Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 3


Episode 3-1

Joi asks Soi if she has given up chasing Khunchai out. She says he will bring danger to the village, so she won’t let him stay. Joi asks what she will do. She says tomorrow he will know. Chai Lek realizes that he had lost his jade necklace.

Chat asks Chai Phi if they will be able to find Pee Chai Lek because Pee Chai Lek, an expert in forest trek, went with a hunter yet he still got lost. Chai Phi says they just need to find a hunter to guide the way for them.

Chat: So you won’t wait for Pee Chai Yai for sure, right?

Chai Phi: Well, Pee Chai Yai told us to get information to be certain.

Chat: But he didn’t mean for you to go get the information in the forest.

Chai Phi: We will use Pee Chai Yai’s unclear order to get into the forest looking for Pee Chai Lek now.

Boonhome gives Chai Phi an urgent telegram from Bangkok. Chai Phi reads it but doesn’t says a thing, so Chat grabs it from his hands and reads it. It reads, will be there this evening, wait and do not go looking for Chai Lek in the forest. Chat says this time Pee Chai Lek’s order is not unclear, and asks if he’s still going to look for Pee Chai Lek.

Joi and Soi come to Chai Lek. She says he looks stronger now. Chai Lek says yes, he’s stronger and the wound doesn’t hurt anymore. He says he’s stronger than before, he couldn’t believe Mae Thao’s medicine is so effective. She says so he won’t call Mae Thao a ghost doctor anymore. Chai Lek says that day he’s worried about Janta so he said that, but he didn’t mean to insult her. Joi asks if he’s really stronger now. Chai Lek says he doesn’t want to stay still, he wants to do something useful.

Soi says if he wants to do useful things, follow her. Chai Lek asks where they are going. Joi says just follow them and he will know. Chai Lek walks with them, he says if they want him to do anything, just tell him. He graduated in Civil Engineering, he can construct a road to the village, if they want to. She asks if he wants to construct the road for Wieng soldiers to have an easy access to their village. She asks if he uses his head or something else to think. He asks then what else he can do.

Joi says he’s the one made Mae Thao’s mist-spell disappear, so he will have to pay the price. Chai Lek asks what the mist-spell is.  Soi says it’s the mist that protect the village. The village is located above the waterfalls with this forest in the middle, and strangers will not be able to get into the village. There’s only one entrance/exit, that is, that cave. Mae Thao cast a spell to create mist to hide the village so that outsiders wouldn’t be able to see. But he made the mist disappear, so it won’t be long until Wieng solders will see the entrance too.

Soi tells Chai Lek to find a way to protect the village from Wieng soldiers, and if he can do that, that would mean he’s done repaying her good deed. Joi says if he can’t do that, he will have to leave, and they will send his woman to him after she’s fully recovered.

CL: All right! I will help you protect Walahok village.

Chai Lek is building some kind of trap. He looks at them and asks why they are standing still. He tells them to help him sharpen the tip of the bamboo, and find a vine to use as a rope.

Soi: What did you say you would build?

Chai Lek says he’s making a barrier that will not to let Weing soldiers to get into the village, he saw it in the movie. Joi says without Mae Thao’s mist-spell, no barriers will be able to block Wieng soldiers. Chai Lek says, they won’t get into the village that easy, or at least, it can help buying time for them to get ready for the confrontation. He thinks this is the only way to protect the village.

Soi says, all right, she will wait and see if his barrier will be able to protect the village like he said. She tells Joi to go cut a vine.

Chai Yai and Chai Pat are leaving for Nong Krai. Grandmother On asks why they have to go so early when the train will leave many hours from now. Chai Yai says they won’t go by train but a cargo plane. Chai Pat assures Mom Eiet that no one will know about Chai Lek’s missing but he’s not sure how long they can keep it a secret.

Daraneenuch and her daughter come in. Daranee says she heard that Khunchai Lek disappeared, and asks if it’s true. Nuch asks Mom Eiet where, with whom, and how he disappeared. Mom Eiet tells Chai Yai and Chai Pat that they already get an answer, and glares at grandmother On.

Both women are told that Chai Lek got lost in the forest. Daranee accuses Chai Yai that if he went looking for Khunchai Lek sooner, this wouldn’t have happened. Chai Yai says he and Chai Pat are about to go looking for Chai Lek. Nuch says let she go with them. Chai Pat tells her to wait here because she’s a woman and it will be too tough for her to travel with them in the forest.

Daranee and Nuch take turn giving some good reasons for Nuch to go with them. Chai Yai says it won’t be convenient because there are only men on the trip, and it’s not only about hardship but also suitability. Grandmother On says Chatchavee is there too, and he’s her brother. That should be enough to protect her against the rumor. Daranee asks for Mom Eiet’s permission to let Nuch go. Mom Eiet thanks Nuch that she wants to go looking for Chai Lek, and gives Nuch her permission. Chai Yai is so surprised to hear that. Nuch gets excited and is worried that she doesn’t have forest-trek clothes and camping utensils.

Episode 3-2

Chai Lek finishes building a trap but Joi trips on it and almost gets hurt if Chai Lek doesn’t push him away just in time. Soi doesn’t pay attention to them and only admire that the trap really works. Chai Lek says he already built many of them in various spots so he can actually help protect the village.

Soi and Joi want to patrol the forest so Chai Lek asks them to let him come along. Joi doesn’t want him to go at first but Soi gives him a signal to let Chai Lek come with them.

They walk together, Joi and Soi put Chai Lek in a trap. Soi tells him that she won’t allow him to go back to the village because he’s the one destroyed the mist-spell. Chai Lek yells at her that she can’t leave him here like this. He calls her Soifa. Soi gets annoyed and tells him that her name isn’t Soifa but Soi.

Soi and Joi walk back. Joi asks what she will say if someone asks her where Khunchai is. She says she will say that she doesn’t know about it. She says she will leave him for one night there and if he won’t leave the village again, she will put him through a heavier trap. They both see a communication pigeon flying over their heads so they run back to the village.

They reach Por Yai and want to know what the message says, but nobody will tell her so she gets angry and walks down the house. She tells Joi that she will find a way to know it.

Mom Eiet scolds grandmother On for disobeying her order. Grandmother On says she thinks it will help Chai Lek and Nuch get to know each other, and Chai Lek will surely appreciate her kind spirit to follow him there. She laughs that Mom Eiet must think the same too or she wouldn’t allow Nuch to go.

Grandmother On says it’s like when Chai Yai came back with Maprang, their to be granddaughter-in-law, so this time Chai Lek will come back with their to be granddaughter-in-law too. Mom Eiet says she hopes he will come back with the same woman they are expecting not someone else like when Chai Yai came back.

Mom Eiet tells her not to disobey her order next time. She wonders if the news that Chai Lek disappeared is already spreading around. Grandmother On says Daranee won’t tell anyone because she came from a high status family. Mom Eiet counters that she meant grandmother On herself that might have told her playing-card friends.

Chai Yai and Chai Pat come join them. Chai Yai says he sent a telegram to Chai Phi that they postponed their trip for one day. Chai Yai begs Mom Eiet to let them leave today and Nuch can follow them later. Chai Pat says he’s afraid it will be too late so they should leave today. Grandmother On says Nuch is a woman so she cannot travel alone, she should go with them.

Chai Pat says they will miss the cargo plane and have to travel by train, and it will take even more time. Mom Eiet says she will arrange about the plane, she gave Daranee her word so she can’t change it. Chai Yai is worried that the longer they wait, the more difficult they will be able to find Chai Lek. Chai Pat says and they may have to find Chai Phi too.

Grandmother On asks what he meant. Chai Pat says Chai Lek and Chai Phi are very close, if Chai Lek is in danger, Chai Phi won’t stay still. They should pray that Chai Phi won’t do anything hastily by himself.

Mom Eiet says she won’t change her order.

Episode 3-3

Daranee wants Anupun to use his authority to arrange a plane for Nuch to go find Chai Lek. He says he won’t do it because he doesn’t want to encourage his daughter, a woman, to go after a man. He says he forbids Nuch to go with them. Daranee tells Nuch that her father won’t help but her grandfather (Daranee’s father) will, he has many subordinates who will be willing to help.

Anupun tells Daranee not to stain her father’s reputation, her father never used his authority over a personal matter. Daranee says she knows if her father were alive, he would help her, and not like him who always thinks about Chat, his parasite-plant-liked son. She tells Nuch to pack her bag and go to bed early, and prepare to leave tomorrow.

Anupun says he won’t allow it. Daranee says what’s wrong with Nuch go looking for her betrothed, even Mom Eiet allowed it. She won’t listen to him and no one can stop her.

Aunpun says she misunderstands one thing, the reason he married her and his life has been in hell for over twenty years is because of her father, so she shouldn’t say again that he never repaid her father favor. Daranee screams so loud, and says her life has been in hell too getting married with a man who doesn’t have a heart.

Por Yai says Wieng soldiers are getting closer. Kraisorn says he doesn’t have to worry because Mae Thao said the mist wouldn’t disappear suddenly even if the divine crown is here. Harry says there’s no need to argue anymore if Khunchai Ratchanon is the divine crown or not, because who else with a high social status would come to their village in the middle of the forest like this.

Por Yai says this Khunchai brought them both good and bad news. He has to do something with the bad news first. Soi is evesdropping their conversation. Tub Tim reports to them that there are an unusual number of Wieng soldiers crossing the border. He thinks they are not going after only them but their missing soldiers too. There were five corpses of Wieng soldiers he counted that day. Harry says Se Kong must think there’s a liberation army in the forest. Por Yai orders everyone not to get out of the village, including Soi too. He throws something at her forehead so she realizes that he knows that she’s there.

Soi runs out and tells them she needs to go or he will die. Kraisorn asks Joi who she meant. Joi says Khunchai is trapped in the forest and if he stays there, he will be killed by Wieng soldiers. Kraisorn tells him to go help Soi but Por Yai yells at Joi not to go.

Soi runs fast to where she left Chai Lek but he’s not there. She’s worried that may be he’s captured.

Chai Phi decides not to wait for Pee Chai Yai and wants to leave right away. He tells Chat that Boonhome will bring them a skillful hunter to guide the way so he thinks they will find Pee Chai Lek for sure. Chat decides to go along with his plan.  Boonhome arrives and tells them that he brings hunter Koen with him, he’s the best in Nong Krai. Chai asks that he said hunter Joei was the best. Boonhome says that’s true but hunter Koen is also good with longer experience.

Hunter Koen walks to them and greets them in the wrong direction. Boonhome has to tell him to turn to them. Hunter Koen appears to be an old man. Haha.

Soi couldn’t find Chai Lek so she goes to the entrance of the village and gets out. She counters with Wieng soldiers. Someone pulls her to hide from them and it’s Chai Lek. Soi is delighted and asks if he’s not dead yet. He says not yet and smiles. She says if she knew he’s this good, she wouldn’t come to help him. When she wants to go back home, he tells her that she can’t because Wieng soldiers are roaming around the entrance of the cave.

Soi still wants to fight with Wieng soldiers to get into the cave but Chai Lek stops her. He says if she kills them, the rest of them will come and there are only two of them.  More Wieng soldiers join in and decide to stay there for the night. Chai Lek tells her that there are more than ten of them, and asks if she still wants to fight with them.

Episode 3-4

Joi is worried about Soi, but Mae Thao says there’s someone helping her and no one could harm her. She tells him to help feeding food and water to the patient. Joi realizes Janta is awake so she will survive.

Joi tells Janta that she was shot and unconscious for two days. He asks her her name and tells her his.  She says Mae Thao told her that he’s the one helped her so she thanks him. She asks if he helped her father too, Mae Thao wouldn’t tell her. Joi tells her to ask Khunchai for that, he just helped who he could help at that time. Janta is happy that Khunchai is alive so she asks where he is.

Chai Lek asks Soi where they should stay tonight because they need to hide from Wieng soldiers, and they can find a way back to the village tomorrow. Soi tells him to go away. He asks if she will leave him, and did she not come because she’s worried about him.  She says she was wrong to come here, she should let him get killed because, it’s because of him that many Wieng soldiers came.

He says before he came, Wieng soldiers already roamed the place looking for their village so she shouldn’t blame him for that. He says it’s because she can’t do anything to them that she’s mad now. He urges her to go and kill them if she thinks that the way to solve the problem. Soi grabs his shirt and says now she wants to kill him more because he’s her unlucky charm. She says she knew from the first moment she met him that he would bring disaster to her village, she asks why he had to come here. He says if he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have come either.

Chai Lek says whoever she’s angry with, him or Wieng soldiers, she should keep it at bay and think of how to save herself first. This is not the time to show off her courage. He says they have to find a place to hide, Wieng soldiers can come back here again. When Chai Lek turns to ask her, Soi has disappeared.

Kraisorn and Harry want Por Yai to order the villagers to go help Soi. Everybody is waiting downstairs willing to help Soi. Kraisorn says Soi is not only his daughter but….Por Yai says he knows, but he doesn’t want anyone to sacrifice their lives only for his stubborn daughter. If they are going to sacrifice their lives, it should be for the nation only. He won’t change his mind.

Harry and Kraisorn come down and tell the villagers to go back, Por Yai won’t change his mind. Joi gets angry at Por Yai, he says she’s his daughter and if something happens to her, it will hurt him the most. Harry says that is called a decision from a good ruler, Soi disobeyed Por Yai’s order so how he could risk everyone’s life just for her. Joi shouts at Por Yai asking if he doesn’t love Soi, he says he doesn’t understand, no matter what, he doesn’t understand.

Por Yai: There’s only you who can understand. Chao Soi is not my only daughter, every Wieng Phu Kam people is my child, how I can let them go to die when many of them already died for me.

Episode 3-5

Chat wonders where hunter Koen is. Chai Phi says either he’s fainting because of a heart attack or rolling down hill. Chat tells him not to tease like that, and thinks they should go back and look for him. Koen says they don’t have to do that, he’s here. He complains that youngsters these days are very impatient, he tells them to walk slowly admiring the nature.

Chai Phi is exasperated and tells him that they came here to look for a man not to have fun. He asks hunter Koen that he said there’s a camping site that everyone who came here had to go there. Koen points the direction that it’s over there. Chai Phi and Chat take off.

Joi is frustrated that Por Yai let Soi be alone in the forest. He lays down the stones and wishes Soi would come back soon. He tells Soi to come back safely and soon. He shouts her name.

Chai Lek is shouting for Soi to come out. He wonders where she is, or if she already went back to the village. Suddenly the trees around him move, and something hits his head. Soi is sitting high up on a tree. He tells her to come down, it’s not the time to play. She gets down and tells him to go back where he belongs.

Hunter Koen tells Chat not to do it himself, he will do it for him. Chai Phi says no, he doesn’t want to die under a collapsed tent. Chai Phi says he doesn’t want to rest yet, it’s more than an hour before sunset. He asks if there’s a place around here that he can walk, and may be he will find Chai Lek’s traces. Chat agrees with him. Koen says they can’t go yet because the forest is still closed, and he needs to do a ceremony to open the forest first, and after that, they can go.

Chai Phi says he won’t go far, and hunter Koen can wait here if he doesn’t have the strength. Koen wants to get up and go with them, but Chat presses his shoulder to stay where he is.  Chat suggests him stay here and do the cooking. Koen smiles and agrees to it, but asks if any of them could light up the fire because he’s been trying since morning and couldn’t do it. Both Chai Phi and Chat sigh.

Soi tells Chai Lek that there’s a cave over there that they can stay. He asks if she won’t push him to leave anymore. She says it’s up to him and tells him not to regret about it later. He asks if she regrets coming to help him. She says she regrets it, because if she knew he could get down from the trap, she wouldn’t come. Por Yai must be really angry at her this time. Chai Lek says he thinks Por Yai isn’t angry but worried about her. She says Por Yai won’t be worried because he knew she could save herself. A sound of something disturbs them. Chai Lek wonders if it’s the sound of Wieng soldiers.

Wieng soldiers surround Chai Phi and Chat, and ask who they are and what they are doing here. They tell the two to put down their weapons. Chai Phi and Chat put down their guns and knife. Chai Phi says it should be the two of them asking what they are doing here.

The soldier says they are here looking for someone, and asks how many of them are here. Chat says they don’t need to answer that. He asks them if they don’t know that they are standing on Thailand’s territory, and they don’t have to right to use guns to threaten them. Chat tells them to put down their weapons and go back if they don’t want to get hurt.

Chai Lek lets out a sigh of relief that it’s the sound of a rabbit. He says looks like the rabbit wants to become their dinner, and moves to kill it. Soi stops him saying that she can’t eat it, it’s too cute and Por Yai doesn’t want anyone to kill animals unnecessarily. He says all right, he won’t kill it and actually he doesn’t like killing animals too, but they don’t have any supplies with them. Soi says they won’t be starved staying in the forest, there are many things they can eat but they should look for a place to stay first.

CL: A woman is always a woman, don’t you think? Soft heart and easily sympathizes with others. You sympathize with that rabbit, what about this rabbit next to you, don’t you sympathize with it(me) too?

Soi: That rabbit’s cute, but you are very ugly!

Chai Lek couldn’t believe she said he’s ugly.

Hunter Koen walks over and startles Wieng soldiers. Chai Phi and Chat take the opportunity to capture them. Koen wonders what kind of fun they are playing.

Episode 3-6

Chai Lek is happy that he successfully lights up the fire. He tells her he spent hours doing it. Soi scolds him asking if he wants Wieng soldiers to see them. She wants to put out a fire but he stops her because it will be so cold to death. She says she will let the fire be because if he dies, she can happily bury him here. He asks if she really will let him die, calling her Soifa. Soi gets angry that he called her that again, but then he won’t live long anyway so she will let him call her whatever he wants.

Chai Lek asks why she cursed him like that. She says she didn’t curse him. It’s because he’s such a player, already has a lover yet still courting another woman. She warns him if he courts a woman who has an owner, he will be shot to death. She says he should think how his lover, who’s lying at Mae Thao’s house injured, would feel.

Chai Lek tells her that she misunderstands it, Janta is not his lover. He has never loved anyone since he was born, and he never thinks any woman could make him fall in love until…..Soi asks until what. He says until he met her.

He says when he met her, it was the minute of his death but then he survived so he thinks……..he thinks he should get a wife before he dies or he will waste this life time of his. He asks if she thinks so too.

Soi: Want to have a wife? Why did you tell me? Fooling me into listening to you for a while.

He asks where she’s going. She says she’s going to sleep over there and he will sleep here. She tells him not to step inside the cave, and gives him a banana leaf to sleep on. Chai Lek stops her and gives her a torch.

Chai Phi says once they get into town, he needs to call in to take a leave for 2-3 more days. He asks Chat if he told Khunchai Anupun that he came here. Chat says no, and ask him why he needed to. Chai Phi says even though Khunchai Anupun doesn’t express his concern much about Chat, he could see that he loves Chat dearly, and he thinks he may have a good reason not telling him about his mother. Chat thinks the reason could be that his mother or them both didn’t want him to be born.  Chai Phi says he believes Anupun will tell him one day who his mother is. Chat says, by that time, he won’t be interested anymore. Chai Phi says what he’s not interested is what left in his heart all this time. Chat says he will let him stay for the first shift and will sleep first. Chat gets inside the tent.

Soi is having a bad dream that Por Yai can’t reach out to someone and they get separated. She calls out in her dream, not to go. Chai Lek gets inside the cave trying to tell her that it’s a dream. She hugs him that it felt so real. She opens her eyes and sees him. She pulls out her knife saying she told him not to get in here. He says he heard her scream so how could he not come in. She tells him she’s all right now, so he can leave. He asks if she’s sure that she’s all right, and leaves.

Chat comes out so Chai Phi asks if he had a bad dream again. He says if he were in Bangkok at this hour, he and Pee Chai Lek would be having a good time with some girls at the clubs. He says if Chat had come along with them, he wouldn’t have a bad dream and would have such a good sleep.

Chat says he always dreamed about the same thing, a town with people in strange clothes and a man. Chai Phi tells him not to take it seriously. He dreamed once too that he took Viviane Lee (don’t know who she is) to a ball at Amporn garden, and danced with her. It felt so real that when he woke up the feeling was still there, but it’s still just a dream. Chat says he wants it to be just a dream too.

Soi comes out and sits with Chai Lek.  (Love this great location, what a beauty filming at night) He tells her not to put out his fire. He thinks she’s so cold that she had a bad dream. She says she wasn’t feel cold but she always dreamed like this again and again. He asks what she’s dreaming about.

She says she always dreamed of a woman, she didn’t see her face and doesn’t know who she is. Soi tells him to leave it, it’s just a dream. He suggests that may be it’s not a dream but a real incident in the past that really had a bad impact on her mind, so she keeps dreaming about it.

She thinks so too that may be she’s her mother, but she doesn’t know who her mother is and doesn’t have any picture of her. He asks what happened to her mother, and if she didn’t escape with her. Soi says her mother came with her but got lost once they were on Thailand’s soil, and Por Yai sent men to look for her but was unsuccessful. She thinks she had passed away, that’s why Por Yai didn’t talk about her anymore. He asks if she has any siblings. She says no, Por Yai has only her. Soi says she always thinks that she will return Por Yai’s favor by taking him back to his homeland, Wieng Phu Kam.

CL:  I will help you, Soifa.

Soi: You are not Wieng Phu Kam people. It’s not your business to die for others.

CL: But I survived because of this Wieng Phu Kam person saving me. You risked your life saving mine, why can’t I risk my life helping you?

He holds her hand.

CL: This (holding hand) is not to flirt with you but to promise you. Remember this, Soifa. The day you return to Wieng Phu Kam, I will go with you.

Aww….love this moment.

Por Yai is waiting for Soi till late at night.

Por Yai: Come home already, Chao Soi.

Episode 3-7

Chai Lek wakes up and smiles looking at Soi. She wakes up and kicks him, and asks why she’s sleeping here. He says  he was sitting here when she came to talk and then she fell asleep, so he slept too, and that’s about it.  She asks why he didn’t wake her to sleep inside. He says she’s so fierce that who would dare waking her, but it’s all right because he doesn’t mind it. Haha. He asks if they will leave now, he will take her back to the village today. She says she’s the one taking him back, she’s the leader and he’s the follower.

Chai Lek stops her to ask, that it’s so cold like this, if she sneaked a hug from him. She wants to punch him so he says he’s just kidding. She tells him to put out the fire and leaves.

Chat tells Chai Phi to hurry pack their things and go back. Chai Phi says he has a feeling that Pee Chai Lek is somewhere near here and if he walks a little further, he will meet him. Chat asks if he wants to continue searching for Pee Chai Lek, he and hunter Koen will take Wieng soldiers to the authority. Chai Phi looks at hunter Koen, who is sleeping on Wieng soldier’s chest, and says he’d better go with him.

Chai Pat and Chai Yai want to leave because Nuch is late. Mom Eiet tells them to wait for her. Chai Yai is worried that they will miss the train and they will waste another day, and Chai Phi didn’t send him any news so he’s afraid something might happen over there. Mom Eiet says the plane will leave in two hours so there’s plenty of time to wait for Nuch.

Grandmother On reminds them who Nuch’s father is, he could call and arrange everything. Chai Yai says it doesn’t sound like Khunchai Anupun to order the plane to wait for them. Chai Pat says he thinks it should be the work of Khunying Daranee. Mom Eiet says whoever arranged it, they will be in Nong Krai this evening.

Nuch arrives with four suitcases. She apologizes to Mom Eiet for being late because she didn’t know what to bring so she just finished packing this morning. Another two suitcases are being brought in. They belong to Rumpa, she wants to go with them too because she’s worried about Chai Phi. Chai Yai says they didn’t know yet if Chai Phi disappeared.

Rumpa begs Mom Eiet to let her go. Chai Pat says he won’t allow her to go because Nuch is already enough for them to look after. Nuch says she won’t go if Rumpa is going, and if she’s not going, the plane won’t leave too.

Daranee is searching Anupun’s study for something, but some drawers are locked so she’s frustrated. Anupun comes in and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s worried about her daughter so she came in here to make a call. He says if she’s really worried about her daughter, she shouldn’t send her there in the first place. He says the man ran away to the border, and she sent her daughter there to offer him. He asks if she thinks the man will see her daughter’s value by doing that.

She says what’s wrong with Nuch going after her betrothed and Chat’s there too. Anupun is startled to hear that, he asks if Chat also went there. She says Chat went with Chai Phi and now there’s no news from both. Anupun asks how the group went to Nong Krai, if by train, they should arrive in the evening so when they will start looking for Chai Lek.

Daranee gets angry that now he’s interested just because he learned that Chat went there too.  She says she arranged everything herself. He asks what she did. She says she made a call and said it’s from Khunchai Anupun. He gets so mad and tells her, it’s his last time warning, not to use his name behind his back again, and if he doesn’t give her the permission, she must not to come in this room. The thing she’s looking for, she will never find it. He shows her the key and walks out.

Daranee shouts at him that what she wanted to find is the locket that he always keeps with him, she wants to know who gave it to him. She yells at him if it’s that street woman, Chat’s mother. He says he told her not to look down on Chat’s mother. She tells him to tell her who gave the locket to him. She wants to know what’s inside the locket.

He says it’s his personal matter, they have lived separately for sometimes, and  it should stay that way. Daranee screams that she must know about this, she must. She says the locket looks too valuable for a lowly woman like Chat’s mother, she asks if it’s from another woman.

Anupun says after he met Chat’s mother, he knew he wouldn’t be able to love any woman anymore, and he told her that he had someone he loved yet she’s so stubborn to marry him. She says, at that time, she thought she could make him love her. He says so now she knows that she can’t.

Anupun tells his driver to bring the car around. He looks at the picture of a woman in the locket.

Episode 3-8

Janta wakes up and says Mae Thao’s medicine is great because the wound doesn’t hurt anymore. She comes out and sees her shoulder bag (made from cloth) so she asks who brought it. Mae Thao says it’s Tub Tim. Janta asks about her father but Mae Thao doesn’t answer her.

Mae Thao gives her Wieng Phu Kam clothes to wear because she’s Wieng Phu Kam people. Janta denies it so Mae Thao shows her her necklace. It’s Wieng Phu Kam’s craftsmanship. She doesn’t know whose daughter or granddaughter she is, but it won’t be difficult to find out because the necklace should be made by a craftsman in the Royal Palace.

Janta says she doesn’t want to know that, only Por Joei is enough for her. She tells Mae Thao to keep it as her returning her gratitude for saving her life. Mae Thao won’t accept it, and tells her to keep it. The necklace will bring her back to where she belongs. Today she doesn’t want to accept that she’s Wieng Phu Kam people, but in the future, she will accept that fact.

Joi runs to them. He came to look at Janta if she’s all right. He’s satisfied that she looks much better and wants to leave. Mae Thao tells him to stay and look after Janta, she needs to see another patient.

Janta asks Joi if he can’t look at her face because he’s afraid she will ask about her father. He says Soi told him not to tell her. Janta asks who Soi is. He explains that Soi is Por Yai’s daughter who is the head of the village. He tells her to be patient and wait for Khunchai to ask him. Janta says she asked him where Khunchai was, and he wouldn’t tell her either. She tells him to leave. He says Mae Thao ordered him to look after her. She tells him to go but he tells her not to be angry at him. She says she’s going to take a bath, how she can do it if he’s here. He smiles and says he will wait for her in the house.

Chai Lek asks Soi if she’s hungry. She pulls him to hide so he asks what it is. She covers his mouth with her hand. There are Wieng soldiers ahead, one of them says their friends were captured by Thai soldiers, and tells them to extinguish the fire and leave.

Chai Lek smiles so she asks what he’s smiling about. He says he can’t tell her or she will kick him. She grabs his shirt to tell her. He says he’s feeling great that a woman brought her hand to him for a kiss, and her hand is smelling great too.  Soi jabs him with her elbow.

Soi wonders that it’s strange that all Wieng soldiers left. He says she also heard that two of them were captured, may be Thai authority are sending men here so they retreated.  Soi tells him to hurry before they come back.

*My appreciation goes to the director for giving us such a great location here, and to the leads too for spending such a difficult time filming, wet and cold and wet again.

Chai Lek calls her, but she tells him not to talk much and to just follow her. Her foot trips, it sends off a trap. Both of them are stunned.

Episode 3-9

Chai Lek pulls her to him. The trap scratches his arm and it hurts. Soi asks if it hurts. He says of course, and still holds her close. She stamps her foot on his and jabs him in the ribs. He cries out and then smiles.

CL: It hurts. It really hurts. What a small woman to have such heavy feet! I’m still wounded, you know. Do you want to kill me?

She says that small wound won’t kill him. She tells him to go back to his house, she will go to Por Yai, he must be worried that she disappeared all night. Soi grabs his shirt and orders him not to tell anyone that they were in the forest together. He wonders why, they didn’t do anything wrong. She says how it can’t be wrong for a man and a woman to stay in the forest together, just the two of them. He agrees to it and asks how they will lie to them why they come back together. She says nobody sees them come back together. Joi calls her.

Joi tells her to hurry and meet Por Yai, then looks at them suspiciously. He asks if they stayed together all night. Soi quickly denies it to Por Yai. Chai Lek says if he’s not so clumsy walking into a trap, Soi wouldn’t have to go rescue him. Soi tells him to stop talking.

Soi tells Por Yai that she went to the trap but he wasn’t there so she hid from Wieng soldiers all night and came back. Kraisorn says she said she didn’t see Khunchai until this morning. Soi says that’s correct. Harry asks why they came back together, and if she told the story by leaving something out. Soi says they didn’t come back together, he can ask Joi. She tells Joi to tell them that he saw her came back first and Khunchai came back later. Por Yai orders Joi to say it himself. Joi says whatever Soi said, it’s what he will say. Soi wants to leave, now that everybody comes back safely. She says she’s so hungry. Por Yai stops her because they have to talk.

Por Yai apologizes to Chai Lek on behalf of Soi that this thing happened. He tells Joi to take Chai Lek to Mae Thao to treat his wound. Chai Lek is reluctant to leave. Por Yai tells him to leave because he won’t be able to help. The wrong one must be punished.

Chai Lek tells Joi that he wants to go back, his wound is not that much. He’s worried about Soi. Joi says it’s Por Yai’s order so he must treat his wound. He tells him not to worry, Por Yai is a fair man, he will punish the one who should be punished. Joi tells him to worry about his woman more. Chai Lek is confused who his woman is. Joi points at Janta, she’s waiting for him. Chai Lek is happy to see her. Chai Lek holds her hand. Joi looks at them and says, now he’s a dog with a rotten head (meaning no one cares about him).

Por Yai says before he will punish her, he asks if she knows what she did wrong. She says she knows, she disobeyed his order, but if she didn’t go there, Khunchai would surely die. Kraisorn asks she said she didn’t see Khunchai so how she could help him. She stammers that she just met Khunchai this morning, if it’s not for her, he wouldn’t find a way back into the village.

Harry says all things would not happen if she didn’t trap Khunchai in the forest. He asks what she was thinking. She says Khunchai is the one from Mae Thao’s prediction, the one who will destroy their village so she must get rid of him. Por Yai says it’s not her duty to do that. The duty of protecting the village is his or hers. He says she disobeyed his orders many times already so this time he cannot not punish her.

Kraisorn asks how long he will detain Soi. She’s a naughty girl who can’t stay still, she could die being detained even for a day. Harry agrees with him that detain her for 7 days will be like 7 years for her. Por Yai says he wants her to spend time reflecting on her mistakes, she’s too impatient and always does what she wants, so how she can accomplish a big task. Kraisorn says but they still have hope with the heart of Wieng Phu Kam. Harry says but up to now, they couldn’t locate the heart of Wieng Phu Kam, so they will have to rely on Soi.

Harry says now he can interpret the prediction more clearly with what just happened. Kraisorn asks what’s left to interpret. Harry says the part where it said Walahok would lose kaew ta. He thinks they might be losing kaew ta to the divine crown. He’s sure that Soi is hiding something from them, and if Soi and Khunchai were…..Por Yai tells him to stop talking, there’s something they shouldn’t pay attention to.

Por Yai says even if Khunchai is the divine crown from the prediction, he’s not ready to lose his daughter.

Soi: Seven days! I have to study like this for 7 days! I will be dead!

She climbs out the window.


Love Soi and Chai Lek in this episode a lot. They have quite a strange bonding but a heart-warming one. The way they were willing to save each other’s life is more precious than the normal love story to me. Love love all of the forest scenes, it’s not easy to get into such place for filming. It enables us to see deep green forest while sitting in front of the screen in a city with buildings and all. I really think Chai Pat and Chai Lek’s love stories have their own charms that they shouldn’t be compared. I agree that James Ji’s acting was somewhat better than Bomb Tanin (Chai Lek) but I think that’s how Khunchai Ratchanon is supposed to be, a playful loving kid, and so so tall  🙂

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  1. Thank you very much for your efforts & time in giving us the translation. It really help me a lot to understand what’s happening as I’m not Thai. You made my day! (^_^)v

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