Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 10


(Will do only short summary)

Episode 10-1

Daranee overheard that Chatchavee is Chao Ratchathayat (crown prince) so she makes a call to Wieng Phu Kam embassy that she has news of Chao Ratchathayat, the son of Chao Luang Suriyawong, to tell them. Nuch hears her talking on the phone. She says Daranee acted suspiciously so she must be doing something that’s not so good. She says she will ask her father what Chao Ratchathayat is. Daranee lies to Nuch that Anupun allowed her to tell about it.

Daranee tells Nuch that Chao Ratchathayat has another name, that is Chao Rangsiman which is Chatchavee. She thinks it’s the reason why Anupun didn’t tell her about Chatchavee’s mother. Nuch is happy that Chat isn’t related to their family at all. Nuch asks Daranee who she’s talking to on the phone. Daranee hugs her and says she’s happy that Chat is not a son of Nuch’s father.

Chai Ruj says he already made a contact with the checkpoint at the border. He tells Chai Yai, Chai Pat and Chai Phi to come with him. They will cross the border as tourists. Chai Lek says he and Chat will join the liberation army at the border with Joi and Tub Tim. Chai Pat says volunteer doctors are already on their way. Chai Phi tells Chat that Captain Kaew from Nong Krai wants to talk to him. Chai Phi tells Chat to let him know only what he knows.

Joi doesn’t want to leave Soi here so he’s trying to find a way to take Soi with him. Tub Tim shows up and tells him that Por Yai was captured. They tell Soi. Soi wants to know how Por Yai was captured.

Chai Yai asks Chai Lek how Soifa is. Soi walks in and tells them that she must go with them because Por Yai was captured. If they won’t let her, she will go by herself. Soi wants to leave but Joi blocks the way. Chai Lek and Chat try to stop her from leaving. Chai Lek asks her if Chao Ratchathayat can stop her. Soi says he hasn’t been crowned yet, like he said before. She says it’s because Por Yai is not Por Yai to them like her.

Soi says Chat is worried about Chao Luang. Joi is worried about Por Kraisorn. She asks what about her Por Yai. She tells them to choose between she will run away on her own or they will let her go with them.

Chat says good-bye to Anupun. He gives him his blessing to accomplish what he’s about to do. He tells Chat that if they won’t meet again, remember that this father is always looking at him. Daranee says she hopes they won’t meet again. Nuch says she will wait for him. Daranee is surprised by Nuch’s reaction.

Tub Tim, Chat, Joi, Soi and Chai Lek are on a truck heading to the border. They are fully armed.

Chai Yai, Chai Pat, Chai Phi and Chai Ruj are at Wieng Phu Kam checkpoint at the border. Chai Yai tells a soldier that there are four of them and he’s a Thai archeologist. He shows them a letter of recommendation for their travel from Wieng Phu Kam. Wieng soldiers encircle them. Chai Ruj says he’s a Thai diplomat and they can’t do this to them.

Episode 10-2

The group on the truck (will call Team Chat) gets off the truck and walk into the forest. They meet with an armed forces and Tub Tim says they are on the same side. Soi runs to Harry because she heard he was shot and injured. Harry tells her that he’s better now. He apologizes to her that he couldn’t protect Por Yai and Kraisorn. Soi says she will help Chao Luang first, then she will rescue Por Yai and Kraisorn.

Soi tells Chat to show them the ring. Harry sees the ring and tells everybody to show their respect to Chao Ratchathayat of Wieng Phu Kam. Chai Lek tells Chat to get used to it, because now he is the leader of this army.

Harry mumbles, kaew ta and duang jai (heart) of Wieng Phu Kam. The prediction comes true and the divine crown doesn’t make them lose anything but helps them get back their kaew ta and duang jai. Harry tells Chai Lek that he can’t tell him more right now.

Chai Lek wants to see the drawing plan of Phu Kam Wong Palace. Harry says it’s in here, and points to his head. Chai Lek says Harry is too weak to come with them. Harry asks Chai Lek to draw out the plan as he tells him. He thinks Chao Luang will be forced to appoint the new Chao Luang so he must be detained within Phu Kam Wong Palace.

Harry says there’s an underground army that wants to help rescue Chao Luang. Chai Lek wants to leave for Wieng Phu Kam tomorrow. Harry says Chao Luang will be all right if they haven’t yet appointed the new Chao Luang. Chai Lek asks about Por Yai. Harry says if Chao Luang is safe, Por Yai is safe too. Soi walks away worrying about Por Yai. Chai Lek follows her. Harry tells Chat about Se Kang’s plan.

Chai Lek asks Soi if she’s worried about Por Yai. She says the water comes from underground so it’s clean. She asks if he wants to drink it. Chai Lek asks if Walahok village has this kind of thing. Soi says the village is not far from here but she can’t go there. Chai Lek says he wants her to stay at Walahok more. She says he doesn’t have to worry about her, she will rescue Por Yai and Chao Luang.

Chai Lek asks her that until now, she still doesn’t know why he’s worried about her. She asks him why. He says because he loves her, and no man would want the woman he loves to risk her life. He says he isn’t Wieng Phu Kam people but his wife is, and he’s willing to risk his life.

Soi says she won’t let him die. They must return safely and be together again, and she will be really really good to him. Chai Lek asks why she can’t say she loves him. She says there’s no need to say it but it should be known that she loves. Chai Lek tells her to do something to let him know that she loves him (instead of saying). She tells him to turn his back to her. She jumps on his back. Chai Lek asks if this is her telling him that she loves him. Soi tells him not to talk much and take her back to the camp. Chai Lek smiles and tells her to hold on tight.

Episode 10-3

Grandmother On couldn’t understand why Mom Eiet let all of her grandsons go to Wieng Phu Kam at this time. The situation there is not good, according to the news. She asks why Chai Yai had to make a study trip there at this time too, and Chai Phi went with them too. Mom Eiet says as if Grandmother On doesn’t know their grandsons, she had to allow them to go because if she forbade them, they would go anyway. Whatever they went there to do, she thinks it must be a good thing or people won’t call them the Juthathep’s five lions.

Team Chat is arrested. Soi tells Joi that they will kill them for sure. Joi says he has hands and feet to fight them. Soi asks how he can fight when he’s tied like this. Chai Lek says looks like their coming here is not a secret. Chat thinks someone told Se Kong about their plan. Chai Lek gets mad saying who that person is.

Anupun hears his wife talking on the phone. She asks the person on the phone if Thong Sin didn’t ask him who gave him the information, what she told them is better than the information from an Intelligence unit. She tells the person when Chatchavee dies, he can come to her for the money. Anupun listens to her carefully and recognizes the name Thong Sin, a diplomat of Wieng Phu Kam. He asks her what she had done, and if she knows who Chatchavee is.

Daranee says she knows and she told someone to tell Thong Sin that Chatchavee’s going back to Wieng Phu Kam. Nuch hears her and can’t believe that her mother is so cruel. Daranee screams that it’s 15 years that he never forgets Chat’s mother. It’s 15 years that she’s been in pain, so now it’s about time that he should be in pain like her too. She is relieved to be able to get rid of the thorns of her life, Chat and Soifa.

Nuch reminds her that what about Mom Eiet’s five grandsons, they went there with Chat too. She asks her mother if the five brothers will have to die because of her hatred too. Daranee’s face becomes pale realizing her mistake, she says she didn’t think about it. Anupun says she didn’t want to think about it. Daranee says she didn’t do anything, and who will know about it. He says if something happens to Chatchavee, he will be the one who will take her to jail, or better yet, her bad karma will come haunting her, starting from today, she should be prepared for a divorce. He says he can wait in case she will try to keep him with her, but he will not spend his life with her any longer.

Daranee screams that she can’t become a divorced woman and be the talk of the town. She begs him to stay with her. He should think about their child, he has to stay for their child. Nuch tells her father that she can take care of herself, and tells him he can leave, because if it were her, she wouldn’t stay either. Anupun thanks his daughter. He says to Daranee that it’s his fault to be too courteous to the elders that he married her, but from now on, he chooses to live his life without her. He leaves and Nuch walks away. Daranee breaks down and cries.

This is a great scene from Anupun and Daranee, and it’s really cruel of her wanting to kill Chat only because she’s jealous of Chat’s mother, also knowing that he will become the head of state too.

Episode 10-4

Chai Lek can untie the rope on his wrists, and he unties the rope on Chat’s too. When he tries to do it for Soi, Wieng soldiers come in to take all of them out. Chai Lek and Chat fight with them but the soldiers are able to point their guns at them. A soldier comes in and shouts at the other soldiers if they want to be executed.

 Phon Hong looks at Chat and says Chao Ratchathayat. All of the soldiers kneel down to pay respect to him. Phon Hong apologizes to Chat for treating him badly. Chat says one who doesn’t know is not guilty. He tells them to get up.

Chat tells everyone that they have an important task to do, rescue Chao Luang, and they have to do it fast. Phon Hong thinks Chao Luang is being detained in an underground prison because Se Kong would want him close. He says Se Kong already knows that Chao Ratchathayat sneaked into Wieng Phu Kam successfully, so he must want to appoint the new Chao Luang. Chat says then they must act fast.

Chai Lek asks who told Se Kong about it. Phon Hong says there’s a person told Wieng Phu Kam’s diplomat (not sure if it’s the ambassador or charge d’affaires) to Thailand. He says he sent men to receive them at the border checkpoint but they captured the wrong ones. He got the information from that Chao Ratchathayat would come with the Juthathep. He doesn’t understand why Chao Ratchathayat would cross the border from the mountainous area. Joi says who would be so stupid to walk into the checkpoint where there are a lot of enemies. Soi says their Chao Ratchathayat is a strong soldier. Phon Hong calls each one of them by their names. Chai Lek asks him how he knows them.

Chai Pat walks in and says he told him. Chat and Chai Lek are delighted to see him. Chai Lek hugs him, Chai Pat pulls out saying he (himself) is dirty, and says he’s the first one to start his job. He tells them to look at the injured. Phon Hong says he thought Chai Pat’s good looking so he could be Chao Ratchathayat. That’s why he captured him. Chat asks where Chai Phi, Chai Yai and Chai Ruj are. Chai Pat says they went to work.

Chai Phi comes in. He hugs Chai Lek. Phon Hong says Chai Phi volunteered to control armed forces and is able to seize many strategic sites. Chai Phi says they’ve already taken control of the building next to Se Kong’s headquarters. Chat asks about Chai Yai and Chai Ruj. The two walk in. Phon Hong says the two are able to negotiate with many of Se Kong’s soldiers to join them. Chai Ruj says some soldiers refused to negotiate so he gave them a condition, to wait for Chao Ratchathayat. Chai Ruj tells Chat that everyone in Wieng Phu Kam is waiting for Chao Ratchathayat. Chat looks at them and says he’s now ready to become Chao Ratchathayat.

General Se Kong knows that Chao Ratchathayat is already in Wieng Phu Kam, so he tells his men to tell Chao Wirawong to get ready to become the new Chao Luang. He will appoint the new Chao Luang soon, and won’t wait to send letters to other countries.

Phon Hong is telling the team that many soldiers, who are loyal to Chao Luang, and people are joining them. They are able to take control of the railways and cut off communication routes. Chao Ratchathayat now takes control of food supplies unit. Se Kong soldiers are retreating and now they have not many sites left.

General Se Kong asks what they have left. A soldier says three places; Phu Kam Wong Palace, Public Announcement unit, and ordnance facility. He shouts that anyone who can get rid of Chao Rangsiman, will get the position of field marshal.

Harry asks Phon Hong if there are any important sites that they still don’t have control over. Phon Hong says Public Announcement unit, Phu Kam Wong Palace, and ordnance facility. These places are heavily guarded. Harry thinks Se Kong will keep Phu Kam Wong Palace for sure, because he wants to appoint new Chao Luang and then he will use Public Announcement unit to announce it to the people, so they will surrender.

Phon Hong says if Se Kong shows that Chao Luang is with him, the Allies will help him and that will make their liberation army become an illegal one, and by the time Khunchai Ruj sends letters to other countries, it will be too late. Chai Lek says then they must take Chao Luang from them as soon as possible.

Chai Phi suggests a plan to lure Se Kong’s soldiers to come out. Chat says they have to attack important sites at the same time so that Se Kong will send troops from his headquarters to protect these two sites.

Episode 10-5

Chat says so now they can get into Phu Kam Wong Palace to rescue Chao Luang easier. Chai Phi says at this stage, they need the help of Soi and Joi. Chat says they will get in there by an underground tunnel from Pee Chai Lek’s drawing plan. They need to kill the enemies silently at this point. Chai Phi says they will rely on Soi and Joi’s skills in using weapons.

Chai Lek tells Soi to come with him. Chai Lek says they don’t have to go to end of the tunnel. Harry says because before the end of the tunnel, the wall’s thickness is less than one meter and if they drill it, they will find a path that leads to the underground prison. Chai Lek says the path is less than 100 meters to the prison.

Chat tells Chai Phi to lead the attack of the two sites.

A soldier tells Chai Phi that they (the enemy) are sending reinforcements, so Chai Phi tells him to keep a watchful eye on it.

Chat says he will leave the job to Chai Phi and Tub Tim.

Soi asks Chai Lek why he didn’t forbid her from going with them. He says he wants her to rescue Por Yai with her own hands. Soi holds his shoulder and says this is how it’s called really love each other.

They attack according to the plan and are moving closer to the important sites.

Se Kong orders his soldier to firmly protect Public Announcement unit and ordnance facility. The soldier counters that their main armed forces are here. Se Kong says they won’t dare come in here. He tells the soldier to announce that who dares come in here, he will kill Chao Luang.

The group gets into the underground tunnel. Chai Lek leads them the way looking at the drawing plan. He tells them the spot to drill.

Chai Pat is busy taking care of the injured. Chai Yai says looks like it won’t be easy to take over Public Announcement unit. Chai Ruj says he found out that the man controlling the unit was once Chao Luang’s man,  but was purchased by Se Kong, so now he’s with Se Kong. Chai Phi asks if Chai Ruj doesn’t mean he wants to negotiate with that general. Chai Ruj says he’s good at reading his mind. Chai Yai says he agrees with Chai Ruj, and tells Chai Phi to do accordingly.

They raise a flag and walk in to negotiate. The tunnel group successfully break the wall. Harry gets a report that EOT7 agrees to negotiate.

Se Kong calls Chao Wirawong to him and tells him that he will appoint him to be the new Chao Luang, and he needs to do it as soon as possible or he will not have a place even to sleep. He says they want Chao Luang so he will give them one. He tells the soldiers to bring Chao Luang here. He says he will be the one appoint Chai Luang for them.

Episode 10-6

Se Kong is telling Chao Luang the short steps of appointing the new Chao Luang.

Se Kong tells Chao Luang (Por Yai) to put the ring on Chao Wirawong’s finger. Then Chao Wirawong gets up there and sits down, and they will take picture of him, and everything will be done.

Chao Wirawong says people will know that the ring is not Chao Luang’s ring. Se Kong says who will know that the ring is newly made,  only the persons in here know. He orders Chao Wirawong not to go around telling people about it.

Se Kong orders the camera to be rolled and starts the ceremony. Chao Luang doesn’t pick up the ring so Se Kong threatens to kill him saying that it will be the last time he will sit on this throne, Chao Suriyawong.

A soldier reports to Se Kong that the liberation army has successfully taken over Public Announcement unit.

The liberation army and Khunchais are cheering. Chai Pat asks Chai Ruj how did he do it. Chai Ruj says he let him choose, if Se Kong is defeated, he will get to stay in the same position. Chai Pat asks if he agreed right away. Chai Ruj says no, he wanted a bigger position, so he agreed to tell that to Chat.

Chai Pat asks what their next target is. Chai Phi says Phu Kam Wong Palace.

The liberation army is advancing further. The tunnel group gets into the underground prison. They quietly get rid of all the guards and find Kraisorn lying on the ground bleeding. Phon Hong apologize to Kraisorn that he came late to help him. He calls Kraisorn the field marshal. Joi asks who the field marshal is. Phon Hong tells him that this man is the field marshal Kraisorn, the supreme commander of the kingdom of Wieng Phu Kam. Joi is stunned to hear that.

Chai Lek asks if uncle Kraisorn is the field marshal then who Por Yai is. Soi asks him where Por Yai is. Kraisorn tells them to rescue Chao Luang first. Chat asks him where Chao Luang is. Kraisorn says they took him to do the ceremony of appointing the new Chao Luang. He’s at the throne hall in this palace. Soi asks him again where Por Yai is. Kraisorn orders them to go rescue Chao Luang first.

Se Kong slaps Chao Luang’s face. A soldier comes in and tells Se Kong that he needs to leave for the airport now because the liberation army has successfully taken over this place.

Se Kong is about to shoot Chao Luang when suddenly a sharp wooden stick pierces through his hand. It’s from Soi’s crossbow. Chat’s soldiers take control of the room. Chat kicks Se Kong down and says Chao Luang will live on this land forever, and no one will be able to destroy him (the institute). Soi runs to Por Yai and hugs him.

Kraisorn comes in and calls Por Yai, “Chao Luang”. Everybody is stunned. Soi utters Chao Luang. Chai Lek is stunned.

Chao Luang: Father’s Kaew ta and Duang Jai. (He touches Chat’s face.) Chao Rangsiman. It’s really Chao Ratchathayat.

Soi: Por Yai, are you really Chao Luang? How can Por Yai be Chao Luang? How can it be?

Chao Luang: I don’t know either. When I was young, they called me Chao Ratchathayat and when I grew up, they called me Chao Luang. So you will have to ask your grandfather about that.

Soi asks why he didn’t tell her that he’s Chao Luang. He says tell or not tell her, it’s the same. He’s her Por Yai just the same. He tells Chat to call him the same way his sister does. Chat says yes, Por Yai. Chao Luang tells Chat that this is his younger sister, Soifa, the princess of Wieng Phu Kam. Chai Lek hears him and looks sad.

Chat: Soifa.

Soi: Chao Pee (royal brother). I am the daughter of  Chao Luang, younger sister of Chao Rangsiman, then my mother, my mother is….

Chat: Chao Nang Song Dao is our mother.

Chao Luang says their mother, the greatest mother in the world, her name is Chao Nang Song Dao. He hugs his children. Chai Lek looks at them.

Episode 10-7

Four Khunchais except Chai Lek come home. Grandmother On forbids them from doing this kind of thing again, and it’s not even for their own country too. She asks if they know how to fight in the battle like that. Chai Phi says he’s a trained soldier. Chai Yai says he fought with Wieng soldiers once when he was in the forest, and Chai Ruj used his diplomatic skills to negotiate and made everything go well. Chai Pat says they had helped a country that was ruled under dictatorship for more than ten years, they didn’t help only Chao Rangsiman but Wieng Phu Kam people, the whole country.

Chai Ruj says he apologizes to both grandmothers on behalf of everybody that they made them be worried. He says he’s the one telling them not to tell both grandmothers the real reason they went to Wieng Phu Kam. It’s for security. Chai Phi says they were so careful, but when they arrived in Wieng Phu Kam, they got arrested by Se Kong’s men anyway. He thinks someone must have told them.

Mom Eiet says she understands them. Chatchavee is their friend, when he’s trouble, they needed to help him, and if Khunchai Anupun knew about it, she thinks they didn’t make a wrong decision at all. She says they did a great good deed.

Grandmother On tells Mom Eiet that they should call him Chao Luang Rangsiman, and not just Chatchavee. She says is it not today, the day for the coronation. She couldn’t believe that Chatchavee turned out to be the head of the kingdom. She brags that she knew it before when she looked at him. Mom Eiet asks about Soi and Chai Lek.

Chai Yai says about Soifa, it’s unbelievable too. Chai Phi tells his grandmothers to wait for her to tell them herself. It wouldn’t be fun hearing it from them.

It’s the coronation day in Wieng Phu Kam. Chat gets to sit on the throne and Soi receives a necklace from the new Chao Luang. Chai Lek looks confused but when Soi smiles at him, he smiles back.

The former Chao Luang (Por Yai) and Anupun, in military uniform, stand together by a river.

Por Yai: I thanked Thailand once for letting Wieng Phu Kan people live on its land. Today, I would like to thank Thai people for taking good care of Chao Luang of Wieng Phu Kam. I, on behalf of Wieng Phu Kam people, thank you.

Por Yai bows and Anupun salutes. Anupun says (using formal royal terms) he accepts it with great honor. He doesn’t know what his life would be like if he didn’t have Chao Rangsiman in his life. There’s no happiness in his life but there’s hope because of Chao Rangsiman. Por Yai says his hope has now been fulfilled so there’s only the matter of happiness left.

Por Yai: What could be as happy as being able to protect our home country, our homeland, and having a righteous (dharma) ruler. Only this, our lives are already filled with happiness with every breath we take.

Chai Lek looks at Chat and Soi from afar.

CL: Chao Soifa, Wieng Phu Kam princess.

Mae Thao: The divine crown, Khunchai has proved that you are really the divine crown. If we don’t have Khunchai, we won’t have this day.

CL: I think every Juthathep is the divine crown from Mae Thao’s prediction. My elder and younger brothers had to go back to do their jobs….

Mae Thao: Khunchai Ratchanon, Khunchai is the only divine crown. Khunchai is getting lost now. Try to find a way out. Break through your heart’s mist. Don’t do anything that you will regret doing it later. What can you see using only eyes to look at things?

Mae Thao walks away.

CL: I’m the divine crown from a dream. Soifa, you are the princess in real life.

Chai Lek looks at his wedding ring.

Chai Lek asks Kraisorn to give this thing to Princess Soifa. Kraisorn asks why he won’t give it her himself. Chai Lek says he will have to trouble him. Kraisorn takes it and Chai Lek says thank you and leaves.

Chat reads Chai Lek’s letter.


This is the right decision for the two of us.


Chat says Pee Chai Lek shouldn’t do this to her. He needs to have a talk with him. Soi tells him not to go, it’s good that they end it this way. She never thinks of going back to Juthathep Palace with him either. She says, this man just happened to pass by her life, he doesn’t mean anything to her, not even a little bit. She looks down at the ring Chai Lek gave it back to her.

Chai Lek is crossing the border back to Thailand. A soldier asks his name and where he’s going. Chai Lek tells him his name and he’s getting into Thailand. The soldier tells him to sign his name.

Chai Lek gets on a military jeep and leaves the border.

Personally, I think it’s good for them to have time to sort it all out alone, how they will proceed with their lives from now.

Episode 10-8

Chao Luang Rangsiman thinks about his past conversation with Janta.

R: Janta, nothing will change between us.

Janta says the minute she knew who he is, she knew then what’s between them is impossible. He says he won’t let anyone dictate his life. She says he will become Chao Luang in the future, his life has been fixed. She says a woman like her is not suitable to be in his life anymore. Chat says he will keep his promise, he will come back to take her to live together in Wieng Phu Kam. She tells him to forget their promise, he must think of the country first.

Janta says she thought she would give him this necklace, but now it’s not good enough for him. He says why she talks  like this. She wishes him to accomplish his task and become a high status Chao Rangsiman, and in the future, she will not be able to talk to him like this, or they won’t see each other again. Janta says good-bye and leaves.

Janta thinks of when Chat told her that he loved her. Chat looks sad thinking Janta. Joi looks at him.

Kraisorn asks Joi what he’s thinking about. Joi says he’s thinking about Khunchai Ratchanon and Soifa. Kraisorn says it’s the matter between the two, they can only watch. Joi says he can’t stand Soi being sad, so he needs to do something, not only for Soifa but for Chao Rangsiman of his too. Kraisorn asks why he brought Chao Luang into this.

At Juthathep Palace. Daranee and Nuch come to see both grandmothers.

Mom Eiet asks Daranee, what answer she wants from her. Daranee says it’s about Khunchai Lek and Nuch. Chai Lek came back many weeks ago and didn’t bring that girl from the wilderness back with him, that means he chose her Nuch.  She tells Mom Eiet that they should arrange for the wedding right away, people asked her about it and she felt embarrassed. She asks Mom Eiet to think about her side of the family too.

Grandmother On says she can understand her, but she didn’t think Khunying Daraneenuch could be so cruel to think of killing her grandsons. She says thinking of killing her grandsons is like killing her too. Daranee plays innocent so Mom Eiet says it’s about charge d’affairies of Wieng Phu Kam, she thinks Daranee should understand.

Daranee gets angry and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and if she’s using it not to let Chai Lek marry Nuch, she says she doesn’t want Nuch to use Juthathep as her family name either, because this family goes back on their promise, never keeps their promise, and never be ashamed of it. Nuch asks Daranee, what about her, does she not feel ashamed. Nuch says she’s the one telling grandmother Mom everything, so that everybody would know that she’s not suitable for Pee Chai Lek because her mother is a murderer. Daranee is stunned.

Nuch says she doesn’t want to be like her, when in the end, a man doesn’t love her, she will let him go. She doesn’t want to be tortured restlessly in hell like her. She says she will stay with her father so they won’t see each other for a while. Nuch apologizes to both grandmothers and leaves. Daranee cries telling Nuch not to leave her. She runs after Nuch.

Grandmother On says she pities her, her husband just left her and now her daughter. Mom Eiet tells her to believe in karma, it does exist.

Chai Ruj comes to talk with Chai Lek. Chai Ruj says he’s going to the airport and already said good-bye to everybody, and now he’s the last one. He says if Chai Lek wants to forget someone, changing the surroundings may help. He asks if Chai Lek wants to go with him, he can change his flight. Chai Lek tells him to have a safe trip and give Rasa his regards.

Chai Ruj says it’s not too late to decide again (not sure he meant the trip or other things). Chai Lek asks him how he felt when Thunying Rasa had to return her title because she married him.

CR: Do you remember what Chao Soifa said before? Whether we were born in a palace or in the forest, we are human just the same. Title or rank of nobility is not as important as two persons’ hearts.

Chai Lek hugs him. They greet each other good-bye. Chai Ruj turns to say he can follow him if he changes his mind.

Soifa thinks of when Chai Lek told her he loved her. Chai Lek thinks of when Soifa said, persons who love each other, no need to say the word, they would know that they love each other.

Episode 10-9

Joi walks to Chat. He calls Chat Chao Luang and uses royal terms when talking with him.

Joi asks if there’s something troubling his mind. Chat says no and he’s fine. He tells Joi that when there are just the two of them, he doesn’t have to use royal terms.

Joi says he has something to consult with him, but he has to ask him one question first. Chat tells him to say it.

Joi : About Janta.

Chat: Why?

Joi: Does Chao Luang love Janta?

Chat: …..

Joi: Does Chao Luang love Janta?

Chat: Why do you ask?

Joi: I love Janta very much, Chao Luang should know that. But what I want to know is, does Chao Luang think anything about Janta? Does Chao Luang love Janta?

Chat: Yes, I do. I love Janta like… another younger sister of mine.

Joi: Chao Luang loves Janta like a younger sister. Are you sure?

Chat: Yes, I’m sure.

Joi: In that case, I’m happy because the thing I want to consult Chao Luang is, I would like Chao Luang to ask for Janta’s hand (in marriage) for me.

Chat: Ask for Janta’s hand?

Joi: Yes. I would like Chao Luang to be the elder of my side, to officially ask for Janta’s hand in marriage. Chao Luang insists that Chao Luang thinks of Janta as a younger sister, so it wouldn’t be inconvenient for Chao Luang to go to Juthathep Palace, and ask for Janta’s hand to marry me.

Chat doesn’t say anything. Joi smiles.

Soi says she will never go to Juthathep Palace again. Chat tells her to act reasonably. She says her reason is, he will go there to ask for Janta’s hand for Joi, and Kraisorn will go with him too, so it’s enough already. It’s unnecessary for her to go. Chat says it’s true that asking for Janta’s hand is his duty but he wants her to go to Thailand to do two important things. First, to bring back their royal mother to Wieng Phu Kam, the land she loved and valued highly.

Soi says she will definitely go to bring her body here but she won’t go to Juthathep Palace. Chat says she can’t do that, because she has to meet the two grandmothers. Soi asks what it is about them. Chat reminds her that they have this day because of the Juthathep’s five lions, and the two grandmothers did them favors too, at least they gave her a safe place to stay at Juthathep Palace all of the time she stayed in Thailand. He says he hopes she can understand.

Soi says she understands but she doesn’t want to see….Chat says Pee Chai Lek and Mom Eiet and grandmother On are different persons. He holds her and says, his sister is a capable person, she should be able to separate things. Soi says she will try, and asks him if he can separate the matters too. He says he must if that’s what those two persons want. He must be able to accept it.

I swear the chemistry between these two is a hoot. I need to see them as  the lead couple of a drama asapppp 🙂

The two greet their mother’s grave.

Soi calls her mother and says she’s never seen her. She asks if he can remember her. Chat shakes his head. Soi cries and says her mother must be beautiful more than any women in the world. Chat says yes, his mother is beautiful both body and mind. Soi tells her mother to come home with her. Chat says, mother, let’s go back to Wieng Phu Kam, our homeland.

At Juthathep Palace.

Chat tells both grandmothers not to treat him like he’s stranger. Mom Eiet says it can’t be the same but she will try. Grandmother On says she knows the palace’s tradition so she can’t  go against all of it, she asks him to let her speak to him with some certain formality. She asks if he brings his long-lost sister with him too. He says he brought her here too, and she’s no stranger to everyone here. There shouldn’t be anything to be excited about.


Love the piggyback ride scene and love love Chatchavee as Chao Rangsiman *swoon* Poor Chai Lek, why did you leave your wife without talking to her first? Tsk tsk…

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful recap. Totally share your sentiments with regards to – “love love Chatchavee as Chao Rangsiman *swoon*” :). I don’t know the actors name, but when he is on the screen he has great screen presence and his acting not bad. Soifah and Chat definitely have amazing chemistry. It would be great to see them again on screen. The love confessions of Chai Lek and Soifah were just so in keeping in with both their characters. It was not overly sweet and just about right. Loved it. The sweetness is best left to Chat and Janta.
    The piggy back ride, like you mention, was too cute.

    Do you plan on recapping the final episode by any chance ? Would love your final comments on the ending as well as your final comments on the Khunchai Ratchanon series.

    • P.S. Had to share … Chao Luang Rangsiman is so so so so swoon worthy. Could not take my eyes of the screen every time he was on and that does not happen very often to me. They cast the right actor and right role. Do you know the actor’s name ?

      • *below is my imagination 🙂
        An exclusive tour with Chao Rangsiman (1 night 2 days)
        Day -1
        8:30 Cross the border with Juthathep’s five lions.
        10:30 Meet Chao Rangsiman in person (unlimited free hugs!!!)
        14:30 Check in Phu Kam Wong Palace for 1 night stay
        20:00 Exclusive dinner under the moonlight with Chao Luang Rangsiman
        0:00 Midnight forest trek with Khunchai Ratchanon
        4:00 Peaceful sleeping
        Day – 2
        8:00 Breakfast with Princess Soifa (4 pieces of Soifa’s salty kao-tom)
        9:00 Spend time saying farewell to Chao Rangsiman
        10:00 Meet with the Juthathep brothers at the border
        14:30 Visit Juthathep Palace (greet Mom Eiet and grandmother On)
        16:00 Kiss all the Juthathep’s five lions good-bye (repeat twice for Khunchai Phuttipat)
        The actor (Chatchavee)’s name is Jaron Sorat (nickname : Top)
        He has three new dramas coming (forgot the names), and one of it, he and Janta will be the lead couple 🙂

        • OMG! Sounds wonderful, Can I join you on this trip ? Please, pretty please say yes :).
          Thank you for the information around Joran Sorat. Is he going to be the lead in any of his new dramas by any chance ? Janta and he made a really cute couple. Even their scenes were not as much, they made the best of it and it almost felt like the love story was about them and in a good way.

    • Yes! The piggyback ride was so so cute. I miss the drama so much today. Of course, will do the final episode. As for final comment, LOVE!

      • I am missing the drama too! The last drama to catch my attention like this was Khu kam, though Khu Kam was in a different league all together. I second your final comment – I loved it too!! This series kept me engaged from the get go. It kept moving well and had a story outside of the love story and every character had their part to play.

        I caught the first episode of the Khunchai Ronnaphee and even without translations, it felt like something I might not want to continue watching. Ronnaphee seems like a really judgemental person in this one (influence of the grandmother???). I am not a fan of the male leads acting like jerks and since this is his story, I might not continue watching this.

        Are you planning on reviewing/recapping any other drama in the future ? If you are, I might just follow that one, which ever one that might be.

        • Nop, grandmother On is close to Chai Phi the most, but he’s not a grandma boy. He’s a playful youngest grandson, the slippery one, used to hang out with Chai Lek the most. Chai Phi ep1 telling how Chai Phi wants to find someone he could fall in love with, but all women he met were after his status or wealth until he meets Phieng Khwan, the actress (her profession). At that time, the actresses were looked down by the elders as women who mixed with lots of men (filming), and Chai Phi’s love story started from here. My guess is the viewers will be rooting for Phieng Khwan to fight the odds 🙂

          I will keep watching the series for couple episodes. I heard his love story was quite magnificent as far as love goes, and all of his brothers and their wives will come into play. But don’t forget to check out the ending where the whole family will be there.

          Down side: So bored with Rumpa, Marathi and their father *huge sigh*

          The series I’m looking forward to is the Rising Sun series, which I don’t know when it will go on air.

          • Thanks for the reply. I am bored with the Rumpa, Marathi and their father. I am also ok without Ketsara too. I guess in the first episode Chai Phee has the same bias against actresses as the grandmothers ?
            I just caught one part of episode two and I find it a huge improvement from Ep 1. However, if this a magnificent love story then that means it will also be the saddest and probably the meanest. Another thing that put me off in Ep1 was it felt like too many mean people seemed to be there in this part of the series. I will keep watching Ep 2 and see how I feel about it without understanding the language. Looks like in this part Mom Yah is going to be desperate to save the promise.

  2. Thanks for quick recap.

  3. Thank you so much for the fast summary. I just watched from you tube this morning and was trying to make up the dialogues. With your summary I was able to understand more. How I wish we have such good drama production in Singapore. I am so addicted to Thai Lakorns so much so i started to pull away from China, HKG, Korean, Japanese dramas. Thank you for the effort of the voluntary translators.

  4. Thank you very much Kcomments!! I was watching Episode 10 online last night but I didn’t understand Thai at all:) With your help, I am able to understand it completely… Thanks a million… I am glad to have you come back here with us:)

  5. Thank you!!! :)))

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