Drama: Khunchai Ratchanon Teaser

It’s almost time for the fourth series of the Juthathep Gentlemen series, where we will have Khunchai Ratchanon, a civil engineer, as our hero. He will be heading to the countryside for a road construction project. Our heroine’s name is Soifa [soi-fa], I believe she comes from another kingdom which she’s a princess. She speaks in dialect, I will have to listen more to be sure if it’s the Northern or Northeastern dialect. I can understand somewhat both, but  not sure how that in 2500+ B.E. will sound like. I didn’t read the synopsis yet because I wanted to be surprised, so that’s all I can tell you.



From the video:

A shaman: (in Northeastern dialect) When the king who’s wearing a divine [-thep] crown comes to visit, the calling sound will cause the protection mist to become faded and disappear.

Soifa is poking on Khunchai Ratchanon’s chest, and shouts at him to wake up.

Ratchanon: Soifa, I’m willing to be in debt to you till the day I die…..I understand the meaning of the word sio (dialect meaning a friend) more than you think…..We are not just friends but true friends that can die for each other.

Ratchanon: Wait! It’s me!

Soifa: (in dialect) You are not dead yet?!

Ratchanon: Not yet!

An astrologer: (in dialect)  When the time comes, Walahok (the village’s name) will be losing Kaew Ta (beloved one)……….

Soifa: Por Yai! (father)

Por Yai: If I have to lose my Kaew Ta, I want to lose it to the one who can take care of it.

Soifa: (in dialect) But I don’t want to get married.

The wedding in their tradition.

Soifa: I will marry you but I will not become your wife. Get it?

Ratchanon: (in dialect) No, I don’t understand.

Soifa: Do you want to die?

Ratchanon: Wow!

A shaman: …….but you will get back the heart of  Wieng Phu Kam (the country).

Teaser (shorter one)

The dialogs are the same except there’s a scene where Soifa’s father is talking to her.

Soifa’s father: You have to find *Chao Rangsiman, our crown prince.

*Chao is used in front of the name, in this case, for a prince

Weeeee…..can’t wait!


The cover of the novel Khunchai Ratchanon, recently printed. In Thai, of course.

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  1. It has been quite sometime since this series ended but I recently came across this extended ending.

    Have you seen this as yet? Could you tell me what they are saying from 2:10 – 3:45 ?

    It’s been a while since I visited your blog. I hope you are doing well!

    • Hellooooo! Hope you are doing well too! And thanks for sharing!

      From 2:10
      [F = Soi-fah, R = Ratchanon]

      F: “Only one kiss, all right?”
      He kisses her forehead, then carries her in his arms.
      F: “What are you doing?”
      R: “Only one kiss outside, but give me many more inside the bridal room, all right, my dear wife?”
      F: “Can we not get in there now?”
      R: “No. We already married so we need to go inside the bridal room, so that the auspicious ceremony will be completed. Most importantly, so we will have many children and grandchildren soon. You won’t be able to escape from me today.”
      F: “Do you want to die?”
      R: “I died a long time ago. Ratchanon died the day he met SoiFah. Let’s get inside, shall we?”
      He carries her inside….then he cries out.

      R: “SoiFah!”
      F: “Khun Chai, you won’t be able to escape from me either!”
      He cries out again, looks like she’s beating him up. Haha…
      R: “All right, I concede!”

      He shrieks some more. LOL

      • Lol!!!! Thanks!!! So much fun! Wish they had kept this in the series.
        I am doing well! Thanks for asking! I am still planning on visiting your country after learning so much about it from you! I hope that opportunity comes soon!

        • Aww come, come….the weather is nice around Nov thru Jan, so it’s nice to visit Thailand cuz it’s a little cooler, the north visit Chiang Rai then cross to Burma, or the northeast visit Nong Khai then Laos, or the east visit Trat then Cambodia , or the south visit Songkhla then Malaysia….Wow, then you will cover a lot of Southeast Asia!

          • Wow!!! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! Don’t think I can make it this month or the next though but I definitely want to visit in 2015. Maybe even bring my parents along.

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