Khunchai Prawonruj Episode 12

Please let me take the time to clarify some royal terms in this episode.

Fact: From Momratchawong (M.R.), which all of our Khunchai(s) were, down (including M.R. then further down is Momluang which was our Krathin), there’s no need to use royal terms. From Momratchawong steps up, it’s gonna be Momchao (M.C.) which were Thunchai Thut and Thunying Wanrasa (aka Thunying Taew), this is where royal terms start-up. Now, Wanrasa’s father is Praongchao[pra-ong-chao], royal terms for him will have to step up too, and that means even more formal. In other words, the closer to the kings and queens, the higher (and more complicate) the royal terms used. There are a dictionary specifically for royal terms . In English, all I know are Your Highness, and Your Royal Highness, so for Wanrasa’s father, Praongchao Chat, I will use Your Royal Highness.

Episode 12-1

WR: Bua, did Khunchai sit here and sleep like this the whole night?

Bua: Yes, Your Highness.

WR: Why?

Bua: Khunchai watched over grandmother On, Your Highness. Actually, Khunchai could get side but he chose to sit outside. In my opinion, I think he chose to sit here because he’s worried about Your Highness.

WR: He’s worried about me?

Bua: Yes, Your Highness.

She sits down and looks at him. When he moves, she gets in the room crying. He opens his eyes.

Grandmother Eiet says she’s thinking about Thunying and Chai Ruj. She just realizes that Thunying came here because she felt for Chai Ruj. She thinks Praong  Chat should know about it, and she’s worried if it will affect Chai Ruj’s job in the ministry. Chai Yai says, the senior officials still didn’t say anything about it, so may be they didn’t know. Moreover, Chai Ruj and Thunying didn’t do anything wrong. She says she’s still worried about it.

Chai Lek tells her that Chai Pat called that grandmother On is better now, and there’s nothing to worry about. Grandmother Eiet is relieved, and asks if she should visit grandmother On. Chai Phi says it’s not a good idea because, now, there’s a demonstration in front of the embassy, on the way to their house.

She asks what the demonstration is about. Chai Yai says it’s about the Westerners were stealing the national treasure, so Thais get together to protest. Chai Yai suggests she rests here and he will ask Chai Pat to take grandmother On home in the afternoon.

Chai Lek: Pee Chai Yai, you’re cruel. Why couldn’t you let us two know about Pee Chai Ruj and Thunying Taew?

Chai Phi: Yes. I suspected it for a while because they both looked usually serious. Even the burned cookies of Thunying, Pee Chai Ruj ate them all.

Chai Lek: That means, Pee Chai Ruj still loves (her) very much. Isn’t that right, Pee Chai Yai?

CY: That’s right. I think this time is more than the time with Khun Watdao. This time, Chai Ruj will be hurt severely.

Chai Phi: Why is that?

CY: This love presses him more on Chai Ruj’s low status. His love one has a high status as Momchao, and she has an owner (fiance) as Momchao, the same status. Chai Ruj cannot fight or ask for anything.

Chai Lek: I feel sad for Pee Chai Ruj that he’s hurt for the second time.

CY: The wall of the rank of nobility is too high for them to destroy or climb over to meet each other.

The three men come to check on the news about the demonstration. Tanom says hundreds of students are holding a demonstration in front of the embassy, so if they’re going out, he will drive to the other way. The three men say they will drive themselves.

Jaew is spoon-feeding grandmother On. Wanrasa comes in the room.

Grandmother thanks her for staying all night.

WR: Please don’t. I made grandmother fall sick. It’s my duty to look after grandmother.

Chai Ruj hears them talking.

G-On: How did it happen, Your Highness? How could Chai Ruj make such a bold move to love Thunying? Why didn’t he think of his own status?

WR: No, grandmother. It’s not Khunchai’s fault. He didn’t know who he’s falling in love with, because I didn’t let him know. It’s me who lied to him. Please forgive me.

Chai Ruj closes the door.

Episode 12-2

KR: A car from Arunrat Palace has arrived, Your Highness. Thunying should go back.

WR: Khunchai, why are you so cruel?  You still didn’t forgive me?

KR: I’m not in the position to criticize or forgive Thunying. I’m of a low status to do such thing.

WR: Then who told me, are we going to look at our different social status, or our hearts that share the same feeling, and who told me, could you please let me know if your heart shares the same feeling with me. Did you forget everything you talked to me in that cottage in the snow? Look at me, and tell me that Khunchai forgets everything.

KR: I didn’t forget, but I will forget soon if Thunying will not make things be more complicated. Since I was born, I’ve never seen any woman who messed up my life like this. I think if we don’t see each other anymore, it will be great!

WR: Is this what you really want? All right, if that’s what you want, I won’t let you see me anymore. We will treat each other like we never know each other. I will die from your life, from today.

She cries and leaves. Her driver tells her to hurry, the situation is not so good, and her father wants her to come home. She asks about Bua. He says Bua is packing her things.

Chai Pat: Chai Ruj!

 KR: Thank you.

Chai Pat: Did Thunying go back already?

KR: Yes.

Chai Pat: What are you going to do? I mean Nong Krathin.

KR: I don’t think I’ll have any feeling left to love anyone. One more thing, Nong Krathin already has someone she loves.

Chai Pat: Isn’t that right?

KR: I committed a bad karma to separate the love ones. I know now, how painful it is to be separated from the one we love.

Chai Pat: You will get over it.

Marathi comes walking in. Chai Pat tells her to use different route to go home because of the protest. Chai Ruj realizes the route Thunying is taking, so he runs.

Marathi says she heard that last night Thunying spent the night here, and Khunchai Ruj’s also here.

Chai Pat: Yes. So?

M: Is something happening? I heard Thunying went to Juthathep Palace very often.

Chai Pat: Nothing! Thunying went to visit grandmother (Eiet) and grandmother On. I’ll have to go to check on the patients.

Marathi asks if Khunchai Ruj will marry Krathin for sure. He says, if she really wants to know, she has to ask Chai Ruj himself, because he doesn’t have time to find out others’ private matters.

Marathi asks Bua instead. She asks Bua if Thunying came here to watch over Khunchai or grandmother.

Bua: According to Arunrat Palace’s manners that we’ve been taught, we, servants, shouldn’t pry into His/Her Highness’s matters.

Marathi says it’s just right for her to be a servant.

Episode 12-3

Wanrasa asks if they can take another the route. Noom says they can’t. She sees a girl and gets out of  the car to save her. She holds the girl in her arms and runs. She is among the students holding a demonstration.

Chai Ruj comes to the area and starts shouting her name, Thunying! Rasa!

Wanrasa hears him so she runs out to find him, Khunchai Ruj!

KR: Rasa, this way!

WR: Khunchai, where are you?

KR: Thunying!

They found each other. He runs to her and hugs her. Then, there’s an explosion (remind me of Khu Kam *sob*). They both fall down. He holds her in his arms, there’s blood on her face. She’s unconscious.

KR: Thunying! My Thunying! Thunying! Thunying, you must be all right! You must be all right, Thunying! Thunying, please forgive me!

She opens her eyes.

WR: Khunchai, you came to rescue Rasa. Rasa is safe now.

She faints.

KR: Rasa! You must be all right, Rasa! Rasa!

He holds her close.

Marathi is telling her father that Thunying’s condition is still not good. She’s unconscious since yesterday, and doesn’t wake up till today. Krathin wants to visit Thunying, she asks if she can go today. Marathi says visitors are not allowed, only relatives. Kaet asks who took her to the hospital. Marathi says, it’s Khunchai Prawonruj. Her father says when Thunying becomes better and they allow visitors, Kaet should take Krathin to visit her. Marathi warns them to choose the right time to visit her because Khunchai Prawonruj is watching over her all day and all night. He’s so worried about her.

Marathi says Khunchai Prawonruj looks really depressed and very sad, he’s afraid Thunying will die, and if Krathin shows up, he might shoo her out, or may be he won’t marry her.

Her father asks if she means Khunchai and Thunying have a feeling for each other. Marathi says she’s not sure but makes a guess. Kaet doesn’t believe her because Thunying already has a fiance and the two didn’t really meet, except from what Krathin told her, they met briefly at JuthathepPalace. Kratin says they didn’t really make any conversation, and Khunchai would walk away almost every time.

Marathi says Thais in Switzerland are gossiping that Thunying went to Switzerland to visit Thunchai Thutsanai, she disappeared for many days and didn’t meet Thunchai Thut until the last two days before she was sent back. From the rumor, Thunying was with Khunchai Prawonruj”s tour.

Krathin says, Khunchai Ruj and Thunying Taew surely love each other. The father tells Krathin to think in her mind, there’s no need to say it out loud. The father tells Marathi to find out, because if it’s true he will rush the wedding to next week, or Krathin will lose the chance to have a royal husband.

Episode 12-4

Chai Pat is checking on Wanrasa. Her father is waiting outside the room. Chai Ruj is thinking about when he teased Thunying when he was young, and Thunying got hurt because of him.

Chai Lek is telling Ai and Euai that the driver of Arunrat Palace said Thunying got off the car to help a little girl, and she was push by the crowd and was out of his sight. Chai Phi says, after that there’s an explosion and Pee Chai Ruj was the one carried her out.  Euai and Ai feel sad that this kind of thing happened to Thunying. Euai asks her condition. Chai Yai says, Chai Pat is monitoring her condition closely and checking on her all the time.

Pakorn: What about Ruj?

Chai Lek: I think this one, we should be worried more.

Pakorn walks to Chai Ruj.

Pakorn: Ruj! I think you should go home and get some rest. You didn’t sleep all night.

KR: I won’t go anywhere until Thunying wakes up. She was hurt because of me one more time.

P: One more time? When?

KR: When she was young, I made her go into a deserted building and she almost got bitten by a snake. She was unconscious because she’s shocked.

P: Ruj, that was when you were young, and you just played like a child, but this time it’s not. Thunying passed the demonstration area coincidentally, why are you blaming yourself?

KR: It’s my fault. I push her away, to go back. I said cruel words to her so she would stop feeling for me. She left with a broken heart. Then I made her face that bad incident.  It’s all my fault.

P: Ruj, calm down.

Ai asks how Khunchai is.

P: Physically, he’s all right. Mentally, he’s not good at all.

Praong Chat says thank you to everybody to come visit Ying Taew. She will be delighted to know so many friends are worrying about her. Chai Pat invites him to the guest room. Praong Chat thanks him for taking good care of Ying Taew. Chai Pat says it’s his duty.

Praong Chat talks to Chai Ruj.

C: I didn’t thank you for following Ying Taew and rescuing her just in time. My page was too reckless. If it’s not for you, Ying Taew would be more injured.

KR: It’s not anybody’s fault, Your Royal Highness. The fault lies with me that I allowed her to leave when I knew that area she would pass, was very dangerous.

C: I still couldn’t see that it’s your fault. Don’t blame yourself. Get some rest. I heard you didn’t sleep all night.

KR: Your kindness, Your Royal Highness.

Krathin tells Khlao that Khunchai Ruj loves Thunying. Krathin says they were strange when they were together. Thunying would glance at him but Khunchai would not look at her, not answer her, and not talk to her. Thunying asked a word, he would answer a word. Also, one day, she saw Thunying cried. Khlao says it’s good for them, because Khunchai will cancel the wedding. Krathin says, it’s not that, Khunchai Thewapun will force Khunchai to marry her next week. Khlao tells her they have to run away.

Rumpa overhears them. Marathi sets up a trap by giving Khlao and Krathin money and  gold chains. They will framed of stealing, and will be arrested. Kaet hears them.

Episode 12-5

Thunchai Thut is still drunk when he shows up.

T: You are all here. How is Ying Taew?

CY: She’s unconscious but she’s out of a coma.

T: How can this kind of thing happened? Who took Ying Taew to the front of the embassy like that?

P: From what I heard, a royal page of Arunrat Palace drove her there.

T: That’s not true. From what I heard, if Noom (the page) was the one then why Khunchai Prawonruj was there at the site of the incident, acting like a hero taking her to the hospital?

Chai Ruj wants to walk away but Thunchai Thut walks to him.

T: So, the shameless Khunchai, you want to do battle to grab Ying Taew from me, don’t you?

KR: Think first, before you talk.

T: Don’t you order me! It’s because of you! You took Ying Taew there! You made her become injured!

KR: ….

T: Silence? Why didn’t you give me some excuse? (He grabs Khunchai’s collar.) Because it’s true so you can’t come up with an excuse, right?! Chai Ruj! You are a thorn of my life since you ran away with Ying Taew in Switzerland. Don’t you lie that you didn’t know who Ying Taew was. You, shameless!

Ai comes forward and tells Thunchai that Khunchai really didn’t know.

T: Shut up, you twin ghosts! You three conspired together, especially, you! You acted so well, it must be your Palace taught you. You double lied Ying Taew. You pretended that you didn’t know her, and let her believe you. You made Ying Taew trust you so that she would travel with you. You made her fall for your fake gentlemanliness! Wanna court Ying Taew? You want to grab the heaven’s flower! You should look at yourself, that you’re the son from a minor wife. You bastard! (He punches Chai Ruj.)

Chai Yai stops him.

T: So, does it hurt? Or you’re just feeling numb because your shameless face is too thick! You, lowly life!

Chai Ruj punches him.

T: Encircling me? Khunchai(s), a group of dogs!

Chai Lek: There’s no need to encircle you. Just man-for- man, punch-for-punch!

Chai Lek punches him over and knocks him down to the floor.

Chai Lek: For insulting my family, Thunchai, the lowest life!

Chai Ruj tells Khun Preecha and Khun Kae to take Thunchai to clean up the wound, and gives him something warm to eat so it will sober him up, so that he will not pick a fight with anyone else.

Euai says to Chai Lek that he’s great like a professional boxer. He says he practises often.

CY: How are you, Chai Ruj?

KR: I feel much better.

Khlao and Krathin are running away. Marathi gives them money and gold chains saying to support their love. Kaet stops them because there are policemen in front of the house, and they will be arrested them on spot, not only for taking a minor but also for stealing.  Kaet sends a servant to tell the policemen to go back. Khlao is so angry that Marathi set them up. He wants to strangle her. Rumpa says she will tell her father that Khlao is Krathin’s hubby. Kaet warns her to come up with a good excuse because they helped them cover up that Khlao is Krathin’s lover. Marathi can’t argue with that, she tells Rumpa to get the money and gold chains from the floor. Kaet says do not, because she gave it to them already.  Marathi tells Rumpa to go to the room. Krathin thanks Kaet. Kaet says she will tell Khunchai Ruj about them. Khunchai Ruj is the only one who can put a stop to all these. Khlao thanks Kaet.

Episode 12-6

Praong Chat: What happened with your face?

T: I fell down yesterday, Your Royal Highness.

C: You must be so drunk since the ministry’s party….That’s why you didn’t send Ying Taew back to the palace that night.

T: Forgive me, Your Royal Highness. That night, I partied with my friends and they teased me so much that I forgot….

C: Until you’re too drunk to take care of Ying Taew. That night, Ying Taew spent the night here, at the hospital, to watch over the Juthethep’s grandmother who fell sick suddenly in the party. And, you didn’t know that, did you?

T: Yes, Your Royal Highness.

C: It’s already late in the afternoon, looks like you can’t make it back to work. You should go back and get some rest. Noom, go send Thunchai.

Chai Thut asks Noom if those Khunchai Juthathep went back already. Noom says yes and asks if he won’t stop by to visit Thunying. Chai Thut says, she’s still unconscious, it’s no use to visit her. He says his body aches all over, he needs to get some sleep. Chai Thut strictly orders Noom not to tell Praong Chat about his fighting with the Juthathep.

Praong Chat asks Noom if Chai Thut visited Ying Taew. Noom says, he didn’t, he said that she’s still unconscious, it’s no use for a visit.

Praong Chat: Who is watching over Ying Taew now?

Noom: Khunchai Prawonruj, Your Royal Highness.

C: Khunchai?

N: Khunchai asked Khunchai doctor to sleep here until Thunying will wake up.

Paong Chat sees Chai Ruj is sitting by the bed looking at Ying Taew.

KR: (He holds her hand.) Thunying, I apologize for everything. I had to do it. It’s all for you. Please wake up. If something happens to you, I won’t be able to live.

He cries. Praong Chat looks at him from outside the room. During the night, Wanrasa opens her eyes.

KR: Thunying!

WR: Who is it?

KR: Thunying, you are awake! I’ll call the nurse.

Chai Ruj waits outside.

Praong Chat: Ying Taew! Ying Taew! The love of my life!

WR: Father!

He hugs her.

C: You almost made me die from out of breath.

Chai Ruj smiles to see them together.

Episode 12-7

Praong Chai is talking with Chai Ruj.

C: You have to reach some agreement. First, I would like to thank you for tirelessly watching over Ying Taew. But, Khunchai knows, right? That it’s an inappropriate thing to do.

KR: Yes, I know it well, Your Royal Highness.

C: Ying Taew already has her royal fiance, and her wedding is coming soon. If Khunchai takes care of her this close, it may create a rumor.

KR: Yes.

C: Ying Taew has already woken up, and there’s nothing to worry about now. I thank Khunchai again for taking care of Ying Teaw, but, now, I would like it to be Chai Thut’s duty.

KR: Your Royal Highness, I would like to ask for your permission to visit her every evening, because I still believe that it’s my mistake that Thunying were injured this much. I would like to take this responsibility until Thunying is fully recovered. Don’t worry, Your Royal Highness. I will visit her but I definitely will not show myself. Please  let me take care of Thunying for the last time.

C: All right.

Chai Pat tells Thunying to get well soon so she can visit them and make some sweets for them.

WR: Are you still missing my burned cookies?

Euai asks about the sweets over there. Chai Pat says it’s from Khun Kaet, freshly baked from the stove.  Kaet says she made it for her, and gives her to try it. Wanrasa says it tastes good. Euai and Ai try it, and love it. Chai Pat says, since everybody tried it, he can’t help it. He takes a bite.

WR: Khunchia Ruj doesn’t  come visit me?

Chai Pat: He has some work today.

WR: But this is after working hours.

Chai Pat: These days, Chai Ruj came home very late. He must be clearing all his work preparing to leave for Switzerland, Your Highness.

Euai and Ai tells her to visit Khun Kaet’s sweet shop when she’s out of the hospital.

Chai Ruj is sitting outside by the corridor. Kaet come out of the room. She asks if he won’t go inside to visit Thunying. He says no, it’s better that he waits outside. Kaet asks if she can talk to him about Krathin. He says yes.

Kaet tells him that Krathin already has her lover, Khlao, who is Krathin’s driver. He says he knew, and it’s Thunying Taew who told him. Kaet asks if he still wants to marry Krathin. He tells her that he already decided since he came back from Switzerland that, he cannot marry someone he doesn’t love. He tells Kaet to tell Krathin, so she can be happy. Kaet says, it’s such a huge relief to her. She suggests he tells Krathin himself. He says, he will do that. Kaet thanks him for the decision. Before she leaves, she tells Khunchai that Thunying asked for him, and wanted him to visit her.

WR: It’s been three days already, Nu Ai, Nu Euai, that Khunchai didn’t come visit me.

Euai: It’s not that Khunchai didn’t come, he came in when Thunying was asleep.

WR: Nu Euai, is that true?

Euai: Yes, that’s true.

WR: But, I think he hates me like he said. Rasa died from his life a long time ago.

Ai tells her not to think like that. Chai Thut comes in with a bouquet.  He asks Thunying, how she is today.

Chai Ruj comes to visit Thunying and sees them together. He overhears Thunchai Thut saying that when she’s out of the hospital, he will arrange for the wedding right away.

Episode 12-8

Chai Thut says, he will arrange for the biggest wedding in town.

T: Ying Taew, please tell me so I can be happy that you will stop seeing Khunchai Ruj and marry me.

WR: You don’t have to worry, Khunchai Ruj has already gone out of my life, and about the wedding, I won’t refuse it.

T: I love you so much, my love!

Chai Ruj hears it all, so he leaves. Royal daddy sees him leave. He wonders why he’s going back so soon today. Bua say, may be it’s because Thunchai Thut is visiting Thunying.

Grandmother Eiet asks her about Khunchai Thewapun wanted to move the wedding to next week. Grandmother On asks where Chai Ruj is, and she walks to him.

Chai Thut is talking about their honeymoon. Thunying says it’s up to him, because he and her father already drew the line for her in everything.  She says, her father agrees with him so she has no choice.

WR: Please know already that, till the day I die, you will never have my heart, because I’ve already given my heart to someone else.

T: Is it Khunchai Ruj?

She doesn’t deny it.

T: Don’t you know that he fooled you? He pretended not knowing who you were, and let you travel with him in Switzerland. The truth is, he flirted with you to lift up his status.

WR: How is it?

T: You don’t know, because he must have kept this a deep secret from you, Khunchai Ruj is the son of a minor wife, a servant wife! That’s why he wants to marry you, to erase all of  his misfortunes that the society is condemning him that he’s Khunchai-kon-krua!

WR: About Khunchai-kon-krua, Khunchai never hides it and he told me everything.

T: What?

WR: Khunchai feels proud and happy with this name.

T: I won’t believe it.

WR: Actually, you are the one who lied. Don’t think I didn’t know or see, Saisameon who went to the ministry’s party that night!

T: Yingtaew! I told you I broke up with her already but she keeps pestering me.

WR: Yes, but you still promised her that you would meet her again after the wedding, but now you had  to be apart so I would forget about it. You said like this, right?

T: Ying Taew, if I promise you I will stop seeing every woman I got involved with, will you be able to love me?

WR: It’s no use. Have you ever heard about fate? My true love has been fixed, to only one man.

Royal daddy hears them all. He calls Euai and Ai to him. He wants to hear about Yingtaew traveled with Khunchai Ruj in Switzerland in detail, especially, about Khunchai Prawonruj.

Chai Pat: Thunying asked about you everyday.

KR: Thunying’s condition is better now, I won’t trouble her anymore.

Chai Pat: What about getting married with Krathin, what will you do?

KR: I still insist that I will refuse to get married.

Grandmother On asks if Chai Ruj still stubbornly refuses the wedding with Krathin.

KR: Yes, grandmother, I insist. I cannot marry someone I don’t love.

She asks if  it’s because he wants to grab the heaven’s flower and  pull Ying Taew down to marry him.

KR: No, it’s not! I and Thunying is finished, the same with Nong Krathin. I want to be alone and don’t want to love anyone anymore.

G-On: No! I won’t allow it! You must marry Krathin because it’s your father’s wish! If you won’t obey, you don’t deserve to be a Juthathep anymore.

Chai Phi hears grandmother On’s voice. He wonders who she’s yelling at. Chai Lek says, it’s Pee Chai Ruj. Chai Yai runs to them.

Episode 12-9

Chai Pat helps grandma On sit down.

Chai Pat: Grandmother, what Pee Chai Ruj said, sounded like a good reason. Nong Krathin already has someone she loves, he followed her and is staying at Thewaphrom Palace now.

G-On: Is that true, Chai Pat?! Who is he?

Chai Pat: His name is Khlao, a mine worker. He’s Krathin’s friend ever since she was young. He quit his job and came to the capital for her.

G-On: Why didn’t the Thewaphrom tell me?

Chai Pat: Uncle  Thewapun doesn’t know about it  because Khlao disguised himself as a worker in the palace.

G-On: I want to faint. You all were hiding this from me. You must think I’m just a useless head around here. I want to die already. What’s going on?

CY: What happened, grandmother On?

G-On: That Chai Ruj, created one huge problem, never looked at himself and dares to love Thunying Taew, even though he knew she has a royal fiance. That’s not enough, now he created more problem….he refused to get married with Nu Krathin. (She turns to Chai Ruj.) I know what you intend to do, you want to leave all the problems behind, and go live in Switzerland for four years. After that, you will grab any girl, probably without good family background to be Juthathep’s daughter-in-law, just like you did the last time, won’t you?!

G-Eiet: What On is yelling about? She’s so loud.

A servant: It sounds like she’s scolding Khunchai(s).

G-Eiet: Let’s go and take a look.

KR: The woman without good family background, grandmother meant Watdao, didn’t you?

G-On: Yes, I meant Watdao. Don’t tell me you’re going back to her. Oh, right! Now she’s rich! She’s got an old foreigner as her husband. Not for long, she probably will ask for a divorce and come back to be with you.

KR: Grandmother, Watdao is not that kind of woman!

G-On: Don’t you try to find some excuse for her. I was correct about Watdao. She’s just a woman who took a shortcut  to be rich.  She can grab anyone, who is rich and famous, to be her husband. The reason she wanted to marry you so much was, she wanted to become Juthathep’s daughter-in-law.

KR: And this is what grandmother yelled at her when she came here two years ago, so she left me.

G-Eiet: Chai Ruj, what are you saying?! Tell us! What was On yell at Watdao about?

KR: Please let grandmother On say it herself, she should know it well.

G-Eiet: On, what did you say?! I remember, that day, I gave my permission for Chai Ruj and Watdao to get engage, as soon as, Watdao graduated; and I would send an elder to ask for her hand. What did you say to her behind my back?

G-On: Sister, I would like to talk to you in private.

G-Eiet: No, say it here so everybody can hear what you did to make them drift apart.

G-On: All right, I threatened Watdao not to marry Chai Ruj.

G-Eiet: How did you threaten her?

G-On: I told her that she didn’t have the rights to use Juthathep (family name), because she’s just a daughter of a merchant, but if she insisted to become our daughter-in-law, I would tell Chai Ruj to find a new wife who had a better status and wealthier than her. So Watdao would become a wife with a lower status, and would not be able to present herself as a diplomat’s wife.

G-Eiet: That’s why Watdao ran away and was never to return, and let Chai Ruj suffer alone.

G-On: Sister, Chai Ruj was grabbing a common woman to be his wife, and I felt she was not suitable enough for our family. I meant well, sister. I had a good intention for Chai Ruj’s future.

G-Eiet: You meant for Chai Ruj or for yourself?

G-On: I don’t understand, sister.

G-Eiet: You have a deep scar that a common girl took away your lover, that’s why you have a strong bias  and hate every woman who you think is not good enough to be Juthathep’s daughter-in-law. You hate without looking at that person who she really is.

G-On: That’s not true, sister.

G-Eiet: It’s true! Moreover, you punish Chai Ruj; you stand in the way of his love more than other grandsons, because he’s Chongnang’s son, another common girl that you hate. On, enough already, don’t harm or destroy anyone’s love to fix your own problem anymore.

G-On: But I mean well.

KR: Grandmother, please don’t scold grandmother On. I know she really means well for me. (He sits down in front of grandmother On.) Grandmother, I know that behind your cold front, you love me not less than my other brothers. You mean well, and want me to marry a suitable girl. But grandmother, I suffered once with Watdao, and suffered another with Thunying Taew; the woman I love the most and will forever love till the day I die. My heart now has no empty space to love any other women.  Grandmother, please do not force me anymore (he cries).

G-On: Get up, grandson. I’m sorry…I hurt you once, I won’t make another mistake. I’m sorry, so sorry, my grandson. (She hugs him.)

Thunchai Thut’s palace is being prepared for the coming wedding. Praong Chat comes in and asks where he is. A page tells him to wait at the sitting room, and he will tell Thunchai. Praong Chat asks why he’s making his face like that, and asks if there’s any problem. He says, Thunchai drank too much last night. He invites him again to wait in the sitting room.

The page comes to a swimming pool, and doesn’t know what he should do because Thunchai told them not to disturb. He says, they can’t let Praong Chat see them. But it’s too late, Praong Chat is right behind them.

C: Do not disturb him. Let him enjoy his woman. Is her name is Saisameon?

She says yes.

C: I’m going back.

The page asks if he won’t wait for him.

C: No, from the way he’s very much enjoying himself, it should be a while. Tell him, I will come again.


I like this episode where it wrapped up all the loose ends one by one, even though, I was missing our couple together. It makes sense to see Wanrasa’s father check on Thunchai Thut himself. With her status, it won’t make sense for them to just elope to Switzerland. Everything was falling into place in this episode so we can get ready to see all go well with Chai Ruj and Wanrasa, and (I hope) our last glimpse of Switzerland. This drama cannot finish its run without Khun Im, right? Haha. The final episode will have only four parts, and follow by Khunchai Phuttipat on part five. I will have to see if I love his story enough   🙂


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