Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 3

Honestly, if Khunchai Phuttipat falls for Krong Kaeo (aka Krongkaew) only because of her beauty, I will be so disappointed.

Episode 3-1

Kaeo falls down the stairs and everybody jumps off seat. Pinit runs up the stage and calls out for doctor loudly.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, from the look of it, she needs to go to the hospital. Go in there, brother, and tell them you’re a doctor! Pee Chai Pat! Go in there! (Chai Pat walks out.) What? Pee Chai Pat!

Pinit tells Kaeo to wait for the doctor.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, why didn’t you help Khun Krong Kaeo?

CPat: They have a field doctor, why do I need to show my face?

CPhi: Then, it will all end here tonight.

CPat: How do you want it to end? The wound that deep, they will send her to stitch it up at the hospital anyway.

CPhi: That’s good, Pee Chai Pat’s hospital is close by so we can hurry and tell them to….

CPat: Chai Phi! Let me tell you again clearly that I am not interested in that beauty queen!

CPhi: But, she’s specially looking at you. I didn’t see she looked at anyone but you, may be this is fate…

CPat: Stop driveling! Real life doesn’t have any romantic notions like in a novel! Who knows, may be she just flirted and encouraged us to jump in and compete her price with Thun Pinit.

CPhi: Why are you saying like that?

CPat: I want to go home. (Omg…he’s like a kid now.)

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, let me ask you seriously, you are not interested in Khun Krong Kaeo, even a little bit, right?

CPat: I…

CPhi: Lying is a sin, and you can go to hell.

CPat: I want to go back to the hospital!

The nurse wants to clean Kaeo’s wound or it could get infected, but she pushes her away. Marathi come shouting at Kaeo that she must allow them to clean her wound and stitch it up. If it gets infected, her leg may have to be cut off. Kaeo’s afraid to hear that but she still doesn’t allow them to touch her wound. She says, she doesn’t want to clean or stitch it up, and pushes them away.

Ing On says, she said so that Kaeo’s strange, how she could fall down like that. Nun says she just learned how to walk on heels, and she’s clumsy enough to fall. Pinit comes to the hospital with his wife, and they pose together for the photographers. Pinit says to them, tell the doctors that his wife, a former Miss Sri Siam, loves and cares about her younger Miss Sri Siam so much. He asks his wife is it not right. She says yes, she’s worried about Krong Kaeo. Pinit says, they think of Krong Kaeo like their daughter or niece so his wife wants the doctors to give Krong Kaeo their best efforts, best medical equipments, best medicine, and he will take care of all the expenses. The important thing is, he wants her complexion to remain bright and unblemished. He ends his conversation and tells them to report the story on Kaeo for the people who are worried about her to know. He tells them to take Kaeo’s picture in the infirmary before they leave.

Pinit tells his wife to wait in the car. Bai Bua and Ing On assure him that he will have her tonight. When he asks if Kaeo can do that tonight, they say Kaeo is strong and worked hard since she was young. Bai Bua wants to know about the money. He says, he doesn’t mind a little scar on her but she must come to him willingly, he doesn’t want to use force. He asks if they can do that. They say Kaeo will be happy that he’s so kind to her, and she’s an easy girl.

Bai Bua scolds Ing On to manage her girl well, or not just she won’t get her share but her shop may have to go out of business.

Marathi: Khun Krong Kaeo, your wound is very deep. If you don’t stop struggling, we will have to do what we should!

K: What? What are you going to do to me?

Marathi calls for male nurses to come in. Kaeo gets ready to fight. She says, she’s Miss Sri Siam! Marathi says, they don’t care who she is, and asks if Kaeo will cooperate or they will have to force her. Kaeo asks if she’s a nurse or a gangster.

Kaeo : I will not let anyone touch me except….except the doctor! Only the doctor!

M: We’re trying to help you!

K: If you’re not the doctor, just get out!

M: This hospital has hundreds of patients with worse conditions than yours, no one makes such a fuss like you!

Marathi tells the male nurses to hold her but unsuccessful.

K: I am Miss Sri Siam. I’m representing this country. My leg must not have scar so the person who will operate on my wound, will have to be a doctor with the best skills only! Do you understand?! Call the doctor!

Piengporn doesn’t allow Ing On and the rest including the reporters to get inside. Bai Bua tells her, she must take Krong Kaeo back tonight, she will give her only 30 minutes more. Piengporn says she understands that but they all have to wait here.

Krong Kaeo is struggling hard when they are holding her down for an injection. Piengporn tells them to stop and orders Marathi to calm down herself outside, and everybody, too.

P: Khun Krong Kaeo, can’t you see that you’re bleeding?

K: I’m asking you to call for the best doctor for me. Please do it for this pitiful Miss Sri Siam.

P: You don’t look like a stubborn girl. You’re harming yourself, don’t you know that? Doesn’t it hurt?

A nurse comes in and says, the doctor is here.

Episode 3-2

Dr. Yosawin comes in and introduces himself as a doctor in residence.

Y: Please let me see your wound.

P: You can be at ease now, Dr. Yosawin will be able to stitch up your wound in less than an hour, so your relatives and sponsors can take you back. It won’t take long, and it won’t hurt. Don’t be afraid.

K: What did you say? Less than an hour?

Yosawin assures her that it won’t take long and hurt like an ant bite, and she can go back with her sponsors after that.

K: Don’t I have to stay at the hospital for many nights?

Y: Haha..not even one night.

He wants to see her wound but Kaeo pushes him away.

K: No!

P: What no?

K: No, not this doctor!

Piengporn and Yosawin are speechless.

Piengporn tells her that Yosawin is one of the best. He tells her there won’t be any scar left on her skin. Kaeo tries to come up with a good reason so she says, she wants the best doctor who knows best how to stitch up the wound, and she will allow only the best doctor in this country, or in this hospital to touch her.

Piengporn tries to explain to her that it’s late at night, and if they already have a doctor on duty, the hospital doesn’t have a policy to call another doctor,  if it’s not really a special case.

Chai Pat is treating another patient in the hospital.

Piengporn tells Kaeo that she doesn’t have to worry because all her sponsors and trainers are waiting outside, also, Thun Pinit and his wife  told them to take good care of her. Kaeo hears that and weeps louder.

Kaeo cries and says that she’s the latest Miss Sri Siam, and tomorrow her pictures will be on the newspapers, she asks if they can’t bring her the best doctor.

K: If you can’t bring me the best surgeon, I will be sitting here bleeding till there’s no blood left in me. I’m willing to die more than to have a scar, can’t you understand? Wait and see, how the newspaper will write about your hospital tomorrow.

Nun gets angry to know from Marathi that they didn’t stitch up Kaeo’s wound yet. Nun asks if they were busy taking Kaeo’s pictures. Ing On scolds Marathi that she wants to take Kaeo back as soon as possible. Marathi says, she wants her out of the hospital quickly too, beauty queen who makes a fuss like a princess. She tells the reporters to write that Miss Sri Siam is arrogant and too proud of herself, not many hours after she got crowned, she thinks she’s a goddess and has such a bad behavior.

Pinit wonders why stitching up the wound would take so long. He doesn’t want to get dressed up for nothing. His wife asks if he can’t wait for 2-3 days more for her wound to heal. He says he can wait but if it can be tonight, it will be good too. She asks, what if Miss Sri Siam can’t do her duty tonight, he says, Bai Bua has to take the responsibility because she gave him her word, and we get to see Pinit’s wife cry for the first time about all these.

Kaeo looks outside and says, why they don’t go back.  Piengporn is startled to see Kaeo walk on her own. She warns Kaeo, walking like that, her wound can get torn and she will have to spend the night in the hospital.

K: If the wound gets torn, I need to stay the night?

P: Yes, you will have to stay the night. Let me help you.

Kaeo throws a tantrum over drinking water, why nobody takes good care of her.  She tells Piengporn to get some water for her. Kaeo throws herself down from the bed. Piengporn shouts her name.

Chai Pat is telling a nurse, if there’s an emergency, they can call him anytime. He tells her not to be too courteous. Yosawin calls Chai Pat that he needs his help.

Episode 3-3

Chai Pat says he doesn’t agree with him to follow the patient’s demand like that. He says, what if other patients do that too, it can mess up the system. Yosawin says he understands that, but at this moment, everybody is in chaos because of this one patient so he is asking him to help end it. Chai Pat excuses himself only to get an order from the head doctor to go treat this patient. Chai Pat says to Yosawin that it looks like this patient is very special.

Piengporn says she doesn’t know what Kaeo is being stubborn for, but she’s a nurse so she can’t let her harm herself like this. She tells another nurse to call the patient’s relatives to talk to her. Kaeo tells them not to call Ing On in here.

Kaeo tells them not to touch her.

K: I want a doctor with the best skills in this hospital! The best skilled surgeon, don’t you have one?

Chai Pat: The doctor you wanted, is right here!

K: You…

Chai Pat is surprised to see her. He recalls Kaeo in the contest.

CP: I’m Doctor Momratchawong Phuttipat Juthathep, a neurosurgeon of this hospital. Am I good enough for Khun Krong Kaeo, the new Miss Sri Siam?

Kaeo looks at him.

CP: Allow me to see your wound.

K: Wait!…that..I want to talk about the stitching first.

CP: Lie down. I have to see your wound first.

P: Khunchai Dr is a neurosurgeon, and no one in this hospital has a softer touch than him. Don’t be afraid.

CP: Does it hurt a lot?

K: …

CP: It’s good that it doesn’t hurt much.

K: (Pretending) Eh..yes, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

CP: I pressed for a while, and you just lay still.

K: Eh..I hurt so much that I felt numb. It went numb that I couldn’t feel anything.

He touches the wound again and she cries out.

K: I move a little, and it hurts to the bone. I think my leg is broken.

CP: Your leg is not broken because if you leg is broken, you will not be able to walk and throw a tantrum like this. I’ll give you an anesthetic injection, and stitch up your wound. After that, you can go home.

K: Go home?!

Piengporn excuses herself to prepare the small operation room.

K: No, I can’t go home! Can I stay one night in the hospital? My wound is hurting.

CP: Just this wound, you don’t need to stay overnight in the hospital.

K: But I will stay. I’ll have to make sure that after stitching up the wound, there will be no scar left on my leg. You knew I just got crowned, this matter is very important to me.

CP: Is it about this that you were so loud in the hospital? Because you’re afraid your leg won’t be beautiful, so the staff couldn’t get to their works, and there are 3-4 patients outside without any staff to take care of them because everyone was so busy with you.

K: I didn’t want to do this. You have to sympathize with me.

CP: Sympathize for what?

K: About…about the wound. I’m afraid my leg won’t be as beautiful as before.

CP: You are a beautiful woman. To think that this wound will make you become less beautiful, isn’t that too much? All right, I will give you my word that I will stitch the wound to the best I can, and leave as tiniest scar as possible. I understand that your profession uses thighs to earn a living.

K: Wait! Can I stay at the hospital tonight?

CP: Our hospital is a government’s hospital, we have to reserve hospital beds for patients with critical conditions only.  You may stay, but if there’s patient that needs a hospital bed more than you, you will have to give it up. Do you understand?

K: Yes.

CP: Anything else you want to ask for?

Kaeo shakes her head.

Ing On: Why does  she need to stay overnight?

Marathi: Khunchai Dr made the decision, I was informed about it, and I’m relaying the message to you. If you have any question, please go ask Khunchai Dr directly.

Nun gets excited over Chai Pat’s name, and she wants to go home to dress better and come back tomorrow. Ing On scolds her, and tells Marathi that she will wait, no matter how late it will be, she will take Kaeo back. Piengporn tells her that Khunchai must be afraid if the patient moves, the stitched wound will be ripped and become a bigger wound. It should be all right to let her stay for one night unless they have a problem with the expense. Ing On says, she doesn’t have a problem with money.

Nun tells her mother to go home, even Bai Bua went back already, and even if they can take Kaeo back tonight as if she will be ready to work, and they don’t have to worry she will run away, Pinit’s men are all over.

Ing On comes up with a good idea, she needs to find someone in place of Kaeo for Pinit tonight, before Bai Bua makes her move first and comes up with the same idea. She will give him the first runner-up girl, they will have to locate her and offer her something so she will go along with their plan. Nun says her mother is so wise.

Marathi asks a man in black, if he’s here to guard an important person.

Episode 3-4

Marathi walks into the operation room while everybody is wearing a sterile gown, and she’s not 🙂

M: With her beautiful face, couldn’t believe she could be so troublesome. To stitch this wound, you need to give her a general anesthetic?

CP: Or do you want her to wake up and throw a tantrum? Take a look at this, the wound is quite deep. I need to trim the outer skin before I can stitch it up.

M: Yes. Pee Chai Pat, please make this girl get out of the hospital quickly.

CP: Marathi!

M: Why? What did I say wrong? Everyone is thinking the same thing, they just don’t say it out loud. Getting crowned not very long, she’s become so arrogant.  Thun Pinit sent many men here in the hospital. After stitching, she will be delivered to.. When she gets to be Pinit’s minor wives, I wonder how much more arrogant she will turn to be.

CP: Stop talking, nurse! We are doctor and nurse, our job is to treat every patient equally.

Yosawin:  Khun nurse Marathi, you don’t have any duty here.

M: Dr. Yosawin!

CP: You have to be downstairs, not here.

Marathi gets out.

Y: Khunchai, a very decisive action. I will remember it as a good example.

CP: Everyone must know his/her own duty. You must know your role and manner. Anyone who behave inappropriately, if I give them warning and they still don’t improve or adjust themselves, I will have to take an immediate action.

Piengporn reprimands Marathi for treating the patient aggressively, even scowling or frowning at them. But, the worst is what she did to Krong Kaeo, it’s like she’s crazy. Even if the patient acts crazy toward her, she should find a better way to take care of her.

Marathi asks if it’s because she’s a beauty queen that she has to please her. Piengporn says, whoever they are, what she did was against the nurse code of ethics, and the way she uses her personal matter to interfere with Khunchai Phuttipat’s public works very often too. Marathi says, she can’t help it. Piengporn suggests she quits and finds another profession because wearing this white uniform, she should exhibit kindness, be considerate and sympathize with human beings, and help the patients solve their problems. A nurse must be able to endure more than other professions.

M: You think I want to be in this profession?

P: If  you’re doing it against your will, what are you doing that for? If you don’t have faith in this profession, you should do something else. You come from a good family and have a pretty face, you can get a job in a company or a hotel. Why don’t you just quit and leave?

M: A person like me, will not stay as your subordinate for long. Just wait and see!

Chai Pat is going home. He sees Pinit’s men standing outside.

CP: (Thinking to himself) You want to be Thun Pinit’s minor wife so much that you had to join the contest? But, why does she look so unhappy? Stop, stop it. She’s just a woman who loves the luxury and loves to be taken care of. Why do you have to think about it so much?

He drives home.

The next morning, Chai Pat walks down the stairs silently. He looks around if there’s someone around. He’s about to walk out of the house.

Chai Lek: Where are you tiptoeing to, Pee Chai Pat?

CP: Chai Lek, why are you sitting here? Did you just come back or are you about to go out?

CL: Shush, Pee Chai Pat, or grandmother will hear and my ears will be numb. I just came back. What about you? Where are you secretly tiptoeing to?

CP: I didn’t tiptoeing. I’m going to work.

CL: (Smile mischievously) Going to work this early? Have a surgery?

CP: No. I’m going to check on a patient.

CL: A patient? Is it Miss Sri Siam? They sent her to your hospital.

CP: That doesn’t concern me. There was a doctor on duty, and he took care of her. I have my own patients, it’s not about me. Actually, whether or not Miss Sri Siam stays at my hospital, doesn’t have anything to do with me, Chai Lek.

CL: I didn’t say a thing.

CP: I’m going to work.

CL: Drive safely, Pee Chai Pat. Don’t be busy thinking only about Miss Sri Siam.

CP: Chai Lek!

CL: Yes. I know. Pee Chai Pat doesn’t think anything, and I was wrong.

Chai Lek gives Chai Pat a newspaper.

CL: When you have some free time, read this. This one is telling the story in detail. It said, the doctor who stitched Miss Sri Siam’s wound was, Momratchawong Phuttipat Juthathep. Whose name is it? It doesn’t sound familiar. Haha.

Chai Pat drives out.

CL: Sombon, it looks like I and Chai Phi will win the bet over my elder brothers.

S: What bet, sir?

CL: Not gonna tell ya. Haha.

S: Not gonna tell? Give me the urge and leave? No matter what, Sombon will have to know.

Pinit is satisfied that Chai Pat was the one stitched Kaeo’s wound. It ensures her fast recovery and neat stitches. He’s the one ordered him through the director of the hospital to do it. Bai Bua says, she was wondering why one of the five Juthathep’s lions was doing that, normally, Khunchai Dr. will do brain surgery only. Pinit says, it’s good that it’s the hospital he gave them many scholarships.

Bai Bua says Kaeo should come home today. Pinit hopes that she’s happy and willing to become the new member of his house that is full of love. Bai Bua assures him that Kaeo’s more than willing. Pinit wants to make sure that her parents are not against it. He doesn’t like it if they will go around talking, such as he forced the girl, that kind of thing.

Bai Bua says Ing On already took care of that and the girl is so delighted about him, and her father wants to put her in his care. Pinit asks if that’s true, and laughs. He gives her an envelope with money inside for Ing On. He says, it’s the first payment, and when the girl comes to let him bless her, he will give her the rest. He gives another envelope for Bai Bua. He tells her not to switch the envelopes. Bai Bua leaves.

Kanok walks out. She spent the night with Pinit and is happy about it. They act like a sweet couple. His wife sees them and cries.

Chai Pat comes to check on Kaeo but she’s not there.

Episode 3-5

Piengporn tells Chai Pat that they moved Kaeo to another building, because Thun Pinit called last night and requested the best room for her. Chai Pat marches upstairs to Kaeo’s room, he stops and turns back, and turns again to her room. He opens the door and gets inside.

Kaeo is asleep. He leans down to look at her face. (Okay, Chai Lek and Chai Phi, you win!) She opens her eyes and cries out that she’s not going anywhere, and tells him to get out. Chai Pat has to call her, to let her get a hold of herself.

K: Doctor. I’m sorry.

CP: How are you? Does the wound still hurt?

K: It aches a little. Oh, yes, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

CP: I will tell the nurse to bring you breakfast, have a meal so you can take the medicine.

She gets down from the bed.

CP: What are you doing?

She falls and he catches her.

CP: You were given an anesthetic not long ago, you should not get up too quickly or you may faint.

K: I want to go to the toilet.

CP: I will call the nurse for you.

K: It’s all right, I can walk.

She falls backward and he catches her again.

CP: Let me help you. If you fall again, I will not want to stitch up your wound again.

He puts his arm around her and helps her walk to the toilet. (Ahem, Doc Pat, where’s your pro code of conduct?)

CP: I won’t get inside, and will wait here. Be careful not to slip on the floor.

K: Yes.

CP: Wait! Close the door but do not lock it.

K: Do not lock?

CP: If there’s an emergency, I can go inside and help you. Eh..I meant I could call the nurse to help you. But if nothing happens, I will be standing here and won’t get inside.

K: But…

CP: I won’t sneak inside, and I will see that nobody gets inside. (She hesitates.) Close the door, and please do not lock it.

She still looks at him so he turns his back to her.

K: Can you move further? (He moves further.) A little more. (He moves a little further.) A little more. (He moves  further.)

CP: You don’t have the urge anymore?

K: Then, please move quickly. A little more, some more.

Piengporn comes in with a cart to clean her wound. He tells her that the patient is in the toilet, and she can leave it here. He will do it.

P: That’s a good idea. Doctor, you do it so she won’t refuse or else both nurses and male nurses will be push away so hard.

Chai Pat smiles broadly. Peingporn stops short. (In the novel, Chai Pat would rarely smile, but once he smiles, his smile would be shaking his students’ hearts.) He stops smiling and composes himself.

CP: Leave it there.

P: Please take care of it.

She leaves. He smiles some more. (Aww…be still my heart.)

Kaeo comes out.

CP: I will help you.

K: It’s all right. I can walk by myself.

She gets on the bed, and he closes the door.

K: Why are you closing the door?

CP: Because I want to see your wound. Please lie down. Please turn to the side for me. (He checks the wound.) The skin heals neatly. There’s only some bruises left from the bumping. Over all is good, no sign of infection. Tomorrow you should be able to go home.

K: Go home?

CP: Yes, go home. Wouldn’t that be good? You don’t have to stay overnight at the hospital anymore.

K: I..I..can I not go home today?

CP: Why don’t you want to go home?

K: Because…because…

Ing On tells Nun, they must not let Bai Bua know that they sent Kanok Ruk to Thun, or else she will demand our share. Nun says, Thun is a strange man, why can’t he wait some more days for Kaeo to get released from the hospital? His wife is so beautiful but he doesn’t care.

Bai Bua walks over and gives Ing On her money, the first payment. Ing On says, she doesn’t have to worry, she will complete her task well. Bai Bua tells her that Pinit repeatedly told her that the girl must come willingly. If he knows that the girl doesn’t want to, or she changes her mind, or the newspapers talk about it, they will not get the rest.

Ing On says, she will make sure that the girl will be willing. About her parents, she already prepared some money to shut their mouths. Bai Bua tells her to make everything go smoothly, and do not make Thun angry, or they will all be finished.

Kaeo hesitates to tell Chai Pat.

K: I…I..

CP: I..what?

K: I..I…that’s right, I’m still hurt. The wound is hurting. How can I go home? The place where I’m staying is quite far with no one to look after me. Please let me stay for one more night. Please.

CP: Let me ask you seriously, what kind of problem do you have?

K: I have…no, I don’t have.

CP: So what’s the conclusion? Have or don’t have. If you have some problem, you can tell me. I am your doctor. If there’s anything I can help my patient, I’ll be glad to.

K: I…I…

CP: What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of those people watching over you? You don’t have to be afraid, you can trust me.

K: I…I don’t…

Marathi opens the door.

M: Pee Chai Pat! I thought I came early but Pee Chai Pat came earlier than me. Don’t you have a surgery late in the morning? Why did you have to hurry to come here, or, were you worried about the special patient?

CP: Normally, I am worried about every patient, or, you don’t know that?  (He looks at Kaeo.) So, what is your problem?

K: I..

CP: Tell me why you don’t want to go home.

K: I…I….I…eh..I don’t have money.

CP: You don’t have money?

K: Yes. Can I stay here until I get the money from the contest? I don’t know where I can get the money for the hospital fee.

M: Khun Krong Kaeo, why do you have to worry about the fee when there’s a person who will pay it all? (Kaeo looks at her.) It’s Thun Pinit. I almost forgot, I came to tell you that Khun Ing On, your relatives, is waiting outside to take you home.

Episode 3-6

Chai Pat is saying that if she’s not beautiful, she wouldn’t get the crown. Marathi tells him, those are Miss Sri Siam’s relatives. Nun greets him using royal terms. He says, sawasdee. (Let me say that Chai Pat’s wai is really elegant which is hard to find these days. I heard he was trained for it.)

Marathi introduces Chai Pat to IngOn as Kaeo’s doctor. IngOn says he has a dignified look just as the rumor said. Nun asks if he already had breakfast, she wants to invite him to join them. She misuses the royal terms.

CP: I’m just a Momratchawong, please talk normal. (*Momratchawong = no need for royal terms)

M: Awkward!

IngOn: I came to take KrongKaeo home. I heard she’s getting better so she can go home, right?

CP: Yes, looks like she can go home.

I: Then please excuse me, I will go get Nu Kaeo. Let’s hurry, Nun.

They leave.

M: Pee Chai Pat, you look like you don’t want to allow the special patient to go home.

CP: Why wouldn’t I?

Kaeo is trying to find a way out.

K: What should I do? Should I run away? (She peeks outside and sees Pinit’s men.) I can’t run away. I must wait for the money first so I can help father.

IngOn comes in and tells Kaeo they are taking her home. She gives Kaeo a dress to wear, it’s tailor-made just for her. IngOn tells her to guess who sponsored the dress. Nun yells at her to get up and put on the dress. Kaeo says she’s  having a meal. IngOn says she has a plenty of nice meals waiting, and tells her to put on the dress.

Chai Pat is writing a prescription for Kaeo.  He tells Marathi to get Kaeo’s medicine and process the necessary document for Kaeo’s release. He makes an appointment for Kaeo to come back next week, for an examine her again.

M: Why an appointment with you? It’s just a wound on a leg.

CP: Because I was the one stitched up her wound. I am her doctor. Can you stop nagging and just do what I said?

M: I was just asking, why do you have to scold me?

CP: I have an important surgery. I have to leave.

M: Pee Chai Pat, do you know what does IngOn do for a living?

CP: Why do you ask? Doesn’t she has a boutique? A salon?

M: Yes, that’s right, but that’s just in the front. Underneath, she’s actually a scout  or, in other words, a madam. She keeps sending beautiful girls to Thun Pinit. Everybody knows that Miss Sri Siam of every year was sent to Thun Pinit, to let him *blow on the top of her head (*normally the elder does it to give the younger blessing, but in this case [used only in this series] has a hidden meaning = to sleep with him). The girl would get a car and a house. That’s why Khun IngOn is so desperate to take KrongKaeo back. Pee Chai Pat was never interested in the Beauty Contest’s circle, Khun Sunan told me herself that KrongKaeo may look innocent and reserved, but the truth is, she’s so bold, she came from the countryside determining to become Thun Pinit’s minor wife. She must be wanting a luxurious life, and be taken care of by a powerful man. A woman like this, anyone who thinks of  falling for her, is very stupid.

IngOn says Kaeo is really beautiful.

CP: All right, whatever kind of person KrongKaeo is, it’s her personal life. I won’t get involved.

M: That’s correct! Pee Chai Pat, you’re Momratchawong Phuttipat Juthathep, your family’s honor and reputation must come first. Pee Chai Pat, you’re clever, you won’t fall for her artificial pretence, right?

Kaeo asks IngOn when they will  give her money. IngOn says, based on the schedule, it will be the last Saturday of the month. There will be a ceremony in two weeks. Kaeo says she just wants to know when she can take her father to get a treatment. Nun scolds her that it’s because of her clumsiness, or else someone may already have sent father to the hospital. Kaeo asks who that person is. Nun says, it’s her father’s son-in-law. IngOn stops her from talking.

Kaeo says, her leg is still hurt,  may be she should stay at the hospital tonight. IngOn yells at her, she can’t stay, Khunchai Dr. told her she could go home. IngOn softens her voice, that she doesn’t have much money to cover her hospital fee, she’s lucky that Thun Pinit pays for it. Kaeo asks why he has to pay for her. IngOn says, because he’s a kind man, and very kind to her, so she should be grateful to him. When she gets out of the hospital, she should go and thank him, and let him blow on the top of her head.

Kaeo says she wants to go to her father first, and let’s meet Thun later. IngOn gets angry and calls her ungrateful.

K: It’s  not that. I am grateful to you. But my leg is still hurt and it may get infected if I walk around, and I don’t want to trouble you of sending me back to the hospital again.

Marathi: Can’t walk, how about a wheel chair? Thun Pinit donated so much to the hospital, a wheel chair won’t be mean anything. You can borrow it.

K: But..

M: But..what? Your wound healed, the doctor allowed you to go home, and a wheel chair is ready. What else of but?

Man, it’s even sadder coming from Marathi because of the uniform she’s wearing.

Episode 3-7

Chai Pat looks at KrongKaeo from above.

Marathi tells them to wait here and she will go get the medicine. IngOn says she’s going with her, and tells Nun to wheel Kaeo to wait in the car. Nun doesn’t want to do it, let it be the driver’s job. But her mom scolds her loudly that Kaeo is like their family. Kaeo tells Nun she wants to wait here.

Kaeo pushes off the brakes and wheels the chair down a sloping exit. She lands on the ground hurting. Chai Pai saw it clearly that she intentionally hurt herself.

Teacher Bud congratulates Kaeo’s father that Kaeo won the contest. He asks if she read the news that Kaeo fell from the stage, and he wants to go to her. Bud reads the news and says, they appointed the best doctor, a Momratchawong something to take care of Kaeo, and she should get better by now. Bud tells him to be patient, may be Kaeo is busy doing her duty for the country, and when she has free time, she will surely come to take him to the doctor.

Chai Pai comes in the operation room.

CP: Are you satisfied now?

K: What do you mean?

CP: I’m telling you, you, Miss Sri Siam who is so important. On the third floor in the next building, my patient is waiting to get an operation that I will do it at 9 a.m. But now it’s 8:30 and I have to run over here, to stitch up your wound again because the director and your sponsor said, it had to be me only.

K: I..I’m sorry. I wasn’t careful enough.

CP: Weren’t careful enough? I saw you being so careful.

K: I didn’t mean it (to happen).

CP: You meant it! You intended to hurt yourself, to get injured some more, so that you can continue staying in this hospital. I told you, you could tell me the problem.

Jaew tells Mom Eiet [Mom added in front of the name indicates a wife of a royal] that Marathi called, she said she had an important thing to tell about Khunchai Pat. Mom Eiet wonders what problem Chai Pat could have when he’s such a well-behaved one, or it might be an emergency.

Marathi tells her that there’s a woman, a patient, trying to lure Chai Pat. No matter what, she wouldn’t get better. She’s the showing-off-thigh girl, the latest Miss Sri Siam. Mom Eiet says, she won’t allow it.

CP: This will the last time that I will stitch your wound, and this time, I won’t give you a general anesthetic but will inject you a local anesthetic instead. (*cruel geek*)

K: Will it hurt a lot?

CP: Are you afraid? You are the one hurting yourself. You wanted to injure yourself. I saw it with my own eyes. (She cries out.) It will only hurt when the medicine is being injected, you will feel better in a minute. See? If you didn’t think of doing such absurd thing, you would have been sitting comfortably at home by now.

K: Does that mean I don’t have to go home? Does that mean I can stay another night at the hospital?

CP: Is this what you’ve wanted?

K: I know I’ve been troubling you and the hospital lately, but I really have my own problem.

CP: The problem you said, what is it?

A nurse comes in (it’s about time!) and asks if he needs anything. He says, nothing, and tells her to tell the main operation room that he’s coming in less than an hour.

CP: Tell me, what is it? (She hesitates.) Up to you (if you don’t tell). I don’t know what your problem is, but hurting yourself again and again is definitely not good. If the wound get infected, there could be complication. You want to have a scar as big as a huge a centipede, and your beauty be blemished for the rest of your life?

K: Blemish my beauty is much better than blemish my….

CP: If you don’t stop harming yourself, your leg may have to be cut off.

Pfft, what an encouragement from a doctor.

CP: Since you invested yourself this much, I will allow you to stay at the hospital for one more night. But tomorrow, no matter what happens, you will have to get out of here.

K: Thank you so much, Khunchai. You will never know how much you have saved a human’s life. I will never forget this.

IngOn runs after Chai Pat and asks why Kaeo needs to stay one more night. She says she won’t allow it. Nun tells her to be quiet and listen to him first (using royal term). Chai Pat turns around.

CP: Don’t use such vocabulary with me, I told you. (He turns to IngOn.) It’s that her wound is so swollen because she fell from the wheel chair. The tissues are bruised. If she’s not allowed to stay still for a period of time, her wound can turn complicated.

IngOn scolds Nun, and asks why she didn’t lock the brakes. Nun says, she thinks she did.

I: Khunchai Dr, I really need to get KrongKaeo out of  the hospital today.

CP: What is the need? Where are you taking her?

IngOn says, nowhere, she just wants her to rest at home.

CP: If it’s about rest, she can rest here at the hospital. What’s the problem with staying for 2-3 days more since you have someone taking care of the expense? Tomorrow after I see the wound, we’ll talk then.

She wants him to prescribe Kaeo some strong antibiotics so she can take her home, and she will look after  her herself at home. She’s so worried about her and she has no one to watch over her here.

CP: You can’t take care of it yourself because her wound is very deep. If  tetanus or infection in the blood circulation occurs, it’s life-threatening, or a little less complication, if the wound gets rotten, I will have to take responsibility, or you want to take the responsibility yourself?

IngOn hits her daughter that it’s because of her. Nun says, she did lock the brakes.

Episode 3-8

IngOn is worried that how many times she broke her words with Thun Pinit already. Nun says, why he can’t wait for some more days, he’s so old, may be he will die on a woman’s chest someday. Nun says Khunchai is so adorable and so rich, whoever has him as a hubby will be so lucky. Krai says, Kaeo did it to herself to get away from Pinit. He asks if IngOn wants to hire him, he will drag her out right now.

IngOn says if he messes with Kaeo, he might be shot to death. She tells him not to mess with Thun Pinit.

Pinit is mad that Kaeo was hurt once again. He asks where she’s hurt. IngOn explains that it’s the same wound because there’s an accident during wheeling Kaeo to the car, her wheel chair fell down to the side of the walkway. She says, it’s  no one’s fault, only may be because the nurse didn’t wheel her chair properly. She assures him that Kaeo is still beautiful, just her wound was ripped and needed to be stitched up again, and she may need to stay in the hospital for some more days.

Pinit gets mad at that nurse (oh dear, Marathi) and she must pay for it. IngOn stops him from doing anything now because people will talk that because of Miss Sri Siam,  the hospital’s staff is punished.  He sympathize with Kaeo for her mishaps, but definitely will make that nurse pay for it.

Marathi asks Chai Pat to go for a lunch together since he’s done with his surgery and she’s done with her shift. Chai Pat is about to refuse when Mom Eiet shows up, and asks if he’s busy. Mom Eiet wants to take him to her friend’s restaurant which is close by. Chai Pat says he has a meeting at 2 p.m. and asks if it’s all right to eat at the hospital’s canteen. Marathi (and me) couldn’t believe that he would make his grandmother eat over there. Mom Eiet says she’s all right with that, she used to be a nurse and ate in the hospital’s canteen before.

Marathi says, today there are three Mom(s) together; Momratchawong Phuttipat, Grandmother Mom Eiet, and her, Momluang Marathi.

I love how the five Khunchais always find a way around their grandmothers’ demands in a calm and polite manners.

A nurse says, if these two get married, she will feel sorry for Khunchai Dr.

Yosawin: They are trying hard, looks like Khunchai won’t be able to get away.

P: Who are you gossiping about?

Y: No one. We are talking about something else.

Mom Eiet loves Marathi’s sweet manner so she believes Marathi must be a good nurse (*cough cough*) and loved by a lot of patients.  Marathi says, only the elders and children. Mom Eiet says, it was like that for her too, the elders and children loved her but not men because she was very strict. Marathi says there must be lots of men going after her because grandmother is very beautiful.

Mom Eiet asks why Chai Pat is so quiet. She says, it looks like his mind is somewhere else. Chai Pat says he’s too hungry so he just eats. Mom Eiet gives them two movie tickets for its premiere tomorrow afternoon. She tells Chai Pat to take Marathi.

Marathi takes a look and the tickets are for Mae Nak Phra Kanong (Buahaha, grandma, a frightened ghost story for a date?). She says, it’s the movie she wanted to see but everybody in her house is afraid of ghost. Grandma tells him to take Marathi, and she asked already that tomorrow he’s not on duty. He agrees to take her. Marathi gives the tickets to him that if they are with him, they won’t get lost because he’s a responsible man.

Episode 3-9

Chai Pat is playing the piano which is producing quite a cranky sound. Personally, I think he’s waking up the household.

CY: Couldn’t sleep?

CP: Pee Chai Yai, is it very noisy? I’m sorry.

CY: Drinking chamomile tea, it means you are nervous and want to calm down. It’s so rare that I will see you can’t figure out something, Chai Pat. Do you need my help?

CP: Grandmother Mom told me to take Marathi to see the movie tomorrow. I understand now how Pee Chai Yai and Chai Ruj felt at that time.

CY: Take it easy, Chai Pat. Grandmother Mom is a reasonable woman. Sometimes she can be very strict but she never forces our hearts.

CP: But our family and the Thewaphrom have promised. Pee Chai Yai and Chai Ruj found your love ones, so now it’s left to me and my two younger brothers.

CY: You don’t like Nong Marathi?

CP: No. Not even a little.

CY: That means you have someone you like?

CP: No…n…no one.

CY: Are you sure that there’s no one?

CP: Oh, I know! Chai Phi spread the news, didn’t he?

CY: (Smile)

CP: Well…it’s not true. I didn’t feel anything for Khun KrongKaeo. I was just stitching up her wound. Our relationship is doctor and patient, and when she feels better, she will go home.…I’m not sure why she pretended to fall from the stage, from the bed, and from the wheel chair like…she wants to continue staying in the hospital.

CY: I heard Thun Pinit’s waiting to have her.

CP: That’s right, may be this is the reason why she wants to stay at the hospital as long as she can, to avoid being Thun Pinit’s minor wife. But why when I asked, she wouldn’t tell me?

CY: May be she’s not sure if she said it out, someone in the hospital might be Thun Pinit’s people. And if it gets out, it might put her in a  more dangerous situation.

CP: (Smile) That’s true. Why didn’t I think of it that way? Thank you, Pee Chai Yai, for enlightening me.

CY: Chai Pat, if you’re sure that she’s the one, don’t ever let her slip away.

CP: It’s not like that. I…I’m not…she’s a beauty queen.

CY: A beauty queen, so what? If we are confident that she’s our dream girl, we should follow our hearts. You always do things with reasons, keep that to your job, but for love, only listen to your heart is enough.

CP: It’s kind of  late. I will go to bed.


The rest of the gang show up.

CPhi: I don’t…I’m not…It’s nothing. And this is like someone who doesn’t feel anything? Pee Chai Yai, I will definitely win the bet.

CR: Even if we lose, it’s all right if that means Chai Pat will truly love someone. Isn’t that a good thing?

CL: Our hermit is finally coming out of his austerity practice. This and that, but actually, there’s only Miss Sri Siam in his mind. Pee Chai Yai poked a little, he let it all out.

CY: It can really happen. I couldn’t believe a person like Chai Pat would love a beauty queen for real.

Piengporn comes in and wants to see the wound, but Kaeo doesn’t let her and ask for Khunchai Dr.

Piengporn says he’s not on duty today but he told her if Kaeo gets better and the wound doesn’t hurt, she can go home after the IV is done.

Kaeo says the wound is still hurting and since Khunchai won’t come today, she should stay one more night and wait for him to check on the wound. Piengporn says she will get some painkiller for her.

K: How much longer can I keep stalling for time ?

She cries out some more.


I love Kaeo that she’s a real fighter. Seriously, who would jump three times like that? As much as I want Chai Pat to rescue her, but then all eyes would turn to his family. Everything he does for her, can easily be the headline. I hope he will find a discreet way to handle her problem, but again, it won’t be fun that way 🙂


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  1. Khunchai Ronnaphee (the youngest one) made me laugh in almost every episode, but, I heard his love story will be a really sentimental one. Aww….can’t wait!

    FYI, Thun Pinit kicked Marathi down and now stands on top of my chart 🙂

  2. thanks for the update. I’m so frustrated that someone will come when Kaew want to say the truth. I hate it when the script is obviously try to delay things with stupid means i.e someone interrupt the conversation – I see no point in it. But, it’s good that he sees that she intentionally hurting herself, although I wonder why our smart dr can’t put two and two together yet. There’s enough hints for an assumption to be made. I’m excited for next ep already, I read somewhere there would be more Dr. and Kaew there… thanks for recapping. I hope you won’t mind, I’m writing an essay here..LOL Not one of my friend like lakorn, so can’t talk about it with them.. Hv a good day 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for your updated recap again… It’s very quickly… I really appreciate it!

  4. Yes, I agree with what SweetPea commented here. Thanks a million for your wonderful translation. I have been one of biggest fans of the Thai lakorn, the series of five gentlemen, Supap Buruth Jutathep all the time. Since I do neither speak nor understand Thai, your recaps really help me understand what they are talking about indeed… Now I have been addicted to reading your recaps since the user doesn’t share the latest videos with English subtitles in public anymore… I came here to show you my appreciation because it is hard not to fall in love with Thai lakorn, especially when I feel stressed out, I tend to watch Thai lakorn in order to relax myself… earlier, I had been obsessed with the leading actor, Pope Thanawat because he nails his role in every excellent way… Your recaps about Khun Chai Pawornruj made me understand completely about the ending . But now, I really love seeing those scenes whenever the doctor (the leading actor) smiles or whenever the doctor looks at Kaew (the leading actress) with his affectionate eyes… Oh my gosh, it will melt our hearts…. 🙂 However, thanks for your hard work..I am always looking forwarding to reading your recaps…. Words can never express my appreciation enough. Please continue recapping about the series of Five Gentlemen series… please.. thanks a lot~~~

  5. Thanks for recapping… “if Khunchai Phuttipat falls for Krong Kaeo (aka Krongkaew) only because of her beauty, I will be so disappointed.” about this, I don’t think you should worry I think he’s only attracted to her, can you blame the doctor? the girl is very plus she’s in trouble thus the sad eyes and needing help. That maybe spark his protective instinct. and I find it is cute that he’s trying to resist the attraction, him considering to go to KrongKaeo room or not. He’s very careful, I mean he bolted the other way when KrongKaeo needs his help as if he is afraid to make contact…lol I’m so excited for whats to come… and like always thanks for recapping, and with details ❤ it was a great read 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for your translation…it really helps a lot for me to understand this lakorn since the user in youtube is no longer sharing the subbed videos to the public….really really thank you and glad to see your updates…keep it up ya…I will always be thankful to you…. 🙂

  7. I woke up happy today with ur update!!’ Thank u so mmuuuccchhh!! I sympathize with Kaew, poor girl. But omg, Puttipat is so handsome!

  8. You’re welcome 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • As much as Marathi is annoying, her character doesn’t bug me to the max….YET! LOL. I can’t wait for you to recap Ep. 4! It was quite exciting and a lot of scenes with the couple!! kekeke. I really wonder how Kaew is gon escape that sex predator LOL.

  9. Thanks for doing it. it’s very appreciate for us as non Thai speaker.

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