Khunchai Ronnaphee Teaser

Finally, the youngest one, Khunchai Ronnaphee.


From the video:

“Welcome to the tiger’s cave.”

“You are my woman.”

“Being a Momratchawong, duty must come before love.”


From the look of it, it should be quite a sentimental love story. He’s the last one to fight for love. I guess it’s time his four brothers come rescuing him, and may be his four sisters-in-law too.

Categorised in: Khunchai Ronnaphee, Thai Drama

2 Responses »

  1. I love it! I can’t wait for it to come out…Yes I want his sister in laws to help as well that would be so cute!!!

  2. I love the teaser, the second one is cute also. I can’t wait to see how they meet and fall in love. Rampa’s gonna be crazy in here. Can’t wait to see Esther act as nang rai, she’s very good.

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