Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 7 (5/9)



Episode 7-1

Chai Lek asks Nuch what she’s doing. She says she’s giving a reward to the person who saved him. She says to Soi that she must like it because she shouldn’t see this kind of beautiful thing before since she was born, and when they reach Bangkok, she can tell her what she wants more so that what Chai Lek owed her will be even out.

Chai Lek tells Nuch to stop it, Soifa doesn’t want that kind of thing. Soi says who said she didn’t want it. Soi grabs the pin from Nuch’s hand. Soi thanks her for giving a  charity to a girl from the wilderness like her. Soi tells Chai Lek that his fiancée is very kind to give her a reward to even out what she had done for him. She says this way everybody will be happy.

Soi says she will go looking for taro and potatoes to eat, she’s rich now. Nuch tells Chai Lek not to thank her for giving a reward to the person who saved him. She pulls him to follow her to take a stroll and to look at the moon together.

Nuch says the moon is beautiful and she didn’t think there would be this day that they would stroll together under the moonlight. Chai Lek tells her to prepare her mind in case the thing about them won’t be as she expected. She thinks it’s about her father got angry at him, so she tells him not to worry, her father is just worried about her.

Chai Lek says the promise between his father and uncle Thewapun doesn’t have anything to with uncle Anupun, so she doesn’t have to shoulder the burden…..Nuch stops him from talking more. She says she’s happy that he’s worried about her. She doesn’t think it’s a duty or burden to marry him. She’s willing to marry him, and is excited to tell Mom Eiet their good news, and she couldn’t believe that love-at-first-sight do exist.

Soi mumbles, walking under the moonlight? It’s the waning moon, and the sky is pitch-dark! Chat comes to sit with her and says sorry about his sister. She asks what’s to feel sorry about. She says it must be about the pin. She says who wouldn’t want an expensive thing. He says no matter how expensive the thing is, it won’t be enough to repay her for saving Pee Chai Lek’s life. Chat says Nuch thinks about things only on the surface, and she doesn’t know how much risk Soi had to take to rescue Pee Chai Lek.

Soi says she shouldn’t have saved him, and should let Wieng soldiers kill him. Chat says if she really wants Pee Chai Lek to die, she won’t be sitting here waiting for him with a bad mood like this.

Chat: Those two will come back soon because Pee Chat Lek won’t be able to stand being with Nuch more than 10 minutes.

Soi: I didn’t wait for Khuchai! I don’t feel sleepy so I don’t want to go to bed. What about Khun Chat, why aren’t you sleeping?

Chat: I want to see the moon like others too.

Soi: Tonight is in the period of the waning moon, the sky is so dark, so you won’t see the moon, Khun Chat.

Chat: But there is (the moon).

Soi looks at the sky but when she looks at him, he’s looking at Janta.

Joi comes sit with Janta and asks why she’s sitting here.

Soi: If Khun Chat wants to look at this moon (janta), you will have to get over Joi’s dead body.

Chat: We are talking about different things.

Soi: Then it’s all right. I thought you meant Janta!

Chat: Are the potatoes ready?

Soi: I just roasted it, can’t you see?

Chat: Yes, that’s right.

Chai Lek asks if Nuch is sleepy already. She says they shouldn’t hurry back to the camp, but should use this time to get to know each other, because they will live together in the future. She asks if he knows what she’s thinking about. She says she’s thinking about the day they get married. Chai Lek says he’s feeling sleepy. She says she doesn’t want to go back. He insists that it’s getting late so it’s dangerous.

Nuch doesn’t allow Soi and Janta to sleep in her tent. Chai Phi asks Chat, besides causing problems to others, what else his sister can do.

Chai Yai says it’s not a big problem, they can let Soifa and Janta sleep in the big tent and they can sleep outside and will take turn watching over the camp. Chai Lek says he will take the first shift, and tells his brothers to go to sleep. He assures them that he can sit through the shift alone. Joi says he will sleep in front of the tent, and no one can go in or come out.

Chai Pat: Do you know that you changed a lot?

CL: I think so too. If I am in Bangkok now, Chai Phi will probably take me out. It’s strange that I don’t miss that kind of life anymore. Actually, If I don’t need to go back to Bangkok, I can work in Nong Krai happily, but now I will have to take a break, the thing about Soifa is more important.

CPat: No matter what, the thing about Soifa is important to you. A life after getting married is like this, your life’s partner always comes first.

CL: It’s not really like that. For me, getting married feels like didn’t get married. When I tried to stay close to her, I would be kicked out every time.

CPat: That means you want to get close to her.

Chai Pat gives the jade necklace back to Chai Lek. Chai Lek is delighted and asks how he found it as he already made up his mind that he would not get it back. It’s so lucky that Pee Chai Pat picked it up.

CPat: If it’s ours, it will be ours no matter what. Our mother Mom wanted us to give the necklaces to the woman we love. You think about it carefully whether or not you have found her.

Chai Pat pats his shoulder and leaves.

Episode 7-2

Por Yai says, that means if they walk for another 3 days, they will reach their armed forces at the border. He tells Kraisorn to tell Pon Hong not to cross the border to receive him because Se Kong’s men will be suspicious. When he’s ready, he will cross the border to Wieng Phu Kam himself.

Kraisorn asks if he wants to wait until they can find Chao Rangsiman. Por Yai says he can’t wait for that because he doesn’t know when Soi will be able to find him. Kraisorn says now all of Wieng Phu Kam people are looking up to the crown prince with hope. If they can’t find him, it will be difficult for them to seize the throne back from Se Kong.

Kraisorn: But we still have the daughter of Chao Luang…..

Por Yai: No! I don’t agree with that. Don’t talk about this again, do you understand?

Kraisorn nods. Harry walks over and sits down.

Harry: Tub Tim hasn’t come back yet. From Soi’s camp site to here, it should take days. Don’t worry, Por Yai. Soi will surely be able to get out of this forest. Sometimes, when we don’t receive any news, it is already a good news.

Chai Lek sits by a campfire. He smiles looking at his necklace, and puts it around his neck. He feels some movement so he grabs his gun. Soi pushes his gun away and steps on his foot. Chai Lek cries out.

Soi: Don’t scream or everybody will wake up.

CL: Soifa! Why are you fooling around?

Soi: To test your skill, it’s no good. I can slash your throat easily. You don’t need to watch over the camp. It’s better you get some sleep to save your energy for tomorrow’s trip.

CL: How can I beat you, and your fast monkey hands? Even if it were Chat, he would fail like me too.

Soi: Why do you have to mention Khun Chat?

CL: Why can’t I mention Nai Chat? And why didn’t you go to sleep? Couldn’t sleep? Missing someone?

The way Chai Lek talked to Soi here, it’s like he’s talking to a man, or his friend. He doesn’t really treat her like a fully grown-up woman.

Soi: I didn’t miss anyone. It’s so stuffy sleeping in there, and I have an issue left in my mind about you. If I don’t talk about it tonight, I will end up not be able to sleep all night for real. Let me!

She tries to take the ring out of his finger.

CL: What? What are you doing?

Soi: Stay still. Give me this!

CL: Soifa, what are you doing?

Soi: So that your fiancee won’t get suspicious. That wedding ring, you can just take if off. We didn’t get married for real anyway. Let me!

CL: Soifa! Don’t!

Soi: I will take if off.

CL: Soifa, it’s Joi. Joi is coming.

Soi: Don’t lie to me.

CL: I didn’t lie. Don’t ! Joi, help me! Joi!

Soi turns to look behind her. Chai Lek sticks his face out so close to her face.

CL: Don’t turn around! If you turn, my nose will touch your cheek, and I will take it as you touch your cheek to my nose. Soifa, listen well. I’m willing to be in debt to you till the day I die, and I will never change my mind to marry someone else. Never!  (He kisses her cheek.)

Soi is too stunned so she punches his eye. Chai Lek cries out in pain. Haha. Soi rubs her cheek and runs out.

CL: What a heavy punch. Will it become green (bruised)?

Soi gets in the tent. Joi wakes up and looks around saying who that is, and goes back to sleep again.

Boonhome and hunter Koen are finding the way out of the forest. Boonhome asks if they are lost again. Hunter Koen says no. Boonhome asks if his hunter profession was chosen by lot. Koen says totally by his skill, and uses his magic finger to determine which way to go again. Boonhome stops him and says he will cut off his finger.

Some frontier policemen show up. Boonhome is relieved that he’s finally able to come out. He gives them the message for them to send it by telegraph to this address.

Grandmother On runs into the room and tells Mom Eiet that there’s a big news.  Mom Eiet panics. She asks if it’s a bad news or if Chai Yai sent her some news. Grandmother On says Khunchai Anupun came here to deliver the news himself.

G-On: It’s a good news!

M-E: Good news? Why didn’t you tell me right away?! Do you want me to have a heart attack, Mae On?

G-On: They found Chai Lek, sister!

Both grandmothers are delighted.

M-E: Khunchai, it’s really a good news.

Anupun: I won’t take it as a really good news.

Daranee says they found Khunchai Lek, how it can’t be a good news. He says the news came from the Highway District director. The message was sent through many hands before it reached him.

Anupun: If I receive it directly from Khunchai Yai, I will feel more at ease.

Mom Eiet says it’s good enough for her to hear some news from them, and she’s confident that Chai Yai won’t give up and will be able to bring his brothers back no matter what. Grandmother On agrees with her because Chai Yai is a calm and thorough man, and he won’t make mistake. Chai Pat and Chai Phi are with him too, the brothers will help each other to the best they can.

G-On: Khunchai, you may not feel confident in your son’s capability but I do believe in my grandsons’.

Daranee says she thinks so too or they wouldn’t be called the Juthathep’s five lions, even without Khunchai Ruj. She’s confident that they will come back safely, she tells them to anticipate the good news together.

Anupun: If things go as we expected, Khunchais will be able to continue travelling, and they should send us the news this evening. But if there’s no news by this evening, I will have to go there myself.

Mom Eiet asks if he’s afraid that there will be an unexpected incident. Anupun keeps his mouth shut. Mom Eiet asks if her grandsons are in danger, does she not have the right to know. Grandmother On tells him to tell them what will happen if their grandsons won’t come out by this evening. She tells him not to suffer the elders, and let them know.

Anupun says the border adjacent to Wieng Phu Kam is having problem nowadays. The forest that Chai Lek went in is where the Thai and Wieng Phu Kam soldiers confronted each other very often. Grandmother On says, but the forest is big, and their group shouldn’t be that unlucky to confront Wieng Phu Kam soldiers.

Daranee agrees with her that they should think positive and be optimistic. She says the senior officers over there are trying to help but she’s not sure about the senior officer over here.

Mom Eiet says it’s her big mistake to let Nuch go with the brothers. Grandmother On says it’s not their fault because they didn’t know about Wieng Phu Kam soldiers staying in the forest. Anupun says it’s their mistake more, they shouldn’t allow Nuch to follow them.

Anupun: But don’t worry, this kind of thing won’t happen again, because if something happens to our child, what we’ll be gaining doesn’t worth what we’ll be losing.

Daranee counters him that she thinks it’s worth it because, by now, Nuch and Khunchai Lek are having the time to learn about each other, and she’s confident that Khunchai wouldn’t be able to turn away from such a good and well-educated woman like Nuch. She says to Mom Eiet, once they come back, they should talk about the engagement right away.

Anupun tells her not to hurry, and wait until he talks with Chai Lek first. They shouldn’t hurry because it’s their daughter life-time’s happiness. Daranee yells at him why he always goes against her idea. She explains to Mom Eiet that he doesn’t like Khunchai Lek and her daughter to get married.

Anupun: Don’t put your hope up too high. Khunchai Lek is not a man you can easily catch, except our daughter will be able to make Khunchai Lek love her. But I think our daughter is a lot like you, so it will difficult….

Daranee: Khunchai Anupun!

Anupun excuses himself and leaves so Daranee has to follow him. Both grandmothers are wary of them.

Episode 7-3

Soi is making coffee. Chat walks over and says it’s smell great and asks for a cup of it. Soi takes a cup from him and pour coffee into it. She gives the cup back to him but Chai Lek takes it from her instead.

CL: Thank you, Soifa. The first cup of coffee should belong to the husband, shouldn’t it, Chat?

Chat: Yes, it should.

CL: If you want to have one, there’s a cup over there. Pour it yourself.

Chat: Yes, sir.

CYai: Chai Lek, what hit you? (He points at his eye.)

CPat: That’s what I wanted to ask too, Pee Chai Yai. What happened to your eye?

CL: A monkey punched me. It hurt but it was worth it.

Soifa punches Chai Lek’s another eye. He cries out.

CL: You punch me again?!

CYai: Chai Lek, you actually got punched by your wife. You got punched again and again?

CPat: What did you do to her?

CL: I didn’t do anything.

CPhi: Pee Chai Lek, is your wife a bee? (*punch, sting = same verb) You will get stung everyday.

Chai Lek drinks the coffee and spits it out immediately.

CL: Man, it hurts and is salty!

Everybody looks at Chat and the coffee in his hand. Chai Lek reaches his cup out to him.

Chat: Oh-no, Just now Pee Chai Lek said the first cup of coffee should belong to…(everybody says in unison) the husband!

They tell Chai Lek to drink it all.

CL: We are in the forest, that’s why I let her. Wait until we get into town, I will take it all back. Just wait and see.

Chai Phi wonders if it’s just his boast.

Chat: But we are in the forest now.Yes, drink it all.

Chai Phi: Be quick.

CL: Wait until next time, Soifa. I will take it all back.

Janta is at hunter Joei’s grave to say her last farewell. She says if  the next life exists, she wishes to be born as his real daughter and he will grow old with her, and let her be able to repay his favor. She tells him to rest in peace.

Chat walks over and says Soifa told him that he would find her here, because she would surely come here to say her last farewell. He says it’s a pity that he didn’t have a chance to meet her father.

Chat: Pee Chai Lek told me that hunter Joei was a skillful hunter.

Janta says she pities herself too that she realized how much he loved her  when he’s not with her anymore. There are so many things she didn’t tell her father.

Janta: Janta never told my father that I love him.

Chat: Even if you didn’t tell him, he would know. Janta, you are very lucky. Even though hunter Joei was not your real father, he loved you more than his life. Even though Janta didn’t stay with your father for long, your time together was a memorable one, every second of it.

Janta: Thank you so much, Khun Chat. Khun Chat makes me be ready to start a new life , no matter what I will be facing tomorrow.

Chat: Janta, you don’t have to be afraid. Don’t forget that now you have four brothers, and if Pee Chai Ruj comes back, it will be five. Nobody dares insult you.

Joi bumps Chat away and tells Janta that he brought her some flowers, and asks if they are enough. She says they are enough and thank him. Janta says her farewell and tells her father not to worry about her.

Tub Tim gets away from Wieng soldiers and he runs.

Joi asks Chat why he came. Chat says he came to call Janta because they are leaving. Joi says he doesn’t have to come, he’s taking her back anyway. Joi sees footprints on the ground and exclaims his surprise. Janta asks him what it is. Chat asks him whose footprints they belong to.  Janta asks if it’s their footprints. Chat says it can’t be because these footprints are very fresh.  Joi says Wieng soldiers.

Chai Yai says they have to hurry and get out of here. He tells them to pack only their necessary things, and they will have to leave the rest here for the flexibility of their trip. Chat suggests they split into two groups or they will have to wait for this or that person and waste their time.

Chai Lek says but he thinks they should stick together.

CPhi: What happened?

CYai: We found Wieng soldiers’ traces around here.

Nuch screams and asks where they are. Chat Phi says they haven’t arrive yet, haven’t yet.

Chai Lek says it’s possible that Wieng soldiers have already found Walahok village but he thinks Por Yai should be able to move everyone out in time. Wieng soldiers should be spreading out in the forest by now.  Joi tells them not to worry, Tub Tim should already lured them away to another direction. By the time Wieng soldiers come here, they will arrive in town already.

Chai Pat says, but they  shouldn’t be careless. Soi thinks of Por Yai.

Harry tells Por Yai that a villager tells him that all the villagers arrived at the new place safely. Kraisorn asks if they will leave to join them today. Tub Tim arrives. Kraisorn says his fast walk never let them down that he can catch up with them. Por Yai asks if he met Soi.

Tub Tim says he met her, and what Por Yai was worried about, it looks like it’s coming true. He gives a message to Harry. Harry reads it and says, general Se Kong is sending reinforcements. It must be because of the rumor about the crown prince, that’s why he’s struggling so hard to capture them.  Harry asks Tub Tim when Soi will start leaving. Tub Tim says she already started the journey back, and for the first group of Wieng soldiers, he already lured them to the other way. He tells Por Yai not to worry, they will be able to get out safely.

Episode 7-4

Chai Phi says they don’t have to be afraid of Wieng soldiers, he and Chat confronted them before. There are many of them, and they have guns, so why they have to be afraid. Chat reminds him that last time there were only two of Wieng soldiers and there were low-rank soldiers too, but this time, he thinks there should be more than 1o or may be a hundred of them.

Chai Lek says they are hunting down Wieng Phu Kam people, and won’t touch Thai people, but he’s not sure if he can trust them. Nuch points at Soi and her gang that they are actually Wieng Phu Kam people and also illegal aliens too. Nuch says they are their burden so she suggests they split with them, let them find their way to town and meet them there.

Soi says she agrees to do that because she doesn’t want them to risk their lives because of them too. Joi agrees too, he thinks they can go faster than them. Janta tells Joi to start walking. The faster they leave Khunchais, the safer they will be. Soi wants to leave right away.

CL: No, you can’t. We have to go together, Soifa. We must go together, all of us. We won’t leave anyone behind.

Nuch says he can repay their favor later if they can survive. But for now, they should find the safest way out without taking any risk. Chai Yai says they won’t escape just themselves and let others face danger. He says even if Khun Soifa didn’t save Chai Lek’s life and just a stranger, they still will not leave them behind.

Chai Phi says they (Soi’s gang) are not illegal aliens but the one who is refusing to help humans is an illegal alien.

She asks if Chai Phi meant it’s her. He says just think about it herself.

Oh dear, I would laugh every time I saw Chai Lek’s bruised eye.

They continue walking but suddenly find themselves surrounded by Wieng soldiers. They are told to put down their guns. Nuch points to Soi and her gang that they are Wieng Phu Kam people, so they can take those three.  Chai Phi scolds Nuch to stop talking.

CPhi: This is Thailand’s territory, you can’t point your guns at us!

CYai: The most, we just die!

CL: I won’t let anyone harm you, Soifa.

Joi: Janta, I will fight to death!

Chat: I will protect you both!    (*cough cough*…be still my heart)

The Thai frontier soldiers show up.

A soldier: Wieng soldiers, you are surrounded.  Put down your weapons! You are under arrest. Raise your hands!

Soi: Thanks a lot for not leaving us.

CL: That’s all right. (Buahaha….he said it in her dialect and it sounded really funny to my ears.)

He raises his left eyebrow at her. She jabs him in the ribs with her elbow.

It’s a breath of fresh air that a serious heroine be paired with a mischievous and easy-going hero.

*Let me complain here a little bit that I was disappointed that the confrontation ended so easily because the building up to here was great. Oh well, you can do so much with a 9 1/2-episode drama, I guess.

At Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters.

Anupun receives a telegram. He reads it, and smiles feeling content. A soldier asks if it’s a good news. He says yes, it’s a good news. The frontier soldiers have successfully pushed Wieng Phu Kam soldiers out of our country, only a few escaped. He says, finally the long unfinished problem has been solved, and there will be no more Wieng Phu Kam soldiers roaming our territory whenever they wish. A soldier asks him about officer Chatchavee.

Anupun says there’s no need to do anything because without Wieng Phu Kam soldiers, there should be no obstacles and everybody will come back safely.

All Khunchais come back to Chai Lek’s official residence. Chai Pat says he will reserve the bathroom to himself tonight, his body feels dirty all over. Chai Lek tells Soifa, Janta, and Joi to rest comfortably. Joi exclaims that the house is so big.

Chai Pat says the first thing for them to do is to celebrate! Chai Yai tells Chai Phi, not that, the first thing to do is…(he looks at the telephone.)

Mom Eiet says she’s so happy that she doesn’t know what to say. She tells Chai Yai to bring Chai Lek back right away, take the first train back. She tells him to tell Chai Lek that she’s waiting for him. She thanks Chai Yai for prolonging her life. She thanks him again and says she will see them soon.

Both grandmothers are delighted that they found Chai Lek. Grandmother On asks about Chai Phi, if he’s all right. Mom Eiet says everybody is safe. Daranee comes in and tells them that she received a call from Nuch from a hotel that everybody is safe.  She wanted to ask her more but Nuch said she’s tired. Daranee is excited that they will see them tomorrow. Mom Eiet thanks her for following on their news. Daranee says they are like the same family and tomorrow, she and Khunchai Anupun will be here to welcome the new couple, the fiance and fiancee, together with them, and finally, Khunchai Anupun will be able to see how suitable Khunchai Lek and Nuch is.

The brothers are cheering.

All: To the five Juthathep’s lions!

Joi says he’s not counted.

CYai: Wait, Chai Ruj is not here, how can it be the five Juthathep’s lions?

CPhi: I have an idea. Let Chat do the duty instead of Pee Chai Ruj. Chat, come here!

Chat: Wow, what is this? Drinking without me?

All: To the five Juthathep’s lions!

Chai Phi: To the two Royal Thai Air Force tigers!

Chat: To the two Royal Thai Air Force tigers!

Joi: There are lions and then tigers too.

It’s so funny they made Joi drink a local liquor.

Chai Phi asks Chat if he sent Nuch already (to the hotel). Chat says he did and he bought many things too. He tells Boonhome to put them in plates and bring them here. Janta tells Soi to help Boonhome. Chai Lek looks in Soifa’s direction. The brothers ask Chai Lek what he’s looking at.

CL: I’m looking at my wife, of course.

Chai Yai tells Chat that uncle Anupun is worried about him a lot. Chat says he thinks he’s just worried about his daughter. Chai Pat says so tomorrow they will go home. Boonhome brings food to them.

Chai Lek walks down the stairs to Soi.

CL: Soifa, aren’t you feeling cold?

Soi: I’m not feeling cold. It’s colder than this in the forest. What do I need to do next?

CL: You will learn everything little by little.

Soi: I have to make your grandmother Mom accept me as her granddaughter-in-law, right?

He nods.

Soi: What if I can’t?

CL: You can do it, Soifa. You will always have me by your side helping you. Don’t be scared, everything will turn out all right.

Soi: Actually, I don’t have to worry much because I still have Khun Chat to consult with.

Chai Lek holds her shoulders.

Soi: What are you doing?

CL: Can you not say Chat’s name?

Soi: Why can’t I say Khun Chat’s name?

CL: I don’t want to hear this name now.

Soi: But Khun Chat is my friend.

He holds her in his arms. (*me beaming*)

Soi: What are you doing?

CL: Because you won’t listen to me so I’m punishing you.

Soi listens to his heartbeat.

Soi: Your heart is still beating.

CL: You are finding a way to hit me, aren’t you?

Soi: No.

CL: What are you thinking about?

Soi: I’m thinking if the Thai soldiers didn’t come to help us in time, they would probably drag me and Janta away, and kill everybody. I almost took everybody to die today.

Chai Lek holds her tighter.

Soi: What are you punishing me about now? I didn’t say Khun Chat’s name.

CL: No, I’m not punishing you now. I want to hold you. Listen to our heartbeat. We are alive now and no one will be able to harm us. You don’t have the duty of protecting anyone now. There’s no Walahok villagers, but only you and me. I will be the one protecting you, Soifa.

She holds his arm and he holds her hand.

Episode 7-5

Janta: Khun Chat!

Chat: You will leave this place tomorrow, how do you feel?

Janta: I’m scared, Khun Chat. I don’t know what I will be facing, but, I have made a decision, if I can’t live there, I will come back to live here. But here, my father is not with me anymore.

Chat: Janta, you should be able to stay. All Khunchais have accepted you. Janta doesn’t have to worry, everyone will take care of Janta, including me (aww). I will visit Janta at Juthathep Palace very often, if you will allow me.

Janta: Khun Chat, I just live there, not the owner of the house. You will have to ask Khunchai Lek or other Khunchais.

Chat: That’s  not right. I have to ask Janta first. If Janta allows me, other things will not be a problem. Please allow me to visit you, Janta, and, you must allow me to see you very often too. Give me your word.

Janta: Yes.

Aww…Chat smiles from ear to ear.

Chai Lek holds Soi in his arms. Suddenly she jumps out.

CL: Why did you let go? I hugged you so I could protect you.

Soi: A person like Soi, doesn’t need anyone to protect me.

CL: But you are going to live in the capital which is a big city, and you won’t feel familiar with it like you live in your hometown. And who will protect you better than a local of the area like me?

Soi: No need! I can take care of myself. It will be safer for me if you just stay far from me. A man from town like you, is worst than a tiger. Go! Go! Go! Stay away from me!

CL: Soifa!

Soi: Just go!

Chai Lek mumbles, she was so calm just now.

Something hits his head.CL: Why did you throw a thing at my head?

Soi: I didn’t do it.

CL: Then who did it?

Soi looks around. She picks up a tiny scroll.

Soi: Por Yai! A letter from Por Yai!

CL: Wow! Por Yai’s spy is good, even follow us here. What does it say?

Soi: Por Yai, uncle Kraisorn, and Harry, they are all safe. All of them are safe!

She hugs him.  Soi: Everybody is safe! Por Yai is safe!

All drunken men pop out at the balcony.

Joi: What are you doing? Are you hugging each other?

They cheer them on. Chai Lek and Soi let go of each other.

Soi: I’m feeling sleepy. I’m going.

Soi grabs Janta’s hand to go with her.

CL: Please excuse me, I need to take my wife to bed.

Chai Yai tells them to celebrate some more.

Joi: Soi? Soi goes to bed? No, I need to watch over her in front of the room.

Joi follows them.

CL: You two sleep in this room tonight.

Janta says yes and gets in the room.

CL: Soifa, wait! I have something to talk to you.

Joi (got drunk): No, can’t do! What kind of a man to get into a woman’s bedroom is this? If there’s something, you can talk tomorrow. You are making it look like you won’t see each other again. Soi! Get inside! Go!Go! Go!

CL: Joi, I and Soifa already got married.

Joi: Got married, so what? I see your marriage as you were forced by the elders, not getting married in a rightful way.

CL: But I and Soifa got married according to the tradition, how could you say it’s not a rightful one? Move out of the way, I’m going to talk to Soifa about the trip tomorrow.

Joi: There will be a lot of time tomorrow. There’s no need to talk tonight. Go! You are taking up the space!

CL: Joi!

Joi: If you want to get inside, you will have to cross over my dead body! Do you understand?

Chai Lek tries to get inside.

Joi: Are you testing me? A drunken man can do everything. Don’t you dare!

Inside the room.

Junta thinks Soi should go outside and talk to Khunchai, he may have something important to talk to her. Soi says she doesn’t want to talk to him. She thinks there’s nothing important, he’s just going to talk about the same thing over again about how she will have to depend on him. He thinks he’s such an important person.

Janta says but he’s her important person now, no matter what reasons they got married, she and Khunchai are husband and wife.

Soi: How about you? Who is your most important person now? Joi or Khun Chat?

Janta: What are you talking about?

Soi: I sympathize with Joi. A man from the wilderness won’t be able to compete with an officer from town. But Joi is an honest man. If he loves someone, he will love truly. I guarantee he will never give his heart to any other women, Janta.

Janta: What are you talking about?

Soi: But if you choose Khun Chat, I won’t scold you either. He’s a good man too.

Janta: Please stop talking about it, Soi. What if I don’t want to choose between these two but someone else, if I can’t forget about him. Since I was born, besides Por Joei, no one is as good to me as him. For now, he’s the most important person to me.

Soi: You are talking about Khunchai, right?

Janta: Yes. I don’t have anybody else except Khunchai Lek now. I believe Khunchai must be….my brother, and I also believe that he will be able to take care of me in place of Por Joei.

Soi: Brother?

Janta: Yes. I love and respect Khunchai Lek like my brother, but why are you interested? You are afraid that I feel something for Khunchai, aren’t you? Aren’t you?

Soi: No! I didn’t think anything. Even if Khunchai feels something for someone else, I won’t care.

Janta: Are you sure? I sympathize Khunchai. He must not be able to go to sleep, pacing back and forth. I wonder who is Khunchai missing?

Chai Lek sits on the stairs looking at the night sky. Soi climbs out of the window.

CL: Soifa! How can you be here?

Soi: I climbed out, didn’t want to wake Joi. He will make such a loud noise again. What do you want to talk me? Tell me now. Traveled days and nights, didn’t want to talk, why do you want to talk now?

CL: I want to talk about us.

Soi: About us? We already made an agreement even before that fake wedding at the village, what’s left in you mind?

CL: No, Soifa. We need to make a new agreement. We have to get married for real, not a fake one. After grandmother Mom acknowledges us, I will ask her to arrange a wedding for us one more time.

Soi: No need! You already knew we got married for what reason.

CL: Since we already got married, we should do it properly. Soifa, you may have to stay with me for a year, two years, or may be even 10 years, and if you can’t find the crown prince, we may have to stay together for the rest of our lives.

Soi: If I really put my mind into it, why won’t I find him? No matter how many years I will have to stay with you, we won’t become anything else but friends. What Joi said was right, our marriage is not a rightful one.

CL: How can it’s not a rightful one?

Soi: The persons who get married must love each other, but we got married because of necessity, not love. We do not love each other. I will never love you. You will never love me. We are too different, you are Khunchai and I’m a wilderness girl. Our differences are too far apart.

She gets into her room. Chai Lek got rejected, right? Personally, I think he doesn’t know either if he loves her.

More later…(long break)

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  1. saw the preview to ep 8 and the shitteth hath hitteth the fanneth! ah poor poor chat. more and more i’m hoping that he’s really the crown prince in hiding so that his evil step mother and sister will feel like dog poo when it’s finially revealed. and that he gets janta.

    and look at my chai lek getting possessive over his soifah. if they’re getting jealous over each other, then they’re definitely meant to be

  2. Thanks. Love your recaps.

  3. Thanks a million again. Its really awesome, you are…..looking forward to the next..Have a blessed day…

  4. Thank you! Just watched the whole episode online…eeek I saw Khun Chai Pat and Krong Keaw I about screamed because he had his hand on her the WHOLE time like he misses her so much I love love love the skinship…I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I love these two soooo much

  5. yay! i love this episode a lot! 🙂

  6. So quick!!! Awesome^^ Thank you..

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