Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 6


Episode 6-1

Por Yai asks Chat who he is.

Chat: I’m a flying officer Chatchavee Thewaphrom.

Por Yai: I’m sorry but what are your father and mother’s names?

Chat: Do I need to answer this question?

Harry: Please answer this question, Khun Chatchavee.

Chat: My father’s name is Major General Momratchawong Anupun Thewaphrom.

Kraisorn: He’s a son for a Thai officer, and with a royal blood too. It’s not him, Por Yai.

Chat: Even though I’m an officer, I can assure you that I came here on personal matter. I came to look for my friend’s brother who had disappeared and got lost in this forest.

Por Yai: Who are you looking for?

Chat: The younger brother of Khunchai Tharathorn and Khunchai Phuttipat that you captured. We are looking for Khunchai Ratchanon.

Por Yai: Khunchai Ratchanon?

Joi scolds both Khunchais to tell him who they are if they don’t want to die.

CYai: You tell us first where did you take our brother?

Joi: You can’t ask. I ask and you answer.

CPat: We won’t answer until we can see that our brother is safe.

Joi: You aren’t afraid, are you?

CL: Joi! Pee Chai Yai! Pee Chai Pat!

CYai: Chai Lek!

They embrace each other.

Joi: Brother?

Soi: Brother?

Chat: Pee Chai Lek!

They embrace each other.

Chat: Are you all right?

CL: I’m fine. What happened to your face?

Chat: There were some misunderstanding.

CL: Thanks for coming to look for me.

Chat: That’s all right.

CL: Thank you again, Pee Chai Yai and Pee Chai Pat. I’m sorry I’ve troubled you.

CYai:  Chai Lek, it’s good enough that you are all right.

CL: Let me introduce to you, this is Por Yai, the head of the village.

Chai Lek introduces his two brothers to Por Yai, and for Chat, Por Yai should know already. Por Yai apologizes for what happened but they should understand that they are running away from Wieng soldiers.

Soi: We didn’t do anything wrong, Por Yai. Why do we need to apologize? (Chat looks at her.) They trespassed on our land, so it’s right that they were captured.

Chai Yai apologizes to Por Yai for entering this area without permission. If he had known that this place was Wieng Phu Kam immigrants’ village, he would have taken more precautions.  Chai Lek says if’s not easy to get into this village, for him, he was severely injured so he’s allowed to live here.

Chai Pat thanks them for saving his brother’s life. He says Chai Lek must have done some good deed in the past that he’s lucky enough to stay under Wieng Phu Kam people’s care with such kindness.  Por Yai says he should thank his daughter who is the one saved Khunchai’s life. Por Yai says he owes Thailand a favor for giving them such peaceful shelter, and if there’s something he can help, he will not hesitate. They don’t want to hurt Thai people who are the true owner of this land.

Chat apologizes to Por Yai if he had insulted him in anyway. Por Yai says he wasn’t angry at all because what he said was right. He can live peacefully because this land has given him shelter. Soi says not for long, they will be able to go back to Wieng Phu Kam, and when Khunchai takes her to Bangkok, she will start looking for the crown prince immediately.

The brothers are looking at Chai Lek and gape.

CL: Eh….I have to take Soifa with me to Bangkok. I and Soifa just got married this morning.

The brothers and Chat are stunned. Chat whispers into Chai Lek’s ears that there’s someone coming with them. Chai Pat asks what he’s going to do.

Kraisorn tells Joi that Khunchai will take Soi out of here tomorrow, and then no more than two days, they will evacuate to a safe place. Joi screams his heart out that Soi is leaving. He says he saw her since he was young, and didn’t think he will be separated from her this easy. Joi tells his father that he doesn’t want her to leave.

Kraisorn: Who told you that you would be separated from Soi? Por Yai wants you to go with Soi. You must take good care of Soi. Wherever she goes, you have to go with her. Don’t stay away from her, and the most important thing is you must look for the crown prince too.

Kraisorn gives him the sun necklace. Joi asks if the crown prince has a birthmark on his butt or what. Kraisorn says the crown prince has a crown-shaped birthmark, but first, he has to check if he has the crown prince’s ring.

Kraisorn says he gave this necklace to him so he can meet his sister (oh no!). Joi asks if he has a sister. Kraisorn says yes, and if she’s still alive, she will have the moon necklace, in pair with the sun necklace.

Joi: I will have to look for the crown prince, and find out if he has the ring, and have to pull down his trousers to check his birthmark, and have to look for my sister too. Such difficult tasks! But that’s all right, I get to leave with Soi. I will go pack my things now.

Kraisorn sighs, and wonders if this is the right decision.

CL: Now Soifa is my wife by tradition. It’s a long story, I will tell you later.

Por Yai says they must have something to talk between brothers so he will arrange a place for them to stay. Tub Tim says Harry already told someone to arrange it for them. Soifa says there’s no need to find the place, they can stay at Jun’s house. She tells them to hurry and go.

CL: Wait! Jun’s house? The one I’m staying? But that’s our bridal house, Soifa!

Soifa says she will stay here tonight, and he can stay with his brothers. She asks how he can think about getting into the bridal room with her at a time like this. Chai Lek wants to argue but Chai Yai stops him, and says that he should let her stay with her father because she will be leaving tomorrow.

CPat: And we will get a chance to listen to your story. You said it’s a long story, let’s see how long it can be.

Chat says he really wants Chai Phi to be here too, he shouldn’t miss this fun things. Soifa is too happy that she doesn’t have to spend the night with Chai Lek as it’s her wedding night. Chai Lek teases her, just wait until next time.

Episode 6-2

CL: So that(the story) is what it is. So I had to go along and get married with Soifa. Honestly, I’m still feeling confused about all this and just solving the problem step by step. But I do believe every problem has its way out.

CYai: Chai Lek, from what I can see, you don’t look like you are confusing like you said.  I saw you only urging your bride to get into the room (for the wedding night). But I think it’s good for a bachelor like you who has never settled down with anyone. It serves you right.

CPat: Chai Lek, does that mean, when we were being captured in a dangerous situation with the matter of life and death, was the exact time you were getting into the bridal room with Soifa?

CL: Pee Chai Pat, I didn’t really get into the bridal room for real. I told you this long story, couldn’t  you see the picture?

CYai: I understand some more, but that you will help your wife find the crown prince, I think it’s not an easy task.

Chat: I think we shouldn’t think about finding the crown prince now, but we should solve the problem that’s in front of us first. Pee Chai Lek, what will you do with Nuch? And the most important thing is, how Pee Chai Lek will tell grandmother Mom about Soifa?

Por Yai thinks of Chatchavee and says how he can resemble so much. Soi comes to him and hugs his leg. He says he didn’t punish her yet for running out of the bridal room. She says tomorrow she won’t be here for him to punish her, and he will miss her a lot for sure. He says he won’t change his mind no matter what she says. She says she didn’t say it to change his mind , she’s willing to go with Khunchai because now she knows she has an important task to accomplish. She will not fail him. She tells him to believe in her.

Por Yai: I believe in you, Chao Soifa.

At Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters (I think).

Anupun: There’s still no movement from Wieng Phu Kam.

A soldier: General Se Kong didn’t really stop making his move. Now the soldiers of Wieng Phu Kam don’t pass through our immigration checkpoint but sneak in the other ways. We expect them to reach Thailand in 2-3 days.

Anupun: They must cross the river secretly. They still won’t give up hunting down Wieng Phu Kam liberation army. How many years has it been already? No matter how many years had passed, nothing changed at all. Innocent people have to die in the battle they didn’t start.

A soldier: If we still don’t change our policy.

Anupun: The policy that we do not interfere other countries’ internal affairs both in military and politics. But if Wieng Phu Kam keeps sending troops  roaming the border, we won’t be able to stay still. You may leave now. I will read the rest of the report myself.

A soldier: Sir, you ordered that the news of officer Chatchavee be followed, it’s been 2 days already but there’s no progression coming in.

Anupun: I believe my son can get himself to safety. I just want to know what he’s doing and where he is  that’s all. You may leave now….What is it?

A soldier: Wieng Phu Kam soldiers are coming back, if officer Chatchavee won’t come out soon….

Anupun: I told you to leave.

Janta says Mae Thao told her that she’s Wieng Phu Kam people so she wants to stay here. Mae Thao says she must go back with the divine crown. She came with him so she must go back with him, and when the time comes, she will be able to come back and stay with her family.

Mae Thao: Janta, Janta, you shouldn’t use this name. Not Janta, shouldn’t be.

Janta: I don’t have a family anymore, so who will I return to? Who will be my family? No one. Without Por Joei, I don’t have anyone. I have no father and mother. They don’t want me then why do I have to return to them? No matter what, my name is Janta. Can you hear it Mae Thao? My name is Janta.

Someone calls Janta, she hugs him thinking he’s Por Joei. She says that’s right, her name is Janta. Do not let anyone change her name, she doesn’t exist in this world as it is.

Kraisorn says so it’s her whose name is Janta.

Joi: That’s right. This is my Janta…Khunchai’s Janta. No, Janta, the woman who came with Khunchai. What a pity, we just know each other but will have to leave each other.

Kraisorn says she must go with Khunchai but don’t be afraid, Joi will go with her and take care of her.

It’s time for them to leave the village.

Por Yai: Don’t say farewell. Don’t cry. My daughter must be strong.

Soi: And must be brave too.

Por Yai: We depart but we will meet. May the holy gods protect you.

Soi: Por Yai.

Por Yai: May you have a safe trip.

CL: I will take my leave, Por Yai. Thank you for your kindness. I will take the task, Por Yai given Soifa, to be my own.

Por Yai: Thank you, Khunchai. Everything that I wanted to say, I already said it all. But I have to say it again, please take care of my Soifa.

CL: Yes, I will take care of Soifa to the best I can.

Por Yai: Hurry and take off.

Joi: Father, please take care of Por Yai.

Kraisorn: May the good protect you.

Joi says good-bye to Mae Thao, and she wishes him good luck. Janta says good-bye to everyone. She says to Mae Thao that she won’t forget Mae Thao’s good deeds to her till the day she dies. Mae Thao blesses her . Harry tells Joi that knowledge exists everywhere for learning. If she’s a chance, she must study and gain a lot of knowledge, and one day she will know what she learned will not go to waste. Have a safe trip, and head to the goal you want.

Mae Thao tells Soi not to be afraid, and find the heart, he’s waiting.

Soi hugs Por Yai and he tells her to leave. The group takes off.

Episode 6-3

Soi looks back at the village. Chai Lek tells her to go.  Soi tells Joi not to lay down a stone, they won’t come back here. This is her first time leaving Por Yai but she will see him again, not here but in her home country, Wieng Phu Kam.

They reach the entrance of the cave. Soi looks back.

Mae Thao: When the king, who’s wearing a divine crown, comes to visit. The calling will make the protection mist disappear. When that time comes, Walahok will lose kaew ta, but will get back the heart of Wieng Phu Kam.

Judging by the framing of the camera, the divine crown could be all Khunchais?

Soi recalls Por Yai’s order that she must find their crown prince, his heart and the heart of Wieng Phi Kam. Both Joi and Janta recall what they had been told. Chai Yai tells Chai Lek to keep going. Soi wants to tell Tub Tim, but he says she doesn’t have to give that order, he knows.

Chai Phi wants to go find his brothers because everybody disappeared the whole night, something bad must have happened to them. Hunter Koen says they might get lost in the accused forest and couldn’t get out. Nuch hears them talk about the accursed forest, so she wants to get out of the forest and wait for them at the house in town.

Chai Phi tells her to hurry and pack her things, he will ask hunter Koen and Boonhome to send her back. But Nuch won’t let him leave her alone with them. She’s afraid to go alone, she begs him to come along with her. Chai Phi says yes through clenched teeth.

Soi tells them to go the other way, it’s not that way. Soi asks if their camp is by the stream. They nod. She says, in that case, they need to head east. She will guide the way. She tells them to hurry, it’s only a half day away. She calls Joi to come along. Chat tells them to rest here first because they had been walking for hours now, and it looks like someone can’t walk any further. Joi asks who can’t walk, the forest is not a market, if they’re not good enough, don’t get into the forest. Joi tells them to continue walking, and looks down on town people that they are too weak.

Soi calls Joi stupid that it’s not the town people that can’t walk any further. Joi asks then who. Chai Lek tells him to turn around, it’s the person walking with him all this long distance.  Joi turns around and realizes it’s Janta. Janta says she can continue walking. Chai Lek says if she does that, she might faint somewhere along the way. Chai Yai decides to take a short break and tells them to rest at the big tree over there. Soi helps Janta to walk over there.

CPat: Janta is just recovered recently and has to walk such long distance. Pee Chai Yai, I think we can’t walk hurriedly now.

Chai Yai says it should be all right if they will arrive at the camp late, but he’s worried that Chai Phi will be worried about them.

CPat: I don’t think Chai Phi will have time to worry about us. He must be busy serving food and water to Nong Nuch.

Chat: I don’t think Chai Phi will be that kind to follow every demand of Nong Nuch. I think he must be trying to find every way to escape from Nuch. But it depends on whether or not he can accomplish that.

CL: Who are you talking about? Nong Nuch? Chat, did your sister follow you here?

CYai: Eh…that’s correct. Nong Nuch, Nong Sineenuch, your betrothed, she followed us here.

Chai Lek makes a loud cry. Chai Pat and Chat nod to him.

CYai: So how will you tell your wife?

CL: But I don’t need to tell Soifa anything. I and Nong Nuch don’t have any relationship, and how the elders asked for her hand in advance, has nothing to do with me.

CYai: You can’t pass the buck like that. I think if Soifa meets Nong Nuch, there will be a huge mess.

CPat: Nong Nuch already thinks of you as her betrothed. We and the Thewaphrom won’t be able to get away from each other. There are only you and Nong Nuch, Chai Phi and Nong Rumpa now.

CYai: And this is not the time to turn your eyes away from it. We should find a way to stop such a mess. If Nong Nuch knows that you married Soifa, I think she will scream her heart out until the forest be broken apart, and do you know what will happen next?

CPat: She will run so fast to tell grandmother Mom. The marriage between you and Soifa, grandmother Mom should not hear it from someone else but you, yourself, or Soifa won’t be able to walk in Juthathep Palace.

CL: How should I begin?

Chat: I think Pee Chai Lek should start with telling Soifa about Nong Nuch.

CYai: Here she comes.

Soi: What were you talking about? You were talking about me, weren’t you? Tell me straight away what it is! You don’t want me to guide the way, do you? You don’t believe me because I’m a woman, right?

CL: No, no, we believe you. Soifa, I have something to tell you.

Chai Lek looks at Chai Yai for help.

CYai: I’m feeling stiff and sore, let me take some rest.

Chat: My legs is hurting. I’m going to rest now.

CL: Chat!

CPat:  (Clear throat) My throat feels so dry.

CL: Pee Chai Pat!

Episode 6-4

Chai Pat tells Janta that she’s dehydrating, so she should sip some water, but clean water only. Joi smirks that Chai Pat talks as if he’s a doctor. Chat asks Joi does he not know that Pee Chai Pat is a doctor.

Chat: We have a skillful doctor with us, so you won’t see us as a burden, right?

Janta says it’s her that is their burden. Chai Yai tells her not to say that, she’s now their family and how they can leave her at Walahok village. Chai Pat says Chai Lek already told them about her, so now they will tell her about them so that she will know the brothers she will have.

Chat: But we don’t know how the brother, who started it all, is now.

Soi: Go! Go away! Don’t follow me! I don’t want to see your face! Liar!

CL: What did I lie to you? I just didn’t tell you about Nong Nuch.

Soi: Not telling is lying. You already have your lover, why did you marry me?! A person like me, won’t snatch a man from any woman.

CL: Actually, the day we were in the bridal room, I meant to tell you everything but you wouldn’t listen to the end, and jumped off the window. Therefore, I didn’t mean to hide the thing about Nong Nuch from you. Moreover, I’m telling you for a hundred time that I and Nong Nuch are not lover. She is just my betrothed (expect to get engage and married).

Soi: It’s the same!

CL: How can it be the same? I and Nong Nuch met when we were very young and didn’t see each other since, and I and her have never been in a relationship. It’s the thing the elders did by themselves, so I need your help so that I won’t be forced to get married.

Soi: A betrothed but not a lover, what is that?

CL: You understand it now, right? I didn’t have anyone before getting married with you, so we got married rightfully by the tradition. The problem is we cannot let Nong Nuch know about our marriage.

Soi: Why?!

CL: I will tell you later, all right? Just do as I said. I’m begging you, if you meet Nong Nuch, don’t tell her about our marriage. Soifa, please.

Soi: No! I’m not a liar like you. I won’t lie to people. If you are not brave enough to tell people that we are married, then just think that we didn’t get married at all. I didn’t want to be your wife in the first place.

CYai: Well, it looks like he won’t get away with it.

The people in Walahok village are evacuating. An elder tells Por Yai to hurry and follow them. He wishes her a safe trip.

Por Yai: How many do we have left?

Harry: About 20 persons left. I let children and the elders move out first. We will follow them later for the flexibility os the trip and an effective protection of Por Yai.

Kraisorn says he wants Por Yai to move out today. He should be the first one to move out not the last one. Por Yai says he will wait for Tub Tim first. If Tub Tim doesn’t come back here, he won’t move out from here. Kraisorn tells Por Yai not to worry about Soi since Khunchai’s group have many persons, and not later than tomorrow they will get out of the forest. Harry says they are worried about Por Yai more, Mae Thao’s mist-spell is totally disappeared.

Por Yai says general Se Kong won’t stop hunting them down. This forest is still dangerous, and if Soi still doesn’t get out of this forest, he won’t leave it either.

Soi throws a small fruit at Chat’s head.

Chat: Soifa, come down here. We need to talk.

Soi: Khunchai asked you to talk with me, didn’t he?

Chat: I didn’t come to talk for Pee Chai Lek, but I came as…..the elder brother of Nong Nuch, Pee Chai Lek’s betrothed.

Soi: You don’t have to worry, I won’t snatch Khunchai away from your sister.

Chat: You didn’t snatch away anyone’s man. The reason Nong Nuch must not know about you and Pee Chai Lek now is, because once she knows, this matter will surely reach grandmother Mom’s ears. Pee Chai Lek told you about grandmother Mom Eiet, didn’t he?

Soi: Why can’t grandmother Mom know about me?

Chat: She shouldn’t know now, but should know at the suitable time. We should give her time to prepare for it. When Por Yai needed to take Pee Chai Lek as his son-in-law, he didn’t accept him right away, did he? Soifa, you have a task to accomplish in the future, if just this small matter you can’t even endure it, what if you will have to do a much bigger task in the future, how will you handle it?

Joi refuses to lie to anyone. He tells them not to hope that they can shut his mouth. Janta says Khunchais didn’t tell him to lie but to be still and not to talk about Khunchai and Soi.

Joi: Why can’t I talk about the marriage? I don’t care, if anyone asks me, I will tell the truth. (He points at Chai Lek.)  You, you just got married, why do you have to hide it? It’s not like a man.

CL: Joi, did you listen carefully? I asked you to keep the matter about me and Soifa a secret, until we reach Bangkok. That’s all. I didn’t ask you to keep it a secret forever.

CYai: All right. I think you don’t need to argue. Let’s Soifa decide it herself.

CPat: Whatever her decision is, let’s do it that way. All right?

Joi: All right. Soi will never allow it. This is, insulting our pride. If Soi won’t punch Khunchai’s mouth till it bleeds, you can stamp your feet on me. There, Soi is coming. Soi, Soi, do you know that Khunchai…..

Soi: I know! Besides Khunchai’s brothers and Khun Chat, I can’t allow anyone to know about the marriage between me and Khunchai. Let’s agree to that.

Chai Lek looks at Chat in surprise.

Chai Yai and Chai Pat stamp their feet softly on the ground looking at Joi. Joi says he was just kidding, and walks away quickly.

Soi: Joi, take this firewood, and boil water for Janta.

CL: Wait!

Soi: Let me go!

CL: No, I won’t. I don’t understand you at all. I begged you for a long while and, no matter what, you wouldn’t cooperate with me. But when Chat talked to you just for a short while, you agreed to do it so easily. I really want to know how did you two talk?

Soi: Khun Chat talked with reason.

CL: Which part did I say that there’s no reason?

Soi: You didn’t explain to me anything, just told me to do as you said. You must think I’m too stupid to understand to tell me. No matter what, you still see me as a girl from the wilderness with no education background, but Khun Chat doesn’t see me that way.  He sees me as a person just like him. He honors me, not like you!

CL: Right! Chat is good, he is so great! He understands everything. It must be great if it were Chat who had to marry you, so this mad thing wouldn’t happen.

Soi: I think so too. I should have met Khun Chat before you, so Por Yai wouldn’t have to force me because I would marry him willingly. I have no good fortune (from past good deeds), that’s why I had to marry a liar like you.

Episode 6-5

Chai Phi wants to go look for his brothers. He tells Nuch not to stop him this time because he can’t stay still when his brothers are in danger, and Chat is his best friend and her brother too. He asks if she isn’t worried about him at all. She says, of course, she’s worried about everybody so she wants to go with him. Boonhome and hunter Koen want to go with him too. Nuch insists that Chai Phi can’t leave her with them, he should let her go with him.

CYai: Chai Pat, look there, is it the wrong pair?

CPat: It looks like Soifa’s still sulking because of Chai Lek. Even if she is so courageous,…..

CPat and CYai: She’s still a woman!

Soi: Khun Chat, you are an air force officer, aren’t you?

Chat: Yes.

Soi: I want to get on a plane. When we arrive in Bangkok, can Khun Chat get me on a plane? It must be a plane with a gun machine attached to it too. I want to know how it feels like to fire a gun up in the air.

Chat: That’s a war plane, I can’t get you on that. But for a normal plane, it’s possible. If Pee Chai Lek takes you to see Pee Chai Ruj in Switzerland, you will definitely get on a plane like you want.

Soi: I want to get on a plane with Khun Chat more. Getting on a plane with an air force officer is much cooler.

Chat: Pee Chai Lek is a civil engineer, which is as cool as an officer too.

CL: Will you talk about nonsense things for long? Don’t dream about Bangkok just yet, think about what will happen now. (Turn to Chat) Did you prepare Soifa how to confront your sister yet?  I think this topic is more important than talking about taking my wife out somewhere. Don’t you think?

Chat: Yes.

Chat leaves.

Soi: It’s your duty to help me confront your woman, not Khun Chat!

CL: I don’t know Sineenuch even a little bit, and she’s not my woman. The reason you are trying to push her to me, to be more than my betrothed is that you like Chat, don’t you?

Soi: May be. He’s so handsome.

Janta tells Joi not to worry about her so much, she’s much stronger than he thinks. Joi asks if she doesn’t want him to worry about her, then who he should worry about. He says it must be because she gets to have 4-5 brothers now and they are from a high social status too, that’s why she doesn’t want to have a brother from the wilderness like him.

She says Khunchais are just being so kind to her, but no matter what, she won’t dare think she’s really their sister.  The person that she thinks is her brother, is Joi only. Joi is delighted and thanks her.

Nuch tells Chai Phi to wait for her. She thinks they walk for a long distance already so they should go back to the camp and start again tomorrow. Chai Phi says they won’t waste their time going back, but will continue walking ahead. If it gets too dark to see the way, they will stop and rest, and will start again at dawn break. She says how they can rest around here. He says he told her already not to follow him. She screams that it’s because she didn’t want to be alone. Chai Phi scolds her that he won’t waste his time with her anymore. He orders her to keep walking.

Nuch asks if that’s a tiger. He says who would talk about tiger when one is in the forest. She insists something is moving ahead of them, and she thinks it’s a tiger. Chai Phi raises his gun and gets ready to fire. It turns out to be Chatchavee.

Chat tells everybody to come out, it’s safe now.  Chai Phi hugs Chai Yai and Chai Pat.

CPhi: Do you know how much I was worried about you? Did anything happen or was someone injured that you came back just now?

CYai: Chai Phi, we are safe with our 32 organs in tact.

CPat: I think you forgot to ask one important question.

CPhi: Pee Chai Lek! You found Pee Chai Lek, didn’t you?

CYai: We won’t come out with empty hand.

Nuch asks them where Pee Chai Lek is. She hugs Joi thinking it’s Chai Lek. Nuch looks at Joi and lets go. She accuses him of hugging her. Joi says it’s her who hugged him. He shudders. Joi says he won’t let anyone hug him for free, he must get to hug her back too. She stops him so Joi says he will leave it for the next time, and next time he will hug her back.

Chai Lek arrives and Chai Phi hugs him.

CPhi: Next time don’t trek the forest alone, take me with you.

CLek: All right. I know that.

Nuch hugs Chai Lek.

CL: Are you Nong Nuch?

Nuch: Yes. We finally meet.

She asks him who they are. She thinks Joi is hired to carry their things. She asks who these two women are. Janta tells her her name. Nuch asks Soi who she is.

Chat: Her name is Soifa. They are the ones saving Pee Chai Lek’s life, so we allow them to come with us.

Nuch wonders how great their good deeds could be that they followed them here. She says she must know everything about Pee Chai Lek so she can manage everything correctly as his fiancee.

Chai Lek is on alert mode looking at Soifa.

Episode 6-6

Somsri tells Mom Eiet that Khunying Daraneenuch is here to see her. Daranee says she came to talk to them about the same topic, the wedding of Khunchai Lek and her daughter. Mom Eiet says they haven’t found Chai Lek yet, they can talk later about that, and she’s willing to welcome Nuch as her granddaughter-in-law. Daranee says thank you to her.

Grandmother On says the problem lies with Khunchai Anupun. It looks like he’s against the idea. Daranee says he’s just worried about Nuch. She says after Nuch came back from Penang, there are men who want to ask for her hand in marriage so Khunchai wants to give Nuch a chance to choose the most suitable man for herself. Daranee asks Mom Eiet if she could make Khunchai Anupun feel confidence in their intention, by listening to her suggestion.

Boonhome is worried that nobody comes back yet. Hunter Koen throws leaves in the air and they spread out, so he says they will come back. Soi walks into the camp site first.

Boonhome asks Chai Yai if he met Chai Phi. He says don’t tell him that two went out and then the other two went out looking for the first two, and now the first two came back with another two are still missing.

Chai Yai assures him that this time they all came back together with no one missing. Chai Pat says all of them came back, more than expected. Boonhome is so happy to see Chai Lek. Hunter Koen holds Chai Lek’s hands and starts giving him long blessing. Chat looks in one direction and walks out. Chai Phi asks if hunter Koen knows Chai Lek. He shakes his head, so Chai Phi tells him to stop what he’s doing.

Boonhome asks Chai Lek about hunter Joei, and he also asks Janta. She tells him that he’s dead. Boonhome asks her how he died. Chat follows Soi.

Chat: So you are here. What are you doing?

Soi: Sharpening a wood stick for stabbing a liar. Where does Khun Chat think I should stab him? On his mouth or his heart?

Chat:  Don’t listen to Nong Nuch too much. The elders just want Nong Nuch and Pee Chai Lek to get married. That’s why it’s called ku-mai (expect to get engaged and married) but Nong Nuch likes to call it ku-man (already engaged, fiancee).

Soi: If Khunchai didn’t have to marry me, once he returned, he would marry Khun Chat’s sister, right?

Chat: Pee Chai Lek definitely won’t marry Nong Nuch. When grandmother Mom just arranged for Pee Chai Lek to meet with Nong Nuch, Pee Chai Lek ran away as far as the border. If Pee Chai Lek is forced to get married, I think Pee Chai Lek will run away as far as the end of the world.

Soi: Khunchai is a coward. Why does he have to be so afraid of getting married? If he doesn’t want it, just tell the elders. Running away like this, he acted like a kid.

Chat: But I heard when you were forced to get married, you threw a tantrum too. Isn’t that called younger-than-a-kid behavior?

Anupun asks them what’s so urgent that they came to meet him here. He asks if they’ve found Khunchai Lek. Grandmother On says they haven’t found him yet, but they are here to officially ask for Nuch’s hand in marriage, to become Juthathep’s granddaughter-in-law.

Aupun says he can’t give his word to them now. Grandmother On says, normally, Mom Eiet will not leave Juthathep Palace easily, that means she’s giving him a great honor by coming here herself. She asks if he won’t honor Mom Eiet too.

He says thank you for such an honor she gave him. But he’s still against the idea to prepare the wedding in advance when the two don’t know about it. Daranee says he didn’t accept, doesn’t mean he rejected it. She tells them, let’s say they(her family) acknowledge that they have asked for Nuch to become their granddaughter-in-law. She asks for their permission to announce the good news to her relatives, or they can arrange a little tea party. Grandmother On agrees to her idea so that other men will not have a chance with Nuch. She asks Daranee when they should announce the good news.

Anupun interrupts them that he doesn’t hope to hear a good news, but hopes he won’t receive any bad news. Mom Eiet asks if he received some news. He says he can tell them only that, if they (Khunchai’s group) won’t get out of the forest by tomorrow, they will never be able to come out again. The women are stunned.

Nuch tells Chai Lek that she still can’t understand. Chai Lek asks her how many time she wants him to tell her that Soifa and Joi saved his life or else he would have been killed by Wieng soldiers already, and for Janta, her father died because of him so he has to take care of her. Nuch tells him to pay some amount of money to them so they won’t follow him to Bangkok.

CPhi: Nong Nuch, do you think how much Pee Chai Lek’s life worth? Tell us, so that we can take the money to poke their heads.

She says she didn’t mean Chai Lek’s life didn’t worth anything but…Chai Yai interrupts her that Chai Lek has already made his decision, and he agrees with him. Those people didn’t do good deeds to only Chai Lek but to everyone in the Juthathep family. Chai Pat says they are willing to help them in every way because taking care of them can’t be compared to their taking the risk to save Chai Lek’s life. Nuch excuses herself to clean her face because she’s so tired helping Chai Lek.

CPhi: Finally it’s done. If I knew, I would have followed Chat long time ago so I didn’t have to listen to this nonsense.

Chai Lek realizes that Chat is not here.

Chat: So you understand it now, right? Pee Chai Lek doesn’t want to marry Nong Nuch at all.

CL: Thank you, Chat! Thank you for talking to Soifa and making her understand. But I think I should talk to my wife myself rather than let someone else talk to her on my behalf. Don’t you think so, Chat?

Chat: I understand that.

Chat leaves. Soifa walks away so Chai Lek follows her.

Anupun is alarmed that it’s not even a day and the situation is changing drastically. He tells the soldier to find out if it’s true that Wieng soldiers have already crossed the border into Thailand’s territory. The soldier says he had verified that information and it’s true that Wieng soldiers had crossed the border, and thinks that they are hiding in the forest.

Anupun: General Se Kong is willing to lose a large sum of money like this, that means his aim must not be only to hunt down the national liberation army.

The soldier: The rumor said Chao Luang Suriyawong is still alive.

Anupun: The rumor that said Chao Luang were building up armed forces along the border? The rumor has been there for 10 years already. If it were true, general Se Kong must have found Chao Luang a long time ago, but he hasn’t found even his shadow till now.

The soldier: But the Wieng Phu Kam liberation army is getting stronger everyday. People who are loyal to him are doubling up significantly, doesn’t that mean Chao Luang is still alive.

Anupun: A belief is a belief but a fact is another thing.

The soldier: There’s another rumor that is reliable, that the crown prince (chao rat-cha-tha-yat) is still alive, and is hiding in Thailand for more than ten years already.

Episode 6-7

Por Yai asks if Soi has gotten out of the forest. Tub Tim tells him about Wieng soldiers that this time they came by crossing the river or the mountain, he doesn’t know how many of them but they came from every direction. They are spreading out searching for their village. Not for long, they will surely be here.

Por Yai asks him about Soi again and why he didn’t tell him. Tub Tim says she’s staying at the camp by the stream, and she should get out of the forest by tomorrow. Harry tells him not to worry, all Khunchais will be able to protect her. Wieng soldiers won’t dare harm Thai people, let alone, Thai officers.

Por Yai says these soldiers don’t have conscience. Kraisorn says Por Yai must leave now. Por Yai orders all the villagers to evacuate now. Kraisorn, Tub Tim and Harry ask what about Por Yai himself.

Por Yai says thank you Thailand for giving him a peaceful shelter.

Por Yai: We, Wieng Phu Kam people, will never forget your kindness for many generations to come.

Soi looks at the sky and sees a bird flying away. She realizes that something must have gone wrong to Por Yai so she runs. Boonhome and hunter Koen are going to deliver the news, that Khunchai has been found, to the directer in town. Hunter Koen is confused with the direction so Boonhome asks if they will arrive there today. They see Soi run pass them. Joi asks them if that’s Soi. Boonhome says it’s her, and he thinks may be she wants to leave the forest with them. Joi says that’s not the way out of the forest but the way in. Joi guesses Soi is going back to the village so he runs after her.

Joi intercepts Soi and asks where she’s going. She says she’s going to Por Yai, her mind doesn’t feel good but she can’t explain it. All she knows is, Por Yai is in danger and she must go back to rescue him. Joi thinks she’s thinking too much. Soi tells him to listen carefully what the forest is telling him. She asks him that the last time she heard the birds flew out from its nest in every direction, what had happened then. It’s Wieng soldiers’ advances.

Joi tells her, no matter what, she can’t go back because Por Yai will chase her out again. He says she should act like a grown up, and not to do thing because she wants to, then how she can accomplish a bigger task. Soi says she will go back to Por Yai no matter what.

Tub Tim runs to them. He tells them that Por Yai is safe or he wouldn’t be standing here. Por Yai ordered him to warn them not to go back there, there’s no Walahok village any longer. Soi asks what happened to their village and where Por Yai is.

Weing troops get into Walahok village but find only empty houses. Por Yai has escaped safely and looks at the smoke over Walahok village, it is being burned down.

Soi cries that they must have already burned down their village. Tub Tim tells her not to worry, everyone has escaped safely. Tub Tim tells them to go back to the camp site, and not to forget Por Yai’s order that they must get out of this forest as soon as possible. Joi asks how they can be sure that those Wieng soldiers won’t come this way. If they don’t find them there, they will turn to this direction. Tub Tim says they won’t come this way because he left some traces for them to follow the other way. By the time they learn that they were fooled, they (Soi’s group) should have left this forest already. But he’s not sure if general Se Kong will send more troops or not, so they still have to be careful. Soi tells him to take good care of himself too.

Soi asks how she can be sure that Por Yai is able to set up the armed forces along the border safely. Tub Tim says he will send her a message. He has some spies to follow on her news, and she got married to such a high status Khunchai that it won’t be difficult for him to locate her. Soi says she knows already that he will contact her, but she doesn’t know how to contact Por Yai. He says she will know it when their spy makes a contact with her.

Tub Tim wants to leave but Soi calls him. He says she doesn’t have to worry, he will protect Por Yai with his life. After he leaves, Soi breaks down and cries. Joi tells her that not just her alone feeling sad but him too. Por Yai told them to go, so they must go. No matter what happen in the future, they won’t leave each other behind.  They cry together.

Episode 6-8

Chai Pat wonders where Boonhome and hunter Koen are, he’s not sure about them and thinks they will probably fail them. Chai Yai says it’s the best and the fastest way to deliver the news at this hours.

Nuch says Chai Lek looks so pale and skinny. She wants to wipe his face for him, but he stops her saying that he’s about to take a bath. She says she too wants to take a bath, so they should go together. She notices a ring on his ring finger. She tells Chai Lek that a ring on the ring finger on his left hand means got married. Soi hides her left hand. Nuch asks where he got married and with whom.

Chat says it’s Pee Chai Lek’s personal choice what kind of ring to wear. She demands an answer from Chai Lek because the ring on this finger means he already got married. Chat tells her to go take a bath. Nuch says she will change her clothes and she will see him(Chai Lek) later to take a bath together. She leaves, and Chai Lek almost faints. Chat pats his shoulder that he almost got caught. Chai Lek thanks him.

Soi says she will go gather more firewood, and calls Joi to go with her. Joi wonders where Janta is.

Nuch is disappointed that it’s Chat who is waiting for her at the waterfalls. Chat tells her that Chai Lek is at the camp cooking. (Couldn’t you believe she’s wearing heels in the forest? Haha.) Chat tells her to hurry and take a bath, because if it gets dark, it will be dangerous.

Nuch looks at Chat closely and asks if he’s hiding something from her. Chat asks what it is about. She says Pee Chai Lek is a bit strange. Chat says she saw Pee Chai Lek not many times when she was young, so he knows Pee Chai Lek more than her, he still didn’t see any strange thing about Pee Chai Lek. She says there’s something strange about Pee Chai Lek, he should be happier to see her here, and about the ring too. She says based on the Westerner’s custom, only a married person will wear a ring like that. Chat says, but they are Thai and may be Pee Chai Lek just wears the ring the way he wants (okay, Chat, you really into this with Chai Lek). For men, they don’t think too much about every little tiny things.

She says her woman’s instinct is telling her that all of them are hiding something from her. He hurries her to take a bath. Janta finishes taking a bath and walks to them. Nuch asks how she can take a bath here. Janta says Khunchai Yai tells her to come here if she wants to take a bath. Nuch screams that this is her private bath and no one else can use it. Chat scolds here. Janta says sorry that she doesn’t know.

Soi says she doesn’t have to apologize. She tells Nuch that she’s not the owner of the forest, and everybody can take a bath here including her and Joi. Nuch tells Chat to chase these people from the wilderness away. Soi says she doesn’t want to talk with her either. She tells Nuch to remember that town people or wilderness people are still human, nobody is higher or lower than anyone.

Soi says if she can’t take a bath in the same place with wilderness people..Joi says she should take a bath at the waterfalls over there, around two kilometers from here. She scolds them that it’s them who should go there. Soi asks Nuch who she is that she has to follow her order.

Soi tells Joi to get naked and take a bath here. Joi takes off his shirt.  Janta stops him and says they should go back, they shouldn’t pick a fight, and she’s a friend of Khunchai Lek. Nuch says she’s Pee Chai Lek’s fiancee. Joi says she’s just a fiancee while Soi is his…..Soi stops him so he says Soi is his mother because she beat Khunchai in a flag game.

At the camp site.

CPhi: One is a wife, another one is a fiancee (ku man). So this is the headache that Pee Chai Yai talked about.

CL: Just ku mai not ku man! How can you let her come here? You’re useless, Chai Phi.

CPhi: Why me? I helped you to get away from the party and when everybody knew about it, I came all the way here to help you to run away again, but you got lost in the forest before that. But, if getting lost in the forest, would give you a wife, that’s good too. At least, grandmother Mom won’t force you to get married anymore.

Chai Yai: It could be like that if this marriage is the real one.

CPat: But Chai Lek and Soifa already got married by tradition.

CL: Yes, and I have some proof that I really got married. (from his camera)

CYai: Chai Lek, eh…a marriage with conditions, rules, and has exact time when it will end, I don’t count it as a real marriage. A real marriage must happen because both sides are willing to do it, not because the situation forced you like this.

CPhi: But I think Pee Chai Lek is willing to get married, because my brother, this one, will never let anyone force him. Let me ask you this, are you falling in love with a wilderness girl?

CPat: Wait! It may not be a falling-in-love, it’s called have-a-feeling.

CL: No, it’s not that. I and Soifa got married because of many reasons. We have to lean on each other at this point. Soifa will help me not to let grandmother Mom force me to get married. For me, I will help her looking for Wieng Phu Kam’s crown prince.

CPhi: In that case, I must find a wife quickly because there’s only me left, the last victim. Pee Chai Lek, introduce someone to me. Which forest should I get lost that I will meet a girl like Soifa?

CL: A man like you won’t be able to find a woman like Soifa, no matter which forest it is.

CPat: Wait, I’m sorry. It’s wrong of me to say have-a-feeling, it’s…

CPat and CPhi: A falling-in-love actually!

Chat apologizes to them on Nuch’s behalf, that she doesn’t think before she talks. Soi says it’s because of Chat so she will let it ride, but she warns her not to insult Janta again or she will be hurt. They leave together.

Nuch tells Chat that she wants to get out of here, and stay away from these lowly people. Chat says the people that she called lowly are the ones who saved Pee Chai Lek, and he won’t like it if she keeps insulting people he’s feeling grateful for.  Nuch smirks at that.

Soi tells Janta not to be afraid of that red-lip parrot, and do not let Nuch insult her. Soi says Janta can tell her and she will help. Soi tells Janta to think of her as her sister except, she doesn’t want to be her sister.

Soi: I know you don’t really like me, do you?

Janta: No, who told you that I didn’t like you?

Soi: I know…you and Khunchai…

Janta tells Soi that Khunchai sees her as his sister, and now she’s so happy that Soi got married with Khunchai otherwise she will have that red-lip parrot as her sister-in-law. She asks Soi if she wouldn’t mind that she dares to ask to be one of her family too. Soi tells her not to think like that, Khunchai gave her his word that he would take care of her as his sister for the rest of her life, but for her (Soi), she doesn’t know how long she will stay as her sister-in-law. Janta is confused to hear that but Soi tells her not to ask, she will know it one day.

Soi asks Joi why he’s so quiet. Joi tells Janta that there’s one place he wants to take her.

Episode 6-9

Joi tells Chai Lek that Janta asked him since she came out of the village, so he had to tell her. Chai Lek says it’s his intention that he must come here.

CL: I want to pay respect to the grave of the person I’m holding in high gratitude, for the last time. If there’s  no hunter Joei, I wouldn’t be standing here.

Janta cries.

Janta: Por Joei! Por Joei of Janta.

Joi says Tub Tim told him that he buried hunter Joei and put a mark on it. Soi tells Janta that when they get into town, they can find someone to take her father from here, to give him a proper funeral according to her tradition. Janta says Soi doesn’t have to do that because her father loved the forest, the forest was his life. Today he’s in the forest that he loved so he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Janta tells her father to sleep in peace.

CL: Hunter Joei, I promise you I will love and take care of Janta like my own sister. There’s nothing for you to worry here anymore. Rest in heaven, hunter Joei.

Chai Lek tells them to leave first, because Janta may want to be alone. Joi tells Soi that he will stay with Janta.

Anupun is listening to the news on the radio.

“The situation along the border: the fighting is becoming fiercer. General Se Kong sent his troops crossing the border to wipe out all the people immigrating from Wieng Phu Kam to live in…..”

Daranee turns off the radio. Anupun says he’s listening to the news (me too!). She says the news is giving her headache. He says the border that is adjacent to Wieng Phu Kam is having problem.

Daranee: Wieng what? Wieng Kam Phu, never heard of this country since I was born.

Anupun: The kingdom of Wieng Phu Kam.

She says she remembers now that Sofia, the wife of the ambassador to England, told her that the situation of this country is getting better, and they will send an ambassador to Thailand…..

Anupun asks what she wants from him. She says she came to ask him about what he told grandmother Mom, whether it’s true or he just wanted to reject the wedding so he threatened her with that. He says he never talks about life and death just for fun. She starts to panic and asks how he can sit still when their daughter is in danger.

He says he knows what he’s doing, and she must know that he did what he could with his best effort within his authority.

Anupun: I hope everything will be in time.

Daranee asks if Nuch will be safe. He says he believes that Chat will be able to take Nuch back. This son of  his has never disappointed him. Daranee gets angry and threatens that if Chat can’t bring Nuch back, she will punish him to death. *cough cough* Who told you to send your daughter there?

Janta is crying and looking at her moon necklace. She says, Por Joei, Janta misses Por Joei. Joi is also looking at his sun necklace. He says, will I be able to find my sister, Por Kraisorn? It’s so difficult to find (her).

Joi puts the necklace around his neck, then he sees Janta. She tells him that she misses her father Joei. He holds her close. They both disobey me to look down at each other’s necklaces. Can they become a couple? Because Mae Thao said that she shouldn’t use the name Janta, so I hope they are not siblings.

Chat tells Nuch that the weather is getting cold so he thinks she should go to bed early. Nuch sits down next to Soi. Soi asks what she wants. Nuch says she came to thank her that she saved Pee Chai Lek, and the incident at the stream, she won’t take it as her guilt because she did good deeds to Pee Chai Lek.

Nuch says she doesn’t have money with her today, she hands a pin to Soi as a reward for bringing back Pee Chai Lek for her. Nuch says it may be too luxurious for her but she can sell it. It can be sold for at least five hundreds baht, and if she sells it, she will have some money to take care of herself, so she won’t become other people’s burden.

Chat calls Nuch that this is not her business. Nuch tells Soi to accept it. Chai Lek asks Nuch what she’s doing. She says she’s giving a reward to the person who saved him.


Nuch is so adorableee annoying. How could she dress like that in the forest? Haha. I start to have this itchy feeling that I really really want Chatchavee to have his own love-line. I want to see him fall in love and try to woo the girl he loves. Is it too much to ask? I won’t deny that Chatchavee in recent episodes was stealing the light from Chai Lek, who frustrated me that he always needed someone else’s hands to solve his own problem. The politics is getting more and more interesting, and I hope they will wrap it up well in the end. I think Anupun is hot and awesome that I thought how could Chatchavee’s mother didn’t fall for him? (or did she?).

Bonus track (Episode 7 preview)

Chai Pat: Our mother Mom wanted us to give this jade necklace to the woman we love.

A peck on her cheek…weeeeeee!

Joi: Those Wieng soldiers!

Who is that?


Nuch screams.

Grandmother On: There’s no way that this wilderness girl will become this place’s granddaughter-in-law! NO WAY!

Oh dear, Chai Lek you are doomed.

I’m kind of feeling sorry for the grandmothers that their grandsons are always giving them a heart-attack. Haha.

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