Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 10 (Final)


Episode 10-1

CP: Kaeo, are you busy?

K:  Khunchai! Did you come to do some business around here?

CP:  What business do I have except seeking reconciliation with my wife?

K: Khunchai.

CP: Kaeo, if you are not going back, that will leave me no choice.

K: Khunchai, what are you going to do?

CP: Well, if a wife won’t stay at her husband’s house, a husband has to stay at his wife’s house instead.

Chai Pat shows to Kitti the marriage certification.

CP: Father, I apologize. We acted hastily and we ching suk kon ham (usually it refers to sleeping together before getting married, not sure if he intends to tell him that *wink*).

K: What?

CP: Kaeo, confess to your father. We had skip steps of tradition, but we are not kids anymore. I am a doctor and you have already become your legal age, and we are in love. That’s why we registered a marriage secretly. (He turns to Kitti.) Father, I regretted it so I beg for your forgiveness.

Kitti says Kaeo told him that this marriage certificate was only meant to use against Thun Pinit.

CP: That’s true, but the truth is, I love Kaeo and Kaeo loves me. Father, you can see already how much we love each other. That’s why I want this marriage certificate to take full effect by arranging for the wedding.

K: But father, I told you I might not marry him.

CP: Might not marry? There’s a might, that means you may marry. (He turns to Kitti.) Isn’t that right?

K: Why are you becoming this kind of person?

CP: I can be any kind as long as you will accept me. Father, Kaeo believes that we won’t fit together because we came from different social classes and lives. But I didn’t believe that so I want to prove myself.

Kitti: That’s true too.

K: Kaeo won’t stay at my palace, therefore, I would like to stay here. I would like to prove myself to you, father, that we fit together. Please guide me.

Kitti teaches Chai Pat how to do the gardening.

The food is too hot for him. Kaeo says sorry, she forgot and put a lot of chillies. Chai Pat says it’s all right and he’s finished almost a whole dish already. Kitti suggests that he try the soup, but Chai Pat doesn’t know the vegetables in it so Kitti tells him they are local vegetables. He tries it and loves it. Kaeo wants to fry an egg for him (because the food is too hot) but he stops her saying it’s all right, and he’s almost done. Chai Pat asks where Kitti’s medicines are, and gets up to get them. He asks Kiiti that there are a lot left which means he forgot to take it. Kitti says sometimes he forgot and just left it there. Chai Pat reminds him to take them all as he was told. Kaeo says he didn’t finish eating yet. Chai Yai eats some more and asks if he should eat it all and must not waste the food.

Chai Pat wants to take a bath in the canal. He says he dipped his feet in the water and it’s not cold, kind of warm but it’s flowing rapidly. Kaeo suggests he take a bath in the toilet. He says why he should waste his labor and time to carry buckets of water to fill the earth jar, this way it’s more fun. Kaeo says she brings him soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and pha khao ma (striped cloth used by men for various purposes e.g. towel, loincloth, sash or covering for the head – the one Chai Pat is wearing).

Kaeo teases if he knows how to tie pha khao ma or it could float away in the water. He says yes, he knows how because he followed the King’s mother to the wilderness area very often. He asks if she thinks he’s a Khunchai who would only stay on stacks of silver and gold like in the fairy tale. She says she didn’t say that.

CP: Doctors live no easy life. Working in the area of public health, you must be able to live everywhere, can do everything. Where the people are, is where the doctors will be. Even the King’s father dedicated himself helping the patients, I am a Momratchawong from a small family at the end of the line so I should follow his lead as much as I can.

K: I know.

CP: Know what?

K: That you are a good man.

CP: A good man who you rejected.

K: Khunchai, why are you so stubborn?

CP: Then we shall see, between you and me, who is more stubborn?

K: Why do you have to bear living in difficulties like this?

CP: What difficulties? To be with you, I’m happy.

Episode 10-2

K: Khunchai! I thought I was haunted by a ghost. You scares me. What if, I have a heart attack?

CP: I will save your life.

She asks why he took such a long time taking a bath, and he could get sick because he’s not used to it.

CP: I was waiting for you, waiting for a long time. I thought if you were not coming, I would float (head above water) in this canal.

K: Khunchai, don’t talk scarily.  I just realize that you are actually a naughty boy and a cheater.

He grabs her arm.

K: Khunchai.

CP: I’m begging you, don’t run away from me again. Kaeo, All of what I’ve done, couldn’t you see how much I love you?

K: Yes, I saw it. I saw it.

CP: Saw it but didn’t feel anything? You’re very cruel!

K: I told you all of my reasons already.

CP: Reasons that are unreasonable, bull-headed, stubborn, and don’t benefit anyone.

K: Khunchai, I won’t argue with you, I will never win.

CP: Then don’t argue but listen. Kaeo, I love you and you love me. When we are together, I’m happy and you are happy. When we are separate, you suffer and I also suffer. Then why should we choose to be that way?

K: What about others?

CP: If your others means my family; grandmother Mom; and my brothers, I can tell you now that everybody loves me. If I’m happy, everyone will be happy. If I love someone, they will love that person too.

K: Is that true?

CP: Of course. When I was coming here, I told grandmother Mom and everybody that I loved  Kaeo and would marry Kaeo. If anyone objected to it, I wouldn’t back down.

K: What did everybody say?

CP: Everybody accepted it, and grandmother Mom even blessed us.

K: And about I was captured by Thun for many days…..

CP: Kaeo, you value your honor the most. You are a self-confident woman. Aren’t I the one who knew best what kind of person you are? I saw it with  my own eyes since the day I met you. If you are being forced on, you will be willing to die. Right?

CP: Kaeo, what happened?

K: I am glad. I am glad that you understand me.

He takes out his necklace.

CP: Kaeo, you are my wife by law, and the one who is always on my mind. You must accept my crest that my mother made it for her daughter-in-law.

He puts it around her neck.

CP: Kaeo, marry me. Since I was born, I’ve never loved anyone. You are my first and will be my last.

He kisses her cheek.

Khunchai Thewapun calls for Marathi loudly. He says it’s on the newspaper that Khunchai Phuttipat will marry Miss Sri Siam. He blames it on her. Rumpa reads it aloud, Khunchai Phuttipat Juthathep is getting ready for his wedding with Miss Krongkaeo Bunmee, the latest Miss Sri Siam, with no sign of his former betrothed, Momluang Marathi Thewaphrom. It’s believed due to the recent gossips in the social circle that , whether or not, Momluang Marathi Thewaphrom has a special relationship with Thun Pinit.

Khunchai Thewapun says it’s so embarrassing. Marathi tells her father not to allow it to happen. He says he doesn’t want to but has to, and who told her to become Thun Pinit’s mistress. Rumpa says why she has to get embarrassed because of her sister’s behavior. He says Marathi is too embarrassed to go to work, so who will pay for the palace’s expense, and he can’t make Kaet pay for everything. Rumpa is afraid that the customers will dislike their sweet shop. Marathi tells Rumpa to stop talking. She says her life is ruined because of Krongkaeo.

Kaeo is trying on the wedding dress. Kaet loves it, and Kaeo believes in her choice. Yam says it’s a little loose on the waist so she will get needles and thread to sew it in. Kaet leaves to get a diamond set for her to wear.

Marathi shows up and tells Kaeo that she took everything that supposed to be hers. Kaeo argues that she didn’t take Chai Pat from her. He didn’t love her from the beginning. Marathi says that’s not true, Chai Pat and her, they love each other but because Kaeo seduced and encouraged him. Without Kaeo, that wedding dress will be hers.  Kaeo asks if she’s sure that, without her, Khunchai will love her.

Marathi tells Kaeo that Chai Pat doesn’t’ love her but just loves her look and figure, and if she doesn’t have those…(she ‘s holding a glass bottle of a strong acid.)…Marathi says if Kaeo thinks Chai Pat love her, why would she be afraid if her face won’t look beautiful. Kaeo runs outside and Marathi follows. When Marathi wants to splash the acid on Kaeo’s face, Kaeo grabs her hand and pushes it away. The acid splashes on the floor. Marathi trips and falls with the side of her face is fully exposed to the acid on the floor. Marathi screams.

Episode 10-3

Piengporn wants to tend to the wound but Marathi keeps screaming for her to go away.  Chai Pat calms her down and motions Piengporn to move back.

CP: Marathi, you are my sister. Your sight would never offend me. I will tend to the wound myself and I promise I will do my best. Trust me.

Yosawin tells Marathi to look who comes to visit her. Kaet consoles her and tells her that her eye will be all right. Rumpa asks if the whole side of Marathi’s face will be rotten. Yosawin says it’s not to that extent. There will be only some wounds left. Rumpa asks Marathi what she will do next, wouldn’t the patients be afraid of a nurse with a ghost-liked face. Kaet scolds her what’s the use of saying that. Rumpa says she sympathizes with Marathi. Kaet tells her to stop thinking that the look is the most important thing because it will change over time, but the good inside the heart will not change, even people can’t see it like the look, but they can feel it.

Rumpa says Kaet can say that because she’s married, if she has a rotten face when she’s single, what will she say. Marathi screams at her. Yosawin asks them to let the patient rest. Aww….Yosawin, I will miss ya. Kaet tells Marathi she will come visit her again, and pushes Rumpa out of the room.

Yosawin: Marathi, I understand how you feel. Please rest a lot.

He leaves. How can they leave her alone? I feel sad for her.

And….the wedding day. I seriously want to visit this house. Gotta find out where it is.

Chai Pat’s wedding is a mix of Thai and Chinese tradition due to his Chinese grandfather. Grandmother On tells Chai Pat’s grandpa that it’s his first grandson’s wedding so he will be the most important person in the ceremony today. Grandpa thanks everyone for letting him arrange the wedding the Chinese way in Juthathep Palace.

Ktti greets the groom’s side and tells grandpa to let him know if he doesn’t do something right. Grandmother On tells Kitti that when the bride and groom give them a cup of tea, he just gives them a present. Grandpa says he prepared all the presents for the ceremony today, all are from Yok Fa Department Store.

The bride and groom come out and look at each other. What a lovely couple they are. Grandpa says all these things are just a small dowry, and again, all from Yok Fa Department Store. Everybody laughs at that.

Mom Eiet: Kaeo’s father, the dowry that we; (Chai Pat’s) grandfather; and grandmothers gives to you, is in return for your gracious raising and teaching our granddaughter-in-law, to become the new member of the Juthathep family.

Grandmother On tells the boys to open the cloths. Chai Lek and Chai Phi open the red cloths. Grandmother On says to Kaeo’s father that they hope Kaeo’s father is satisfied (with the dowry). Then a round of greeting the elders by the bride and groom, and each one gives them his/her blessing. Most of them say they wish them happiness. Grandmother On says may their love be a strong one, and she says she’s happy for them.

Chatchavee is so handsome today *cough*

Mom Eiet: This ring is the ring that your father gave to your mother on their wedding day. Put it on her finger.

They hand grandpa a cup of tea. He drinks it and gives them a present (in red envelope). He says, give him grandchild to raise, one at the beginning of the year and another one at the end of the year. Everybody laughs. Grandmother On says a phrase that means to love each other for long long time until they grow very old together.

Weee….sweet wedding ever! Well, Chai Ruj’s wedding was a bit more elegant but Chai Pat’s is super sweet. In case you are wondering, the groom’s side will give the bride’s side a dowry in Thai tradition.

Episode 10-4

Grandpa beams and beams looking at the couple.

CL: Ah Kong, you can’t stop smiling. Your favorite grandson gets married to, so-called, the most beautiful woman in the country.

Grandpa: Chai Lek, remember this, they said beauty is uncertain but the good will last. Khunchai Pat is a good man with good eye sight. He can see only good things. He’s able to see through the beauty on the outside to the inner beauty, which is better and more beautiful. You must remember this, Khunchai Lek. Don’t look at things only on the surface.

CL: Don’t worry, Ah Kong. I won’t be that easy.

Mom Eiet: Chai Lek, do not boast too much. Now that Chai Pat and Marathi missed the chance, the next one to take the responsibility is you.

CL: Eh..Chai Phi! Chai Phi likes Wilairumpa so much!

CPhi: You said it like this, you’d better stab me with a knife.

Grandmother On says they should give Kaetsara some thought before they talk. Kaet says  she doesn’t know what to do, the whole Thewaphrom Palace wouldn’t talk to her now. Mom Eiet says Khunchai Thewapun couldn’t face her either, because of Marathi. The Thewephrom was the wrong side and not them, so they didn’t get to do as promised yet.

Grandmother On says, it’s all right if their grandsons don’t like Khunchai Thewapun’s daughters. There’s still Khunchai Anupun’s daughter. Khunchai Anupun and his wife, Khunying Daraneenuch, show up. Grandmother On says she’s the one invited them. Chai Pat introduces them to Kaeo. Daraneenuch congratulates them, her husband stops her from saying more about Marathi.

Chatchavee greets his father. Daraneenuch asks if he’s still alive. She thought he’s dead from a plane crash because he didn’t go back home to visit his father. Chat says he’s training hard these days.  Daraneenuch sees Chai Lek so she tells her husband that, she should let him know that her daughter is coming back from Penang.

CP: Khunchai Anupun, the younger brother of Khunchai Thewapun.

Chat tells Kaeo that he’s his father, and the other person is Khunying Daraneenuch, his stepmother.

Daranee tells Chai Lek that Momluang Sineenuch Thewaphrom, her daughter, is coming back from Penang. She suggests him pick her up with them at the airport.

Chai Yai: It’s your karma, Chai Lek.

Chai Phi: I’m saved now.

Chai Pat: Momratchawong Ratchanon Juthathep, Chai Lek, will take the responsibility for the promise from me.

Kaeo: But I think, this kind of promise is unfair for the woman.

Chai Pat: You are another one, calling for women’s rights.

And…..the wedding night.

K: The guests have already left, and my father too.

CP: We will go to see him whenever you want. Kaeo, are you tired today? Does the shoes hurt?

K: A little bit but not as much as when I was in the beauty contest.

CP: Then let me see it.

K: Khunchai, you don’t have to. You are more tired than me.

CP: Tired but happy.

K: Khunchai, do you want some water? I will go get it for you.

Chai Pat, the nerd, pulls her down to sit on his lap on the bed.

CP: No need. Just sit here and don’t get up to go anywhere.

K: Khunchai, don’t you feel hungry or thirsty? I didn’t see you eat or drink a lot.

CP: No, not at all. May be I’m feeling overwhelmed.

K: Khunchai, don’t be too courteous. Let me do my duty.

CP: Duty?

K: Yes. You’ve done so many good things for me. Please let me take care of you, beginning with, giving you some delicious sweets and iced water. Will that be good?

CP: What are the other things else of  the wife’s duty?

K: Cooking, housekeeping, taking care of Khunchai, fill your stomach and make you sleep well, and making you have a fresh mind so you are ready to take care of the patients.

CP: What else?

K: I will be your support and make you happy everyday.

CP: That’s not enough.

K: What’s more to be enough?

CP: You have to raise my children, three of them.

K: Three children? Khunchai!

He follows her to the balcony.

CP: Kaeo, we are husband and wife by law, and by our willingness now. Kaeo, thank you for being my wife and making me the most lucky man in the world.

K: It’s me who should thank Khunchai. You are making me feel like I’m in a dream, to fall in love and get married with the high-born prince.

CP: That much?

K: Yes. I didn’t think I would have this day.

CP: Then it’s the time…

K: The time for what?

CP: The time for the prince to kiss the beautiful princess.

Chai Pat kisses his beautiful bride on her forehead.



Love. Love. Love. Lots of love from Thai audience with a rating high for this episode. Jame Jirayu is now everywhere. You can see his face on many magazine’s covers, newspapers, talk shows, CF.  One newspaper have a full-page of his picture with a tagline: Our dream Khunchai. Aww…..I didn’t think I will like Khunchai Phuttipat but ended up loving this series so so much. Bella Ranee as Krongkaeo was her best shot so far imo, and all of the supporting cast were great too. Let’s wish them a successful future.




This picture is from the film set of Khunchai Tharathorn.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I too am in love with part 3; I hope they both earn heaps of attention for their roles…It’s cute that James J is now everywhere LOL!

    I am sad it’s over but I hope Chai Lek will be just as interesting but I did fast forward a lot of the episodes so far…going back to watch episode 3 maybe it will be good?! By this time with Chai Pat and KrongKaew I was mega hooked and going a little nuts for them 🙂

  2. sorry for marathi but she had it coming. hopefully there were surgery skin grafts being done by then. wouldn”t want to wish something like that on my worst enemy

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