Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 2


I seriously want more scenes of these men together. At first, I thought they were robots but as the series moved on, the actors become more natural so, now, it’s quite fun to see them teasing one another.

Episode 2-1

A nurse: No. 1, sponsored by Duang Jai Salon.

Another nurse is walking along like she’s in a beauty pageant. Suddenly, she walks backward. It’s Chai Pat and Dr.Yosawin.

Chai Pat: Being a nurse isn’t good enough, now you want to become a beauty queen? What’s in your head?

A nurse: A beauty queen gets to dress up so beautifully, gets a lot of money, and everyone loves her, Khunchai Dr.

CP: A lady but wearing a tiny outfit, walking for people to see her private figures, and takes pictures for people to talk about it, what’s so great about that?

Yosawin tells her she can go now. He tells Chai Pat that he’s being pessimistic. Many countries do it, and it helps making the world become more colorful and lively.

CP: Yosawin, talk appropriately  with the gown you’re wearing. The nurses’ duty are to save people’s lives, take care and help relieve the sufferings of the patients. (He turns to the nurses.) It’s worth more than being a useless beauty queen!

Marathi claps her hands and says she’s so proud of her profession as a nurse. It’s an honorable job compared to a beauty queen. She says, especially, a nurse is like a white angel working together with the doctor because they were born to be together. She asks Chai Pat, if that’s right.

He takes her hands off him, and doesn’t say a thing. He leaves. (Buahaha….)

Yosawin: A white angel? (*chuckle*)

Chai Pat is working the his study when Chai Phi peeks around the doorway. He motions his gang to join in. One by one, the brothers show their faces. Everybody is looking at Chai Pat except Chai Yai who is looking in the wrong direction. Chai Ruj disappears and comes back with some drink. He walks in the room and sets the tray on the table. Chai Pat perks up only to look down again.

Chai Ruj: Chai Pat. (He gives him a cup of drink.)

Chai Pat: Thank you, Chai Ruj. (These two born the same year only in different month.)

Chai Phi walks in.

CP: Pee Chai Ruj, you have to come with me to the beauty contest next Saturday, all right?

CR: Next Saturday, Chai Phi? Eh…I can’t go because I have an appointment with Rasa. I’m going to have dinner with her friends because, in the beginning of next month, I’ll have to leave for Switzerland.

CPhi: That’s right. What should I do now? I got invitation cards, it’s in the front row right in the middle. I guarantee we’ll see every single drop of the contestants’ sweat. If any contestant has hair on her shin, we’ll see it clearly.

CR: Oh, what a pity!

CY: Oh, the weather is so hot! Chai Ruj, anything to drink?

CPhi: Pee Chai Yai! Next Saturday, come with me to Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest. I don’t want to go alone. I want to go with my brothers.

CY: (*cough cough*) Next Saturday? Eh…..I’m unavailable because (reading from his palm) I have work to do in the university. Why don’t you ask Chai Lek?

CL: Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest? I want to go! I really want to go…(look at Chai Pat) but I can’t! Chai Phi, I heard there would be many beautiful women there this year, but I have to leave on Wednesday to work in the countryside. Man, that’s real bad!

All say in unison to Chai Phi: Why don’t you ask Chai Pat?

CPhi: That’s right! Pee Chai Pat, please come with me. I know you don’t have any surgery this weekend. If you don’t feel bad for me and don’t come with me, I will have no one. It’s like I’m alone in this world. (*blink blink*)

CPat: Sorry, Chai Phi, go ask your friends. I don’t like this kind of event.

CPhi: Cruel! Pee Chai Pat’s so cruel! I have brothers but it feels like not having at all.  I feel so sad and I’m very disappointed in Pee Chai Pat! Our brotherhood doesn’t worth anything to you that I have to ask my friends, does it? The ancients said, blood is thicker than water. (Haha.)

CPat: Wait…wait…are you all right, Chai Phi? Just over this?

CY: Chai Phi, I think may be Chai Pat cares about Marathi’s feeling.

CR: That’s true! A doctor who has a nurse as his fiancee. Marathi is keeping an eye on you not to look at other girls, isn’t it?

CL: That’s right! Pee Chai Pat doesn’t want to make Marathi angry. They love each other.

CPat: Who told you? She’s not my fiancée. I don’t love or care about her.

CPhi: Then why don’t you dare go to the Beauty Contest with me? Don’t even dare take a peek.

CPat: Why don’t I dare? All right, I will go with you! Will that end all this?

They all yell: Yes! That’s end it! Yeah!

Chai Pat is a little confused with his brothers’ behavior.

Krong Kaeo is thinking about what her teacher told her.

Dad: Kaeo, if you don’t want to enter the contest, you don’ have to.

Kaeo: I can’t do that, dad. I gave teacher Bud my word and she already talked with her friend to take care of me.

Dad: But you don’t want to, do you? And you have to wear that short outfits.

Kaeo: But I want money.

Dad: I’m making you go through this.

Kaeo: What go through this, I get to go to the capital, wear beautiful clothes, do fun things.

Dad: I’m really worried about you.

Kaeo: There’s nothing to worry about, dad.  Khun Ing-on, the owner of  Ing-on Boutique, will look after me about everything; lodging, food, clothes, how to dress, and will teach me many things more.

Dad: She will help us without gaining anything?

Kaeo: No, it’s not. I will help do the work in her shop. Whatever she wants me to do, I’ll do it, and if I win, I will tell everyone that I’m wearing the clothes from her shop, so everyone will make dress with her shop.

Dad: I’m not sure we can trust her.

Kaeo: Why? She’s teacher Bud’s friend.

Dad: Kaeo, I don’t like it that you will earn money this way.

Kaeo: Dad, I cannot cancel it. I will put my great effort to get the winner’s prize so you can get an operation, and will not have such headache anymore.

Episode 2-2

Krong Kaeo takes a train to Bangkok, then a tram, and a tricycle to Ing-on’s house. She meets Mali and tells her that she’s here for the beauty contest, and she faints.

She wakes up in the house. The women love her eyes, her complexion, and her figure. One woman says with her long arms and legs, she will look good in a swimsuit, and they can’t compete with her. Nun (Ing-on’s daughter) screams that she’s too weak, and wonders if she can even walk on the stage. Mali gives Kaeo a glass of water.

Ing-on comes home and is delighted to see Krong Kaeo. She sees Kaeo’s condition and asks if she’s not all right. She says Kaeo can’t fall sick because the contest is only days away. If Kaeo falls sick, her boutique will be in trouble. Kaeo says she’s just carsick. Nun says, so like a country girl. Mali says, may be it’s because of her empty stomach. Kaeo says, she didn’t eat anything since morning.

Marathi is walking along with Chai Pat with her arm in his. Chai Pat notices everyone is looking at them.

Chai Pat: Marathi, don’t touch my body. If someone see us like this, it won’t be good for you.

Marathi: That’s all right. I don’t mind.

Chai Pat: But I do. Nurse is a good and honorable profession, and we both are civil servants so we should maintain good and honorable behaviors, composed and dignified. We shouldn’t look untidy, undignified, or without self-restraint.

Marathi: Pee Chai Pat, you’re good at babbling, like an old man.

Chai Pat: I am telling you because I want you to be good, so you will be admired and respected.

Marathi: Anyhow, I love to hear it. No matter how long Pee Chai babbling on, I won’t get bored. Pee Chai Pat, when you’re going home today, please give me a ride. Please drop me off at Thewaphrom Palace because father has something to discuss with you.

Chai Pat: I will just call and talk to him. I won’t be able to send you home today. I’m sorry. (He pries off her hands and leaves.)

Dr. Yosawin laughs.

Marathi: What are you laughing about doctor?

Yosawin: Nothing. I was looking at a butterfly and it flew away, so funny.

M: A flying butterfly, what’s so funny about that?

Y: It’s natural for a butterfly to fly away when someone tries to catch it, but sometimes, when we just stand still, it comes perch on us. That’s funny.

M: Wait, doctor!

Y: Yes.

M: About the butterfly.

Y: What about it?

M: It can’t fly away because it’s caught and pinned in a glass frame.

Y: But that’s a dead butterfly.

M: I don’t care if it’s dead or alive as long as it’s ours.

Y: If that’s so, then you don’t love that butterfly at all. Because if you love it, you will let it be alive and fly away. But it looks like you even want to kill it.

M: What’s that got to do with you, doctor?

Y: Because I love nature, and I think forcing the nature won’t make it look beautiful.

M: I don’t mind whether things are beautiful or not, as long as, I’m beautiful and get what I want.

At Ing-on’s house.

They are measuring Kaeo’s figure. It comes out 33-22-34. Mali is examining Kaeo’s features; white teeth, fine skin, nails are too short, fine hair with natural curl.

At night, Nun is yelling at her mother who wants Kaeo to stay in her room. She can’t take a country girl, she stinks. Nun suggests she sleeps in Mali’s room but Ing-on says she can’t let Kaeo stay in a servant room because she will represent her boutique in the contest. Nun says, let her sleep with other contestants in the back. She asks Kaeo if that’s all right with her, she knows that Kaeo’s not headstrong.

Kaeo says she can sleep anywhere, and she can help with all the housework. Nun says, that’s good. She tells Kaeo to iron her clothes. Ing-on stops her, and tells Kaeo that she can’t do any housework and just stay and wait for the contest. Ing-on tells Nun to take Kaeo to the other contestants’ room. She scolds Nun to strictly follow her order.

Episode 2-3

Nun takes Kaeo to the room and tells her where the toilet is. Kaeo asks if the other contestants stay here. Nun says those three are daughters of good families. Their mothers and fathers come pick them up in the evening. Kaeo asks, if they come from a good family then why they have to enter the contest. Nun laughs that they do it to lift up their prices, just like her. Kaeo says she’s not like that, she’s here to help her sick father. Nun laughs at that, and suggests she should find a rich man to look after her then, because she will get a car, a house, a medical fee, and a  tuition. It’s all worth it. Kaeo insists that she came because her father is sick. Nun laughs and says, as if Kaeo doesn’t know the truth behind the circle of the beauty contest.

Ing-on listens to Nun for a while and then screams at her to stop talking, and tells her to go away. Ing-on tells Kaeo not to mind her daughter, she’s a bad girl. She assures Kaeo that she will make her become Miss Sri Siam, her life will change, the whole world will be hers, and she can say good-bye to being poor.

Ing-on: I will take you to the new life. I promise.

Ing-on is teaching the girls how to walk with heels. She tells them to keep smiling and think of the audience like a garden full of flowers that they can smile when look at it. Kaeo trips and falls down. Ing-on panics she will lose hundred thousands Baht if something happens to Kaeo. She tells Kaeo to rest on a sofa but when Kaeo wants to continue, she yells at her. Kaeo is startled by her change of manner. Ing-on quickly softens her voice and tells her not to be stubborn.

Ing-on tells Mali to apply some medicine and massage Kaeo’s foot nicely. Ing-on yells at other girls to continue practicing.

Nun comes down to see Mali is helping Kaeo with her foot. She screams at Kaeo that Mali now becomes Kaeo’s servant. She tells Mali to make breakfast for her and her brother, Krai. Mali tells Kaeo to take care of herself and hurries off to do as Nun said. Kaeo wonders about the name, Krai, who he is.

Krai shows up and asks if Kaeo wants some ice like him. He can do it for her. Kaeo asks who he is. He says he’s Ing-on’s son, Krailert [krai-lert]. He guesses that she must come here to prepare for Miss Sri Siam contest, and asks her name. Kaeo says, Krong Kaeo. He sits down close to her and wants to put ice on her leg for her. Kaeo is alarmed and gets away from him.

Ing-on is saying that salt will help the dead skin to come off and enhance blood circulation, so their complexion will become bright with a healthy pink color. Mali is using some ripe tamarind to bring out the fine and fair skin. Mali compliments Kaeo’s skin. She can’t believe Kaeo came from a poor family in the countryside. Krai is looking at Kaeo from above.

Kaeo is writing a letter to her dad. She tells him that Ing-on is taking good care of her, so he should not worry about her. She tells him to eat and take medicine properly so he will be healthy enough to undergo a surgery without much risk.

Kaeo comes to face Krai when she’s going to take a bath. He says he wants to get to know her more. He tries to sexually harass her.  Kaeo wants to run away but he catches her and says, so when she becomes another man’s minor wife, she will already be good at it. Kaeo hits his head with a water bowl and runs into her room and locks the door.

He tells her to open the door or else he will tell his mother to chase her out of the house. Mali looks at him disgustingly. Kaeo doesn’t open the door and cries.

Episode 2-4

Marathi says, so this is where all the doctors are. Yosawin tells her to help them, they will sell these flowers in the Red Cross Party tonight. Marathi asks Chai Pat, why he needs to trouble himself, these flowers are made for donation to buy medical equipments throughout the country, he’s so rich just pay the money is enough.

Chai Pat: I’m not rich, and I’m a doctor. I work and earn a salary just like other doctors, and never use my time for personal income. Nong Marathi, you shouldn’t say that.

Marathi: Pee Chai Pat, everybody knows how rich the five lions of  the Juthathep are.

CP: May be it’s our grandmother that’s rich, not us. We have to work and earn salary the normal way.

Marathi says she doesn’t want to fight with him because she will never win. She hands out some sweets she brought. Chai Pat sees it and says, it’s the sweets from Kaetsara’s shop. Marathi denies it, she says she made it. She learned how to make it just for him. (Girl, you just can’t fool a nerd.) Chai Pat tastes it.

CP: You made it the same taste, too. I thought Khun Kaet made it.

She tells Yosawin to try it. He tries it and says it looks like its owner. She says, is it not bright and beautiful. He says the outside is beautiful but inside, it’s just beans.

Chai Pat says to Yosawin, since he thinks it tastes good, he takes care of it. He gets up to leave. She asks where he’s going.

CP: I have an appointment with Chai Phi.

M: What appointment?

CP: An important appointment. If I’m not going, Chai Phi will be mad. Yosawin, let me take these flowers to sell at my house. There are many of us and they love charity.

After Chai Pat leaves, Marathi tries to save her face by saying that he’s always like this and she’s used to it, they will get married anyway.

M:  A woman must be able to accept every habit of a man she will spend the rest of her life with.

At Ing-on’s house.

Kaeo walks to Ing-on. She asks why Kaeo’s eyes are so swollen. Kaeo says she didn’t sleep well last night. Ing-on tells her hairdresser to put on good makeup and hair style on Kaew. Nun throws Kaeo’s shoes to her saying that she’s not her servant. Kaeo says sorry. Nun wants to do her makeup and hair first.

The hairdresser is complimenting Kaeo’s beauty. It’s no wonder Ing-on told her Thun (in this case, calling of a powerful man) ‘s willing to pay with unlimited amount. Kaeo is confused to hear that. Mali warns the hairdresser to just do her job and do not talk much.

Pitnit’s wife is giving the final touch to the bedroom. She decorates the room with roses. A servant says, she has such a broad heart like a river. Pinit’s wife asks them, don’t they know when Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest’s result comes out, they will get their new madam. Pinit comes in and asks his wife why she’s still not dressing up. She says she’s arranging the room so his night will go well. He hugs her. She smiles and asks if it could be a diamond ring instead. He laughs.

Pinit: Only the one with the crown is suitable for the diamond on the tip of the crown…like me. (Ouch!)

At Ing-on’s house.

A lady comes in and says she heard about the girl’s beauty that she has to see her before the contest. She hopes the girl is really beautiful or Ing-on will be in trouble. Ing-on brags that she’s sure the girl will win the contest, and she will get a bonus from Thun Pinit.

Kaeo comes down and even Nun is stunned. The lady is very happy with Kaeo’s beauty. She tells Ing-on she will call Thun Pinit, and will tell him that it’s worth it, so he may pay them more.

Episode 2-5

The servant tells Chai Phi that the car is ready and cool for a cool party.

CPhi: But what about a man? When he’s going to be ready? I heard he got back since afternoon. Why can’t he polish himself and dress up handsomely? I’m taking him for the girls in the society to see, but my brother, this one, doesn’t cooperate at all.

The servant says he’s coming.

CPat: Why did you have to hurry me? Doesn’t the contest begin at nighttime? Why do we have to go there so early? If this is to go see the boxing match of Phon King Phet, it will be more interesting!

And off they go.

Bai Bua is telling Kaeo to sit in her car and Mali can go with Ing-on. She tells Mali she’s in a hurry to see Thun, then changes that she’s in hurry to go to the event. Mali tells Kaeo that she forget to change her shoes, and wants to get it for her but Kaeo says, she will get it herself.

Kaeo sees Krai in the house so she hides behind the doorway. Ing-on yells at him. He asks her for some money. Ing-on says he doesn’t do anything and just steals her money for some booze. Nun tells her not to give money to him, because he almost dirtied her goods and if Thun knows that she’s not fresh, they will be in trouble. Krai yells at her to stop talking. He says, last time, he did it too and that old man didn’t know, and it’s good that she got some experience from him so she could serve him better.

Ing-on asks him, what he ever did to help their house, and he knew already that her salon is still survived because of Thun’s support, because she keeps sending him beauty queens or else their house and shop would have been seized. She asks how he can want to rape a beauty queen who is reserved for Thun. Krai asks his mother, what the price of  Krong Kaeo is, since she’s this beautiful, he should pay more than the last one. He asks for his share.

Nun tells him that if she wins, they will get thousands but less for lower places. Ing-on says they won’t get even a hundred if she fails completely. Krai says Thun is so rich, he set her price equals to the winner’s prize. He asks Ing-on if she will deduct the winner’s prize from Krong Kaeo. Nun says, she must deduct 30%, even if her mother doesn’t want it, she wants it for herself. Krai says he wants it, too.

Kaeo hears everything and panics. This is just so sad.

And, here comes Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest. I heard the production team built the whole new stage specially for filming the contest.

Chai Phi takes Chai Pat to his seat which is in the front row. Chai Pat looks around.

CPhi: How is it, Pee Chai Pat? I told you our seat are the closest and clearest. I guarantee Pee Chai can make eye contact with the contestants in such close proximity.  (He sees Thun Pinit.) Thun Pinit, he comes to grab the beauty queen home as usual. Just look, his wife is so beautiful yet she’s not enough for him. That’s bad of him.

CPat: And his wife also knew about his activities?

CPhi: See that aunt in blue? She’s his broker or madam. Her duty is to scout beautiful women for Thun Pinit.

Bai Bua is telling Pinit that the contestants in swimsuits are about to come out. Pinit’s wife warns her not to be too explicit about it. Pinit comes to his seat and sees Chai Pat. They greet each other.

P: I didn’t know that you like to see a beauty contest.

CPat: It’s because I received an invitation.

P: Right, please take a seat.

Behind the stage, Kaeo is looking for a way out of this. Mali asks why she’s not getting ready yet. Kaeo tells her, she doesn’t want to join the contest.

In front of the stage, Chai Phi looks at Chai Pat.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, what are you thinking about?

CPat: I’m thinking that, actually, today I’m on call so if something happens, the hospital may call for me, around 9 p.m.

CPhi: Wow!

CPat: What about you, what are you thinking about?

CPhi: I’m wishing to the holy things, please make my brother meet his soul mate tonight. I want to know if there will be any contestants who will make Pee Chai Pat be dumbfounded by her beauty that you can’t even blink.

CPat: Chat Phi!

CPhi: Yes, sir!

CPat: Insolent joke!

Mali is asking Kaeo why she doesn’t want to do it.

Kaeo: I’m about to go up there to be some kind of goods, to be sold on stage. Pee Mali, you knew, right? Khun Ing-on, her face is so beautiful yet she’s so cruel inside. My father warned me how I could trust anyone, but I didn’t believe him. These people have beautiful faces and talk so nice, but inside, they are very cruel. They see me as some kind of bait, veggie or fish. They didn’t look at me as a human, a girl who is just like their daughter.

Mali tells her, she doesn’t have to do it and she will tell them that Kaeo is so sick that she can’t join the contest. Kaeo thanks her. Mali tells her to hurry and leave.

Pinit asks Chai Pat why he’s drinking that kind of mai-pen-sap-pa-rot drink (a pun: drink that’s not like a man’s drink, mai-pen = not be, sap-pa-rot = pineapple = capable), and asks if he wants some brandy or whiskey. Chai Pat thanks him but declines.

Chai Pat: If he doesn’t drink a sap-pa-rot drink how he can be a sap-pa-rot. Right, brother?

Sap-pa-rot (pineapple) can be used as a slang meaning capable.

Bai Bua tells Pinit to look for Krong Kaeo, no. 8, a beautiful girl from Ayutthaya, Ing-on’s girl. Pinit greets Ing-on. He says, Ing-on’s girl also got the crown last year, and he kept her for months. Bai Bua says Krong Kaeo is different from that girl, she’s  beautiful face and body.  She assures him that Kaeo is very young and fresh, and worth his price. Chai Pat hears her, too.

CPat: Didn’t you hear? These women joined the contest just to be sold with good price. (Tsk tsk.)

Ing-on comes to check on Kaeo. She asks Mali where Kaeo is, she wants to check if she’s beautiful and ready because Thun is already here. She wants to see if Kaeo’s beauty lives to her expectation. Mali is about to tell her when Kaeo shows up. Kaeo tells Ing-on that she didn’t feel well but is better now. Mali is so surprised to see Kaeo.

K: Pee Mali, I’m fine now. I cannot miss this contest.

Ing-on says, that’s true, she can’t miss this contest when her beauty wins over all of these women around here. She assures Kaeo, she will get the crown tonight. Ing-on will dress her up herself.

I’m not sure why Kaeo came back. I would guess it’s about the money for her father.

Episode 2-6

Mali asks if Kaeo wants to brush her eyelashes some more. Kaeo says no, her eyes feel so heavy to keep them open as they are. Mali says, it’s because she cried so much that her eyes become swollen, she had to use a lot of foundation to cover it.

Her friend asks why Kaeo had to cry when everyone said she dominated the contest. She asks if Kaeo’s afraid that she will beat her because thing can change. Sometimes, it’s up to fate. Mali wishes her to become the winner because Kaeo doesn’t want the first place, the second place is good enough. Mali tells the friend that the first place has to become Pinit’s minor wife, he will only take the winner, and no one can offend him.

The friend says, it’s good to be Pinit’s minor wife because he will give her a house, a car, and a new life. They don’t have to stay poor anymore, and can have diamond, gold and everything. She says to Kaeo, if she gets the second place, she will get only 2,000 Baht and it will finish quickly once spends it, but if she gets the first place, it’s 5,000 Baht and everything they ever wanted.

Kaeo asks Mali if the first and second places get so different, more than half. Mali says, yes, more than half. Kaeo tells her to brush her eyelashes some more.

And the beauty contest begins with no.1 walking out. Up to no.4, the spokesman announces, no.4 Miss Sirichom Pornchawi, but no one comes out. He has to say the name again and again. The girls look at the number on their sashes. One girl says, whose name is Sirichom should go out already. The friend says, it’s you, Miss Sommai Saechua! (Haha, apparently, she changed her name.) The girl says she forgot, and walks out.

Chai Pat looks at her and shakes his head.

CPhi: Wow, so fair (her skin). Pee Chai Pat, look! Here she comes!

CPat: There’re only empty heads! I’ll give you 10 minutes more, or I will leave.

Bai Bua tells Pinit to look for no.8, his wife asks her why, she says no.8 is the predicted one to win.

Kanok Ruk comes out as no. 7, and Ing-on says she’s another one that’s predicted to win, but she thinks she’s not as beautiful as Kaeo. Nun asks her mother, if Kaeo gets the crown, she will go directly to sleep with Pinit and not come home with them tonight. Krai says, what a pity, he will not have a chance with her. Ing On tells them to stop talking and be careful if they still want the money.

The spokesman announces, no. 8, Miss Krong Kaeo Bunmee. Kaeo walks out. Chai Pat is about to drink his soda but stops mid-air when he sees her. Buahaha…..he gulps. Both Khunchai(s) are stunned, not to mention Pinit.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat! Look at no. 8 (He cites a poem.) A glimpse of her sparks up a soul; Seeing her face, as if, an angel comes…(if he continues, it will be, …down to earth.)

Chai Phi couldn’t finish his sentence when he sees Chai Pat’s reaction to Kaeo’s beauty. He smiles with satisfaction.

A song comes up.


Just meeting you, my heart wavers.

Just making eye contact with you, I’m certain.

Loving you at first sight, how about you, are you feeling the same way?

Please open your heart, and let me know.

Episode 2-7

Ing On is negotiating to double Kaeo’s price with Bai Bua, and she will deliver Kaeo directly to his bed tonight. Bai Bua says the ratio, 70:30

Pinit stands up and says, every photographers take pictures of Nong Krong Kaeo and put her on the front page of every newspaper, he will give them lots of bonuses!

Pinit waves at her. Oh man, how his wife can keep smiling!

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, Thun Pinit overdoes his cheering, surely she won’t be able to get away.

CPat: It’s none of our business.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, you didn’t feel anything? You always criticize the beauty queen that she’s not good, this and that. The reason of that is because we have this kind man, that man. He’s behind to ruin the beauty contest’s reputation.

CPat: If these women don’t want it, they should say no to him, but everybody wants to take a shortcut to the luxurious life. They don’t take their honor and pride into account. Let’s not be interested in them.

CPhi: Truly not interested?

The contestants come back to the backstage. Ing On asks if Kaeo’s legs are hurt. Kaeo says, a little. Ing On tells Mali to quickly massage Kaeo’s legs. She tells Kaeo to endure it and not to let anybody know that her legs are hurting. She assures Kaeo that she’s the most beautiful, most sweetest with the most beautiful figure.

Ing On says, there’s only one thing left, during the interview in the last round, Kaeo must impress them with her intelligence and inner beauty.

K: Intelligence and inner beauty?

I: Yes. You can say anything to make them believe that you’re well-educated; know things thoroughly in-depth yet also sweet and kind; love the nature, the wind, and the sun; must not look down on the poor, especially, the children, the elders and people with disabilities.  Remember, you must not act like a country girl, and don’t forget to smile a lot, don’t frown or scowl, especially, you must smile a lot to Thun. He’s in the middle of the front row. You must smile sweetly to him, direct your smile to him specially.

K: In the middle of the front row.

Mali: Kaeo, you now have your way out. During the interview, answer stupidly so your points will be deducted. If you get the second place, you will get away with it. Because Thun wants only the one who gets the crown, he’s not interested in the lower places at all. Remember, answer stupidly such as, I can’t think, I don’t know, if like this, you may be able to get out of it.

K: Answer, I don’t know, I can’t think, and I will get away?

The last 10 contestants will be chosen to the last five ones. Kaeo recalls Ing On told her to smile to Thun, he’s in the middle of the front row. She looks at Pinit and then Chai Pat. Chai Pat nods to her and smiles. (Ack! Chai Pat is a player.)

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, no. 8 smiles at you. Eeep…I saw it!

CPat: Are you crazy? Who would smile at me?

CPhi: Then why your ears are red? My brother, are you feeling shy?

CPat: Stop it, stop it now. If you say more, I will leave.

CPhi: Oh, you dare go back? We don’t know yet if no.8 will get the crown.

Pinit calls Chai Pat to see that no.8 is smiling at him.

The result of the last five contestants comes out. The spokesman announces the number one by one. Chai Pat almost jumps off his seat cheering for Kaeo’s number.

The spokesman says the following numbers, 4, 22, 21, 7 Kanok Ruk, and for the last one, he asks if everyone has a number in his/her mind. Ing on says eight loudly, eight! eight! Nun tells her, if Kaeo gets the first place, she must give her room a new decoration. Krai says, she has to buy a motorcycle , a Vespa, for him. Ing On says she will decorate her shop in French style, and will import French perfumes and makeup to sell in her shop.

The spokesman says, and the last number is….

Chai Pat mumbles, eight.

The spokesman says, it’s number eight!

Chai Pat claps his hands feeling proud and delighted. He lets out a broad smile. (So cute)

Episode 2-8

Kanok Ruk is being interviewed. The spokesman asks, if she has to persuade the children to do something, what she will persuade them to do, and for what reason.

Kanok Ruk: I will….eh….persuade the children to pay attention when studying, and they should be quiet, and don’t talk. When the school is over, don’t play too much or waste their time. They should use their time to memorize their lessons, and they should take extra tutorial classes in the area they are not good at, and, the most important thing is, they should hurry home to do their homework, and they should study at least one lesson before going to bed everyday because….eh…because they will surely fail in their exams.

Everybody laughs.

CPhi: I feel sad for the children. If they don’t study, they will fail in their exams. What a clear logic! Don’t you think so, brother?

The spokesman: Khun Krong Kaeo, are you ready?

K: Yes, I’m ready.

The spokesman: The question is, after you win this contest, what are the things that you will do? And, as Miss Sri Siam, what will you do to benefit the country?

CPat: Why the question is so difficult?

CPhi: That’s right!

Kaeo recalls what Ing On told her how to answer. The spokesman repeats the first question, what are the things she will do after she wins the contest?

Pinit says, after winning the contest? Haha.

Kaeo remembers Ing On told her to smile to Thun, he’s in the middle of the front row. Kaeo looks at Pinit but doesn’t smile. She sees Chai Pat, and he nods twice at her to give her an encouragement.

Kaeo: I joined this contest for my father. After winning the contest tonight, I will receive the prize, and I will take the prize that is money and go bring my sick father to get his treatment in the capital. Because, in my life, I have only one father. Father is my everything.  If there’s anything that I can do to help my father, I will be glad to do it willingly.

*She used Kaeo instead of I in her speech.

Chai Pat likes her answer and claps his hands smilingly. Ing On and Bai Bua don’t really like her answer but clap their hands anyway.

Chai Phi says her answer was great and she will surely win. He says, she’s very clever. Kaeo continues to the second question.

K: And, as Miss Sri Siam, I will represent our country, and will do everything to let the world know that our homeland is a Buddhist land that is full of smiles and kindness. Whoever comes to Thailand will receive kindness and warm welcome, and help to solve their problems, so that once they go back to their countries, they will have good impressions on our homeland, Thai people, and Thailand.

All right, that’s a good answer coming from a high-school country girl.

Chai Phi says it’s a great answer. Pinit stands up and shouts, no. 8 will surely win!

The spokesman tells all the contestants to rest at the backstage. Kaeo is not happy with Pinit, the spokesman has to call her twice to leave the stage.

CPat: Why?

CPhi: What?

CPat: She has the leading points but why she looks so sad. She panics like….

CPhi: What is it? What does she panic like?

CPat: Like an animal that’s about to get killed.

At the backstage, Ing-on tells Mali to do Kaeo’s hair for receiving the crown. Kaeo asks if she’s sure that she will win. Ing On says she’s so so sure about it. She points at the men in black and tells Kaeo they are good people to take care of her. They will take her to her new place after she wins.

Kaeo asks if she’s not going home with her. Mali tells her that she doesn’t need to go home with them, because she will have a royal coach waiting right in front of her. Mali says Kaeo doesn’t need to sleep in a cramped servant quarter for someone to come to (sexually harass) her anymore. Ing On tells Mali to shut her mouth.

Kaeo asks where her new place is, and whose it is. Ing On says, it doesn’t really belongs to anyone, it’s just a big house with a big yard in the suburb with a tight security. It’s a place for Miss Sri Siam to stay and do her duty.  Ing On tells her, she will have a comfortable life and doesn’t have to do a thing. There will be many people serving her, all she needs to do is, when waking up everyday, dressing up beautifully to do Miss Sri Siam’s duty.

Kaeo says, she needs to go back to Ayutthaya, and if it’s possible, she wants to take her father to get an operation as soon as possible. Ing On says that’s not a big problem, she only needs to mention it to Thun, and he will accommodate her with everything.

K: Thun?

I: Let’s not pay attention to all these. The result will be announced any minutes now, you should behave yourself well to be suitable for Miss Sri Siam, and tonight, your pictures will be printed everywhere, in many magazines. If the reporters interview you, please mention my boutique’s name very often. Do you understand?

K: Yes.

Ing On talks to her son that Krong Kaeo seems a little strange. She says, she’s different from other girls who normally would be so excited to get the crown, and willing to go with Thun without any condition. But for this one, Kaeo, she looks strange. Ing-on thinks Kaeo is not really a purely innocent country girl. Krai says, he knew that long back. Ing On strictly orders her children to keep a watchful eye, they have to send Krong Kaeo to the room first, before they will get paid. She tells them to remember that, if they want money, they must play their parts to help.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, are you being too stressful?

CPat: Stressful? What should I be stressful about?

CPhi: I thought you were stressful over a woman.

CPat: What a nonsensical idea, Chai Phi! A person like me doesn’t have woman in my head!

CPhi: What about the number-8 girl? Didn’t she send damsel in distress eyes to you?

Chai Pat doesn’t answer to that.

Episode 2-9

Pinit asks Chai Pat, who he’s cheering, but for him, it’s number 8.

Kanok Ruk: Kaeo, you will surely win. Look at Thun Pinit, he looks at you with his glossy eyes. He doesn’t even look at me.

Pinit winks at Kaeo.

Kaeo: There’s no way that I will win. I will find a way to get out of it.

Kanok: No way, look at that beauty queen, she had to stay with him too. Whoever gets the crown, will never get away.

Kaeo: Who is that man?

Kanok: Which one?

Kaeo: The man in white suit, sitting next to Thun. Is he with Thun?

Kanok: Those two handsome men are the two of the five lions of the Juthathep. How can you not know them? Which hole you were in?

Kaeo: The five lions of the Juthathep?

The spokesman says the result is now in his hands. He will start from the forth runner-up. He announces until there are two women left, number 7 and 8.

Pinit says, Kaeo, you are so excited that tear comes brimming your eyes. Don’t be afraid, I will console you to my satisfaction.

Chai Pat hears him.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, I think number-8 is looking at you with tears in her eyes.

CPat: There’s no reason why she should look at me. She must be so happy that she doesn’t know what to do.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, what happened to you? You said yourself that she looked like she’s about to get killed, didn’t you?

CPat: My mind must be muddled up. Who will be afraid of getting killed when she’s about to get the crown? She must be too happy that she’s gone crazy.

The spokesman: And Miss Sri Siam 2504 (B.E.) goes to….

Pinit shouts eight! Chai Pat mumbles, eight.

The spokesman: …goes to…number 8, Miss Krong Kaeo Bunmee.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, she looks really strange. She doesn’t look happy like how the winner should be, or may be she’s really gone crazy.

Kaeo gets the crown, the rope, the sash and the trophy.

The spokesman tells Kaeo to walk another round for everyone to see. Kaeo walks to the front of the stage and looks at Chai Pat. He looks at her but then he looks another way to avoid her eyes.

Kaeo sits on Miss Sri Siam’s chair. She asks Kanok, where the money is, 5,000 baht for winner and 2,000 baht for the first runner-up. Kaeo asks if she gets it already. Kanok tells her, they won’t give cash here but will open a bank account for each of them later. Kaeo says, that means they still won’t get the money.

Ing-on asks Pinit if he’s satisfied. He says, he’s very satisfied. Bai Bua asks if he will double the price. He scolds her that he will triple the price. He says, he gets to have Kaeo, he won’t be so stingy.

CPhi: Pee Chai Pat, didn’t you hear? These people are selling the woman to him.

CPat: So what? If the woman doesn’t want it, why did she join the contest? She just wants to raise her price! Flirting around with men, and wanting them to compete the price.

CPhi: When did she flirt?

CPat: On the stage! Showing off her thighs, smiling around to gain her points, and making a sad face.

The spokesman tells the winner and the runner-ups to walk another round.

CPat: I’m going back.

CPhi: Where are you going?

CPat: It’s ended. What else to see? It’s all done, right? I may have a surgery late in the night.

CPhi: (He grabs his arm.) Wait brother, let’s see to the end. Let’s finish it.

Kaeo gets up to walk another round. She looks at Pinit, and looks down the stairs. She makes up her mind and intentionally misses the step and falls down.


What came to my mind when first finished the episode was that Chai Pat should run up the stage and help her, yunno, doctor’s instinct. But if he won’t do that in the next episode, something must have gone so wrong in his mind and he knows it. I have to say good job done from the director, because we knew from the beginning that Kaeo will win, but her journey there was fun and sad, and she made us root for her during the contest. I was a bit confused by her looking at Chai Pat, not sure what that meant and I hope she will talk about it later. Chai Pat’s behavior during the contest makes sense, he’s a serious man from good family and it’s not right for him to fall for a beauty queen, so he’s just cheering her as an audience. However, by the end, he couldn’t even look at her walking in a swimsuit for every man to see. Now, he’s in big trouble and he doesn’t know it yet.

The drama did a great job setting up love at first sight and the conflict of love vs social class. It’s a long and painful way ahead of them with me tagging along. Khunchai Prawonruj had me feel dizzy with royal terms and the nobility, Khunchai Phuttipat overwhelmed me with beauty pageant’s circle, the truth behind the scene. Normally, I won’t do any series involving sexual harassment because it would be too sad for women as a whole, but for this series, Chai Pat and the gang won me over for such a heart-warming brotherhood. I’m not sure myself if I will be able to do this series six hours a week to the end, but we’ll see.

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  1. Thanks for your recaps as well. Reading your recaps make me laugh… I love to see the five brothers being together as well… I admire their relationship for their profound love, understanding and consideration. They even tease Khunchai Phuttipat in a very cute way ..LOL

  2. I really love this lakorns but it’s so hard to find anyone who take time to sub them, especially for the new larkorns that just come out. This’s why I’m really grateful and happy when you recap Supapburuth Juthathep. I’m watching Khunchai Phuttipat, and really want to know what happens next. Thanks so much for your hard work ^^

  3. I see you translated a verse of the song, can I request for a full translation of the song? I really want to know the meaning… Thanks in advance! =)

  4. Thank you for your hard work on the Khun Chais series, Can’t thank you enough. Please do continue with the series. So far I am liking Khun Chai Pat. I love it when the brothers are together.

  5. thank you for recapping. I like how Pat rejected every Marathi’s advances. He answers what she said so rationally LOL almost like grandfather reprimanding a child. Kaeo is too kind. it’s logical since she’s never exposed to those kind of things with her – from country, so young and pure, clueless of vices of the others. Thanks for recapping 😉

  6. thank you for your hardwork! Waiting :))

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