Khunchai Ratchanon Episode 1


Our heroine, Soifa, and her gang will be speaking in Northeastern dialect with Central dialect subtitle.

Episode 1-1

Soifa helps Joi get down from a trap. She yells at him not to follow her but he says her father wants them to stay put and do nothing. Soldiers from Wieng Phu Kam, apparently, are her enemies.  Soifa says she can protect herself because Joi is too clumsy (like how stepped on a trap).  Joi asks if she’s heading out of the village again. She tells him to just follow her.

Wieng Phu Kam’s soldiers are trying to find a way to get into Soifa’s secret hideout deep in the forest. The place is protected by a spell of an old lady shaman which creating a mist clouding the way to get into the area.

A soldier says  he saw the way to get in there, but now it’s gone so they retreat. Soifa wonders if the mist spell is gradually fading.

At Juthathep Palace.

Chai Lek is busy throwing his clothes into a suitcase as if he’s running away from something. He quietly pushes his car out from a garage. Suddenly he can feel some extra hands are pushing the car for him, and thinks they are Sombon and Tanom, the divers.

CL: That’s good, Sombon! Why did you come so late? What if  I will miss the train! That’s good, Tanom.

Chai Lek turns around, and sees that it’s Chai Pat and Chai Phi.

CL: Please don’t tell Pee Chai Yai.

CPhi: Too late.

Chai Lek turns around.

CL: Tanom, Sombon, you are actually here.

Chai Phi pushes Chai Lek down on a sofa.

CY: Chai Lek, running away is not going to help.

CL: But I didn’t see a way out of it.

CP: Why do you have to be afraid? Today, it’s just a welcome party for Sineenuch [si-nee-nuch]’ s graduation from Penang.

Chai Phi says it’s not just that, they all know that it’s party for grandmother Mom to find them their suitable matches.

CPhi: Tonight, I or Pee Chai Lek will be booked officially.

Chai Lek says, for Chai Phi, there’s some hope because Khunchai Thewapun still can’t face grandmother Mom because of things about Marathi. But, for him, Khunying Daraneenuch [daranee-nuch] announced to the whole capital that Sineenuch is his betrothed. If he goes to the party, he will surely be forced to get married.

Chai Yai asks if he can really get away because, no matter what happens, grandmother Mom will make him meet Sineenuch. Chai Pat suggests he goes to see her once, and if he doesn’t like her, he can tell grandmother Mom, and if he has a good reason, she may listen to him.

Chai Lek says, this time, grandmother Mom seems very serious about it, so he thinks he won’t take the risk. He gets up to leave but has to backtrack because the two grandmothers are here. Grandmother Mom asks what he’s about to do. Grandmother On guesses he’s going out to drink and be with women. Chai Pat says Chai Lek acted too hastily. Chai Yai assures his grandmother Mom that Chai Lek will be at the party tonight. Chai Lek gapes at that.

CL: Pee Chai Yai!

Grandmother Mom says she believes in Ratchanon, he’s a Juthathep so he must know his duty. She says do not let her be disappointed in him. Chai Lek looks around but on one helps him so he says yes.

Chatchavee is a son of Khunchai Thewapun’s brother, so he’s Marathi’s cousin. Chatchavee is not in good terms with his stepmother. They argue about the roses to be used in the party tonight. While he says it’s his sister, Sineenuch who wants red roses, Khunying Daranee says she ordered for white roses, and if something changed , he should inform her. Chat says his sis changed her mind back and forth.

Daranee says Chat got his peasant’s habits from his mother. He says, she knows it well that he doesn’t know who his mother is, and since he was young, there’s only her who’s been teaching him. Daranee gets angry that he meant he got peasant’s habit from her. She wants to slap him but her husband, Khunchai Anupun, stops her. Chat excuses himself and leaves.

Daranee thinks Chat shouldn’t have the same status as her daughter, Sineenuch, and he should stay in this house as a servant. Anupun argues that Chat is his son. Daranee asks if he’s sure that Chai is his son. She demands that he tell her who Chat’s mother is. She doesn’t think Chat is deserved the title Momluang. Anupun just says Chatchavee was born from the woman he loves, and he will always love her. Aww..he said that to his wife? Daranee screams that she hates Chatchavee, the son of an easy woman (or prostitute if you may).

So now we don’t really know Chatchavee’s origins, do we? I have a feeling I might fall for Chat later 🙂

Chai Phi greets his friend. He calls Chat and himself, air tigers.  Chai Phi guesses that Chat got scolded by his stepmother as usual. Chat says he can’t call her mother because she doesn’t see him as her son. He’s someone who was picked from the street to raise. Chai Phi says he’s uncle Anupun’s son so he’s counted as one of the Thewaphrom. Chat says he doesn’t dare call himself a Thewaphrom.

Chat says he will go to the air base (he’s an air force pilot officer). Chai Phi wants him to help Chai Lek getting away from his stepmother’s claws tonight,  and he got a good plan. He’s sure she will announce the engagement tonight. Chat refuses to help because he doesn’t want his step-mom to hate him more than this. Chai Pat wonders what to do  now.

Episode 1-2

They get ready to go to the party. Grandmother On says it’s unusual for grandmother Mom to go to the party so she hopes the host prepared well to receive her. Mom Eiet says her wish is to have her grandsons marry good women. Chai Yai says they feel grateful to her. Chai Pat says but sometimes, it’s all about fate. Grandmother On says, this time, she’s sure Chai Lek and Sineenuch will get married. Mom Eiet says so they can fulfill their promise with the Thewaphrom.

Grandmother Mom asks where Chai Lek is. Chai Yai says he wants to go with Chai Phi so they don’t have to sit tight in one car. Chai Phi is waving to them that he’s leaving with Chai Lek.

At the party, Chai Yai says he misses Chai Ruj that he must have this kind party almost everyday, but he won’t be bored because he has Ying Taew by his side. Mom Eiet says that’s why she wants all of her grandsons to get married so their lives will be completed, and she doesn’t understand why Chai Lek and Chai Phi are trying to put it off.

Daraneenuch and her husband greet Mom Eiet. She asks where Chai Lek is because her daughter wants to see him. She tells Mom Eiet that the guests are here tonight, not just to congratulate on her daughter’s graduation but also her engagement with Chai Lek which will be announced tonight. Mom Eiet is startled and glances at Chai Yai. Daranee says, after the party, they should pick an auspicious day for the wedding right away. Mom Eiet doesn’t say anything.

So, it’s actually Sombon who disguised himself (somewhat) as Chai Lek. Chai Phi tells him to drink to feel better. Rumpa tells Chai Phi to dance with her but Chai Phi says he needs to be with Chai Lek, eh…a friend of Chai Lek.

Sineenuch(aka Nuch) walks into the party waving her hand. Rumpa says she comes in the party as if she’s princess. Nuch greets Mom Eiet and Chai Yai. She asks about Chai Pat so Chai Yai points to him for her. Then she asks about Chai Lek, Chai Yai tells her that Chai Lek is with Chai Phi. Nuch excuses herslf to go to Chai Lek using European gesture, so Daranee has to apologize to Mom Eiet that Nuch spent her time living abroad.

Rumpa tells Nuch to hurry and catch Chai Lek for a husband. Nuch tells her to grab Chai Phi tight because if she gets married with Chai Lek, Rumpa will end up single.

Sombon is horrified because many people know him. Chai Phi says he will pay for his cremation but Sombon thinks even his corpse won’t be left to cremate. Nuch greets Chai Phi and wants to greet Chai Lek too, a European way. She says, good evening, how have you been?

Chai Phi takes Sombon’s hand for a shake hand. Nuch wonders why Chai Lek doesn’t turn to her so she pulls at his hand. Sombon turns to her and she screams. Chai Pat, Chai Yai and Mom Eiet hear her noise. Nuch asks Sombon where Chai Lek is.

Chai Lek is on the train feeling fine. He’s reading a newspaper.

CL: Sorry, Sombon. Just think that you are helping your master out this time.

He puts down the newspaper. There’s news of Wieng Phu Kam. It says the situation is heated up, Se Kong said he’s not a dictator but is waiting for Chao Luang (crown prince) to return to the throne.

Episode 1-3

Anupun is angry. Poor Mom Eiet, she says sorry to him. He says he doesn’t want sorry word but an explanation. Chai Yai and Chai Pat scold Chai Phi for an explanation.  Chai Phi says there’s an urgent call from the director-general for Pee Chai Lek, and his grandmother Mom really wanted him at the party, so he’s bringing Sombon along in his place. Nuch is happy that Chai Lek will come see her after he’s done with his work, or may be he wants to surprise her. She asks when Chai Lek will come back.

CPhi: Pee Chai Lek won’t come back. It’s better that Nong Nuch not wait for him because Pee Chai Lek won’t be coming back in this coming 2- 3 days.

Anupun says they can just tell them that Chai Lek can’t come, to do it  like this means they didn’t give him any respect. He says the promise between them and Thewaphrom doesn’t concern his family at all, and Sineecnuch doesn’t have to marry Khunchai Lek. His wife says they didn’t meet him this time but they can meet next time. Anupun says there will be no next time, and he leaves.

Daranee says sorry to Mom Eiet and wants  what’s between Chai Lek and Nuch to remain the same. Rumpa says she should worry about how to announce the good news tonight when the betrothed is not here.

Grandmother On is terrified to hear that Chai Lek ran away. She says Thun Anupun is a general and values his honor so much, and they did this to him. Mom Eiet orders Chai Yai and Chai Pat to bring back Chai Lek. Chai Pat says they don’t know where he is, how they can bring him back. Mom Eiet wants Chai Lek back by tomorrow.

Chai Yai says Chai Lek is a responsible man so he shouldn’t leave his job for long so may be he went to Hua Hin.

CPhi: Pee Chai Yai, you underestimates  Pee Chai Lek. A person like Pee Chai Lek, once he ran away, he would go very far. If you run away to be capture, what’s for?


CPat: You said far, how far?

CPhi: I don’t know too.

CYai: Chai Phi! I’m confident that you know where Chai Lek ran to. Your guilt in helping Chai Lek run away is still there,  so this is your chance to redeem yourself. So?

CPat: Where?

CPhi: Pee Chai Lek went to Nong Khai. (A province in the Northeastern, close to the border by the Mekong River.)

CPat: That’s it. Where again?

CPhi: Nong Khai. But there’s no use of following him because Pee Chai Lek requested to be transferred to the Highway District there permanently.

At Nong Khai railway station.

Boonhome [boon-home] greets Chai Lek and welcome him to Nong Khai.

Chai Lek tells Boonhome to stop the car and gets out. He asks what that place over there is.

Boonhome : The other side (bank) is Wieng Phu Kam.

CL: Wieng Phu Kam.

He takes pictures.

CL: Boonhome, can we cross (the river) over there? I want to take some pictures.

BH: Don’t. The situation in Wieng Phu Kam now is in chaos, After the general Se Kong ruled the country, Wieng Phu Kam people are living in a very difficult conditions, some escaped to Thailand but general Se Kong would order his soldiers to capture them back.

CL: Why?

BH: General Se Kong must be afraid to get eliminated, because there’s an insightful rumor that after Chao Luang Suriyawong was dethroned 18 years ago, he escaped to Thailand and gathered Wieng Phu Kam people to take back the power. General Se Kong got suspicious so he sent soldiers to kill Chao Suriyawong. Wieng Phu Kam people are calling for Chao Luang Suriyawong to come back and rule the country, they couldn’t stand general Se Kong’s dictatorship. If general Se Kong knows Wieng Phu Kam people gathered in group anywhere, he will send soldiers to kill them.

Boonhome warns Chai Lek that if he meets those Wieng soldiers, try to stay away. Chai Lek sees a bird (a pigeon?) flying in the sky.

At Walahok village.

They got a message from inside Wieng Phu Kam that nothing particularly happens. Soifa runs to Por Yai (= big father) and tells him that Wieng soldiers were walking around and round their village’s entrance. She asks if he wants her to capture them since people think this is an accursed forest, it should be all right if they disappear. Soifa thinks they will probably camp by the stream tonight, and she wants 2-3 men to go get them. Por Yai tells her not to do anything, she’s to study with Harry and that’s all. She gets angry and walks out. Joi follows her.

Harry says it looks like the old lady shaman’s prediction is coming close. Kraisorn says no one could ever come this close, may be the shaman’s protection mist is fading. Por Yai tells them to gather people and their belongings, and get ready to evacuate.

Por Yai: We lost our heart once, We will not lose our *kaew ta again. This will be our last evacuation, next time we will move back to Wieng Phu Kam, our home country.

*Kaew ta means cornea or lens. In this case, it’s referred to a beloved or precious one

Episode 1-4

Soifa is angry that her father wants her to stay put, what if Wieng soldiers are able to get into their village and kill every one. Joi thinks it’s because she’s a woman and her father must be worried about her. Soifa argues that she knows how to fight not less than any men. She says she won’t stay still, her mother’s dead and her father’s disabled  because of Se Kong.

The director of the Highway District, Vichai, welcomes Chai Lek and presents to him his official residence. It’s used to be the governor’s official residence. Chai Lek says he wants to start working right away. He tells Boonhome to meet him at the working site.

Chai Lek, a civil engineer, starts his work while Boonhome keeps asking if he’s not tired yet, and suggests he start his work again on Monday. Chai Lek says, finally, he can do the job he’s been dreaming of, serving his home country.

Mom Eiet is unhappy about Chai Lek. Chai Yai tells her that the director-general has no objection if she wants him to transfer Chai Lek back here, but Chai Yai suggests she let Chai Lek work there for a while and then decide again. Chai Pat adds that so Chai Lek can use what he had studied to the full extent. Mom Eiet says if Chai Lek gets married first, she won’t forbid him to go work anywhere.

CPhi: But Pee Chai Lek doesn’t love Nong Nuch at all.

Grandmother On says it’s because he ran away before he gets the chance to see her. She’s beautiful and lovely so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to love her. Chai Phi asks if she’s seen Nuch, she says no. Haha. But she’s sure that Nuch must be lovely because she comes from good families from both sides, Thewaphrom and Kittiwong – the rich.

Chai Phi reminds her that coming from a good family doesn’t always guarantee that, look at Marathi. Mom Eiet says, the things about Marathi has ended, and she will punish him for conspiring with Chai Lek. Chai Phi argues that if it’s not because of him, no one would know where Chai Lek went. Mom Eiet doesn’t listen to his lame excuse and says, she will cut his dividend for three months and he cannot go out on Fri-Sun until further notice. Chai Phi says cut money is fine but not going out is a torture. Grandmother On says it serves him right. Mom Eiet tells Chai Yai and Chai Pat to contact Chai Lek that she orders him to come back right away.

Boonhome is happy that Chai Lek is done for today. Chai Lek says he will treat him dinner of his choice, so Boonhome chooses hunter Joei’s food stall. They arrive at the place. Boonhome says their dishes are made from the wild (animal from forest) but Chai Lek says he doesn’t eat wild food. Boonhome says they have  normal dishes too, but most of all, the daughter is as beautiful as Miss Sri Siam. Chai Lek smiles and asks if that’s true.

Boonhome says she is more beautiful than Khun Krongkaeo, Miss Sri Siam of this year. Chai Lek says now he’s eager to see her, how more  beautiful than his sister-in-law she is. Janta walks out and Chai Lek is stunned. Boonhome says Janta loves to read books so he would bring her some every time he came here. Chai Lek beams at her sight that Boonhome has to call him again to get his attention.

Episode 1-5

Harry is teaching Soifa and Joi Siam’s history. She doesn’t understand why she has to learn another country’s history when she’s Wieng Phu Kam people. Harry says Siam is the only country in the region that has never been a colony, so they should study their wise political tactics. She argues that she is bored, and wants to learn how to fight more.  Joi readily agrees with her.

Por Yai comes and tells them that even she’s bored, she must learn and one day she will realize the benefit of what she learned. She argues that they live in the forest so what’s the use, unless he has a plan to do something. Soifa says he always tells them that they are commoners but she thinks Por Yai must be an important person of Wieng Phu Kam. She asks if he was a soldier and lost his leg because of the fighting with general Se Kong. Harry says she shouldn’t know about it until the time comes.

She asks if Por Yai has a plan to go back and rescue Chao Luang Suriyawong, and that’s why he let Kraisorn train the villagers to become soldiers.

Por Yai : Yes, that’s right. I have a plan to rescue Chao Luang Suriyawong and put him back on the throne. You just know that for today and, just as Harry said, one day you will know. You must read books for now, do you understand?

Soifa is happy to hear that.

Back to Joei’s food stall. Chai Lek excuses himself so Boonhome asks if it’s to take a pee, and tells him he can do it in the middle of the field. Wieng soldiers come to the food stall and try to sexually harass Janta. Chai Lek rescues her with the help of hunter Joei.

Boonhome tells them Chai Lek’s full name, and Janta looks at him in awe. Hunter Joei thanks Chai Lek for rescuing his daughter. Chai Lek says he would be dead if he didn’t help him too, so they are even now. Joei asks if there’s anything he can be of his service, please let him know. Chai Lek says he heard Joei is really good at guiding (the way in the forest), and asks if he can do that for him. Joei agrees to do it and asks what kind of animal he wants to hunt so he can take him to the right spot. Chai Lek says he doesn’t like hunting but wants to tour the forest. He tells Janta to come with them too. Joei says Janta has to look after the food stall, and suggests they go tomorrow.

Chai Lek agrees for it to be tomorrow because he will start working on Monday, and doesn’t know when he will have free time again. Joei warns him to watch out for Wieng soldiers. When Joei gets behind the stall, Chai Lek tells Janta to find a way to come with them so that they can meet again.

Chai Lek gets ready the next morning. Boonhome hands him an urgent telegram to him, and wants Chai Lek to open and read it since it’s urgent. Chai Lek says he doesn’t have to open it to know who sent it, and orders Boonhome to reply back that he’s not going back, no matter what happens. He tells Boonhome to let him borrow the car for two days.

Chai Lek comes to the food stall and Joei is ready. Chai Lek expects to see Janta so he asks Joei if it’s only just them that going. Joei says the less the better for trekking. Janta comes out calling her father to wait for her. Chai Lek is happy to see her.

In the forest, Chai Lek says he’s happy that she came. Janta says may be it’s because her father doesn’t want to let her be alone at the food stall, what if those soldiers come back. She asks why he wants her to come. He says so they can get to know each other, and he only knows Boonhome here so it’s nice to have her as his friend. Janta says she doesn’t dare be his friend, only to serve him is good enough because he’d saved her life. Chai Lek grabs her arm and tells her to stop thinking like that, he’s not so high of the class, and they are equally human so they can be friends. Joei clears his throat and tells them to hurry and follow him.

Joi doesn’t want to hurt a woman so Soifa kicks him.

Joei chooses the place for camping. Chai Lek says he will go to clean his face and looks at Janta. Joei tells her to collect firewood. Chai Lek walks to the stream and cleans his face. He looks up and….is able to see through the mist and see the entrance of  Walahok village.


It’s a good episode one. We got into the heart of the story right away with the introductions of each character, all in one neat package. My intention of doing this episode first is to give you an overview of the story, so that you get all the information needed to watch the following episodes.  I like the story so far with the exception that Chai Lek looked too handsome for trekking 🙂

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  1. May I ask you some questions right here? First and foremost, I’d like to know if Chat and Soifa are siblings? I think that they are siblings since Chat has never had any memory about his mother as he was a little kid. I must say that I agree with you on your comment completely that Chat really looks great in this drama. Also, you once mentioned that you had been looking forward to this drama, Khunchai Ratchanon, because you liked the director, who was very great (If I still have a good memory). As I know from your information on your Blog, the director is Pongpat Wachirabunjong. I heard that he is a good actor as well. Then I’d like to know whether or not he plays an important role as Soifa’s father, Por Yai, in the drama? Thanks for sharing your blogs with us… Lots of love and blessings from a net friend:)

    • Yep, Por Yai is the director himself. I can’t tell you who is who at the moment, because my plan is to let the story unfold to me each episode. I didn’t read the story so all I know now are; Chai Lek is a player; Soifa is extremely boyish; Joi and Janta are cute; and Chatchavee intrigues me 🙂

      • Okay, I understand that:) However, thanks for your reply and I really appreciate it:) I will be one of biggest readers of your blog:) haha just wait patiently:) hehe

  2. I really hope you will continue to cover the series! >< I'm really enjoying the series and also reading your posts about them. Thank you. 🙂

  3. if chat is the missing prince then soifa might be his cousin. when it comes to monarchy, only the sons can get the throne, so por yai who is chao luang suriyawong, might’ve been the current ruler before se kong took over, but he has only a daughter. chat is thewapun from his father’s side, so his mother must be directly related to por yai, may be his sister. so chat’s mom is soifa’s aunt.

  4. WOW, you are awesome:) Thanks for your updated and detailed recaps always. The storyline of Khunchai Ratchanon seems very amusing and exciting:) cannot wait to read more 🙂

  5. i think chat is the missing crown prince

    • I think Chat is the missing crown prince as well. Then Soifa is Chat’s twins and is a Thewapun. If that is the case, at last the promise is fulfilled?

      • in my opinion Chat is missing prince and Soifa brother but not Thewapun, because they are Por Yai childrens, Por Yai is Chao Luang Suriyawong

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