Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 2


Episode 2-1

Soifa wants to know what’s going on but Tub Tim says nothing happened.

Chai Lek tells hunter Joei that when he went to clean his face in the stream, he saw a cave. Hunter Joei follows him there but sees nothing. Soifa looks at Chai Lek from inside the cave. She says he’s not a Wieng soldier and not a villager either. Joi says he must be town people coming to see the forest. Joi wants Soifa to go back ,but she says she things he may not have a good intention coming here so she must keep an eye on him.

Chai Lek doesn’t believe in the supernatural so Janta warns him that even he doesn’t believe it, do not insult it. He says those men, who came with them, are afraid of this accursed forest but no one would say how  it was cursed.  Janta says, the rumor said that whoever came to this forest, would fall asleep senselessly and they would wake up somewhere else such as by the stream,  in the middle of the forest, or on a tree.  Some said they saw *seua saming transforming itself into a woman walking out from the forest, (*tiger deep forest, it is believed to have supernatural power to transform itself into anything) so no one wants to come near this forest. Chai Lek asks if seua saming can transform itself into anything. Janta says yes. Chai Lek steps back.

CL: A beautiful woman like Janta, standing in the middle of the forest like this, are you a seua saming?

He steps forward and tells her to show her fangs. She laughs. Something pokes Chai Lek’s head and it hurts. Janta asks if he can see now that this is an accursed forest. Chai Lek says it’s not an accursed forest but a fruit falling on his head.

Soifa jumps down from the tree. Joi asks why she did that because it might alert them that they are here. Soifa says he (Chai Lek) has fast hands like a monkey, it offended her eyes. (I guess she meant his hands were fast to touch a woman.)

At the camp site. Chai Lek tells hunter Joei that he’s used to sleep late so he will take over the first shift to watch over the fire. Joei agrees and tells Janta to go to sleep.

Janta comes to give Chai Lek a blanket and wants to go back to her tent, but Chai Lek tells her to sit with him for a talk. She’s afraid that her father would scold her. Chai Lek laughs and says hunter Joei is very possessive of his daughter. He asks if she’s hunter Joei’s real daughter because they look a lot different.

CL: Or may be you are beautiful like your mother.

*cough* Chai Lek is a player *cough*

She says she’s not his real daughter. He picked her up and raised her from then. She doesn’t remember anything, and has only hunter Joei since she was born. Chai Lek asks if she wants to look for her real parents. She says they didn’t want her so why she should look for them. She says she’s happy with hunter Joei and doesn’t want anyone else. Hunter Joei clears his throat. He tells Janta to go to sleep and gives Chai Lek a bottle of strong drink so that he will not feel cold.

Chai Lek tastes it and says it’s great. He wants to know the formula. Hunter Joei says it’s not difficult to mix, just add fresh langur’s blood into a liquor. He says it would be best if it’s the blood from a langur that he killed it himself. Chai Lek drinks some more and says it’s very strong.

Late at night, a face-covered Soifa looks at Chai Lek from behind the bushes.

Episode 2-2

I seriously don’t know what Soifa is using, but this kind of thing, I believe, still exists among people living in the deep forest. Chai Lek falls asleep because of the smoke from what Soifa’s using. She searches his bag and then looks around. She pulls out his wallet from his pocket looking at his ID. Chai Lek grabs his wallet which startles Soifa. They push and pull, so she punches his face knocking him back to sleep. Soifa runs back to the village.

Por Yai: Where did you go, Soi?

Soifa: Por Yai!

Por Yai: What did I told you?

Soifa: I didn’t do anything, just keeping an eye on that new group and wouldn’t allow them to get into our village.

Por Yai: Tub Tim already checked on them. They came to tour the forest and hunt. They won’t be a threat to our village.

Soifa: But I don’t trust that man from town. I need to keep and eye on him until it (she uses it instead of he) leaves this forest.

Por Yai: That’s not your duty. Do not go near them anymore. If you don’t listen to me, this time you will be punished severely. Do you understand?

Hunter Joei tries to wake everyone and wonders why they are sleeping so deeply.  The two men are saying this is an accursed forest. Chai Lek sees his wallet lying on the ground so he says it’s not about the accursed forest but there’s an intruder last night. Joei says if there’s one, he should have known. Janta says what if it’s not a human.

CL: It’s definitely not a ghost but a human like us.

Janta: Who was it? And what did it want?

CL: I want to know who it was too. If it’s a thief, what kind of thief would rob people in the middle of the forest? If I catch it, just wait and see, I will cut its hand, up to an elbow.

Soifa sneezes. Joi laughs that someone must be scolding her. He asks why she’s a bad mood this early in the morning. She says she’s thinking about that man. His hands were so fast like a monkey, maybe his father and mother didn’t teach him to respect the mother’s gender. Joi says may be his father and mother passed away. She says if he doesn’t have father and mother, then his grandfather and grandmother didn’t teach him.

Mom Eiet sneezes. Grandmother On says someone must be thinking of her. Mom Eiet is worried that Chai Lek didn’t contact them yet. Chai Yai says Sombon just telegraphed him yesterday so they should give Chai Lek some time. Chai Pat suggests that they shouldn’t make Chai Lek transfer back here because he just transferred there for 1-2 days, people will  talk that (he says a phrase that means namby-pamby) he’s too weak.  Chai Yai agrees with him that, even though the director-general approved of it, he might actually feel uncomfortable. He tells Mom Eiet that people will talk that they are privileged. Grandmother On says they will have to let them talk, because they need to get a hold of Chai Lek as soon as possible or else he will run further.

Nuch and her mother come to visit them. Grandmother On likes Nuch saying that she’s beautiful. Daranee apologizes that she came so early. Grandmother On says it’s all right, it’s almost eight o’clock already, and they are like one family. Mom Eiet glares at her to stop talking. Mom Eiet asks what’s the reason of their visit. Nuch fires questions at her where Chai Lek is, when he will be back, with whom he went. Daranee apologizes to her that her daughter must be really worried about Chai Lek. She asks if Chai Lek is back already.

Chai Lek asks why they are not packing yet. It’s late so they should start walking. Hunter Joei says the situation doesn’t look good so they should head back. Chai Lek says he told him already that it’s not about the accursed forest or ghost but it’s a human, and he almost captured it. He asks why they have to be afraid. Hunter Joei says they were able to get to them like this, it’s dangerous. Those people are hiding in secret places but they are out here in the open. They are at a disadvantage.

Janta says and, most importantly, they don’t know who they are. Joei wonders that may be what people said that, Wieng Phu Kam people escaped and are hiding here in this forest, is true. Chai Lek says it’s not strange at all if that’s what it is, because Wieng Phu Kam people has been migrating here continuously, and may be some of them are spreading out in this forest.

Joei says but they said Wieng Phu Kam people hiding in this forest is the national liberation army, and their leader is Chao Luang Wieng Phu Kam.

Daranee asks if Chai Lek has returned. Mom Eiet tells her it should take 1-2 more days. Nuch says if it’s not that far from Bangkok, she will go to him herself. She asks for Mom Eiet’s permission to go to him. Grandmother On says if it’s not that far, they should be able to get to him already, but he ran away as far as the border, so she (Nuch) won’t be able to follow him that far.

Nuch is surprised that he ran away so she asks who he’s running away from. Chai Yai says Chai Lek got bored working on the desk so he ran away to work in Nong Krai, but it’s just temporary and he will be back soon. Chai Pat says they don’t know when Chai Lek will be back, but he will surely come back so she shouldn’t worry.

Daranee is worried how she’s going to tell her husband when he already wasn’t happy with what happened last night. She tells Mom Eiet that she must bring Chai Lek back and they should arrange for their engagement as soon as he comes back, so that people won’t talk about Chai Lek in a bad way. She persuades Mom Eiet to do as she said.

Episode 2-3

Chai Lek tells hunter Joei to tell him more about the rumor. Joei says when general Se Kong revolted, Chao Luang crossed the border to Thailand with his soldiers and civilians, and he’s building up an army secretly to take back his country. Janta says they said Chao Luang took the crown prince and princess here too.  Chai Lek tells Janta to let’s play seeking the princess and the prince since they are here. He says the forest in Thailand must be a good place to live to have the king, the prince and princess hiding here.

Janta asks if he doesn’t believe it. Chai Lek says it really sounds like a fairy tale to fool children. He says it could be true about Wieng Phu Kam people to hide here, but for Chao Luang to flee here too is unlikely.

At Walahok village.

The shaman is telling a story to the children.

There’s a good king who had ruled the country peacefully  in a very long time, until an evil got so ambitious and overthrew the king from his throne, and wanted to uproot the king’s power, and killed all of them. It’s fortunate that the king could escape with his daughter, but they got separated with the queen who took her son and escaped another way. When his two children meet, we will get our kingdom back.

Soifa says to the shaman that she’s been telling this story since she was young, and asks if the king she said is Chao Luang Wieng Phu Kam. She says that means Chao Luang is not dead yet. She asks if the prince and princess are still alive, and where they are.

The shaman : Not too long from now, when the divine crown comes to visit, you will know.

Soi asks her what a divine crown is, but Joi calls her to go to the back of the village. Kraisorn and Tub Tim are busying handing out the machine guns. Joi asks Soi if they are preparing to evacuate. He thinks they should take a look from here quietly and asks someone later. Soi won’t listen to him and walks to them. Soi asks if they are preparing to run away from here again. Kraisorn says it’s not a child’s business and calls his son to come out. Joi asks how he knows that he’s here. Kraisorn says where Soi is, is where he is. He tells Joi to take Soi away from here.

Soi gets angry and asks why they have to flee when they also have people and weapons. She says if Wieng soldiers come, they should fight with them. Soi says if they run from them, they will have to run forever, so when they will ever go back to Wieng Phu Kam. Tub Tim says they don’t have enough people and weapons to fight with Wieng soldiers, and to fight with enemies without thinking if they have enough force would mean throwing away lives for nothing.

Soi says if Por Yai plans his next move, she will help. Kraisorn says she doesn’t have to do anything except to study like Por Yai said, it’s not the time yet. Soi gets angry that he’s been saying that for many years already, and asks so when that time is. She says she won’t stay still but will help protect the village.

Anupun asks why Chat doesn’t live at home. Chat says it’s convenient for him to stay at the air base. Anupun says he’s his son so he has every right to stay in this house as much as Sineenuch. Chat counters that he doesn’t have the same right with Nuch because Nuch is Khunying Daraneenuch’s daughter while he’s a son of a woman from the street.

Anupun tells Chat not to insult his mother. Chat says then tell him who his mother is, and if his mother doesn’t have a shameful past, he should be able to tell him. Chat says he won’t tell even his mother’s name, how else he can think about it.

Anupun: I can only tell you that your mother is a good person.

Chat: A good person and not some woman on the street, you told me many times. It’s all right if you can’t tell me because, no matter what, I’m your illegitimate son and no different from a servant’s son.

Daranee says it’s good that he knows. She asks why he’s here, she told him not to come if she doesn’t call for him. Chat says he came to take his clothes, and greets them good-bye.

Anupun asks his wife until when she will oppress Chatchavee. She says she hates him because his face makes her think of his mother, and it’s enough already that she allowed him to raise Chat, but from now on, she won’t let Chat live in this house.

Nuch orders Chat to follow Chai Lek’s news and report to her once he hears about him. Chat says he has work to do and won’t have time for to do that. Nuch says her mother told her that he had to serve everyone in this house, so it’s his duty to make her and Chai Lek get married. Chat is walking out when Chai Phi greets him.

Daranee says let Chat live in Thewaphrom Palace because this place is her Kittiwong Palace. She reminds him that he has his place in the society today because of her support. He says he gains respect because he serves the country, and not from her family’s wealth or reputation. He says if she knows about honor and pride, she will not go to Juthathep’s palace this  morning. He says Khunchai Lek already let them know that he doesn’t want to get engage with Nuch, yet she still hands her daughter to them with both hands. He says she has no pride.

Daranee argues that if Mom Eiet doesn’t take Nuch, she will have to let Chai Phi marry Rumpa who is so poor compares to her family. Anupun says Khunchai must be so grateful that he ran away even the first meeting. He says if she doesn’t feel embarrassed enough from last night, she can go ahead with it.

Chai Phi wants Chat to go find Chai Lek with him, but Chat doesn’t want to get involved in this. Chai Phi says Chat helped keeping the secret that Chai Lek ran away last night, that means he conspired it with him. Chat says he won’t be fooled and wants to leave. Chai Phi says he already made a call for him to take a leave from work. Chai Phi says they will catch an early train tomorrow and have to find Chai Lek before anyone. They will take him to hide somewhere for 3-4 months, and Nuch won’t be able to take the rumor and will eventually find a new match.

Chai Phi asks if his plan is great. Chat says it’s great and he will help him because he wants to see him settle down. Chai Phi asks him who said he would get married. Chat explains that if Chai Lek gets away, the next grandmother Mom’s victim will be him. Chat says Nong Wilairumpa is cute and is Chai Phi’s dream girl, she’s suitable for him. He congratulates Chai Phi in advance. Chai Phi wonders if it’s good idea to help Chai Lek.

Episode 2-4

Chai Lek takes Janta’s picture and tells her that if there’s a princess in this forest, it should be her. She tells him not to compare her with the princess, she’s just a common girl. He says may be she’s really a princess, then he talks to her like a princess that once she’s back in Wieng Phu Kam, not to forget him. Janta says he doesn’t have to tease her like this even if he doesn’t believe the story. He says she’s beautiful like a princess. He helps her down holding her hand.

Hunter Joei calls Janta and tells her to prepare the meal. Chai Lek apologizes to Joei that he lived abroad for so long that he forgot the Thai custom. Joei tells him not to forget every often, and even though they are people from the wilderness, they strictly respect the custom. A man and a woman who didn’t get married shouldn’t touch each other. He calls such behavior going ‘against the ghost’ (phit phee), and men who went against the ghost very often, they eventually became ghosts.

Joei warns his daughter that they should know their places, he’s a high-born Khunchai and it’s not right for her to get familiar with him. Janta says she just wants to return her graciousness that he saved her life, and it’s only these days that she can serve him. She asks if she can’t do just that. Joei says she can’t because he’s afraid she will get attached to him more. He tells her to stay away from Khunchai for her own good.

Chai Lek follows Janta and asks if Joei warned her about him. He says it’s his fault that he’s a little careless, he tells her to do as her father said. She asks if it’s all right even if her father told her to stay away from him. Chai Lek smiles that hunter Joei is very possessive of his daughter. He says he only teased her, and only sees her as his sister because he has only younger brothers. He touches her head and asks if she’s interested in becoming his sister. Soi looks at them from afar and says, this white monkey is a real player.

Janta says she’s a common girl so she can only be his servant and nothing else. Chai Lek says high or low class depends on the person’s conducts, not his wealth or family.

CL: But if you think I’m too high for you to get to know, I won’t force you.

Janta: Khunchai, don’t be mad at me. If you don’t feel uncomfortable….

CL: (He puts his hand over hers.) I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. No matter how different our statuses are, we can get to know each other, whether it will be as brother-sister, friends, or true friends who can die for each other.

Soi wants to teach Chai Lek a lesson but she hears a sound so she runs. She runs fast and jumps on someone. It’s Joi. He gets up and tells to look before she acts next time who he is. Soi says she needs to be fast to protect herself, if he were a Wieng soldier, she could be dead. She asks if he came alone. He asks who else would come when everyone in the village is afraid of her. Soi says she has to check it out, and runs. Joi follows her.

Janta says this is the most beautiful waterfall in this forest. Chai Lek asks if she treks often. She says she came here often when she was young but not when she’s grown up. Janta tells him to enjoy himself  here, she has to go back or her father will scold her. Chai Lek takes off his clothes and swims in the water. Soi checks on him from above and sees him swimming. Joi teases her that she loves to see a man taking a bath naked. Soi tells him to patrol the area again because she can hear many people are coming. Joi says when they go back, he will take off his clothes and take a bath for her to see. Soi chases him out.

Soi wonders who are coming to join him, whether or not they are his people.

Episode 2-5

The shaman tells Tub Tim to open Jun’s house and clean it thoroughly. He says it’s a deserted house, and asks who will stay there. She tells him not to ask too much and just do as she said.

Kraisorn asks the shaman what is happening because Tub Tim told him that she ordered a lot of medicine be boiled. She says it’s for people who are sick. He asks who the sick one is because he didn’t see any. She says the sick one is coming, the one they’ve been waiting for is coming. She tells them not to do anything now, just wait for this person to arrive first. Harry says she knows why they came here in advance again. He tells Kraisorn that since she said that, may be it’s not the time for them to evacuate just yet.

Kraisorn asks her the one she talked about who he is. She says he’s the one who will take them back to Wieng Phu Kam quickly, but it depends on what our person would decide. Kraisorn and Harry wonder who is coming.

Hunter Joei asks Janta what she talked with Khunchai. She says just this and that. She tells him not to worry, and assures him that she’s his daughter so she will do as he said. He says he loves her as his life even though she ‘s not his real daughter. He promised her mother that he would take good care of her until her real father come to take her back. Janta says he won’t come back or else he wouldn’t leave her and her mother in the forest until her mother died from the jungle fever. She tells him not to talk about it again, she doesn’t want to hear about it.

Joei shows her a necklace he found with her when he found her with her mother in the forest. He tells her to keep it with her, it will take her to her real father. He thinks her father didn’t mean to abandon her, 15 years ago, Wieng Phu Kam was in chaos, families got separated, and she must be one of them.

He hands the necklace to her. Janta asks if he thinks she’s Wieng Phu Kam people. He says yes. Janta says she’s not Wieng Phu Kam, and tells him to keep it. His man shouts that Wieng soldiers are coming this way. Joei takes Janta, and they run. Wieng soldiers follow them.

Soi grabs Chai Lek’s wallet and says she will know who he is in a minute. There’s a gunshot so Soi looks that way. Chai Lek sees her and yells. Soi takes his wallet and runs. Chai Lek shouts at her not to run away.

One of his man got shot so Joei tells Janta to run out first, but she wants to go beg them to let them go. Joei says even if she stays, they will kill them all just the same, because they want to take revenge (that same group who tried to harass Janta at the food stall). Joei tells her to listen to him, she must stay alive and find her father. He puts the necklace on her, and tells his man to take Janta away. Janta cries and tells him to take care of himself. The man pulls Janta away.

Joei gets shot on his arm. He hides behind a tree. Chai Lek shots one Wieng soldier down and runs to Joei. He asks what happened. Joei says those Wieng soldiers came to take revenge. Janta’s scream startles them both so Chai Lek pulls Joei up, and they run. They hide behind a log. Janta gets dragged away by Wieng solders. Chai Lek says he will run another way so the soldiers will follow him, and Joei can escape safely. Joei tells him not to do it and go help his daughter. Chai Lek says he can’t leave him. Joei runs out to lure the soldiers into following him.

Chai Lek hears many gunshots from Joei’s direction so he runs to him and shoots Wieng soldiers on the way. Chai Lek holds Joei. He tells Chai Lek to take care of Janta and loses his consciousness. Chai Lek runs out and gets shot twice. Soi shoots an arrow and throws out her knife. She kills two soldiers at once. Chai Lek falls into the stream and floats away. Soi runs to the stream.

Joi helps Janta from the soldiers but when a soldier wants to shoot Joi from behind, Janta runs to the soldier and gets shot. Joi kills him and turns to her. She touches her stomach, and Joi sees that she was shot. Janta falls down to the ground.

Episode 2-6

Chai Lek is floating away so Soi runs after him. She jumps into the water and pulls him to the bank. The water is flowing rapidly that Chai Lek tells her to let go of him or they both will die. Soi says no. Once they reach the bank, Chai Lek has already lost his consciousness. Soi pokes on his chest and slaps his face, and keeps calling him not to die and to wake up. She pokes on his wound, and he cries out that it’s hurt. He opens his eyes and sees her. He smiles.

CL: The princess. There’s one for real.

He faints again.

Tub Tim follows Soi and says if that man got shot like she said, he wouldn’t survive. Soi tells him not to talk for the worst, if she helps someone, that person can’t die. She tells Tub Tim to carry him back to the shaman. He says the man could bleed to death by the time he reach the shaman. Soi insists that he carries him. He warns her that they don’t know who he is, helping the man without thinking, danger might come to her. Tub Tim carries Chai Lek and heads to the village. Chai Lek’s necklace is left lying on the bank.

The shaman is treating Janta’s wound, and sees her necklace. She’s startled and calls it, the moon necklace. Tub Tim runs to her and tells her there’s another injured at Jun’s house, he couldn’t carry him here.

Chai Phi comes out and asks Sombon if he had called a car for him. He says a taxi is parking outside, and asks why he came out from the back door, and they have many cars so why he won’t take it. He wonders why he will take a taxi to the train station. Chai Phi says he will go to see Pee Chai Lek in Nongkrai. Sombon wants to cry that he will be in a bad situation for this. Chai Phi gives him some money and tells him that, if Pee Chai Lek knows he took part in helping him to get away from the marriage, he definitely will give him more reward. Chai Phi walks out of the house. Sombon says he didn’t even ask if he wanted the money or not.

Chai Lek wakes up and remembers hunter Joei and Janta.

Soi: Are you awake?

She tells him to drink the medicine. The shaman told her that he had to take the medicine as soon as he’s awake.

CL: Where am I?

Soi: Walahok village. You were injured. I helped you and Mae Thao (the shaman) tended to your wound.

CL: Who are you? …..I saw you before. The princess! No! The thief! So are you the princess or thief? You stole my belongings at the waterfall, so the thief that came to the camp site last night was you, right?

Soi: I’m not a thief! What a man, doesn’t even feel grateful! If it’s not me, you would be dead already.

CL: Does anyone else survive besides me? What about others?

Soi: Don’t know! I helped only you.

CL: No one else survive!

Soi: Don’t know!

Grandmother On scolds Sombon how he could let Chai Phi get away. She suggests Mom Eiet cut his salary for three months. Mom Eiet says the one who is making trouble is her dearest grandson. Grandmother On tries to soften the blow for Chai Phi so she says he must leave to take Chai Lek back.

Mom Eiet: You think a person like Chai Phi will go find Chai Lek? He will probably create more problem to cause me a headache instead! Sombon, what did Chai Phi say before he left?

Grandmother On glares at him.

Sombon: Khunchai Phi said, he would go to help Khunchai Lek to run away from the marriage.

Mom Eiet tells him to leave but grandmother On wants her to punish him, and may be he didn’t hear Chai Phi right. Mom Eiet tells her to stop it. Chai Yai and Chai Pat want to walk pass them but Mon Eiet stops them. She asks where they are going so both come to sit down. She tells them to go bring Chai Lek back so they both stand up again.

Chai Yai tells her not to worry, and even if Chai Phi meets Chai Lek, he won’t go along with Chai Phi. He says Chai Lek is a responsible man that he won’t leave his duty for personal matter. People calls them the five lions of the Juthathep because everyone of them is determined to serve the country.

Mom Eiet tells them to clear their work, and go bring Chai Lek back. She will give them 3 days. Chai Pat wants to argue but she says, no negotiation, she meant what she said.

Chai Yai says yes.

Episode 2-7

Soi gives Chai Lek’s ID to Tub Tim. She tells Chai Lek to get up and drink the medicine before it gets cold.

CL: I don’t want to eat it.

Soi: Even if you don’t want, you have to or else your wound could harm you to death. Eat it, quick!

CL: I said I wouldn’t eat it. If I’m going to die, then let me.

Soi: Are you a man? Why so weak like this? Eat it so you will get well fast and have enough strength to take revenge for your friends. Eat!…..Not going to eat it, right?

Chai Lek shakes his head. She hits his wound and he screams. Soi pours the whole bowl into his mouth.

CL: Why so bitter?

Soi: Medicine must be bitter. After eat medicine, lie down and rest. It will be many days more before you can go see your lover.

CL: My lover? You mean the one came with me? Janta! Janta is not dead? Then why did you tell me that no one survived?

Soi: I didn’t say no one survived. I said I helped only you, but for your lover, Joi was the one who helped her.

CL: How could you make fun with the matter of  life and death? Where is Janta? I want to see her fast.

Soi: Your lover was shot. She’s in critical condition, to live or die equally. Mae Thao told me if she can live pass tonight, she would be safe, so you should wait until tomorrow to visit her. Even if you go now, you won’t be able to do anything.

CL: No, I will go, no matter what. Oh, I can’t.

He falls back on the bed and falls asleep. Soi says finally he’s out, Mae Thao’s medicine is so strong.

Por Yai asks why they took with them so many weapons. Kraisorn says five of them came together and all got killed. This time Wieng soldiers didn’t come to trouble them(the village) but came for these people, who came trekking. They are the same group that Soi kept a watchful eye on. He doesn’t know what was between them to fight and kill in the forest.  Harry says general Se Kong’s soldiers are not soldiers but thieves. They must think they were in Wieng Phu Kam to kill and harass woman the way they liked.

Por Yai asks how many persons that they helped. Kraisorn says two persons, one man and one woman. But for the man, he doesn’t look like people who live around here. Por Yai asks Tub Tim if he had cleaned up everything. He answers yes, he did what he told him. He swept the area clean and buried all the corpses. He gives Chai Lek’s ID to Por Yai, and tell him that Soi wanted him to give this to him. It’s the wallet of the man Soi helped.

Mae Thao tells Joi that he can come closer. He is worried if she will survive or not, and thinks he should have brought her to Mae Thao faster. She says it’s not his fault because her breathing was so weak that anyone would think she’s dead. He begs her to help her (Janta) to survive or else he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Mae Thao says she doesn’t know about that, and tells him to come inside to help. He’s reluctant to come near because he’s a man. She says it’s all right, it won’t go against the ghost (phit phee) because he was the one who helped her, which means they were fated to be, and they will be taking care of each other for a long time from now. Joi says even that, it’s not good. He will go help boiling the medicine, and tells her to call him if she’s awake. He tells Janta to wake up already, and leaves.

Por Yai gives the ID to Kraisorn. He reads out the name, Momratchawong Ratchanon Juthathep. Harry asks if it’s Juthathep. Por Yai says they can’t let him stay here long because he’s a royal blood, his relatives will come looking for him now that he disappeared. Mae Thao’s mist-spell is fading everyday, so they might be able to get into their village. Harry reminds him about Mae Thao’s prediction, and Khunchai Ratchanon could be the one. Kraisorn argues that even though he’s a royal blood, he may not be the divine crown.

Harry says it could be him because Juthathep means the crown of the god (divine crown), and Ratchanon has two meanings. The first meaning is, the one who enjoys the treasure. Another meaning is, the one who enjoys to be king. Por Yai says Ratchanon Juthathep, the king who’s wearing a divine crown.

Kraisorn recites Mae Thao’s prediction. When the king who’s wearing a divine crown comes to visit, the calling will cause the protection mist to gradually disappear. Harry says when there’s no protection mist, it will be the end of Walahok village.

Chai Lek wakes up and calls out asking who tied him. Soi walks in so he asks why she tied him down. She says she doesn’t have time to watch over him day and night, tying him like this so he couldn’t ran away, and it’s easy for her to feed him food and water. She gives him a bowl of boiled rice that she made, and tells him to eat it so he can take the medicine.

There’s a slight different in calling boiled rice in her dialect and central dialect. She calls it, khao piek (khao = rice, piek = wet) but he calls it, khao tom (khao = rice, tom = boil). But for her dialect, khao tom means a kind of sweet (wrap sticky rice and some stuffing with banana leaf and stream it).

Soi: Here, I boiled khao piek for you.

CL: Khao piek? It’s khao tom.

Soi: It’s khao piek, not khao tom. Do you want to eat khao tom? So choosy! I made khao piek, and he wants khao tom.

CL: But this is khao tom.

Soi: Here, in case you want more. Do you know, it’s troublesome to make khao tom? Have to soak sticky rice for hours, boil coconut milk, and then have to cut banana leaf to wrap it. You are sick, who would eat khao tom (when your are sick)?

CL: I didn’t want khao tom like you said. Your khao piek is my khao tom. It’s all right. Untie me or how can I eat?

Soi: Can’t untie or you will run to your lover. Mae Thao ordered you to finish all the medicine or you won’t be fully recovered. Understand?

CL: All right. I will do everything you said so I will get well soon, so I can go see Janta quickly.

Soi: Good. Obey me and next time I will make khao tom for you. Eat!

Chai Lek eats and cringes.

Soi: Is it too hot?

CL: Why does your khao tom eh..khao piek so sweet?

Soi: How could it be sweet? I only put salt, didn’t put any sugar. You are sick, so anything won’t taste good. Eat fast! I have some other work to do. Don’t know why Mae Thao ordered me to look after you, so boring!

CL: I don’t know you yet. What is your name?

Soi: Soi.

CL: (in dialect) Only Soi?

Soi: Man, so what my name do you want? Soifa or Soi Sawan? My name is just Soi! I am from the wilderness not from town like you, Khunchai Ratchanon! Eat rice and then medicine!

Chai Lek wonders how she gets to know him.

Chai Phi and Chat arrive in Nong Krai. Chat says he thinks Pee Chai Lek should have gone to work already. Chai Phi says then they will look for him at the Highway District. They look around and realize that Chai Lek is not here. Chat suggests they take a bath and then go look for Pee Chai Lek.

Boonhome is delighted thinking Chai Lek is back. He thought a tiger had caught him in the forest. Chai Phi says he’s Khunchai Ratchanon’s younger brother. Chai Phi asks if he works for Chai Lek. Boonhome tells him his name and his duty is to take care of Khunchai Ratchanon. Chat asks if he said Khunchai went trekking in the forest. Boonhome says yes, he told him he would go for 2 days and would come back today to start his work,  but he’s not here yet and he doesn’t know why.

Chai Phi laughs that his brother was so afraid to get married that he ran into the forest. Chat asks Boonhome if Khunchai said he would definitely be back by today. Chat asks who he went with and how, and asks if he ordered him somehting before he left. Chai Phi says it’s all right if Pee Chai Lek will come back 1-2 days late. Chat says, no matter how much he partied, Pee Chai Lek has never misbehaved as far as his work is concerned, so when he said he would be back today but he didn’t come back yet, it’s something they should worry about.

Episode 2-8

Chai Lek asks Soi where she’s going. She can’t leave him like this, what if he wants to go to the toilet.

CL: Please untie me, Soifa.

Soi: My name is Soi, not Soifa!

CL: But I think Soifa suits you. You look like an angel from heaven. When you got me out of the water, I thought you were an angel. Pretty please, the beautiful Soifa, please untie me. Let me look at Janta a little bit.

Soi pulls out her knife.

Soi: Do you know what kind of man I hate the most? I hate a player with fast hands like you the most. You are a good-looking man and sweet talker, you must have already fooled a lot of women. If you become ugly, you shouldn’t be able to fool any women.

CL: But I’ve never fooled any women. Is it wrong to praise you that you are beautiful? Don’t!

She cuts the cloth lying his legs.

Soi: Afraid? Next time, don’t flirt and talk sweetly with women! Already untie you, go wherever you want!

CL: Wait! Wait for me!

Chai Lek grabs her arm.

CL: Wait!

Soi: Don’t be a fast hand with me.

CL: Sorry, sorry. Where can I find Janta?

Soi: A small village like this, if you can’t find your lover, don’t know what you can do! Town man is so stupid.

CL: All right, who would want you help?! Me Thao who treated Janta, where is that?

He asks a man for the direction, he says it’s over there. Chai Lek walks and walks. He asks again and the man says it’s over there, at the back of the village. The man wonders how he can’t find Mae Thao’s house.

CL: This is the last house. This should be it.

He walks to the front of the house.

CL: Excuse me! Is there anybody home!

Soi comes out and says he can find this place, so he’s not that stupid.

CL: So, this is Mae Thao’s house, isn’t it? Why didn’t you say you were coming here?

Soi: Why did I have to? You want to see your lover, right? Come up here.

CL: Janta! (He holds her hand.) You must be all right! Can you hear me? It’s because of me that you became like this. No, I won’t leave you like this.

He tries to lift her up.

Soi: What are you doing?

CL: I’m going to take her to the doctor. If I leave her like this, she will probably die for sure.

Soi: Your lover will surely die if you take her. The distance from this village to getting out of the forest, take days. She will die before she reaches the doctor. But if you don’t believe me, go ahead, but can you carry her?

CL: I must be able to.

Soi: You can’t even take care of yourself. Don’t even know your own strength!

Mae Thao tells him to put his woman down.

CL: But her condition doesn’t look good.

Mae Thao: I will take care of her. Don’t worry. Believe me, put her down.

Soi: I thought you could act so cool longer.

Mae Thao tells him that she won’t wake up today so he should come again tomorrow. Chai Lek argues that how he can be sure that she could treat Janta. He asks if she has ever treated this kind of patient, and he can’t let her die. She says, if he can’t let her die then how she will be able to die.

Boonhome takes Chai Phi and Chat to hunter Joei’s food stall. He says he asked around and they said he didn’t come back yet, and he took his daughter, Janta, with him too. He assures them that hunter Joei is the best in Nong Krai. He points to the car that it’s Khunchai’s car, and that means Khunchai is still in the forest. Boonhome says the forest here is beautiful so may be Khunchai forgot the time.

Chat says Khunchai is a responsible man that he won’t use his working hours to have fun, and he’s about to start working here too, so it’s impossible. Chai Phi agrees with Chat, and if Pee Chai Lek plans not to come back yet, at least, he will send someone to let them know. Chai Phi says something must have gone wrong like Chat said. Boonhome says if that’s the case, there’s only one reason, he got lost in the forest. Chai Phi and Chat are surprised.

Both grandmothers exclaim, got lost in the forest?

Chai Yai tells them not to worry because Chai Phi is still not sure about that, it’s just his speculation. Mom Eiet asks what Chai Phi said in the message. Chai Pat says, Chai Lek went trekking in the forest and disappeared even though he’s scheduled to start working today. Chai Phi and Chat are worried so they made a long distance call to Pee Chai Yai.

Grandmother On cries out that she will not see Chai Lek again. Chai Yai tells her not to think in a bad way, and they should wait for Chai Phi to confirm it first. Grandmother On says they don’t need to wait, Chai Lek went into the forest and didn’t come out, it’s for sure he got lost. She tells Mom Eiet that they can’t stay still so she will find out the governor’s phone number. Chai Yai asks if it will turn into a big issue. Grandmother On says Khunchai Ratchanon Juthathep got lost in the forest is already the big issue.

Mom Eiet tells Chai Yai and Chai Pat not to wait for news from Chai Phi, they must go look for Chai Lek as soon as possible, and the fewer people know about it, the better it is. Grandmother On argues that the more people know about it, the more help they will get. Mom Eiet says they can’t let outsiders know about this because, in these past 2-3 years, a lot of thing happened to the Juthathep. The story about Thun Pinit hasn’t yet subsided and now this. She asks if grandmother On can hear her.

Mae Thao tells Chai Lek to go back and wait until he’s fully recovered, and not to worry about his woman, she finally found her way back to her family so she won’t allow herself to die easily. Chai Lek asks if Janta is out of the critical condition, and when she will wake up. Mae Thao doesn’t answer him.

CL: Mae Thao! Oh well, what can you get from a the ghost doctor from the wilderness.

Soi throws a fruit at his head.

CL: You!

Soi: Mae Thao is not a ghost doctor, don’t talk badly around here. You escaped from death because Mae Thao treated you. If Mae Thao is not that good, she won’t receive so much respect from Walahok’s villagers. You monkey!

CL: I hope she’s that good like you said. I have no choice but to trust your Mae Thao. Your village’s name sounds beautiful, Walahok.

Soi: Walahok means mist.

CL: Your village must have mist all the time to get this name. So, the mist in front of your village’s entrance that I saw, was also the mist from your village, right?

Soi jumps down.

Soi: You saw the village’s entrance? Mae Thao’s mist-spell didn’t hide the entrance from your eyes. How could you see it? Why don’t you say it?

Episode 2-9

Soi wants Chai Lek to walk faster so she pulls his hand. He tells her not to be a fast hand girl with him. She says she didn’t want to hold his hand if only he could walk faster.

She takes him to the entrance of the cave, and asks where he was and what he saw. He points to her the spot he was cleaning his face and when he turned, he saw the entrance.  She says it’s strange. He asks what’s strange. She says the mist just disappears.

She asks him who he is, when everybody sees Mae Thao’s mist-spell but he can see the entrance. She asks who he is. Joi runs to them and tells Chai Lek that Por Yai wants to see him. Chai Lek asks Soi who Por Yai is. She says he will know it himself, and tells him to walk faster. He shouldn’t make Por Yai wait.

Joi tells Por Yai that he’s here. Soi hurries Chai Lek to come quickly. Chai Lek says he already walks hurriedly, and reminds her that he just got shot recently so she should feel for his condition. Chai Lek sits down and greets everyone. Joi tells him that that person is Por Yai, another one is his father, Kraisorn, and the next is Harry. The two are Por Yai’s right hand men.

Chai Lek says to Por Yai that he should already know who he is. Por Yai apologizes to him on behalf of his daughter. Chai Lek says so Soi is his daughter that’s why…..Soi asks that’s why what? He says  that’s why she has a mouth of……eh..that’s why she’s more courageous than other women.

Por Yai: You came too close to our village. We need to know who you are, a friend or an enemy.

Kraisorn: Now we know that we have the same enemy that is Wieng soldiers.

Harry asks what’s the problem between him and Wieng soldiers. Chai Lek is surprised that he can speak Thai fluently. Harry says he’s in Thailand before he was born. Chai Lek tells them that he met Wieng soldiers at the food stall in town and they tried to harass a woman so he helped her and took them to the police. He didn’t think they could be released from jail this fast.

Soi says Wieng soldiers are like that, the are bad people. She guesses that that woman he helped is his lover (who’s here) that’s why Wieng soldiers went after them to take revenge. She says it looks like his problems were only about women.  Por Yai tells her that it’s not his fault, it’s about people who didn’t regret what they did, and sought revenge. He asks Chai Lek that he heard his friend’s condition is not so good. Chai Lek says yes. Por Yai tells him to stay and recover here before he leaves.

Soi says the injured woman can stay but this Khunchai can’t. Por Yai ignores her and tells Chai Lek to stay here comfortably. Chai Lek thanks him and says he won’t forget his good deed to him. Chai Lek looks at Por Yai speaking English and reading English text book in awe.

Chai Lek thanks Harry and Kraisorn to walk him back. He asks whose house he’s staying, he must be troubling him. They tells him that it’s Jun’s house but he had already passed away 5-6 years ago. Jun wished to be buried in his hometown but ended up getting buried on other’s land. Chai Lek asks if Jun is Wieng Phu Kam people, and tells them he can see that people in this village are Weing Phu Kam people secretly hiding here, because Wieng soldiers are their enemy.

Chai Lek says he won’t tell anyone about Walahok village, and if they need anything, he can help them. Kraisorn thanks him and says only he keeps this village a secret is good enough, and he doesn’t have to help them with anything. Harry says they don’t need his help now but in the future may be, and he hopes he will remember his word today.

Soi tells her father that he can’t let Khunchai stay here because he didn’t see Mae Thao’s mist-spell, and he made the mist-spell disappear. Por Yai asks if he didn’t see the mist-spell, so what Harry said was right, Khunchai Ratchanon’s the one in Mae Thao’s prediction.  Joi asks what the prediction said. Soi says the one who doesn’t see the mist-spell, is the one who will destroy Walahok. Por Yai corrects her that she didn’t hear it right. Mae Thao said only the divine crown who wouldn’t see the mist-spell, and when the divine crown comes to visit, the mist-spell will disappear, not to destroy their village.

Soi says it’s the same thing. If there’s no mist-spell to protect their village, not for long, Walahok village will be destroyed. Joi tells her to talk slower, he couldn’t catch up with her. He asks if that means Khunchai is the divine crown. Soi says that’s right, he’s the divine crown, and she remembers now that he will also make Por Yai lose his kaew ta. Por Yai adds that but he will get his heart back, and that’s why he can’t chase Khunchai out just yet.

Soi says Harry told her that she’s Por Yai’s kaew ta, so who is his heart and how come he’s more important than everyone’s life in this village? Por Yai says when the time comes, she will know, and, no matter what, Khunchai must continue staying here. He orders Soi not to do anything and not to disobey his order. He asks if she understands his order. Soi doesn’t answer so Joi answers for her that they understand. Soi is frustrated but then she gets an idea, so she calls Joi to follow her. Por Yai says the divine crown.

Chai Lek says it’s good that he has clothes to change. Soi throws his backpack to him and is about to throw his camera, he tells her not to throw it. He thanks her to go pick up his belongings, he’s already made up his mind that he will lose the camera. Soi tells him to thank Por Yai because it was his order. She says he already got his clothes back so he doesn’t need to wear Joi’s clothes to irritate his high-class skin anymore. He says it’s all right, he feels comfortable wearing it. She ask if he already had a meal so he can take the medicine.

CL: Soi.

Soi: What?

CL: Thank you.

 Soi: I told you to thank Por Yai.

CL: It’s correct to thank you. Thank you for saving my life. Even though I was just a stranger, you were willing to take the risk to help me. What a pity that I don’t have any money with me now.

Soi: I don’t want your money. Whoever about to die in front of me, I must help. Don’t think that you owe me anything, I helped you and that’s it. The rich loves to use money to buy things. Next time, when you are about to die, try to buy it with money and see if you can.

CL: No matter what, I will have to return your good deed.

Soi: In that case, first, you must get well fast so I don’t have to waste my time looking after you.

Soi claps her hands and Joi comes in with a pot of medicine.

CL: I have to eat the whole pot?

Soi: Yes, and it’s not just one pot.

Soi and Joi: Five pots!

CL: Five pots!

Joi tells him not to be so startled.

Soi: Eat it if you want to return my good deed. Eat it all. Eat!

Chai Lek has to eat the medicine and cringe because of its bitterness. Soi and Joi smile.


I’m warming up to Chai Lek  now. It’s a nice change to jump right into the jungle with the leads instead of the palace, and what an adventure from Chai Lek – the player. The lead actress is doing such a fine job as Soifa, speaking in dialect too. The lead actor, Bomb Tanin, is doing an okay job, but I could feel, when watching the drama, that he’s a newbie. His timing was a little off imo, and his playing with the camera was a litte less. There were times when he’s relax that I could see his potential.  That said, I love Chai Lek nonetheless, his cheesy talk made me laugh.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful and detailed update. I know you recommended Khunchai Pat’s story to me but I think for now that will have to wait. I read all your wonderful updates though so will watch it later. I am really liking Khunchai Lek’s story though. Political drama and adventure with the love story of the leads. Totally my kind of story. Hope it lives up. 🙂

  2. Hi, Thank you for providing the translation for this series. I managed to watched on Miniezmin’s channel until ep 2-1 khun chai rachanon but the account was closed permanently due to people keep rushing Miniezmin for the subs. So, you are the only one that can make me understand what they are talking about. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!! Keep up your good work, take your time as translating takes lots of time too. Cheers from Australia. (^_^)

  3. thank you 4 your hard work, I will patiently wait for th next one!

  4. Thnx, the subber miniezmin closed her account :(. So I have to rely on your wonderful translations. Keep going, and you’re the best, cause I know it cost a lot of time.

  5. does anyone know where i can find khun chai pawornruj eng sub?

    with all the recaps, made me lose my patience to wait until the entire series was finished so i could marathon it afterwards. was lucky enough to finish khun chai tharatorn when i noticed i couldn’t find anything for khun chai ruj when i could before.

    apparently the person subbing it, miniezmin, blocked everyone one and turned it into a private list. even blocked ppl messaging her so can’t even asked/invited to her private list (there’s been some issues and she went deuces).

    so now i’ve got a fix to feed but there’s no supply and viki so slow!

  6. Already soifah can’t leave her khun chai lek alone

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