Khunchai Ratchanon BTS

A mini introduction to Khunchai Ratchanon (aka Khunchai Lek), a civil engineer who will meet his dream girl in a deep forest .

BTS (SSBT 3/11/2012)

“They didn’t come back to the city yet for a crossed-country couple, Khuchai Ratchanon (Bomb Tanin) and an exiled princess  (Taew Nataporn). They are kind enough to let the brothers from Juthathep Gentlemen series; Khunchai Tharathorn (Grate Warintorn), Khunchai Phuttipat (James Jirayu) and the cast,  get into the forest to get the real experience…… “

The director (Pongpat Wachirabunjong) found a rare location right in the heart of Khao Yai. A dense forest with many huge trees that are more than 100 years old. They had to walk uphill for many kilometers.

Taew: Welcome all Khunchai(s) to the forest…Yeah!

Grate: What percentage of the forest location is in this whole series?

Taew: Eh…100% (Haha), didn’t get into the palace yet.

Bomb: There’s a reason why we took you through hardship of coming here. It’s for good quality (filming), and good pictures. It’s a tiresome job but we’re all willing to come here including our lighting staff, camera crew, , and even SSBT camera crew. It’s extremely tiring and a really long distance, even Khunchai Phuttipat almost fainted.

James: No, it’s not that.

Taew: We’re willing to face the thrills to get a good location for this series. We want you to see it. It’s not easy to enter such beautiful forest.

Grate: Please follow all five series of  Juthathep Gentlemen series  🙂


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