’t that right, Janta? (Janta nods at him.)

Chat holds Soi’s hand.

Chat: When you already know that you love him, you should sort it out to yourself and then go to teach the one you love to realize the preciousness of true love already. Don’t run away from love again, Soifa. Can you understand now why did I force you to come here?

Back to the forest. Love, love that we now go back to the beautiful forest.

Chai Lek walks alone in the forest and recalls all of his memories with Soi. He misses Soi so much that he lies down on the grass looking at the sky. He turns and smiles at Soi who is lying beside him, but his smile faded when he realizes it his own thinking that she’s here.


Something hits his head. He calls her name, Soifa, and looks around.

CL: This is bad. What happened to me? Chai Lek, Chai Lek, listen. Soifa has already become a princess, she will never come back to walk on the ground or in the forest just like before. Stop hallucinating, stop thinking like this. Do you understand? She will never come back. (Shouting to the sky) Soifa, I miss you! Can’t you hear, Soifa? I miss you!

Something hits him again. He looks around calling out her name, but there’s nobody coming out. He looks down and picks up a ring from the ground.

CL: This ring? Soifa!

Soi comes out.

Soi: You miss me then why did you run away from me like this?

Eh….she called him with an informal vocab in her dialect that didn’t get translated in the subtitle….it’s funny but I won’t tell ya. Ha.

Aww…..their reunion is so so cute.

Episode 11-4

Chai Lek is delighted to see her, but then he starts walking away.

Soi: We risked our lives together, how could you leave me so easily? If you aren’t serious about it, then don’t tell me you love me! Is it because you confessed your love to so many women that it can come out so easily? That’s why it’s so easy for you to say you love me.

CL: I’ve never confessed my love to anyone but you. It’s because I love you so much that I have to run away from it. I must be able to run away from my own heart.

Soi: Did you successfully get away from it? You didn’t, right? I, too, couldn’t run away from my own heart, that’s why I’m here.

CL: But you are a princess. The princess of Wieng Phu Kam, and I’m just….

Soi: A princess, so what? You and I are human walking on the ground just the same. Being a princess only makes me get to stay in a palace, but I have to work hard too. It’s no different from a Khunchai like you.

He puts his jade necklace around her neck.

CL: My mother gave this jade necklace to me, to give it to her daughter-in-law. This is to confirm that I will have only you. You are the only woman that I love, but no matter what, I can’t pull you down from the sky. This jade necklace will be the proof (of my love). Even though I’ve never heard the word I love you from your mouth even once, you will always be hearing the word I love you (from me) in your heart. I love you, Soifa.

He lets go of her hands and turns to leave.

Soi: (Shouting) I love Khunchai! Do you hear me? I love Khunchai so much!

CL: What did you say?

Soi: I said I loved Khunchai. Soifa loves Khunchai Ratchanon. Don’t run away from me again.

They run to each other and give each other a hug. Eh…the height difference disturbed me a bit. Poor girl, she had to jump so high.

CL: Finally! I got to hear the word love from your mouth. Thank you so much, Soifa.

Soi: Don’t leave me again.

Chai Lek nods to her.


Chat is walking with Janta. He asks her if she thinks his sister already meets with Pee Chai Lek by now. She asks if he thinks she’s already met him. Chat says he asked her first. Janta says but she wants to know it first. Chat says, all right, he thinks his sister has found him already. Janta says she thinks that too.

They sit down.

Chat: I don’t know whether or not she found Pee Chai Lek, but I think now my sister has truly found her heart. Just like how I found the other half of my heart that was lost when I met you, Janta.  Marry me, all right? Stay with me and take care of the land and Wieng Phu Kam people with me, forever.

Janta: Yes, Khun Chat. Janta will take care of Khun Chat, and will stay by Khun Chat’s side taking care of Wieng Phu Kam people, forever.

He kisses her cheek softly. Aww….sweetness overload!


Back to the forest.

CL: Soifa, wait here.

Soi: Where are you going Khunchai?

He brings her a vine and tells her to hold it. He puts the ring in the vine and walks toward her (like their wedding in Walahok village). Flashbacks (aww…we are saying good-bye to the couple, aren’t we?)

He brings the ring to her.

CL: Soifa, I was the one making these two rings stay apart. Today, let me be the one bringing these two rings back together again.

She puts the ring on his palm. He puts it on his finger. He holds her hands and wants to kiss her cheek. She stops him.

CL: Soifa, we already got married.

Soi: We already got married but we should still feel embarrassed to the gods and the guardian spirits of the forest.

CL: Why do we need to be embarrassed? Today they all came to be our witnesses. This kiss is to prove that we will love each other forever.

Soi: Just one kiss, all right?

He kisses her forehead. She smiles.




Aww….love the ending. It’s just so like Soifa and Chai Lek how they made up and finally came to term with their feelings for each other. I didn’t think the director would choose to end the story in the forest, but it’s really where it all began. I really admired how the script writer could wrap up the whole liberation thing in less than two hours, because this topic alone could become a whole new story for us to explore. The closure of each character in the last two episodes was well done and carefully written to give everyone his/her last memorable scene, at the same time, give everyone a chance to shine. I realized that we didn’t see Por Yai in the final episode at all, but his last scene with Anupun was awesome enough.  I have to say Bomb Tanin as Chai Lek wasn’t quite there yet but as his first project, it was his best. I loved him more when he’s relaxed and smiled to Soifa mischievously in the forest.

The director gave an interview that this series, to him, was a romantic adventure with a mix of fantasy, and he couldn’t understand why the two grandmothers had to be in every episode (Ha!). He said this series had scenes of the five brothers more than other four series (and costly too, but luckily the channel paid for it).

All in all, I love this series in somewhat different way compares to Khunchai Phuttipat or the others. It has its own charm and I ended up loving all of the supporting cast from Tub Tim to Harry to Mae Thao. Everyone helped bringing the story to life, and if Chat and Soi weren’t so great, we wouldn’t care about Wieng Phu Kam at all.

I checked the ending in the novel and it’s quite different but charming and very funny how Chai Lek made up with Soifa in the end. In the novel, Soifa resigned as the princess to stay with Chai Lek in Thailand as his wife. That’s a whole lot to sacrifice but she had to negotiate with him before Chai Lek accepted that his status was good enough for her.

I think this series stands out from the other four series with its unique location, its hero/heroine’s character…and Chao Luang Rangsiman, I need to mention that *wink*

Verdict: Love. Love.Love.


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  1. what is the name of the Klui music in last episode at 12;38…this is a re-occurring piece of music…where can I get the music sheet.

  2. Thanks for the recap. I cant help myself this segment of the Juthathep series over and over again (I just breeze through the other 4). It got the element of what I wanted in a drama series, not so mushy love affair, a bit of history and culture, drama, action, sweet funny scenes, all characters being an integral part to the story and not focus to main hero and heroine, and most of all great nature or forest scene. The director really did a great job and the whole cast. It is quite apparent that the actor who played Chai Lek is a newbie and acted quite awkwardly in some scenes, but his playful manner, makes him more endearing. A seasoned actor will surely make this segment ‘his segment/his sole story’ and not that of the whole cast. This deserved to be most highly rated segment of the whole Jutathep series. The ending in here is better than in the novel, because in here there is still the possibility that Soifa will still remain a princess and serves her country while residing Thailand with Chai Lek.

    The fifth segment, Khunchai Ronape was a disppointment to me as it was slow, so melodramatic, so many unnecessary characters , and with an ending which was quiete a disppointment to so many (or maybe me only). It seems the ending in the novel is much better than in here. I just watched the ending anticipating that I will see all the Khunchais with their families after marriage.

    Again thanks for the recap.

  3. Please if someone can help me, I don’t find the book of Jutathep in english because I don’t understand Thai. Please help me.

  4. Thank you for the recap. Loved your indepth and final comments on the series. I am glad too that they ended the series in the forest. One of the reasons that attracted me to the series were the wonderful forest scenes while also scenes where I think Chat and Janta speak under a Banyan tree. I love Banyan trees and North America really does not have them :).

    Thanks for sharing the directors thoughts as well the ending from the book. I think I liked the ending better in the series rather than in the book. I would hate for Soifah to have to give up everything that is authentic about here just to live in the City with Chai Lek. The ending in the series makes more sense to me. I envision it as Chai Lek working in Nong Krai with Soifah and him basically commuting between the two countries engaging in their respective work … hahahaha. It just seems out of character for Soifah to suddenly give up her need to help, govern and protect her people just to marry and settle down. She would not choose one over the other. Of course, this is based on Soifah’s character in the series Vs how she was written in the books. Also agree with the director in the need to have the grandmother scenes in every episode but the director did a pretty decent job of not making it annoying. The appearance of only one character really annoyed me and that character was Wilairampa. I found her character to be useless to the story since we really did not need her to poke Nuch. Just Chai Lek’s behaviour itself was enough to annoy Nuch as well as her not getting her way with Chat and the other Juthathep brothers.

    “I think this series stands out from the other four series with its unique location, its hero/heroine’s character…and Chao Luang Rangsiman” — TOTALLY!!!! Chao Luang Rangsiman FTW.

    I loved the background music in this series. Do you know if I will be able to listen to the song that played in the background for Janta and Chao Luang in the last episode on youtube? It seems to be different from the one they play for Chai Lek and Soifah.

    Thanks for all your efforts with this series. It has been a wonderful ride!

  5. while to actors in the series made the whole lakorn fun to watch and endearing but i must commend how the director (PorYai) put the story together especially when it has a lot of subplots. it made very beautifully, a lot of swoon worthy scenes, comedy, action, and drama. i remember having goosebumps when it was revealed that Chat is the Crown Prince, and felt to the depths of my core the sadness in PooYai’s eyes the first time he met Chat and when Chai Lek was looking at Soifah during the coronation of Chao Luang. lots of beautiful scenes, well executed.

    • Second your comments. My thoughts around this are very similar. This series was very well executed and the story well told. It had it’s share of issues in terms of the story etc but overall I could overlook them easily and enjoy it for what it was worth. Never did it lag even once.

  6. Thank you for the fast recap. Finally I can put this down without keep checking for new updates. I like this series the best and enjoy the love in forest. I like chat lek n soifa romance, not so much of mushy love. They complement each other, one proactive, one reactive; One calm, one harsh; One exhibit love always, the other so shy to even speak up. They are wonderful perfect pair.

  7. Thank you very much for your recap. By the way, I enjoy reading your comments right here.

  8. Thanks for the recap.

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