Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 5


If you are wondering why the dialogs of the lead couple come in full sentences, well, that’s because these Khunchai(s) stay in an era where people still speak with proper nouns and pronouns, especially, coming to and from a noble family. No matter how playful all Khunchais were, they would still speak politely to each other and with great respect to the elders too. The younger brothers would tease their elder brothers using proper phrases, and I didn’t hear any slang or shorter form of words coming from them yet.

I didn’t follow every episode of Khunchai Tharathorn, but what I gathered, Chai Yai’s dialogs with his brothers would always fill with love and kindness. The one that was really good with words gotta be Chai Ruj, the diplomat. I remember typing his dialogs with Rasa (before he knew her real status) with awe. That man knows best how to court a woman. Chai Pat is good too just that it all comes matter-of-factly plus his frowning.

Episode 5-1

I think Chai Pat got a cramp in his leg while using his lap as a pillow for her. He’s so sweet trying not to move or he will wake her up.

K: Khunchai, I’m sorry.

CP: It’s all right.

K: Did you sit like this all night? Why didn’t you wake me up and trouble yourself?

CP: Not troubling me at all.

K: Did you get some sleep at all?

CP: Don’t worry.

K: My dad should already wake up, let’s go see him.

He gets up but falls backward grabbing her as his anchor in the process. They play that game, yunno, who will blink first.

CP: I’m sorry. I got a cramp in my leg.

K:  Poor Khunchai, can you walk?

CP: Of course, I can.

K: Let me help you.

Kitti starts convulsing again.

K: Dad!

CP: Kaeo, calm down! Kaeo!

Chai Pat stops her from running in and interfere with the doctor’s work. He holds her tight. The doctor says the patient’s blood pressure is suddenly dropping and he went into convulsions. He says he can’t say much but they should wait outside.

K: Dad! You must be all right! You must be with me!

Marathi dresses in red to the hospital, she quickly tells Piengporn that she will change into the uniform and it’s 10 minutes more before her shift starts. Marathi tells her to scold her according to the time, so when she asks Piengporn if she sees Chai Pat, Piengporn says it’s her working hours so she should ask her according to the time too.

A nurse calls Marathi over and tells her that Kaeo had left last night, and Chai Pat showed up like a miracle to sign the release form for her. Marathi says he must want her out quickly. The nurse says, after that, both of them disappeared and this morning Chai Pat didn’t come and they couldn’t contact him.

Well, a drama without a cellphone is kind of annoying, where is Samsung in 2504 B.E.

The nurse asks her if she thinks it’s strange.

Marathi says Pee Chai Pat, normally, whether it’ll be personal leave or sick leave, he never requests for it. Even if it’s not his shift, he will come and help others all the time. A nurse asks if that looks suspicious.

The doctor says the patient is now safe but there are convulsions involved so he’s not sure if the brain tumor is the cause, until the patient is x-rayed in the capital. Chai Pat tells him to send the patient today and he will take care of him. The doctor says they can’t do that because the patient is very weak and his blood pressure is unstable. They will have to treat him with medicines first and observe his condition day by day, hour by hour, until they are sure that’s there will  be no other complications.

Chai Pat asks if he can give an approximate time of how long will that be. He says he can’t tell him that too.

CP: Kaeo, what will you do next?

K: I don’t know.

CP: Should we go back to the capital first?

K: No, I want to stay with my father until he recovers. Khunchai, I’m sorry, I forgot you have to go back to work. Will you go back now?

CP: How are you going to stay here?

K: Here is my hometown.

CP: Kaeo, did you forget who you were running away from? Whatever he wants or whoever he wants, he will get it all. At this moment, he must be flipping the earth looking for you.

K: Then why should I go back to the capital? Isn’t it better that I stay far away from him?

CP: Stay far away doesn’t mean you will be safe. Thun Pinit has spies all over the country, just Miss Sri Siam, do you think he won’t be able to find? Do you think just you alone will be able to take care of yourself? And your father too.  I’m afraid your father might be troubled too.

K: But I don’t want to leave my father anymore. I want to be with him.

Marathi comes to Yosawin.

M: Today Pee Chai Pat takes a leave without giving an advance notice, and didn’t tell anyone. I called the palace and he’s not there. You, doctor, answer me where he went, to do what, and with whom.

Yosawin doesn’t want to bother but she doesn’t let him go, so he says he has patients waiting and he doesn’t know about Chai Pat.

She doesn’t believe him since he’s his close friend. He says she’s his fiancée too yet still doesn’t know about it, or, may be she’s not? Piengporn tells Yosawin he has patients in another ward waiting.

CP: Kaeo, you have to think of your safety first. When your father becomes stronger and is moved to the capital, I will take care of him. But before that, you must be safe. Do you understand?

K: Why? Why do you have to be so nice to me?

He holds her hands.

CP: If your friend is in trouble, will you help her? I count you as my friend and now you are in trouble, do you want me to stay still? Kaeo, please believe me and trust me. I promise you that I will stay by your side and will not let you suffer alone. But first, I will have to find a safe place, that isn’t under those people’s influence, for you to stay.

Episode 5-2

Chai Pat takes Kaeo to Kaet and Chinnakorn [chin-na-kon] (their love story happened in Khunchai Tharathorn).

Kaet: Khunchai Pat! How can you be here?

Chai Pat greets them. Kaeo greets them.

Kaet: You look like…eh…

Chin: Miss Sri Siam!

Kaet: It’s you. It’s really you. I saw you on the news 2-3 days ago. Eh…and you fell from the stage.

Chin: And Khunchai was the one treated you, the newspaper said.

They sit down.

Chin: That means you took her away from….

CP: Thun Pinit.

Chin: Thun Pinit.

Kaet: You were too brave. I heard whoever he wanted, it would be difficult to get away.

Kaeo: But I didn’t enter the contest to be someone’s mistress.

The housekeeper says she did it because she wanted to take her father to the capital for his medical treatment. She says she read all the news and her speech impressed her.

CP: Beside her sick father who is staying in the hospital, Kaeo is alone without friends and relatives. I’m afraid she will be in danger so I take her here. I thought you two would sympathize with her and be able to help her.

The housekeeper says she will go prepare a room for her.

Kaet: People who treated women like substances; like women don’t have hearts as human beings, don’t deserve to call themselves human too. Khunchai, don’t worry, I will not let those madam brokers come to get Khun Krongkaeo to be offered to someone.

CP: About your father, I will keep up on his condition and will let you know in every step.

Kaeo: Why all of you are being so nice to me? Kaeo…

Kaet: Khun Kaeo?

Kaeo: I will not waste your meal. Please let me serve you. Let me be your helper in making the sweets.

Kaet: I understand now why Khunchai had to help her. Kaeo, don’t cry. Your strength and fighting to survive are very impressive. I admire you a lot. Come with me, I will take you to clean your face.

They even stand up when the women stand up, tsk tsk, so hard to find these days.

Chin: Khunchai, what about Khun Marathi? What did she say about this?

CP: About Krongkaeo staying here, please don’t tell anyone. Especially, Marathi, I don’t want any trouble.

Chin: Khunchai, I couldn’t believe that you will have this day.

CP: It’s not like that, Khun Chinnakorn. It’s not that.

Chai Pat walks into the hospital.

Chin: Where is Kaeo, Khunchai doctor?

CP: She went home.

Chin: How could you let her go home?

CP: The patient recovered and was fine, what’s the reason that I should keep her in the hospital?

Nun: Khunchai doctor, you aren’t secretly helping Krongkaeo, are you?

CP: I am a doctor. Whoever are in trouble, I will be glad to help openly. I don’t need to do it secretly.

Chin: Then I hope what you are doing, will be a really good thing, and not doing thing that will tarnish Juthathep family’s honor, such as, secretly in relationship with a beauty queen, which is against doctor code of ethics between a doctor and a patient.

CP: I can bravely say that what I did was truly good and right. Are all of you brave enough to say it too?

Krai: You said like this, want to pick a fight?

CP: Who is actually picking a fight with whom?

Kari: Are you trying to infuriate me? You think you are so great above all human beings?

Ingon stops him from attacking Chai Pat. Marathi asks what they are doing to Khunchai doctor. Ingon and her gang retreat.

M: That empty head beauty queen left already, why did they come here?

CP: I don’t know.

M: Please wait, Pee Chai Pat. Pee Chai Pat, do you have something to tell me?

He walks away.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I want to talk to you.

CP: I have work to do.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I just want to ask one thing, where did you disappear to? You didn’t make a request or inform in advance, you’ve never done this. What was your urgent business?

CP: Personal business that doesn’t have to tell anyone. Go do your duty, Nong Marathi.

M: Why couldn’t he tell me? Was it a classified government service?

Chinnakorn brings some ingredients to Kaet. She gives him money to give it to her father when he delivers the sweets. It’s Rumpa’s tuition fee.

Chin: Kaet, about Khun Kaeo, do you think to keep it a secret without telling anyone?

Kaet: No. If someone asks me, I will say the truth.

Chin: Aren’t you afraid you will be in trouble with your sister? You knew how Khun Marathi thinks of  Khunchai Pat.

Kaet: I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m helping Kaeo because of my sense of humanity. An innocent wounded rabbit stands right in front of me, how can I let it leave to die? If Marathi is really jealous, I will have to let her get angry at me. For Chai Pat, as a man, if he dares do it, he must dare admit it. If we are innocent, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Chin: Kaet, but the person who is hunting Kaeo down is, Thun Pinit.

Kaet: Yes, I know.

Chin: Aren’t you afraid?

Kaet: His power comes from people’s fear. If we stand firmly on righteousness and justice, and won’t bend down to the injustice, his power won’t mean anything. How about you, Chinnakorn? Are you afraid?

Chin: You should know the answer. Kaet, I’m so proud to marry you.

The housekeeper comes in and shows Kaet a newspaper.

Kaet: Since you finished the contest, you didn’t contact the contest’s committee at all?

Kaeo: Yes. I didn’t want to be sold to Thun Pinit so I pretended to be sick all this time. I didn’t think it would cause the committee any problem.  If they really deprive me of the winner’s right, what will happen?

The housekeeper says they will take back the crown, the trophy, and the money.

Kaeo: That means the money that I wanted to use for my father’s treatment will….

Chin: But if Khunchai doctor will take your father into his care, you don’t have to think about those prizes.

Kaet: That’s right, but I think you should contact them. At least, you should apologize, because there should be many people who are now in chaos because you disappeared.

Episode 5-4

Kaeo calls the contest’s office and the lady is happy to hear from her. She tells Kaeo that she missed many events already and asks if Kaeo is ready to come back to work. Unfortunately, madam Ingon hears them.

Lady: Today, there’s a charity event to treat the children food, can you come?

K: I’m sorry. I think…

Ingon snatches the phone from the lady.

I: Nang Kaeo! [nang, in this case, is an insult]

K: Khun Ingon!

I: You still remember me? Ungrateful! …..

K: You lied to me. You wants to sell me to Thun.

I: You! isn’t that why you didn’t want to get out of the hospital? Tricky girl! Don’t you think you can get away from me!

K: Khun Ingon, the money that you invested in me, I will give it all back.

I: All of it? A poor girl like you, where will you find it? If you don’t come to this charity for children, do you know what will happen? The contest committee will be fined, and many others will be drowning in a sea of debt because of you, and the children here won’t get even one baht of the donation!

K: What?

I: The children here deserve to have a better life, but it will be all gone because of you! Because you are selfish, think only to save yourself! Who will be ruined because of you, you just don’t care, right?

K: No. I’m not that kind of person.

I: Then tell me, will you come or won’t come?

Ingon hangs up smilingly.

Kaet: What did they say?

K: I need to go to the charity party for orphan children today.

Chin: How can you be there? A public place like that, Thun Pinit will surely send his men to capture you. If you’re going to be there, be ready to get locked up in a golden cage.

K: But I really have to go, or there will be many people who will get into trouble because of me. Khun Kaetsara, Khun Chinnakorn, please help me.

Ingon thanks the lady for her cooperation. The lady says she already gave her word to the Thai women association, so anything that will help make Miss Sri Siam come to work, she’s happy to help. She asks if Ingon is sure that Kaeo will come. Ingon says definitely. So the lady excuses herself to inform the press.

Krai says if Kaeo shows up, he wants to rape her first. Nun says she wants to slap her for causing trouble in her life. Ingon won’t allow them, she tells them to get ready to take Kaeo before Bai Bua. Ingon hires Krai to bring some men to capture Kaeo. Nun wants the money too. Ingon will give them both.

I: Nang Kaeo, who do you think you’re playing with? This time, I will get you!

Kaeo: Khun Kaetsara, please do not let Khunchai know.

Kaet: Why is that?

Kaeo: I don’t want to be his trouble more than it is. That day he left his work to take me to Ayutthaya. Please. Please.

Chin: What if, Khunchai knows about it later and criticizes us.

Kaet: Kaeo, you think taking all the responsibilities alone by yourself,  is the right thing to do? And are you sure doing this will not make Khunchai be more in trouble if Thun takes you away?

Chin: Kaeo, if you are really worried about Khunchai, you will have to think about  his feeling too.

K: I insist I will try to escape without troubling Khunchai.

Piengporn tells Chai Pat that the main operation room is calling for him, and tells him that today he will have to work more because some of the doctors and nurses went to do the charity work at an orphanage. A nurse tells Chai Pat, it’s his call about an urgent matter, but another nurse calls him that the patient went into convulsions, so he tells the nurse to note it down for him and leaves. Kaet tells the nurse to tell Khunchai that she called and to call back as soon as he’s convenient.

Chin: What are we going to do?

Ingon and the gang are getting ready to capture Kaeo. Ingon tells Krai not to harm Kaeo in any way if he wants the money, and to make sure his friends won’t harm Kaeo too.

Chin: Khun Kaet, what is you plan?

Kaet: My plan is, we will drop Kaeo at the party and wait there to take her home, before someone else gets to her.

Chin: Just that? But Thun’s men are professional gangsters.

Kaet: I asked you to ask your teacher friends who’s invited to this party, so what did you find out?

Chin: There are some, but all are nerds. Khun Kaet, if you plan is only this, I think it will be too risky to let Kaeo get out of here.

Kaeo comes down.

K: I’m ready.

Kaet is happy that her dress fits Kaeo perfectly. She made this dress from a French catalog but never wears it, because any events weren’t grand enough for it. Kaet says Kaeo is really beautiful in this dress, and she will put on the makeup and do the hair for her. Kaeo thanks her.

Pinit’s wife comes to the charity party at the orphanage too. She says she’s here alone because Thun Pinit’s busy with his work at the ministry.

Piengporn tells Chai Pat, they still have another two patients waiting but it’s minor operations so he can take a break. Chai Pat says he looked at the patient’s charts, both are not difficult. He tells her he can continue with it. Piengporn says she will go get the patient.

A nurse says it’s his call and it’s urgent. She called many times already.

CP: Who is it?

Nurse: She said her name’s Kaetsara.

Pinit marches in before Chai Pat could answer the phone.

Pinit: I need to talk to you, Khunchai Phuttipat!

Episode 5-4

Pinit: Khunchai doctor Phuttipat, how could you release Krongkaeo from the hospital without informing me?

CP: Khun Krongkaeo got better so she could go home, and she’s the one insisted she wanted to leave.

P: You knew that I….I’m the one taking care of all Krongkaeo’s expense. I’m like her relative, you should inform me first.

CP: Which relatives to be informed, I think Khun Krongkaeo should do that herself.

P: Khunchai! Don’t act like you don’t know it!

CP: What is it that I don’t know?

P: Khunchai’s been a doctor for a long time, and all of your brothers have good professions. The thing in the society, you know quite a lot, but you chose to show bad manners. You don’t respect the tradition of this country.

CP: I am a doctor. I follow the ethics and professional code of conduct that every doctor adheres to, that is, to do everything for the benefit of the patients. It may not satisfy everyone, but I can assure you that, what I did was based on what I mentioned.

P: If you really do it for the benefit of the patients, then you should realize that the numbers of patients are increasing everyday. But, doctors, nurses, and the medical equipments are not enough. Besides the research fund in the area of human brain that I donated, I’m considering some special funding for this hospital’s development in every area, but now I’m not sure that the doctor here is doing the job to benefit the majority. Khunchai, give me a reason why I should continue supporting this hospital!

His man comes and tells him that Khun Krongkaeo will come to the children charity party. He tells his man that he will go there. He turns to Chai Pat.

Pinit: I don’t like what had happened at all. From now on, Khunchai, you should be able to differentiate between what is appropriate or inappropriate!

Oh wow, the face-off.

Piengporn tells Chai Pat that the patient is waiting in an operation room.

Kaet: Wait. It’s not the time yet.

K: But it’s almost time.

Kaet: Your time is 1 p.m. You will show up as scheduled and go back as scheduled. There will be no time, even for a second, for someone to capture you. Khun Chin, did you contact your friends?

Chin: Yes. Those are my friends.

Kaet: They look prestigious. Kaeo, try to stick with Khun Chin’s friends, and if possible, try to have people surrounded you all the time. Don’t be alone, don’t allow anyone to get to you. I and Khun Chin will park our car around here, and wait for you. As soon as you are done, you have to hurry and come out immediately.

K: Yes.

The spokesman is announcing that Miss Sri Siam will be here today. A woman asks Pinit’s wife if she’s the one, that she heard, didn’t get into Thun’s paradise yet.

Kaeo shows up. She comes inside and faces with Krai and his gang. Ingon wonders where Kaeo got all these beautiful dress, expensive handbag,and shoes from.

Krongkaeo greets Ingon. Ingon says through clenched teeth to drop her greeting right there on the ground. A kid comes and greets her with a small garland. Kaeo tells the kid that she’s happy to see them.

Can you believe a high school girl from a country side can walk so gracefully? Gotta give Ingon some credits for that.

Yosawin and Marathi are also there to give the children a checkup. Marathi scolds a kid for having dirty hands, she softens her voice and tells the kid to go wash his hands. They hear the announcement that Miss Sri Siam has arrived. Yosawin asks if it means Khun Krongkaeo. Marathi gets annoyed that Kaeo is here too.

Yosawin walks out and sees Ingon and the gang. Marathi tells him that they are Krongkaeo’s relatives or the madam. Everybody knows that every beauty queen is delivered by these madams to Thun Pinit. Yosawin asks if, these people tricked Khun Kaeo into entering the contest, and once she got crowned, to sell her to Thun Pinit.  Marathi says Kaeo must want that or else why she entered the contest.

Yosawin says may be Krongkaeo doesn’t want that. Marathi says she’s that kind of girl who just dresses up and lures men to fall for her, what else she can do. She tells Yosawin that he’s not here to look at a beauty queen, and there are many sick children waiting for him.

Episode 5-5

Kaeo sits beside Khunying Dara, Pinit’s wife.

Dara: Are you well?

K: Yes. I’m fine.

D: You fell from the stage, and your leg doesn’t hurt anymore?

K: Well…

Ingon says Kaeo is so brave talking to Khunying. Nun asks if Kaeo will tell her about them.

K: My leg is completely healed. (She looks around.) Khunying, did you come alone?

D: I came alone. Why? How many should  I come with?

K: I am happy that I meet you alone.

The traditional dancing ends.

K: Khunying, I would like to ask you a favor, please help…..

Before she could finish, the spokesman invites Kaeo on the stage to give some gifts to the children.

D: Go up there.

Omo…I have this tiny hope that Pinit’s wife will help Kaeo in someway.

The spokesman: This is the first event that you came after receiving the crown, how Khun Krongkaeo is feeling?

K: I am happy to join this event, and hope I will be able to do things to benefit this orphanage, at the least.

The spokesman says he will start an auction of the orphan children’s handicrafts. Pinit marches in and shouts at him to wait.

Pinit: Nu Kaeo, you are coming back. How are you? Does your leg still hurt?

Nun tells Ingon, there are Pinit’s men everywhere how he wouldn’t know, so today she can’t let Kaeo get away.

Dara: Khun Pinit, I know you really want to join the bidding so much, why don’t you sit down so they can begin?

P: They are starting the bidding? All right, all right.

They start an auction with a flower-pot at 10 baht. Pinit makes a bid of 500 baht.

Chai Pat just finishes a surgery and he calls for the next patient. Piengporn says if he has an urgent business to take care of, she can call another doctor. But Chai Pat says he can do it. She says he always helps other doctors to solve their cases, so he should allow them to help him too. A male nurse comes and tells him that the next case got cancelled because of the patient’s high blood pressure. Chai Pat says it’s good that it’s not an emergency. He thanks Piengporn and excuses himself to take care of some business.

P: I really want to know, what Khunchai urgent business is.

Ingon tells Krai not to capture Kaeo because Pinit is here. If he captures her and she screams, Thun Pinit will know that Kaeo is unwilling to go to him, and that would she means she lied to him. Nun says she doesn’t understand Pinit, he’s so in need of women like that yet he wants them to come willingly.

Pinit calls Ingon and asks why she didn’t tell him that Kaeo would come here, or she wanted to hide it from him. She says she wanted to give him a surprise tonight. He asks if he will not be disappointed again tonight. She assures him that he will have Kaeo tonight.

Chai Pat tells Sombon to drive faster.

CP: Kaeo, why do you have to put a danger on yourself like this? If something happens to you, how am I going to……….(pause)…..tell your father.

Sombon: Whose father, sir?

CP: No. Nothing.

The spokesman says it’s the last piece and Krongkaeo will hand it to the person who made the highest bid, which is Thun Pinit again.  Pinit says, he bade it for his wife. He takes the thing from Kaeo and holds her hands in the process.

P: Beautiful. Very beautiful. The most beautiful.

He lets the reporters take their pictures. Kaeo cleverly stays among the children.

The spokesman says, even though, Khun Krongkaeo will have to leave early, the party will go on. Kaeo is alarmed by that. Pinit grabs her arm and guides her down the stage. Kaeo calls out to the reporters and asks if anyone wants to interview her, she will answer every question.

Ingon suggests to Pinit that he should go home and take a bath, and she will send Kaeo to him. Pinit says no, since he’s here, he will not get separated from Kaeo again. He says he will go home with Kaeo.

I: What about Khunying?

P: Khunying understands.

Nun says what about others, especially, the reporters. She says does he not want others to talk  about him in a bad way. Ingon tells him to leave first and wait at home. Pinit says he will wait in front of the building, they must bring Kaeo to him. No matter what happens, he will go home with Kaeo today.

Dara: Let’s go home quickly. I’m afraid your happiness will overwhelm the charity event.

He laughs and agrees with her.

Kaeo is talking to the reporters when Yosawin looks at her. Chinnakorn’s friends run to her. He says Chinnakorn told them to come to her, but didn’t them what to do. Kaeo says she has something to consult them, and excuses herself from the reporters.  Kaeo tells them to walk with her.

Ingon grabs Kaeo’s hand and says she’s her guardian, and Kaeo needs to leave now. Kaeo introduces Ingon and Nun to the reporters as her sponsor and trainer. She suggests them interviewing her.  Kaeo is running out but meets with Krai and his friends. He asks if she thinks having men surrounded her, she will be safe.

His gang block Chinnakorn’s friends and Krai grabs her wrists. He tells her not to scream or he will use force.

Kaeo: Don’t do anything to me. I’m begging you.

Krai: I won’t do anything to you if you will do as I say.

Kaeo runs to stay among the children and says, she will send them to their classroom.

Kaet: Why Kaeo is not coming out? It’s already passed the time for a while. Khun Chinnakorn, I think we should go inside and look for Kaeo.

Chin: Kaet, it’s not a good idea. It’s dangerous.

His friends come running. Chinnakorn asks why they came alone and where Kaeo is.

Kaet: What happened to Kaeo?

Kaeo tries to run outside but Pinit is standing in front of the building. She turns around to see Yosawin.

Y: Don’t be alarmed, Khun Kaeo. I’m Dr.Yosawin, the first one you didn’t allow to stitch up your wound.

K: Yes.

Y: Don’t be afraid. Khun Kaeo, you put this on. I will take you out.

Wah…Yosawin, a knight in a shining armor.

Episode 5-6

Ingon and the gang lost Kaeo. Nun tells Pinit that Kaeo is in the restroom. Pinit insists he will wait here. Ingon asks Yosawin if he sees Miss Sri Siam. He says he saw her inside just now, and she must be using the restroom.  Ingon and Nun run inside to find Kaeo.

Yosawin greets Pinit and leaves with Kaeo wearing a doctor’s gown walking behind him. Pinit can’t wait so he walks to the restroom, and his guard tells him that there’s no one in the restroom. A lady calls Pinit that she’s glad he’s here to visit a sick child. Pinit has to show to everyone that he cares for the child, so he cannot walk out on them.

Chai Pat arrives at the orphanage, he walks inside looking for Kaeo. Marathi sees him and wonders why he’s here.

CP: Excuse me, may I know where Khun Krongkaeo is?

She tells him that she went back already.

CP: Went back?

The lady says yes.

CP: With whom, do you happen to know? Eh…did she go back alone, or someone was taking her? Was it Khun Ingon, around 40 years old with the same height as you?

The lady says yes, it’s Khun Ingon.

Marathi: Pee Chai Pat! Did you come to pick me up?

CP: Marathi!

M: I thought you had a surgery and wouldn’t be able to come, or, you were worried about me so you quickly followed me here? It’s good because I just finished my work here, let’s go back together.

CP: I have some business to take care of. You will have to go back by yourself.

Chai Pat walks away.

M: What is this? He becomes this much?

Marathi asks the lady what Chai Pat asked her. She says he asked for Khun Krongkaeo, and who she went back with.

M: So this is Pee Chai Pat’s business?

Chai Pat comes out.

CP: Where are you?

Sombon: Khunchai, do you need my help in anything?

CP: Kaeo, where are you?

*Kaeo = a glass

Sombon: Khunchai, do you want a glass of water?

Chai Pat gets in the car and leaves.

Ingon and the gang can’t find Kaeo and they are in trouble for real. Ingo is afraid of Thun Pinit, and he’s waiting in the front so she needs to run away. She tells Nun to leave. Krai orders his friends to disperse.

Yosawin is walking with Kaeo.

Y: I can’t believe Thun Pinit treated women like this.

K: Not just Thun Pinit, but also others around him. They are treating me like some kind of goods and want to sell me off and take the money for themselves. Thank you for helping me, Dr. Yosawin. I won’t forget this.

Y: Yes.

Chinnakorn’s friends call her. Yosawin tells them to stop. Kaeo tells him that they are teacher Chinnakorn’s friends and they were helping her.

Y: Who is teacher Chinnakorn? (*Not sure if Chinnakorn is a professor)

K: My savior…..Here he comes, teacher Chinnakorn.

Chin: Khun Kaeo!

Y: Is he your boyfriend?

K: No. Teacher Chinnakorn is Khun Kaetsara’s husband. She’s my guardian.

Pinit throws Ingon to the floor that she failed him and wanted to run away. She took his money and lied to him again and again. Ingon begs for mercy. Nun pushes Pinit away from her mother. She says, he’s cruel, just a person failed in her job and he wants to kill her. She asks if this is how he came into power. He grabs Nun and shakes her hard that she dared criticize him.

P: I will give you one more chance.

Ingon thanks him.

P: But tonight, I won’t sleep with an old one.

He caresses Nun’s face in a meaningful way.

Episode 5-7

Chai Pat comes to Kaet’s house.

CP: Kaeo!

Kaet: Khunchai!

Chai Pat greets Kaet.

CP: I’m sorry. Please allow me. (He grabs Kaeo’s arm and pulls her further away for a talk.)

CP: I heard you went to a charity event where Thun Pinit and everybody who wanted to capture you, were there too. Why didn’t you tell me?

K: Kaeo….

Kaet: We tried to call you, but you were in the operation room every time.

K: I’m sorry, Khunchai. But I really couldn’t refuse. Please don’t be mad at me.

CP: I’m not angry at you, but I’m worried about you more. Do you know that I……(pause)….do you know how much I was worried when I realized that you weren’t there in the event?

K: Yes. I won’t do it again.

CP: Good!

Kaet invites him to stay for dinner. Chai Pat is saying that he thinks he will go back….

Then he sees Yosawin.

CP: Yosawin!

Yosawin greets him and says, please allow him to join dinner this evening.

CP: How can you come here?

K: Dr.Yosawin was the one who helped me getting out of the event today, and volunteered to drop me home, so I invited him to stay for dinner.

Yosawin says, Khunchai doesn’t have to worry, Khun Kaeo and Khun Kaetsara told him many times already, about Khun Kaeo staying here, it will have to be kept secret. He assures Chai Pat that it won’t come out of his mouth, and he promises him, a doctor’s honor, that Marathi will not know about this too.

Chai Pat walks out.

K: Khunchai!

She follows him.

K: Khunchai, what happened?

CP: I….(pause)….forget it. Go back in there and have a nice meal. I’m going.

K: Are you angry at me? If you are angry at me or not happy about me, please let me know.

CP: Kaeo, I don’t understand you. I have done everything to protect you from harm. I was so distraught, and couldn’t fully concentrate on my work because I was worried about you. But you, you do everything that will put yourself  in danger. That you went to the event, and……(pause)……

K: What is it?

CP: Kaeo, this is the only place that I trust that you will be safe staying here. I don’t want anybody to know that you are hiding here. It will be dangerous for you.

K: But Dr. Yoswin is your friend, and he looks like a good and trustworthy man.

CP: Yes, Yosawin is a trustworthy man.

K: Then, what are you angry at me about?

CP: I……(pause)…..forget it!

K: It it’s about Dr.Yosawin, I think it’s good, in the future, when I need help, I won’t have to trouble only you, so you won’t have to be in trouble because of me.

CP: Kaeo, if you think what you are is disturbing and troubling me, all right, I won’t come here anymore. So you don’t have to feel guilty of troubling me.

K: Khunchai, you are totally misunderstanding me. What I meant is, you are my savior. I’m so grateful for what you’ve done for me that I don’t how I can repay you. That’s why I don’t want to tell you anything that will trouble you more.

CP: Your savior? I’ve been praised and held in high esteem since I was born. Please! Do not repeat my bloodline to me! I want to be a friend, a normal man that is suitable for you. Just this, Kaeo, can you do that for me?

Aww…..Chai Pat, so now you are too high for her.

Chai Pat is waking up the household with his piano playing again.

CPhi: Listen to the music, Pee Chai Yai. It’s so confusing and unstable. The emotion is changing back and forth. This minute it’s peaceful, the next minute it’s furious. This kind of emotion is for someone who’s in love, only.

CY: Khunchai Ronnaphee, are you familiar with the feeling that’s called love?

CPhi: Pee Chai Yai.

CY: I sympathize with Chai Pat. A serious hermit, who has spent his life in operation rooms, who doesn’t know how to express his feelings, but now is in love.

CPhi: It has to be like this, Pee Chai Yai, so Pee Chai Pat’s emotions come surface up. So from now, when Pee Chai  Pat sees the patient’s brain, lung, liver or kidney, he will think they are beautiful and cute. The world of Pee Chai Pat in operation rooms will become pink.

CY: The way you said it, Chai Phi, I will wait to see your kind of love.

Khunchai Thewapun is angry that Chai Pat asked about other woman in a public place when he knew that he and Marathi are meant to get married, and he left Marathi at the theater alone too. He wants to go to the Juthathep but Rumpa stops them, that it will look bad for them. Kaet comes in with boxes of freshly-made sweets, she wants them to taste it. Rumpa has an idea. She tells her father to take the sweets to visit Mom Eiet, she will surely love it.

Khunchai Thewapun and Marathi arrive at Juthathep Palace in a car that makes lots of noise and smoke. When he gets out of the car, he says to Marathi that he told her to bring their new car but she didn’t believe him.

Sombon asks what brand he got for his new car. Khunchai says Oldsmobile but when Sombon asks about the model and color, Marathi yells at him. She tells Sombon to take the sweets to the kitchen and tell them to quickly arrange it for Mom Eiet’s dessert.

Marathi gives the sweets to Mom Eiet saying she made it.

Mom-E: I didn’t know you could work in the kitchen and can cook.

Marathi says she’s prepared for….her father says, when the times comes , she can become a good housewife. Grandmother On tells Marathi not to be shy, what she did is right. A wife should know how to take care of her husband in every way.

Chai Lek and Chai Phi join in. They greet Khunchai Thewapun. Chai Phi sees the sweets, Kanom Jeeb, and loves to try it. Grandmother On hits his hand and tells him to taste it politely. She gives him her plate.

Chai Phi tastes it and is surprised. He shares it with Chai Lek. He remembers it’s same taste when they were in Ayutthaya.

CLek: Nong Marathi, where did you buy this Kanom Jeeb?

M: I made it myself.

The  two men say in unison: Made it yourself?

Mom Eiet asks why they made such a sound of surprise like that, a strange sound too.  Chai Lek tries to explain but Marathi reminds her father that he has something to say to Mom Eiet.

Khunchai Thewapun : Yes. It’s about Khunchai Phuttipat.

Chai Pat comes home and sees the car.

Sombon : Khunchai Pat, sir. If you don’t have anything to do here at the palace, I suggest you go out for a drive somewhere.

CP: Why does uncle Thewapun come here?

Grandmother On: Chai Pat, do you have anything to say?

Episode 5-8

Mom-E: Chai Pat, answer me. According to the rumor, is it true or not that you are infatuated with Miss Sri Siam?

Khunchai Thewapun says, Chai Pat have to understand him why he and Marathi have to tell Mom Eiet. It’s because Chai Pat may not think thoroughly and may ruin Juthathep’s family name without realizing it. Grandmother On says, as a Momratchawong, how he can get close with a beauty queen who loves to show her thighs.

CP: Did Marathi come to tell grandmother Mom?

Marathi says, it’s what he did. He went to the orphanage when he didn’t have any duty there. She says everybody knows that the beauty queen must be delivered to Thun Pinit, she asks if he wants to fight with Thun Pinit over a woman, and if something happens, it will embarrass grandmother Mom too. Grandmother On says if that happens, does she not have to cover her head with a bucket.

Khunchai Thaewapun says Juthathep is his best friend’s family (Khunchais’ father), he can’t sit still and do nothing.

CLek: If our father is still alive, he will be so happy in tears, to hear his best friend is so worried about his family.

CPhi: Why Pee Chai Pat doesn’t have the rights to go, or meet, or be interested in anyone?

M-E: Chai Pat, say it in front of the elders here, so everybody can understand.

CP: Yes, it’s true. I went to see Khun Krongkaeo.

G-On: Chai Pat!

CPhi: Khun Krongkaeo is Pee Chai Pat’s patient. He just followed up on her condition. It’s just that, grandmother On.

Marathi says it’s not true. Krongkaeo is fine and went around town already. She even is healthier than her.

CP: I went to see Khun Krongkaeo as a friend.

Grandmother On says, he and Krongkaeo are in different social classes. It’s inappropriate for him to get acquainted with her, and he already has a commitment with someone, It’s not nice to say that he’s worried about another woman in front of her.

Marathi cries. Khunchai Thewapun tells Mom Eiet that Marathi has been enduring it, and she did it to save Chai Pat’s honor. Marathi says she can endure it. Khunchai Thewapun tells his daughter to lift her face up high, and don’t let anyone see her tears.

Chai Pat sits alone.

M-E: Chai Pat, I order you to stop making any contact with that beauty queen, and I will not listen to any excuse. Do you understand?

CP: Yes.

M-E: The only woman that you have to pay attention to is Marathi.

Grandmother On says, there will be a charity ball days ahead. Mom Eiet tells him he must take Marathi there and dance with her. She says she already invited Marathi and got the permission from Khunchai Thewapun. Mom Eiet says, let’s see if he will dare to embarrass both of his grandmothers.

CPhi: Looks like he won’t be able to get away. I really sympathize with Pee Chai Pat.

CLek: Then you should get married with Marathi instead.

CPhi: You should, you’re older so you must take the responsibility first.

Chai Lek shakes head.

Episode 5-9

Nun wakes up beside Pinit. She becomes his mistress and seems to be happy about what she’s getting. Every girl is in shades of pink. Nun wants other mistresses to serve her calling them put-out-of-commission mistresses.

Kanok Ruk walks in and calls Nun a frog who forgot herself. Nun says she doesn’t want to fight with her, because she needs to save her energy to serve Thun tonight. Kanok says tonight is her eh…shift? Nun says she’s the favorite one and threatens them to behave well or she will tell Thun.

Kanok reminds her that they are all the same, his mistresses. Nun says she’s the number-one mistress. Kanok laughs at that and splashes water on Nun’s face. Then slaps and cat-fights ensue, and it’s ridiculous to translate.

Pinit takes them to Dara and tells her to solve women’s problem for him. Dara asks why he doesn’t solve his own problem, and he should understand how she feels. He says he feels for her but he has more important thing to do. He tells her to think she’s doing a public work.

A guard comes in and tells him that he has a guest.

Bai Bua comes to Pinit and tells him that she didn’t know about Kaeo went to the charity event. She’s not sure if Ingon is selling Kaeo around before she will give Kaeo to him. She suggests him fire Ingon and use only her. She says Ingon loves to use his name to frighten the girl, that’s why the girl may be afraid of him and run away.

He asks what she will do. She says there will be a charity ball, and she will suggest the host to invite Krongkaeo, and the guests can make a bid to dance with her. She says Pinit will be the one who get to dance with her, so he will have a chance to talk to her and make her admire him.

He says he doesn’t know Kaeo’s whereabouts so how she will make her come to the ball. She says Miss Sri Siam will not refuse to come to the event that she will be receiving her winner prize.


I feel sad for Chai Pat. It seems he’s not comfortable with the way he’s feeling for Kaeo either, but he just can’t stop his heart. He realizes how serious his duty with Marathi to his family, but Marathi is not someone he wants to take the chance for life, I guess. It’s funny how Khunchai Thewapun got rejected by two brothers already. I heard all hell will break lose in Khunchai Ronnaphee, because he’s the last one so everybody will put all the pressure on him. For Chai Pat, once he picks up the clue to the mystery of life, I’m pretty sure, he will exercise his intelligence to the max to get his girl.

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  1. I love the brotherly love! It’s beautiful. Khunchai Pat’s answers during “interrogation” when Marathi n her father and to his palace to busy him out was just deserving. The expressions n stares he gave Marathi was well deserved!

  2. do you know if this novel has english version because i am non-Thai speaker

  3. I saw Chai Lek and Chai Phi’s picture in casual wear on FB with a tagline says: Marathi-busters. Haha.

  4. First and foremost, I would like to sincerely appreciate u for ur hard and daily work of recapping. U r amazingly awesome!!

    Khunchai is such a gentleman. If I was Kaew, I’d be just as smitten by how he takes care of her. Hahaha.

  5. Your hard work and effort have always been highly appreciated! I am always greedy for reading more recaps from your Blog….LOL …By the way, I learnt some information somewhere on the internet that the rating of the Thai drama on Sunday’s episode was dramatically high for the Channel 3′s Gentlemen series and there would be only episode 9 or 10 in total for Khunchai Phuttipat….Oh… it means that it will end soon…. I don’t know whether or not the news is true or not.. All I know is that I will never get enough of it… LOL… James is really handsome and cute… I love see him smiling… I think that he will become more popular in Thailand now~~^_^ Thanks a lot!

    • Well, 10 episodes are fine with me. I’m beginning to think that I will end up spending my 2013 with all these Khunchais. I mean, when one story ends, you just want to know what will happen to the next in line. I’m waiting for Khunchai Ratchanon, the heroine will speak in dialect too. Chai Lek (in the novel) is a player and he will meet quite a fierce woman, haha.

      I read the end of Chai Ruj in the novel a bit. Chai Pat thinks how he can find a woman who will win grandmother On’s affection like Thunying Wanrasa, so Chai Phi suggests that he find the most beautiful woman that when grandmother On looks at her, she will fall for her beauty, haha. And here Chai Pat is getting a beauty queen 🙂

      • Wow, it sounds very interesting and fun…Then I will be looking forward to reading your recaps in the future:) I wish I could be able to read those novels about all these Khunchais.. Unfortunately, I do neither speak nor understand Thai… I had been trying to find if there is any novel in English version… It is sad that all is in Thai written…But thanks for telling me more about that… I cannot wait to see more then!!! Thanks a million!.

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