Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 8


Episode 8-1

CP: This is the only way to protect us from Thun Pinit.

K: Khunchai, this is a serious thing, not a joke.

CP: Yes, it’s serious.

K: But we….we are not suitable for registering a marriage certificate.

CP: You don’t want it?

K: Yes, I don’t want it.

CP: All right. You just do it as a shield against Thun Pinit. When we’re out of this critical situation, we will get a divorce. It will be kept secret, so don’t worry that someone may know that you had registered a marriage certificate before.

K: But your reputation will be ruined.

CP: Kaeo, I’m so sick of this word. If my reputation is ruined, it will come from me, that I behave badly myself. You think a person like you, will be able to ruin my reputation?

K: What if your grandmother Mom….

CP: I’m old enough to get married. I’m earning my own living and didn’t ask for money from anyone. With all that, grandmother Mom won’t be able to complain.

K: But Kaeo…

CP: Or, is it because you are worried about your own reputation that you are not a young miss? Or, is it because my status is too low to register a marriage certificate with you?

K: No, it’s not like that.

CP: Then just do it. Believe me, Thun Pinit has his honor and is mature enough that he won’t let anyone insult or disclose that, he has taken another man’s wife. And this, is my secret weapon.

He signs the document and pushes it to her. He holds her hands.

CP: Kaeo, trust me. I will protect you to the best I can.

Man, how can he propose to her with such a serious face? Haha.

Kaeo signs the document.

An official: It’s all done. As of now, Momratchawong Phuttipat Juthathep and Miss Krongkaeo Bunmee are now husband and wife by the Law. Congratulations!

He hands them their marriage certificate.

K: Khunchai, why are you taking me here?

CP: For an important day, the day we registered our marriage, I have something to give to you.

K: But it’s just a fake marriage, isn’t it?

CP: A fake marriage? We did everything according to the Law.

He takes off his necklace.

CP: Take this necklace as my engagement present.

K: What?

CP: I didn’t have time to buy a ring for you. This necklace is the most precious thing in my life. This is a jade pendant. My mother’s name is Yok (= jade), she ordered a Shanghai craftsman to make it for me when I completed one month old. Chai Lek also has this.

K: This kind of valuable thing, why are you giving it to me?

CP: To let everybody know that we registered our marriage and got married. You must wear it so everybody won’t think our marriage is fake.

Ahem….didn’t he say he would keep it a secret? Slime fox.

K: Khunchai, are you certain that it’s appropriate?

CP: Because I thought it’s appropriate, that’s why I want you to wear it. Think of this necklace as it’s me.Wherever you are,  always think that I will always be with you and protect you. Let me put it on for you. (He puts it on her.) Here, let me see.

K: When we get a divorce, I will return it to you.

Chai Pat’s face falls.

Chai Pat arrives at the palace.

K: What is this place?

CP: Juthathep Palace. You have to face with the ones who are against you the most, but will be the best ones to protect you.

K: Khunchai, do you mean…..

Episode 8-2

Mom Eiet: So, this is Miss Sri Siam.

CP: Yes. Krongkaeo Bunmee, Miss Sri Siam, she’s the one grandmother On met in Hua Hin. She came into this situation because she’s been hiding from a man who grandmother Mom and grandmother On already know who he is.

G-On: Why did you bring her here?

CP: To get under your protection which can surely save her.

M-E: What?

CP: Someone might have told you that she’s not a good girl, she’s a mistress, or entered the contest to gain her price. All of that, is not true. Kaeo had to run away from getting hauled off , kidnapped, tricked, and many other vicious things alone, by herself.

G-On: Why do you want to run away when you are poor, uneducated, and have no family background? It’s your chance to have someone taking care of you, and to live well, shouldn’t you be feeling happy instead?

K: How can I be feeling happy? I am a human. I have pride, skills, and self-respect. Even though I don’t have anything just like you said, I want to sell my labor, my intelligence, but I will not sell myself for a living.

M-E: Well said. If you are such a good and reserved girl, why were you outrageously brave to spend the nights with my grandson here and there?

CP: Grandmother Mom, within this big capital city, she found no one to protect her. Everybody was so afraid of Thun Pinit, and it’s was only me, that was brave enough to help her. So what could Kaeo do?

G-On: Because you have nowhere to go, so you had to allow my grandson to get you into the palace unwillingly, just like that?

CP: Letting her stay at Hua Hin is not good, to stay here is forbidden, then what do you want me to do, grandmother On? Or, you want me to find a small house in a secret place for her to stay, or get a room at a hotel, so that it will be appropriate?

M-E: Chai Pat! Why did you turn into a headstrong boy and went on the wrong track like this?

CP: I am on the right track within the social customs. I took Kaeo here today to place one woman in your care, for you to teach her, as a person who ran away from the heat (sufferings) to be with the cold (peaceful). I didn’t make her stay at the main building but here, with you, grandmother Mom. So she will stay within your sight all the time, so that you will see what kind of person she is. If she does something you don’t like, grandmother Mom, you can scold her the way you want. She will be ready to accept it, and to serve you in every way. Isn’t this a better way?

The two brothers give Chai Pat a round of applause.

CP: What is this?

CLek: You’re the best, so manly.

CPhi: Finally, Pee Chai Pat has successfully declared independence!

CLek: Is it because of love, that changed one cold man without a heart, into someone who is willing to do everything for her like this?

CP: I did it for righteousness and virtue.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, up to now, don’t refuse to admit it.

CLek: Right! We’ve been putting our heads together. If we didn’t think it’s your feeling of love, we wouldn’t take such a risk.

CP: All right, all right, I thank you that you helped me to the best you can.

CPhi: Does that mean…we can congratulate you now?

CP: What congratulate?

CLek: That you will give us a sister-in-law.

CPhi: Yes, that’s right. You stayed in Hua Hin for 2-3 nights, you must have already….

CP: Not yet!

CLek: What not yet?

CP: Well…not yet is not yet. I can say only that. You guys, stop thinking about crazy thing. Be gentlemen!

Jaew is talking with Somsri.

Jaew: That means Khunchai Pat wants Mom to accept Miss Sri Siam as the next sister-in-law of Juthathep Palace.

Somsri: How can that be? Where will they put Khun Marathi?

Jaew: Well, just put her in the same place, her Thewaphrom Palace.

Somsri: Will Mom allow that? She’s very strict.

Jaew: What about us? What should we do? Should we welcome her, or reject her?

Somsri: She’s just a country girl with no family background, who got crowned as  a beauty queen. She’s not good enough for our Khunchai. Khun Marathi is a Momluang and has been his betrothed from before .  Khunchai should do what’s right, not what he likes, isn’t that right?

Jaew: Yes, that’s right.

G-On: How can Miss Sri Siam put her clothes in paper bags? All of  your belongings and clothes, are just these?

K: There are some in Khun Kaetsara’s house.

G-On: What? Khun Kaetsara’s house?

K: Yes. Khunchai once left me with Khun Kaetsara to help her sell the sweets at her house, but because I was kidnapped from the party, and Khunchai helped me just in time so he had to take me to….

G-On: All right, enough. I’m lazy to listen to your tear-jerking story. Chai Pat, Chai Pat, why did you do such odd things? Does that mean the thing between you and him, the Thewaphrom already knew? What’s he thinking? Chai Pat wants to tear apart the promise between the Juthathep and Thewaphrom by means of using you?

K: Means?

G-On: Yes. All the boys here, no one wants to marry any Thewaphrom girls the way the elders have been trying to, at all, not even one. His elder brothers have all gotten married, so now it leaves on Chai Pat the next. Even though, Chai Pat and Nu Marathi love each other, he doesn’t want to easily follow an order but want to be a rebel against the elders, so he finds someone as an excuse, and you came to him just the right time, so he’s using you as a shield. Don’t think in a way that favor yourself, that a man like Chai Pat will fall in love with a woman like you. Chai Pat is too proud of himself. Somsri, get a room for her, a suitable one.

Somsri: It’s all done. A room in a servant’s quarter, aunt Jad’s room – used to do the laundry.

G-On: It’s good, Nang Jad’s room.

Jaew: But they said, aunt Jad loves to pull people down from the bed very late at night. Sometimes, she came as an incense’s smell.

K: That means…

Somsri: Aunt Jad’s dead.

Mom Eiet walks to them.

M-E: On, have you prepared the room for Kaeo? It’s already late.

Somsri: It’s ready, Jad – the laundry ‘s room.

M-E: Are you kidding? How can you let her stay in a servant quarter? Let her stay in the small guest room next to your room.

G-On: Sister!

M-E: She’s Chai Pat’s guest so she’s like my guest. Chai Pat’s left you in my care and I gave him my word. Kaeo, don’t worry. I agreed to let you stay so I will protect you just as Chai Pat trusted me. Jaew, you help look after Khun Kaeo.

Jaew: Yes.

M-E: Somsri, look for some of my clothes, the ones I used when I was young, for Kaeo to wear.

Somsri: Yes.

Kaeo gets in the room and thinks about what grandmother On said, that Chai Pat loves Marathi.

Chai Pat is on the piano again, but this time his music filled with liveliness and happiness. It’s obvious that he’s playing the music for her. Kaeo listens to the music and cries.

At Thewaphrom Palace.

Rumpa is telling her sister if she dressed up a little less, and be a sweeter good nurse like Florence Nightingale who visited the patients at night carrying a lamp, she would have Chai Pat’s heart by now. 

M: Rumpa, are you another one stepping on me? Pee Kaetsara already thinks someone else is better than me. I’m really in a bad luck, aren’t I? It’s like I’m alone in this world, not just a man didn’t love me but my own sister is jealous of me.

R: I’m telling you the truth. I’ve been giving you good advice but you never listened to me.

M: You wants me to defeat that kind of woman, who takes clothes off every time money coming in, with good acts? Who told you that Pee Chai Pat fell for her because of her good acts? He fell for her thighs and chest that she had showed off!

R: Because those were the things she did, so you should use kindness and good acts to defeat her. You shouldn’t compete taking off clothes or dressing up with her! She’s a beauty queen, and we are just normal girls. To compete physical appearances with her, we will definitely lose. We should use our hearts to compete with her.

M: Rumpa! Crazy girl! Go away!

Marathi shoves her sister out.

Khunchai Thewapun: Vilairumpa! Why are you getting on your sister’s nerves? She felt bad enough. Marathi, listen to me. Don’t worry, I will make sure Khunchai Phuttipat take responsibility for everything that happened. Those crazy Juthathep boys! Don’t ever think you can tear up our prestigious promise that you must keep with your lives, or I will kill them.

M: Thank you, father.

Marathi’s words always makes me want to stop translating or, at the least, slows me down *sigh*

Episode 8-3

M-E: Use this dry linen cloth to clean all the crystal, and put it all back in the cabinet. You will have to use your own judgment how you will arrange it. Do you understand?

K: Yes, I understand.

Jaew: I’ll help you.

M-E: Don’t. Let she do it alone. Chai Pat told me I could teach her the way I wanted. Do you understand?

Jaew: Yes.

Mom Eiet tells all the housekeepers to go do their jobs, do not gather around here.

G-On: Sister, why did you trust her to do such delicate job with those valuable antiques? She’s a girl who only knows how to dress and make herself look  beautiful, with no brain and origins, never sees valuable or fine things. She might pound them into pieces.

M-E: That will be good.

G-On: Sister?

M-E: People were born the same way, though the look, face, or complexion may be different. For education, they can study to have the same level; but not the good and the bad in each person; some are rough, some are delicate. It’s the quality embedded  deep inside each person’s nature, and how they are, they will continue to be that way. Let’s see whether Kaeo will be kaeo-na-ma (artificial) or kaeo-ma-nee (precious gem), that is suitable for Chai Pat or not.

G-On: Aren’t you using things that are too valuable just to prove that?

Mom Eiet just smiles.

G-On: So, actually, it’s your plan, isn’t it?

M-E: What?

G-On: You are so wise. Instead of being a cruel grandmother to worry your grandson and he will take her and build a secret love nest somewhere behind our backs, you allowed that sister-in-law, from the wild, to stay close so you will cleverly slowly slash her.

M-E: Mae On, I think you listened to too many lakorns, of Kaeo Fa Production, on the radio to say things like that.

G-On: But it’s true. If we could catch that woman’s low (uneducated) manners , we will have a reason to compare her with Nu Marathi, and we can chase her out with a rightful reason.

Khunchai Thewapun walks in and greets them. He apologizes that he didn’t bring any sweets for them today, and he’s feeling really unhappy.

M-E: Khunchai, the weather is hot but you shouldn’t get heated up like the weather. Around here, the weather is nice.

TWP: I can’t feel nice, at this moment, I feel embarrassed to the whole capital. Because of my beloved grandson, Phuttipat, now is notorious for his shameful behavior. If aunt Mom cannot control your grandsons, what more shameful things will happen in the society by the Juthathep boys? It’s totally disgrace our families’ honor.

The housekeepers are looking at Kaeo.

Somsri: She looks skillful.

Jaew: Yes. She has a soft touch but not slow.

Somsri: Just a short while, she finished almost half of it.

Jaew: Will she break , at least, one or two of them?

Somsri: I don’t know about that.

Unfortunately, Marathi came with her father too, and she sees Kaeo.

M: Nang Krongkaeo, what are you doing here?

Kaeo greets her but Marathi says not to greet her, shameless woman.

M: Who brought you here? Is it Pee Chai Pat? What’s the meaning of this?

K: Khun Marathi, I just stay here to hide from some problem, and if the problem gets better, I will leave.

Marathi calls her a liar, what problem she can have except trying to make Chai Pat fall for her, and wanting to catch a rich noble for a husband to change her status.

M: It won’t be that easy!

She throws a crystal bowl to the floor, shattering it. The sound of the breaking glass stuns everyone.

M-E: Kaeo, did you break the bowl? Don’t you know it comes all the way from Hungary?

M: Grandmother Mom, Nang Kaeo is very rude! Very bad! When I asked if she made up the whole thing to take Pee Chai Pat from me, she got so angry and threw the crystal bowl.

K: What? Khun Marathi, why…

M: Be quiet, you bad girl?

TWP: Calm down, my daughter. You are a diamond, do not rub it with a tile. It will ruin your radiance. So this is the beauty queen that Chai Pat is infatuated with? Grandmother Mom, how can you let her stay here? But it’s normal for a lowly people to behave lowly, you even broke thing?

K: Please wait, everybody. I didn’t break anything.

G-On: A good person loves to fix thing, but what a person who loves to give an excuse called?

K: But I….(She turns to the housekeepers.) You all saw it, right? I didn’t do it.

M-E: You all saw it? ….I asked if all of you saw it?

They all say, yes.

M-E: Did Kaeo break it?

G-On: Now you all become mute? Who did it? Is it Kaeo, and if not, who did it?

TWP: So what is it? Why didn’t you answer? Tell the truth. The truth never dies. Say it, who broke the bowl?

They all say, it’s Khun Marathi.

M: That’s not true. I didn’t do it. They accepted bribes from Krongkaeo.  I won’t allow it, I didn’t do it.

Marathi runs out of the room and her father follows her.

Chai Pat is telling a nurse to inform Yosawin that he needs his help in this surgery.

M: Pee Chai Pat, what you did is too much?

CP: I have a surgery.

M: I can’t take it anymore. I can’t! I can’t!

CP: Marathi! This is a hospital, honor the place.

M: What honor do I have when you’ve ruined it until there’s nothing left?

CP: No one ruined your honor except yourself.

M: Pee Chai Pat, you took another woman to get involved sexually (-the actual word is toned down-) in the palace, and accuses me that it’s my fault? Shameless!

CP: Talk carefully, because you may end up like what you said.

M: What about the one who don’t talk but do it, what kind of person is that?

CP: What did I do? I’m confident that I’ve never done anything to make you think that I love and want to marry you. It’s your and grandmother Mom’s own thinking.

M: That’s not true. Everybody knows that we are a betrothed couple.

CP: Nong Marathi, I love care about you as my sister, and nothing else. You deserve to meet someone who truly loves you. Don’t waste your time with me anymore because I can’t love you the way you want, and because I love Krongkaeo. I want to spend my life with her.

M: It can’t be true! It’s because of  that b*Krongkaeo, isn’t it? You slept with her not for many nights and thinks it’s love. It’s not true, that’s just lust.

CP: Marathi!

M: Don’t scold me! Even if I didn’t behave appropriately, I never behaved so dirty like you! Pee Chai Pat, you didn’t keep your word. You wants our families to be on bad terms forever!

CP: In that case, I think we don’t have anything to talk anymore.

M: Pee Chai Pat, Nang Krongkaeo is a low-class woman, a misfortune. If you associate yourself with her, your life will be ruined, be a shameful one! You will never find a peaceful life!

Episode 8-4

CP: Yosawin.

Y: Khunchai, that time you took a leave, you went to Hua Hin with Khun Krongkaeo, didn’t you?

CP: Did Marathi tell you?

Y: Please answer me.

CP: I did it for a reason.

Y: What’s the reason? You love Khun Krongkaeo, don’t you?

CP: Yes. I love Khun Krongkaeo.

Y: How could you do that? You should already know how I feel for Khun Krongkaeo. You could do this, do you still see me as a friend?

CP: Yosawin, you should know how I feel.

Y: I don’t know. How could I know? I even thought you didn’t know how to love.

CP: ….

Y: Khunchai, do you know that now I have a broken heart? I feel sad.

CP: What do you want me to do?

Y: I don’t know.

Piengporn comes in and tells them that  the patient is ready for a while now.

CP: Forget our problem for now, the patient is waiting.

Yosawin opens the gown for Chai Pat with his angry face. Haha.

CP: Yosawin?

Y: Khunchai, if I have something in my mind, I can’t work with you. Please answer me, you love Khun Kaeo, and does Khun Kaeo love you?

CP: Can we talk after the surgery?

Y: Khunchai, I’m begging you, please answer me.

CP: I don’t know. About how she feels, you will have to ask her.

Y: Khunchai, I don’t dare to ask her. You can’t just talk about this kind of thing. Khunchai, you must ask her.

Piengporn: What happened?

CP: We’ll talk later.

P: Doctor?

Y: I have a broken heart!

P: Dr. Yosawin, you have a broken heart, but the patient in there was shot this little close to his lung, who do you think I should sympathize with more?

Y: That’s right. I’m sorry. I’m ready.

Grandmother On is walking with Kaeo.

G-On: Don’t think that, because you defeated my granddaughter today, you will be the winner.

K: But I didn’t…

G-On: Don’t talk back! You will have to prove yourself to grandmother Eiet that you are really better than Marathi.

Grandmother On asks Jaew, what they will have for dinner today. Jaew tells her the name of the dishes which are all the royal cuisine. Jaew says these are Mom Eiet and Khun On’s favorite dishes.

G-On: Good. There are only difficult dishes (to make). All of you get out. Get out!  (She turns to Kaeo.) Come here. You said you could cook, right?

K: Yes. Do you want me to cook, grandmother?

G-On: I want to see, besides shaking off clothes on the stage, what qualification of a lady you have. I hope it won’t offend you. (She talks to the housekeepers.) Don’t let me know there’s someone helping her.

Grandmother On leaves but walks back.

G-On: I change my mind. I will watch from here. Go ahead.

Jaew says, from the way she’s holding a knife, it looks like she cooked before. Somsri says, even though she knows how to hold a knife, it doesn’t mean she will know how to cook the dishes, they are royal cuisine.

G-On: What is the first dish? Shrimp Saeng Wa, right?


[Shrimp Saeng Wa]

Kaeo picks up the shrimps. Grandmother On tells her to use a grill but Kaeo throws a shrimp into the stove.

G-On: You know it too?

K: My mother taught me, not to barbecue shrimps on a grill because the meat would become stiff, it wouldn’t taste good. Just throw it in the stove and tear out the meat later.

Kaeo continues with another dish.

G-On: Did you just put lime juice in it?

K: The taste of Mi Krob must have a strong sour taste with a sweet taste takes the lead, and must stir until it becomes dry and not wet for Mi Krob to have the best taste.


[Mi Krob]

K: And if you want Mi Krob to have a greater aroma, you have to add som sa (citron).

G-On: Don’t tell me that your mother also told you this.

K: Yes, grandmother.

Kaeo is making Kaeng Run Juan.


[Kaeng Run Juan] Honestly, this is the first time I heard of this soup.

Somsri: She knows it too! For Kaeng Run Juan, it must be simmered using low heat.

Jaew; It smells so good. There’s no stinking smell of the beef, even a little bit.

G-On: Yes, it smells great. (She talks to Kaeo.) I will wait at the dinner table, don’t be late.

K: Yes.

And the dinner is ready, and she must be a super girl to finish everything alone, including carving the veggies.

M-E: Who taught you how to curve all these vegetables?

K: My teacher at school. Whenever there’s a fair at the school , my teacher would ask me to carve vegetables and fruits.

G-On: Sister, even though the food looks good, don’t have high opinion of it just yet because a good-looking thing , sometimes, is rotten inside.

Grandmother On tastes Mi Krob.

G-On: So-so.

She tastes the next one.

G-On: This one is also, so-so.

She tastes another dish.

G-On: Overall taste is just normal and plain, not that great. It’s a waste of our mounts (to taste it) , right sister?

M-E: Your mouth must be a high-class one because I think it’s very delicious.

G-On: Sister! Why did you have to give her a compliment?

M-E: I didn’t give her a compliment. The food tastes good so I said it tasted good. How can I lie about this tiny little thing?

G-On: Sister!

M-E: Kaeo, who did you learn how to make all these dishes from?

K: From my mother.

M-E: Your mother taught you all these?

K: No. For Mi Krob, I helped my mother making it and selling it at the temple fair very often. For other dishes, I and my mother memorized it when we were hired as helpers  in the parties here and there.

G-On: Memorize it, is the same as stealing other people’s recipes.

M-E: If your mother’s cooking is this good, why didn’t you open a restaurant?

K: My mother had passed away. I live with my father, just the two of us.

G-On: About what you did, won’t your father be scolding at you?

K: He doesn’t know about it. When I left, I told my father that I would join Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest, then he fell sick and is now waiting to get a surgery. But I couldn’t go back to look after him because Thun….

M-E: It’s all right, I already knew everything from Chai Pat. That’s kanom jeep, who told you to make it?

K: I saw that there were ingredients so I wanted to make it for you. It’s kanom jeep from my mother’s recipe.

M-E: Give me some.

G-On: It’s a waste of your mouth to taste it, right, sister?

M-E: You try it.

G-On: Sister! Do you want me to waste my mouth too?

M-E: Kaeo, this kanom jeep, did you really make it yourself?

G-On: Yes. When I lived in Khun Kaetsara’s house, I also made to sell it. It’s selling really well.

The two grandmothers look at each other.

Episode 8-5

Chai Lek and Chai Phi taste Kaeo’s kanom jeep.

CLek: It’s surely has the same taste with mother Mom Yok’s kanom jeeb that I and Pee Chai Pat had before.

CPhi: It’s also the same taste with Nong Marathi’s which she claimed she made it.

G-On: May be she (Kaeo) stole the recipe, sister.

CPhi: The one who stole the recipe should be Nong Marathi more, grandmother On.

G-On: That one, she came from a royal family, she shouldn’t have that kind of behavior.

M-E: Sombon! Sombon, come here! Go find out for me, who her father and mother are, where they lived and what they do. I want to know the truth about this girl. Let’s see who is lying.

Marathi yells at Yosawin how he could let Krongkaeo go with Chai Pat when he loves her. He says she should look at herself why Chai Pat didn’t love her, and she didn’t take her job seriously too. He asks when she will quit. She says she’s waiting for them to fire her. He asks, if she quits, what she will do, or trying to get a rich husband. He says a rich man is not stupid. Marathi screams at him to go take Krongkaeo back.  He says when a person doesn’t love you, you have to accept it. She says she won’t be defeated, she will win only.

She gets in his car and yells at him to drop her off at Juthathep Palace. He wants her to get off  but she doesn’t want to, so he drives off to the place he wants to go. She notices it’s not the way to Juthathep Palace, and asks if he wants to do something to her. He says she doesn’t have to worry because even if he’s blind, he won’t choose her.

He comes to a club. She asks why he’s taking her here. He says he didn’t take her here , but he came here on his own as a man losing in love, and she can either stay or leave.

M: I won’t be defeated. I’m thinking of  a way to get Pee Chai Pat back.

Y: Seriously, you love Khunchai Pat that much?

M: If  I don’t love him, why would I be doing all these?

He says, he thinks she just wants to defeat them, especially, when another woman is just a beauty queen coming from a simple family, while she’s a Momluang. He warns her if she’s carrying too much honor and pride, she might break her back. She looks down on him that he’s a son of commoners, and how he could stick his head to talk about pride and honor.

Marathi drinks a lot so Yosawin wants to take her back. She tells him to just leave. He says he can’t let her be here alone. She tells him to stop criticizing her because they are in different social classes. He’s had enough with her, so he says, he has never met anyone who has a pretty face but disgusting mind. She splashes water on his face (a classic gesture of all time) and tells him to go away calling him useless. He walks out.

M: Men are foolish!

Pinit orders a drink for Marathi and tells her to drink with him. She smiles and downs the glass.

Episode 8-6

Chai Pat comes to see Kaeo in the kitchen.

CP: Kaeo!

K: Khunchai, sawasdee ka, are you going to the hospital? Do you want to have breakfast?

CP: Leave that. I have a good news for you. The doctor in Ayutthaya informed me that your father is strong enough to get a surgery.

K: Is that true?

CP: I requested that they send your father here. He will arrive in the afternoon, and I will be performing the surgery myself.

K: I will see my father soon. Thank you.

CP: Kaeo! It’s all right. I’m willing to do it for your father, and you should already know that.

K: When my father is fully recovered, we, father and daughter, can leave the capital to live in our house peacefully just like before. I will go change my clothes and please give me a ride to the hospital.

He follows her.

CP: Kaeo! Don’t you want to stay close to me?

K: What?

CP: Why do you and your father have to go back to Ayutthaya?

K: My home is in Ayutthaya.

CP: Don’t you want to stay here, at Juthathep Palace? You and your father can stay here, don’t forget that we are…

K: Don’t say it!

CP: Why? I will say it. We are now husband and wife.

K: Khunchai, when the time comes, everything will end. We will be free from each other, won’t we?

CP: No, we won’t.

K: We made an agreement.

CP: Even we made an agreement, it can be changed.

K: What?

CP: I don’t like that you keep repeating that everything is fake.

K: Khunchai, what happened to you?

CP: Kaeo, you should know how I feel for you, right?

K: I think we shouldn’t feel anything for each other.

CP: Why is that? Why?

K: I’m just a country girl, a daughter of a janitor. The place where I should be is not here.

CP: Don’t say such a silly excuse. The truth is, you just wait for the day I will finish treating your father, and then you will leave me. Is that it, Kaeo?

K: Khunchai, how can you think like that?

Mom Eiet: Chai Pat! Where do you think this place is? A place to bill and coo? You’re a Momratchawong who everybody praised that you are a Juthathep gentleman, why are you behaving so disgracefully?  Don’t you know how to treat a woman honorably? Why would you look at me? You’re wrong and still doesn’t accept your mistake.

CP: I’m sorry, grandmother Mom.

K: Kaeo, is the girl in my care. Give me some thought before you do anything.

CP: Grandmother Mom!

M-E: Why? Are you in doubt about something?

CP: No, I’m not.

M-E: Then, go to work. Don’t meddle with my girl.

CP: Yes.

Kaeo sits with Mom Eiet.

M-E: Do you want to get my permission to go to the hospital?

K: Yes.

M-E: Come closer. This necklace is Chai Pat’s. Did he give it to you?

K: Eh…

M-E: If Chai Pat gave it to you, you must keep it well, and don’t let anyone see it. Do you understand? What kind of surgery your father is getting?

K: Brain surgery.

M-E: Then, you should hurry. A brain surgery is a big surgery involving  lots of risk. May your father be safe.

K: I understand now how Khunchai doctor has come to be so kind and doesn’t mind different social classes. It’s because he has a great grandmother.

M-E: You’re not only beautiful but also a good talker. That’s why Chai Pat……I don’t take social classes seriously myself. Even though I may have a prejudice against some kind of people, it’s not so much that I couldn’t see what’s good or bad. If you think well, do well, and behave well, why wouldn’t I be kind to you?

K: Yes.

M-E: The word kun la sat tri (lady) means a woman with a good family background and manner.

K: I realize that I’m not..

M-E: Stop it. Don’t interrupt when an elder is talking. Listen first.

K: Yes.

M-E: A good family background doesn’t mean only bloodline, but also she has been taught well by the mother, the father, or persons at home. So, what you want to be, you will be. Whether or not you are a kun la sat tri (lady), it’s up to you, yourself.

K: I will remember that.

Marathi wakes up beside Pinit. He wants to talk about their future. He says he will take the responsibility, and he’s very rich too. Khunying Dara wants to come in the room. Marathi gets under the blanket. Pinit tells her he can handle it.

Dara  comes in and asks why they can’t sleep somewhere else. She asked of him for only one thing, let her live peacefully in her quarter but he just can’t give her that.  He says the situation called for it, and he thought this guest room is empty. He tells her it won’t happen again, because he will build another house in case of an emergency like this. He asks if she thinks it’s a good idea. Dara just walks out quietly. Once she’s outside the room, she cries.

Marathi wants to go back but Pinit holds her. He says if she just opens her heart, she will know that he’s better than any men she knew. She wants to go back but Pinit’s men block her way. He asks if she could stay a little longer with him. When she sees boxes of jewelry that Pinit’s men are showing to her, she stops struggling.

Chai Pat is driving with Kaeo to the hospital. A car blocks the road. Chai Pat has to stop the car. Krai and his gang get out. Chai Pat tells Kaeo to wait in the car, and gets out.

Krai: Khunchai, are you having fun stealing someone else ‘s belongings?

CP: Are you having fun stalking?

Krai says he’s here to take back what is his. Krai punches Chai Pat so he punches back.

CP: Couldn’t breathe, could you? This spot, under the heart, is where the rip is very fragile. If it’s hit hard, you will become like this but won’t be dead.

Men pulls Kaeo out of the car.

CP: Kaeo!

Krai takes out his gun:

Krai: You and Nang Kaeo won’t survive today!

A car comes behind them and keeps honking. Krai tells his gang to leave.

K: Khunchai!

She touches his bruised face.

Episode 8-7

K: Does it hurt a lot?

CP: No, not at all.

Then he realizes that it should hurt a lot.

CP: Yes, it’s hurt. It’s hurt.

K: So, does it hurt, or doesn’t hurt?

CP: If I say it doesn’t hurt, you won’t sympathize with me, right?

K: Khunchai.

CP: Kaeo, they don’t give up yet so you must stay inside the palace only, all right?

K: Khunchai, you also. They were brave enough to take a gun here today, we don’t know if they will do something that’s more dangerous next time.

CP: Don’t change the subject, Kaeo. Give me your word first.

K: Khunchai, you give me your word first.

CP: Kaeo!

K: Khunchai!

Kitti arrives at the hospital.

K: Dad! My dad! I’m right here. I won’t leave you anymore.

He asks if she’s all right. She says it’s because of his power protected her, and the help of Khunchai Phuttipat also. Kitti says thank you to Chai Pat.

CP: What I’m doing is not greater than what you and Kaeo are doing for each other. Kaeo, let your father be moved into the operation room so everything will be taken care of.

K: Khunchai will help you in a moment. When you are fully recovered, you come stay with me.

Kitti: Khunchai, if something happens, please continue to be kind to Kaeo.

K: Dad, why are you saying that?

Kitti: Kaeo, this world is full of uncertain things.

K: No! Don’t say that. Khunchai doctor is a great surgeon, the best in the country. He will be able to help you.  Isn’t that right, Khunchai?

Chai Pat nods to her.

Inside the operation room.

Yosawin: Khunchai, are you ready?

CP: Thank you, Yosawin. I’m confident that there’s nothing difficult.

Y: But Khun Kitti is the father of Khun…

CP: Don’t worry. The only thing I will think about when doing the surgery is, the patient must be safe and recover well. Khun Piengporn, are you ready?

P: I’m ready.

CP: Khun Kitti, I will do everything to save you. One thing I’m asking from you, don’t give up.

They start the operation.

CP: It’s done. Khun Kitti is now safe.

Piengporn tells Kaeo that her father is safe now. Khunchai doctor took out the tumor and is stitching up the wound now. He told her to come out and tell Kaeo so she doesn’t have to be worried. Kaeo thanks her. Piengporn says in less than an hour, Khunchai will come out to tell her again about the result in detail. Marathi overhears them talking.

M: What is she doing here?

Yosawin tells her that Chai Pat is doing a surgery for Khun Kaeo’s father. He notices diamond rings on her fingers so he asks if it’s a real diamond. She says she would not use a fake one. He says diamond that big must be very expensive, and her salary would not be enough to buy them. He asks where she got the money from, or who gave them to her. She says she bought them herself and she’s too busy to answer more.

CP: Kaeo, your father is resting. He will wake up and then will sleep again. It will be like that for 2-3 days, but there’s nothing to worry about. I guarantee it.

K: Yes, I know.

CP: Let’s find something to eat. You just said you knew.


CP: Kaeo, stop making sad face.

K: Kaeo…

CP: You are worried about your father. I know. When he opens his eyes, do you want him to see that you’re sad because of him? You should be cheerful and happy. It will make your father be happy too.

K: Yes, I understand.

CP: Good! You should smile like this, and eat a lot.

K: Khunchai, you eat with me too.

He nods.

K: You must smile like me too. Please smile.

Chai Pat tries to smile. She laughs.

CP: Kaeo, I didn’t see you smile like this for a long time. When you are happy, you look very beautiful.

K: Khunchai. What are  you smiling about?

CP: You told me to smile just now.

K: Yes. But…I won’t smile now and will just eat.

Episode 8-8

Pinit tells Marathi that he can buy everything in this department store for her. It’s Yok Fa Department Store which belongs to Chai Pat’s grandfather. Marathi says she wants to eat a French cuisine today so he’s taking her to The Oriental Hotel. Chai Pat’s grandpa sees them and thinks she looks familiar. His man tells him that she’s Pinit’s new mistress. Grandpa says she looks like Marathi, Momluang Marathi, the daughter of Khunchai Thewaphrom, the one they wanted Khunchai Phuttipat, his grandson, to marry.

Marathi asks Pinit that between her and Krongkaeo, Miss Sri Siam, who does he like more?

Pinit: Don’t talk nonsense. How do I know what she’s like when I’ve never touched her.

M: Do you want to touch her?

P: Nu Marathi, why are you talking about such nonsense thing?

M: I can help you. Do you still want her?

P: Are you telling me that…

M: I can do it for you without any exchange.

At the hospital.

K: How are you feeling dad?

Kitti: I feel a lot better.

K: From now on, you won’t have that kind of headache anymore.

Kitit says, from now on, he can go back to work and won’t be her burden anymore. She tells him that he doesn’t need to do anything since she’s grown up now, so she should be the one taking care of him.

Kitti: But you must not do anything you don’t want to, in exchange for money or anything.

CP: As soon as your father gets better,  you talk a lot. Your father is feeling so sleepy but his daughter talks on and on.

K: Khunchai.

Kitti: I didn’t thank you for what you’ve done for us so much yet.

CP: It’s all right. It’s my job, and I want Khun Kitti to get some sleep now.

K: I will let you sleep now. I will go find some delicious food for you to eat.

Chai Pat and Kaeo walks together in a market place.

K: I’m Miss Sri Siam. If  I open a sweet shop like this, the villagers surely will want to be my customer. Once they taste it and love it, they will tell others and others, and my shop will be selling well.

CP: Is there only how to earn money in your brain?

K: I had secretly observed from Khun Kaetsara, and , for the past few days, I have gained a lot of knowledge from Juthathep Palace. What I have learned within these not many days, it’s more precious to me than studying in a college. I will not let it go to waste.

CP: Why are you always thinking about leaving me?

He walks away busily pouting.

K: Khunchai! Khunchai! Please listen to me. (He stops walking and turns to her.) I must stand on my own feet, and won’t disturb others anymore.

CP: Who? Who is others?

K: Khunchai.

CP: What are we?

K: That’s….

CP: Answer me. What are we?

K: It’s….eh…

CP: Just a marriage certificate which makes us a husband and wife.

K: I will register for a divorce as soon as possible. I won’t stall for time or refusing.

CP: You do really want to get away from me as soon as possible, don’t you?

K: No, it’s not that.

CP: Then what do you want?

K: Khunchai, you’ve done so many things for me. You’ve sacrificed yourself to protect me from danger, and you’ve helped treating my father. I’m always at the receiving end. I’m taking advantage of you. What I’m trying to tell you is, I want to earn more money, settle down, have honor, and to have everything that’s better than now. When that time comes, I will be able to truly repay you.

CP: You’re such an arrogant girl.

K: We should stand on our own feet. We must do things to benefit others, and not just always taking from others.

CP: You mentioned others again and again, have you ever heard that a husband and wife are one person by the Law?

K: You’re talking like this again.

CP: Because it’s the truth. Look here, you still have my mother’s necklace on your neck. She gave it to me, to give it to her daughter-in-law, so how can we be others to each other, and most importantly, all of the things I’ve done is the duty of a husband. (He holds her arms.) How about your duty, Kaeo? Be a lovely wife, talk sweetly, and nag a little. Play your part well, don’t forget that those culprits still want you. They are trying to find an opportunity to harm us. Therefore, you must make them believe that we are really husband and wife. Do you understand?


Episode 8-9

K: Khunchai, let me carry it.

CP: Why? A husband wants to carry it for his wife.

K: Khunchai, you are a doctor here, and they know me too. What will they say?

CP: Go ahead. Let them gossip about us however they like.

K: Khunchai!

CP: Why? I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not a bad person. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t trouble anyone. So, I don’t care.

K: Let me carry it myself.

CP: Kaeo! Let me carry it.

K: Khunchai, no.

Marathi sees them and gets angry.

CP: Kaeo, what time will you go back to the palace today?

K: Can I not going back to the palace? I would like to stay and take care of my father.

CP: But you didn’t sleep at all last night. Why don’t you go back and rest at home?

K: I don’t want to leave my father alone anymore.

CP: Kaeo, what do you mean alone? There are many nurses around. I can tell Khun Piengporn to specially look after him. It’s not comfortable to sleep here.

K: It’s all right. I want to stay and I can sleep here. You are the one who should go back and get some rest. Please let grandmother Mom Eiet know that I would like to have her permission to look after my father here for one more night.

CP: But I want to go back with you, so tomorrow we can come together. Kaeo, I don’t want to leave you alone. Even though this is my territory, those people won’t….

K: Khunchai, please don’t worry about me. I will only stay in this room. I promise I won’t get out of this room.

CP: Kaeo, be careful.

K: Yes.

Chai Pat comes home.

G-On: Went out together, disappeared together and didn’t come home all night.

M-E: About you brought her father here to get a surgery, is it true?

CP: Yes, it’s true and the surgery went well, and Kaeo told me to get grandmother Mom’s permission that she wants to be with her father until he’s released from the hospital.

G-On: Kaeo is not a bad girl. Her habits, skills and qualifications, are  not the problem. But bloodline and background can be changed, I want you to carefully think about it.

M-E: Chai Pat, I won’t beat around the bush. You and Kaeo are certain that you love each other, right?

Marathi comes in the room and tells Kaeo that she wants to talk to her outside. Kaeo asks if they can talk in here, but Marathi says it’s just outside and she doesn’t want to disturb the patient.

K: Thun Pinit stormed into Juthathep Palace this morning? Is it true?

M: It’s true. You asked me like this, are you thinking that I’m lying? How can I be so brave to lie about such serious matter?

K: What did he do?

M: He told grandmother Mom everything. Grandmother Mom Eiet and grandmother On were frighteningly threatened. Thun Pinit knew that Pee Chai Pat took you away and put you in the palace, so he went there and demanded that both grandmothers hand you over.

K: Too me away? Put in? Hand over? All are not true. I’m not a thing, whether it’s Thun’s or anyone’s. He doesn’t have any right over me.

 Marathi says the two grandmothers are worried because they love their grandson, because Thun Pinit threatened to fire Chai Pat from the hospital, and if he can’t take it anymore he may kill Chai Pat. Kaeo asks how he can harm anyone like that when there’s law and order in this country.

Marathi says Kaeo should know that Thun Pinit can do everything. She accuses Kaeo of taking advantage of Chai Pat because she knows he loves her. She says, now Chai Pat has already treated her father, and if  Kaeo still has a heart, she should get away from Chai Pat quickly for his safety.

M: All right. If you don’t feel anything, it’s up to you. But if something happens to Pee Chai Pat, you should know that the danger and bad things happens to him because he tries to protect you. I will go to Pee Chai Pat. No matter what happens, I’ll stay by his side.

Marathi runs out, and of course, Kaeo runs after her.


Now I can understand why Chai Pat loves Kaeo so much. She’s not just an innocent girl but a wise one too. I would beam every time Chai Pat tried to woo her knowing she’s young and innocent. He couldn’t say the word love to her but thought it’s so obvious already, and couldn’t understand why she’s reluctant to accept it. I had so much fun watching a serious doctor ran after the girl he loves, calling her name all the while.


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  1. Its funny how is describing kaew in such a negative way and in fact describing marathi. All she knows how to do is dress up to look pretty and doesn’t see the value in things. Kaew is the true gem and marathi is the artificial one and can’t wait until both grandmothers realize that. And seems to me that grandma on has a nasty habit of trying to chase away good women who truly lover her grandsons away. With watdao and now with kaew. I mean, chai pat and marathi love each other?! What alternate reality is she living in? I’m wrong, there is nnnnnooooo reality where chai pat will love marathi.

  2. hahahha where did grandma On get information about Chai Pat love Marathee, grandma On really get on my nerves.

  3. Chai Pat has such strong will! Super excited!! Can’t wait to read the rest! Thanks

    • you’ll see more of his will in the next episode. Makes you think of Celine Dion “the power of love.” Really can’t wait for more

  4. wishing tomorrow will come already. and kaew is something else to say she’ll divorce him afterwards to end the fake marriage. especially when it’s obvious those are just words he’s saying to convince her to along with his plan. he really has no intention of divorcing her really. can’t wait for the parts where they have to face the two grandmothers and have them impressed with her skills. and see their reactions to the kanom jeep that oh so coincidentally taste the same as marathi’s kanom jeep. 😀

    • Thank you for your detailed summary. It really helped as I watched this drama raw as I could not wait for the subs to be released. This is the drama for 2013. So sad the drama will end on this Fri but at least I know I will see the kissing scene at the last installment of this series.

      Once again, thank you.

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