Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 9


Chai Lek, are you ready? Buahahaha……

Episode 9-1

Kaeo runs after Marathi. Piengporn and Yosawin wonder where Kaeo is. She says if Kaeo went out to eat, she already has something to eat over there on the table.

Kaeo is captured and Marathi laughs her heart out.

G-On: Tell me, what the truth is. You and her already slept together and lied to me, didn’t you? I don’t want to think that a person who always thinks well, talks well, does well, never be stubborn, never be a player, never interested in a woman, will become someone who does thing for granted (ching suk kon ham – sleep with a woman before marry her).

Chai Pat says he didn’t do (ching suk kon ham) that. Mom Eiet asks him about his jade necklace that she saw it on Kaeo’s neck, and what that means.

CP: We had registered a marriage certificate. A fake one.

M-E: Are you kidding me?

G-On: Registered a marriage, how could it be a fake thing?

CP: Yes, it could because we didn’t love each other.

G-On: I want to faint! How can that be?

CP: Yes, it can because I tricked her into doing it.

G-On: Tricked? How did you trick her? Everybody wants to register a marriage with you. Who did actually trick who?

CP: I did. I tricked her by telling her that a marriage certificate would make Thun Pinit stay away from her. She wouldn’t do it at first, and I had to come up with all the good reasons I could to convince her. Grandmother Mom, grandmother On, Kaeo don’t love me. It’s a one-sided love from me.

Grandmother Mom feels like fainting. Grandmother On says she’s feeling like that too. A phone is ringing so Chai Pat picks it up.

CP: Yosawin, did something happen at the hospital?What?

Chai Pat comes to the hospital.

CP: Yosawin, did Kaeo come back yet?

Y: No, not yet.

CP: Where did she go? She had promised me, where would she need to go?

Yosawin says, to think that she went out to find something to eat or drink,  it doesn’t look like it. Piengporn says she looked at the canteen and around, but Kaeo wasn’t there. Yosawin says before he called him, he already looked around. Chai Pat asks if her father knows about it, and wants to ask him but Piengporn stops him. She tells him that her father doesn’t know that Kaeo is missing, and she thinks it won’t be good for him to know.

CP: Who is the last one who saw Kaeo?

Nobody knows.

CP: She didn’t go back to the palace and she’s not at Khun Kaetsara’s house either.

Y: Could it be…..

Chai Pat storms into Pinit’s house calling for Kaeo.

CP: Kaeo! Kaeo, where are you? Krongkaeo is here, isn’t she?

The housekeeper asks who KrongKaeo is.

CP: Krongkaeo, Miss Sri Siam. Your boss captured her here, right? Kaeo! Kaeo!

Dara: Who are you? Why do you come looking for a woman here? (She sees his face.) Khunchai doctor!

CP: Khunying, I’m so sorry that I barged in here like this, it’s really necessary.

Dara: What do you think my house is to think that…

CP: Kaeo disappeared from the hospital when she was looking after her father. There’s only one man who expressed his intention openly on having Kaeo, Thun Pinit.

Dara: If Khunchai doesn’t have any evidences, don’t make any assumption yet. I live here, and I guarantee you that Khun Krongkaeo definitely hasn’t been brought here today, and if she’s here, I would know.

CP: Is Thun Pinit here?

Dara: No, he’s not. He went to the country side.

CP: Which province?

Dara: I don’t know. I never interfere in his work.

CP: In that case, I need your help, because I and Kaeo are already husband and wife. I hope Thun Pinit won’t separate another man’s wife from her husband, because it’s a sin and against the law.

Kaeo gains back her consciousness. She sees that she still has her clothes on. The door is locked so she looks out the window, but there are too many trees outside to know where she is. Pinit comes inside.

Pinit: You’re awake. You slept for 8 hours.

K: What did you do to me?

P: No, I will not do anything to an unconscious person, and won’t rape or force anyone. I’m a gentleman. I will talk to her to get to know each other, and will negotiate the conditions with every woman until she’s satisfied and agrees to it. Are you tired? Hungry? Anything to drink? Want to do anything? Want to take a bath so that you can put on a new beautiful dress? I’m ready to offer and response to you in every way.

Episode 9-2

K: Don’t come near me.

Pinit: Why are you afraid of me? I’m the one who cares about you all along. Don’t you remember? I ordered the doctors and nurses to take good care of you when you fell from the stage. Can’t you understand that already? I love you, at first sight. Don’t be afraid of someone who loves you.

K: Please let me go. I don’t want to be your mistress.

Pinit: There’s nothing wrong with being my mistress. Everyone will respect and honor you. You will have everyone at your feet wherever you go. If you agree to it, I promise you, you will have every right that Khunying has. I will take you to the party. You will be wearing beautiful dress imported from aboard.

He continues to describe what he can give her i.e. diamond, money, gold, and nobody can look down on her.

K: I don’t want it!

Pinit: Then what do you want? Tell me.

K: I want to go home.

He tells her not to be like this, and tries to touch her.

K: Don’t come closer. If you do some dirty thing to me, even a little bit, I will…..

P: What do you think you can do to me?!

K: I will kill myself.

P: What?!

K: I’m willing to die more than to become your mistress!

P: Why? Why do you hate and are afraid of me so much? I have power and influence to create everything for you. Why are you rejecting my love? Kaeo, WHAT DO YOU WANT?! You confused me over and over again. What can I do to make you bow down to me? Do you think you are so great?!

He throws her on the bed. She screams.

P: If I want to force you, it will be so easy.

K: Please don’t do anything to me.

P: No, I can’t. I’m too much of a gentleman. I’m not a psychopath who can rape a woman begging for her life. Why? Why don’t you want to be my wife? Why? Why? Why?

K: I can’t be your wife because I’ve already become someone else’s.

P: What?

K: I already got married with Khunchai Phuttipat.

P: That’s not true. You’re lying!

K: This jade necklace is Khunchai Phuttipat’s personal piece. This is to show that I’m his special person. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out that I and Khunchai have already registered a marriage. I already have a husband. I’m not an innocent virgin. If you do anything to me, that means you are violating another man’s wife. It’s against the law and morally wrong.

He says he doesn’t believe her, and he will find out. Pinit tells his men to find out, as soon as possible, if Kaeo and Khunchai had registered a marriage.

A housekeeper comes in the room to clean up the mess. Kaeo wants to get out but the guards block her. Kaeo begs the housekeeper to help her since she’s also a woman. She begs her to sympathize with her. The housekeeper gestures to her that she’s mute. Kaeo asks if she can hear and understand her, the housekeeper doesn’t deny it.

Kaeo says she will write a letter with an address for her to send it to, and Kaeo begs her to write down the address of this place in her letter and send it. Kaeo begs and begs, and I really admire her spirit here.

CP: It must be Pinit’s doing and nobody else! But where does he hide her? Chai Phi, no news?

CPhi: I arranged men to find out Thun Pinit’s whereabouts. As soon as they find him, they will report it to me.

CLek: Pee Chai Pat, Thun Pinit’s job is an important position. He can’t disappear for long. We will find him.

CP: I’m worried about Kaeo. Before we find Thun Pinit, what will become of  her? What will happen to her? What will he do to her? Do you understand?

CPhi: Let’s do this. I will ask my friend, in (Military) Intelligence Unit, to find out where Thun Pinit’s hides his safe houses.

CP: Good. Then I will go with you.

The housekeeper takes Kaeo’s letter to Juthathep Palace. Jaew and Somsri chase her away thinking she came to look for someone. After some push and pull, she gives the letter to them and leaves. Somsri doesn’t want to read the letter.

CP: Whose  noise was it in front of the house?

Jaew says  a mute woman who acted like she knows someone here. Somsri says she handed them a piece of paper before she left.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, let’s go.

Chai Pat asks for that said paper.

CP: It’s Kaeo’s handwriting! But below hers is someone else’s handwriting. She wrote, Khunchai, the address below is where Thun captured me to.

CLek: Let me see it. It might be that mute woman’s handwriting.

CPhi: That can’t be!

CP: Chai Phi, what is it?

CPhi: That address. How can there be a house when that area is a national park? It’s not that far from where the air force officers had installed a radar, and I was trained there very often.

CLek: It’s not strange at all coming from Thun Pinit. His influences are so huge in this country.

CP: Give me the address. I will go to rescue her.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, please calm down. Do you think we can just march into that dangerous zone? We have to be cautious, think carefully, and come up with a good plan. We should not just rush into it. For the better of it, we should have a skilled helper.

Chai Phi’s friend arrives.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, Pee Chai Lek, this is our familiar friend, a Pilot Officer Momluang Chatchavee Thewaphrom. You surely haven’t seen him in his uniform.

CP: Chatchavee. Will that be all right? I heard this friend of yours has an outstanding skill among his batch, but he is…

Chat: Marathi’s cousin? Yes, I am but don’t worry. I understand that the matter of the heart can’t be forbidden. Ai Phi called and told me the details. Right now, I’m out of my shift. We can go now. I’ve roughly planned it. This time, I and Ai Phi, we will wade right into it ourselves.

*Ai, in this case, calling a close friend.

Episode 9-3

Omg…the story is moving like a high-speed train in this episode.

CP: Is it this house that Kaeo’s captured to?

CLek: So many guards. How can we get through them?

Chat: Gentlemen like us, we must do thing openly, can be verified, and transparent.

CP: Do what?

CPhi: You, two brothers, keep your eyes on that door over there. When I give you the signal, you must hurry and come join us. All right?

CP: What are you going to do?

Chatchavee (will call Chat) and Chai Phi drive to the front of the house.

Chat scolds at the guards that this is a national park, no one should build anything here. Chai Phi says they come to do a land survey and see this place. He interrogates them how long, whose house, if there’s a land title-deed for it. Chat declares their conduct the national park law’s violation, and could be sentenced to jail and/or fine. Chai Phi tells them to get out of the property and he will have to confiscate the house.

The guard: This is Thun Pinit’s house.

Chat: Then where is Thun Pinit?

The guard: He’s not here. He went to the capital for a meeting.

Chat: Don’t use Thun Pinit’s name. He’s a good man. He won’t do this kind of thing behind the law. Even if it’s Thun Pinit’s, we cannot refrain from doing our duties.

CPhi: Everyone who is in the house, get out now!

Eh…I think it’s kind of silly that it’s just the two of them. Oh, well…

Chai Phi keeps shouting for them to get out and walking into the house. The guard says it shouldn’t be air force officer’s duty but the Forest Department official’s.

CP: They got inside successfully. Let’s go.

Chat tells Chai Phi to get Chai Pat and Chai Lek, and he will go upstairs.  A guard comes in and tells Chai Phi to leave, it’s  not a soldier’s duty. The guard asks where his friend is. Chai Phi says he will leave, and tells him to tell his friend to be careful. Then Chai Lek comes behind the guard and knocks him down with the help of Chi Phi. Chai Pat kneels to check on him.

CP: You will be all right. Just rest for 2-3 days….(He twists his arm.) I told you to rest, now your arm is broken. Go see the doctor at the hospital when you have some free time. (He twists his wrist.)

Aww…Chai Pat – the cruel.

Men run after Chat.

CPhi: We will be exhausted again today.

Then the fighting ensues. Chai Phi tells Chai Pat to go upstairs.

CP: Kaeo! Where are you? Kaeo? I’m here to help you. Kaeo!

K: Khunchai! I’m in here!

The housekeeper comes and opens the door for him, so he doesn’t have to hurt his beautiful body breaking the door.

CP: Kaeo! (He hugs her.)

K: Khunchai!

CP: Kaeo, I’m sorry that I didn’t take good care of you so you were captured like this. Kaeo, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Let’s leave quickly.

K: Yes. (She talks to the housekeeper) Dear aunt, thank you so much. I won’t forget your good deed this time.

Chai Pat and Kaeo come down.

CP: All done?

CPhi: Yes.

CP: Let’s go.

They get on a cool military jeep. The guards start firing the guns at them and the tires. The car got flat tires so Chai Phi tells Chai Pat to take Kaeo and run.

Chai Pat and Kaeo run into the forest. The guards are following behind them firing their guns. Okay, with that close proximity, a pro guard will never miss his target, right?

Kaeo trips and falls down the slope taking Chai Pat, who is holding her hand, with her.

Episode 9-4

They roll down the slope. That’s how the guards couldn’t find them, I guess.

CP: Kaeo!

K: Khunchai!

CP: Kaeo, are you all right?

K: I’m all right.

Unfortunately, she had sprained her ankle. Chai Pat says the hill is too steep for them to climb up there.

K: Where are we?

CP: I think we fell into a valley.

K: A valley?

At night. Chai Pat tells her to sit down.

CP: Let’s rest here. If we keep walking, we will get lost even more.

K: Yes. If we stay here, may be someone above can see us.

CP: I’m confident that our men will not leave us behind. They will find us tomorrow.

K: Yes.

CP: Your foot is swollen. Does it hurt a lot?

K: No, it’s not.

He wraps his handkerchief around her ankle, and checks her pulse.

CP: Your pulse is fast. You’re dehydrating.

K: I’m all right.

CP: Let’s sit and lean (on the rock) over there.

They sit down and he holds her close.

CP: Kaeo, save your energy because we don’t have food.

They sleep in that graceful position till morning.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat!

CLek: Pee Chai Pat! Khun Krongkaeo!

CP: I’m here!

Chat: Are you all right?

(Seriously, why can’t they come sooner?)

CP: Chai Lek! Chai Phi!

They throw down a rope and Chai Phi climbs down to them.

And I’m not sure why they cut for a commercial break here.

Episode 9-5

M-E: Chai Pat, my grandson, may the goodness of the holy God protect you. I’m begging you for this to be the last time. Don’t ever do this kind of  bloodthirsty thing again. I was almost out of breath, don’t you know?

CPhi: Out of breath? I will go get an inhalant.

CP: Grandmother Mom, I’m fine.

CPhi: Grandmother Mom, here it is. Breathe in deeply.

M-E: Thank you.

CPhi: If I disappear like this, will grandmother Mom be worried about me as much as this?

G-On: Of course, she will be. But it won’t be as much as Chai Pat because you are slippery and cunning.

M-E: Chai Pat, from now on, before you do anything, think a lot about it first.

G-On: That’s right. You are a surgeon, was it worth it to risk your life? (Chai Pat looks at Kaeo.) I meant Chai Pat’s life could do useful things to benefit many people, so you should think carefully before you do anything.

M-E: Chai Pat, did you call the hospital and talk to Kaeo’s father? He should be worried sick about his daughter. She disappeared for many days.

CP: That’s right, so Kaeo’s father will be relieved that his daughter is safe.

G-On: Safe? She was captured by Thun Pinit for many nights. Didn’t he do anything to you at all? Or Did he?

M-E: Mae On!

Kaeo looks at Chai Pat. Everybody is looking at her.

K: Khunchai, the way you looked at me, what does it mean? You think I already had something with Thun Pinit, don’t you?

CP: No, I don’t. I was just looking at you. I didn’t think anything.

K: But your eyes were telling otherwise. (She cries.)

CP: Kaeo, listen to me. Whether or not you had or didn’t have something with Thun Pinit, my feeling for you is the same, and doesn’t change.

K: You said it like this that means you think I and Thun….

CP: No, it’s not like that.

K: It’s all right. You don’t have to believe in me. I’m just a country girl with no honor and pride, and comes from a different social class. I’m not good enough to be here at Juthathep Palace.

CP: Kaeo! Where are you going?

K: I will go to the hospital to see my father.

CP: I will give you a ride.

K: You don’t have to or your car will be stained.

CP: Kaeo!

Argh! So woman-ish!

He wants to follow her but a housekeeper calls him saying that grandmother Mom wants to see him, so he turns around and lets Kaeo leave on her own.

Kitti is asking Piengporn to call Chai Pat for him when Kaeo shows up.

K: Dad, I don’t want to be here anymore. Let’s go home now.

Kitti: What happened? Kaeo, what happened?

K: I miss our home. I want to be with you, just the two of us. I don’t want anybody else. Khun Piengporn, Please let me take my father home now.

P: But Khunchai doctor…

K: He gave the permission already. What do I need to do?

Episode 9-6

Pinit storms into the head office and shouts to the director that he will cancel all of his support to this hospital from today.

Pinit: I warned you but your doctor wouldn’t stop. Khunchai Phuttipat stepped on my nose. He stole Nu Krongkaeo, my woman, from my house! What he did, means he chose to become my enemy!

Pinit’s man reports to him that Chai Pat and Krongkaeo had really registered a marriage. He shows him a copy of their marriage certificate. Both Marathi and Yosawin hear it too. Pinit gets so angry, and says why Krongkaeo did this to him.

M: Pee Chai Pat, Nang Krongkaeo! I won’t allow it!

Mom Eiet doesn’t feel like drinking. She tells On to give her a suggestion what she should do with her dear grandson.

M-E: From what I see it, Krongkaeo is a good person but the good is not enough for a marriage life.

G-On: A husband and wife should be able to support each other in some way. For Krongkaeo, I couldn’t see what she can support him, on the contrary, she would only become Chai Pat’s burden, and he would have to give her some support and help solve her problem to no end.

Mom Eiet compares Kaeo to Sida in Ramayana, that she was kidnapped for many days  and even though, he took her back but…..(having doubt). Grandmother On says, so she may have to walk on the fire to prove herself (from Ramayana).

Marathi barges in and asks them if they know that Chai Pat and Krongkaeo got married. She criticizes them that they didn’t try to stop them and lied to her. Mom Eiet says, no one lied to her, and they are trying solve it. Marathi puts something on the table. They both look startled. Marathi says Krongkaeo spent the night with Thun Pinit and is now his wife, and says, or they want to wait until the whole capital is talking that Khunchai Phuttipat Juthathep took a mistress as his wife. Marathi wonders if it’s Chai Pat or Thun Pinit who is having an affair.

M: Be a grandmother Mom, and couldn’t even make your grandson marry a suitable woman. I think you should prepare yourself to use the same family name with those green-lanterns (khom khew, totally guess here, – prostitute) .

Mom Eiet invites Chai Pat’s grandfather to the palace. She tells him about Chai Pat and Kaeo, and how Kaeo is involved with Pinit. She tells him she wants them to get a divorce for Chai Pat’s own good. He asks them, what if Chai Pat doesn’t want a divorce. Mom Eiet wants him to talk to Chai Pat, but he says he doesn’t want to force Chai Pat into an arranged marriage.

He asks who they think is suitable for Chai Pat. They tell him that it’s Marathi, so he lets them know that Marathi is also Pinit’s mistress. He saw them walking together in his department store. He asks if they want this kind of woman to be his granddaughter-in-law. Mom Eiet and grandmother On don’t want to believe him so he tells them to check on Marathi if now she has many expensive things or not. Chai Pat grandfather’s man confirms to the grandmothers about Marathi, and he even has receipts for what she bought.

Mom Eiet and grandmother On show up at Thewaphrom Palace while Marathi and Khunchai Thewapun are busy admiring her diamond necklace.  Mom Eiet asks Marathi where she got the money to buy all these things. Marathi says she bought them with her own savings.

Khunying Dara shows up and calls Marathi a thief. She has a picture to prove that the diamond set is hers. Grandmother On tells Marathi to show the receipt if she bought it herself. But it’s Khunying Dara who has the receipt to show them. Grandmother On asks Marathi how she got the diamond set; she bought it, or stole it, or someone gave it to her.

Khunying Dara says, the worst is, how Marathi got it. She tells Khunchai Thewapun to ask Marathi what she gave her husband in exchange of it.

Oh dear, as a father, this is his worst moment of all time.

He shakes his daughter asking if it’s not true about her and Thun Pinit. Dara says to Marathi that she shouldn’t want her to report it to the police.

Grandmother On asks Marathi, how a little girl she saw since she was born can become like this, and where is her honor and pride. She asks how she can behave like this with a smiling face, destroying her own and family name.

M-E: Thewapun, the promise of our two families, I can remember it well. A promise is a promise. But for Marathi and Chai Pat, it can’t happen anymore.  I hope you understand this decision of mine.

Marathi just cries.

Episode 9-7

Nun tries to console Pinit that every man must be jealous of his life. Kanok says the one who didn’t choose him is stupid. Her words reminds him of Kaeo unintentionally.

Pinit: That’s right. The one who didn’t choose me is stupid, especially, Krongkaeo. So stupid.

Nun tells him to just have fun with them, but he says he doesn’t want to and tells them to get out.

Nun: You can’t chase me out like this. I’m not a pig, a dog, or a chicken. You can’t dump me into can with those women (who he didn’t use anymore). I won’t allow it!

Pinit tells his guards to drag them out.

Dara: It’s not like Thun Pinit to be like this. Can you see now that power, influence, and assets can’t give you everything. Even if you are surrounded by many women, but it’s not every woman. There are still people who won’t fall for your artificial artifacts. A woman who has self-respect, like Krongkaeo, will never become your or others’ temporary love doll.

Pinit: I know now. There’s only you who wouldn’t leave me.

Dara: Someday, my patient can run out.

Pinit: Khunying.

Dara: I can endure it now because I still have hope that, one day, you will go back to the same man, who was lovely and so kind that made me marry you, before your job and other things turned you into Thun, to everyone’s eyes now. Khun Pinit, someday, if I lose my hope in you, I will probably leave.

Pinit hugs her.

Pinit: No, don’t! Khunying, you won’t leave me.

Dara: If you take your time playing a big gentleman to everyone’s eyes, but never be a gentleman to a person in your house, what is so useful about that?

Pinit: I was wrong. Khunying, please forgive me.

Nun fights with Kanok. Krai scolds her not to create a problem. If Thun chases her out, he won’t have money to spend.  She tells him that he’s already chased her out, and Thun wants only Kaeo. But now Kaeo is married to Khunchai Phuttipat so he’s gone crazy and chased her out just now.

She curses Kaeo, and tells Krai to kill Kaeo for her. If Kaeo is dead, Thun will have only her and everything will become hers. Krai is afraid Thun will kill him if he harms Kaeo, the woman he wants.  Krai says, but if he can help fulfill Thun’s wish by eliminating his heart’s opponent, he may give him  a great reward. Nun asks what he will do.

Pinit comes to the hospital and tells Chai Pat and others that he has an important thing to tell them, especially, Khunchai Phuttipat. The head doctor says, if it’s inconvenient for him to support the hospital, it will be all right with them. Pinit says he’s here to apologize and wants everything to remain the same, or if they want him to do more to make them be sure that he really came to apologize, he will do it.

Pinit: And for Khunchai Phuttipat, if you and Krongkaeo love each other and already registered a marriage certificate, I will accept defeat. I’m a gentleman enough. If a woman already belongs to someone, I won’t bother her anymore. I wish Khunchai and Khun Krongkaeo a lot of happiness. So, everything is all ended now and we finally came to an understanding. I will go back now.

Yosawin: I feel relieved now. I thought there would be a problem. This time, Thun Pnit seems strange, doesn’t he?

The head doctor says Thun Pinit is a gentleman (*cough cough*). Once he said it, he will keep his word.

Yosawin says to Chai Pat that all bad things now has finally passed so Khunchai should feel better now. Chai Pat excuses himself and leaves. Chai Pat tells Yosawin and Piengporn to go ahead first, he forgot some document and will go get it from his car.

Krai: Sawasdee, Khunchai.

He points his gun at Chai Pat and pulls a trigger. Chai Pat falls down. Yosawin and Piengporn hear a gun shot so they turn back and run. They see Chai Pat lying on the ground unconscious. There’s blood is coming out of his chest.

Yosawin: Khunchai!

Episode 9-8

Kaeo and Kitti are back in Ayutthaya.

Kitti collected fresh fruits from their garden for Khunchai Phuttipat. He says after the surgery,  he didn’t thank him yet and didn’t say good-bye when he left. Kaeo says, at the palace, they already have great fruits so he doesn’t need to give these simple fruits to them. Kitti says this is called thoughtfulness, and it’s up to them if they want to give it to someone else. Kaeo says but she’s busy making garlands for the coming fair.

Kitti asks her if there’s something in her mind, because after she came back, she doesn’t want to talk about or meet Khunchai Phuttipat. He asks if there’s something wrong between them. She says there’s nothing.

Kitti: Kaeo, I know you well. What happened?

K: Let’s leave it, dad.

Kitti: Kaeo!

K: Khunchai looked down on me. He doesn’t believe in me about the incident Thun Pinit captured me.

Kitti: Looked down? Doesn’t believe in you? What about everything that he’s done for you, what does that mean? Is it too much of you to be angry at him? Kaeo, our lives are not that long. If there’s something that, once you let it go, you will be happy then you should let it go before everything will be too late.

Teacher Bua comes and tells Kaeo that it’s on the radio news that Khunchai Phuttipat was shot at the hospital and now in critical condition.

In the operation room.

Yosawin: Khunchai, it’s your bad luck that our best surgeon got shot himself so it leaves you in my hand. It’s my great honor.

CP: Yosawin, you are a great doctor. I’m happy to put my life in your care.

Yosawin: It’s my honor too.

Kaeo comes to the hospital and asks Piengporn how Khunchai is, she heard he was shot. Piengporn tells Kaeo that he’s safe now, and Dr. Yosawin was the one doing the surgery.

K: Dr.Yosawin did the surgery himself?

Yos: Khun Krongkaeo, are you happy or unhappy that I was the one performed the surgery for Khunchai?

K: Doctor!

Yos: The look in your eyes is hurting me a lot, don’t you know that? Khunchai Phuttipat is safe now, and is resting at the moment.

Kaeo turns to Pieongporn to take her to Khunchai. Yosawin’s face falls.

Chai Pat is awake.

K: Khunchai!

CP: Kaeo! Am I dreaming or is it real?

K: Of course, it’s real and you are awake. Is your wound hurting?

CP: I’m feeling stiff around the wound. It’s still numb so it doesn’t really hurt.

K: Do you want some water? (She brings him a glass of water.) Enough?

CP: Thank you.

K: Khunchai, are you hungry?

CP: No, I’m not.

K: Are you feeling sick or feeling like throwing up? I have yahom (a traditional med).

CP: (He grabs her hand.) Kaeo, I don’t want anything, don’t go, don’t run away. Stay close to me. In a while, I will fall asleep so you can take a nap then, and I won’t disturb you until morning.

K: A doctor knows every step well.

CP: There’s a time when a doctor becomes a patient too, and needs someone to take care too. I’m very weak now so you must really take good care of me, or else, I will have a fever, or wound infection, or other complications.

K: The only think I can do is sit and look at you like this.

CP: This is what I want from you.

K: Sitting still like this is not difficult at all.

CP: Wait, there’s one more thing that you’ll have to do.

K: What is it?

CP: Hold my hand.

K: What?

CP: Hold my hand. It really helps and makes me get well soon.

K: Is that true?

CP: Yes, it is. Why didn’t you do it yet?

She puts her hand in his, and he beams.

Pieongporn says there’s  no fever and his pulse is normal. Yosawin says the wound is getting much better so he can go back to the palace tomorrow. Chai Pat tells him to process the document for his release this evening, so his grandmother Mom won’t be worried anymore. Kaeo thinks about when grandmother On asked her if Thun Pinit didn’t do anything to her.

K: Khunchai, you come to sit outside here like this, the fever might come back.

CP: It’s all right. I was feeling stuffy inside the room. Kaeo, let’s go back to the palace together today.

K: When you’re feeling well enough to go home, I will have to hurry home too.

CP: Why?

K: There’s nothing for me to worry about anymore. It you are strong, that means my duty is ended. Also, I don’t have any reason to trouble your palace anymore.

CP: (He stands up.) Kaeo!

K: It’s the truth. I’ve troubled you so much, and the reason you had to face this bad incident, is also because of me. Please do not let me get you into trouble more than this.

CP: I don’t have any trouble.

K: But it’s unnecessary for me to trouble you anymore.

CP: Kaeo, but we are husband and wife.

K: In that case, this fake story should end already. I’m returning this to you.

CP: Kaeo!

She puts his necklace in his hand.

K: Khunchai, thank you very much for sacrificing so much for me. You helped a girl who you didn’t even know her family. You took the risk, and most of all, saving my father’s life.

CP: Kaeo, what do you think I’ve done all those things for?

K: It can’t happen (between us).

CP: Kaeo, why? Why can’t it happen?

K: Because there are not just only two of us in this world. There are family, the society and other people, traditions, and suitability that we have to think about. You can’t just do what you want.

CP: When? When will you stop thinking like this?

K: It’s the fact. I didn’t come up with it on my own. When you are fully recovered and ready to go to the district office, let’s get a divorce. Let’s end all these things.

CP: You are a person without heart.

K: A heart is for pumping blood. A brain is for thinking, considering, and reasoning. Khunchai, you are a doctor so you should know.

CP: Kaeo!

She leaves and he can’t follow her because of his wound.

Episode 9-9

Kaeo comes home and tells her dad not to do things. He says he can’t help it, he will stop when feeling exhausted. He asks about Chai Pat. She says he can go back to the palace now. She gives him some sweets and shirts she bought for him, and goes in the house to change.

Kitti: Did you and Khunchai have a chance to talk?

K: We understand each other well. Don’t worry, dad.

Kitt: What do you (two) understand?

K: There’s really nothing.

Kitt: Kaeo, I didn’t want to have a wealthy or high-class man as a son-in-law. But Khunchai is a very good man, and very good to us, and the most important thing is, Khunchai loves you very much.

K: Dad, but we are happy living like this just father and daughter, aren’t we? Khunchai and we are in different social classes. About his good deeds to us, we can repay him little by little. It there’s anything that we can help him, I will go to him right away, but if it’s more than that, I’m too afraid, dad.

Kitti: That’s true too.

K: Because he still loves and adores us today, so he willing to overlook everything. But when everything becomes less, can we stand it? If we get addicted to so many things that he’s giving us, what if, one day, he doesn’t want to give us anymore?

Kitti: Kaeo, don’t you love Khunchai anymore? Or, can you totally forget about him?

K: The sooner the better to forget about him before many more things happen. We hurt ourselves now is better than we are hurt because of him, or, people around him or his high-class social life hurt us.

Kitti: Kaeo, I don’t want you to suffer, mentally or physically, not even a little bit.

K: Dad, people suffer for a while, and will forget about it later. But if we dream about it, and in the end, it doesn’t come true, we will suffer a lot more. Isn’t that right, dad?

At Juthathep Palace.

Chai Pat is playing the piano again.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, should we get some sleep?

CLek: I know you are sad. I know you have a broken heart. But I can’t help you because it’s you who put it on to yourself.

CPhi: We know you are very sad. Your heart is totally broken and you are extremely sad, but should it be us who acknowledge it? Or anyone in this palace?

CP: Kaeo doesn’t want to marry me.

CLek: Pee Chai Pat, how do you know that?

CP: She returned  the necklace.

CLek: Then what is the meaning of her coming all the way from Ayutthaya to see you at the hospital?

CP: That…

CPhi: Not yet, not getting it yet, and still making a confused face. Pee Chai Pat, why is it so hard for you to understand?

CP: Kaeo returned the necklace and asked for a divorce.

CLek: She loves you.

CPhi: You know, not many in this country are brave enough to confront Thun Pinit, and you are! I respect you, you’re the best! But then you just let Kaeo leave so easily, I am disappointed in you.

CP: If she really loves me, why would she leave me? Why did she say it couldn’t happen between us?

CLek: It’s you who must make her believe that it can happen.  But if you are spending time playing the piano, who will be able to see it?

CPhi: You know, the piano won’t run away, but for Khun Kaeo, who knows?

CP: You said all those things so what do you want?

CLek: Go propose to her and….

CPhi and CLek in unison: Stop playing the piano! I want to sleep!

Chai Pat comes to see Mom Eiet.

CP: Grandmother Mom and grandmother On. I would like to inform you that I will go and ask for Kaeo’s hand.

G-On: What? Did you come to ask for a permission?

CP: No. I came to inform you.

M-E: What if, I won’t allow you?

CP: I must go.

G-On: Chai Pat, think carefully. You countered so many dangerous incidents again and again, is it not….

CP: There will be no more bad incidents because the culprit, which we knew who, are on the run, and the police already got his traces so he should be captured soon. For Thun Pinit, he regretted it and is trying to apologize by doing good things to the hospital.

M-E: If you, my grandson, are so determined like this, how can I object to it?

CP: Grandmother Mom, you already know Kaeo. I believe deep down inside grandmother Mom and grandmother On know what Kaeo’s true nature is.

G-On: About that she was captured?

CP: I know her well. A person like Kaeo, she’s willing to die more than allowing anyone to force himself on her.

M-E: It’s good to hear a man can talk about the woman he loves to such an extent, I’m very happy.

CP: Grandmother Mom, you can rest assured that this man didn’t say it because he’s mistaken but because he understood the truth thoroughly.

M-E: If you are so determined like this, whatever you will do, it will be a success. Isn’t that right, Mae On?

G-On: Yes, that’s right.

Chai Pat comes to see Kaeo in Ayutthaya.

CP: Kaeo!

K: Khunchai!


This episode felt so rush. It’s wrapping up its loose ends pretty quickly. From falling down the slope, to gun shot, to getting a divorce, I’m not sure why they had to cramp everything into one episode, because the drama was doing fine in terms of its popularity. Pinit’s 180-degree turn around was a lazy writing imo, but I had enough of him, so that’s fine with me.

I guess we will see Marathi’s closure in the next episode. I hope they won’t spend too much time on her. The more of our dear couple, the best it is to us. I couldn’t believe I am able to do this drama up to here, but all efforts were worth it because I had a chance to  exercise my cheeks while typing. I will miss all of them for sure but we know we will see Chai Pat and probably his wife  in Khunchai Ratchanon too. So it won’t be a good-bye to them just yet.

I peeked the ending in the novel, Chai Ruj came back from Switzerland because Wanrasa’s father’s fallen sick, and he came to visit Chai Pat at the hospital after the gun shot. It’s actually Chai Ruj’s diplomatic skills that helped talk it out with Thun Pinit. He also was the one drove Chai Pat to Ayutthaya to meet Kaeo. While driving there, Chai Pat says that he’s not good at talking.

Chai Ruj, “And this is…not good at talking? A person like you is called talk less punch more. I was not here just for a while and you already registered a marriage. If I come back next time, won’t you probably have a kid?”

Chai Ruj warns Chai Pat that Kaeo’s father may shoot him for registered a marriage without his consent. Haha.

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  1. I totally agree with your comments here. This episode 9 made me felt so rush and quickly. For me, It’s ended pretty quickly. I wanted to see more sweet and cute scenes between James and Bella ….. Sighs….I would like to see more about the five brothers getting together as well… I didn’t see Chai Ruj in the end as you mentioned in the novels:( Oh well, unfortunately I don’t understand Thai at all, otherwise I’d love to read those novels like you did. But I cannot complain too much, can I? I’m greatly appreciated what you have been recapping for us so far in order that we are able to understand what they are talking about in every episode… Words can be never enough to express our immense gratitude!

  2. OMG! Can’t thank you enough for the episode summary. XOXOX from me to you on your great work done. Please do continue. At one point I was wondering what happen to Khun Chai Ruj since him and Khun Chai Pat has a close relationship. It look like Khun Chai Yai just disappear after a few episode. I am feeling a little sad that Khun Chai Pat has only 10 episode. I want more. I like that Thun Pinit chose defeat. Thank you for your hard work, The Suparburoot Jutathep series is hot a thing in my family. When I say my family I mean me, LOL! This series is like a drug addiction that can’t be cure. More like Thai Lakorns are my addiction that can’t be cure.

  3. I agreed. It was super rushed that’s why even I can’t accept the fact that its ending with 10 eps. Perhaps the script was rushed because they didn’t expect such popularity with Kunchai Puttipat’s series. I think even Bella said it was very rushed herself through an interview.

    But anybody ever noticed that Kunchai always say “Kaew.” All the tiiiimmeeee!!! LOL. Every time they talk or interact he’ll say, “Kaew.” LOL. He’s so cute.

  4. youre awesome! Thank u very much!!! 🙂

  5. thank you so much for recap Kcomments 😀
    Do you have any plan about translate the books of this series in the future?

  6. Thanks a million for the recaps. I have a questions is it normal in Thailand to have a mistress in the open (like pinit in real life). It’s really disgusting to know this kind of behavior they don’t have respect for girls.

    • No, it’s not normal at all. Most are Buddhist which strictly advises to only one husband/one wife (and vice versa) and not to violate others’ wives (or husbands) too, so anything against that would be seen as morally wrong by the society.

  7. Thanks for the recaps.

  8. Thanks for your recaps. To be honest with you, I was very happy to read your updated recaps when I got up this early morning. You make my day:) I truly hope that Kaeo could be able to show Khunchai Phuttipat her feelings for him, otherwise, he will never think that she does love him:) But I understand how Kaeo is feeling like when everyone is looking at her ( she had been disappearing for many days because the bad and wicked man kidnapped her….) She lacks a sense of security with Khunchai Phuttipat due to the social status, both families of equal standing… and something like that… However, thank you very much:) You are amazing:)

  9. that’s what you call being a gentleman?! thun pinit, what a shameful bastard. i don’t know how his wife is still with him?

    and i knew he tricked kaew into marrying him!

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