Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 4 (2/9)


Episode 4-1

Janta sees the scratch on his arm and is worried. Chai Lek says it’s just a little wound, just apply Mae Thao’s medicine and it will heal. He says he couldn’t believe she can recover this fast. He asks if she knows the name of the village, it’s Walahok meaning mist. He says he will take her around the village once she becomes stronger. She says all she wants to know now is about her father, Joei. She asks where he is, and he must be severely injured that’s why  nobody would tell her about him. She says Mae Thao will be able to treat him like her and Khunchai, and they can go back together. Chai Lek holds her hand.

CL: I’m sorry, Janta. I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault.

Janta: If Khunchai doesn’t want to tell me now, Khunchai doesn’t have to.

CL: Hunter Joei has passed away, Janta. Hunter Joei was shot to death in the forest by Wieng soldiers.

Janta: It’s not true, right, Khunchai? Por Joei is not dead, right? It’s not true, right, Khunchai?

CL: Janta, I’m sorry. It’s true.

Janta: Por! (father)

He pulls her into his arm. Janta cries and asks who she will live with.

Soi looks at them and gets angry.

Joi is delighted to see Soi. He says it’s good that Por Yai didn’t punish her. She says who said, he ordered her to stay in the house for 7 days and nights, and she must study with Harry everyday. Joi is alarmed that she’s here when Por Yai ordered her, he pulls her back but turns to ask what she came here for. She says she bought medicine for Khunchai. Joi says what medicine when Mae Thao already has it all.

Joi says she’s so worried about Khunchai that she disobeyed Por Yai’s order. He asks her why that is. She says he was hurt because of her so she bought the medicine and that’s it, but it looks like he already got a better medicine, so she will go back now. She orders him not to tell anyone that she came.

CL: Janta, even if Por Joei is not here anymore, you still have me.

Janta: Khunchai.

CL: I mean it. I will take care of Janta.

She says he doesn’t have to take the responsibility for her, because what happened was not his fault. It’s her bad karma. Chai Lek asks what she will do next, or if she has some relatives that she can lean on. She says there’s none, but she can live alone. He says she a woman, how she can live alone, most importantly, where she will stay because she definitely can’t go back to the food stall.

CL: Janta, come live with me. I will protect you.

Janta: But I’m a girl from the wilderness, and Khunchai….

CL: Don’t worry. I won’t disgrace your honor. I will take care of you in a proper way. Hunter Joei left you in my care. I will take good care of you. I promise.

Soi is in a hurry to get into her house. Joi asks what happened in the forest last night. She says nothing. Joi asks since when she became good to Khunchai, he asks if she’s given up chasing him out, what happened that made her change. She says there’s nothing, his lover is getting better so he will leave soon, why bother chasing him out. Joi asks when she met Khunchai to walk back together last night. He says don’t tell him that they were together all night. Soi tells him to stop asking about silly things and help her climbing up the house. Soi gets in her room and says no one will ever be able to catch her, ordered to detain her, she could run out, so why she needs to be afraid. Por Yai asks if she’s really not afraid.

Por Yai: Even your father, you’re not afraid, are you?

She says she didn’t mean to disobey his order, but she really needed to go. He says his teaching gets no respect, his order doesn’t mean anything.

Por Yai: You’ve grown up. You can think and make a decision on your own. From now on, I won’t force you to do anything. You can do whatever you want.

Soi: Por Yai! Por Yai! I was wrong. Por Yai, please forgive me. I’m giving you my word that from now on, I will obey you in everything.

Por Yai: Get out of the way.

Soi: What do I have to do for you to forgive me? You can detain me as many nights as you want, and I won’t run away. I know now that I behaved badly. You can scold me the way you want, but do not walk away from me like this.

Por Yai: I didn’t walk away from you. Your mouth said you listened to me, but your mind has never believed me. You were the one walking away from me.

Soi: I know I misbehaved many times but that’s because I wanted to help with your work. Those Wieng soldiers are getting closer to our village, how can I stay still? I need to go out there. I’m Por Yai’s daughter. I have a duty to…

Por Yai: Your duty is to protect your own life. How many times I’ve told you?

Soi: Por Yai.

Por Yai: All right. This must be the time that I will have to let you be (on your own).

Soi: You really are not going to forgive me? Por Yai! If you don’t forgive me, I will kneel down here. I won’t get up until you forgive me.

Por Yai walks down the house. Soi says Por Yai is really angry with her.

Episode 4-2

Por Yai says he’s been here for more than 10 years, and now has to move out. He asks Mae Thao when they can leave, since the divine crown is already here so why they still have to wait. Mae Thao says whenever he lets go of the worry. Por Yai asks what she meant about the worry. She says the worry that a parent has. Por Yai says Soi? Then he will never move people out of this village. He will let go of his worry for his child only when he’s dead.

Mae Thao says he doesn’t have to wait till that day. There’s a person that he can leave Soi in his care. He asks who that person is. Mae Thao says he will know it himself, and the day, he makes up his mind to give kaew ta to him, will be an auspicious day to evacuate.

Soi tells Joi that this time Por Yai’s really angry at her. Joi runs out calling Mae Thao. The man asks Soi why she is kneeling there, and if she’s punished by Por Yai.

Chai Lek thanks Janta and tells her to take the medicine and get some rest so she will have a fast recovery.  Janta asks where he’s going. He says he will go check on the prisoner and see if she’s detained for good. Joi comes running and calls Mae Thao. Chai Lek tells him that Mae Thao hasn’t come back yet. Joi is worried about Soi so Chai Lek asks if she’s punished severely. Joi tells him to stay away from Soi because he always brings trouble to her. Chai Lek says he will go and check on her. Janta can see that Chai Lek is really worried about Soi. She says the name, Soi Fa.

Por Yai comes back and doesn’t look at Soi no matter how many times she calls him. Kraisorn tells Por Yai that Soi has been kneeling for a long time, he asks if he can forgive her. Harry wants Por Yai to forgive her too. Por Yai says he didn’t punish her, she knelt down herself so she should get up herself. Soi tells Por Yai that she realizes now that she did wrong.

Chai Lek runs up the house and tells Por Yai that he knows he’s an outsider but he thinks what he’s doing to Soi is too much. Por Yai says he will only forgive the person who really accepts his/her mistake. Chai Lek asks him how he knows that Soifa still doesn’t accept her mistake. Por Yai says he knows his daughter well.

Chai Lek kneels down beside Soi. He says she disobeyed his order to rescue him, and he’s the reason of all these so he should punish himself too. Soi scolds him that she’s the only one who did wrong, and it has nothing to do with him. Chai Lek accuses Por Yai of being too harsh on her. He tells her that he will kneel down beside her no matter how long she will do it, so that Por Yai will know that they has realized their mistakes.

They kneel down together until night falls, then it starts to rain. Por Yai looks at them kneeling down in the pouring rain together. He recalls Mae Thao’s prediction that when the king who’s wearing a divine crown comes to visit, the calling will make the protection mist disappears. When that time comes, Walahok will lose kaew ta but will get back the heart of Wieng Phu Kam.

Por Yai thinks of when Chai Lek said he’s the reason of all these so he should punish himself too, and thinks of when Mae Thao told him the day, he could give kaew ta to that person, would be an auspicious day to evacuate.

Joi wants to give them a blanket but Kraisorn stops him.

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