Soundtrack: Khunchai Phuttipat OST

As requested 🙂

Song title : เธอจะรักฉันหรือเปล่าไม่รู้  (will you love me or not, I don’t know)

Artist: Namm Ronnadet


Just meeting you, my heart wavers.

Just making eye contact with you, I’m certain.

Loving you at first sight, how about you, are you feeling the same way?

Please open your heart, and let me know.

Never love anyone, so soon.

Never have anyone, for so many years.

But I’m losing to you, so what now?

Will you love me or not, I don’t know.

*Wanting to pretend not loving you, but can’t stop my heart.

Love happens, till it overwhelms my heart.

Closing my eyes to sleep, your face come circling around, all night.

How long can I last?

So I let it happen.

Only one thing left, your heart.

Will you love me like I do?

Wanting to ask you, so my heart wouldn’t be in doubt.

Will you love me or not, I don’t know.

Repeat from (*)

Will you love me or not, I don’t know.


I’m falling hard for Khunchai Phuttipat. How can a man be so serious yet so adorableee? He’s a hit here already. He comes as a surprise for me this year, James Jirayu – the newbie 🙂

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  1. I am very happy to read your recaps every time… You are such an amazing person to translate the lyrics into English. I had been listening to the song recently but I couldn’t be able to understand what it meant at all. Now I completely understand it by reading your translation… I have the same feeling that I am in love with Khunchai Phuttipat as well. He always makes me smile…. I DO love watching every scene of James Jirayu’s facial expressions or movements towards Bella…. it seems so exciting this weekend indeed…. I cannot wait for your updated recaps… thanks a million! We will love you so much because you are willing to share everything with us, especially when you are devoted your precious time to recapping… Sorry for any inconvenience if I talk too much right here… If I cause you any troubles, I am really sorry… I just want to share since I don’t have any friends who love watching Thai dramas as I do in my real life… Oh.. yeah.. I cannot wait anymore! I want to know more and more……… You also make my day!
    By the way, could you please tell me how many episodes are there for the series, Khunchai Phuttipat?

    • Not sure how many episodes, my guess would be around 12-13 episodes.It’s nice that you shared your love/thoughts of Khunchai Phuttipat with us here. It’s fun to read people’s thought on the characters, so write away! Seriously, if they have a concert of all Khunchais, I will probably get in line for a ticket to see their sweats. LOL

      • Wow… thanks for your warm reply and I really appreciate it. To be honest with you, I had never posted any messages or comments over the net until I have fallen in love with Thai Drama, the series of five gentelmen, Supap Buruth Jutathep. It made me feel like sharing my appreciation and thoughts so that’s why I am here LOL !!! Then you are the first one who gave me the feedback:) Thanks a lot:) I just found your Blog this week so I started to read your recaps (as if I was reading a novel or something like that). Anyway, I truly hope that you can continue translating and sharing your recaps with us from all over the world… Thanks a million! If you are planning to go to see the concert of all Khunchais… then, WOW… I will envy you for your good luck…. You might want to scream or yell like the crazy fan as soon as you see their sweats LOL!!!

  2. OMG!!! I love you so much for translating this… ^_^ thanks a million!!!

  3. Thank I for the lyrics translation! I’m in love with Khunchai Phuttipat too! He’s my kinda nerd!

    • I laughed so much this week’s episodes. Haha….
      The actor who portrayed Thun Pinit was so good cuz I hated him to the maxxxx!

      • I knooowwwwww Thun Pinit just grosses me out with his expressions! Ep. 5 looks goooooodddd too! I can’t wait for ur recaps! As a non-Thai speaker, I can make out some of the words they’re saying n it seems she has finally told him her problem since he’s helping her :)).

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