Khunchai Prawonruj Episode 13 (Final)

It’s time to say good-bye to all our beloved couple. The underdog who’ s getting the woman he never dreams of.


Episode 13-1

Grandmother On gets a phone call from Praong Chat (Wanrasa’s father).  She has to sit down to get a hold of herself. She says to Jaew that this is what they say, if you were destined to be together, you will be together. She walks to grandmother Eiet.

Grandmother Eiet asks if Praong Chat wants them to go to Arunrat Palace. Grandmother On says, the car from the palace will arrive in the afternoon to pick them up. Grandmother Eiet wonders what he wants to talk about. Grandmother On says, it’s about Chai Ruj. Grandmother Eiet smiles and says that, things are moving along just like how it should be. Grandmother On says, she thinks so, too.

At the ministry.

Preecha comes in.

KR: What is it, Preecha?

P: Is it true that Khunchai requested to travel (leave) ahead of the schedule?

KR: I had submitted the request.

P: When will Khunchai leave?

KR: As soon as possible.

P: That’s good so Khunchai doesn’t have to …..

KR: Have to.. what? You can say it, it’s all right.

P: You don’t have to witness the royal wedding between Thunchai Thut and Thunying Taew.

Preecha tells him that Thunchai Thut has been drinking a lot, all day, and everyday. Khun Kae stops Khunchai from walking pass Thunchai Thut’s office, because Sameon is in his room. Chai Thut sees Chai Ruj.

Chai Thut : Chai Ruj! You’re good, really good!  You are so good, you beat me hard!

Khun Kae says she doesn’t understand what he meant.

Tanom calls Chai Ruj.

T: Khunchai, grandmother On wants to go out, and wants you to drive for her.

KR: Why doesn’t she let you drive for her?

T: I don’t know that, sir.

KR: Where is grandmother going?

T: I don’t know that, too. I’ll bring the car.

In the car.

KR: Are you going to buy something at Yok Fa Department Store?

G-On: No.

KR: Then, you’re going to Thewaphrom Palace?

G-On: Don’t be arrogant, drive to Sukhumvit Road.

KR: Which Soi (branch of street) on Sukhumvit Road?

G-On: I couldn’t remember. A Soi where Arunrat Palace is located.

Noom invites them to the living room where Parong Chat is waiting.

KR: Grandmother, can you tell me now why are we here?

G-On: Wait and see. (She smiles.)

They greet him according to his status.

Praong Chat: Khunchai, I have so many things to talk to you. Khun On, please sit down.

G-On: Your kindness, Your Royal Highness.

They sit down.

P-Chat: The reason I called for you today is because I had learned everything between you and Ying Taew from Khun On, from when you traveled with Ying Taew in Switzerland. Let me ask you straightforwardly, how do you feel about Ying Taew?

Chai Ruj’s surprised to hear the question.

Episode 13-2

Chai Ruj is running to Ying Taew in the garden.

WR: Khunchai, what are you doing here?

KR: I…came with grandmother On.

WR: Grandmother On? What happened?

KR: Grandmother On is talking with Praong Chat, so I come to you. I hear you are in the garden.

WR: You come to see me, what is it about? Did you not want to see me anymore?

KR: I came because……I would like to apologize that I made you injure.

WR: It’s not your fault, Khunchai. It’s my fault so I deserved to get injured. Actually, it would be better if I died.

KR: Please! Don’t talk about dying anymore. I can’t take it.

WR: Don’t you want me to die, Khunchai?

KR: It’s just my thoughtless words. The truth is, my heart was breaking when I saw Thunying lie unconscious.

WR: How can I believe you when you didn’t come to visit me , not even once?

KR: I was sitting outside, in front of the room, everyday, every night.

WR: What do you really want, Khunchai? You talk nicely now, then a moment later, you will probably tell me to go away.

KR: I won’t do that again, if, you still want me.

WR: What are you saying?

KR: Just say the word, and I will follow your order in everything. If you tell me to leave, I will never to return. But, if you tell me to stay, I will never ever leave you.

WR: Then I order you to stop following the order but to talk and do everything your heart is longing for.

KR: In that case, at this moment, what I want to do the most is, to embrace you. Will you give me your permission, Your Highness?

WR: I grant you my permission.

She smiles and he embraces her.

WR: What happened? Will you tell me now? I’m totally confused. What did (His Royal Highness) father call you and grandmother On for?


Praong Chat: I want you to answer me like a man, don’t think about Chai Thut, don’t thing about status and lineage.

KR: I love Thunying with all my heart.

P-C: In that case, I would like to put Ying Taew in your care.Will you not accept it?

KR: (He is stunned and turns to grandmother On. She nods.)

P-C: My daughter is a stubborn girl. If she’s willing to get hurt for someone, it means a great love, and I don’t want her to be hurt anymore. If that someone is not Khunchai, one of the Juthathep lions,  I will never give her to you.

G-On: Why’s that, Your Royal Highness?

P-C: Well, it’s because I trust Mom Eiet and Khun On that you are capable of raising your grandsons, and will not disappoint me.

KR: But I understand that Thunying is about to get married with Thunchai Thut.

P-C: Chai Thut just came to break off the engagement, and Ying Taew still doesn’t know about it.

Chai Ruj is so stunned.

P-C: Will you mind my daughter, that she was engaged and broken off the engagement?


WR: And what was your answer to my father? Please continue.

Chai Ruj beams.

KR: I answered…


KR: I will take good care of Thunying to the best I can, more than my life. There’s only one thing that I cannot take care for Thunying, her title, that she has to return it when she marries me. Other than that, I will never let her be disappointed in me. I will love and honor Thunying. I will make her happy everyday, every night, and every second till the day I die.


WR: Khunchai, you must remember this sentence, because I want to hear it again and again until I grow old.

KR: I promise you with my life.

He embraces her.

*Busy swooning*

Episode 13-3

Khunchai Thewapun exclaims that it happens once again (since Khunchai Tharathorn) that his daughter and now grand-daughter missed their chances with two Khunchai(s). Grandmother Eiet asks what she can do about it, Chai Ruj loves Thunying and doesn’t have a heart for anyone else. Grandmother On says Khunchai Thewapun still has two more daughters, Marathi amd Rumpa. Grandmother Eiet says, also Sineenuch. He tells Mom Eiet to promise that it will not happen with Marathi and Rumpa. She says, it’s all right, no matter what happens, the promise between Thun Vichakorn and Khunchai Thewapun will be carried out, no going back on their words.

G-On: I will talk with Chai Pat about Nu Marathi soon.

KR: Please let me go out and see Nong Krathin.

K-Thewapun: That’s good. You go console her, she must be crying now.

Kaet says she will take him.

Krathin is afraid that Khunchai Ruj came today to talk about their wedding. Khlao says he will storm into her wedding to take her away.

Kaet calls them to get down from the tree.  She tells Krathin that Khunchai Ruj has something to tell her. Krathin asks what it’s about. Chai Ruj says, about the wedding.

Krathin: (She yells) Let me say something. I don’t want to marry Khunchai. You are not handsome, so fair, so thin, and your eyebrows are so dark! You talk so beautifully that I can’t understand. You will take me abroad and make me eat bread and butter, and no wudo paste (Southern cuisine). I will jump from the plane to die!

KR: Krathin! Krathin! I’m going to tell you, I’m getting married with Thunying Taew, Thunying Wanrasa.

Khlao tells Krathin that Khunchai will marry Thunying Taew.

K: Thunying Taew! Thunying Rasa! What about me?

KR: You marry the one you love.

The couple is delighted that they can get married. They thank Kaet and Khunchai. Krathin kisses and hugs them.

Khunchai Thewapun orders Marathi not to lose Chai Pat. He sees Krathin hugs Leuchai so Marathi tells him that his nick name is Khlao. He realizes that they fooled him. Marathi tells him to let them go, and he should talk with the grandmothers about her and Khunchai Pat.

The traditional wedding.

Aww….I’m so happy for them.

The elders take turn to give them their blessings.

Praong Chat: May you love each other and be together for a long long time. Please take care of  Rasa, Khunchai.

KR: Yes, Your Royal Highness.

G-Eiet: May you be happy. Take good care of Thunying.

KR: Yes, grandmother.

G-Eiet: Thunying, may you grow old together.

WR: Thank you, grandmother.

G-On: May you love each other firmly for a long time. Take good care of Thunying or I will hit you.

KR: Thank you.

G-On: Thunying, I wish you a lot of happiness. Give me a great-grandson soon.

WR: Yes, grandmother On.

Episode 13-4

Chai Yai: Chai Ruj, congratulations! You are the first of us to get married.

Chai Lek: Pee Chai Yai, you will be the next one!

Chai Pat: Chai Ruj, have you decided where to go for your honeymoon?

KR: My love has begun in Switzerland, so I will return there.

Ai asks if she can follow them, Khun Pakorn already bought a plane ticket for her.

Chai Phi: In that case, Khun Pakorn should be the next groom.

Euai says she will follow Ai because she can’t let her go alone. Ai tells her to tell the truth that she will visit Khun Aun.

Chai Lek: Oh, wow, three couples!

The beautiful bride comes out.

Praong Chat: Rasa, my daughter, you are so beautiful.

Praong Chat takes her to Chai Ruj, and puts her hand in his.

P-C: Take really good care of Rasa, Khunchai.

KR: With my life, Your Royal Highness.

They open the dance floor. Chai Yai asks Kaet out to dance. Praong Chat asks the permission from Mom Eiet to take Khun On out to dance.

Back to Switzerland.

Chai Ruj is throwing a coin into the lake.

WR: What did you wish for, Khunchai?

KR: I wish that you, my love, will be my love forever. What about you, Thunying?

WR: No, there’s no ‘Thunying’ anymore. There’s only Rasa, a common girl, wife of Khunchai Prawonruj.

KR: Don’t you miss your title, Rasa?

WR: Rasa doesn’t want to be Thunying, but a woman who loves and is loved by one man with all my heart, and will…

KR: Be together and will take care of each other for the rest of our lives. (This is what he said to her in the cottage.)

He kisses her forehead and embraces her.

They are back on Jungfraujoch again.

Pakorn: Finally, our wishes come true.

KR: What are you saying?

Pakorn: We are back on the top of Europe again. Isn’t that right,Nu Ai?

Ai: Yes, Jungfraujoch, our heaven.

Aun: I heard you have a good news.

Im: What is the good news, Khun Pakorn, Nu Ai?

Pakorn: Nu Ai said she would break up.

Euai: Break up with who?

Im: Is it Khun Pakorn?

Pakorn: No, she’s not breaking up with me. She will break up with travelling back and forth to Switzerland. Why? Ni Ai, you tell them.

Ai: Nu Ai and Khun Pakorn are getting married, and we will build our family here permanently in Switzerland.

KR: How about Nu Euai and Khun Aun?

Aun: When I graduate, I will go back to Thailand, and Euai will be waiting in the capital to be my bride.

Im: How about the just married couple, Khunchai and Rasa?

WR: We will..

KR and WR: We will be together and take care of each other for the rest of our lives.

Ai: How about you, Khun Im, when will you get married?

Im: Pee Aun!

Pakorn: It’s time to have fun with the snow.

Back to Juthathep Palace.

Chai Phi: How is your honeymoon, Pee Chai Ruj?

KR: Very happy.

Chai Lek: Now I want to fall in love, too.

KR: How about you, Chai Pat? Do you want to fall in love?

Chai Pat: I don’t think about it. Just love my patients, I’m exhausted already.

KR: But I think you should try thinking about it.

CY: Why are you saying that, Chai Ruj?

KR: Well, grandmother Eiet and grandmother On are thinking of  letting Marathi get close to Chai Pat.

Chai Phi: If Marathi has half of Khun Kaet, we won’t be feeling this uncomfortable.

Chai Pat: What doesn’t happen yet, let’s leave it.

Chai Pat tells his younger brothers to play tennis together, and they leave.

Chai Yai and Chai Ruj are walking down the stairs.

CY: So, now it’s Chai Pat’s turn, isn’t it?


Aww…..I like the ending where it’s the beginning of Chai Pat. This episode was a sweet and happy one, but I’m not sure why, it felt a little flat, may be I was hoping to see a greater reaction from Chai Ruj when he knew he’s getting the girl, or it’s not in Chai Ruj’s character to jump up and down with joy, haha. Also, the couple was quite stiff in this episode so the impact was less than it should be imo, or it could be the editing.  All in all, the series was very romantic with a live happily ever after ending. The actress who portrayed Wanrasa was a newbie, it’s her first series, by the end, she’s quite good with her eyes. For Chai Ruj portrayed by Pope, now I’m his fan, and looking forward to his next project.

Seriously, I should get an award typing these long names and titles, haha. It’s been a romantic ride in the Swiss Alps. Thank you for watching Khunchai Ruj  together  🙂



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  1. does anyone know where i can find khun chai pawornruj eng sub?

    your wonderful recaps, made me lose my patience to wait until the entire series was finished so i could marathon it afterwards. was lucky enough to finish khun chai tharatorn when i noticed i couldn’t find anything for khun chai ruj when i could before.

    apparently the person subbing it, miniezmin, blocked everyone one and turned it into a private list. even blocked ppl messaging her so can’t even asked/invited to her private list (there’s been some issues and she went deuces).

    so now i’ve got a fix to feed but there’s no supply and viki so slow! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  2. Thank you for the wonderful and detailed write up. Did not have internet for 4 weeks so just catching on all your write ups. I too have become a fan of Pope’s acting since watching this series. Does he make an appearance in the next part too ? Wondering if I can just skip the next part since I am so behind.

    BTW, I am still trying to get over your wonderful write ups for Khu Kam but have not been able to. 🙂

    • Don’t ya miss Khunchai Phuttipat! He’s so adorable haha. Chai Ruj was in the next part too but not that much though. I’m getting ready to meet Chai Lek this week and his wonderful advanture (I hope) 🙂

      • I think I have to start watching Khunchai Phuttipat soon just based on your recaps :).
        I do have a question about Thanying Wanrasa though. You mentioned that she would lose her title etc. What does mean in actual practial, real life terms ? Other than the prestige the title carries are they other benefits to the title that she would loose ? Curious how the Royal system works and work it relates to everyday Thai life.

        • Sorry to reply a little late. First, the tile will inherit by male only, and once a Momluang gets married to a commoner, his son and daughter will not have any title and will use Mr. Miss like normal people. This series started around 2500 B.E. (now 2556) when there were many royal families left, but now most descendants use Miss Mr Mrs, but they are recognized by the family name. These days there are very few royal with title. But all of them, if traced back, will be related to the king.

          Momchao Ying Wansara, after she gets married with Chai Ruj, she will be Ms. Wanrasa, but her son or daughter will use the title Momluang (inherit from Momratchawong Prawonruj) But in everyday life, people will still call her Thunying Wanrasa but won’t use royal terms when talking to her. I’m not sure about how her social life will change.

          Title will inherit only by male, but the daughter will use the tilte too but her children won’t inherit the title from her. If Momchao (male) has a son and a daughter, his son will use Momratchawong, his daughter will use Momratchawong Ying (female). In other words, the son and daughter will inherit their title from their father only, not their mother.

          But please don’t take it so seriously, I could be wrong as I’m not an expert in this area 🙂

          • Thanks for patiently explaining this. Don’t know how I missed reading your reply earlier. Seems pretty complex and was probably even more complex in the past. Well, as long as Khunchai Prawonruj and Momchao Wanarasa are happy, I guess it will hardly matter :).

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