Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 4


I’m rooting for Chai Pat to find his true love but Krongkaeo’s situation is too dangerous for him to get involved without coming out bruised and blue. Unless, Power Rangers get behind the scene 🙂

Episode 4-1

Kaeo cries out as if in pain, as loud as she can.

A nurse says, it’s just a wound but she’s crying like being slashed.

Yosawin: I think she intends to stay in the hospital for a reason.

Nurse : How about you make a guess why?

Nurse: You don’t have to guess, she must feel something for Khunchai doctor Phuttipat for sure.

Yosawin: No, she shouldn’t be. She’s that beautiful, shouldn’t have such a foolish idea.

N: She could be beautiful but stupid.

N: Doctor, you can go and talk to her.

Y: I think the way you are thinking and talking, is not good. Nurses wear white uniforms like angels, so you should think and talk like angels. Please excuse me.

Piengporn: Embarrassed? Reprimanded by the doctor, don’t you feel embarrassed? I do. I think I need to arrange a seminar on professional code of conduct. Whatever happened to others, we do our duty as nurses not gossipers.

Kaeo cries loudly that the wound is hurting.

Chai Pat walks to the car and tells Sombon that he’s going to the hospital.

Sombon : Yes.

CP: Didn’t you hear? I’m going to the hospital.

Sombon : Yes, I heard, sir. But..

Mom Eiet: Chai Pat, are you going to the hospital?

CP: Grandmother Mom.

ME: You gave me your word to take Marathi to the movie premiere, don’t tell me you forgot?

CP: I didn’t forget. I just want to stop by the hospital first and see  if there’s any emergency, if not, then I can relax.

ME: If you don’t stop by, there will be none, or if there is, there are other doctors who can take care of it.

CP: Grandmother Mom came all the way here, for this?

ME: It’s good that I came. Go pick up Nu Marathi.

CP: Yes.

ME: Wait! Go change your clothes.

CP: Yes.

Sombon: It has to be this way, or Khunchai will stay single for the rest of his life.

ME: Sombon!

S: Yes.

Well, you may think Mom Eiet is very strict but I think that’s how she can raise five monkeys 🙂

Rumpa says there will be many reporters at the movie premiere and Marathi with Chai Pat going together will surely get their attention.

Marathi comes down.

M: Pee Chai Pat, you came ahead of time.

CP: Let’s go or we’ll be late.

R: He must be feeling shy…..Enjoy the movie and don’t hurry back, go have some ice cream for me.

M: Mad girl, know too much!

CP: Please get in.

M: Thank you.

AT the theater.

M: (Say loudly to get attention) Khunchai Phuttipat! Mae Nak ghost, so scary! Marathi is afraid.

People : Khunchai Phuttipat comes with Momluang Marathi. Let’s go.

A man: Khunchai Phuttipat! You bring Momluang Marathi to see the movie today?

A woman: When will we hear the good news?

(Say at the same time) M: Soon …. CP: Not yet.

CP: The truth is…

M: Pee Chai Pat must be feeling shy. You all know that Thewaphrom and Jathathep have a promise.  His elder brothers have already tied down. Who else will be the next one?

CP: Yes. All of my elder brothers are lucky that they found someone they love. But for me, it won’t happen soon, because I want to work for the benefit of the country first, and may be next year, I will make a study trip abroad.

M: Study trip abroad? Why didn’t I know about that?

CP: I’m in the middle of making a decision. The director said there’s a scholarship to study more on brain and neurology, may be I will go for 2-3 years or longer.

M: But..

CP: The movie is about to begin, please excuse us.

Actually, Marathi had planned to use the reporters to tie him down.

M: Pee Chai Pat! Why did you say it like that?

CP: What did I say?

M: You talked like we had no plan to get married. You embarrassed me.

CP: If I said we would get married, you would be in trouble. You knew how fast the news can spread out in the capital. If  I make a study trip abroad for many years, you will be here and what will you do then?

M: I will wait for you, no matter how long.

CP: You are a woman. If this gets out, other men will be afraid to court  you.

M: I don’t want any man to court me. I love…

CP: Marathi! For people to get married, they need to learn about each other more, because the future is ours. You are beautiful and you are a lady, and you want close all your chances for an uncertain future? May be I will go abroad and will never return.

(Marathi, it’s so clear to me he rejected you.)

M: Pee Chai Pat!

CP: Nong Marathi, you may think like a child, and still not agree with me. But in the future, you will understand that I did it all for you. The movie is about to begin.

M: No! I won’t allow it! Pee Chai Pat will be mine, only!

*cough cough* Get in line, Marathi.

Episode 4-2

Kaeo says the wound is hurting that she can’t eat anything, and cries for help. The nurse says, she’s helping her, here’s the painkiller.

K: I told you. I will wait for Khunchai doctor to check on my wound, why can’t I stay one more night?

Kaeo insists she won’t go back. The nurse wants her to take the medicine, and she has other patients to take care of.  Kaeo stills refuse to take the medicine so the nurse leaves the medicine at the table.

K: What can I do? How much longer can I buy the time? Or should I run away? (She looks out the window.) What about the money from the contest?

Krai shows up and says his mother sent him to take her home.

K: But the wound is still hurting?

Krai: The would is hurting or you don’t want to go back? We are on the same side, if you don’t want to go, just tell me.

K: I think you should go back first.

Krai catches her and says, he knows she doesn’t want to be that old man’s wife, she’s more suitable for a man his age.

He tries to sexually harass her. Kaeo screams for help.   Everybody hears her but thinks she’s just pretending, so they don’t pay attention to her screams. Yosawin is alarmed at first but then says, her screams feel so real.  A nurse says, she must trying to get some attention again. Okay, dude, go check on her doesn’t hurt.

Kaeo bites him and kicks him away. She runs to the door but he grabs her and throws her on the bed.

Cut to the theater.

Chai Pat thinks about what Kaeo said. Marathi pretends to be afraid at first, but then she’s frightened for real and screams. (My years with Mae Nak Prakanong, she’s pretty scary.)

Kaeo begs him not to do anything to her. He says, he won’t hurt her but will make her feel good, and he guarantees she will love it.

I can’t believe this happens in the hospital.

Kaeo hits him repeatedly with a thermos and runs out of the room. She runs outside but no one is there, so she hides in a medical supply storage room. She gets scared with the skull and all, and bumps into a table. Krai hears the noise so he gets in the room.  Kaeo ducks behind a shelf.

Krai: Krongkaeo, I know you are in this room.  Come out now.

Cut again to the theater. (Arghhh..)

Marathi screams so loud that everyone looks at her.

CP: It’s nothing. On the screen, they are just actors, it’s not a real ghost.

M: But I’m scared.

Everybody is eying them because Marathi’s noise is disturbing. Marathi hugs his arm tight.

CP: This is a public place.

M: I’m cold.

CP: Cold? (He pushes her away and takes off his suit, and puts it around her shoulder.) Cover yourself with this, so you will not feel cold.

M: No, I want to hug your arm. If you don’t let me, you want me to hug someone else?

Marathi is really trying his patient. She screams so loud again.

M: Pee Chai, don’t leave me. I’m scared.

Kaeo is under the bed hiding. Okay, this is becoming a thriller. Krai finds her and holds her tight. A nurse comes in and doesn’t see them.

Krai throws her on the bed. Kaeo pokes her head with his and runs out. Bravo!

Krai says, she’s a beauty queen or a wrestler. Haha.

Chai Pat pries her hand off and looks around for an exit. Omo….

He looks at the time feeling so bored. He gets up but she pulls him back.

M: Pee Chai Pat, where are you going?

He gets up again, and tells her he’s going to the restroom.

M: I’m going with you.

CP: It’s men’s restroom.

He walks out.

Kaeo runs out and calls for help. She runs downstairs only to face with Pinit and IngOn.

Pinit: Nu Kaeo!

Episode  4-3

Kaeo tells him not to touch her because it will hurt more. Yosawin comes in and Peingporn tells him the patient has a stomachache without cause, and she doesn’t allow anyone to touch her.

Y: Thun sir, please wait outside.

P: You dare chase me out. I won’t leave, so what? Where is Khunchai doctor? Why isn’t he here yet? You will wait until she’s out of breath?

Y: Well, I also can examine her.

P: Nu Kaeo wants the best doctor in this hospital, Khunchai doctor Phuttipat only!

Piengporn says, he’s not on duty today.

P: I don’t care! If he doesn’t show his face in one hour, I will punish you all!

Piengporn says, she calls Khunchai at the palace but he’s not there, he went to see the premiere of Mae Nak. He should be back in the evening. Yosawin suggests she calls another senior doctor.

Chai Pat calls and doesn’t know what to give as an excuse.

CP: Eh…I…I need to talk to Yosawin.

Yosawin: Khunchai, you called just the right time, as if you have a special perception that your patient needs you. It’s Khun Kaeo, she has a severe stomachache and wants only you.

CP: Kaeo!

Yosawin is surprised ( I guess Chai Pat hangs up right away.)

Ingon scolds Krai, and wants to know if he did anything to Kaeo. He assures her that he didn’t do anything, and tells her that Kaeo is pretending to be sick. Ingon says, if Kaeo gets away, not just her but also both of them will get in trouble.

Chai Pat comes in the room.

CP: I need to examine her.

P: Go ahead!

CP: Let me see.

K: No! You don’t have to.

CP: All of you please wait outside.

Pinit shoos Ingon and the gang out.

CP: You too.

P: Me too? Take care of her!

CP: Piengporn, close the door.

CP: Stop writhing and tell me the symptom.

Marathi comes out of the theater and couldn’t find Chai Pat. Sombon comes to her and says, Khunchai told him to take her back to Thewaphrom Palace, and he’s at the hospital for a while now. Marathi gets angry and hits him.

K: I have a stomachache and it’s so painful.

CP: Please stop writhing first. I need to examine you.

K: No. I don’t want to. Just let me stay one more night.

CP: No. If I can’t diagnose what is the cause, I can’t say whether I will let you stay or leave.

Kaeo won’t let Piengporn touch  her.

K: I’m all right. I just have a stomachache. If you let me stay overnight, I will be fine tomorrow for sure. Khunchai, please tell Thun and Khun Ingon to go back.

CP: So what kind of disease you said you normally have?

K: I..I have a stomachache…I have a hernia!

Both are stunned, a hernia?

K: Yes. It usually gets infected every now and then. A sudden pain can come up anytime, but if I can get some rest for one night, it should go away. What are you laughing about?

CP: Who told you, you have that?

K: A doctor, a doctor in Ayutthaya. I went to many hospitals and they all said the same.

Both smile.

CP: Khun Piengporn, please get a sphygmomanometer (to measure blood pressure) for me, and tell her relatives that I will come out in a moment to talk to them.

Piengporn gets out.

CP: You don’t have a stomachache anymore?

Kaeo cries some more.

CP: Krongkaeo, there’s no one here now, tell me what it is. I want the truth.

K: I suffer from hernia. It got infected and is painful.

CP: Do you really have a hernia?

K: Khunchai, you asked me like this, you think I’m lying?

CP: Krongkaeo, do you know what hernia is?

K: Of course, I know.

CP: If you know, tell me the symptom.

K: A stomachache, a severe one eh….but if I rest for one more night, it should go away.

CP: Let you stay one more night, so that, tomorrow you will come up with more symptoms and give me a headache?

CP: Khun Krongkaeo, please know that hernia will occur in men only. It’s a lump in the groin bulging into the testicles. It won’t happen in women. Especially, a woman who could wear a swimsuit in the contest like you, definitely can’t happen.

K: But..

CP: You think you can use this symptom to stay in the hospital for weeks? Khun Krongkaeo, I ask you sincerely, what is the problem? Why did you want to tell me?

K: I really don’t have any problem.

CP: Are you sure?

K: Yes.

CP: Then lie down. Push your blouse up and open your trousers  around your belly. Let me examine you.

K: What?

CP: You said you have a hernia, then I have to examine your belly and groin. Because that’s the position of it.

K: No! I don’t want to. I feel fine now.

CP: How can that be? You just said you have it. Why didn’t you let me examine you?

K: I’m begging you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.

CP: Khun Krongkaeo, I and everybody here were so busy running around for you, and it’s too much already. Here is the hospital, not a hotel that you can just stay if you want to. Make your choice, you want me to send you home or, you will tell me the truth.

Episode 4-4

CP: Everybody has his/her own reason. It’s the same for you that you must have an explanation why you are behaving like this; why you had to hurt yourself, and made some story up in order to buy more time to be here. Why?

K: Can’t you just know that I have an important reason that I can’t go home?

CP: Khun Krongkaeo, I am your doctor.

K: …..

CP: If you can’t see me as a doctor, you can think of me as one of your friends.

K: Khunchai, don’t try to persuade me.

CP: In that case, I will go out there and tell Thun Pinit and Khun Ingon that you’re pretending to be sick.

K: Don’t. Please don’t do that. I’m begging you.

CP: If you don’t trust me; don’t see me as your friend; and don’t tell me the truth, then I don’t have any reason to help you anymore. In stead of using my time with other patients, I’m now working on such a nonsensical job.

K: I’m sorry.

CP: Your tears may work with others, but not me. What I want is the truth only. Keep your tears to Thun Pinit.

K: Why are you saying that?

CP: You knew already, the way he sent his men to guard you and will take care of all the expense, what else can that mean? And the reason you pretended to be sick and don’t want to go home, is to bargain for a higher price with Thun Pinit, isn’t it?

K: Yes, that’s right. Khunchai is a noble doctor while I’m just a low-class beauty queen who wanted to show off  her flesh, and use her body to satisfy the need of  a man as old as her father thirstily for money. If you think I am like that, send me to Thun now.

Marathi is so angry that Chai Pat left without her, so she wants to go tell Mom Eiet. Rumpa doesn’t think it’s wise to do that. She asks Marathi if she remembered, they played with those brothers when they were young, when the brothers teased them, they told Mom Eiet. The result was the brothers never played with them again. Rumpa thinks if Mom Eiet forces Chai Pat, Marathi says Chai Pat will run away.

Rumpa says, Mom Eiet likes a reserved woman, so if Marathi plays it cool that she understands the urgent of his work at the hospital, Mom Eiet will give her more support.

Chai Pat gives his handkerchief to Kaeo but she doesn’t take it.

CP: The reason you are like this, the truth is, because you’re afraid to be sent to Thun.

She nods.

K: I joined the contest because I wanted the money for my father’s treatment. I never thought I would be sold. The world has modernized, I couldn’t believe there are people who still treating people like this. I’m begging you, please help  me.

CP: Kaeo, you don’t have to wai [put hands together]. If you don’t want to go back with them, I will try to help you to escape a day more.

K: Truly? Khunchai, you are very kind. Khunchai, in the future, if you want me to do some work, you can call me anytime.

Pinit screams, appendix broke!

CP: Not yet, not broke yet. I just suspect an appendicitis, and a surgery may be needed urgently tonight.

Ingon is startled that a surgery is needed. Pinit asks if it’s at her belly. Dr. Yosawin explains to him the position. Pinit doesn’t like that there will be a scar that look like a huge centipede on her belly, just like a woman who gets a surgery to take out a baby.

CP: But it will be underneath the clothes, no one will see it.

Pinit: Why don’t I see it?! Eh…I mean….

Ingon: He meant Miss Sri Siam’s whole body should be perfectly beautiful. Isn’t that right, Thun?

Pinit: Yes, like that.

Ingon assures Pinit that there should be no scar because Khunchai has a good skill. Chai Pat says he will try his best.

CP: May be it won’t be a centipede scar.

Yosawin: Just a millipede.

Pinit and Ingon says, a millipede?!

Episode 4-5

CP: Wait Thun! May I know where are you going?

P: I’m going to visit Kaeo and give her some support.

CP: I’m afraid you can’t.

P: Why?

Ingon: Thun can’t, but I ,as her guardian, can visit her, right, Khunchai doctor?

CP: No one can.

P: Why is that, Khunchai?

CP: The patient is having a severe stomachache. The fever is so high that she lost her consciousness. You will just see an unconscious patient, if you go in there.

Krai says, he knows that Kaeo is not sick. Khunchai is using his profession as a doctor to protect Kaeo from Thun Pinit, how he can do that. Nun doesn’t like Krai to talk bad about Khunchai doctor, she thinks Kaeo must have lured him to help her.

Krai says he will reveal Khunchai doctor’s true face. Nun says she will reveal Kaeo’s secret. Ingon yells at them that they can’t let Pinit know that Kaeo is pretending to be sick because she wants to get away from him, because if Pinit knows, they won’t get paid and may be he will want the first payment back. Ingon says they must make Pinit believe that Kaeo feels for him and is really sick.

Kaeo looks at Pinit getting in his car.

CP: You can’t lie day by day, and come up new symptoms in order to hide in this hospital for the rest of your life.

K: I don’t want to do that but I really have no other way.

CP: Why don’t you tell your family to come pick you up?

K: I have only my father at home, and he’s sick. I don’t know how to contact him, our house doesn’t have a telephone.

CP: What? How about here in Bangkok? Do you have any relatives or someone you know or…

K: I have no one, but don’t worry, I won’t trouble you anymore. Just that I can hide from them for one more day, I’m happy. I promise you, I will not make you feel uncomfortable to lie to others anymore.

Bai Bua is at war with Ingon. Nun and Krai say in unison that Kaeo has an appendicitis. Bai Bua wonders how a person can have so many mishaps. They assure her that they will watch Kaeo closely and get her to Thun Pinit. Ingon says tomorrow Kaeo’s health problem will be over.

A telephone rings and they are afraid to pick up. Ingon says may be it’s from the hospital about Kaeo. Nun says it could be their creditors. Ingon calls Mali to pick it up. Ingon tells Mali if it’s their creditors, tell them that there’s nobody home.

It’s Kitti, father of Kaeo, who calls. Mali talks to him in a low voice that Kaeo is sick and at the hospital. He asks why she’s not well yet when the newspaper said she got the best doctor to treat her. Mali tells him to go get Kaeo at the hospital, she will tell him the name of the hospital, the building and room number. Kitti asks the lady for a piece of paper and pencil, she gives it to him only when he said he would pay for it.

Mali tells them that it’s her relatives wanted to borrow her money. Bai Bua wants to put more Pinit’s men at the hospital but Ingon doesn’t want her to bother Thun. She can do it.

Honestly, I don’t why Pinit needs two brokers for this job.

Kitti begs them to make one more call. A man says it’s not a  normal call but a long distance. The lady says just charge him.

The phone rings so Kaeo picks up. It’s Pinit on the line. He asks if she’s all right now so Kaeo cries as if in pain. He wants to know if they will cut open her belly but Kaeo says she’s in pain and hangs up.

Pinit is angry that she hung up on him. He shoos Kanok away. Bai Bua comes in so he tells her that Kaeo hung up on him. Bai Bua says Kaeo’s having a stomachache. Pinit asks if that means Kaeo is not willing to be his woman. He says Bai Bua told him that Kaeo’s father put Kaeo in his care and that Kaeo came willingly. He asks if she’s lying to him and he wants the truth.

Bai Bua says the truth is Kaeo is sick. He doesn’t like that she will undergo a surgery and have a big scar on her belly. Bai Bua says there will be no surgery because Kaeo is just having an intestine infection from eating stale seafood, and can just take antibiotics. Bai Bua assures him that there will be no scar to irritate his eyes and skin.

Episode 4-6

CPhi: Khun Krongkaeo is having a severe stomachache? How is she, Pee Chai Pat? Now that I heard it, I’m so worried about her. I think I should go visit her.

CPat: She doesn’t really have a stomachache, she’s pretending it.

CLek: Pretending? So that she could stay close to you for a long time? Well, that must be so convenient.

CPat: Stop it, Chai Lek!

CPhi: Pee Chai Lek, look at Pee Chai Pat’s ears, they are so red! Obviously, there’s something.

CPat: It’s not like that. Kaeo is doing it because she doesn’t want to be Thun Pinit’s minor wife.

CLek: Thun Pinit? The man who took all the top diamond of the crown of every beauty contest?

CPat: Yes.

CPhi: This Thun is a scary competitor but I think Pee Chai Pat doesn’t have to worry about it, because we are never afraid of anyone.

CPat: Chai Phi! I’m not anyone’s competitor and it’s like she wants me out of her problem.

CLek: I understand that. She does everything to get away from Thun Pinit,  yet she’s still worried about you, Pee Chai Pat.

CPat: What?

CPhi: Look at him, Pee Chai Lek. She knows that Thun is a very powerful man, so she’s trying to do everything herself without causing any trouble to Pee Chai Pat. To protect you, Pee Chai Pat.

CPat: Are you crazy? It’s not that. She doesn’t think anything about me and….I don’t think anything about her too.

CLek: Wow,  and this is how he doesn’t think anything about her. I heard Pee Chai Pat had to go see the movie with Nong Marathi, hadn’t he? But I didn’t hear Pee Chai Pat talk about Nong Marathi at all. We were talking only about Khun Kaeo.

CPat: Nong…Nong Marathi. I totally forgot. I forgot to call her and say sorry, but I did send Sombon to send her home. I took my responsibility already.

CLek-CPhi: And you just remember?

Khunchai Thewapun is angry about what Chai Pat did. He says Chai Pat is going against fate. Kaet asks what if it’s not fate. He looks down on Kaet that she still has to make money selling sweets. Kaet asks if he’s not feeling happy for her that she’s happy. He says no one is happy without being rich. He tells Marathi not to be crazy over love like Kaet. He says the Juthathep is in debt to them, and they must pay for it.

Thewapun: I sacrificed my life for their father so grandmother Mom must acknowledge it. Their two elder brothers didn’t do as promised so Khunchai Pat doesn’t have the rights to refuse it, or I will take an extreme action with Mom Eiet.

Marathi tells her father not to scold Mom Eiet because if he does that, Mom Eiet will scold Pee Chai Pat, and he will be angry with her.

Kaet: Love that comes by forcing it, how can it last?

Rumpa tells her father that if he does that, the brothers will try even harder to run away. Khunchai Thewapun says he’s too lenient in the past, now he will have to be more aggressive. He tells Marathi that this time, they can’t lose. He tells them to think together how they should proceed.

The phone rings and Kaeo’s too afraid to pick up. The nurse tells Kitti that there’s no one pick up the phone in the room, so he wants the nurse to check on Kaeo but she hangs up.

Chai Pat thinks of how Kaeo doesn’t want to trouble him, and how his younger brothers told him that it’s because she’s protecting him.

Piengporn asks Kaeo why she didn’t pick up the phone. Kaeo tells her to take it away, she’s having a stomachache and it’s really disturbing her. Piengporn says she can just take it off the hook but she will do as Kaeo said. She says, she can’t understand why Kaeo’s not taking her father’s call. Kaeo hears her.

Kitti begs them to let him make another call. The man says Kaeo is ungrateful. Kitti begs them for another call.

Piengporn tells the nurse to put the phone in the storage room. When the nurse asks, she says, she’s a beauty queen and wants to stay in a quiet place. Kaeo touches her shoulder that she wants the phone back.  Piengporn is confused but Kaeo says she said her father called and she wants to talk to her father.

K: My father is very sick.

P: But it’s you who didn’t want to answer the phone.

K: Because I thought…

P: Thought what?

K: Please get me the phone, in case my father may call again. Please get me back the phone.

The phone rings but Kaeo doesn’t let Piengporn pick up because she wants her phone back first. The woman wants Kitti to hang up because it’s late. Piengporn pushes Kaeo away because a call to the hospital might mean there’s an emergency. Kitti tells Piengporn he’s the father of Miss Sri Siam. Piengporn gives the phone to Kaeo that it’s Kitti Bunmee. Kaeo is so happy that she cries.

K: Dad! Dad!

Kitti: Kaeo!

Episode 4-7

Kaeo picks up the phone.

K: Dad! Dad! How are you?

Kitti: Kaeo, you fell from the stage, are you all right? Kaeo, my daughter, why do you have to stay in the hospital for so long? Did you break any of your legs, or something else that’s more complicated? Kaeo, is there something else? Don’t hide it from your dad?

K: No, I didn’t hide anything from you, dad. I don’t have anything serious, please don’t worry about me.

Kitty: Then why does your voice sound like you’re crying?

K: I’m not crying. I miss you, dad. Where are you calling from? It’s already late why didn’t you go to sleep?

Kitti: I got the number so I hurriedly made a call. I’ll go pick you up at the hospital, my daughter.

K: No, don’t. I will go to you myself. How can you come here? No, don’t come, dad.

Kitti: Kaeo, are you hiding something from me?

K: No. I’m not hiding anything from you. I just got crowned so I will have to stay and do the beauty queen’s duty, and when I have time, I will hurry back to you. All right, dad?

Kitti: Kaeo, I knew. Kaeo, if staying in the capital is not good, don’t stay and come back. Come back here, stop thinking about anything. The money and everything, don’t think about it. Don’t endure it and suffer because of me. Kaeo, do you understand? Kaeo, Kaeo, do you understand? Don’t try to endure it…..(He falls from the chair because of a severe headache.)

K: Dad! Dad!

Chai Pat couldn’t sleep and thinks about how Pinit hated that Kaeo would have a big scar on her belly, and how Ingon said it wouldn’t happen because he’s a great doctor.

Piengporn: No, you cannot leave. You must stay here.

K: Why? I’m fine now.

P: You’re fine now when this afternoon you had such a severe stomachache?

K: My father, my father is dying. I must go to him now.

P: But this afternoon, they told you to leave, but it’s you who didn’t want to.

K: You don’t understand. No one will understand. Please allow me to leave right now.

P: No one can release you from the hospital except Khunchai doctor.

K: Khun Piengporn, could you please call Khunchai doctor to come here, and sign the document to release me? (She kneels down.) I will never forget you kindness.

P: Don’t do this, Khun Krongkaeo! I won’t call him. He’s been busy because of you enough already, and he’s not on duty tonight. Tomorrow he will come and sign the document to release you. Let’s wait until tomorrow. Do you know what he means, and how important he is to us?

K: I know, but I will ask for this for the last time, and will not bother your Khunchai doctor anymore. I will truly not come to disturb even the tips of his feet.

CP: Are you sure to say that?!

In his office.

K: I need to leave now, please allow me. I’m in a hurry.

CP: In a hurry, at 10 p.m. ? What are you hurrying to do at this hour that you can’t even wait till daybreak?

K: I’m begging you. I really need to.

CP: Then tell me, the need that you said, what is it?

K: Khunchai, what do you want? First, you wanted me to go back, and I begged you to stay, and you wanted to know the reason which I already told you it’s about Thun. But now, when I asked to be released, and it’s what you wanted, why do you need to know the reason again?

CP: So what is it? Why can’t you tell me? Is it a top-secret?

K: I don’t want anybody to know. Khunchai, please understand that, sometimes, we have some private matter that’s unnecessary to tell anyone.

CP: Anyone? Am I anyone to you? (He sits down and complete the form.) I signed it. Go where you want, take care whatever private matter you have, and don’t worry about the hospital fee, someone had already paid all of  it for you.

K: Thank you.

Chai Pat is walking with Piengporn.

P: Khunchai, are you just gonna go back?

CP: I’m not on duty tonight. What is it?

P: Well, it looks like Khunchai came here only to sign the document for Khun Krongkaeo’s release.

CP: That’s right.

P: And why Khunchai came here just the right time, when on one called for you?

CP: That’s true. (He turns to her.) Forget it. Khun Piengporn, do you need anything else from me?

P: Eh…nothing.

CP: Then go back to work.

P: Yes.

Chai Pat is about to leave when he spots Ingon and her crew. She’s telling them to walk faster.

Kaeo is sneaking out but she hears Ingon so she ducks behind the stairs. Ingon is saying that they need to watch over Kaeo closely or Bai Bua will snatch her before them. Nun blames it all to Kaeo, other beauty queens did have any problem like her. Krai is complaining that they will have to stand guard in front of Kaeo’s room all night. Ingon says, only him will do that, she will watch over her inside the room.

Bai Bua comes hurrying. She’s saying that she will just take Kaeo whether she has an appendicitis or not.

Episode 4-8

Kaeo tries to get a ride to the train station. She tells the man she wants to go to Ayutthaya, but he says there’s no more train to Ayutthaya today, they already left. She tells him to drop her there anyway, and she will take the first train tomorrow. He asks if she will sleep at the train station. She says yes. He agrees to go but it’s quite far and it’s very late so it will cost more. She realizes that she doesn’t have any money with her. He asks if that means she wants a free ride. She says once she has money, she will pay him.

She tells him she’s Miss Sri Siam, and she will have money soon. She will come back to pay him.

Both Ingon and Bai Bua learn from Piengporn that Krongkaeo had left for home, and it’s Khunchai doctor Phuttipat who released her. Bai Bua says, Ingon meant to hide Kaeo from her. Just wait and see who Pinit will believe between Ingon and her.

All the uncles laugh at Kaeo that she said she’s Miss Sri Siam. She says, she will have a lot of money soon, much more than the fare, and she can pay him back two or three times. A man says, how Miss Sri Siam can walk on the street like this, and with a paper bag too. She’s more like that kind of woman. They all laugh.

K: Dear uncle, my father is really sick so I need to go back to Ayutthaya, and I must go to the train station as fast as I can, and this area is not safe too.  Please understand and help me. I don’t have any other choice.

Uncle: You also have to understand me. How can you want me to take you for free? It’s far and very late at night, and I don’t know when you will come back to pay for it.

CP: Krongkaeo! Come with me! Where are you going? I will drop you. Let’s go!

Weee…my kind of herooo. The wind beneath my wings. Haha.

K:, why are you here?

CP: You must leave  now. Those people are all over the hospital now. Come!

K: But..I don’t want to trouble you.

CP: Why? Is it because I’m…anyone?

K: No, it’s not that. I don’t want you to get into trouble.

CP: As if, I’m afraid. Kaeo, what if, I’m you friend? Will you let a friend help a friend?

K: Khunchai is not my friend. You’re in a different social class from me. I won’t dare.

CP: Will you take your time and continue to blab about different social classes? Or you want to wait for all those guardians of yours to come find you? Come, get in the car.

Those uncles wonder who is taking her.

In the car.

CP: Where are you going? Tell me.

K: It’s quite far.

CP: How far can it be?

K: It’s Ayutthaya. (He chuckles.)

*Ayutthaya is not that far from Bangkok.

K: Khunchai, I really don’t want to trouble you. I’ve troubled you many times enough already.

CP: Don’t want to trouble me? Then how can you get to Ayutthaya this late at night with no money, and no relatives or friends? It’s not the time for a nonsensical courteousness. Just think that I’m taking you for a ride to relax and enjoy yourself. So what happened in Ayutthaya? Why do you need to go there now?

K: ….

CP: You are very headstrong, you must get what you want. If you say now, it must be now. You don’t think about others and are not afraid of any danger. It serves you right that you’re a beauty queen. Are all beautiful women these days just like you?

Aww….a nerd is courting a woman. Right?

They make a stop at the gas station.

CP: Fill it up please.

CP: Do you want to come down and have something to eat?

K: I’m not hungry, but if Khunchai is hungry….

CP: But you didn’t eat anything since evening.


CP: It will be 2-3 hours more before we reach Ayutthaya, at least come down to stretch your legs.

They walk along.

CP: Why do you have to reach Ayutthaya tonight?

K: I want to see my father. I don’t know what happened to him. We talked on the phone this evening and suddenly it sounded like he fell down, and I heard uncle kamnan (head of the village) said my father began convulsing.

CP: Is your father sick?

K: Yes. I hope uncle kamnam will take my father to the hospital. He’s a kamnan after all so he shouldn’t be unkind.

CP: Why didn’t you take your father to Bangkok for his medical treatment?

K: I don’t have money. If my father needs a surgery, there will be a lot of expenses. We are very poor, and that’s why I entered Miss Sri Siam Contest.

CP: Does that mean what you said on the stage is the truth?

K: Khunchai! Did you mean I made up a story? …..That’s right, to Khunchai, I’m just a woman who wants to show off thighs, and makes up a story to be sympathized by the judges, so that I can get the crown and will be able to sell myself in a high price to Thun. I can be just that to you, right?

CP: Kaeo! Kaeo! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.

K: You don’t have to pay attention to me. Being a beauty queen is just an illusion, because, the truth is, I’m only a daughter of a poor janitor who can’t be compared to Khunchai Phuttipat of the Juthathep. It’s right that you look down on me.

CP: Kaeo.

K: Thank you for reminding me to remember the reality, so I won’t forget myself.

CP: I didn’t mean to look down on you, Kaeo. I’m sorry.

K: It’s me who should say sorry that I’m the one tarnished Khunchai’s honor.

CP: Kaeo! Kaeo! I’m sorry. Please forgive me, Kaeo.

Kaeo gets in the car, and they drive off.

Bai Bua is accusing Ingon that she wants to ruin her reputation and to have close ties with Thun Pinit instead of her.

Bai Bua: Listen! If I’m not good enough, I won’t be here (in this position)!

Ingon says, Bai Bua wants to fawn over Thun then throw poop at her. Awful catfights ensue.

Episode 4-9

They arrive at the hospital.

K: Dad! Dad! Kaeo is here!

The nurse says it’s already passed the visiting hours. Kaeo asks her why her father is lying so still, and when he will wake up. She says he’s under medication, and it will be morning before he will wake up. She tells Kaeo to come back tomorrow.

CP: I think you should go home and get some rest. We will come back again tomorrow.

K: No, I will stay with my father so when he opens his eyes, he will see me the first.

CP: Don’t be stubborn, Kaeo. You’re disturbing other patients.

K: But Kaeo….

CP: The more you act like this, the more your father will be upset. Believe me. Even if you stay here, you won’t be able to help him.

The madam brokers run to Pinit. He yells at them, what’s the matter?

Chai Pat is talking to Kaeo’s father doctor.

Doc: Mr.Kitti’s condition is getting worst.

CP: It won’t be good if we leave him like this longer.

Doc: We’ve contacted the hospital in the capital, and we are waiting for their reply. There are very few doctors whose expertise are in human brain. We’re now treating him by the symptoms that occurred.

CP: Can you send the patient to the capital? I will take him in as my patient. I’m Momratchawong doctor Phuttipat Juthathep.

Doc: Khunchai doctor, I heard about you. If you do that, it will be great.

K: No, you can’t.

CP: What?

K: You helped me so much already. This time, it’s too much. I don’t want to get you into trouble.

CP: What trouble?

K: Khunchai, you knew what I’m facing, and who is hunting me down. If he knows you are helping me, you will get into trouble.

CP: Don’t you want your father to recover?

K: I do but I’m also worried about you.

CP: Kaeo.

K: if my father recovers but will get you into trouble; I and my father will feel guilty till the day we die. There must be a way I can give my father medical treatment without getting you into trouble.

CP: I can’t change you mind, can I, Kaeo?

Bai Bua tells Pinit that Kaeo’s disappeared. Pinit gets angry and yells that, that’s why Ingon sent Kanok Ruk to him. Bai Bua realizes Ingon sent Kanok Ruk, the first runner-up to him without consulting her first. Ingon says Kaeo doesn’t get the money and do her duty as Miss Sri Siam yet, so she won’t run away for sure. He asks her, then where she is. Nun tries to frame Bai Bua of keeping Kaeo for another businessman, so they end up yelling at each other. Pinit clutches both women’s jaws that if they are lying, they will not have tongues left to speak.

Pinit clutches Nun’s face and asks if what she said is the truth, that he will meet Krangkaeo soon. Nun says that’s correct. He yells at them to go get Kaeo.

CP: Antibiotic and painkiller. Take it, the wound on your leg is not completely healed yet. (Aww *swoon*)

K: Thank you.

CP: You are good. You ran, you waded your way here, and didn’t cry out in pain even once.

K: It must be that I forgot myself.

CP: You will be sitting here all  night?

K: Yes. In case my father wakes up during the night, I can go inside to check on him.

CP: I will sit here with you then.

K: Khunchai! Don’t worry about me. I can be here alone, you should go back.

CP: What now? You made me drive all the way here, and when I’m no use, you are shooing me away?

K: No, it’s not that.

CP: If not, then allow me to sit here with you.

K: can you sit here? This chair is so hard and not comfortable to sit. It will make you feel stiff and sore, and the mosquitoes will bite you.

CP: You’re a woman, and you can take it. I’m a man, I should be able to do the same too.

K: Will that be all right?

CP: Yes, of course.

She falls asleep and unconsciously leans on his shoulder. He carefully puts her on his lap. He caresses her hair and smiles peacefully.


(*giddy gal dancing*)

What a sweet episode, even Pinit and the gang couldn’t ruin it for me. I was laughing a lot and beaming and laughing again. The chemistry between the leads was awesome. How can you not fall in love with a nerd who needed his younger brothers’ guidance in the matter of love? This series, so far, has maintained such a good balance of romantic, comical, and dramatic moments that made you root for all to be well for Krongkaeo and our dear doctor. It seems he’s already falling hard for her while our girl only wants to see him as her savior. She realizes her status well and doesn’t want to step into his world just yet, and that what makes the story fun because while he’s a man of high social status, he can’t approach her openly even if his heart wants to.

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  1. They totally make me giddy with love and laughter!!! I’m sad to see it end…I haven’t obsessed over this type of lakorn in such a long time 🙂

    I’m so happy you are wiling to share your time with recapping the series, thank you so so much!
    Can’t wait for Friday…I’m so excited that they will soon be alone and then my happy ending yay!!!

  2. Yes, I love love love Khun Chai Pat and Kaew so much… James and Bella are such a great match. James really looks very very young indeed…LOL However, thanks for your hard work and cannot wait to read the next episode 5!

  3. Thank you for the completed recaps! He smiles so much around her that with Marathi…..kinda feel bad for her when he gives her the cold shoulder. LOL. I Love Kaew and Khunchai! It’s funny that he’s in his 30s and she’s supposed to be 19. U can’t really see that in their faces but it doesn’t bother me hahahaha. Thanks again, looking forward to ep. 5 🙂

  4. Pinit and the gang should go away. although he seems really worried about Keow well-being, the intentions that spurs the action is too disgusting for me to feel anything good about him. the sexual harrassment incident in the hospital is like the boy who cried wolf.. poor Keow though. On another note, Pat and Keow’s argument about hernia is so funny, she must be feeling thanks for recapping, I’m grateful for your effort ^^

  5. Wow… I am always looking forward to reading your updated recaps:) It is getting more and more exciting and interesting….I’d like very much to know all storyline of Khunchai Phuttipat as soon as possible! LOL!!! Actually, I really don’t like Marathi much… she has been too annoying and nagging…. Cannot wait to read the next one:) thanks for your hard work:)

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