Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 1

Fact: Khunchai Phuttipat (aka Chai Pat, Khunchai doctor) is a surgeon graduated from London. He’s a civil servant working in a hospital. The spelling of his name will be different from shown in the episode, because I’m more comfortable with it. IMO, his name in full should be Phutthiphat [phut-thi-phat] but it’s ridiculously long to type, so please let me shorten it  to Phuttipat  🙂


Episode 1-1

The series begins with the speech of the father of Thai medical profession, His Majesty’s father.

Chai Pat just finishes a surgery which was quite difficult. He tells the nurse to tell the good news to the patient’s relatives. Krong Kaeo is in Ayutthaya [a-yut-tha-ya, a province], selling Jasmine flower garlands she made herself to the tourists. It’s not selling well today. A man calls her to go to her father.

Chai Pat is about to go home when an emergency case comes in . Piengporn [pieng-porn] tells him he can go home, an intern is coming soon.

CP: The patient is waiting for a doctor right in front of me, and you want me to turn my back on him?

Kaeo’s father is being wheeled into an emergency room. She says, please let him be all right.

Kaeo asks the doctor how her father is.

Chai Pat says, the patient is safe now.

Kaeo asks the doctor if he’s in doubt that her father has a tumor in his brain. The doctor suggests she takes him to the capital for an X-ray, to be sure. He tells her that these days there are young doctors graduated from abroad that are capable, and she should go with her father, too. Kaeo says she doesn’t know anyone in the capital and has never been to the capital, where or with whom she should stay there, she can’t think of one. Also, there’s an expense to go there, these days they earn money to pay for the loan already.

The doctor says the hospital there won’t charge her on anything, all she needs is money to cover her own expense. He will give some medicine to somewhat help sustain his condition. She asks what if the result comes out that he has a tumor, he says, her father needs an operation or his headache/faint will get stronger.

Chai Pat is talking with the patient’s relatives that the patient fell down from the tram and knocked his head on the ground. He says,  #&*$^^* (med terms about his pupils’ responses, bleeding in his brain and his left arm is weaken) but after the surgery, his pupils response better. He thinks tomorrow the patient should gain back his consciousness. The relatives ask what if he won’t wake up tomorrow, and if his brain will be normal. Chai Pat assures them that he’s confident that Khun Somboon will wake up and will be normal. He explains about the position of the bleeding that it’s not that big….

Piengporn tells the nurses that, to be a true doctor, one’s not only taking care of the patients but also their relatives’ feeling, and giving them necessary information is also important.  A nurse says he’s like a miracle, a light that’s shining through.

Kaeo is taking a loan for her father’s medical expense but she doesn’t have any assets to guarantee the loan because both her house and garden are already mortgaged up to the hilt . The lady suggests she finds a person to guarantee the loan. Kaeo asks if that means the person will have to pay the loan if she can’t. The lady says yes, and shoos her away. Kaeo hears she tells another client that if they pay the interest late, it will be added up to the principal of the loan.  Kaeo is stunned.

Episode 1-2

The teacher asks Kaeo if she’s working instead of her father (a janitor) again. She says she thinks her father can’t come back to work anymore. The teacher asks about her plan to continue her education to become a teacher. (Kaeo is in high school) Kaeo says she won’t study anymore, she needs to earn money for her father’s operation fee.

The Juthathep are enjoying their holiday in Ayutthaya.

Chai Phi: Please smile sweetly, Thunying Rasa. This picture is suitable to be enlarged for your Swiss residence. You can look at it when it’s so cold, so you can imagine the sunlight over the basin of Chaophraya River. Pee Chai Ruj, put your arms around her.

A friend asks Silvi [sil-vi] what she wants for her birthday. Silvi says it will never come true. Chai Yai can see that she’s looking at Chai Pat. Chai Pat and Chai Lek are looking at some birds.

Silvi tells Chai Yai that Khunchai doctor is interested in birds more than her. She tells her friends how Chai Pat was like five years ago. They met in London. Flashback, she tells him to go out instead of doing the lab. He says he wants to graduate fast so he can go back to Thailand faster, and get to work to benefit the earth faster.

Chai Pat (the geek) : We should have an objective in life to live for other people. It’s better than living a life day by day thinking about useless things, and have a good time thinking about yourself.

Present, Silvi says his speech al most knocked her off to sleep. Chai Phi jams in and asks if anyone heard about med students and their skirt’s fashion. He tells them.

Chai Pat: Med Students! Students should not dress up following fashion more than appropriateness, especially, you, med students! You should not make people get confused whether you are med students or a bunch of fashionistas!


Silvi asks about Marathi but Chai Yai stops Chai Phi from telling.

WR: Chai Pat, Chai Lek, aren’t you hungry?

Silvi says she will make tea for Chai Pat; no cream, sugar or lemon. Chai Pat thanks her. Chai Lek loves the sweets and tells Chai Pat to try. He loves it and asks Silvi who made it, or where she bought it.  She says, it’s a student in this province made it.

It’s Kaeo who is making the sweets in the kitchen. Kaeo says it’s late in the evening, she needs to go. She will go help her teacher, Bud, next. She tells the lady that if her boss has a party again, she can call her for help. She’s saving money for her father’s treatment.  Another girl calls her that someone gives her a tip because he likes her Kanom-jeeb (name of sweets), his name is Pat, Pat something. Kaeo is happy. She dirties her face with charcoal without knowing.

CY: It tastes really good, just like how Mom Yok (Chai pat, Chai Lek’s mother) made it.

Chai Pat says it must have the same ingredients as his grandfather house’s. Chai Lek says it’s tastes so good he almost cries. Chai Ruj talks about the ingredients (as he’s a good cook himself) that it’s unbelievable coming from a student.

Silvi says, she’s a high school student, a daughter of a janitor who is poor but with good skills. She can do cooking, flower arranging, and organizing a venue. She can do everything, even here, it’s her work. They all look around.

Chai Phi says, what a pity that she’s just a high school girl or else Chai Pat shouldn’t just give her a tip but call her over to look at her. Chai Phi cites a poem;

“This woman is surely your dream girl, her looks is not important only that she can cook, arrange flowers…..” Chai Pat stops him and calls it, a misinformation talking.

Chai Pat gets a call from the hospital. Chai Phi says, they didn’t party for a long time, and Chai Pat left the number for the hospital to contact him. Chai Pat says, it’s in case of an emergency. He leaves to take the call and runs into Kaeo without looking at her. The man tells Chai Pat that it’s less than an hour this way to the hospital, and he says Chai Pat’s name. Kaeo repeats his name, Khunchai Phuttipat.

Episode 1-3

Ing-on comes to the school to look for beautiful girls for the beauty contest. Kaeo comes to help her teacher. Ing-on can’t stand Kaeo’s face because it’s so dirty (with charcoal).  Teacher Bud tells Kaeo to clean her face and hands.

Chai Pat arrives at the capital on a speed boat. He comes to the hospital  and learns that there’s no emergency case, just that the head doctor wants to see him.  Pinit and his wife arrive at the hospital. The head doctor introduces Chai Pat to him as the best neurosurgeon in the country, M.R. Phuttipat Juthathep. Both men greet each other.

Pinit [pi-nit] calls him Khunchai doctor. He comments that Chai Pat looks so young. His wife is happy to meet with one of the five lions of the Juthathep. The head doctor tells Chai Pat that Pinit is here to set up a foundation to give scholarships to  brain and neurosurgery personnel.

Chai Pat is saying that he’s delighted that important people in the country see the significance of neurosurgery. It’s an area which has limited access by the poor people. Pinit says, actually, it’s Khun-ying Dara, his wife’s idea, and he just follows her opinion. She says, her father had a stroke and died because, at that time, the treatment wasn’t well-known so she’s doing this for her father. Pinit says he doesn’t know much about it so he will leave it to Khunchai, both to establish the foundation and research fund. Chai Pat agrees to it.

Pinit comes home and says farewell to one of his ladies (wives) by giving her money. He wishes her well. Pinit tells his wife to clear her room and put on some new decoration.

Kaeo is counting her money, and thinking of the money she got from some Khunchai.  Teacher Bud says, they couldn’t find someone in the province for Sri Siam Beauty Contest today. Kaeo says, Ayutthaya will never run out of good people. Teacher Bud looks at her closely and has an idea. She says she thinks so, too.

Episode 1-4

Ing-on doesn’t think Kaeo is beautiful so teacher Bud tells her to wait.

Dr. Yosawin [yot-sa-win] says thank you to Chai Pat for helping him in his surgery. Chai Pat says he can call for his help anytime even if, he’s not an expert in alimentary canal but it’s always good to practise. Dr. Yosawin teases Chai Pat about his coming wedding.

CP: What? The wedding? Soon?

Yosawin says everybody in the hospital knows it and is waiting to congratulate him.

CP: Wait, Yosawin, I’m getting married?

Y: Yes.

CP: Soon?

Y: Yes.

CP: With who?

Yosawin is about to answer, Momlaung….

Marathi comes calling Chai Pat. She tells him that grandmother Eiet (Mom Eiet) tells her to bring him back to the palace, she has something to discuss with him. The nurses say Marathi is taking such good care of Khunchai Dr, and he seems to obey only her or else he will sleep in the hospital, because he’s always available for the hospital. Dr. Yosawin excuses himself and tells Chai Pat to go back since he’s free this afternoon. Chai Pat grabs his arm.

CP: Who said that I’m free? I have a meeting with you in the evening.

Y: Eh..but..(*blink blink*)

CP: We must have a meeting! It’s about drafting the document to set up Pinit’s foundation, did you forget?

Y: (He blinks.)

CP: Yosawin!

Y: Oh, right! I forgot. It’s an important work, too.

Chai Pat excuses himself from Marathi. Yosawin follows him.

Y: Khunchai, I’m a little confused about the document.

Yosawin says, he almost didn’t get his point. He asks if Chai Pat doesn’t want to go home.

CP: I’m not getting married with Marathi.

Y: What?

CP: I’m not getting married soon. I never think about it.

Yosawin says, but he’s already engaged to Marathi. Chai Pat strongly denies it that he never gets engaged.

CP: You go correct it. I don’t like this very much. I don’t like it at all.

Teacher Bud shows all dressed-up Kaeo to Ing-on. She’s satisfied with Kaeo’s beauty so she tells her to enter Sri Saim Beauty Contest sponsored by Ing-on Salon. Kaeo says, no, never.

Chai Ruj is citing a poem; beautiful, quiet, real silent, well-behaved, a true lady who works the kitchen, krap (bow to the ground) husband three times a day.

WR: What are you saying?

KR: It’s the qualification of a woman who will be Chai Pat’s wife. If it’s not all that, his eyes will never fall on her.

They laugh.

Chai Phi: Sri Siam Beauty Contest is coming soon! Let’s make a bet. I will take Pee Chai Pat to see the contest, no matter what! Then we shall see, when Pee Chai Pat sees those many beautiful thighs in front of him, will our hermit break out of his perseverance?!

CY: Chai Phi, just that you’re going to take Chai Pat to see the contest, I bet you will never make it. There’s no need to talk out breaking perseverance, because a person like Chai Pat will never admire showing off bodies like that.

KR: Even though Chai Pat sees all those beautiful thighs right in front of him, he won’t think of other things else except, it’s a part of human body which consists of bone, tendon,blood, fat, lymph, and the nerves, and if something happens, how he will treat them.

Chai Lek: No way! Pee Chai Pat is also a human, a man with fresh & blood like us. No one can resist women’s thighs, right?

Chai Phi: True!

KR: All right, I take the bet. Chai Pat will never have an eye on a beauty queen.

CY: I’m with Chai Ruj. Chai Pat sees women’s thighs as  a text-book of anatomy, a human anatomy, and that’s all.

WR: In that case, let me be the referee but…what is the prize for the winner?

Chai Lek: A seafood treat at Bangsaen [bang-saen] seaside.

Chai Phi: Deal?

CY and KR: Deal!

Marathi tells her father that Chai Pat acts cold toward her.  Khunchai Thewapun gets angry with the boys of that house, why they have so many problems. Rumpa says, it’s not only Marathi, Khunchai Pat acts cold toward every woman. He doesn’t like women. She suggests Marathi, if she wants to have Khunchai Pat, she should stop flirting or letting him know that she’s after him. Khunchai Thewapun says he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse, it’s obvious that they are soul mates. Marathi says she must marry Chai Pat, she wants money to get everything she wants. Dad suggests she tells him to open a clinic, too. Rumpa says if Chai Pat hears this, the wedding will never happen. He’s a devoted doctor, especially, to the poor.

Marathi says she will change herself, and be  an angel of the poor patients for Chai Pat to see. Once she gets a hold of the wedding certificate, she will do everything her father and her want.

Chai Pat is playing the piano. Mom Eiet thinks Chai Pat must be feeling lonely. His elder brothers already have their love ones, and his life is all about work with no sweetness in it. Grandmother On suggests that she quickly asks for Marathi’s hand officially or  Chai Pat might grab a woman they don’t know her family background to be his wife.

Kaeo is a domestic goddess. She does all the housework, and washing clothes to earn money. Her friend wants her to wash her personal clothes (pieces) but her mom stops her.

Episode 1-5

Kaeo tells her dad not to come to work anymore, she doesn’t want to see him suffer.

Dad: Kaeo, I know you love and are worried about me. But I want you to think more about yourself. I’m an old age, and will not stay alive much longer, but you’re still young and you have a long way ahead of you.

K: Daddy, why are you saying this?

D: About you’re not going to continue with your education, you told me you wanted to be a teacher. How will you become a teacher if you don’t continue studying?

K: Daddy, at this moment, nothing is more important to me than you. The only and first thing I’ll have to do, is to take you to the capital for a surgery.

D: Kaeo, don’t do this for me, use your savings to continue with your education.

K: No! I will not let anything happen to you.

D: Kaeo, do as I said.

K: Daddy, please don’t stop me; without you, I won’t want to study or do anything. If you can recover, I’m willing to lose everything.

Teacher Bud looks at them and feels sorry.

Chai Pat greets Mom Eiet, good morning. He says grandmother On told him that grandmother Eiet is  not feeling well and wanted him to check on her. She says she feels depressed lately, and worried. She feels she has a sin and doesn’t want to see anyone.

Chai Pat asks if she has a poor appetite, couldn’t sleep well, be pessimistic, or hallucinating. Grandmother On says,  she doesn’t suffer from mental illness and do not prescribe  medicine for curing such, becaue it won’ help. The only person who could help her is him, Chai Pat.

Chai Yai and the gang listen to them from outside the room.

Chai Ruj: What happened Pee Chai Yai?

CY: Grandmother Mom, and grandmother On are with Chai Pat.

Chai Ruj: (He leans over to look at them.) It’s time Chai Pat will be put in a difficult situation.

Mom Eiet: Your elder brothers disappointed me. They knew their father promised M.R. Thewapun that he wanted the two families to be  joined by married. Look at your elders brothers, what they’ve done to me.

Grandmother On: Chai Pat, since you were young till grown up, you’ve always obeyed grandmother Mom. You studied well, always makes her proud, and never makes her feel sad even once. This time, do not disappoint her.

CY: If we let it be like this, Chai Yai’s hands will be tied and he would have to do what they want.

Chai Lek: Let’s leave Pee Chai Pat to solve his problem.

CY: Don’t you feel sad for Chai Pat.

Chai Phi: Of course, I do, but I feel sad for myself more.

Chai Lek: You (both) already got away from father’s promise, but we, three, do not yet.

Chai Phi: Pee Chai Pat is an easy-going, and a relaxed person. There’ll be no problem, and Pee Chai Pat is the most suitable one to marry the Thewaphrom.  (Buahaha…..)

Chai Pat: I didn’t think about getting married yet.

G-On: Are you refusing?

CP: Well, I studied med abroad for many years, I would like to use my knowledge to help people first.

Mom Eiet: Nu Marathi is also a nurse. A doctor and a nurse share the same philosophy. You can love each other and help with each other’s careers, and your life will be completed. (Chai Pat sighs.) Chai Pat, you go visit Thewaphrom Palace, I told Marathi I would tell you to pick her up, all right? She must be all dressed-up and waiting for you already.

Rumpa asks her sister why she needs to put on this fashionable clothes when she will put on her white uniform anyway. Marathi says, it’s her little happiness, don’t bother. Rumpa says a new pair of shoes again, why so many shoes when she will have to wear white shoes with her uniform. Marathi says, she just got her salary so she felt like spending it on a new pair of shoes. Rumpa reminds her about the head nurse may not like it, there’re rules and discipline for nurses . Marathi yells at her not to bother her.

Khunchai Thewaphrom walks in and tells Marathi to pay for the electricity, water and telephone bills before they get cut off, and that would be so embarrassing. She tells him to ask from Kaet. He says, Kaet gave it to him last week and he used that to pay for the groceries that was put on loan. He says Kaet is paying for Rumpa’s tuition fee, and Marathi already has a salary so she should help with the expenses in the palace, not just pay for clothes and accessories. Marathi says she’s not a manager of a bank. He counters that, then she should make Chai Pat ask for her hand in married quickly so she could be the daughter-in-law of both sides (Chai Pat mother’s Chinese rich family and his father family) and  get money from both, the Chinese and the royal sides. Marathi screams that she’s so sick of this poor palace.

Chai Pat comes for Marathi. She acts like a nice girl.

M: Pee Chai Pat, I’m waiting for you. Father, I’m going to work now. Rumpa, you study well.

They go to work together.

Kaeo runs to her teacher, she wants her to guarantee for the loan. Kaeo promises her she will not let any trouble disturb her. Teacher Bud says, she has a better choice to earn money for her father’s treatment and her education to become a teacher. She tells her to enter Miss Sri Siam Beauty Contest, and tells her the prize she will get, if she’s the winner, including the 5,000 baht.

Kaeo gets excited over 5,000 baht. Teacher Bud tells her the prize will be less for the second place and lower, but it’s still a lot. She says Kaeo will rise to fame and bring good reputation to their province.  She assures Kaeo that she believes Kaeo is beautiful enough to win at  least one prize.  She tells Kaeo to carefully think about it, and if she becomes Miss Sri Siam, it should give her an easier way to take her father to Bangkok for his treatment than a common girl like this.


I still think Kaeo’s teacher meant well for her student, but she may not know what would come after that.  I can see that this episode set up the ground work for Kaeo to enter the beauty contest, but I still think she can just find some money for the bus or train fares to Bangkok and get more help once she arrives at the hospital. I’m pretty sure she can apply for a necessary fund in her father’s case. I love James Jirayu as Chai Pat, his serious face made me laugh. I saw many BTS and the cast would say, when the five men were together in a scene, they were so playful like monkeys, and not like Khunchai, haha.

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  1. Thank you for the recap and hard work.

  2. an ocean of thanks for the recaps 🙂 I really want to watch it with subs but this is good enough for me, been searching for translation of Khunchai Putthipat everywhere. watching this because of the nerd doctor, really like the idea of rational nerdy doctor fall in love…sound so cute. I thought it’s be cutely awkward but doesn’t seems so from the BTS lol. It is normal first few ep where they lay out the groundwork. I think it’d be interesting as the plot moves on. Marathi is a materialistic woman. and the conversation of the brothers about Pat is so funny, Their interaction are one of the best thing in the series… thanks for recapping ❤

  3. I don’t like Marathi, too!!! But it’s always the bad/evil ppl’s help that forms the strong and love bond of our main couple lol! Tha k u for the recap! I’ll be waiting for more!

    • Oh, all right, we need Marathi here. Let me say about her name a bit, actually, her name should be pronounced (ma-ra-tee) with a long sound in the end, so her name could also be Marathee, or Maratee. Humm..I just think Marathi is more stylish 🙂

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