Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 5


Episode 5-1

Daranee says Nuch and the brothers must be in the forest by now, she assures the grandmothers that Nuch will not be the brothers’ burden but a helpful one. Grandmother On says she made the right decision to let Nuch go with them, at least she could help with the cooking. She heard Nuch had learned the housework before she went to Penang.

Daranee wants to talk about Nuch and Chai Lek, but Mom  Eiet tells her to wait until they find Chai Lek first, before they talk about the engagement. Aupun walks in and says he objects to the idea. Daranee asks why he’s here. He says this is the first time they have the same thought, he came here about the same matter she came, but with different objective.

Daranee tells Mom Eiet that she alone can make the decision for Nuch. Aunpun says he’s Nuch’s father too. Daranee accuses him of not wanting Nuch to have a good life more than Chatchavee. He says if he’s not worried about Nuch, he wouldn’t be here now.

Aupun tells Mom Eiet that he doesn’t agree with the promise made between her son and Khunchai Thewapun, but he won’t be object to it. Mom Eiet tells him to give Chai Lek another chance, he’s a young man so sometimes he made a decision hastily. Grandmother On says they should let Chai Lek and Nuch meet and know each other, she thinks Chai Lek will love her. They are suitable for each other.

Aupun: But getting married is not only about suitability.

Grandmother On asks if he’s worried about the dowry, and tries to tell him about the dowry when Chai Ruj got married. He interrupts her that he’s not interested in the dowry but he’s more interested in, if  Khunchai Lek will marry his daughter willingly, not because of the elders’ promise or forced. He says to do thing against your will, will not make anyone happy, but suffer.

Chai Lek asks if it’s true that Por Yai wants Soifa to live with him. Por Yai says he knows that he troubles him but he really needs to do this. Chai Lek says he’s willing to do that since Soifa saved his life and Por Yai and everybody here in Walahok village are very kind to him.

CL: I’m willing to take Soifa with me, but to take her to Bangkok, I still have some problem that I don’t want to go back to Bangkok now, but I can ask my brothers to help. When Soifa will be ready to leave?

Soi: I won’t go with you. No matter what, I won’t go. No one can force me.

Por Yai scolds her.

Soi: I won’t go. I’m willing to die more than to leave Por Yai.

Chai Lek says he will talk to her. He goes after her. Kraisorn and Harry want Por Yai to change his mind but Por Yai insists that’s what he wants.

Chai Lek and Joi try to talk to her but she chases them away and wants to be alone. Chai Lek lets her be alone and tells her to think it over, that it’s because Por Yai is worried about her. Chai Lek tells Joi to leave her alone because she won’t listen to them now. Joi looks again and Soi is disappeared.

Soi comes to pack her things. Por Yai comes to her. She says he doesn’t have to chase her out, she will leave on her own and won’t let him see her face again. He says he didn’t mean to chase her out, but wants to leave her in a safe place, and once he goes back to Wieng Phu Kam, he will go take her back. She asks why she can’t be with him, if it’s  because she’s a woman. She says if she’s a man, he will not send her away, she says he knows that she’s strong woman and doesn’t need anyone to look after her.

He says he didn’t think that way, whether it’s his daughter or son, he’s worried just the same. He says she promised him that she would listen to and follow his orders, but it’s all right if she can’t keep her promise. She always boasts that she’s Por Yai’s daughter but she doesn’t even know her duty, so how she will be able to stand by his side.

Soi says all right, she will do as he ordered, but remember that she’s not afraid to die more than she will never see him again. She runs out. Por Yai has tears in his eyes.

At the camp site. The brothers are busy setting up a camp. Chai Yai allows Boonhome to let the men who helped carrying their things to go home. The men don’t want to spend the night here, because they say it’s an accursed forest.

Nuch wants to take a bath so Chai Phi tells her to do it in the stream nearby. She doesn’t want to do in the stream. Chai Phi asks did she not say that she could do everything for Pee Chai Lek.

CPhi: Just take a bath there, Nong Nuch. If there’s something floating by, just ignore it and continue taking bath.

Nuch: What is floating by?

CPhi: Crocodile.

Nuch screams.

CYai: Chai Phi! Stop teasing her.

Chai Yai tells her there’s a waterfalls nearby here, she can have her privacy taking a bath but someone must accompany her.

CPhi: Let Pee Chai Pat do it, so the doctor can examine the quality of the water for Nong Nuch if it’s clean,  I and Chat will go find Pee Chai Lek. Pee Chai Yai, you stay and watch over the camp.

Chat wants to accompany Nuch instead. Chai Pat breaks into a smile but Chai Phi insists Chat come with him. Chai Pat tries to call Chai Phi but he leaves anyway. Haha.

CPat: Chai Phi!

Chat: Please take care (of her).

Chai Pat smiles through clenched teeth.

Episode 5-2

Chai Pat tells Nuch to hurry because it looks like today it will get dark soon.  Nuch says she will be like this only today and will help them look for Pee Chai Lek tomorrow. Chai Pat takes her to the waterfalls, and tells her to hurry take a bath so they can go back to the camp site quickly. She screams seeing a snake on a tree. Chai Pat is exasperated that the snake is so far from them, and it’s just a green snake. She sees an animal floating in the water. Chai Pat says she is now in the forest, and tells her to take a bath quickly. Nuch says she afraid of the snake so he says then don’t take a bath, but she says she wants to take a bath so he says then do it. She says she’s afraid of the snake, so he says then let’s go back, but she says she wants to take a bath. He asks, she’s afraid of this and that, so what she wants to do.

Finally Nuch gets to have her personal shower.

Soi climbs into Chai Lek’s room. She hides under a blanket when someone is coming in the room. Chai Lek just finishes taking a bath. He asks who is under the blanket and pretends to take off his clothes. Soifa stops him that she doesn’t want to see him naked. He tells her to come out.

CL: What are you doing on my bed?

She says she’s afraid someone may see her, it’s not good. Chai Lek says she knows already that it’s not good for her to come in here. He tells her to talk outside.

Soi: I won’t stay long, I came to beg you.

CL: Soifa, are you crying?

Por Yai looks at a photo of a woman and says as if to Soi, that her duty is a huge one.

Soi: You have to help me.

CL: You have to understand Por Yai. Por Yai is worried about you so he wants you to live in Bangkok. Por Yai knows, not for long, Wieng Phu Kam will surely send more troops here. Do you think you can escape every time?

Soi: I’m willing to die with everyone here, more than to escape alone.

CL: But if everybody dies, who will take back Weing Phu Kam?

Soi: No matter what, I don’t want to go. I have only Por Yai, how can I leave him? I hate Por Yai. Why does he have to force me to go with you? You have to go and tell Por Yai that you can’t take me with you. You owe me, you must do as I order.

Tub Tim reports to Kraisorn that there’s a group of tourists came near and he’s keeping an eye on them. Kraisorn tells Por Yai that there’s no sign of Wieng soldiers but a group of tourists camping near the waterfalls, and they shouldn’t be a threat to them. Harry says this is the safest time. He asks if they should let Khunchai take Soi out of here tomorrow. Kraisorn says Soi doesn’t want to leave so surely she will cause Khunchai problems. He asks Por Yai if he’s not afraid what others will say when Khunchai brings a woman to live with him.

Por Yai says Khunchai is taking Janta with him too, and he just needs his help to take Soi to Bangkok, then find a house for her. He didn’t mean for her to live with him for long. Kraisorn gets his idea that Por Yai wants Soi to experience the living in the city, to prepare her to go back to Wieng Phu Kam. Harry says then they should ask Khunchai to find a school for her too, and asks who he will want to accompany Soi and how many of them.

Por Yai says that’s not a big problem, but what he’s worried is the duty he will give to Soi. If Soi knows about it, Khunchai will know too. He wonders how much he can trust this Khunchai, and whether or not he can put Wieng Phu Kam’s future in the divine crown’s hands.

CL: Soifa, I promise you, you will come back to meet Por Yai for sure.

Soi: Nobody knows what will happen to us next. If I go, it means I will leave him to take the risk alone. Do you want me to become an ungrateful daughter? I knew this day would come but didn’t know it would be this fast. I can’t take it. I really can’t take it.

Chai Lek holds her in his arm. Kraisorn and Por Yai come and see them together.

Soi: Por Yai!

Por Yai orders Soi to go back to her house.

CL: Wait Por Yai, please give me a chance to explain.

Por Yai: Go home!

Kraisorn tells Chai Lek not to follow them. He asks what he wants to say, that they misunderstood? Chai Lek says but it’s really a misunderstanding. Kraisorn says what he did was wrong, and calls him an ungrateful person. Harry says not only touching each other, but just stay together just the two of them is called against the ghost (of the house). He tells him to think about what happened just now, how big of the mistake it is. Chai Lek asks what he should do. Harry says only Por Yai can give an answer to that, he says he’s lucky, if this is Wieng Phu Kam, he won’t stay alive to go back. He tells Chai Lek to change his clothes, Por Yai must want to talk to him.

Chai Phi says there’s no traces of Pee Chai Lek at all. Chai Pat says it shouldn’t be, at least, there should be some traces of hunters or villagers, or could it be the work of Wieng solders erasing all the traces. Chat says he doesn’t think so, what is the use of doing that. Chai Phi says, or this is an accursed forest. Chai Yai scolds him. Chai Phi says but it’s true, Pee Chai Lek disappeared without traces, if it’s not because here is an accursed forest, what it could be. Chai Phi says now he’s afraid that they won’t be able to find Pee Chai Lek, and he doesn’t know where to look for him tomorrow.

CYai: Everybody listens! No matter what, we must find Chai Lek.

Episode 5-3

Chai Lek says he’s sorry. Soi tells Por Yai to scold her or hit her but do not be so quiet like this. Por Yai says how he can scold her when that would mean he’s scolding himself for not raising her good enough. Soi says it’s her fault that she did it without thinking, but to believe her that she went to beg Khunchai not to take her to Bangkok, and they didn’t do anything wrong.

Kraisorn says no matter how much she regrets about it, it won’t help erase her mistake this time. If she behaves like other girls, this thing won’t happen. Harry says actually there are just them know about this, and he trusts Khunchai Ratchanon that he’s a gentleman enough not to talk about it anymore. Harry tells Por Yai to just leave it at that.

Por Yai says nobody knows but he, himself, knows. He never overlooks anyone’s mistake, and Soi will live in shame for the rest of her life. Kraisorn says there’s only one solution but he thinks Por Yai won’t allow it. Chai Lek says if there’s a way to solve what he did, he’s glad to do everything. Kraisorn says even if he’s glad but they are not, even if he’s a royal blood, he doesn’t deserve Soi. Chai Lek tells him to explain some more who is not suitable for who. If they are going to punish someone, he will take all the punishment alone. He will take all the responsibility.

Harry says if he wants to take responsibility, in their tradition, he has to marry Soi.

Soi: Marry? No, I won’t.

Por Yai: Khunchai, we need to talk.

Janta is looking at the moon necklace. She recalls that Mae Thao told her that this necklace would take her back to where she came from. Her name’s Janta (the moon) because of this necklace, and not now, but later she would realize that she’s the people of Wieng Phu Kam.

Janta says she’s not Wieng Phu Kam people, and she will leave this place tomorrow. Joi comes calling Mae Thao, and sees Janta. He asks if she saw Soi, he couldn’t find her. Janta asks if he looked at Khunchai’s house. Joi says he went to Khunchai’s house, and Soi wasn’t there and Khunchai too. Joi wonders why when Soi disappeared, she would come back with Khunchai.

Mae Thao tells him not to worry, Soi is at her house now and he can go see her there if he wants. She tells Joi to tell Por Yai that no one could go against fate. He says she said some difficult thing again, and tells her to tell Por Yai herself. He leaves for Soi. Janta asks Mae Thao what her fate is. Mae Thao says she will know it tomorrow.

Kraisorn says Harry’s idea won’t make the problem go away. He reminds him whose daughter Soi is. Harry says Por Yai wanted Soi to leave with Khunchai in the first place, and if she goes with him as his wife, it will be much safer for her. Kraisorn asks if he thinks about Soi’s future when Por Yai goes back to Wieng Phu Kam.

Harry asks him when that will be. They don’t know that. It could be in 10 or 20 years, but now fate has brought Khunchai here and he will be their way out. Kraisorn argues that Khunchai is not their way out but their problem. What the divine crown this is, since he came here, they had problems everyday.

Soi tells them to stop arguing, no matter what, she won’t get married. Joi jumps in and asks who is getting married. Kraisorn says the problem this big, she can’t make the decision herself. Harry says only Por Yai can make the decision. Joi asks who is getting married, and what Por Yai is talking about with Khunchai.

Chai Lek says he still insists that he will take responsibility for everything that he did. No matter what happens in the future, and how much risk he has to take, he will stay by Soifa’s side. For him, once he said it, he will never go back on his word.

Por Yai: Do you love my daughter?

CL: I don’t know. I can’t answer that at this moment. All I know now is that Soifa is my true  friend (one that can die for each other).

Por Yai: Khunchai, that’s not enough. I can’t allow my daughter to stay with someone who marry her because he wants to take the responsibility.

CL: But I’m ready to take care and protect Por Yai’s daughter. Take care and protect her with my own life.

Joi asks Soi how this thing can happen to her. She says she doesn’t know and is very anxious to know what Por Yai will decide. Joi asks if she didn’t sleep with Khunchai. Soi says no, and wants to punch his face. Joi says she is Wieng Phu Kam people, can’t get married with town people. He thinks Por Yai will order them to kick Khunchai to death, and he will carry his corpse himself.

Por Yai tells Kraisorn to call Mae Thao here. Soi asks why he calls her. Por Yai says he will talk to Mae Thao about her wedding. Both Soi and Joi are stunned.

Chai Lek thanks Joi to send him home. He tells Joi to tell him what to do in the wedding tomorrow. Joi punches him down to the ground for molesting Soi. Chai Lek says he doesn’t have any excuse, and tells him to do what he wants. Tub Tim stops Joi and tells Chai Lek to go back to his house. Joi picks a fight with Tub Tim for stopping him. Tub Tim says he’s acting like a mad dog, no matter what, he won’t be able to change Por Yai’s mind. He tells Joi to forget about Soi, and know his own duty.

Soi comes to Por Yai.

Soi: Por Yai, I don’t want to leave Por Yai.

Por Yai: I’m afraid I won’t get to see your face too, Soi. I already lost your mother, do you think I want to lose you too? But this time, I will have to let you go.

Soi: But I don’t want to get married.

Por Yai: Something was meant to be. I’ve tried but it seems I can’t go against fate. If I will have to lose my kaew ta, I want to lose it to someone who can take care of my kaew ta.

Soi: What about Por Yai’s life, whose care you will put into? It’s my duty to look after Por Yai. I’ve sworn that I will take Por Yai back to Wieng Phu Kam.

Por Yai: If you want to take me back to Wieng Phu Kam, you must marry Khunchai Ratchanon. Before this, I asked Khunchai to take you to Bangkok. Besides letting you be in a safe place, I have a task for you.  Soi, you must find Chao Rangsiman, our crown prince. Do you remember you asked me that you were my kaew ta, but who my heart was. Chao Rangsiman is my heart, the heart of Wieng Phu Kam. You must find him for me.

Episode 5-4

Por Yai shows Soi the ring of Chao Luang Suriyawong. She asks how he has this ring. He says for that she doesn’t have to know, and Chao Rangsiman also has this kind of ring. She can use this ring to start looking for him. Soi asks if he doesn’t want to look for Chao Song Dao, Chao Luang’s wife. He thinks she had passed away, because if she’s still alive, no matter what, she will send them a message. She won’t disappear for 10 years more like this.

Soi asks how he’s so sure that the crown prince is still alive. He says Chao Song Dao promised that she would protect the crown prince with her own life, and he believes in her word. It’s the same that he promised her mother that he would protect her with his life. She asks where she will look for the crown prince. He says when he crossed into Thailand, he heard Chao Song Dao took Chao Rangsiman to town. He sent men to find out but there’s no news about them, so someone must have helped her to get into Bangkok.

Soi asks why she had to run as far as Bangkok. He says she must want to find the safest place for her son. She lived in Bangkok when she was young so it shouldn’t be difficult for her to ask for someone’s help. Por Yai says if Soi can find out who Chao Song Dao asked for help, it shouldn’t be difficult to find Chao Rangsiman. Soi asks why he knows so much about Chao Song Dao. He says she doesn’t need to know that, and asks if she understands now why he needs to send her to Bangkok, why she needs to marry Khunchai Ratchanon.

Chai Lek: Am I getting married for real?

Soi: Go to Bangkok. Get married. I have to get married, get married with Khunchai.

Chai Lek: All right. Let’s get married.


Mom Eiet wonders when all of them will be here together. Grandmother On says it won’t be long their grandsons will come back. Mom Eiet asks if Chai Yai sent some news to her. Grandmother On says no but she dreamed last night that someone gave a golden ring to Chai Lek. That means Chai Lek is out of bad luck which means they already found Chai Lek. Mom Eiet says she’d rather wait for the real news.

Grandmother On says every time she dreamed, it never failed her. Like when Mom Eiet thought Chai Lek would be their last grandson, but she dreamed that someone gave Mom Eiet a diamond ring so she thought Mom Eiet would have another grandson, and not many years, Chai Phi came. So she thinks this time it will be the same. They said if you dream about a diamond or golden ring, it means that person will meet his soul mate. That means Chai Lek already met Nuch, and they will get a granddaughter-in-law for sure.

Daranee is talking on the phone trying to give the person on the line that Chai Lek didn’t run away from Nuch, he had an important work to do in Nong Krai. She whispers that her daughter is now over there too because the Juthathep invited her. She assures her that there will be a good news soon.

Aupun says he doesn’t understand how she can feel so proud, that her daughter ran after a man, to announce it to everybody. She says she was protecting her daughter by telling that person that Chai Lek didn’t ran away from Nuch. He says if she really wants to protect her daughter’s honor, she shouldn’t have let her travel with men like that, even if Chat’s there.

She asks why he’s home this early. He says he’s changing to go to the party. She wants to go with him. He tells her to stay here and fix her daughter’s problem since she announced it like that, many calls will be coming in. Daranee says she must go with him because there are rumors going around that they have problem, some said they are about to break up. She says a rumor will be just a rumor, and he should know already that she can do everything for her family.

Aupun assures her that he has endured it up to now, so he should be able to endure more until either one of them die. He says, but he won’t stay alive for long because anyone who lives with her won’t have a long life. Daranee gets so angry that she grabs his locket. She says she will know now why he always has this locket with him. She guesses there must be a picture of Chat’s mother inside.

She opens the locket and sees a picture of a woman. He snatches it from her hand. She screams that she saw this woman before, and demands that he tell her who she is.

Aupun: You have never seen her and you didn’t know this woman. Khunying, I’m asking you, do not interfere with my personal life again, or else the rumor that you are afraid of, will be true.

Episode 5-5

Chai Pat says yesterday he and Pee Chai Yai watched over the camp, so today Chai Phi and Chat will have to take the shift. Chai Phi asks if they can let Boonhome and hunter Koen do that and let them look after Nuch too. Chat says Nuch won’t allow that. Chai Yai suggests that they pick a stick, and whoever gets the longest stick get to stay with Nuch. Chai Phi agrees to it, he says it’s fair enough just like how Pee Chai Yai is.

Chai Pat hands them the sticks to choose. Everybody picks one. Chai Yai looks at Chai Phi who is breaking the stick to shorten it, so he says he changes his mind, whoever gets the shortest one get to stay with Nuch. Chai Phi says he can’t change the rule.

Everybody puts down his stick, and Chai Phi has to shortest one. Chai Yai calls Chai Phi cheater. Chai Phi says normally he won’t cheat but he would rather get stuck in the forest for three months than be with Nuch for one day. Something bites Nuch. Hunter Keon says it’s the forest ticks.

Chai Lek wakes up and asks himself if he’s dreaming. Soi says he’s not dreaming. She says if he’s thinking about last night, it’s real and not a dream.

Soi: You have to marry me today.

CL: I didn’t say sorry to you yet. I’m sorry, really sorry that I made you get into this situation. If you don’t want to marry me, shall we find another way out?

Soi: It’s all right. I will marry you.

CL: What did you say?

Soi: I will marry you, but I won’t be your wife. Do you understand?

CL: No, I don’t. Just kidding. I understand. There should be no problem because I’ve never seen you as a woman. We were together all night and nothing happened. If you don’t believe me, let’s prove it.

Soi: Do you want to die? I won’t be your wife and won’t allow you to touch me. When I find the crown prince, I will come back to Por Yai. Do you understand now?

CL: Wait, about getting married by name only, I can understand. But about the crown prince, what is it?

Nuch suggests they should go look for Pee Chai Lek together. Chai Phi tells her to stop thinking about it, because Pee Chai Yai said she must stay here. She says she’s much stronger than they thought, and she can protect herself. She fires her gun and screams.

CL: You said as if it’s easy to find him. Your Por Yai has been looking for him for more than ten years, and he couldn’t find him. Will you be able to find him?

Soi: No matter what, I must find the crown prince, and you must help me too.

CL: All right. I will help you find the crown prince, but you must make grandmother Mom accept you as her granddaughter-in-law.

She says it’s not difficult, all the elders in the village adore her.

Soi: No one sees me, don’t love me.

CL: May be I’m the first one. Since I’ve known you, there’s only thing that would injure me  all the time. I won’t feel like loving you. (He moves closer.) But if we get our wedding night, you may change your mind.

She hits him.

CL: It really hurts.

Janta comes out and sees everybody is busy preparing for some ceremony, so she asks Mae Thao what’s going on. Mae Thao tells her to think that they are not meant to be, and he’s not her soul mate. But do not be afraid, she wasn’t born to be alone. There will be good person take care of her, not for long from now. Janta tells Mae Thao to tell her what’s the event today.

Janta is walking alone. Chai Lek runs to her. He says he went to look for her, and Mae Thao told him that she should be walking around here. He tells her that they will have to postpone the day they will leave this place because he has to…..Janta says he will get married with Soi.

He says everybody in the village is so excited about it, but he doesn’t know what he should do. But everything happened because of him, so he must take the responsibility.

Janta: What about Janta?

CL: Janta doesn’t have to worry. Even if I get married, everything will remain the same. I will take care of Janta instead of hunter Joei.

Janta: Khunchai, what do you mean? Do you still want to take me to live with you? What status do you want Janta to stay with you? Be your secret wife?

CL: Secret wife? Janta, did you misunderstand something? Secret wife?

She walks away.

CL: Janta, wait! Listen to me. Janta, we have to talk. I want to take you to live with me, doesn’t mean I think of you that way.

Janta: Then what about Khunchai said that Khunchai will take responsibility for me, will take care and protect me? You even said that you would take care the thing about me in a proper way. What do those mean if it’s not to have me as your wife?

Episode 5-6

Janta asks if all he said meant he would take her as his wife. Chai Lek apologizes that he made her misunderstand him, he thinks of her as his sister, and will take care of her that way. She says she understands it now, and tells him to go back or he will miss the wedding ceremony. She says he doesn’t have to say sorry because it’s her fault, she wasn’t educated much so she didn’t understand his words clearly, and interpreted it herself, what a shameless girl she is.

Chai Lek says she’s making him feel guilty. She says she’s stupid, she should be able to think that a man with high social status like him, won’t marry a girl from the wilderness like her. He says no matter how much she is angry at him, his feeling won’t change and he really thinks of her as his sister. He says some may use this sentence to break up a relationship, but for him, it will the starting point of their relationship.

CL: Can I be your brother, Janta?

Janta: Yes.

Chai Lek holds her close. This guy loves touching women, doesn’t he?

The wedding ceremony.

CL: So, getting married for the first time, feels this excited, next time I shouldn’t feel this excited, right?

Harry glares at him.

CL: Oh, getting married this time is my first, and will be my last. Khun Harry, please take pictures for me. Since I’m getting married, I should have pictures to keep. (He says to himself.) With these pictures, grandmother Mom will surely believe that I already got married.

The bride and groom put two rings together, and Mae Thao says putting the ring on. She gives a ring to Soifa and Chai Lek reach out his hand (expecting her to put it on his finger), Harry tells him to turn his hand over to accept the ring. Soifa puts the ring on Chai Lek’s palm. Harry tells him to put the ring on his finger himself. He does the same for her.

Joi runs out to the forest and screams, Soiiiiiiiiiiiii! I think he means he’s really sad.

Por Yai tells Chai Lek to take good care of Soi. Chai Lek says yes, he promises. Por Yai tells Soi not to be stubborn.  Joi sees Janta so he runs after her. He asks her what she’s going to do. She asks if he thinks she’s committing suicide, and so stupid that she wants to die because of a man. Joi asks if she wants to jump into the water to kill herself. She says no, she didn’t think that but wants to cross to another bank.

Soi: I have to save my life for my father or his death wouldn’t mean anything. I must live.

Joi: Where are you going?

Soi: I want to get out of here. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Don’t worry Pee Joi. I can live alone without anyone looking after me. My life from now, I won’t hope to lean on anyone anymore.

Joi follows her.

Chat walks along the waterfalls, he can see the entrance to Walahok village.

Episode 5-7

Chai Pat sees Chai Lek’s jade necklace by the stream. He tells Chai Yai that it’s Chai Lek’s necklace because they have the same necklaces, their mother gave them. Chai Yai says he thinks something bad must have happened to Chai Lek. He tells Chai Pat to spread out  and looks for him.

Chat calls Chai Yai and tells him that there’s a cave over there and he thinks Pee Chai Lek might get lost in there. Chai Yai tells him to wait, hunter Koen told him that the area over there was dangerous, and the villagers said, here is an accursed forest because there’s a mist  so thick that they can’t see anything.

CYai: What do you think?

CPat: Let’s try going in there.

Chat: Let’s go Pee Chai Yai. I have a feeling that if we go in there, we will surely find Pee Chai Lek’s traces.

CYai: Let’s go. We won’t know if we don’t try.

They wade into the stream.

CPat: I can’t see the entrance. What do you want to do?

CYai: We have no choice but to take the risk. If we find Chai Lek, it will be worth taking the risk.

CPat: And if we don’t find him?

CYai: We will have to find Chai Lek, no matter what. Chat!

Chat looks again, and the mist disappears.

Chat: I can see the entrance!

CYai: Let’s go.

They walks slowly into the cave.

Mae Thao: Do a lot, get a lot. Do less, get less. Help each other to earn a living. Mae Thao tells a woman to pack the rice and take it home.

Tub Tim reports something to Por Yai. Soifa looks at them. Chai Lek calls her to go with him.

Chai Yai checks footprints on the ground.

CYai: Chat, they are not the footprints of Wieng soldiers, aren’t they?

Chat: No, they are not. There are many different kinds of footprints, men, women. There should be a lot of people passing by here.

CPat: I think Chai Lek  got lost and came here.

CYai: I think so too. It’s because there’s mist covering the entrance, Chai Lek couldn’t find the way out.

Chat: I think we should follow these footprints.

CYat: Let’s hurry and go.

Chat stops Chai Yai from stepping on a trap. They get into a ready position with guns in their hands.

At the wedding.

Soi: What are you staring at?

CL: I’m staring at my bride.

Soi: You see me as a woman now, don’t you?

CL: No way. I will never see you as a woman.

Soi; That’s all right. I’m as skillful as a man so no one will see me as a woman anyway.

CL: I don’t see you as a man either.

Soi: Then what do you see me as?

CL: A monkey. (She wants to punch him.) Wait, it’s because I haven’t seen you staying still but always running around the village, and I couldn’t catch you. You climb up a tree so quickly, and you also have fast feet and hands too. Does it sound like a monkey?

Soi: Then why did you agree to marry a monkey like me? Just go looking for a pretty woman to marry you, go!

CL: Wait, Soifa. I think I didn’t make the wrong decision to marry you. I won’t be able to meet a woman like you again in this life time. From now on, your life is tied to me. Wherever I go, you will go with me, Soifa.

They join a traditional dance.

Joi tells Janta to help each other think what they should do with her life.

Joi: Whatever your decision is, I will stay by your side to help you. You are not alone, Janta. You still have this man, Joi. Remember that. Janta, look at me. I’m standing here, only with my body but my heart has broken up into pieces, but still, I can stand. Janta, (he reaches out his hand) go back with me.

She puts her hand in his and follows him back.

Soi: Harry, where is Por Yai? Why doesn’t he follow us? Anything happened?

Harry: Today is your and Khunchai’s important day. Don’t think of anything else. Nothing is as important as your and Khunchai’s wedding.

Soi asks the people behind her if they know where Por Yai is.

CL: There’s nothing happened. Por Yai is waiting in the house. It must be that it’s inconvenient for him to walk so he waits here.

Soi hears Por Yai’s voice and smiles.

Episode 5-8

Soi falls down because she’s in a hurry to get into the house. Mae Thao says it will be soon that she will get into the bridal room with Khunchai, don’t be so anxious. Soi says she’s in a hurry to meet Por Yai not to get into the bridal room. Chai Lek says let’s get into the bridal room. She jogs him with her elbow.

They get into the bridal room. Soi asks Por Yai where he went and what happened. Por Yai says nothing, now she’s married, he tells her not to act hastily, not to be a hot-headed one. He tells her to obey Khunchai, who is now the leader of her life. Soi says why she needs to obey. Kraisorn scolds her.

Por Yai: Khunchai Ratchanon, I will put Soi in your care. I believe that a gentleman, a responsible man like Khunchai will be able to take good care of Soi. Remember that, true friends will never abandon each other. The rope that is tying you together will be cut off tomorrow, but may your two hands hold forever.

Soi calls Por Yai but he doesn’t turn back. Mae Thao tells them not to get out of the room until tomorrow morning. Soi cries so Chai Lek touches her shoulder.

Soi: Don’t touch me.

CL: What are you doing? Today you won’t be able to get away from me.

Chat, Chai Pat and Chai Yai are moving deeper into the forest. Chat gets ready for a sudden attack and tells Chai Yai that there’s an unusual movement ahead. Chai Pat asks if it’s a forest hunter. Chat says if it is so, he should let them see him, but hiding like this, it’s not a good sign. Something hits Chai Pat’s neck. Chat fires his gun.

Joi is startled to hear a gun shot. He thinks it’s Wieng soldier, so he tells Janta to wait and he will be back. Chai Pat starts to feel dizzy and falls down unconscious. Tub Tim and Joi attack Chat and Chai Yai. A fight ensues, and in the end, all three of them are captured.

Mom Eiet is feeling weak because she’s been losing her appetite since Chai Lek disappeared. Her mind doesn’t feel at peace today so she will get in the room to pray. She tells Somsri that she won’t receive guest today. But it’s too late because grandmother On takes Rumpa to greet her. Grandmother On thinks she came because she’s worried about Chai Phi. Mom Eiet says Chai Yai already met Chai Phi, so there’s nothing for her to worry about. Rumpa says but they are in the forest so she’s worried. Rumpa tries to console Mom Eiet and asks for her permission to come everyday. Daranee walks in and says she objects to the idea.

Mom Eiet apologizes to them that today she doesn’t feel like receiving any guests, she will go to pray. She gets up to leave and tells them to ask grandmother On what they want to know. Daranee and Rumpa follow her. Daranee says she wants to pray with her because she’s so worried about Khunchai Lek and her daughter.

Mom Eiet says before she enters the Buddha’s room, her mind must be at peace, and her body, her talking, and her mind must be composed. Mom Eiet says she can follow her when her body and mind is ready. Grandmother On wonders whether she allows them to go upstairs or not, so she them to wait here and compose themselves and she will go upstairs first.

Daranee reminds Rumpa that even if she can win Mom Eiet’s heart, it doesn’t mean she will win Khunchai Phi’s heart, and suggests she helps Kaet sell the sweets or gets a job, but don’t be a mistress like her sister, Marathi.

Rumpa says she never hunts a man who ran away knowing that he doesn’t care. She says even if they can locate Pee Chai Lek and bring him back, she’s not sure when he will run away again. She wonders Sineenuch is so lovely but why Pee Chai Lek dislikes her or it’s because…..Daranee scolds her. Rumpa says they should go to pray so Daranee’s mind will be at peace to get an idea how to capture Pee Chai Lek next time. Daranee wants to scream but holds it.

Daranee walks into the room and tells Mom Eiet not to worry about Khunchais, her husband is a well-known person. Mom Eiet tells her to pray, the Buddha’s room is for praying, not talking about something else. Rumpa makes a wish loudly that she wishes Pee Chai Lek will be found quickly, and everybody will return safely. She says, Pee Chai Phi, Rumpa is waiting for you. Daranee smirks but hides it when grandmother On turns to her.

Episode 5-9

Chai Lek asks Soi if Wieng Phu Kam people send the bride and groom into the bridal room this early, they should have a lot of children and grandchildren then. Soi says that’s not it. Actually, Wieng Phu Kam’s wedding will last three days and three nights, but they will evacuate soon so it’s better to save food rather than waste it in an unimportant wedding like this.

CL: The wedding of Por Yai’s daughter, how can it not be important? Let’s do this. When I go back to Bangkok, I will arrange another wedding ceremony. This time I will make it a perfect one.

Soi: I don’t want it! I just want to find the crown prince only. Don’t forget that we got married because of necessity, not willingness.

CL: Since we already got married and got into the bridal room together, should we learn more about each other? Soifa….I..want to tell you about my family. My family calls me Chai Lek. I have five brothers. My eldest brother’s name is Khunchai Tharathorn, the next one is Khunchai Prawonruj. The rumor said that I was the tallest, and the most handsome one……..and at my house, there are grandmother Mom Eiet and grandmother On. Grandmother Mom is the most important person in my house, she’s the one who will make a decision or solve every problem, especially, about the granddaughter-in-law, it’s dead serious. I will start from Pee Chai Yai, at first, she wanted him to marry Kaetsara…..

Soi: Stop it. It’s enough. Let me know who is in your family is enough! I don’t want to know other things else to muddle up my brain. I already have many things to think about. I think there’s something going on outside. I will go out and see.

CL: Wait. Mae Thao told us not to get out until morning.

Soi: We didn’t get into the bridal room for real, why can’t I go out?

CL: Then shall we get into the bridal room for real?

Soi: Do you want to die?

CL: All right. Wherever you go, I will go with you. Soifa, you have to understand me, I just did things against the house ghost, so I don’t want to do anything to offense the elders anymore. No matter what, we will be together tonight, until morning too.

Soi: But I won’t stay.

CL: Soifa! You even brought a knife in the wedding?

Soi: Don’t have to wait for anyone, I can cut it myself.

CL: Soifa, don’t!

Soi: (She cuts the rope.) Tonight you get into the bridal room yourself, Khunchai Lek.

CL: Soifa! (She jumps out of the window.) Wow, it’s so high.

The three are captured and taken to the village.

Chai Yai wonders where this place is, and how they can have a village in the middle of the forest.  Chai Pat asks Chat if he knows who they are. Chat says he’s not sure but it looks like they are immigrants who crossed the border into Thailand. But they are not normal villagers judging by the way they used the weapons. They are well-trained. Chai Yai says, so the news that said there’s a national liberation army hiding in Thailand’s forest, is true.

CPat: National liberation army of where?

Chat: The national liberation army of Wieng Phu Kam.

Tub Tim tells Joi to watch them. Janta tells Joi that she will go back to her house, and tells him not to harm them. Joi says he won’t.

Joi: We captured three persons. Por Yai, you give me an order what to do with them.

Tub Tim says they didn’t bring a lot of weapons, they must be people who do the forest trek and got lost.

Por Yai: Do you know who they are?

Tub Tim says they didn’t bring their IDs with them. Joi says they must Se Kong’s men or else how they were so brave to go through Mae Thao’s mist-spell into the village.

Chai Yai tells them that they are misunderstanding them. They aren’t men of any group. Kraisorn scolds him that they didn’t ask so don’t answer. Harry tells him to listen to them, and they don’t know the story yet so they shouldn’t treat them like prisoners. Por Yai says he will interrogate them himself, and tells Joi to release them. Chat tries to punch them but Chai Yai and Chai Pat stop him.

Por Yai is stunned at the sight of Chatchavee. He tells his men to bring this person to him, he will interrogate him. Kraisorn tells Harry it’s shouldn’t be him, it’s not him.

Tub Tim take only Chat to Por Yai.

Chai Lek tells Soi to check the back of the village, and he will ask Por Yai, and if there’s something happened, we will not leave the village. Soi agrees with him. Janta walks by so Chai Lek asks if she knows what’s going on in the village. She says there were intruders, Tub Tim and Joi captured them and took them to Por Yai’s house. Soi asks if they are Wieng soldiers. Janta says no, she thinks they are Thai people but don’t look like local people, and she’s sure why they took the risk of coming here.  Soi says they came here to die, she will fulfill their hopes. Chai Lek tells Soi to wait for him.

Chat: I’m sorry if I trespassed a forbidden ground. But I’m certain that I’m standing on Thai’s soil, and I don’t think you have the right to detain me because you are living on my country’s soil.

Kraisorn asks if he knows who he’s talking with.

Chat: You didn’t deny it so you are  Wieng Phu Kam people who fled here.

Por Yai: You know us well already. May I know you too? Who are you?


Up to now, I’m still not sure if Chai Lek is my kind of hero yet. He’s a charming guy who doesn’t  take things seriously and smiles so openly. It’s cute how he would trail behind Soi and tease her away like he has all the time in the world. He seems to be a taking-thing-day-by-day type, and he’s indecisive at times, so I think Soifa is his perfect match. She’s strong and very fierce, and I believe she can handle a player effectively.

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  1. Thank You so much for the recap. I really like Khun Chai Lek’s story so far. It have a good story line. So far so good. I don’t want it to end yet.

  2. Hellooo peeps. Thanks for all comments. I think it’s my mischievous side to jump to episode 5 (and now I don’t know when I will finish ep3-4 hehe) which can pop up at times, plus I knew ahead of time when I would be really busy. But from here on, will do it the normal way, doesn’t matter YT vids will be there or not. Honestly, translation is not as difficult as finding the time to do it. I welcome comments from everyone and I can assure you that it will be really really really hard to pick my temper (as cold as an iced tea). If the translation gets slower, most of the time it’s because I’m too busy. I did feel a bit guilty tho to jump almost two episodes, but the wedding scene made up for it. I really don’t t want Juthathep series to end but it’s coming soon with the youngest one,Chai Phi, already set to premiere Jun 15 🙂

    • You are very very very nice, I must say!! That’s great to learn that you are “as cold as an iced tea” LOL… it is getting hotter and hotter due to summer season… Could you please give me more iced tea to make me cool down? 🙂 haha.. Also, I don’t want Juthathep series to end soon as well… Anyway, we love you… we are very happy to have you here always:) Thanks for sharing everything with us!

  3. Thank you, minziemin closed her channel again. Fortunetely we still have you. Thnx and I love your blog. I will recommand it to other people who can’t understand thai. Xxxx

    • Found that the hard way. Was on cloud nine when it was back and went straight to watch the second gentleman series. Just finished episode nine the same day it read closed again. Now i know how those rich businessmen felt when the great depression hit. But I’m not about to jump off a building yet. Hope it comes back on and stays open. Waiting patiently.

  4. Thanks for the recaps. I am totally enjoying Khunchain Ratchanon and your accompanying comments. The back and forth dialouges between Soifah and Chai Lek are really funny. It was hilarious when he says if I have to get married, then I will get married. what a difference in reaction between this and how he ran away from Sinenuch ( spelling ?). He seems to be enjoying being married to Soifah actually. She keeps him on his toes and in good humour and I think he appreciates that. He is a fun guy who loves to laugh and she gives him doses of that.

  5. Oh yes, I agree with you, Kcomments. Chai Lek really loves to touch a girl’s hands or loves to give a girl a hope, which will make her misunderstand…. oh my gosh! No no no, don’t give any girl a hope, otherwise she will be heartbroken later… haha…

  6. Thank you very much!! Thanks to you I’m able to understand what they are saying. Hope you will keep up your good work. I know it will cost you a lot of work, so take your time my dear.

  7. Keep u do good work my dear, cause we only have you now, since minziemin stopped subbing.

  8. What will happen if the subber in your tube thinks like you and skip to ep 6?
    I’m kidding. Just recap as you wish.

  9. Thanks for recapping episode 5. Seems like a lot going on and this helps us keep up. Like you said, we can always go back to 3 and 4 later. Can’t wait to find out what task Por Yai will give Soi. This is so exciting.

  10. Ahem…I hear ya. Well, I saw episode 3 with Eng sub on YT and expect episode 4 to come out soon, and I’m kind of worried that you will have to wait for a long time for me to catch up with the current episode. I thought most watched it live or raw hehe. But I can do any episode actually, now which episode should I do? 3, 4or 5?

    • it’s up to you but there’s no ep 4 in youtube now. If you don’t mind, please recaps ep 4 frist.

    • Thanks for your recaps and dedication because I truly know that it will take you lots of time recapping. That’s why I am willing to wait for your updated recaps patiently no matter what. The storyline of Khunchai Ratchanon is getting more and more amusing and I find that he is a responsible and nice guy. Soi and he are cute together:) I saw episode 5 last night but with your help, I am completely able to understand what it talks about now. Thank you anyway and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

      • Thanks toDearCarol, will start ep4 tho. Hope you are all right with that. It’s funny how Chai Lek always got punched or kicked whenever he tried to be sweet to Soi. Haha.

        • Yes, that’s absolutely right! hahaha… I tend to burst into laughter whenever I see Soi giving Chai Lek a punch. Also, I find that Soi is very boyish… They are so cute together 🙂 I don’t mind at all if you would like to start episode 4 though… ^^

      • toDearCarol, Absolutely agree with you! Thanks a million to kcomments for recaping this series. (^_^)

  11. Sorry but why did you skip ep 3-4.

    • From what I read, Kcomments would like to skip to episode 5 firstly– otherwise she will be too far behind. Anyway, she says that she will do the detailed recaps about episode 3 and 4 later.

      • I already read it but I just curious why. I do understand that it depends on her but it’s so strange to skip 2 episodes.

        • Mari, perhaps you can go Mininiezmin YT to view ep3 and half of ep4 first.
          Thank you Kcomments for your detailed recap. Please write your recap as per your wish. It is always a pleasure reading your recaps plus comment. Just watched ep6 and cannot wait for your recap as it seems Chai Lek is jealous of the closeness between Soi and Chat.

          • When I commented, there’s no ep 4.

            • Mari, would you please be patient & just wait for the recap to come up whenenver kcomments complete it. After all it is thanks to kcomments’s recap that we can understand what’s happening on each episodes. I think it doesn’t matter which part of the episodes is completed first as long as at the end it’s all there. Please don’t rush kcomments as translating (recapping) takes a lot of time & efforts. Also, please don’t forget that kcomments is volunteering doing this recap for us by giving up his/her personal time!! Please don’t let your impatient feeling or excitement to see more become a discouragement for kcomments to continue recapping. OTHERWISE… IT WILL BE LIKE CHANNEL MINIEZMIN in youtube THAT IS CLOSED FOREVER NOW just because lots of people not patient enough, ask why, when the sub will come out & giving rude comments etc. I believe that lots of viewer don’t want to lose this recap as this is the only source for us to understand the series now.

              • @ Renarwin Elves… Yes, you can say that again! In the beginning, I was able to understand what the Thai drama talks about by watching youtube channel, but now, it is closed forever due to some people’s bad and rude manners or whatever it is. I do agree with you completely on that people who would like to read the detailed recaps or to watch video clips should learn how to be patient and how to respect the writer/user since they have been devoted to the translation of the series of the five gentlemen, Supap Buruth Jutathep… I just want to show my immense gratitude to Kcomments… Thanks a million, Kcomments! I am still patient even though I’d love to read more ^__^ haha haha Can’t wait to know what is going on next 🙂 Just wondering how come Chai Lek doesn’t know whether or not he has any feelings for Soi? It is amusing!!! Anyway, I am always one of the biggest readers (fans) of your blog here, giving you all my support and encouragement as well!

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