Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 7


As much as I love all Khunchais, my heart almost dropped to the floor every time one of them outrageously put their family in danger. Mom Eiet must be a patient women to groom the boys into such fine gentlemen and full of  spirits too.

Episode 7-1

Bai Bua whispers into Pinit’s ears that she will make Kaeo become unconscious using an anesthetic.  Pinit looks at Chai Pat and Kaeo dancing together. The song ends and the spokesman announces a short break and tells the guests to give the musicians a round of applause.

Chai Pat is taking Kaeo out of the dance floor.

CP: Are you hungry? Let’s find something to drink.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I’m hungry, please take me to have a light snack.

CPhi: Well, Nong Marathi….

M: Pee Chai Phi, Pee Chai Lek, please do not be nice to me more than this, or I’ll tell grandmother Mom. (She walks to Chai Pat.) Let’s go.

A man: Khun Krongkaeo, Thun Krirk wishes to see you.

CPhi: Do you want me to accompany you?

K: It’s all right, I can go by myself. Khunchai, please enjoy yourself.

Kaeo walks outside but there’s no one there.

K: Where is Thun Krirk?

A man comes behind her and puts a cloth with an anesthetic over her nose. Kaeo faints and he carries her away. Bai Bua reports to Pinit that she successfully captured Kaeo. Chai Pat keeps a watchful eye on Pinit.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I want to have a piece of cake.  (She has to say it twice.)

CP: Please wait.

Yosawin: Khunchai, did you see Khun Kaeo?

CP: I wanted to ask you too.

Yos: Didn’t you dance with her just now?

CP: Yes, but someone called her to meet Thunchai Krirk.

Yos: Thunchai Krirk is over there but Khun Kaeo is not.

CP: The last time I saw her, she’s over there.

Ingon and Krai take an unconscious Kaeo from Bai Bua’s men. Chai Pat and Yosawin come out looking for Kaeo.

CP: Kaeo! Kaeo!

Chai Pat finds Kaeo’s shoe on the ground.

CP: Kaeo!

Krai is putting Kaeo into his car.

Ingon: Bai Bua, you don’t know who you are playing with! Just wait, I will frame her untill she couldn’t be born again.

Krai wants to kiss Kaeo saying that old man will not know. Kaeo wakes up.

K: What are you doing? Go way! Let go of me! Go away!

She kicks them out. Wah…my kind of gal.

Chai Lek and Chai Phi catch them.  Chai Pat gets in the car to get Kaeo.

CP: Kaeo!

K: Let go of me! Don’t! Let me go!

Chai Pat carries her away. Chai Lek follows him.

CPhi: Excuse me, allow me to have that.

Chai Phi takes Kaeo’s crown from them. Haha…that’s what I was thinking too.

Ingon wants Krai to go get Kaeo, but Krai says there are three of them, he will end up getting stomped feet on. Ingon screams what they are going to do, those people will surely kill them.

Chai Pat puts Kaeo in his car.

K: Let me go! Let me go!

CP: Kaeo, it’s me! Kaeo, look at me! Kaeo!

K: Khunchai!

CP: Those people wanted to take you to Thun Pinit. We came to help you.

K: All three of you came to help me?

CP: Kaeo, you are safe now.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, I think you should hurry and take her away. We outrageously snatched her away from them, Thun Pinit won’t stay still.

CLek: I think so too. Using this time, that the news hasn’t yet reached his ears, to take Khun Krongkaeo away and hide her somewhere, for her own safety.

CP: Kaeo, will you come with me? (He picks up her shoe.) I found this on the ground, that’s how I knew you were in danger so we came to help you.

Chai Pat puts the shoe on her foot. Aww…

CP: Kaeo, we must get out of here now. Do you understand?

She cries.

Chai Pat drives out.

K: I troubled you again.

CP: Who said so? Actually, you are helping me. Since I became a doctor, I’ve never submitted a request to take a leave. No one could ever pull me away from the operation rooms  if it’s not you, Kaeo.

K: The road is so dark.

CP: Are you afraid?

K: Yes, I’m afraid.

CP: Are you afraid of the dark road or me?

K: I’m afraid of you. I’m afraid Khunchai will drop me here and leave. I will be so afraid to death.

Pinit gets angry that he lost Kaeo again. Nun looks down on Bai Bua’s failed attempts, but he tells her to shut up. Bai Bua says there were some people stole Kaeo from her.

Pinit: I understand that it’s not your fault. It’s about time you go get some rest. Take her to rest!

Bai Bua asks him for another chance, but his man drags her out.

Pinit: Who? Who dared take my woman?!

Nun: Thun, please calm down. Who knows, may be a miracle will happen. Anything can happen.

Pinit: Get away from my feet! Go! (He turns to his man.) You, go find out who dared take my Krongkaeo. Go!

Episode 7-2

K: Did I sleep for a long time? Why didn’t you wake me?

CP: I saw you were sleeping so comfortably so I didn’t want to wake you up.

K: What’s that sound?

CP: It’s the sound coming from the sea.

K: The sea?

CP: I didn’t tell you that here is Hua Hin, and the sea is right in front of the house.

K: The sea? Did I really come to the sea? …….Wow, it’s the sea! It’s really the sea!

CP: Kaeo, you really have never seen the sea before?

K: Yes. This is my first time! It really stretches out beyond our eyes like they said.

Kaeo takes off her shoes and runs to the sea.

CP: Kaeo, where are you going?

K: Play by the sea.

CP: Aren’t you afraid of getting wet?

K: Just let my feet feel the water.

He takes off his shoes.

K: Let’s play together.

Man, seeing them like this, I’m so happy for Chai Pat that he can now enjoy life and smile so wide.

Kaeo is tasting the water.

K: It’s so salty! …What are you smiling about?

CP: Since I’ve met you, I’ve never seen you be this happy. You look happy more than when you won Miss Sri Siam Contest.

K: Khunchai, don’t tease me. Oh, the dress you gave me, now it’s all stained with water and the sand. I’m sorry.

CP: The dress got stained. It could be washed.

K: Is it really all right?

She looks at his glasses, and takes it off from his face. She blows on it so the lenses become clear, and puts it back on him. Chai Pat is stunned by her sweet gesture. They stand there looking at each other.

At Juthathep Palace.

Grandmother On is looking at the newspaper and lets out an exclamation of surprise. She shows it to Mom Eiet.

M-E: Hold it further away, I can’t see. What?

G-On: Far enough?

M-E: That man, he’s Chai Pat. It’s Thunchai Krirk’s ballroom party last night, Chai Pat looks so elegant.

G-On: Sis, don’t just admire your grandson. Look at the woman he was dancing with who she is.

M-E: She’s beautiful. This woman, she is Thunying Urai, Thun Krirk’s wife, isn’t she?

G-On: No, she’s not. This woman’s name is Krongkaeo.

M-E: Krongkaeo? I’m not familiar with her name. Whose ambassador’s wife is she?

G-On: Sis, don’t you remember? She’s the latest Miss Sri Siam that fell from the stage and got admitted into Chai Pat’s hospital.

M-E: Give me my glasses. Let me see, you can go out now.

G-On: Sis, can’t you see? Chai Pat was smiling so broadly till his lips almost reached his ears. This is really unusual, sis.

M-E: You think Chai Pat and this woman has an intimate relationship? No way! Chai Pat is not an unreliable man like that!

G-On: Sis, Chai Pat is a man. If he got encouraged seeing her showing off her flesh, is it possible that his feeling would not be shaken? Also, this woman got on stage and showed her thighs to whole country before, what’s so difficult with Chai Pat alone? And look at their dancing poses, so much skin-ship, will you not be worried at all?

M-E: You’re right. Chai Pat must not fall under this seductive woman.

Marathi comes in and sees the newspaper.

M: Grandmother Mom, you saw what Pee Chai Pat did to me, didn’t you?He never thinks of my face. Last night, he left me to find my way home again! And this, shouldn’t it be the picture of Pee Chai Pat and me? He did this, where am I going to put my face?

G-On: Calm down, Nu Marathi.

M-E: Chai Pat is becoming unreliable. On, bring Chai Pat here!

Chum shouts at Chai Pat and Kaeo that he entered the property without permission. Then he realizes it Chai Pat. He says they dress like they’re going to a ballroom party.

CP: I’m sorry that I came without any notice.

Chum says sorry too that he didn’t recognize him at first.

CP: My father bought this house for a long time. When we were young, our father loved to take us here very often, but I didn’t come here for a long time.  Uncle Chum, please arrange the room and find some clothes for Khun Krongkaeo to wear. Uncle Chum!

Chum: Yes. Excuse me, your name is Krongkaeo? You are…eh…

CP: That’s right. This is Khun Krongkaeo, Miss Sri Siam.

Chum: It’s really Miss Sri Siam.

CP: Uncle Chum, don’t tell anyone that Khun Krangkaeo is here, because she wants to have her privacy.

Chum: Yes, I understand.

Ingon comes to see Pinit and shows him the newspaper. She says Bai Bua failed and somebody took Kaeo from her, and she saw it herself that Kaeo was taken against her will. They tell Pinit that it’s Chai Pat who taken Kaeo.

Nun reminds him that Chai Pat was the one took care of Kaeo’s wound, and let her stay at the hospital when it’s unnecessary, and specially took her in as his patient.

Pinit: What does it mean?

Ingon: It means Khunchai Phuttipat loves Nu Kaeo. That’s why he tried every way to get close to Nu Kaeo, but Kaeo was willing. So Khunchai resorted a dirty trick and kidnapped her even when he already knew you had an eye on Nu Kaeo.

Pinit: Khunchai Phuttipat, you want to challenge my power? I will show you!

Episode 7-3

Sombon tells the grandmothers that Chai Pat didn’t come last night.

M: Can’t you see grandmother Mom? It’s really unusual, there must be a shameful thing happened. I’ll go tell my father, Pee Chai Pat must take the responsibility that he betrayed us.

G-On: Chai Pat who is always be a good man will be ruined because of this.

M-E: Stop it!We don’t know anything except that he didn’t come home. Before we make any conclusion, we have to know where Chai Pat went first, what he’s doing, or if there’s anything happened. We have to find him first, and ask the reason from him.

Chai Pat wakes up and looks for Kaeo.

CP: Kaeo, are you awake? Kaeo, I’m coming in.

Chai Pat comes down and greets uncle Chum and aunt Nuan. Nuan says sorry that she could open just one bedroom, because other rooms are so dusty and have many things inside.

CP: It’s all right. I’m sorry too, that I came here unannounced. The room is clean and comfortable.

Nuan: Thank you.

CP: Uncle Chum, where is Krongkaeo?

Chai Pat comes to the kitchen and smells her the food.

CP: It smells good. What are you doing?

K: Khunchai, you are awake. Are you hungry?

CP: I just feel hungry when I got the smell of this fried garlic.

K: I made seafood boiled rice.

CP: Seafood boiled rice?

K: Yes. The shrimps and squids are so big. Uncle Chum told me he saw they took it down from the fishing boat, so I asked some of them to make boiled rice.

CP: It looks tasty.

Nuan is looking at the couple.

Chum: Nuan, what are you looking at?

Nuan: Khunchai’s girlfriend. She’s very beautiful but she’s not from the Thewaphrom.

Chum: It’s strange. They came just the two of them but didn’t sleep in the same room. Khunchai slept at the porch. If it were me, I wouldn’t let her get away.

Nuan says Chai Pat comes from a good family and he’s a gentleman, not like him, took her away and asked for her parents forgiveness later. He says these days people won’t mind it. Even when they are not married or get engaged, they just spend the night together at the motel. Nuan says if do that, it’s not the Juthathep gentlemen.

They walk along the beach.

K: The air here is fresh and nice.

CP: Kaeo, you will have to stay here for a while. Can you stay here?

K: In the end, I brought you some trouble again.

CP: Who told you? It’s me and my younger brothers who took you.

K: So will Thun do something to all of you?

CP: Kaeo, my family is not a poor one, and Thun is not the only powerful man in this country. He chose to use a thief method with you, if we just stayed still, we would be called cowards. It’s embarrassing, and not gentlemanly conduct.

K: But I’m afraid.

CP: Don’t be afraid, Kaeo. I will protect you.

K: I’m not afraid for myself but for you. Thun is a very powerful man.

CP: Kaeo, if good people are afraid of bad people, and let them do whatever they want. This world won’t be a world anymore.

K: But please don’t be too careless.

CP: I’m not a stupid man. For a person like me, before I will do anything, I already think it over. You stay here, in my house and try to live with the villagers harmoniously. Thun’s lackeys shouldn’t be able to find you easily.

They come to the market and buy some clothes.

CP: It’s all done, Kaeo. I sent a telegraph to your father’s doctor telling him to treat your father secretly and don’t let anyone come near.

K: How is my father’s condition?

CP: His high blood pressure is getting better but he’s underweight. He needs to be nourished to become stronger before he could be sent to the capital. If there’s a chance, I will take you to visit your father as soon as possible. But for now, you have to stay here because Thun can use your father as a bait.

K: Thank you so much, Khunchai.

CP: And about me, I sent a telegraph to report to the hospital, there should be no problem because since I came to work, I’ve never taken a leave at all, and when someone took a leave, I always worked for them instead.

K: I know that you love job very much.

CP: Yes, I love my job, so let me take a break to love something else.

K: If we are done here, I think we should go back. It’s getting hot.

CP: Don’t you want to ask, Kaeo?

K: Ask about what?

CP: Ask that I’m taking a break from loving my job to love what? or who?

K: I won’t ask.

CP: Won’t ask? You won’t ask because you don’t want to know or you already knew?

They come back to house. Two men are running toward them and calling for uncle Chum. A man says someone saw Khunchai doctor at the market late this morning.

CP: It’s me.

The man asks Chai Pat to help his wife, she’s been in labor since last night, and until  now, she doesn’t deliver the baby yet.

CP: Where is your wife?

The man says the mountain’s name. Chai Pat looks at Kaeo.

Episode 7-4

Chai Pat and Kaeo arrive at the village.

CP: Kaeo, you will have to be my assistant. Can you do it?

K: Sure, I can.

They run to the woman but her parents think Chai Pat looks too young, the husband has to beg them to let Chai Pat gets inside saying that he’s doctor from a government hospital. They let him get inside. A midwife is taking care of the woman in labor, she says, the baby’s head doesn’t turn to the head-down position.

Chai Pat tells them to get out because the patient might be suffocated. He cleans his hands with hot water. The midwife gets angry, and says if they are going to let this baby-faced doctor do it, if something happens, don’t blame it on her.

Chai Pat touches the woman’s mid body and says, the baby’s head didn’t turn down to the right position.

K: What are you going to do?

CP: We will have to rotate the baby to the head-down position.

K: It can be done?

CP: Yes, of course. Here, the baby’s head is here.

Chai Pat tells the mother to take it easy. He counts one, two, three and pushes on her body trying to rotate the baby. The woman screams in pain but she cooperates with Chai Pat.

K: Khun Chai!

CP: The mother body’s structure is big, her pelvis is large, so there will be no problem.

K: What if, there’s a problem?

CP: Have to operate.

K: What? But we don’t have any equipment?

CP: Shush! I said there would be no problem so there will be no problem.

CP: (Talk to the baby) Get ready kid. Let’s play kid. (Talk to the mother) Are you ready? One, two, three.

She screams so loud. Chai Pat does it again and again. The midwife says how a baby-faced doctor can do anything, and walks home.

CP: The baby’s head has turned

Kaeo repeats what Chai Pat said to the villagers. She wants to tell them some more but Chai Pat grabs her arm and tells her to stay here to help him. He helps the mother deliver the baby successfully.

CP: You’re good, aren’t afraid of blood?

K: Because you’re good so I’m not afraid.

CP: Normally, I don’t assist in childbirth very often.

K: But why you looked so confident?

CP: I can’t, Kaeo. If the doctor is not confident, what the patient would feel.

K: That means you acted like it’s easy but actually it’s difficult, right?

CP: Delivering a baby is a natural thing. The nature works itself half way, and we do another half.

K: But you just saved both lives.

CP: Because we got lucky that the problem wasn’t that big, so we could manage. But if we were unlucky, instead of receiving a compliment, we would be thronged around and , in the end, dropped flat on the ground.

Yosawin tells Piengporn that Chai Pat sent him a message by telegraph that he’s taking three days off. Yosawin says don’t ask him more because that’s all he know too. Piengporn says, Chai Pat tells them too sudden, but Yosawin says Chai Pat’s been working hard so he deserves a holiday.

M: Did Pee Chai Pat take a leave?

Y: Yes.

M: Take a leave to where? Why didn’t I know about it?

Y: Nobody knows either but we just know because Khunchai sent a message by telegraph.

Marathi checks the address. It’s sent from Hua Hin.

M: Did he go to Hua Hin? Why? With who?

Yosawin teases her in the end that Chai Pat didn’t invite her to go with him, how sad.

Mom Eiet learns that Chai Pat didn’t go to work. Grandmother On says, it’s really not like Chai Pat to go somewhere without telling them. Mom Eiet wonders if there’s something happen to him.

M: I think nothing happened, he just wanted to get away from me.

M-E: Nu Marathi, why are you saying that?

M: Because what Pee Chai Pat did can’t interpret into something else, and he ran from me as far as Hua Hin!

G-On: Chai Pat went to Hua Hin?

M: Yes. He telegraphed a message to the hospital taking 3 days off, without telling me.

She asks Mom Eiet how many times already that he did this to her. Mom Eiet tells her to listen to his  reason from him first. Marathi says his reason is that he doesn’t want her to go with him which means he doesn’t want her to be a part of his life. Grandmother On tries to calm her down. But Marathi forgot herself and criticizes them that in the past, they couldn’t do anything to their grandsons. She calls their promise a duped one.

Mom Eiet tells Marathi that her promise is not just the wind blowing out of her mouth. Chai Pat must keep Juthathep’s word and honor. If he disobeys her order, she will be the one arrange the wedding between her and Chai Pat.

Episode 7-5

Chai Pat calls Kaet to let her know that he’s with Kaeo.

Kaet: Khun Chai Pat has taken Kaeo to a safe place.

Yam says Khunchai is Kaeo’s hero.

Chin: But I’m worried if Thun Pinit knows that Khunchai is challenging him, what will happen?

Kaet: Khun Chin, if we’re confident that we’re doing the right thing, we won’t have anything to worry about, because in the end, the good deeds will win over the bad deeds and I believe Khunchai is doing the right thing.

Marathi: What is Pee Chai Pat doing?

Marathi asks what they were talking about Chai Pat. Yam says they said he’s great doctor.

M: A great doctor but a cruel fiance.

Kaet: What happened, Marathi?

M: Look at this. Pee Chai Pat ruined Thewaphrom’s honor. He took me to the party but danced with a show-off-thigh girl, Pinit’s mistress, a dirty woman.

Kaet: Marathi, if you don’t know the truth, you shouldn’t accuse Nu Kaeo like that.

M: Why can’t I? Pee Kaet, you just called her Nu Kaeo, do you know her to call her so close like that?

Kaet: That…

M: What that?

Kaet: Yes, I know Kaeo.

M: That means the way you know her she must be so great, but I can tell you that it’s all her artificial acts. Since she fell from the stage, she lured Pee Chai Pat to like her and use him to negotiate her price with Thun Pinit.

Yam says Kaeo is not like that, so Marathi asks if she knows Kaeo. Marathi tells Kaet to tell her the truth.

Kaet: Yes. We all know Kaeo because she used to stay here. She helped me making the sweets to sell such as kanom jeep that you loved to buy for the Juthathep.

M: What?

Kaet: Listen to me first, Marathi. It’s because Kaeo doesn’t want to be Thun Pinit’s mistress so Khunchai Pat’s helping her. He brought her to stay here for a while.

Chin: She was in a critical situation, to push her away would be too cruel so we…

M: Let her stay here?

Kaet: Yes.

M: What about me? You sympathized with her but did you sympathize with your blood sister also? Pee Kaet, you aren’t worried that Pee Chai Pat will be taken from me by that beauty queen?

Kaet: It’s not like that. I love my sister too. Isn’t that good that I let her stay? If I didn’t let her, wouldn’t Khunchai have to take her to the palace or somewhere else that we wouldn’t know and went to see her behind our backs? Wouldn’t that be worst?

M: Where is she now? Is she here? I want to talk to her. Nang Kaeo! Nang Kaeo! Where are you hiding your head? Come out right now!

Chin: Khun Marathi, please calm down.

Kaet: Kaeo is not here anymore.

M: Then where is she? Don’t tell me that she’s with Pee Chai Pat at Hua Hin!

The villagers apologize to Chai Pat for insulting him at first and thank him. Chai Pat says it’s normal for a doctor to treat the patient. He wants to leave now but a grandpa says it won’t be good if it gets dark while they’re traveling back, and suggests he stay overnight. The mother wants Chai Pat to name her baby, but he leaves it to Kaeo.

K: You want me to name the baby? Let’s see, this baby was born in a fisherman village, on an island surrounded by the sea. He’s a baby boy, how about Samutthai [sa-mut-thai]?   *samut = marine, sea, ocean

CP: Samutthai? Does it mean Thai sea? It’s a beautiful name. See, you know how to give a name more than me.  (He touches her head.)

K: Khunchai! You’re treating me like a kid.

The mother says they are a couple who loves each other very much. She’s beautiful and he’s handsome, perfectly suitable for each other.

At night.

CP: Kaeo, are you feeling embarrassed that they say we’re a couple?

K: No. I didn’t think anything.

CP: You said like this making me feel sad.

K: Khunchai, you love to say an inappropriate thing. (Looking at the sky) Wow, there are so many stars. They can be seen so clearly here, clearer than my home in Ayutthaya.

CP: You love to look at the stars?

K: Yes, but I don’t know their names. I just love looking at them.

CP: That’s called Dao Neua (North Star).  *dao = star, neua = north

K: Dao Neua.

CP: Those are Mu Dao Luk Kai (Pleiades, Seven Sisters). Try counting how many of them.

She counts them and says six.

CP: No, there are seven of them.

K: But I could count just six.

CP: Most people will see only six of them, but for some people with better eye sight or an expert in astronomy, they will see another one hiding. It’s called Dao Luk kai – the shy and tiny one.   *dao = star, luk kai = a chick

K: Where is the seventh one?

CP: There.

K: I couldn’t see it, were you lying to me?

CP: Why would I lie to you? It’s over there, look carefully.

K: Keep your hand still. (She holds his arm to look at the star.)

Their faces get so close, and our Khunchai can’t take his eyes off her.

K: I found it, the seventh one.

CP: Kaeo, you’re so beautiful, more beautiful than every star.

K: Khunchai.

CP: I’m saying the truth.

K: Khunchai, please stop staring at me.

CP: Kaeo, tonight, let’s look at the stars together.

K: But…

CP At 3 a.m., a comet will appear. It’s said people who lived by the sea would see it clearer, even with plain eyes.

K: A comet?

He tells her the name of the comet, it was on the newspaper yesterday.

K: 3 a.m. ? What if I fall asleep?

CP: If you fall asleep, I will wake you up.

K: Khunchai, won’t you get some sleep?

CP: How can I when you’re by my side?

K: Khunchai.

CP: Let’s sit down and look at the stars.

This scene makes me feel like a serious doctor was trying to woo an innocent girl.

He points to each group of the stars and tells her its name.

They get back. He helps her get down the boat.

CP: Be careful.

K: Thank you Khunchai.

She lets him hold her hand and walks together for the first time.

They come back to the house only to see grandmother On is waiting.

CP: Grandmother On!

G-On: So it’s true that you came with this beauty queen. (Kaeo takes her hand out of his.) I want to faint now, Somsri!

Somsri tells her to take a deep breath.

Okay, it’s not a good situation for the couple, but I had to smile looking from the grandmothers’ point of view. Haha, it’s like these elders have to take a deep breath every time they’re trying to marry one of their grandsons off to the Thewaphrom.

Episode 7-6

G-On: I couldn’t believe that you could do such shameful thing.

CP: Grandmother, please listen to my explanation first.

G-On: A man and a woman took a boat trip and disappeared the whole night, what explanation will there be? Especially, you went with a woman who could get naked in public!

K: I didn’t get naked.

G-On: I didn’t talk to you. Do not interfere!

Why Chai Pat is looking more and more like Nobita Doraemon to me? Haha.


CP: Grandmother, we didn’t do any shameful things.

G-On: Staying close to this kind of woman is shameful enough. You are an inexperienced  in terms of woman’s crafty pretense. I saw a lot of them, women who wanted to lift up their status. Some joined the beauty contest, some tried to find a rich husband, and some did both! Shameless!

CP: Grandmother!

G-On: Go back to the palace with me now. Only you alone!

CP: But…

G-On: No but! Or Chai Pat wants to see me and grandmother Mom Eiet suffer from heartbreak. You don’t think this lowly woman is better than us, do you, Chai Pat?

Kaeo gets up and leaves.

CP: Kaeo!

G-On: Chai Pat!

Chai Pat sits down frustrated.

Kaeo stands by the beach thinking of how grandmother On had criticized her. Chai Pat follows her.

CP: Kaeo! Where are you going?

K: Khunchai, stop being concerned about me, let me go.

CP: No, I won’t let you go anywhere, Kaeo!

K: But I don’t want to be the cause of your problem, and your fighting with the elders. Please let me go my way.

CP: Then what? You want to take the risk of getting captured by Thun Pinit? Kaeo, if you are captured, can’t you think of  how sad I will be?

K: Khunchai.

CP: Kaeo, I’m begging you. Don’t worry about whether I’ll be in trouble or not. I’m willing to do everything for you to be safe, because you are my important person. I’ll go back to Bangkok, and will solve all of the problems with my grandmothers. For you, wait here, and I will hurry come back to you. Please trust me. Don’t run away.

He embraces her.

CP: Everything will pass nicely. Kaeo, trust me.

Thun Pinit stomps his feet on the hospital’s ground. He storms into the director’s office.

Director: Thun Pinit.

Pinit: Answer me. Who donated to this hospital with the highest amount?

D: It’s Thun Pinit.

P: When the hospital was in trouble and needed help, did I ever refuse to help?

D: Never.

P: Did I ever ask anything from this hospital?

D: Never.

P: Did I ever interfere in this hospital’s management?

D: No, never.

P: Then why your doctor had to interfere in my personal business?

D: Who’s that?

P: There’s only one person! I trusted him and put her in his care, but he stabbed me on my back. He took my woman away! Your doctor dared to step on my face. He challenged my power! How do you want me to take care of him? If you still love and care for the poor who are in need of your hospital’s help, take care of this problem!

At Juthathep Palace.

Mom Eiet: Chai Pat, answer me that it’s not true. Momratchawong Phuttipat Juthathep didn’t behave so badly!

Chai Lek and Chai Phi run inside.

CLek: Grandmother Mom, please don’t be angry. Let’s relax and talk casually.

CPhi: Let’s talk outside. The weather is nice outside so you will fresh, grandmother Mom.

G-On: Chai Lek, Chai Phi, don’t be slippery like monkeys fooling its royal owner.  No matter what happens, Chai Pat won’t get away with it today. Be quiet! Please continue sister.

M-E: Chai Pat, you will have to accept that you’re very naive about women. Since when you were young until now, you’ve spent your time only with text books and in operation rooms.  You won’t be able to see through the trick of that kind of woman, believe me.

CP: Kaeo is not that kind of woman, grandmother. She’s a good person.

G-On: A woman who was so brave to wear a tiny suit for the whole country to see and willing to be Thun Pinit’s mistress, and you still said she’s a good person? She’s worthless, without pride, dirtier than feces. Don’t let yourself get stained more than this.

CP: Grandmother Mom, you can’t judge Kaeo by listening from others. It’s not fair.

M-E: Did you just criticize me?

CPhi: Please listen to Pee Chai Pat’s reason first, grandmother.

CP: Grandmother Mom, did you know why she joined the beauty contest? It’s because her father fell sick, and to take care of him she needed a lot of money. She didn’t have a choice, that’s why she allowed herself to wear that suit walking up the stage. She never wanted to become anyone’s mistress. She even tried to get away. It’s Thun Pinit who didn’t let her go. He did everything to have her and that was why I needed to take her away, to help her.

G-On: Whatever! She’s too low for you to tarnish your reputation.

CLek: What is high, what is low, how do you differentiate that? You taught us that fame and nobility would be worthless without goodness.

CPhi: And if Khun Krongkaeo is a good person, do we still need fame and  nobility?

G-On: You two dare to counter me?

CP: Grandmother Mom, you taught us that we were lucky to be born in Juthathep family, but not to use that luck to step on other people, but use it to help people who were not as lucky as we were.

M-E: If what you said is true, I must stop you from making any contact with her.

CP: Grandmother Mom!

M-E: Thun Pinit is the most powerful man in this country, you shouldn’t challenge him, it’s not worth it.

CP: Are you telling me to sit still and watch good people get harmed by powerful people?

G-On: Grandmother Mom wants you to pull yourself out and let someone else with direct authority to take care of it.

CP: Someone else with direct authority? Who is that?

G-On: Anyone but not us.

CP: Grandmother! You knew that there’s none.

G-On: Stop talking back already!

CP: I’m just trying to say that to do a good person’s duty, by helping good people and fighting with the bad people, is everyone’s duty, is it not? Grandmother, aren’t you feel proud of us that we didn’t stay still to the injustice of the society? Or grandmother wants your grandsons to be the kind of good persons who stay still and care of nothing.

G-On: You talk so aggressively, you must have been brainwashed by that woman.

CP: Why do you have to blame everything on Kaeo?

G-On: As if it’s not true.

CP: Kaeo is just a tiny woman but brave enough to stand up and fight against every dark power. What about us? We are the Juthathep, but what did we do? We did nothing at all but we still called ourselves good people. Aren’t you feel ashamed?

(He turns to Mom Eiet.) Since I was young until now, I’ve always had faith in grandmother Mom Eiet and grandmother On’s teaching, please, this time, don’t forbid me from doing the thing that should be done.

M-E: Chai Pat, Chai Pat must say the truth, that you didn’t love that woman, right?

Oh dear, this part took me longer than I thought to translate. The grandmothers were right in terms of protecting their grandsons, and Chai Pat was right too, in terms of humanity.

Episode 7-7

Nuan: Khun Kaeo.

K: I’m all right.

Nuan: It’s all right, I understand.

K: I only want these bad things that happened to end. I feel bad for Khunchai. I don’t to be his burden more than this…..I’m going back to stay with my father.

Nuan: Khun Kaeo, no, you must wait for Khunchai. Don’t go anywhere.

K: Khunchai has been really good to me, but I am the problem, I’m the cause of everything troubling Khunchai. I’ll go to my father whatever will happen.

Nuan: Khun Kaeo!

Chum: Isn’t it better to wait until Khunchai come back? You want to go away but don’t you think when Khunchai comes back, he will be very sad.

Chai Pat is sitting alone. Chai Phi brings him a glass of liquor.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, do you want to drink to clear out your stress?

CP: You think it could help solve the problem? It will make us get drunk, lose our senses and do things incautiously.

CLek: I told you, it wouldn’t work.

CP: What should I do to help Kaeo get away from Thun Pinit?

CLek: What about the problem here? It looks like grandmother Mom and grandmother On still don’t accept your decision, and about Nong Marathi too.

CP: We must solve it one at a time. Kaeo’s matter is the most important.

CPhi: The most important? Why is that? Is it because of your heart?

CP: Chai Phi!

CPhi: There’s nothing wrong about it, Pee Chai Pat. We, the five lions, wouldn’t betray one another. Whatever you feel, with who, or have layers of secret, we can trust our brothers.

CLek: Pee Chai Pat, you love Khun Krongkaeo, don’t you?

CPhi: If you don’t love her, lift your left hand. But if you love her, lift your right hand.

Chai Pat lifts his left hand, then change to right hand and lifts up high.

CPhi-CLek: Yeah! Finally, our hermit got out of his perseverance! Yeah!

CLek: If that’s the case, I think there’s way to help Khun Kaeo to get away from Thun Pinit, but Pee Chai Pat will have to become an ungrateful grandson to grandmother Mom’s eyes. Will you want to allow that?

Chai Pat comes to see the director.

CP: You called for me urgently, what is it?

D: Khunchai, Thun Pinit came to our hospital this morning. He told me many things about you and Khun Krongkaeo. Is it true?

CP: Yes, it’s true.

Chai Pat sits down with him.

CP: I’m so sorry that I made the hospital get into trouble. It’s because I couldn’t stand seeing one good person fall prey to a taking-advantage one.

D: Thun Pinit threatened me to cancel all the donations he’s been supporting our hospital.

CP: That means…

D: Khunchai, I’m not taking any sides, but I’m worried about the patients. The destitute patients who are relying on the donation, what will become of them?

CP: So Thun Pinit meant to use this method to crush me into submission?

D: This is only an official method, but there are many unofficial methods more that he can do. I don’t need to go into detail, right?

Chai Pat meets Marathi (and I want to skip the scene, can I?)

M: Were you having fun at Hua Hin? Don’t you want to tell me with whom you were with?

CP: I have a surgery, not free to talk.

M: Not free or can’t face me? Feeling embarrassed that you were caught taking that b.. for cuddling as far as Hua Hin?

CP: Marathi!

At the beach house.

Nuan sees two men looking into the property suspiciously. She tells Chum but thinking they must be looking for their relatives. Chum asks her where Khun Kaeo is.

Kaeo is walking away from the house.

K: Khunchai, I’m sorry.

She perks up and sees Bai Bua.

K: Khun Bai Bua!

Bai Bua: I came to take you home, Nang Krongkaeo! I knew Khunchai would hide you here. Time’s up for the holiday, go back to completely fulfill Miss Sri Siam’s duty.

Two men grab Kaeo. Chum fires his gun.

Chum: Release Khun Kaeo at once or the next one , someone will die!

Bai Bua: You think you alone can harm us?

Chum: Count again if I came alone or not.

Nuan comes with many villagers, and tells Bai Bua to let Kaeo go.

Bai Bua: If you do something to me, Nang Krogkaeo will be hurt too!

K: That’s not true! These people want me, they won’t dare do anything to me! (She turns to Bai Bua.) If you harm me even a little bit, Thun Pinit will punish you!

Kaeo runs to Nuan.

Bai Bua: You don’t know right, who are you playing with?

Chum says his duty is to protect the property, one more step, he will fire.

Bai Bua: Nang Kaeo, you think Khunchai will be able to protect you forever? I’m telling you, no one can refuse Thun Pinit! Your life and Khunchai Phuttipat’s life will never be at peace.

Nuan tells Kaeo not to listen to her.

Bai Bua: If there’s anything happen to Khunchai Phuttipat, know that it’s all because of you alone!

Chum tells her to get out.

Bai Bua: You will be sorry for what you’ve done!

Episode 7-8

Nuan: Khun Kaeo, don’t pay attention to what that madam said.

K: Aunt Nuan, I’m putting Khunchai into trouble. What if Thun Pinit gets angry and does something to Khunchai, what do I do?

Chum: Khun Kaeo, you came all this way, even if you run out of Khunchai’s life, it won’ t make thing to get better. The only thing you should do now is, believe in him. Don’t run away again, wait here for him to come back. All right?

Nuan: All right, Khun Kaeo?

Nun tells Krai that she doesn’t have any money, and to tell her mother too. If she has some, she will send it to them. He shouldn’t come here. Krai wants to take her pearl accessories instead but she pushes him away.

Pinit slaps Bai Bua that she couldn’t bring Kaeo back. She says Kaeo is hiding in Khunchai’s property, so what she can do. Pinit gets his gun and yells at her that her chance has ended. Nun stops him not to shoot here, the blood will stain the floor and Bai Bua’s soul will haunt the house. She tells him to drag her out to the yard and shoot her there. Haha. Bai Bua begs for another chance.

Pinit: Who said I would kill you? I will challenge Khunchai to a duel like a European gentleman. One on one, whoever win will get her!

Krai comes in says he’s taking the liberty of coming in here himself. He offers his service to get Kaeo, and tells Pinit to quit using Bai Bua, and pay him directly without going through his mother. Pinit is interested.

At the hospital.

Yosawin: Khunchai, you said you would take 3 days off, but it’s just only two days and you helped me too.

CP: I came to see the head doctor and saw the patient that I knew his condition, so I wanted to do the surgery myself.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I must talk to you. What you did means you don’t care about our families ‘s honor and reputation, do you?

CP: Marathi, this is not the place to talk about that.

M: Then where should we will be talking? You ran from home, took a leave, and didn’t come to the hospital. You’ve changed, ruined your work and reputation. You concern only about doing thing on the bed, took a mistress to have fun at the sea and not anywhere else but a family’s resort at Hun Hin. So shameful and disgusting!

CP: It’s not like that. Nothing shameful had happened.

M: You took that b* away from the party to the sea just the two of you in the middle of the night. If there’s nothing happened, then why did you go? Shooting and fishing?

CP: Marathi! You are a well-born, do not disgrace yourself talking like a market woman.

M: A market woman is better than a shameless woman who went around showing her thighs selling herself!

CP: Marathi, it’s enough! I won’t talk to you anymore. You don’t want the truth. You came just to criticize others.

M: Pee Chai Pat! Pee Chai Pat!

Yosawin: Khun Marathi! Khunchai already said he didn’t want to talk to you.

M: What does that have to do with you? Are you his body guard?

Yosawin: I am our institution’s body guard. I don’t want to see a nurse yell so loud at a doctor that he has to run around the hospital, yet you’re still running after him shouting to ruin yourself like you are on a speakerphone. What do you think people who come here would think? Do you think that the whole incident would be enjoyable to watch?

M: Dr. Yosawin!

She walks away.

Yosawin: Marathi, I think you should make up your mind.

M: Why are you following me? Don’t mess with my business!

Y: Marathi, believe it or not that you can stop being the suffered one and become a happy one immediately, if you just change your mind.

M: What do you mean?

Y: You were told since young that you would get married with Khunchai, weren’t it? So you’ve been holding on to that as life’s goal. Have you ever asked yourself if you really love Khunchai? Or have Khunchai ever loved you?

M: Stop talking!

Y: Don’t you want to think about it in a truthful way? Don’t you want to look at the world in a different angle? You are a beautiful woman. If you could just open your heart and look at other men, and let Khunchai Pat go.

M: Let Pee Chai Pat go, and let him do whatever he wants with Nang Krongkaeo?

Y: Yes. ….With who?

M: Nang Krongkaeo, Miss Sri Siam who is also your sweetheart, isn’t she?

Y: Khun Marathi, do not fool around.

M: I didn’t fool around. You saw yourself  how sweet Pee Chai Pat and Nang Krongkaeo dancing together at the party, and after that, there’s a short circuit and made them become blind, forget about dignity and pride, and run away to get involved sexually at Hua Hin!

Y: That’s not true. Khun Krongkaeo is not like that, and Khunchai too.

M: So how is it? You’ve been teaching others, and now you face it yourself. How do you feel? Krongkaeo, your angel, is actually just a seductive girl, worthless, shameless!

Y: Do not frame Khun Krongkaeo.

M: Are you suffering? Sad? Disappointed? It’s so easy to fix, just change your mind, stop loving, stop hoping for that woman who is only beautiful on the outside but once you kisses her, she stinks! Just do that, it’s so easy!

Y: I don’t believe you.

M: Make up your mind and accept the truth, that your Khunchai doctor is not a good Khunchai Phuttipat anymore. He’s blind, and full of lust, enough to leave his work, run from home to enjoy himself with his woman, the same one who’s giving you hope.

Krai waits for Khunchai to get out of the hospital and follows him. He intercepts Chai Pat’s car and gets out.

Krai: Be a doctor is  not good enough, want to become a patient?

He points his gun at him…and fires.

Episode 7-9

Krai fires his gun.

K: Khunchai! Khunchai, don’t leave me!

CP: Kaeo! I’m here. I’m right here, Kaeo.

K: Khunchai! (She hugs him.)

CP: Kaeo. Don’t cry, my girl. Don’t cry. I’m not going anywhere anymore.

She gets off him.

K: Khunchai, I’m sorry.

CP: Sorry? What’s it for?

K: That I..hugged you. I forgot myself. I was so happy. I thought Khunchai would never come back.

CP: Why would I not come back? I said I would come back so I will come back.

K: I was afraid something might happen to you, and your palace (family) would not want your reputation to be ruined.

CP: Kaeo, no one could ever stop me. When a person like me wants to do something, nothing can be the obstacle.

K: Is that true?

CP: What do you mean by is that true ? You didn’t trust me? You thought I lied?

K: No! But I’m thinking that may be you are just trying to console me, or lying to yourself.

CP; Kaeo.

K: It’s the same thing like when you weren’t good at assisting a childbirth, and the truth was, you didn’t know whether or not you could do it successfully but you would appear confident and determined so that everybody would relax.

CP: Kaeo.

K: Khunchai, for some problem, we will have to accept the truth.

CP The truth? All right, I will show you what the truth is. Hurry wash your face, take a baht, and dress properly.

K: Is it the time that I have to leave?

CP: Don’t ask! Hurry and get ready to go out. (He gives her a dress.) Be quick!

Kaeo comes out with all her belongings.

CP: Where are you going to take those?

Kaeo: I thought we were going back…

CP: Back to where? Uncle Chum, take these.

K: But those are my personal things. That evening gown, I will dry clean it first, and return it to you. I know it’s very expensive.

CP: Kaeo, do not say anything that will make me get angrier. Don’t talk like you don’t know me! Don’t talk like we are strangers! Come here, get in the car….Get in the car!

K: Where are we going?

CP: We will go to do something that will eliminate all the obstacles.

They drive off and arrive at a place.

K: What are we going to do here?

CP: There were many things happened to you, and to me too.

K: Really? What had happened to you?

CP: You don’t have to know.

K: Khunchai, if what happened to you come from me, you must tell me.

CP: It’s unnecessary.

K: You accused me of not trusting you before, but now you are hiding something from me which means you don’t trust me either.

CP: Kaeo, I don’t want you to think more than as it is now. Just only this, and already you were thinking of running away from me and facing everything by yourself.

K: It’s because I don’t have the right to make one good person, who has such a good life, get into trouble because of me.

CP: Kaeo, if you leave me, will you be able to survive?

K: Whether or not I will survive, I want to try my best and fight.

CP: If I let you go now because I’m afraid of getting into trouble, do you think I should still call myself a man?

She looks at the building.

K: What are we doing here?

CP: Follow me.

An official invites them to sit down.

An offcial: Congratulations! I knew Khunchai for a long time, and was wondering which lady would be suitable for Khunchai. And she’s Miss Krongkaeo Bunmee, Miss Sri Siam, already at the age of 21. So I will get on with registering a marriage certificate.

K: Marriage Certificate! Khunchai?

CP: What, Kaeo? Aren’t we in love?

An official: Khun Kaeo, don’t worry, I understand completely. The famous in the society, sometimes, they need to do thing secretly like this.

CP: Khunchai, can I talk to you?


When the couple were bickering, I couldn’t decide who was more mature than who. Chai Pat was so cute talking with his girl who’s so much younger than him so patiently. I didn’t see anyone who could talk back to Chai Pat like Kaeo too. She’s young but not stupid. I love that our heroine is full of spirits and didn’t let Chai Pat pull her into a corner easily. A nerd has come up with a formula to solve the problem (and I believe it’s Chai Lek’s advice), and he executed it, like 1+1 = 2, except that his opponent was quite a stubborn girl.

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  1. already read the recap of ep 7 on iheartlakorns. but towards the end are only 1-liner recaps of what’s going on towards the end. so here i am, stalking the site, so i can get a full detail of what khunchai pat is saying to kaew. especially at the end, since i saw it raw, and thought i had no idea what was being said, i was fangirling like crazy, hopping like a mad woman in front of the computer and thinking, “no he did not just take her to get a marriage license.”

  2. Awhh!!!! My heart is pounding with excitement in this episode.. BTW, thanks for translating so quickly, we all really appreciate your effort, time and dedication..

  3. Thank you for part 6, I was wondering what the grandmothers were saying and how he responded because it sounded so good even if I couldn’t understand it all.

  4. Thank you. I’m really excited to read your recap of this episode. There were scenes of the annoying people but also a lot of great development between Kaew and Khun Chai Pat. I love it when Khun Chai Pat smiles. Even the grandmothers notices how happier he is.

  5. Awww… Khun Chai Pat is so nice and gentle with Kaeo. Kaeo is so touched that it brought her tears… James and Belle are doing a very good job:) I don’t know who the director of the lakorn is but it seems that he is pretty good at filming some sweet or touching scenes… Bravo!!! Thanks for your recapping! It makes me understand completely what they are saying in each episode.. Thanks a million! Words are never enough to express my appreciation!

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